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OK, when I was a single, fun loving, career focused person; I had no idea about babies, pregnancy, motherhood or anything reasonably related, other than you give up everything, including the body you have had since forever. I had never even held a newborn and did not know until I had my own, what the actual definition of a newborn was! I still now reminisce about those days and wonder why I was so blissfully unaware of this huge part of not just a woman's life, but society really. My own mother had 5 children, I have a stepmother, aunties, and grandmothers, also friends who have had babies and yet I did not even know I was not seeing what they have, what their lives are really like and what they went through and go through on a daily basis. How did I just not know any of this? Both my partner and I have said on many occasions since having our little girl, its like we joined some kind of secret club where only once you are pregnant, and or have babies and children do you get to know the secrets and get treated differently. We would be in the parents room at the mall when my daughter was a newborn and have other parents give us the nod, the nod that says so many things, the nod that understands, appreciates and cares. Not just from other mums, dads do it too! It is a nod and a grin I have seen only from grandparents previous to this, you know that gentle, quiet, warm, respectful and understanding nod that all grandparents possess. I know there is a world of things that you only see once you enter into this one-way street, but I wish so badly I had some of this information and knowledge beforehand. I think this new path in my life would have been much smoother had I known what is normal and what to semi expect. Friends, parents, sex, relationships, your body, food, sleep, emotions, family, even your wardrobe, everything changes and gets affected. Everything. I desire to be that voice for at least someone, I hope to share, talk and get those secrets out into common knowledge so then when that time comes and is happening, you can relax and enjoy the moment, rather than spend the whole time freaking out and trying to find information, like I did. There are so many moments I feel like I missed the moment because I just had no idea; I was scared, alone, confused and worried I was doing it wrong. It is such a privilege and responsibility to have a life in your hands, and we all want to do it right. So here's to the good times ahead, enjoy every one of them, even the not so good times, they all make us who we are and build character and experience, embrace every one of them Motherhood, you are amazing, you touch everyone's life and make the world a great place to be.

I am a woman, a stay at home mum, partner, sister, daughter, grand daughter and a full time

domestic goddess. Being all of these make me who I am and I am proud for all of these accomplishments, as should every woman. The absolute shock of motherhood should not be shunned away from reality and potential mums-to-be. The more information we are armed with, the better decisions we can make.

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