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Have an interview coming up? Behaviours to avoid You’ve made it to the interview stage – congratulations! While applying for jobs can be a daunting task, the interview stage can cause anxiety in the most confident of people. Being aware of some common interview blunders will help you better prepare and feel more confident during your meeting. Here are the top 10 things to avoid in an interview: 1. Being domineering In most conversations, someone will take the lead. When a conversation is natural, the leader will often change. If you take the lead the entire interview, then your interviewer might wonder if you’re naturally domineering, which might create questions of how you will work with others. People are looking for team players. 2. Watching the clock Isn’t it annoying when someone constantly watches the clock? In an interview, this is especially distracting and may come across as rude. You need to show that you’re serious about the role, and constantly checking the time might make your interviewer wonder if you are. 3. Being unprepared Do your homework before you show up at the interview. Not knowing anything about the company or the role you’re interviewing for will not reflect on you positively. Make sure you can answer these questions: 1. What does the company do? 2. Where is the company heading? 3. What are they trying to do? If you know who your interviewer is, do some research on their background. Having an understanding of the role you’re interviewing for is also important. 4. Not listening Failing to listen in an interview is the surest way to make it sink. Make sure that you listen to the questions; this will make your responses relevant and you’ll be engaged. 5. Not keeping conversation topical If you have strong views on a specific topic, you might get easily distracted and wrapped up in it. Make sure you’re aware of whether topics are truly relevant to this interview. If not, stop talking about it. It’s a waste of time and counter-productive. 6. Showing up late Imagine if you were a recruiter, and someone showed up late to an interview. Would you believe that they really wanted the job? Being late will only reflect poorly on you, especially if the role you’re interviewing for needs organisational skills and punctuality. 7. Criticizing former employers Never speak badly of former employers; it will make you look bad, not them. Your

interviewer is concerned about your potential future at their company, and speaking poorly of your old company will make them wonder if you would do the same to them. They already know you want to leave your current job since you’re in an interview – they don’t need the details. 8. Picking up your mobile Always make sure your mobile is switched off before an interview. Having it ring is disrespectful, and it will again indicate that you might not be serious about the role. Make sure you remain respectful of your interviewer at all times. Answering a ringing phone indicates the opposite. 9. Showcasing your funny side You don’t know what type of person your interviewer is, so you never know what could offend them. It is an uncomfortable situation to be in when someone who is trying to be funny just isn’t. Don’t make any jokes that could be taken as sexist, cruel, racist, or discriminatory. 10. Having a one-way talk Don’t talk non-stop. There aren’t many people who want to be talked at, and the point of an interview is to engage in a two-way conversation. Learn more about this interesting subject by visiting and also visit us for the latest Human Resources Jobs

Have An Interview Coming Up? Behaviours to Avoid  

You’ve made it to the interview stage – congratulations! While applying for jobs can be a daunting task, the interview stage can cause anxie...

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