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Interview tips: be an interview success (the finishing touches)


Some finishing touches… Once you’ve landed an interview, your skills and qualifications may be similar to the other interviewees. How can you make sure you’re the most memorable candidate? In the final part of this series on interviews, we’ll outline the little finishing touches that can prepare you for your meeting and make you stand heads above the competition.

Pre-interview prep  Try your transport route a day ahead of your interview so you know how to find the office.  If this isn’t possible, look at Google Maps so you can recognise the building when you see it.

Top Tip: Test the journey at the same time of day to see what the traffic or public transport situation is likely to be.

Pre-interview prep  Rehearse your interview answers with someone you trust.  The person who’s helping you shouldn’t work in the same field as you.  This will make you aware of and eliminate jargon in your answers since they will ask you for an explanation. Top Tip: Get the person who’s helping you to ask you tricky questions to help you prepare for surprises.

Pre-interview prep  Practice stories that illustrate the experience you outlined on your resume. You’ll be memorable if you can bring your CV to life.  Prepare a few instances that demonstrate your commerciality. What measurable and quantifiable outcomes have you contributed in your past roles? Top Tip: Demonstrating skills will allow your potential employer to imagine what you could do for their company.

The day of your meeting  Go to a coffee shop close to your interview and take half an hour to review what you’d like to cover.

 Think of your interview as a business meeting – it will reduce your nerves and make you feel in control.

Top Tip: Start to psych yourself up and get into the right mind frame.

The day of your meeting  Don’t be too late or too early; 5 minutes ahead of time is enough.  If your potential employer feels rushed, you may leave a negative impression.  Be friendly to everyone you meet – you may be judged on your attitude outside the interview itself. Top Tip: Engage in small talk with people at the company while you wait. Your interviewer may ask staff members on their first impression of you.

Post-interview follow-up  Send a follow-up email to your interviewer, thanking them for their time and the opportunity. Reiterate why you would be good for the position.  Better yet, prepare a hand-written note before your meeting and drop it off at the front desk on your way out. Top Tip: Thanking your interviewer demonstrates that you’re considerate and can help you stand out from the crowd.

Post-interview follow-up  If you’re working with a recruiter, contact them immediately with your feedback. Tell them about any of your concerns about the interview.

 They can talk to the employer on your behalf, clarify answers you were unsure of, and provide feedback on your performance. Top Tip: Constructive feedback can help you prepare for your next interview.

The interview process is always nerve wracking. If you take care to prepare every aspect, then you’re setting yourself up for success. You can be confident that you’re ready for anything the interviewer throws your way. Good luck!

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Be an Interview Success (the finishing touches)  
Be an Interview Success (the finishing touches)  

Once you’ve landed an interview, your skills and qualifications may be similar to the other interviewees. How can you make sure you’re the...