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GRAPHIC DESIGN PORTFOLIO Contents MUSIC CENTRE FLYERS Produced for Education Leeds 2010

Layout & Visual Editorial Design Produced for Learning Partnerships 2011

Events Branding & Marketing Produced for Artforms & Opera North 2011

The West Park Centre - Information Booklet Produced for Artforms 2011

Events Branding & Marketing Produced for Artforms 2011

Arts Development Programme Layout Design Produced for Artforms 2011

Publicity & Digital Artist Pages Produced for ESA & Artforms 2011

Harmony Logo & Branding Produced for Harehills Choir 2011



I used the theme of simple & bold to create these new flyers. Since they are for people of all ages I decided to keep the designs simple but eye-catching to appeal to any age group, without using photographs of people which tend to age flyers quickly and lesser the professional effect. I made these flyers eye catching by using cutouts of instruments I photographed and combined bold text and selective colours to compliment and tie in with the other designs while still working successfully as a stand alone piece.



This poster was created to display information about Artforms Music Service in a visually interesting & appealing manner. I decided to include images within the numbers to give a glimpse into the services provided, using children and instruments as the key visual elements. This sheet was designed for parents of potential new clients to inspire them to use the music service & inform them statistically about the vast opportunities artforms provides for children in the local community.

Flyer/Poster Designs & Logo

E-ticket, Staff Lanyards & Map Designs

I produced all marketing, branding & signage materials for Artforms & Opera North event ‘Loud Leeds’. I was a key member of the events management team, set up team and official photographer for the event. I was asked to design materials based on the Music Centre promotional colours - blue & yellow. I tried to steer the designs away from the swimming pool vibes the music centres promotional materials exuded, and made the designs bold and eye catching to appeal to an audience of all ages.

Website & Banner Design

Event Signage

Artforms Staff Lanyard Design for Loud Leeds event

Bag Sticker Design

Creating the Future Conference Promotional branding, marketing & signage 2011

Branding & Signage Designs

The Creating the Future Conference was aimed at artists, teachers & the creative industries in Leeds to inform and inspire them to continue their practices through a period of economic and recessive instability within the arts. The designs needed to be professional yet exciting and visually appealing to those within the arts, yet retaining a brand look across the board. As well as covering all pre event marketing materials I also covered the event footage as official photographer and post production PDF which was sent to all participants as a visual summary of the days events. I created detailed maps which showed participants where to go for workshops in Leeds Town Hall and surrounding venues where events took place, sticker designs for bags which held the artist packs. I also helped co ordinate the set up team and also created a live powerpoint presentation which ran throughout the days events schedule.

Post conference PDF compiled using quotes & photographs from the event

Artist Carousel Exhibition


I designed the promotional materials & online PDF document for the Artist Carousel Exhibition. I created artist pages, collected photographs of workshops from artists and schools, curated the back catalogue of artist’s work for the exhibition and also created a slideshow of images to run as a video installation during the show.

Promotional 2 sided Poster

Artist Pages used in PDF information document & also for print during the exhibition

Editorial layout I created for an article published by Learning Partnerships about my successful placement with Artforms.

Exterior designs for a leaflet I created for The West Park Centre - my aim was to promote the centre as a community orientated and not a corporate venue, in order to appeal to local citizens & businesses.

Editorial layout produced for Artforms to advertise their Autumn programme of events for teachers & artists.

I was asked by choir leader Frances Bernstein to produce a logo, stationary and blog template for her choir ‘Harmony’. The choir is made up of local singers, with troubled backgrounds in the Harehills area of Leeds. I held a meeting with the acapella singers and even joined in on a few - I asked what kind of colours or themes they would like to see themselves as and developed the artwork you can see here. The themes stemmed from African tribal prints and a bold presence, The colours used are harmonious blend to suit the choir’s rich and uplifting yet cultured sound.

Harmony Choir Logo and Brand Development

LAH Graphic Design Portfolio 2011  

A Portfolio of my Graphic Design work 2011