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More Guns Than Roses Sales catalogue

About Hornsleth KRISTIAN von HORNSLETH is one of the most thought-provoking and controversial artists of his generation. Born in the UK, Hornsleth grew up in Denmark and turned from architecture to art. His body of work and strong character led to a theatrical production about him staged in Copenhagen receiving spectacular reviews in the national press. His ability to shock and inspire at the same time has won him a large following among a new generation of opinion formers and art lovers in Denmark. So much so, award winning playwright Jakob Weis wrote a stageplay called ‘Kill Hornsleth’, which won Denmark’s two top national drama awards last year. His ground-breaking conceptual project: the Uganda Village Project, in which he persuaded villagers in a poor African town to change their surnames to Hornsleth, legally, in return for goat or a pig, caused an international media storm. And it made him a popular public speaker. Hornsleth works in sculpture, objects, performance projects and mixed media paintings, which feature his witty one-liners or his trademark slogan F.Y.A.L. – meaning Fuck You Art Lovers, or For Young Art Lovers, “depending on who’s asking”. Among his star projects are his hand painted supercars such as the Morgan 4×4 sports car, a Lamborghini and Ducati motorbikes. His work has been shown in galleries and museums all over the world, particularly in Germany, New York, Shanghai, Denmark, France and Italy. "I'm not controversial, it's the audience who have become brainwashed, boring and sedated by political correctness and the consumer market. Nobody speaks out anymore, they're obsessed with climbing the mortgage ladder. It smells like the behaviour of people living under a totalitarian regime - who would have guessed that a free capitalist society would bring us to this? I'm a primitive and instinctive artist with no agenda other than screaming out from the corner of total confusion. I hate therefore I am, I react therefore I am..." Hornsleth’s bold imagery, wit and provocative statements have won him a growing fanbase as well as fierce criticsm, but as one Danish national art critic says: “He’s one of today’s most wellinformed and intelligent artists.”

Hornsle th SPONSORED BY HELL Oli on C anvas £POA

Hornsle th THE LONG ROAD TO LOVE Oli on C anvas £POA

Hornsle th BITCH Light Box £2300

Hornsle th Gun Light Box ÂŁ2300

About Wiedemann Graffiti artist, Maximilian Wiedemann, explores the dependent relationship between pop culture, media and consumerism. His sense of humor is perfect for our ambiguous times, with quotes such as ‘Closer to God in Heels’ and ‘Money Talks but Has Nothing to Say’. Picking up the heels where the bourgeoisie stopped, Wiedemann has continued the quest into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. He takes something iconic and turns it upside down. Wiedemann’s art revolves around people’s identity and their evolution. He plays with the game of hype, having a little fun with sensationalism and seduction. His sarcasm is shown through bright happy colours and clean, delicate lines. Wiedemann has a tremendous gift by taking the simplicity of street art, creating a new sense of appeal and bring this to a distinguished and modern level. He has collaborated with famed celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, painted Lindsay Lohan, painted supermodel Elle MacPherson for the cover of the UK’s The Big Issue, worked with following supermodel Caprice Bourret, and painted a selection of artist’s for VH1′s Divas which resulted in his billboards being seen all over the States. Wiedemann has been exhibiting and curating both collective and individual shows throughout Europe since 1999 and is represented in various collections around the world, most recently in Los Angeles.The exhibition will also feature a range of mixed media on canvas, silkscreens, stenciled artworks and several spectacular installations. The show exemplifies Wiedemann's philosophy about fame, money and celebrity status - a commentary on all things Hollywood. "It's about pills, and beauty, and vanity, and women taking blades to their faces," says Wiedemann. Focusing on status symbols, the interplay of sex and money in contemporary society and America's obsession with "celebrity and media hungry bitches", there is not a more appropriate location for Wiedemann's West Coast debut than Los Angeles.

Maxim ilian Wiede mann VOGUE Spraypaint on Can vas 152 x 122cm ÂŁ9000

Maxim ilian Wiede mann VOGUE Spraypaint on Can vas 152 x 122c m ÂŁ9000

Maxim ilian Wiede mann & Tyler S hields WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WEAPON Screen-print & S praypaint on C anvas 140 x 100 c m ÂŁ8000

About Artmani At the age of 19 Artmani has already worked, collaborated and exhibited with some of the biggest artists in the game. Apprenticing under Maximilian Wiedemann for two years, he has collaborated with Wiedemann, as well as Von Kristian Hornsleth and exhibited amongst Tyler Shields, Banksy, Goldie and Romero Britto. Artmani has set up ‘More Guns than Roses’ to celebrate and showcase the family of artists he has become a part of. Commenting on the showcase, Artmani said, “Art to me is the world I live in and these artists represent where I want to be. Having my work next to theirs represents my journey and future as an artist”. Artmani is today best known for elegantly playing with our obsession with branding, advertisement and consumerism. He explores the trends and pressures adopted by our modern society, whilst satirically examining the mechanics of capitalism and so called ‘democracy’. Artmani’s urban style uses a mix of spray-paint, combined with screen-printing and other techniques, encompassing a sense of Pop Art culture throughout his work. His first major Fine Art show at The Courtauld Gallery saw his work hung alongside works by Monet, Van Gogh and Gauguin. This was the first exhibition in which The Courtauld Gallery had exhibited live artists, securing Artmani a name for himself in the Fine Art world. Unsurprisingly, Artmani is currently represented by some of London’s most talkedabout galleries, including GGGallery and Imitate Modern

Artmani Bombing For Peace Photomontage, Paper and Resin on Canvas 70 x 100cm ÂŁ500

Artmani Bombing For Peace Spraypaint on Can vas 70 x 100cm ÂŁ1, 200

Artmani Coke Diet Spraypaint on Can vas 90 x 120cm ÂŁ1, 200

Artmani & Maximilian Wie deman n HOPE-LESS Spraypaint on Can vas & Me tal 90 x 60cm POA

Artmani “Oil Prices These Days” Screen-print & S praypaint on S omerset Paper £100

Artmani Bombing For Peace Screen-print & S praypaint on S omerset Paper ÂŁ100

Artmani The Patriot Act Screen-print & S praypaint on S omerset Paper ÂŁ100

Artmani The Corporation of Parliament Screen-print & S praypaint on C anvas 90 x 120cm ÂŁ1, 200

About Tyler Shields Tyler Shields is based in Hollywood and known for his work with the elite young actors of our generation, including the stars of Glee, Mad Men, Twilight, and in particular the press world-wind about his over 60 shoots with Lindsay Lohan. His no hold barred style has seen him and 3 pop stars arrested for dangling them off a bridge for a shoot and his work is controversial enough to be branded illegal by over a dozen countries around the world. He got his start directing music videos then began photography. Tyler is known for his work with Video portraits and his photography work in the art and celebrity form. Recently, Tyler Shields and his girlfriend, daughter of actor and director Clint Eastwood, Fancesca Eastwood, decided that destruction is a beautiful version of freedom. They went out, bought a $100,000 Birkin bag and carelessly destroy it’

Tyler Shields The 3 Giclee Prin t 76 x 51cm ÂŁ4, 800

More Guns Than Roses Catalogue