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CHOOSING FOOTWEAR FOR A PARTICULAR PLACE What a person wears on his or her feet can surprisingly say a lot about him or her. It is easy to read the personality of a person by observing what they wear for an event. People start to notice when you wear something that is not fit for the occasion. Nobody will question you if you wear heels to a marriage, because it is normal. No one finds any wrong with this. Eyebrows will certainly be raised if you wear pumped up sneaks to a wedding. Consider you are at a disco or bar. Usually, people don stilettos and other such foxy footwear for these occasions. It is not advisable to wear some design slippers and Office Shoes to a party, because it is not conventional to do so. Some people won’t be able to accept this change, but still, a change is welcome always. You will find a lot of takers for this trend, especially people who are bored by the regular people at the parties. It is normal to be wearing slippers to a beach. Very few people would want to bring their expensive footwear's to the beach in fear of causing them severe damage. It is only fair to mock somebody who violates this code. You can pick from a lot of options these days when you decide to go to such a place. Chic sandals are preferred by many because it looks good. If you are looking for something to wear to both beaches and parties, check out the new slippers that comes with additional straps to make them look like sandals. If you are concerned about having sand on your feet, you should go for closed basketball shoes. With sports, some people choose to stick to traditional sports basketball shoes. What we wear and what our forefathers wore are basically the same, except ours is superior in technology. sports basketball shoes have only one role and that is to help the athletes perform better. The new Chuck Taylors skater shoes has actually been an evolution of its basketball shoes, and this might come as a surprise to many. Seen in movies such as Grease starring John Travel and Olivia Newton-John, Chucks were what the whole team was using in one scene where they were playing on the court. You will see a lot of punks and skater guys wearing chuck these days, and almost no basketball player with one. Things have changed to the extent that people Š 2012 | Alternative Footwear in Different Places

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wouldn't like a basketball player wearing Chucks. It wouldn't be too surprising if they make their way back with another technology. The first time these footwear's were introduced, people were kind of doubtful to try them. But as time went by, they have become more open to seeing flats and sandals in clubs and bars, and strapped sandals in places such as the beach. Footwear's will keep becoming more flexible and these changes will happen pretty soon. Online Web 2.0 Version “Alternative Footwear in Different Places” You can read the online version of this press release here. © 2012 | Alternative Footwear in Different Places

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