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Graphics Portfolio Student Number: 3014712

Brief 1: Best Drawing from Workshop

Brief 2: Continuous Line Drawing

Brief 3: Name Design

Critical Reflection During the line drawing task it was difficult to resist looking at your work! The one I have included is almost symmetrical, making it more aesthetically pleasing. It reminds me of ‘Picasso’ because it looks abstract. I like how the mouth is central. I can’t criticise it as we were helpless as to how our drawings turned out. I definitely prefer being able to look at what I’m drawing! I found the pen tool in Illustrator easy to use but I’m glad I had not drawn more as it would’ve took longer to trace! I hadn’t used a 6B pencil and charcoal much before. Although charcoal is messy I love creating soft texture and lines, although you can easily smudge your creation! I was surprised with the 6B pencil as it is very different from HB’s. However it was difficult creating light lines. It is nicer drawing something that’s there in front of you rather than from memory. There’s something therapeutic about drawing in quiet. However it can be annoying not getting something quite right! The image of 2 apples we had to recreate using a grid was easier to draw than I thought because I was reminded of getting the scale right in each square. It’s very useful when copying something, although I disliked trying to erase the grid afterwards as it was difficult. The soft appearance of the apples was easy to recreate using charcoal. I like my image but I can tell it is still not as realistic as it could be. There are obvious little finger marks on both apples as there was a certain area of texture I wanted to recreate, but I wish I could have done this more delicately as it would’ve looked more like the real image. For my name design, I knew that I liked the typographic art where people used letters and words to create an image. I have liked butterflies all my life because they are beautiful creatures. The amazing symmetry of their wings fascinates me. The use of colours represents different parts of me. The pink represents that I am a little girly but not too much. The green (and dark red-brown) shows my interest in the natural environment. Blue is a soothing colour and shows that I like to be relaxed if I can. Yellow is my favourite colour. The 2 small red circles represent that I get angry like everyone else. Black is a good outline colour, finishing off the image and making it stand out. It shows that this is meant to be a butterfly, showing its key parts etc. All 4 letters of my name are discreetly included in the shapes of the wing structure, to integrate myself even more in the image. Creating this image involved a lot of tracing but I’m pleased with the result as I’ve never used my name in such a way before. However, I think it could be improved with brighter colours, and a wider variety of fonts. [500 words]

Lucy Bannister' Graphics Portfolio  
Lucy Bannister' Graphics Portfolio  

Lucy Bannister' Graphics Portfolio for the Still Image module