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Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

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Olusola Odubonojo

Lucy Langridge

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Deadline 5.30 pm 15/11/13

30th September 2013


Submitted on 20/11/13

5:30 pm 06/12/13

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23/11/13 15/12/13

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BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma Unit 23: Human Computer Interaction Credit Value: 10 Unit Code: T/601/7326 in IT Assignment Title

U23_A1_P1_D1_Impact of HCI

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To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to:


describe the impact of HCI on society, the economy and culture


evaluate the impact of a potential future development in HCI

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Learner declaration I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.

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Date: 20/11/13

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Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

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Descriptions in each area needs more detail – see all comments.


Descriptions improved 15/12/13


General comments

Your leaflet gives a range of headings which will become good examples once described correctly. Your descriptions either lack detail in what they do or the impact. You can’t have one without the other. Each example needs some explanation of what it does BEFORE giving the impact. Impacts can be positive and negative and many cases both. Your written work indicates that you may have difficulty in expressing yourself in writing – do you usually have extra help? Have you been assessed for dyslexia or other problems? Action plan

To Pass: •

Add additional description and impacts where indicated. ()

Correct all SPaG errors (some corrections made)

Proof read before resubmission (further proof reading by someone else would be useful, as there are lots of sentences that should be improved for fluency)

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Lucy Langridge


23/11/13 15/12/13

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

IMPACT OF H.C.I Society: Improve usability The impact on society for a car ticket machine is that you can go up to the machine and collect your ticket within seconds instead of having to call up the provider and go through all the stages into parking your car into their area. This benefits organizations because once a customer has bought a ticket a small fee out of that money received would go to that business so they are having more income to what they have. •

You don’t have to have the correct coins in order to be printed

Now you can pay by your phone or still use cash ()

Advantages: •

It’s on your phone so now they save on costs instead of having to pay for paper and ink for the printing of the ticket.

You can stay in your car if the weather is bad and just call up the number instead of having to get out of your car maybe in the heavy rain.

You can be anywhere to purchase the ticket into that parking bay so you could park your car and make your way to the shopping centre and while shopping you can buy the ticket on your phone. ()

Disadvantages: •

Sometimes ticket machines make you type in your number plate which is time consuming and will result in maybe a little queue up to buy tickets. ()

The system may only allow a few people to call up the number and buy a ticket so if everyone in the car park is trying to call the number and by a ticket the system may crash and no longer dispose tickets or may put people on hold until the phone lines are free.

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

Impact on H.C. I Improve usability: Self – checkout Before self – checkout was created, in order for customers to buy products they needed to queue up and the staff would type in each bar code to process the item. Now the business industry introduced a scanner which scans items instead of having to type each bar code in. Now also self – checkout was introduced where customers can use this if they have a few products to purchase. It is there to speed the process of customers buying products and all so now there is not only ordinary queue ups but now individual checkout operators so people can now use this which is very time saving. The impact on society is that customers can now do what they need to do quicker like buy what they need to buy and quickly serve themselves instead of waiting in the queues. () This benefits individuals as they now can save time and get to others places quicker if they aim to do so.

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

Specialized interface Before voice commands were introduced, each person would need to go onto the search engines and actually manually type in what they would like to know but now individuals can say what they would like to find out by talking into this device.

The impact on society is that it can be used on variety of devices such as door detector and mobile phones. The impact on organisations for mobile phones is that some business’ use this where if they have a lot to write they can speak it to the command and it will type it up instead of having to write all their work up which could take long so this good time saving. Advantages: •

You can find out information so simply like the weather forecast in your area for tomorrow if you are planning on going shopping by going onto your mobile phone and selecting the voice command and speaking into the phone asking the forecast and an answer will be given in seconds.

Easily assessable as it’s on your phone and all you need to do is click on the app or however it is on your mobile device.

It increases productivity which is a measure of efficiency

Can help people who have trouble using their hands

Can also help people with mental disabilities

Disadvantages: •

May take time adjusting and configuring your voice and other users voices

Can be difficult to understand your voice if in a noisy area/background

ee Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

Hostile environment For hostile environment, the bomb disposal is a remote control robot that can be controlled to defuse bombs. It’s equipped with an arm-like manipulator, sensors and a camera for enabling the operator to remotely disarm improvised explosive devices. The technician working with the robot will sit at a safe distance with the control station. This is a laptop-like device which consists of a monitor showing the robot’s point of view as well as its surroundings, plus a joystick and control panel manoeuvre the arm. The bomb disposal bomb is a good impact on society because it saves lives. It is there to keep the soldiers fighting for our country alive and able to fight in any war. This robotic figure is very simple to use on the laptop and is not complex at all, and to be able to use instead of a person is very good. This surely helps our country and society because then we have our soldiers to help fight for our country.

Advantages: •

Able to defuse bombs from a range without hurting causalities

The robot is easily moveable, its light in weight

Easy to move the arm of the robot on your laptop as you only use the arrows and a button to disarm the bomb

Better than sending someone out there and risking their life.

Disadvantages: •

Distance of how far the bomb can be disarmed from

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

The nuclear power plant is there to generate power

The impact on society for a nuclear power plant is that this plant if not maintained. This benefits individuals such as members of the army because if the bomb goes off by accident and at the wrong time this could injure or even go as far as death to fellow members of the army so them having this power plant bomb where by inputting data or makes it difficult for it to accidently go off

Complexity Google glasses Google Glass is a wearable computer head-mounted display. Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format that can communicate with the Internet voice commands. For society people could use this for maps and locate where you are and it is also portable. It also gives you the latest updates for public transport in case for delays or accidents.  Advantages: •


Very simple for an example if you say “take a picture” it will. Very easy

You can record videos as you go along, and share these on the social networking sites you use

Gives a response within seconds

Can translate from your language to another

Disadvantages: •

It is very expensive maybe £3,500+

You can’t adjust the size of the glasses

Battery length is small so will only last couple hours

ee Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

Future development: For oculus rift (virtual head mounted reality display) the impact has been more at gamers, as the creators of oculus rift main objective was to create a headset that allows you to interact with the game itself. From YouTube videos on the headset you can see how the headset improves gameplay when pc gaming, especially on horror games because you’re the one who is doing the looking around, giving you the full hands on experience in game. Bad impact is that it is expensive just to get your hands on the prototype with the developer’s kit. Advantages: •

Makes the game look more realistic to the people playing the game

Easy to wear


Good quality


Disadvantages: •


limited compatibly to only pcs and smartphones

This future development can also be improved by not only letting you look with the headsets but having full control of the game such as movement and interactions with objects. Currently being developed is a treadmill being combined with the virtual headset where your movement is now taken into count. So not only can you see like you’re in the game but now you are really in the game. This treadmill works really easily and all you do is get on the treadmill and as you make movement right or left your character in the game will move in the direction you move. After looking at the pros and cons I have decided that this future development would benefit the society being made and introduced because it has a lot of good attributes and can improve the way people look

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23 at games. It also makes the game look more like real life which is very good because people like to see things that they think they could not see which excites them and keeps them interested. Although there are a couple cons towards this future development such as it being too expensive but it is surely worth the amount to go for this development being introduced and developed on.

Economy: Automated phone system: This is a system where if people call a company line they use this so you can straight away be put through to which person and part you need in your enquiry answering. They want to get rid of this system. The automated phone call is there so they can answer different phone calls in successive fluent time. It is there so that If people have basic enquires for an example there phone bill the automated phone call will actually let them know what their bill is but if an enquiry is made which to deal/answer the problem a staff is required then someone will be put onto the line. The impact on society would be that when calling a company if they don’t answer you would have to either wait in line for the queue and wait for your turn to speak to a supervisor when using this they can find out easily. This can be a bad impact because it is time consuming. So the good impact on organisations is that it helps answer problems quickly and puts serious problems forward. Advantages: •

Time saving

Saves money for customers calling because customers have their enquires answered quickly and don’t have to stay on for long and be put through to the operators which most times they charge depending on the company.

Serious problems/enquiries can be dealt with straight away

Disadvantages: •

Less money towards the business as customers now can just use the automated answer machine but if the machine was not invented then customers would need to pay a fee for an example T mobile charge 50p to speak to an adviser

() Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23

Productivity per individual: The Wizards software tool: Computers are able to increase a user’s productivity by allowing them to complete task quicker and more easily. Software can provide the user with tools to accelerate their work process; the Wizard is a good example of this. The Wizard allows the user to do complex task, quickly and reliably by following a series of simple steps, whether this is creating a database, collecting data from a spread sheet to create a graph or installing programs. The impact on organisations is that work colleagues can use to easy complete things they need to do. For an example when working in a bank, when staff are creating emails to send out to each customer with an enquiry and the wizard tool could be used here to create a Mailmerg where you can easily and quickly put customers information on the letter and send it out. •


Gives people the fundamentals and basics

Very quick

Very helpful

Disadvantage: •

You can’t use the wizard tool for all things

Voice input: Voice input is a way the businesses can reduce costs, as it provides them with a way to reduce the role of call centers and allows them to bring their customers into the process. The automated service requests that the customer (who phoned) to enter the required information, which its stores straight into a computer or database. Skype is one where this business can use this for conferences to speak to other staff or managerial members who are based in another county or working from home. Advantages: •


Quick to access

It frees you from having to type with your hands using a keyboard ()


Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23 •

Depending on your background/environment the software can find it difficult to recognise your voice ()

Can sometimes not come up with results if something searched for is very difficult and impossible ()

Sometimes can come up with an answer that has nothing to do with your question which all depends on the software recognising your voice ()

Thought input: The impact is that with technology thought put has advanced to the point where there are prototypes of headsets out, which utilizes the power of the brain to control computers, which can make operations easier for people with issues such as: Arthritis because it takes a break from them using their body parts and people with weak hands or anything that prevents them from being able to use a computer efficiently. () With some devices they need a form of connection required in order to use the thought control, as some devices require signals to connect to and from. The good thing is that the future possibilities for thought control are endless as later on you can harness it to discover new ways to use it. Another disadvantage is that the controls can be confusing in a sense that in a mind-controlled wheelchair you have to use a set of actions in order to use it, which can be hard to remember and can lead to using the wrong option. With thought another issue is that losing focus can result in messing up what you were trying to do. ()

Varied working environment: Remote access is where you can access your work from home through a virtual private network. Work places vary all the time due to new technology and equipment becoming available. Nowadays people don’t really need to go into work to do things depending on what kind of job they have. If you’re working for a company who use computers and to do your job some people could work from home and receive the data they need from the server. Now the availability of remote access allowing them to work from home or off site. Wireless Internet connection, mobile phones and laptops have allowed many people to work from almost any location in the world, rather than them going to the office. Now using Wide Area Networks for places like colleges. It is a good impact on the organisation of working from home because is enables the worker more flexibility as they can now do the work that was needed to be done at work at home. At home they have their own working environment so they can feel free to put things wherever intended. It can have a bad impact on the organisation because this worker can become easily distracted in his/her work and maybe do something which was maybe not intended. ()

Future development:

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23 A future development which is currently being worked on is holographic technology. Holographic technology is currently used for several different things such as art, but the latest idea in this technology is to make holographic televisions. They are trying to create a 3D TV that doesn't involve the user to wear glasses. Creating a 3D image that is designed to allow the user’s eye's to focus on the image, rather than the screen, can create more depth. The images are projected into a space in front of the user, allowing for full 3D without glasses being viewed from any angle. Advantages: •

Cost effective

Enables the success of multiple images

No eye strain as the hologram is big which you can view it from any angle

You don’t need to use glasses

Disadvantages: •

It uses static images

The movements provided in the holograms are not difficult

You need specific equipment for it to work

Expensive to purchase all the equipment

After giving a few good and bad points for the future development “holographic technology” I decided I would go for the holographic technology as it would highly benefit the economy.


Describe how HCI (not just computers) has had an impact on our culture on how we live and do things. The Xbox 360 game chat: The Xbox console allows gold members to chat with other people all over the world. A good impact is that we get to know more about people playing online on the Xbox. A good impact is that we can learn other cultures and languages because other people from the world will speak in the mother tongue. A bad impact can be their attitude online as they may be offensive because people on the Xbox can be from anywhere in the world and we all have different cultures, accents and they may find the need to

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23 use this to humour themselves and find the need to abuse them by maybe using their accent in a joking manner. Game chat gives us the ability to talk over a game instead of having to use party chat which is where Xbox users can talk to friends online and also play the game while in a chat with them. Psychological and sociological impact: Impact of deskilling at work: The impact is that automated machinery has given away jobs from foreign workers who help trade and manufacture products which can’t be produced in this country. This has a good impact because it means we don’t have to pay outside contractors instead just buy the machine and set it up. The bad impact is that people are being laid off work which means the unemployed list will increase and they can’t make a living for themselves and family. Not having the automated machine means we can have other people from different countries with different cultures come into our business and pass on their goods where we can also find out about the culture and learn many things about the way they live their lives. Also the impact is it saves labour. For an example when working in a car factory, this equipment can be used to assemble car parts together.

How interfaces has changed: The translation glasses is very good and has a good impact on the economy as a whole because the glasses allows other people to go into a different restaurant where the menus are written into their language and it will translate the menu into your own language so you can understand what’s in the menu. The benefits on the economy is that anyone can have this and its very useful in providing information for what food a person is about to eat.

Future development: Mobile phone networks A future development which was created and is still being improved is mobile phone networks to different countries such as Africa. This network on mobile phones has enabled the small parts of the world throughout the continent to communicate with the outside world through the network interfaces like social networking sites. This network allows people to talk to other friends or families on the network for free. The impact on cultures is that because people will be able to make contact with others from around the globe, this will give everyone a chance to learn about other cultures and traditions. This is of course a good impact but also has a few negatives to go with it such as; Pros: •

Calls cost nothing if the other person is still on the same network.

Olusola Odubonojo Unit 23 •

You can top up anywhere from online to direct from the shop eg supermarkets.

Cons: •

The network might be slow or down as there are in a different country and sometimes to get good signal is bad depending on where you are located

Although it’s free to call other people on the same network, you still need to top up so there is money on it and also a minimum fee of £5 is required.

Looking at the pros and cons, this interface has an overall good impact on organisations because it allows the ability to interact with people from around the world. It would benefit people around the world getting this network on their mobile phones because it turns out to be a lot cheaper than calling direct from maybe a landline.

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