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Looking for a new HR role? Global recruitment trends from

How are international HR markets faring against the global economic crisis? Read on for insights into the UK, Middle Eastern, and Australian HR recruitment markets. Plus, if you’re looking for a new job in HR, we have top tips to help you every step of the way.

The UK

Interim roles

Senior change management professionals were in demand earlier this year to manage restructures since organisations were cutting costs and streamlining processes. Now, HR interims are being hired for recruitment projects. This shift shows that companies are looking past economic uncertainty, and focusing on growth and development instead.

Areas of demand

The human resources market is currently hiring for reward and analytics roles, as well as in-house recruitment and organizational development (OD), leadership and talent roles. Many SMEs are also investing in quality heads of HR for high impact.

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Sought-after skills

The UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Qatar are experiencing an active market, and the demand for talent acquisition capability is strong. Human resources professionals that are at head of HR level with significant compensation and benefits (comp & bens) experience are soughtafter. It is more difficult to fill strategic roles. Learning and development (L&D) is also high on the agenda, because many organisations are looking to embrace international best practice.

Talent wars

Recruiters often have to look outside the region as finding people on the ground with all of the required skills is hard. Because it’s so difficult to find a candidate with the whole package, companies are going down the payrise route to retain their employees as finding and training a replacement can be costly. Organisations are also promoting from within instead of hiring outside of the company – people already with the company are likely to take a promotion, while an external candidate might be making a lessappealing lateral move.



Many organisations are putting effort into retaining the top talent that pulled them through the inconsistent economy of the past 18 months. Because of this, businesses will seek to build a strong HR function as hiring levels are likely to increase. Many HR jobs up for grabs will be for talent managers in an effort to boost engagement and productivity while also reducing costs.


If you’re looking for a job in HR with flexibility, the blooming contract market is a great place to look. It’s expected to maintain its momentum from last year, growing steadily throughout 2013 since recovering organisations may not be able to increase their permanent headcount. In many instances, the salary for contractors is much higher than the permanent job market. If you’ve always been permanently employed but are looking for a change of pace, this might be the right time to experiment with contracting – it offers flexibility, diverse challenges, and an opportunity to expand your skills.

Looking for a new HR position? Job seeking tips to get noticed

CV essentials

An employer can tell if you're using a generic CV. When you tailor your CV to the position, it shows that you've taken time to think about your application, which implies that you're eager for the job. If re-writing CVs is getting tiring, this many be an indication that you're applying for too many positions..

Dress for success

Do some research on the dress code of the company before you go into your interview. Then, take it one step up so you appear polished. If others wear dress pants and shirt, but no tie, wear a tie.

Interview prep

Get to know the job description well, and practice proving your experience with each responsibility in the outline. Impress your interviewers by having a list of questions prepared for the end; it will demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job.

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Global recruitment trends  

How are international HR markets faring against the global economic crisis? Read on for insights into the UK, Middle Eastern, and Australian...