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“Dubai Hurricanes RFC - Mini & Youth”





This week & ever y mo nt h! See p.11 for details



Can you believe there are only 6 more Fridays until the end of the season?! Read on to see what’s in store until the end... and beyond! SHARJAH ~ Team reports and results ......... p.2 & 3


U8s doing it “The Canes Way” in Sharjah last weekend:

Cup & Plate Champions - AGAIN!!

MEET THE TEAM ~ U12 girls inaugural season ............ p.4 TO DRINK, OR NOT TO DRINK ~ Water is the question ..................... p.5 VOLUNTEER’S CORNER ~ Your club needs YOU! .................... p.6 TRIVIA ~ Test your rugby knowledge ........... p.7 COMING UP ~ League finals, HSBC Doha, End of Season .................................. p.8 DUBAI RUGBY ACADEMY ~ What’s it all about?.......................... p.9 THE FUTURE OF DHRFC ~ Have your say ................................ p.10 COMPETITIONS~ Win amazing Atlantis prizes ......... p.11 INDOORWALKING Fantastic free offer, only for DHRFC parents ................. p.12 LIONS TOUR ~ Tour tickets here ........................... p.13

SHARJAH 2013 Under 8s Another great tournament for the DH U8s. The boys played some great rugby and showed off their amazing tagging skills.  Team 1: CUP CHAMPIONS following a very successful day in which they won all of their games. After a nail- biting final against ADH1 which included two periods of extra time, Aidan Ford and LJ Ekendahl worked together to score the winning try in a 4:3 victory!   Team 2: won 2 out of 3 matches, and were unlucky to lose in the other game. A good team performance to build on, showing superb passion to compete. Team 3: PLATE CHAMPIONS!!! The boys showed great teamwork through their playoffs and came up against Knights 3 in a very close final game, but kept their composure to win 5:4. Well played! A big thank you to the coaches, our parents and of course the players who helped make it a fantastic day for the U8s.

s: ward a n M o Copso U8 M d r a w 1 – Ed mas Long m a o Te 2 – Th Aston m a n e a T h t 3–E s! Team e boy n o d Well

More action from Sharjah...

DUBAI Rugby Football Club

DH1 & DH2 Thanks so much for co ming do w n an d playing a trem en do u s mor ning of r ugby at Sharjah. De spite so m e refe re e i n g o d d it i e s, eve r y p la ye r left it all o ut o n the pitch, the re we re so m e spectacular g am e s an d Under hea ds sho u ld be held hig h by all. DH1 went o ut 2-1 in the cup final to an Exile s 1 si de that ha d beaten them well ear lie r, so it was a g reat prog re ssio n in effort thro ug h the day. D H 2 lo st 1 - 0 i n a v e r y c lo s e ly fo ug ht gam e against the French, w ho remain a ve r y similar team in te r ms of skill. It was a close gam e, an d we sho u ld do well against them o ve r a lo nge r tim efram e next week in the league finals.


U10 Development Squad Development players made up half the team for the visiting Tisa Titans from Azerbaijan and had a storming time. They ran about all over the field, played for the Knights as well, and generally exhibited all of the great rugby values of sportsmanship, teambonding and participation - the o p p o s it i o n te a m s w e r e v e r y grateful for our help, and we can all be very proud of all of our players who helped out. On-site medics and trained club personnel did an excellent job with the unfortunate injuries sustained during the day. Thanks!

U12 Four U12 teams entered the tournament. All played hard and enjoyed a great day of rugby, in spite of the sore bodies! Thanks to all the parents, siblings, coaches and players for an excellent turnout and for all the support shown. DH1 ended the day as CUP WINNERS!!! : ment a n r u the to os. f o r e ul r Play simacopo ! i a F As U12 hris Chris played C Well

Meet the U12 Girls, now known as...

The Unbeatables  

                  Back  ʹ  Louka  Blommaert,  Etain  O͛Shea,  Louisa  Chibane,  Holly  Harding,  Molly  Fagan,  Shauna   O͛Neill   Front  ʹ  Serena  Lambert,  Lilly  Ladd,  Holly  Rhys-­‐Maitland,  Freya  Dando,  Mirna  Dickinson     While  everyone  else  was  off  playing  in  Sharjah,  the  Girls  Under  12s  visited  the  Arabian   Knights  to  play  in  their  own  tournament  against  2  Abu  Dhabi  Quins  teams  and  2  Knights   teams.     It  was  a  fantastic  day  and  the  girls  showed  good  progress  from  the  first  to  the  last  game.   In  the  end,  the  girls  won  4  matches  in  a  row  and  finished  the  day  with  a  try  score  of  27  for   and  only  11  tries  against.   Our  girls  used  a  rush  defence  and  frequently  pushed  the  opposition  backwards  on  their   own  ball  to  force  the  turnover.  Meanwhile,  in  attack  we  were  just  too  fast  and  other  teams   could  not  cope  with  our  off-­‐loads  which  saw  us  score  some  fantastic  tries.     These  are  the  last  matches  of  the  year  for  the  girls  and  they  can  be  enormously  proud  to   say  that  they  finished  their  first  season  unbeaten  in  all  competitions  and  friendlies.     Bring  on  the  competition  in  September  ʹ  our  girls  are  ready.  

I T ’ S A DE S E R T O UT THE R E ... DRINK, DRINK, AND DRINK SOME MORE! It’s that time of year again – the mercury is rising, pullovers are packed away, aircon compressors whir continuously, and water bottles become our constant companions. DID YOU KNOW... Thirst is the least reliable of the body’s sensory signals – by the time you feel thirsty you are already becoming dehydrated. DID YOU KNOW... THE FIRST CHOICE FLUID FOR The key to remaining hydrated during a match/training HYDRATION SHOULD ALWAYS BE session, is starting out hydrated! DID YOU KNOW... WATER A 10% reduction in you DID YOU KNOW... body’s hydration results in HOW TO SPOT DEHYDRATION IN CHILDREN: The sugar in fruit juices reduce a 25% loss of performance. Sunken eyes the rate of water absorption. Decreased frequency of urination Whilst they may be healthy, fruit No tears when the child cries, juices are not the best for keeping Dry or sticky mucous membranes hydrated. Lethargy Irritability (more crying, fussiness & inconsolability)

Even mild dehydration can lead to the following: Fatigue, muscle weakness, poor concentration, headaches, dizziness or lightheadedness, decreased metabolism.


ARE ISOTONIC DRINKS NECESSARY? Sports drinks do not hydrate any better than water. However, they won’t do you any harm – if you prefer the taste and can drink more of these than plain water, then go ahead and DRINK!

ALWAYS drink plenty of water BEFORE leaving home to play rugby ALWAYS ensure you take plenty of water with you and have another decent glug 15 mins before starting play ALWAYS stop for another drink every 10–15 mins during the session.


VOLUNTEERS’ CORNER We need your help!


Contact Kim or Cecile if you can spare a little time to help with this essential role.

Musclebound help needed to pitch and strike the Atlantis shade cover every Friday morning. Contact Simon:

M&Y Chairman

Want to get involved but not sure how you can help?

The club has expanded hugely in a very short time but is still run by volunteers. There are always jobs to do, and even a little help can go a long way in sharing the load. So please contact Kim today:

No Experience Necessary!

Do you have what it takes to steer the DHRFC M&Y ship? The Hurricanes Management are still looking for the right person to take on this important position. We know we have dozens, perhaps hundreds, of talented parents with a myriad of relevant skills. Don’t be shy – make contact today.

We need someone to look after club merchandising (T-shirts, caps, keyrings, etc)

End of Season Can you spare a little time to help the social committee with arrangements for the M&Y end-of-season celebrations? Contact Kim

If you’d like to give it a go, please contact Kim at the usual email address, or catch her in the office most Friday mornings.

YOUR club needs


ANSWERS: 1. No-one! It was a 5-way tie, with all nations winning at home and losing away. (Had there been a tie-break on points difference, Wales would have been the victors). 2. Fiji 3. Rory Underwood (Calcutta Cup, 8th Jan 1992) 4. Campo 5. Following a match between players representing England and those representing Scotland, Ireland & Wales in 1872, the Calcutta Rugby Club was disbanded. Club funds were withdrawn from the bank in rupees, which were melted down to make a trophy. This was presented to the RFU in 1878; England & Scotland have competed annually for it ever since. 6. Stellenbosch 7. Bill Cavubati – tighthead prop for Fiji – weighed in at 165kg (26st) when he played against NZ in 2005. (He now works as a nightclub bouncer...!) 8. a. 1988 b. New Zealand, USA, USSR, Netherlands 9. 1888 – As the “British Isles” team they played a total of 35 rugby matches, plus 19 Aussie Rules Football games! 10. Willie John McBride made 70 Lions appearances (1961/2, 1965/6, 1967/8, 1970/71, 1973/4) and scored a total of 4 tries. Not bad for a lock!

yer made the Q10. Which pla sh ces for the Briti most appearan ny were there, Lions? How ma ? ies did he score tr y n a m w o h and Q9. The British Lions first unofficial tour of Australia & NZ took place in which year? Q8a. In what year was the Women’s IRB formed? 8b. Which 4 nations competed in the first women’s international tournament, held in NZ?

viest player a e h e th s a Q7. Who w cap? ternational in n a in w ever to as he? How heavy w

Q6. Which South Afric an University hosts the largest rugby club in the wor ld?

Q5. Why is the Calcut so called?

ta Cup

Q4. Who was the first player to score 60 international tries?

e player was th d n la g n E h Q3. Whic caps? ternational in 0 5 in w first to

Q2. Which IRB member nation has the shortest name?

73 Q1. Who won the 19

onship Five Nations Champi


Test your rugby knowledge and impress your mates...


Coming Up... UAE Youth League Finals This Weekend at 7he Sevens!

Don’t forget to check the

Come along and support all our young Hurricanes playing in league finals this weekend. Lets make lots of noise... WDYP4???!

Communicator for this week’s pitch/training schedules! END OF SEASON

Countdown to Spain!

Fun Day with player awards and all the usual trimmings

There is still plenty of space for donations & sponsors as the U12 boys begin THEIR final preparations for the trip. All contributions will be much appreciated - contact Kim.

Fri 19th April 2013 (Venue TBC) But it’s not all over... Dubai Rugby Academy Starting on 26th April 2013 See next page for details

Birthdays we’ve missed, and those coming up:

Miad Sihawi, Jordan Ahmed, Oliver Lacey, Jake Webster, Johnathan Raath, Karoline Kristensson, Kristian Ryan, Will Farhart, Ryan Diprose, Yousef Ahmed, David Dickinson, Sam Seifoori, Sebastian Farah, Stephan Cosse, Harry Ladd, Lilly Ladd, Sam Lacey, Thomas Lewis, Thomas Moeller, Michael Marengo, Luke Coughlan, Alexander Tanner, James Vorster, Max Getty, Louis Rayner, Olivia Stone, Thomas Hadden, Kohei Nishimura, Toby Burnside, Max Skelton, & Felipe Wyss

Cian McElligott, Parry, Louisa Chibane, Gian Lucca Lanfranchi, Simon Rhys-Maitland, Jake Woodward, Zeger Coelst, Rhys Driver, Darius Cassia, Hugo Ford, Luca Tuckey, Edward Casben, Oliver Woodward, Adam Desira, Jack Sizeland, William Copson, Edward Stewart-Richardson, Luc Baines, Zach Wain, Finn Timmermans, Ziggy Harland, Morgan Banks, Thomas Clarke, Emerson Wheeler, & Jack Fourie

Many Happy Returns To You All!!!

Rugby Academy DUBAI


What’s it all about, and who’s it for? The Dubai Rugby Academy, DRA, will run for 10 weeks at the end of the playing season. It will cater for any player, of any age, who wishes to hone his/her skills during the off-season, to develop their game beyond normal club sessions. High Performance, transitions, and development squads will be catered for (subject to demand).



Monday evenings & Friday mornings, commencing Friday 26th April,

Initial DRA sessions will take place at 7he Sevens, but will move to an indoor venue as temperatures dictate.

ending Friday 28th June.

How much? Cost for 10 weeks (19 sessions): 1000dhs (800Dhs for development players)

For more details, and to register, contact Robbie:

055 640 7164

– rman b Chai u l C e h rch ’13 from t letter 6th Ma or t n n a o t r d unicat m ishe l Impo m b o u p C ally ee the origin lease s p y p o ac nload To dow


Dear Player and Parents

Rugby Football Club

As we enter the final weeks of the 2012-13, we have already started preparing for the 2013-14 season, looking to renew existing sponsorship, plan kit and equipment orders and book pitches. You may not be aware of the tremendous amount of voluntary work that goes on behind the scenes that enables over 650 players to play rugby from as young as under 4 years to the tender age of 50 – from Coaches, Team Managers and Medics to the Administration Team and Club Committee I thank you! In 1999 our first team took the field adopting the name of the Dubai Hurricanes RFC. Since then the name has remained, but we have had numerous changes in kit design driven partly by the growth of club and partly by sponsorship. As we prepare for our 15th season of rugby the Club Committee has agreed to review the club brand and take it to the next level in order fulfil our vision of being recognised as the rugby club of choice in Dubai. To achieve this we have reached a sponsorship agreement with Brash Brands who will use their 4D process to drive the this important landmark forward: • Discover: Gather insight through research of players, family and those associated with the club • Define: Brash outline an approach to take the club forward strategically • Deliver: Where the work comes to life across brand identity, look and feel and most importantly our kit designs • Determine: Measure Hurricanes effectiveness, on and off the pitch! Over the coming weeks Brash Brands will complete this process, starting with the Sharjah Tournament and next Monday (11 March) pitch side at the 7s from 1730 gathering insights from all players and parents about the club. Living our values of ‘Respect’ and ‘Family’ may I request you give the Brash team a typical ‘Canes welcome, and provide them with whatever insights you have that will help them develop our brand. I see this as a great opportunity to get maximum participation from everyone involved in club life, and ensure we contribute to the development of something that we can be proud of going forward. Our intention is to reveal the new brand at the Club Ball currently being planned for late May. To close I am delighted to inform all players and parents that our principal sponsor, Emirates Airlines, has agreed to renew its sponsorship agreement with the Dubai Hurricanes RFC FZE, allowing us to retain the “Fly Emirates” brand on the front of our shirts. See you on the park and…..Who Do You Play 4? Simon Lewis Chairman

of re u t u e f nds: u h o t y a n ve s o sh Br a n o H i m ra pin at B o k n ur yo ail Za hbra e s ic vo se em @bra o t a m t ple zak. an

y! a s r

Dubai Hurricanes RFC FZE The Sevens Stadium PO Box 2750 Dubai, United Arab Emirates T: +971 4 7083026 M: +971 55 6025071

If y




FC, HR D e



This month we are running 2, yes TWO fantastic competitions to give away superb prizes at Atlantis The Palm

PICTURES WIN PRIZES! How many rugby photographs have you taken since September 2012? Best Hurricanes action photo of the 2012/13 season wins!

PRIZE: Free entry for 4 people to The Lost Chambers, Atlantis the Palm. HOW TO ENTER: Submit your best photographs of the season to (max 3 entries per person) CLOSING DATE: 24th March 2013 ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to all DHRFC Members and their immediate family (parent/spouse/child of member)


THE SMALL PRINT: You give permission for DHRFC to use all material submitted at any time and in any way for the benefit of the club and its members.


SPOT THE BALL! PRIZE: Lunch for 2 at Kaleidoscope restaurant, Atlantis The Palm HOW TO ENTER: Find out on the Communicator! Answer a simple question to be entered into the draw. CLOSING DATE: Friday 22nd March. Don’t delay, enter today!



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