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Introducing a Better Schoolhouse What is BetterSchoolhouse about?

How much difference can it make?

Getting started is easy!

Hello all, and welcome to the Better Schoolhouse fundraising platform!

That depends on how active your community is. A community completing $25 of leads/user/ month can make huge contributions simply by checking for new offers regularly and responding positively when something looks interesting.

Go to to create your account. You’ll need to select the school or organization you wish to contribute to via our drop-down menu, and then just let your friends know about the program and start building an active community.

BetterSchoolhouse helps schools earn the money they need to function effectively. We understand that shrinking budgets result in schools with fewer resources to support adequate physical education to keep kids fit, or funded music programs to develop their minds through music, or even qualified teachers to pique interest in lifelong learning. That's simply not the way education should be. In order to work well, Better Schoolhouse needs you to work hard. We offer access to products or services you are probably using already. Our clients are interested in your opinions, or in working with you to build stronger schools and better-educated kids. Simply by evaluating the offers on the BetterSchoolhouse platform, and by sharing your thoughts, opinions, recommendations and willingness to learn more about the goods and services you find there, you can make a difference. We work hard to find offers that work for you and your family, and we rely on you to let us know what works and what doesn’t for your community.

Measuring the Contribution Number of group members

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Community members can be parents, kids, grandparents, friends, teachers, or school administrators. There’s no limit to how many offers you can evaluate or to the size of the contribution you can make to your school. As long as you provide accurate information for products and services that appeal to you, your school bets paid.

When you express interest in an offer, our clients make a contribution to you school. Your friends and Facebook contacts can respond to your invitations and start contributing too! Everybody wins.

Common questions and easy answers Like any fundraising program, BetterSchoolHouse comes with its share of questions about how the platform works and how you can best use the tools we provide to help your school. While we try to answer the most obvious questions here, please remember that BSH is a community, and that communities work best when their members are actively involved in helping them to improve. We provide a number of moderated tools for evaluating offers, suggesting new programs we should run, comparing notes on how well an offer or even the program in general works. We monitor the community closely for feedback, and your input drives new feature development and offer recruitment. Don’t be shy about sharing your ideas or asking us questions when you don’t understand how or why something works the way it does. If we’re missing something in the frequently-asked questions below, we’ll find out about it from your input, and we’ll make sure to get you an answer that makes sense. In the meantime, the information below should provide a good overview of the program and how the details work.

What is the Better Schoolhouse program? Better Schoolhouse is a fundraising platform that lets you raise money for the school or educational organization of your choice from a wide variety of participating merchants and online programs. For example, you might be interested in changing your home or auto insurance provider. A participating insurance partner might contribute as much as $10 to the school of your choice just for your agreement to be contacted by one of their agents at some point in the near future.

Offers span a wide variety of market segments and payouts to your school might vary from $.50 to $20-$30 dollars, depending on the nature of lead requested. Faster, easier, and more effective than traditional offline fundraising, and more effective than similar programs which rely on contributions that are small percentages of online transactions, Better Schoolhouse keeps the emphasis on providing quality offers to consumers, quality leads to participating merchants and bigger benefits to the kids in the classroom.

How does the program actually work? • Supporters register with Better Schoolhouse and agree to review offers for a wide variety of products and services that are designed for community-minded parents with children. • Participating merchants have agreed that there is enormous value in having their products or services reviewed by potential customers who are sincerely interested in the information they provide and who might consider adopting these products or services either immediately, or at some point in the near future. These merchants have agree to contribute monies they would otherwise pay to a wide variety of traffic and lead generation partners to Better Schoolhouse and, in turn, to the school or educational organization of your choice. • For most offers, no purchases are required for your school or organization to receive its contribution. We do insist that you only request information from programs or offers you have a genuine interest in in order to keep the quality of the data we provide to our partner merchants high.

• When you indicate an interest in an approved program, your lead information is exchanged with the merchant and you should expect to be contacted regarding your inquiry. Typically you are contacted within 72 hours of requesting information. We're constantly adding new programs to the network, and welcome any recommended offers you might suggest.

Where do I signup? Joining the program couldn't be simpler. Just select your school from our list of educational organizations, confirm for us who should receive your check, and start reviewing offers from our participating merchants to see what products or services you might be interested in.

Is there a cost to our school/ group to enroll in the Better Schoolhouse program? No. The point is to make money for your school or organization. There are no membership fees or costs to your schools associated with joining the program.

Who is BSH? The founders of Better Schoolhouse have many years of experience in the online lead generation industry and an active interest in the public education process. The company is located in Palo Alto, California.

Will this program affect our nonprofit status? The program is designed to be run by volunteers and as such proceeds from the program are not intended to be business income. However, this determination must be made by your tax professional and is in no way made at the recommendation of Better Schoolhouse or its agents.

BetterSchoolHouse frequentlyAsked Questions How and how often will our school or organization get paid?

What if I want to change the school I'm sponsoring?

How do I get in touch with BetterSchoolHouse by mail?

Payments are made by Better Schoolhouse only when they are received by the participating merchant. Most offers are credited immediately upon completion, but there are some cases where the information you provide will be put through an additional validation procedure to verify the particulars of the data provided to the merchant and in these cases there may be a delay in crediting your account.

You can change your sponsored school at any point. Balances for previously completed (but unpaid) leads cannot be transferred to the new school, but all future payments will be made to the new organization.

That’s easy. We’re at:

Immediately following month end, checks representing payment for all validated leads will be sent to the school or organization associated with your user account at the time the lead was generated.

What are the program Terms and Conditions? Program terms and conditions can be found online at

BetterSchoolhouse 115 Everett Avenue, Third floor Palo Alto, California 94301 Now let’s get to work!

BetterSchoolHouse: Getting Started  

Program overview document for

BetterSchoolHouse: Getting Started  

Program overview document for