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Brother is considered by many to be the first name in sewing machines. Since 1932, Brother has been one of the most successful mass producers of home sewing machines. With its quality materials and workmanship, attention to detail and drive for perfection, it continues to dominate the market. Many of us have early memories of wearing those creations made by our mothers and their Brother machines. The more adorned they were, the more we loved them. Today us moms are able to continue the tradition with far more advanced creations that the mothers of yesterday only dreamed of. Each new design release continues to impress with new highlights, features and options. Brother machines are as much a part of a family's home as the kitchen sink. Sewing machines, as we know, were invented to eliminate the need for exhausting and time consuming projects that were completed by hand. As more homes became electricity-driven, it was only natural that machines for sewing would follow as well. The result was an electric sewing machine that made home sewing projects even easier. Each new year brought more convenience, updated methods and improved productivity for each of the Brother machine models. Today, we are afforded everything from Brother embroidery machines, Brother sewing and embroidery combinations and Brother quilting and sewing sergers. It does not stop there, though. Brother International Corporation was recently named as the exclusive sewing and embroidery licensee of the popular television show, Project Runway, where up and coming fashion designers compete for prizes and money. With the technological advances available in a contemporary day, Brother offers a truly interactive machine, complete with downloadable digitizing software so that users can bring their sewing talents into the 21st century. New engineering methods, compact design features and of course, its computerized digital models make Brother sewing machines the only choice for many women around the world. Most recently, Brother International showcased its innovative computerized sewing machines at the International Consumer Electronics Show. It took advantage of the opportunity by highlighting the latest advances in what it called, "The Mommy Tech Expo". It demonstrated the latest technologically advanced products that would "empower moms in their multiple roles in life". Highlights of the show included ways stay at home moms have successfully begun small businesses out of their homes by incorporating the streamlined sewing and embroidery machines. Further, Brother took the opportunity to introduce the world's first sewing and embroidery machine with a built in camera. Its location just above the needle allows users a magnified view of the area they are about to sew. Coupled with the high definition LCD touch screen and it becomes clear the sewing machine of our mothers has indeed been reinvented. This powerful Brother Quattro 6000D

won the coveted "Best Buy" from Consumers Digest. No doubt, the Brother Sewing Machines sector of Brother International Corporation is a force to be reckoned with. Worldwide sales hover near $5 billion and the global manufacturer is nearing its 100th anniversary.

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==== ==== For an excellent resource with great customer reviews have a look at the Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine ==== ====

Brother Sewing Machines  

For an excellent resource with great customer reviews have a look at Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine

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