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RECRUITMENT HANDBOOK A guide to a Potential New Member's experience through Primary Recruitment at the University of Maryland


Dear potential new member, We could not be more excited that you’re starting your journey to find a home here at UMD in a Panhellenic sorority. We believe that every womxn deserves a sorority - whether that’s in our council, Multicultural Greek Council, or National PanHellenic Council, we know that the benefits of Greek Life are incredible and life long. Sororities were made to give womxn an experience to find common values and celebrate each other. Recruitment will look different this year. Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Why should I join a sorority during a pandemic?” But sororities haven’t lost their benefits of membership or their sisterhood - if anything, we are stronger than ever. Because sisterhood isn’t an event, it’s a feeling. Campus life does look different - we’re virtual, we’re working from home, we’re not getting the typical experiences we all wanted and dearly miss. Because of that, sororities offer a unique place that still provides opportunities for real, personal connections. Sororities have always been places of common understanding and gathering a place for womxn to belong. That’s no different this year. If you’re looking to make the most out of your college experience, you’re looking for a sorority. But the process of joining can be intimidating or scary - what should you wear? What should you say - or not say? What will it all look like? That’s why we’ve created this guide for you. When you finish reading this handbook, you’ll know more about the process, understand the benefits of joining, and have a strategy to lead you into recruitment. We’re here because we want to help you have the best experience possible. We are here because every womxn deserves a sorority - they deserve to feel less alone, to find friendship, to become better friends and better people. Your letters won’t determine your future- you create that path for yourself. But they represent a sense of community and home. Together we will embark on this journey and put our trust in the process, so we can redefine what the future of our PHA community looks like. Warmly, Lucy Wurwand - Vice President of Recruitment Tara Blurton - PNM Coordinator

Primary Recruitment Schedule 2021 Friday, January 29

Saturday, January 30

Values Round

Values Round Day 2

Sunday, January 31

Philanthropy Round

Friday, February 5

Sisterhood Round

Saturday, February 6

Sisterhood Round Day 2

Sunday, February 7

Preference Round

Monday, February 8

Bid Day



This is the first and least formal round of recruitment - you will visit all sixteen chapters over the course of two days, talking to sisters at each chapter to learn about the basics of their organization!


PHILANTHROPY ROUND This is the second round of recruitment where you will visit up to 12 chapters and learn about their organization's philanthropy! You also will get more information about each chapters' finances and membership requirements!



This is the third round of recruitment where you will visit up to 7 chapters and discover what their sisterhood means and looks like!



This is the last and most meaningful round of recruitment where you visit up to two houses and learn more about what membership in that chapter looks like!



You made it! Bid Day is a celebration where you receive a bid/invitation to a chapter, get to meet your new sisters, and celebrate your new home!


Vocabulary cont'd.

Visualizing What You Want

The Greek Alphabet Panhellenic sororities use two to three letters from the Greek alphabet to identify their organization. The use of the Greek alphabet for secret societies or organizations dates back to the creation of the first male fraternity, Pi Beta Kappa in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. Why the use of Greek letters? As the popularity of secret organizations rose throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, other organizations followed Pi Beta Kappa’s lead and selected unique combinations of Greek letters to signify their organizations- the motivation was taking the inspiration of the great Greek philosophers and adopting the influence of Greek intellectual standards. At the inception of most chapters, Latin and Greek were languages deemed extremely scholarly- to be understood and spoken by those of the highest education. In fact, at many colleges in America, students were expected to know Latin or Greek in order to gain admission to their school. Knowing Greek or Latin made a student seem esteemed or prestigious, so the use of those letters was adopted into the societies formed in order to reflect that aspect of prestige.

The 16 Chapters on Campus and their nicknames Alpha Chi Omega

A Chi O

Alpha Delta Pi


Alpha Epsilon Phi


Alpha Omicron Pi


Alpha Phi


Alpha Xi Delta


Delta Delta Delta

Tri Delt

Delta Gamma

DeeGee, DG

Delta Phi Epsilon

DPhiE, Deeph

Gamma Phi Beta

GPhi, Gamma Phi

Kappa Alpha Theta


Kappa Delta


Phi Sigma Sigma

Phi Sig

Sigma Delta Tau

SDT, Sig Delt

Sigma Kappa

SigKap, SK

Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta, ZTA

Chapters on Campus



1897 at Barnard College

Character, dignity, scholarship, college loyalty

symbols Cardinal red is our color, the panda and the rose are our symbols

social media @umdaoii

motto Inspire ambition

unique fact We are one of the only houses with just single and double bedrooms!

philanthropy The Arthritis Foundation - Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in the U.S. AOII adopted The Arthritis Foundation as its philanthropy because rheumatoid arthritis, which is particularly severe, affects women roughly three times as often as men. There is also a heavy emphasis on juvenile arthritis, which affects far more youths than you think, including a few of our very own chapter members. AOII has worked closely and fiercely with The Arthritis Foundation for the past 50 years to raise money and promote research that has greatly improved the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, in hopes of someday eradicating its impact on so many lives.

Chapters on Campus

Alpha Xi Delta founded


1893 at Lombard College

Truth, friendship, justice

symbols Colors: blue and gold Flower: pink rose Symbol: quill

social media @axid_umd

motto The pen is mightier than the sword

unique fact Last year we raised over $14,000 for Autism Speaks!

philanthropy Autism Speaks is an organization that is dedicated to researching autism spectrum disorder and supporting those who are affected by autism in various ways.

Chapters on Campus



1917 at NYU Law

Justice, sisterhood, love



Royal purple is our color, our symbols are gold and a unicorn

social media @dphieumd

To be, rather than to seem to be

unique fact We won Outstanding Academic Achievement in this year's Greek Awards

philanthropy Cystic Fibrosis Foundation- CF is a rare genetic disease that effects the lungs and pancreas, the cf foundation raises money to develop new treatments and work until CF stands for Cure Found National Association of ANAD- organization that works to raise awareness and fund treatments for eating disorders DPHIE Education Fund- works to raise money for scholarships for dphie students

Chapters on Campus

Sigma Kappa founded


1874 at Colby College

Personal growth, friendship, service and loyalty



Lavender and maroon are our colors, our symbols are a dove and a heart

social media @sigmakappaumd

one heart, one way

unique fact Our chapter house was used as part of the set in St. Elmo's Fire!

philanthropy We have FIVE! Sigma Kappa Foundation-support by donating money to help sisters in need through scholarships and emergency financial aid (like when a hurricane hits); Inherit the Earth-focus on living sustainable lives and doing what we can to protect the environment; Gerontology-we support this initiative by giving money to gerontology research, and also by donating time and supplies to retirement homes/assisted living facilities (make blankets, put together sensory bags, write letters); Maine Seacoast Mission-support this organization by donating money to keep Maine's coasts clean; Alzheimer's Association-donate money to support research to find a cure for Alzheimer's and fundraise by participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's every year (we even did it this year by walking around campus in small groups!)

Chapters on Campus



1873 at Lewis School

Friendship, educational and cultural interests, social responsibility



Colors: bronze/pink/blue, flower: cream colored rose Symbol: an anchor

social media @dgumd

Do Good

unique fact Won Most Improved Chapter, Best Advisor and Best House Director

philanthropy The Delta Gamma Foundation fosters lifetime enrichment for members, promotes Service for Sight and partners with the Fraternity to ensure the future of our sisterhood. Our dedicated members and friends make this mission possible through philanthropy, service and generous gifts to the Foundation which support our three key areas of support: Individual Member Support, Training and Programming, and Service for Sight. We are the only sorority to have it's own foundation, The Delta Gamma Foundation

Chapters on Campus

a t l e D

a t l e D a t l De



1888 in Boston

Truth, self-sacrafice, and friendship



Colors: silver/blue/gold, symbol: dolphin, pine tree flower: pansy

social media @umdtridelta

Let us steadfastly love one another

unique fact Fun fact 1: Implemented the Body Image 3D campaign, an interactive workshop used to spread awareness about positive body image and self-esteem. Fun fact 2: This past year despite COVID-19 disrupting our philanthropy initiatives we were still able to raise $66,305.07 as a chapter for St. Jude

philanthropy St. Jude: St. Jude is a research hospital that treats the toughest childhood cancers as well as other diseases. St. Jude stands behind the idea that no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.

Chapters on Campus ALPHA PHI



1872 at Syracuse

Sisterhood, Generosity, Character Development, Innovation

symbols Colors: silver/bordeaux, symbol: ivy flower: forget-me-not and lily of the valley

social media @umdalphaphi

motto Union hand in hand

unique fact Our chapter’s greatest accomplishments within the past year include winning UMD’s Balfour-Beale Outstanding New Member Education Award, as well as winning Alpha Phi International’s Excellence in New Member Experience Award.

philanthropy Our chapter's philanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation, which aims to award scholarships and promote cardiac aid. Our main philanthropic focus pertains to our Heart to Heart Grant, which has funded over 30 cutting-edge research projects focused on the improvement of women’s cardiovascular care, as well as educational programs that support the advancement of women’s heart health. The Alpha Phi Foundation supports innovative leadership training for women, most notably through our recent partnership with the Disney Institute. In addition, the Foundation awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate Alpha Phis, helps members in need through the Forget Me Not Grant Fund, and celebrates the forward-thinking women that shaped Alpha Phi by preserving our rich heritage.

Chapters on Campus



1909 at Barnard College

sisterhood, integrity, friendship, leadership, philanthropy



Green and White, Columns and Giraffe, Lily of the Valley

Many hearts, one purpose

social media

Last semester we had the highest GPA in all of PHA!


unique fact

philanthropy - Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation The Foundation had one critical mission: to bring hope to children with AIDS. With little research being focused on the issue of pediatric AIDS, aephi strives to bring awareness and a possible cure to the innocent children around the world affected by HIV/AIDS. -Sharsheret Sharsheret is a national not-for-profit organization that supports Jewish women and families facing breast and ovarian cancer and those at high risk for hereditary cancer.

Chapters on Campus

Sigma Delta Tau founded


1917 at Cornell University

Individuality, connection, engagement, community

symbols Cafe Au Lait and Old Blue, Yellow Tea Rose

social media @sdtmaryland

motto One hope of many people

unique fact

We have been the highest fundraising PHA organization at TerpThon for 2 years in a row!

philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America: PCAA is dedicated to promoting the safety of children and support of families, researching child abuse prevention, and advocating for the well being of kids across the country. Sigma Delta Tau Foundation: The SDT Foundation provides scholarships, educational programs, and many opportunities for our sisters to grow both professionally and personally. Jewish Women International: JWI is an organization that empowers women, by promoting healthy relationships, economic and financial responsibility, and encouraging leadership.

Chapters on Campus

phi sigma sigma founded


1913 at Hunter College

Friendship, faith, love, sincerity, integrity, and strength

symbols King blue and gold, Sphinx, American Beauty Rose

social media @phisigumd

motto Aim high

unique fact Chapter is the longest continuously active chapter in Phi Sigma Sigma history, since founded in 1936

philanthropy Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation - It supports school and college readiness by providing scholarships, grants, and leadership programming. Nicole Schiffman Foundation - Communicates a message of non-violence and reaches out to troubled youth in today's society.

Chapters on Campus



1874 at Syracuse University

Love, labor, learning, loyalty

symbols Light and Dark Brown Symbol: Crescent Moon Flower: Pink Carnation

social media @umdgammaphi

motto Founded on a Rock

unique fact Won the President's Cup in 2019!

philanthropy Philanthropic Partner: Girls on the Run-nonprofit organization where elementary & middle school-aged girls participate in a program that integrates running activities with lessons to build self-respect, confidence, & a healthy lifestyle that ends with a culminating 5k race, Philanthropic Mission: Building Strong Girls

Chapters on Campus



1851 in Georgia

Sorority, Scholarship, Self, Sisterhood

symbols Symbol: four-point diamond, Color: Blue and White, Flower: The Woodland Violet

social media @umdadpi

motto Be the first

unique fact Our chapter has two Ronald McDonald Houses near us: one in Washington, D.C., and one in Baltimore. Our sisters get to volunteer at our philanthropy at least twice a month!

philanthropy Our main philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. RMHC is an organization that provides free housing and financial support to families with children in the hospital. By providing housing, meals, and transportation, families get to focus on their children's health, not logistics. We get to raise money and visit the houses to provide hands-on service to the families! We believe that home is where your family is, not a house or a place. We want to make homes for everyone, especially when they need it the most.

Chapters on Campus

Kappa Delta founded


1897 at Longwood University

Building Confidence. Inspiring Action.

symbols Colors: olive green, pearl white. Flower: white rose. Symbol: dagger, nautilus shell

social media @umdkd

unique fact

motto Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest

In October, Kappa Delta fundraised for PCAA by running a 5k and earned $4,280 in the process! Even though we fundraised virtually, we are extremely proud that we were still able to support our philanthropy.

philanthropy Girl Scouts of the USA: "Girl Scouts prepares girls to empower themselves and promotes compassion, courage, confidence, character, leadership, entrepreneurship, and active citizenship through activities involving camping, community service, learning first aid, and earning badges by acquiring practical skills." Preventing Child Abuse America: Works to promote the healthy development of children and prevent child abuse before it occurs. They help families and children thrive.

Chapters on Campus

Alpha Chi Omega founded


1885 at DePauw University

Academic interest, leadership ability, personal development, financial responsibility, character

symbols Scarlet and Green, carnation, a lyre

social media @umdaxo

unique fact

motto Seek the Heights

We are a safe house on campus! Anyone seeking support from domestic violence or in need of general support is welcome to stay at our house whenever they need and will receive love and support!

philanthropy Domestic Violence Awareness: bring attention to the issue of domestic violence on both college campuses and worldwide. We strive to raise money to support survivors, educate others, and work to end domestic violence.

Chapters on Campus



1898 at Longwood College

1) Being Rather than Seeming 2) Humility 3) Leadership 4) Lifelong Learning 5) Love 6) Loyalty & Commitment 7) Responsibility 8) Seeking Understanding that We Might Gain True Wisdom 9) Service & Philanthropy

symbols Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey. Symbols: Five Pointed Crown and Strawberries. Flower: White Violet.

unique fact

social media

Our overall chapter GPA is 3.82, we have 100% of our members involved in a student organization outside of ZTA, and we have over 40 leadership opportunities in Iota Omega! Our chapter was also this year's President Cup recipients for most Outstanding Chapter!


motto Seek the Noblest

philanthropy Zeta Tau Alpha's national philanthropy is Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. One in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, so this cause is personal. Breast cancer touches many lives. Through local and national partnerships, campus and community initiatives, and the distribution of millions of pink ribbons since 1992, ZTA collegiate and alumnae members are dedicated to our philanthropy. By spreading the message of breast cancer education and awareness, ZTA sisters are determined to diminish this disease.

Chapters on Campus


founded 1870 at DePauw University

symbols Colors: black and gold Flower: Pansy Symbol: Kite

unique fact Last year PHA hosted a social media competition to see which chapter could promote Mason Ramsey. Chapter members were asked to comment #umdthetalovesmason on all their pictures. We had the most comments by far and got to meet Mason Ramsey and he yodeled for us.

Intellectual curiosity, leadership potential, commitment to service, personal excellence

social media @umdtheta

motto Leading Women

philanthropy Kappa Alpha Theta's philanthropy is CASA, or Court Appointed Special Advocates. This organization supports and promotes courtappointed special advocates, who are volunteers, for abused and neglected children. These volunteers are appointed by a judge and their role is to gather information and make recommendations in the best interest of the child, keeping the child's personal wishes in mind. There are more than 93,000 volunteers nationwide in 49 states and D.C. Each year more than a quarter of a million children are assisted through CASA services.

Benefits of Sorority Life The most common reason people want to join sororities is to find friendship and sisterhood. Sororities were created to be values-based organizations where womxn could create a unique space to come together and share their passion. They create strong bonds of friendships, boost academic connections, and their ideals and rituals are still relevant today. Being in a sorority makes you an empowered leader, supporter, and person. Sororities are a place to find meaningful, lifelong friendships. Sororities are a place for womxn to develop leadership and professional skills. Sororities are an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Here’s what current sorority members say about why they joined and why they support future PNMs efforts in recruitment: "Community, sense of belonging, unconditional love and support, helpful academic resources, networking, making a large campus feel smaller, volunteerism, leadership, campus involvement, philanthropy, lasting and meaningful connections." Joining a sorority is making the most out of your college years. In a sorority, here’s what you’ll experience: You’ll find your place on campus You’ll receive academic support and gain opportunities for scholarships You will be mentored You will find sisterhood and support You will give back to your community We believe that simply put, we all deserve and crave a place of belonging. That’s what sisterhood is in our sororities- it’s not an event, it’s a feeling. That’s what you get when you join your chapter and find your home- beyond scholarship or philanthropy, it’s about the feeling of belonging to a meaningful group you love.

All About Rho Gammas A Rho Gamma is also known as a recruitment counselor. Two Rho Gammas make up a Rho Gamma group, which also includes about 24 Potential New Members. Think of them as your awesome camp counselors who are there to help you through the journey! Their responsibility is to create a space for PNMs to be guided through the recruitment process. They are each trained and ready to speak with youany questions, concerns, or worries you have about the process can be addressed to your Rho Gamma. They act as confidants to PNMs and are their first insights to Greek Life. Every Rho Gamma 'disaffiliates' from her chapter for the period of recruitment- meaning PNMs won't know what chapter their Rho Gamma is in. This is done so that each Rho Gamma can be an impartial, unbiased source of information. PNMs should not, under any circumstances, ask or try to find out what chapter a Rho Gamma is in. During Primary Recruitment, you will meet with your Rho Gamma group every day. Your assigned Rho Gammas will be available throughout the day if you need them, and there will also be additional Rho Gammas stationed at the chapter Zoom calls if you need one right in that moment. Additionally, we will have a separate 'office hours' Zoom call where a few Rho Gammas will be stationed- on a break, a PNM can go and visit them to discuss anything they'd like. Any unacceptable behavior from chapters (such as bias incidents or bid promising) can be reported to them. Chapters can also report rude, inappropriate, or unbecoming PNMs to Rho Gammas. Your questions about what to wear, what to say, etc. can all be answered by your Rho Gamma, who you will meet in late January!

What will chapters ask me?

What will chapters ask me? cont'd.

What should I ask chapters?

What shouldn't I talk about?

What do I wear? The great thing about Zoom is we can really only see what's above your belly button! So if you want to dress up on top and sport sweatpants on the bottom, go for it! In general, avoid offensive sayings on t-shirts, sloppy dressbasically wear what you would to an interview! As long as you are focused, present, and respectful, what you wear should be the least of your concern. That being said, we understand that knowing what to wear can be nerveracking- so here's what we came up with! Remember, you can always ask your Rho Gamma for advice!

What do I wear? VALUES ROUND: Values Round is the least formal- think of this as a nice brunch outfit! Your favorite top or sweater, fun accessories, a smile!

What do I wear? PHILANTHROPY ROUND: Philanthropy round is a bit dressier- keep up that 'nice brunch outfit' energy, sport your favorite accessories, and keep that energy up!

What do I wear? SISTERHOOD ROUND: Sisterhood Round is where we can really step it up- many PNMs wear jumpsuits or dresses. This round's outfit is like a semi-nice dinner!

What do I wear? PREFERENCE ROUND: Preference Round is the most dressy round of all recruitment- wear something that you feel confident in and that reads like a semi-formal event!

Code of Ethics - PNMs As a PNM, you should understand the expectations of your actions and behaviors during Primary Recruitment. Please review the following and make sure you understand what is expected of you! - A PNM shall attend recruitment orientation and all membership recruitment events for which they receive invitations - Respect for the membership recruitment process is expected at all times- this includes towards chapter members, Rho Gammas, Panhellenic officers, faculty and staff, chapter members and other potential new members. - A PNM should never be outwardly rude or unbecoming towards any of the above listed parties. - A PNM should never make disparaging remarks about any sorority or member unless stated in a formal complaint/report. - Participating in recruitment via Zoom means that cameras should be on and respect should be of the utmost importance when meeting with chapters/chapter members. - A PNM should understand that if she is found responsible for disrespectful or unbecoming action, she can be removed from the recruitment process. - A PNM has the right to a positive process and has the right to report biased/discriminatory/unjust actions/words/etc. to the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment.

Please note we will talk more about all these topics in PNM orientation (the week before recruitment!)

Code of Ethics - Chapters Additionally, we also have a system in which to hold sorority chapters responsible as well! This is what is expected of them- if you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable or compromising situation, you have the right to report chapter or member behavior. - During the two weekends of Primary Recruitment, chapters and chapter members should not have private contact with PNMs outside of an event (for example, snapchatting with a PNM). - All conversations should be values abased and not mention illegal or illicit activity, for this is not the purpose of our organizations. - Under no circumstances should a chapter or chapter member allude, whether implicitly or explicitly, that a PNM is guaranteed membership, also known as bid promising. - All chapters should be respectful and accommodating to all members- any chapters found responsible for biased/discriminatory/unbecoming behavior will be punished. - Chapters have the right for PNMs to act with respect and dignity and have the right to report any behavior they deem unacceptable by a PNM to the Vice President of Recruitment. - Chapters are expected to promote Panhellenic unity and should never speak ill of another chapter on campus, especially to a PNM

Please note we will talk more about all these topics in PNM orientation (the week before recruitment!)

Zoom Etiquette

ANATOMY OF A GREAT ZOOM SETUP tin h g i l t a e gr

ic f i w ood


g water bottle!


tio c e n on

your notes on ch what apter you w s or ant to talk a bout

love this chapter! mention community service trip!

. . . y l l a n i F

I just wanted to say one more time how

excited I am for you. This is different. This might not be how you pictured your experience going. It is still worth it. And let me reassure you: You are good enough to do this, and you are good enough to do this in this way. Please reach out with anything you need- I am so thrilled you are on this journey. Sincerely, Lucy Wurwand PHA VP Recruitment umdrecruitment@gmail.com

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PNM Recruitment Handbook, University of Maryland 2020-2021  

PNM Recruitment Handbook, University of Maryland 2020-2021  

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