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Lucy Ash | Echoes | Turner Sims

Lucy Ash is a painter and filmmaker who draws on her life’s experience to express her emotional response to love, death and injustice. Mathematics, time and the battle against the odds thrown by life are key themes. Lucy has exhibited internationally including ‘one woman’ and group exhibitions in London, Amsterdam and New York. Her one woman show ’49 Frames of Love’ was transferred from the William Road Gallery, London to The Heartbreak Gallery in Marylebone London in 2012. Invited to contribute to 10 days ‘Creative Collisions’ October 2013, Winchester Cathedral and to ‘Art for Youth’ at the RCA, Kensington 2014. In May 2015 ‘In the Wriggle Room’ a series of paintings that respond to the spontaneity and vitality of Jazz music was exhibited at the Stash Gallery, London. This was followed in September by ‘What is the Point’ a group show at the Mall Galleries, London and 10 days ‘Chalk’ October 2015, Winchester Cathedral where Lucy was invited to show a triptych. In 2016, Lucy had a solo show in Oxforshire at ‘West Ox Art’ and in London at Highgate Contemporay Art. She also exhibited at a number of other exhibitions including the Hille & Zotova Gallery, Amsterdam. In 2017 further shows followed at The Scottish arts Club, Edinburgh, Highgate Contempory Art, London and the A &D Gallery, Marylebone, London. She has done a number of commissions for companies most notably the Sony Radio Academy Awards brand identity. Her cookbook ‘A Taste of Astrology’ (Knopf 1988, Sainsbury’s 1993) was also serialized by Gourmet Magazine USA. Originally a student at Central St Martins she also studied at Camberwell College of Art. Lucy was born in London where she lives and works. Her most recent work explore ideas around mythology, migration, and time.

Lucy Ash’s new exhibition at Turner Sims features a cycle of works created as a response to the melodies, lyrics and themes of Clowes’ latest album. Echoes is the visual expression of a rich inner dialogue exploring ideas around mythology, migration, and time – all recurring themes in Lucy’s work. In their vibrancy and colour, her paintings echo and complement the sound world offered by Clowes and her ensemble. Iris 01 and 02 and the studies created in preparation of the two main canvasses – consider the symbolism of Iris. An abstract interplay of air and water (suggested by the cloud-nymph/sea-god coupling that resulted in her birth), the association of Iris with the physical eye and with a rainbow – itself a bridge between the different aspects of self. The canvasses also express the hope and vitality Iris is seen to represent. Homeland, Distant Voices, Fragments and Silent Ties explore the theme of forced migration. Homeland 1 & 2 evoke both the intransigent landscape as well as migratory flows. Distant Voices and Fragments relate to memory and the preservation of cultural rituals evident among displaced people. Silent Ties was inspired by Cavanne Horrocks Hopayian’s deeply moving description of the silent void left in cultures as a result of forced migration. Notions of time are represented by Time Sleeps. The Improvisation studies focus on the restorative power of music – joyously lifting the heart and soothing the soul.

TITLE IRIS 01 | 2017 Iris 01 | oil on linen | 85 cm x 120 cm | 2017 | £3,900

TITLE IRIS 02 | 2018 Iris 02 | oil on linen | 85 cm x 120 cm | 2018 | £3,900

Homeland 01 | wax crayon and oil on paper | 23 cm x 31cm (pre frame) | 2017 | ÂŁ450

Homeland 02 | crayon and oil on paper | 26 cm x 36cm (pre frame) | 2017 | ÂŁ510

Homeland 03 | oil and wax crayon on linen | 42 cm x 42cm | 2017 | £910

Silent Ties | oil, spray-paint and wax crayon on linen | 42 cm x 42cm | 2018 | £1200

Iris 03 | digital screen-print, edition of 10 | 37.5 cm x 46.5 cm (pre frame) | 2017 | ÂŁ370

Rainbow | oil, ink, wax crayon, charcoal & spray-paint on paper | 36 cm x 47 cm (pre frame) | 2017 | ÂŁ690

Fragments | oil on linen | 42 cm x 42cm | 2017 | £1200

Time Sleeps | oil, ink and spray-paint on canvas | 30 cm x 42.5cm | 2017 | £800

Distant Voices | oil on linen | 42 cm x 42cm | 2014 | £800

Improvisation 01 | oil ink & spray-paint on paper | 26 cm x 36 cm | 2017 | ÂŁ440

Improvisation 02 | oil ink & spray-paint on paper | 23 cm x 31 cm | 2017 | ÂŁ345

Improvisation 03 | oil ink & spray-paint on paper | 18 cm x 26 cm | 2017 | ÂŁ410

EXHIBITIONS 2018 ‘Echoes’Turner Sims, Southampton 2017 ‘Mixed Show’ Chelsea Arts Club, London 2017 ArtCan ‘Appearances of..’, The A & D Gallery, London, W1U 6LY 2017 ‘An Observation of Blue’, West Ox Arts Gallery, Oxfordshire 2017 ‘Summer Exhibition’, Highgate Contemporary Art, Highgate, London 2017 ‘Every Drop Counts’, TOTO Concept Gallery, Clerkenwell, London 2017 WITP ‘At this point in time’, The Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh 2016 ‘Winter Exhibition’, Highgate Contemporary Art, Highgate, London 2016 Curwen Gallery, Fitzrovia, London 2016 WITP ‘is het wat je verwach?’, Hille & Zotova Art Gallery, Amsterdam 2016 ‘Talking to the Masters’, West Ox Arts Gallery, Oxfordshire 2016 WITP Artists Pop Up Exhibition, Greek Street, Soho, London 2016 ‘Summer Exhibition’, Highgate Contemporary Art, Highgate, London 2016 ‘Pieces of Eight’, Highgate Contemporary Art, Highgate, London, one-woman 2016 WITP Artists Exhibition, Clerkenwell Gallery, Clerkenwell, London 2016 Affordable Art Fair, The Art Movement, London 2016 ‘Pieces of Eight’, West Ox Arts Gallery, Oxfordshire, One woman 2016 ‘What is the Point’ Salon Event, London 2015 ‘Group Show, ‘Artists of Vout-O-Reenee’s’, The Stash Gallery, Whitechapel, London 2015 ‘Group Show, ‘What is the Point’ pop up show, Sacred Space Gallery, Notting Hill, London 2015 ‘Group Show, Curwen Galleriy, Fitzrovia, London 2015 ‘10 Days Winchester, Chalk’ Winchester Cathedral 2015 ‘What is the Point’ The Mall Galleries, London 2015 ‘In the Wriggle Room’ The Stash Gallery, London 2014 ‘Mixed Show’ Chelsea Arts Club, London 2014 ‘Art for Youth’, RCA, London 2014 ‘Works from the Studio’, Radcliffe & Newlands , London 2013 ‘Heroes and Villains’ Chelsea Arts Club, London 2013 10 Days Winchester, Winchester Cathedral 2012 ‘49 Frames of Love’ Heartbreak Gallery, London, one woman 2012 ‘49 Frames of Love’ William Road Gallery, London, one woman 2012 ‘Love Is...’ Heartbreak Gallery, London 2012 ‘The Body Clothed in Art’ Chelsea Arts Club, London 2011 ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time’ William Road Gallery, London, one woman 2010 ‘Open House’, London, one woman 2010 ‘re-framing’, antennae, London 2009 ‘Equisite Corpse’, Chelsea Arts Club, London 2008 ‘The Birds & The Bees’, Chelsea Arts Club, London 2005 Heseltine Masco, Petworth 2004 Ozten Zeki Gallery, London, one woman 1997 Art’97 Austin Desmond Fine Art, London 1994 Austin Desmond Fine Art, London 1986 ‘Vital Space’ Mokotoff Gallery, New York 1985 On The Wall Gallery, London, one woman 1985 Royal Western Academy, Bath 1982 Cork Street Fine Art, London

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