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Andhra'preneurs' launch myBantu pro…

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Andhra'preneurs' launch myBantu promising the best search results

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Aug 09, 2010

HYDERABAD: A US Silicon Valley

Social networking

based start-up, co-founded

Are u a sea shark or a land shark ? Surfing or cricket,You Decide

entrepreneurs Pradesh-origin,


of Andhra has created a

Vijayawada Jobs

new search tool that makes sharply focussed

Search for Vijayawada jobs - Find your new job today. Indeed

recommendations in answer to questions like: “What is a good

Jobs vizianagaram district

place to eat nearby?”, “How do I get a ticket to that sellout

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show?”, or “How can I repair my guitar – fast”! To






myBantu (from Bantu or trusted lieutenant in Telugu ), trawls over 2000 search engines on the Web,

myBantu’s leadership team in India from left: Product Strategy

uses its patented algorithm to Manager Raman Suprajarama, C o Founder-C EO Bhaskar Enaganti fine tune the results, filtered by and C o Founder- VP Marketing Bharath Yadla everything it knows about the user through social netw orking preferences and displays the nine most relevant results. “We leverage “Social Intelligence” by understanding the user’s intent and their social profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc… getting opinions from the user’s friends, as well as review s and recommendations from third parties,” explains Bhaskar Enaganti, Co-founder and CEO of myBantu’s parent company, Sunnyvale California (US) -based GloMantra. The free tool w hich is now in private beta and can be downloaded at http://www currently specializes in food & drink, movies, music and online shopping. In addition to this core service, myBantu also acts as a personal assistant who reminds you to make calls and notifies you of an imminent meeting. While the application currently works on PCs, the 35-strong development team in Bangalore is almost ready w ith a version for the iPhone and is also w orking on a myBantu release for all major mobile platforms: Nokia/Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android. The strength and USP of myBantu may lie in the way it seamlessly works with flagship social networking sites: You can create an account and log on directly from Facebook. It harnesses one’s social network data and comes up with some amazing iterations of its ow n: If you are looking for a birthday present for your spouse, it makes suggestions – from Amazon, rediff or ebay, say – but goes the extra mile by bringing up personalized suggestions: presents with the spouse’s name engraved on a piece of jewellery or printed on a T shirt. The founders are hoping to launch a voice-based versions of myBuntu as well. The team already holds six patents in the area of active relevance in search. Keywords: myBantu’s, Raman Suprajarama, Bhaskar Enaganti, Bharath Yadla, search results

BharatMatrimony .Com/JoinFree

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myBantu Press Coverage  
myBantu Press Coverage  

A US Silicon Valley based start-up, co-founded by entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh-origin, has created a myBantu is a free online personal as...