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How to Write Welcome Email to New Client? The Best Practices with Samples

Types of Welcome Emails As long as you face various situations in the internet marketing, there are a few different types of welcome emails for each case: • General. It is delivered when the person signs up, subscribe or buy something from your website. • Newsletter Subscription. It is aimed at the getting leads, growing the audience, engage the clients and advertises your services or products. • Personal outreach. This email is sent automatically from the particular person from your company to the new signups. This is a common approach for startups.

Also, there are two more welcome email types that are not often used but still exist and you need to know them: • free sample – email where you offer the person some free stuff in exchange for their email address or some other info or action; • invitation – when a member of a group invites other teammates to try the offered services or products.

Tips for Creating Perfect Welcome Emails • Be Thankful to the New Subscribers This is the first thing you need to do while reaching your subscribers with this email. They have joined you and you show them your gratitude for their trust. “Thank you” is one of the most powerful elements of many good welcome email examples. It shows that it has been written by a human and it leads to stronger relationships eventually. When receivers see your appreciation they will be more loyal to your brand. The good practice is to use personalization in the “Thank you” part. Adding receiver’s name you will get more attention and reach higher engagement. Also, it will look like you are writing to the particular person, not just an average subscriber.

Provide the Promised Rewards Do you encourage people to sign up for some perks, special offers, and free stuff? If it is so, then you need to provide the receiver with it. The principle is simple – if you promise something, you provide it. Otherwise, you risk losing the trust of your subscribers and eventually losing them as well. If you do not use such kind of incentive, try to think about starting doing so and create proper subject lines. This will not only encourage subscribers to stay with you but also show you care about them by providing them with a decent reason to sign up.

Set Expectations You need to prepare your subscribers for their future experience and to inform them what to expect from you. You can describe the type of emails you are about to deliver to them. Inform receivers about the schedule of your newsletters. Or you can send them informational emails every time you provide a special offer. Maybe you will decide to show them new features of your service or new products. Write about everything you consider important. That is how you start building strong relationships with your audience and prepare them for the type of collaboration you are about to have. Also, you will decrease the number of spam complaints as your receivers will not be surprised with your letters.

Introduction Tell your story to the subscriber (shortly). In the welcome email to new client explain what you are doing considering business and show your personality as well for creating a base for future relationships. As soon as your audience get to know you and your brand, they will more likely to buy your product, service or provide any other type of conversion. You can start with an interesting fact or short story about your business. Explain your goal and why you consider your product or service important to the world. This will bring you to the upper level considering the connection with the audience.

Ask for Whitelisting This means that your subscribers add your email to their address book. This approach is important for improving your deliverability rates and minimizing chances for getting into spam while sending a welcome email to a new customer, as you will become a trustworthy resource for the subscriber’s mailbox. The good welcoming letter can contain not only the request but also clear instructions on how to do so. Sure thing, you need to display perks of this action to the subscriber. For instance, the person will not miss any updates, offers or valuable information.

Add Contact Info and Social Links This element is important in case the subscriber decides to reach you in another way. This is proved by numerous welcome email series examples. And providing your subscribers with the opportunity to reply to your messages will help you to get to know your audience better. Social links are crucial as well. Add links to your Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter accounts, and other social networks. The receivers will be able to follow you there and stay tuned. The thing is that if they have signed up to your letters, they will be likely even more happy to follow your social profiles.

Standout Welcome Email Samples

Get Benefits from the Existing Welcome Email Samples As you see, such emails help to solve many issues and are very useful for your business and reputation. That is why you need to follow the given guidelines and best practices to create your own suitable sample welcome email for a new customer. Keep in mind your business specifications and the peculiarities of your target clients to send the right message to them.

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Write welcome email to new client  

Cold email, email outreach, email automation, email marketing,, email tips

Write welcome email to new client  

Cold email, email outreach, email automation, email marketing,, email tips