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Your building e l p o e p w o h s affect ve a h e b d n a l e fe People spend most of their lives in buildings. We live, work, celebrate, exercise and relax indoors. So, it is not surprising that buildings have an effect on how we feel and behave. That is why the Jansen Building Company focuses on people. Interior finishing is an essential aspect of how a building is experienced. So, we think inside out. Our approach entails an eye for the smallest of details - from the design of our own products to the completion of total projects. We also work with our own experienced craftsmen in a team of 350 professionals with the right experience to guarantee a sustainable result that exceeds customer expectations. For every project, big or small, we do our utmost to ensure that people feel good in the buildings where they live, work, grow, learn, exercise, heal and enjoy. Nadia Jansen, CEO of the Jansen Building Company

HĂ´tel Park Inn by Radisson, Hasselt

f o g n i t c a r t n Co r e d r o t s e h g i the h Jansen Building Company is a general contractor of the highest order, specialising in interior finishing and techniques. A continuous focus on growth, quality and craftsmanship has enabled our company to evolve into a Class 8 Main Contractor. We specialise in interior finishing and techniques, but also carry out total projects. For every project, we put together multidisciplinary teams to match your desires, needs and requirements. These are committed and motivated professionals that approach your project as if it were their own. An eye for the smallest of details is an apt description of our professionals. After all, the ‘finishing touch’ always makes a world of difference.

Brussels Institute for Environmental Management, Brussels

Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp

AZ Sint-Maarten, Malines

Cantecroy, Mortsel

No challenge is too big Construction is an intensive process. Positive collaboration is important, but achieving results is crucial. Will all deadlines be met? Will the budget be respected? Will the end result meet expectations? At the Jansen Building Company, we are fully aware of such concerns and make every effort to shoulder the burden for the customer. We proactively seek out the best possible solution tailored to the customer’s needs. Our employees go the extra mile to exceed expectations and provide excellent service.

BNP Paribas Fortis Kanselarij and National Bank, Brussels

BNP Paribas Fortis, Hasselt

Products “made by” g n i d l i u B n e s n a J Company Our people focus is also reflected in the products specific to the Jansen Building Company, devised, designed and developed down to the very last detail. These are sustainable innovations that raise every project to a higher level.

HQ Jansen Building Company, Zonhoven

Prefamac, Lummen





This intelligent ceiling cools, warms, lights, ventilates and buffers noise. It is the perfect all-in-one comfort solution, featuring a sleek design and for use in offices, hospitals, care centres, restaurants and hotels.

Prefabricated elements in plasterboard make it possible to create a decorative interior finish that is virtually impossible to achieve with traditional methods.

The perfect solution for creating a flexible layout in your space. All materials and cladding are aligned to your needs and preferences.

These flexible Maars Jansen Living Walls not only divide your room into separate spaces, but give each space its own unique character. Glass, wood or metal: select the material you prefer and create a personal ‘touch’ with specially adapted cladding.

h c a o r p p a l a r g e One int From a general contractor of the highest order to techniques and a superior quality finish, we combine our specialisations at the Jansen Building Company and offer an integrated total solution. This allows us to offer top quality at all times and stay within budget and limits.

GENERAL CONTRACTING AND HIGHQUALITY INTERIOR FINISHING As specialists in interior finishing, we can handle total projects. But we also offer solutions for the layout of retail shops and professional practices (in-house woodworking shop), insulation, protection and traditional finishes. We apply our expertise to building projects for customers in the retail, leisure, health care, tunnel-building and office sectors.

INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES As an HVAC specialist, we ensure a healthy, comfortable climate in your building. From the design phase to engineering and completion, we are a committed partner that guarantees a custom total solution.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLEANROOMS Pharmacie AZ Sint-Maarten, Malines

Hôtel Martin’s Rentmeesterij, Alden Biesen

Our ‘Jansen Cleanrooms’ division carries out your cleanroom project with a turnkey approach, from design to validation. Together

we select the right materials, elements and appropriate climate control system for your care or production process.

SUSTAINABLE RESTORATION AND RENOVATION We carry out restoration work that converts a damaged building to the desired condition. When renovating, we make sure the existing building meets all modern-day requirements for comfort, functionality and/or sustainability.

FLEXIBLE AND AFFORDABLE MAINTENANCE Our ‘Jansen Services’ division offers complete maintenance and renovation services for your building. We have our own team of all-round craftsmen who can assist you in various ways: preventative maintenance, urgent intervention or via a framework agreement.

s l a n o i s s e f o r p 0 Family of 35 ringing out the best in employees, gaining the confidence of visitors, promoting the well-being of patients... a building has a greater effect on people than you might think. That is why the Jansen Building Company focuses on the human aspect in every project. Customers from every imaginable sector use our services as a contractor of the highest order. Our excellent reputation is upheld each and every day by our experienced professionals. This reputation is rooted in 45 years of family tradition.

Casino Viage, Brussels

HQ Admin. Jansen Building Company a Eikenenweg 58 B-3520 Zonhoven v +32 11 79 92 00 g O

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Brochure Jansen Building Company