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1. Walkers Many people mistakenly believe that baby walkers can help babies learn to walk, but in fact, they can delay walking and cause improper muscle development. Additionally, they are not safe. They have been taken off the market in Canada and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends they not be used. There's really no reason to use a walker. If you need a safe place to place your baby while your doing something, get a stationary activity center or swing instead. 2. Bumbo Chairs These popular baby "sitters" were recently recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission due to their unsafe nature. Because there is no belt or safety harness. Babies can easily flip out of the seat and fall. Additionally, some health practitioners believe it puts babies in an unnatural position. These chairs are not safe places to leave your baby unattended, and are not supposed to used above floor level, which kind of eliminates their usefulness. 3. Diaper Genie These environmental hogs encase each dirty diaper in its own little plastic casing, in effort to eliminate odors. But you have to keep buying the refill plastic thingys which cost around $8 for 110 diapers, for the average newborn that could last about a week! Not to mention the addition of MORE plastic to the landfill. Instead, consider a diaper pail that allows you to put a dirty diaper in the pail without exposing all the other dirty diapers. 4. DVDs/Movies While there are some videos that claim to make babies smarter, there is no evidence that this is true. In fact, it is not recommended that babies watch TV at all until the age of two, while that might seem like a long time, many babies are not even intereseted in watching TV and many can be confused and overstimulated by the fast pace. Even children's cartoons can be violent and contain adult content, and babies don't understand that it is not real. 5. Toys Yes, I know this is shocking. But here's the honest truth: When you have a baby you will amass a large collection of toys, without ever having to buy a single one. And a lot of babies don't like toys that much. I found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of toys we received, and I never really needed to buy any.

6. Sterilizer Unless you have an immune-compromised baby, it is not necessary to steam sterilize the bottles. And in fact the high heat can break down the plastic, causing it to be absorbed into the breast milk or formula. 7. Wipes Warmer Most wipes warmers require batteries, electricity and refill cartridges. Why not just warm the wipe with your hands? 8. Crib Bumpers Crib bumpers are an unnecessary bedding accessory that can pose a risk of suffocation. A new study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that many infants lack the motor development necessary move their head away if they are up against a bumper. Additionally they reduce the air flow around the crib area, and can collect dust. 9. Flame-Retardant PJ's The reason that many pajamas for children are flame-retardant, is because they are made of polyester, which will melt instantly when in contact with flames or high heat. Instead use 100% cotton pajamas that are not loose fitting. The chemicals used as flame retardants, PBDE's (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) have been linked to brain and thyroid problems, and levels of PBDEs in people's bodies are rapidly increasing. 10. Nursery water with Fluoride While many people believe in the helpful effects of fluoride in preventing tooth decay, it can be very harmful for infants to ingest. Both the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control have warned that infants should not be exposed to fluoride, nor is there any evidence that ingesting it can benefit their teeth. Ingestion of fluoride has been linked to bone cancer, thyroid disorders and an arthritic-like condition, skeletal fluorisis.

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==== ==== For an excellent resource with great customer reviews have a look at the bunbo baby seat ==== ====

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