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Leeds:Park & Street

Some spots around Leeds for you to visit

This month we made a trip to the cold and windy north midlands to the big city of Leeds. We visited some little street spots in the city centre and two of the places to visit in BMX at least once in your life; The Works and Hyde Park. The Works; known for the huge indoor park area having selected nights for different sports, the lads at Notion that will help you out with anything, and the important chill out area, fixed with cafe, computers and Xboxes. Hyde Park; one of the best places for an outdoor park area, also the place of carnage this summer when ‘King for the Day’ came for a jam session in remembrance of rider Charles Prow that died in 2009, including football, barbecues, bikes, men and fire, only in Leeds would you find these things mixed together.

Above: The Works, the larger room from the top of the big flat bank.

The Works This is one of the friendliest places I’ve been when out with the biker boys. If you’ve never been there, you need to. Simple as that. In the smaller room there are three half pipes at different heights, connected by two spines, one of the spines links to a nice bowl corner then there’s the big bowl at the back of the room. In the larger room with a visitor viewing ‘gallery’ above (a small box with windows) is a different array of humps, grind boxes, spines and quarter pipes, up and down the room. One end leading to two quarter pipes with a hump in the middle leading to the top flat bank where you can probably see more than in the viewing area, on the other side leading to another huge bowl, currently under reinforcement for the riders. This works with the diverse layout, gives lots of variety for every level of rider’s from beginner to pro. 5/5

Above: City Leeds Met Uni Campus, tailwhip down an easy little stairs set with the Broadcasting building just in the background. Below: Hyde Park in it’s greatest form; fish eye, sun, few folk.

Reviews Hyde Park For a park just outside of the city centre this place is easy to get to, very well known and for good reason. Having four quarter pipes laid out around the park two of which connected to two spines, one table in the middle of the park, two large banks, another smaller bank, a curved bank and then one hump leading to one of the quarter pipes, it seems a lot but with the space used and the design of the park it makes it easy for riders not to get in the way of skaters and vice-versa, scooter kids, will still get in the way of everyone, as a standard. But the difficult thing about the park is that it’s so good too many people know of its greatness, on a dry Saturday or Sunday or even school holiday it will be packed, even more if the sun is out, this is good if you don’t mind showing off your tricks and aren’t afraid of some embarrassing bail, but for beginners it wouldn’t be the best place to start. The best time to go is an early morning to get the whole thing to yourself or a week day before the young rush. Another thing about the park is parent and child, ones that let the kids go off on their new bikes riding half way up a pipe, these are the worst, as the parent lets them go off and doesn’t tell them not to go near the big kids, other than these minor issues it is a truly good place to ride and enjoy. 4/5 City Leeds Met Uni Campus Here is a little street spot that has was seen in the ride to glory 2011 where Tony Neyer from Primo bunny hopped over a rail to a grass bank. There are other little pieces to this place, benches, bike posts, a couple of rails and big stair sets that can be ridden. When here there were a few students and lectuers walking about, there is a blind spot on the second level down that you’ll need to be careful with, other than that there isn’t much trouble, but we did a quick in and out,

when RTG went they had some trouble with security, so if you do go down, don’t be too cocky, they’re just doing their job! 3/5 The Canal Just past the train station down by the archers a road leads to the canal around Watermans Place, where there are a few rails, walls at different levels and you can easily do some flat tricks. Here there are more people walking around to and from work, so just be careful of those also, of course, be wary of the water. Again, there is little security here but we encountered one Scottish woman who lived in the area and for some reason she thought she owned the street as well, shouting at the rider when stood on top of the top of the stairs looking at doing a bunny hop down, basically being a rude, wench, as we called her. 3/5 Here is a quick rundown of a few general places that were found riding for one day, go visit Leeds and visit these places and go find some more. Go ride and enjoy it while you’re out there.∞

Above: 360 over a set up cone, next to the canal.

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