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The Fairytale of Newcastle. By Lucy Elizabeth Roberts

Once upon a time, in a land far away, a beautiful Princess was born...her name was Georgina. Her parents, the King and Queen, loved her very much, and vowed to protect her always.

Princess Georgina grew up in the far, far away kingdom of Wiltshire, until her nineteenth year, when she was old enough to move to a magical land called Newcastle to pursue her interest in Fashion...

It was in this magical land that she met Princess Lucy in a palace called Quay Point.

Princess Georgina insisted that Princess Lucy called her Georgie right away, something she only let her closest friends call her. It was then that the young girls knew that they would be the best of friends.

Princess Lucy invited Princess Georgie to her own kingdom of Kirkby, where the girls attended the Royal Agricultural Show!

The girls had a very exciting day, seeing the local animals, trying on new outfits...

By the end of the day, Princesses Georgie and Lucy were exhausted, they fell straight into bed for a good nights sleep.

When Princess Georgie and Princess Lucy returned to their palace in Newcastle, they were delighted to meet another Princess who had moved into the palace, Princess Hannah! The three Princesses soon became inseparable, socialising together in the busy kingdom of Newcastle.

To celebrate their new friendship, the Princesses decided to throw a decadent Christmas Dinner Party, inviting all the neighbouring Princes.

The Princesses created a lovely evening, full of food, wine, laughter and entertainment.

Then after dinner was finished, the antics began!

Princess Hannah became an air freshener, Princess Georgie was Scooby Doo...

...The Royal Quartet started playing, and the Princesses started dancing!

The Princesses continued to spend their time together, attending the most lavish events in Newcastle...

...From Legends to Perdu, the Princesses became quite the socialites, frequenting the most popular venues in the kingdom.

The Princesses picked up friends wherever they went, and soon became part of a large social group...

...From dinners to parties, the Princesses loved nothing more than spending time with each other and their friends.

One of the things the Princesses loved the most, was dressing up! From Halloween to Fancy Dress Balls, the Princesses had an outfit for everything.

From UV themed nights...

...To Golf nights, Princesses Georgie, Lucy and Hannah had it covered!

Sometimes the Princesses liked to be silly, and amused themselves with various activites around the palace. On one occasion, Princess Georgie and Princess Lucy decided to both wear an air freshener the same time!

The Princesses were particularly fond of a game called “The Lying Down Game� and tried to play it whenever and wherever they could.

They also believed that they could fly...

...and regularly tried.

The Princesses loved each other as sisters and were rarely seen out without each other.

Despite being fully involved in socialising with all their friends, the three Princesses still spent most of their free time together, visiting local cultural attractions such as museums and galleries.

The Princesses loved their days out together, walking around the kingdom of Newcastle and taking in the scenery.

Then, one day, a great thing happened. Princess Georgie and Princess Hannah were offered the chance to work in a kingdom much further away than any they had ever been to... Australia! The three Princesses exchanged tearful goodbyes, comforted in the knowledge they would all be together again very soon.

Princesses Georgie and Hannah worked very hard while they were away, as well as taking the time to explore the new kingdom.

The time flew by, and before long Princess Georgie was home just in time for Princess Lucy’s 21st Birthday Celebrations. The two Princesses missed Princess Hannah very much, who was still travelling the far away land of Sydney in Australia, but they made sure to be in constant contact with her.

Time continued to pass, and soon enough, Princess Hannah returned home, and the three Princesses were all together again in time to celebrate Princess Hannah’s 21st Birthday! The Princesses had a lot to talk about, and were overjoyed to be reunited!

Princesses Lucy, Georgie and Hannah then made their way back to the kingdom of Newcastle to resume their studies and see their friends once again.

Dancing, talking, exploring, it was like the Princesses had never been apart.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Happy 22nd Birthday Georgie! All My Love, Lucy xxx

Fairytale of Newcastle  

A book I made for my friend Georgie's 22nd Birthday

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