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1.0 Introduction.....................................1 1.1 Maven...........................................2 2.0 Opinion Former...............................4 2.1 H710BGS......................................5 3.0 Opinion Former Insights.................8 3.1 First 10 Brands ............................9 3.2 His Home....................................10 3.3 His Food......................................11 3.4 His Library...................................12 3.5 His Influences ............................13 3.6 His Hobbies................................14 3.7 His Wardrobe.............................15 4.0 Trends..............................................16 4.1 The Great Outdoors..................17 4.2 Outdoor Trends..........................19 4.3 Brands Using Outdoor Trends...21 4.4 3D/4D Trends..............................27



Contents 5.0 The Big Idea.....................................29 5.1 Senses and Outdoors Mood Boards...................................30 6.0 Marketing Concept........................36 7.0 Creative Concept...........................36 7.1 Sensory Marketing.......................39 7.2 Location of Advertisements.......40 7.3 Sense Pack...................................41 7.4 3D Video.......................................42 7.5 Events............................................43 7.51 In-store Events.........................44 7.6 Online Presence...........................45 8.0 Summary...........................................47 9.0 Further Recommendations.............48 10.0 Bibliography....................................49

1.0 Introduction Working on behalf of New Balance, the brief was to create a communication strategy and innovative campaign that will raise awareness of the brand to the lifestyle consumer. An analysis of current New Balance communication objectives, strategies and tactics was undertaken, investigating their success and previous campaigns and collaborations. The brands current consumer and competitor set were also established looking at ways in which New Balance competitors communicate with their consumer. An opinion former was chosen that would be most appropriate to spread awareness of New Balance brand. The opinion former was given a pair of New Balance trainers of their choice to wear throughout the project and document their findings on a regular basis, focusing how the footwear and brand was perceived by themselves and others.


1.1 Maven Based on Malcolm Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point the typology defined for our opinion former is a Maven. According to the book mavens are information specialists that are relied upon to connect others with new information. Mavens start ‘word-of-mouth epidemics’ due to their knowledge, social skills, and ability to communicate. They are obsessive information collectors who are socially motivated and have a strong desire to be of service and influence. They love to initiate discussions to gather information on different products, prices, places, and they genuinely enjoy sharing this wealth of information with other people. New Balance would benefit from a Maven to increase brand awareness with a head start in terms of spreading recommendations and information about the product.


Chris Price, 43, Creative Director Maven


2.0 Opinion Former Falling into tier 1 and borderline 2, he is an early adopter with a heightened awareness of new trends and products. Christopher Price was the chosen opinion former for the project, he determined the direction of which our trend tracking led and formed the basis of the final campaign. Chris is a 43 year old creative director who enjoys dog walking, photography and football. Over the past seven weeks regular contact has been kept with him via email, telephone conversations, and his new balance opinion former blog Research conducted by the opinion former provided an in depth analysis of a consumer lifestyle; focusing on lifestyle habits, the brands the opinion former interacted with and social preferences, gave a good basis and rationale behind


2.1 New Balance H710BGS “First impression was pretty good - perfect colour i.e designer black, lightweight, good styling, no over-the-top logo branding, and an impressive grippy sole (which doesn’t squeek on the tiled floor)” Chris received a pair of New Balance H710BGs trainer style walking boots and has worn them as much possible whilst partaking in a range of activities, including meeting colleagues, cycling, DIY, walking, and whilst socialising with friends. He was impressed with the fit of the footwear commenting on the styling, subtle branding and firm sole grip.




3.0 Opinion Former Insights “I like to hear recommendations from people I respect, or do research to be convinced that a brand is right.”

“I play 5-a-side once a week with a bunch of footie obsessed lads from all walks of life. I did a quick straw poll last week, asking first who’d heard of the New Balance brand to which the answer was 7 out of 9, and then what they thought of my boots and the eventual reaction was a positive one.” “I also discussed the NB with some other mates and business colleagues, and all had heard of the brand but mostly the initial reaction was ‘Oh they make running shoes don’t they?’ which pigeon holes the brand spectrum but at least there’s a recognition that’s in the right arena. One really liked the look of mine, so, having the same size feet, he tried them on and was mightily impressed. There could be an NB sale on the cards.”


3.1 His First 10 Brands

1. iPhone 2. Colgate Total 3. Molton Brown Soap 4. Calvin Klein 5. Levis 6. White Stuff 7. Timberland 8. Bose 9. Russell Hobbs 10. Sainsburys semi-skimmed milk and Twinings Earl Grey Tea


3.2 His Home


3.3 His Food Ideal 3 Course Meal

Entree Seared Scollops Main Slow Roast Leg of Lamb Desert Creme Brulee


3.4 His Library


3.5 His Influences

“Nadav Kander. photographer, love his work. Henri Cartier Bresson, love his work too. Banksy, for his wit, irony, and for playing the art game so well. And his work, of course (ironically, one of my favourites is a black billboard with the words “The joy of not being sold anything” written on it. Resonates well with me”


3.6 His Hobbies

“In my spare time I drink Rioja, play video games (partial to a spot of Guitar Hero III on the Wii), listen to music, watch films and footie, DIY, gardening, photography, fishing, general outdoor exercise.�


3.7 His Wardrobe

“The quality of Timerland did it for me. Slightly fuddy, middle-age appeal outdoor gear, but I’ve always enjoyed the outdoor life and, having bought cheap shoes that lasted 5 minutes, I learnt that sometimes it pays to buy quality.”


4.0 Trends


4.1 The Great Outdoors Research conducted by the opinion former collected a series of information that gave an in depth analysis of the consumer lifestyle; focusing on the lifestyle habits, the brands the opinion former interacted with and social preferences gave a good basis and rationale behind the campaign. From other forms of research such as surveys and questionnaires sent to targeted samples revealed that outdoor activities proved to be just as popular as sport and exercise for when consumers wear trainers. The research also showed that majority of the consumers worked full time, as the opinion former is self employed, work played a major role within his life, however social and outdoor activities also showed to be important.



4.2 Outdoor Trends Picking up on Chris’ hobbies, interests and what he enjoys doing in his spare time, it pointed us in the direction of creating New Balance Lifestyle towards portraying the outdoors. Having identified Chris enjoys activities such as walking, hiking, cycling, fishing and camping, this lead us to investigate outdoor trends and also how other people like Chris enjoy being active outdoors. With New Balance’s recent launch of the Ivy League collection also there is room for an even larger awareness in this trend.



4.3 Brands Using Outdoor The following brands are examples of the type of trends which influence our consumer and others similar to his demographic.







4.4 3D/4D Trends “A study found that 77% of consumers agree that 3D adds novelty to the cinema experience, 55% believe it brings the whole film alive, 55% find 3D cinema to be a more immersive experience and concentrate more on the film and less on surroundings.” “While this is all great news for cinemas, what does it mean for marketers? Perhaps most importantly for advertisers and brands, the research indicates that 88% of respondents who have seen a 3D film at the cinema remember seeing a 3D ad during its screening.” “In terms of content, sport is set to be a major catalyst. Sony is filming all 2010 World Cup matches in 3D and while there still are rights holders issues to be sorted out in terms of general broadcast, it seems likely that cinemas will screen some matches, and the London 2012 Olympic Games will also have many events likely to be screened in 3D.” “There are all these areas where you can communicate with the consumer – in an environment where they have chosen to be, have paid to be and they are attentive.” (Marketing Week, Online 2010) New Balance could adopt this new trend for marketing and produce an effective communicaiton strategy.


Adidas All in

Ralph Lauren 4D Experience


5.0 The Big Idea Focusing more research towards outdoor activities soon revealed common answers about what people experienced in the outdoors, for example the sights, smells and sounds encompassing the idea of senses. This lead us onto the big idea, based on using the 5 senses when outdoors with New Balance; the idea of exploring the outdoors in your New Balance shoes, taking you on an outdoor journey, experiencing all 5 senses. This later developed to the strap line ‘sense new balance’; aiming to heighten all five senses through marketing material to create an array of individual advertisements and playing on the idea of the consumer to sense new balance as the ‘go to’ brand when considering a purchase of outdoor footwear.


5.1 Senses and Outdoors Moodboards In order: Sight, Sound, Scent, Taste, Touch.







6.0 Marketing Concept The marketing concept aims to reposition New Balance as a lifestyle brand in the form of outdoor hiking shoes, encompassing the theme of senses. It will be directed towards a more male market or the Generation Jones demographic and early adaptors as this the category our opinion former falls under.

7.0 Creative Concept To create a positive association of New Balance with the consumer, the marketing material should show interests and portray likes of the consumer. The following selection of print advertisement would be included in media that our consumer reads such as lifestyles magazine, wallpaper and mass media newspapers such as the Guardian or Metro for commuters. Each picture represents each of the 5 senses experienced in the outdoors and the journey New Balance can take you on. QR codes have been included in the print advertising as these early adopters are familiar with such medias and also will immediately direct consumers to find out more about the campaign online.




7.1 Sensory Marketing

“Sensory Marketing is an effective tool in gaining sensory consumer insights for your marketing strategy. It measures and explains emotional consumer decision-making by variability of products, concepts, packaging, and marketing mix scenarios to ensure long-lasting success.” (SAM - Sensory and Marketing International Online 2010.) “A sensory touch point can confirm the experience, make it real” (Market Research World Online 2010)


7.2 Location of Advertisements

Contact with the consumer is extremely important in the campaign, and therefore sensory marketing is an important factor. Implementing this in outdoor everyday locations will aim to create a talking point of unusual advertisements. For example; sense of touch advertisement would include soft sand on the poster which consumers can physically feel. The sense of sound will be heightened when consumers sit at the bus stop whilst the sound of the ocean will be played through speakers, and the sense of smell would release a scented pine vapour when consumers pass by or sit beneath the advertisement.


Touch Textured soles

Smell Pine air freshener

7.3 Sense Pack

Sight 3D glasses to watch New Balance video online

Sound New Balance branded ear phones

Taste Voucher to purchase picnic food

A sense pack would be included for consumers who purchase of any range of the hiking shoes. It would contain free gifts that each represent the 5 senses that you experience via the outdoors. They also have relevance to the images of the print ads too.


7.4 3D Video

The following story board identifies a 3D video about the journey that a man takes through the outdoors with his New Balance boots. This will be used for New Balance online site to enhance the sense of sight via 3D glasses. This could be further progressed to a 3D cinema ad, and an even further suggestion although much more large scale, could be to adopt the new trend of 4D experiences as seen by Adidas and Ralph Laurens 4D experiences.


7.5 Events

Exhibitions is something the opinion former enjoys going to, therefore the campaign should extend their brand awareness through this media too at an exhibition such as the Outdoors Show in London.


7.51 In-store Events

In-store and VM has been considered as another consumer touch point to promote the campaign. Again, the sense of sight and sound will be through the New Balance video played in store, smell will be via the pine air fresheners hanging on trees, touch will be enhanced with the textured soles used as VM and taste will be used as an in-store event. A day where a picnic and BBQ food and drinks will be available to promote the sense new balance campaign, similar to what the outdoors brand Fat Face has previously hosted.


7.6 Online Presence

As Facebook isn’t a heavy party of our opinion formers mode of networking, Chris and some of his friends said that they frequently read their newspapers online. Therefore we’d recommend an advert in one such as the telegraph. Depending on what sense a consumer chooses, for example the print ad of scent, the QR code from that particular ad, would lead directly onto the ‘scent’ section of the website.



8.0 Summary The following quote is taken from the opinion formers blog about his final thoughts on the project as a summary to the New Balance project.

The five week branding experiment is over. Here’s my final opinion on my New Balance experience... I’ve enjoyed being an ‘opinion former’ - getting a free pair of NBs in return for some rambling blogs seems a fair deal! It was interesting to take a closer look at some of the brands mentioned and to consider how they interact with people to sell their wares. It’s a fascinating subject matter and the arena in which I work so all the more interesting for it. It’s also been a good introduction to the New Balance brand - they are not a brand I was really familiar with, and so far their advertising has completely passed me by, so without this experiment they’d still be off my radar. As for the boots themselves, I’ve worn them nearly every day since they arrived and on close inspection there’s been minimal wear to the soles, minor creasing on the leather upper and no damage or failure in the construction. They’ve received a few favourable comments, are a perfect fit, very comfortable, don’t squeak even on shiny floors, have really good grip on rough terrain, and I can walk for miles in them without any discomfort. Suffice it to say, I will continue wearing the NBs for the foreseeable future. A major test will be their longevity - I’d expect a pair of boots in this price bracket to last about a year. My last pair of Timberland Earthkeepers, in a higher price bracket (but waterproof), went through the sole in just under a year so if they match that I will be impressed. As for style, they’re just right for me - rugged without looking too serious, not ‘showy’ and not too young. Will definitely choose them for next trip abroad they seem perfect for travel as are also lightweight and breathe pretty well. I will definitely consider New Balance in the future - although don’t ever recall seeing them on sale in any local retailers, but having already got a pair I now know the right size for my feet so can buy online in confidence.

Have I disliked anything about the project.... nope.


9.0 Further Reccomendations • • • •

Extending to appeal to a female market Limited Edition addition to the H710 series titled 6sense, which would aim to attract a younger demographic. This idea follows on from 5 senses campaign Introduces consumer to the physiological sense of balance (Equilibrioception) which can be played upon as the ‘6th sense’

Word Count: 1436


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