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The Story of

Percival Parsimonious By Lucy Valteris English 9 Honors

Little Percival Parsimonious was born in the 15th century to his Middle English Dad, Parcimony, and Latin Mom, Parsimonia.

His family name came from his grandfather, Parsus, which meant “to spare� in Latin.

Percival went to preschool, but his teachers and peers couldn’t say his name and he grew sad. To solve this problem, he wore a nametag that said how to say his name.

Later in high school, he made a bunch of friends… and enemies

His friends were…

Fran Frugal…

and Stan Stingy.

Chuck Cheap‌

His enemies were…

Georgina Generous…

Charlotte Charitable…

and Mark Munificent.

After high school and college, Percival Parsimonious became a very successful businessman and was swimming in wealth.

Percival, however, rarely spent a cent.

Whenever he went shopping, he bought clothes on sale or at reduced prices.

He wouldn’t even pay for a nice college for his children, Penelope, and Pepe.

Percival kept all his money in a safe and was unwilling to spend any of it.

Percival died, but his name lived on‌.

Can you guess what his last name means?

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