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Daily Programme: Saturday: Arrival, check in after 16h (you can check in earlier but your room may not be ready before 16h). 18.30 pm: Meet Susanne, your Yoga teacher, and Lucy and Angel your hosts for the week, description of the week and information about the plentiful possibilities to fill your personal free time during the week. 20.00 pm: Al fresco dinner served on the upper terrace as the sun sets down the valley. (insert Mi Foto Sam Lister terrace set for dinner) Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8.oo am: Morning Hatha Yoga sessions of 90 mins in the gardens of San Marcos.

10.00 am: Breakfast served.

Personal free time (create a page with the various activities and link here) 13.30 pm: Light buffet lunch served. (need to create post/page re lunches and link it) Personal free time 20.00 pm: Al fresco dinner served on the upper terrace as the sun sets down the valley.


8.00 am: Morning Hatha Yoga sessions of 90 mins in the gardens of San Marcos 10.00 am: Breakfast served. 11.00am: 6km walk to neighbouring village. (insert foto linares walk) 13.30pm: Lunch at Michelin recommended restaurant. 15.30pm: Hamman Arabian baths and massage. 17.30pm: Return to Alájar by taxi. 20.00pm: Light buffet supper. Friday: 7.30 am: Silent walk to La Peña followed by morning Hatha Yoga session 60 mins under a 500 year old holm oak (Insert Peña Foto Mi Foto Sam Lister) 10.30 am: Breakfast served Personal free time 13.30 pm: Light buffet lunch served Personal free time 20.00 pm: Al fresco dinner served on the upper terrace as the sunsets down the valley

Saturday: 8.00 am: Morning Hatha Yoga session before departure

10.00 am: Breakfast served

If you would like more Yoga sessions, Susanne is happy to provide these on either an individual basis or as a whole group. She looks forward to putting together a sequence of practices tailored to your needs, which she will write down for you, so you can leave with your personal sequence to practice back home.

Have you tried Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra Nidra means “sleep” in Sanskrit. The guided deep relaxation of a yoga nidra session puts us in a state between wake and sleep where body and mind can rejuvenate, we experience blissful rest, and may even have access to our subconscious mind, our personal inner wisdom. You can also treat yourself to a THAI massage, an AYURVEDIC massage or a REIKI session Prices: Per person based on 2 people sharing a double or twin bedded room: 645€ includes: full board accommodation at Posada de San Marcos Eco Hotel 6 Hatha yoga sessions in the grounds, 1 Hatha Yoga Session at La Peña de Arias Montano, Guided 6km walk, lunch at Michelin recommended restaurant, Hammam session at Arabian baths and massage, return to Alájar in taxi, free teas, coffee and water. Does not included transport to hotel, other drinks Individual Supplement: 105 € Accompanied by non yogi? Price for companion who would like to join you but not partake in yoga sessions: 505 € Thai massage: 1 hour 50€ Reiki Session: 1 hour 40€ Ayurvedic oil massage: 1 hour 60€ Private yoga and meditation class: 90 mins 60€ The Food

A well balanced, healthy diet is all important, but a little indulgence from time to time can also be allowed! The sample menu Lucy has created combines the Mediterranean diet which is part of their everyday life, incorporating elements to suit the needs of a group getting together. The satisfaction for a cook is seeing an empty plate wiped clean with bread as we introduce you to the way we eat here encompassing the huge variety of dishes that Andalusia has to offer. Even more satisfactory is when you cook according to your motherツエs in lawツエs traditional recipes and テ]gelツエs family recognizes how good it is!!, something to be really proud of. During the summer we are privileged to make full use of the allotments around us, especially from our neighbours who are delighted to see their organic produce being transformed into delicious meals. Below is an idea of what type of food we will be serving throughout the week. We are happy to provide for vegans, vegetarians, all food intolerances and allergies. We just need to be aware of this at the time of booking. Breakfasts:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Healthy breakfasts introducing what we typically eat here in Andalucia side by side a more continental breakfast: Organic Spelt, Wholemeal and White Breads baked locally in a Wood Fired oven. Great selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oils (Ángel is maniac about it, therefore you will have 11 different types to choose from!) Organic Walnuts from our neighbour Ana Freshly pureed Organic Tomato Homemade Jams Homemade Iberian Pork Patés Local Organic Honey from Julián´s bees (Mari´s husband, she´s been with us for the last 7 years) Seasonal Summer Fruits Locally Made Fresh Goats Cheese from the neighbour. Homemade Yoghurt Selection of Cereals including Wheat Free Wheat Free Homemade Granola Excellent Fresh Ground Coffee, selection of Teas, Juices and Milks (on request - Cows, Goats, Soya, Rice....)

• Buffet lunches: Varied Gazpachos (cold soups just ideal for summer lunch):

• • • • • • •

Traditional Gazpacho Andaluz (olive oil, Ángel´s vinegar, green pepper, garlic, onion, cucumber) and served with a variety of vegetables and hard boiled eggs Beetroot with onion and Ángel´s vinegar. Cucumber with a touch of our mint. Courgette with olive oil and vinegar. Carrot with the wonderful touch of cumin. Ajo blanco (Real Arabian gazpacho made with almond, olive oil, vinegar, bread and milk). Salmorejo (thick tomato soup with olive oil, Ángel´s vinegar, bread, garlic and served with hard boiled egg)

Salads (especially delicious this time of the year with the explosion of organic vegetables from our neighbours´ gardens, a real pleasure for your palate):

• • • • • • • • •

Roast Pepper salad with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Angel´s collection, vinegar and onion. Green Leaf (lettuce full of flavour from neighbour´s gardens) Couscous (a touch from our neighbours only 150 miles away from us) Minty noodled (guess where we get the mint from?) Potato, free range eggs (from our neighgbour Rafael) and Tuna Salad. Tomato and basil Salad ( you cannot imagine the flavour a real organic tomato from the area has after being the right amount of time under the sun they need). Tomato sprinkled with a bit of sea salt and obviously wonderful olive oil. Ensaladilla (potato, sweet peas, carrots, onions...) with Ángel homemade mayonnaise. Refreshing Picadillo (typical salad from Southern Spain with olive oil, Ángel´s vinegar, green pepper, tomato, onion, cucumber...-you need a spoon to eat it)

Tuna Empanada (typical Spanish puff pastry with a mixture of vegetables and tuna fish) Spanish tortilla (Free range eggs with potatoes and onion) Varied croquetas (Spanish croquetas are made with a béchamel sauce and then you can add various other ingredients such as Spinach and pine nuts, jamón or cod...) Catalán coca (Traditional Catalan Pizza) Patatas bravas (fried in olive oil new potatoes with a spicy sauce) Lightly fried fresh organic aubergine with sea salt. As an accompaniment you can sprinkle them with Julian´s organic honey, creating flavours close to heaven. Fresh Organic Aubergine, organic tomato, local cheese and anchovy bake.

Varied dips:

• • • •

White bean hummus. Traditional hummus. Beetroot and walnut hummus. Babaganoush.......

Obviously accompanied by Ángel´s most wonderful freshly seasoned olives that you can try from our own olive trees.

Evening meals: Starters:

• • • • • • • •

Spanish Pisto (Fried fresh tomatoes with vegetables) Dips and Crudités Grilled Local Goats Cheese “crostini” Pan Fried Local Goats Cheese on a bed of Salmorejo (cold tomato soup with garlic and olive oil) Spicy Iberian Pork Kebabs (traditional recipe inherited from the Arabs) Spanish Scrambled Eggs with any variety of ingredients (local Wild Mushroom, Herbs from the countryside, Jamón...) Spanish Croquetas - Spinach, Cod, Mushroom, Chicken, Jamón Bollo de Papa (Traditional Potato cake with vegetables from the area)

Main dishes:

• • • • • • • • •

Spinach and chickpea casserole served with chorizo (optional) Traditional white bean casserole served with chorizo (optional) and vinaigrette. Cod and prawn bake (one of Lucy´s creation, very highly complimented by customers) Chicken and almond casserole Seafood rice Vegetarian rice Summer vegetable lasagna Iberian pork tenderloin with walnuts (from Ana) and brandy sauce (Is it the brandy that makes it one of our clients favourite? Iberian pork casserole with chocolate and black pepper sauce (another of those incredible mixtures of flavours that leaves you speechless!).

Obviously accompanied by Ángel´s most wonderful freshly seasoned olives that you can try from our own olive trees.

Desserts (why not?)

• • • • • • • • • • •

Summer fruit (incredible flavour) Fresh summer fruit salad Homemade ice-cream (strawberry, turrón, banana....) Mousse - Chocolate (something to die for) Mousse - Lemon (from our neighbour, still waiting for our tree) Mousse - Strawberry Baked cheesecake with Lucy´s homemade organic quince jam Almond and lemon roll (delicious!) Chocolate cake (no calories!) Apple layer cake Lemon cake with a touch of organic honey

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