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SAN PATRICIO CELEBRATES EARTH DAY  Earth Day is an excellent opportunity for our school to teach  kids about our precious Earth and all we can do to help her  stay healthy.   Recycle, reuse and reduce

Students showing their love for Earth through their drawings  on a banner.

Knocking down the pins that harm our planet: “industrial waste”, “water pollution”, “garbage” , “air pollution”, “desforestation”.

8TH GRADE SCIENCE FAIR The 8th graders presented their science fair projects using interactive tools which made it more inviting and educational for the audience. Among the projects presented were eolic energy, hydropower, magnetic levitation train, electromagnetics, plus other related issues. Hours upon hours spent by the students vigorously working on their projects was applauded by all those present. Their teachers also deserve recognition for guiding their students during the impressive process.

INTERNATIONAL BOOK DAY. 23 April is a symbolic date for world literature for on this date in 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died. It is also the date of birth or death of other prominent authors such as Maurice Druon, Haldor K.Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejía Vallejo.

It was a natural choice for UNESCO's General Conference, held in Paris in 1995, to pay a world�wide tribute to books and authors on this date,

encouraging everyone, and in particular young people,

World Book and Copyright Day 23 April.

to discover the pleasure of reading and gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable contributions of those who have furthered the social and cultural progress of humanity.

In this respect, UNESCO created both the World Book and Copyright Day. In celebration of World Book Day, San Patricio teachers and students held a Reading marathon in Primary and JH

students had the pleasure of listening on the edge of their seats to Mrs. Paula, who is an excellent storyteller.

Prechool and Primary students read during different hours of the day in groups, out loud, to each other, in silence, with teachers, with parents, with stuffed animals!

CSPMUN Colegio San Patricio held its annual Model United Nations in JH and welcomed participating schools : •Instituto San Roberto Valle Alto and San Agustin •Panamerican School Campus San Pedro and Monterrey •Colegio Inglés •Formus •Brillamont •Instituto CEFI •Tonalli •Instituto Columbia •Colegio Americano Anáhuac •Preparatoria ITESM •Colegio San Patricio Cumbres

Students representing delegates from different countries joined committees and debated on topics such as High School • GENERAL ASSEMBLY The role of intellectual property in facilitating trade and attracting foreign direct investment.

5th Grade • UNITED NATIONS CHILDREN’S FUND (UNICEF) Prioritizing children‘s welfare in areas of armed conflict. 9th Grade • SECURITY COUNCIL Preventing and opposing to activities related to the illicit negotiations of chemical materials.

9th Grade • HISTORICAL SECURITY COUNCIL (HSC) The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. 9th Grade • ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL (ECOSOC) Evaluating the effectiveness of humanitarian aid with regard to natural disasters.

6th to 8th Grade • INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY (IAEA) Measures and technological advances to prevent famine. 6th to 8th Grade • COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN (CSW) Treatment of women prisoners and non‐custodial measures for women offenders.

6th to 8th Grade • WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) Measures to reduce the number of deaths from curable diseases like tuberculosis.

6th to 8th Grade • HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL (HRC) Addressing the exploitation of migrant workers.

6th to 8th Grade • WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO) Measures to reduce the number of deaths from curable diseases like tuberculosis.

For everyone at Colegio San Patricio, Children’s Day is greatly anticipated. Children are adorable, they signify pure and faithful love. The different organizing committees threw themselves into a frenzied preparation for the big day. Thank you Preschool moms for the fun fair and to all the Talent Show winners who presented their performances for all to admire. Teachers added special touches on this day with special gifts and surprises. Thank you!


Diego Tamez G. 6B 

Iván Villasana S. 6B 

César Lugoleos T. 6C 

Daniel Treviño Q. 6C 

Ana Isabel Rosas R. 6C  Areli Villezca G. 4C  Carlos Elizondo M. 5A 

Joeun Lee Kim 4C 

Oscar Guardado 6A 

Ellos fueron seleccionados para la siguiente etapa, que determinará  quienes son los ganadores a ¡NIVEL NACIONAL! cuya sede será en  Argentina en Diciembre de  2012 (Olimpiada Rioplatense).   En este concurso de la 3a.Etapa los alumnos SP destacaron entre                                   ¡MEDIO MILLÓN DE ESTUDIANTES! 

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