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Design by Lukasz Walczak


My canopy

big drop

“rain”of drops

Project is inspired by drops of water, their m ovem ent aon the surface and slow ly falling dow n.

“even things of com m on use can be inspiring, if w e just open our eyes to see them . ”


situated in typical block of flats district in poland to enrich local architecture as w ell as create new space w itch w ould be totally different in com pare to surrounding area.Canopy could disrupt im pression of m onotony of such a part of city.

form ing drops on the surface

m y intention was to show m ovem ent of the drops. Ihave decided to form them in order to grow ing ( from the sm allest one to the biggest. apart from this ihave tried not to erase effect of drops haotism .

canopy -view s

details division of indoor space to seating area and standing area.Seats in their shape represents fallen drops.

m atherials w hole strucutre is going to be com bination of w hite concrete and blue glass.

Ray effect

Rays of the sun are penetrating w hole structure through the “glass drops�w hich cause apperence of cylindric sun stains on the fround.


openings seize in canopy w hich allow people to enter or exit are result of idea of grow ing drops.

illum ination

the end


Project of the Canopy

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