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exciting Saturdays include ‘Re-

reading Georgette Heyer’ (a

collaboration with Professor Sarah

Brown of Anglia Ruskin University)

on 7 November and on 23 January,

‘Women and the Gothic’ organised

by our alumna Dr Maria Purves - on whom see more below. We also

have planned a conference on the future of feminism, jointly

organised by fellows Dr Kate

Mitchell, Dr Mirca Madianou and Dr

Isobel Maddison. So please do

watch the News & Events section of

the College website for

announcement and details of

Carole Ann Duffy and Professor Janet Todd

am a victim of the British education

Hewitt at Barclays Private Bank and

physics and chemistry at the age of

with the author Diana Athill. I do

events. You are of course all

system which had me dropping

come to everything. And last but

14—but I do know how strong the

welcome—rather encouraged—to

not least we have set up our fiction

room at the top of the Library, stocked by novels donated by

anyone who has enjoyed a book by

sciences are in the College and we

hope that those of you who find it easier to get to London than to

have had some excellent events

Cambridge will be able to come to

Jenny Koenig through AWISE (the

coming academic year we are

here organised by our Fellow, Dr

a woman and wants to pass it on.

Association of Women in Science

I should here apologise for being so

of the year were the carol singing

arts-based in that last paragraph. I

featuring a fascinating interview

and Engineering). Some other joys

the next London Forum . This

organising a series of invited

speakers for Thursday evenings

before formal hall: these promise to

organised by the President of the

be informative and entertaining.

Foxcroft, the plays staged by

My own research work has rather

Alumnae Association, Louise

students in Warburton Hall, and the events put on by our non-

fallen by the wayside during this

packed time, although I have

auditioned College choir and the

managed an introduction to an

Cavendish Singers under the

four of which will be aired in the

establishment of the Lucy

leadership of Katharina Megli

(1991). And, of course, it was a great joy to welcome Joan

Armatrading to give our CWL Lucy

Cavendish Lecture in June. We also

Austen novel and some broadcasts, autumn on Radio 3. Several foreign

students have come to Lucy to work with me. One is Natsuko Hirakura,

who is studying women and letters

in late eighteenth-century England

had the latest Alumnae Association

and plans to translate one of my

by Fellow Commoner Joanna

already translated the calligraphy in

London Forum generously hosted

books into Japanese. She has

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