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Nowadays anyone can make easy money online. All you need is legitimate opportunities with a big upside. Any opportunity that yields results will take work. Legitamate opportunities are hard to come by. You won't find them at first when searching. It takes awhile to find true ways that offer a good return on investment which in this is case is Time and Energy. Legit Paid Surveys The first way to make easy money online is paid surveys. There are tons of paid survey websites on the internet. The problem is figuring out which ones are legitimate. Here is a list of legitimate survey companies: Synovate, Lightspeed Panel, Opinion Outpost, Inbox Dollars, and CashCrate. Although surveys are an excellent way to make money, don't expect to get rich off of them. Most paid surveys are under $20. It is good money for the time it usually take to completely fill out the survey which is about 15 minutes. You will get lots of survey offers under $1 which usually arent worth taking. Be sure to be selective about which ones you take in order to get the most for your time. Play Cash Games Playing cash games is a great way to make some easy money. You compete in simple two player games or large scale tournaments with lots at stake. If you are more into individual games you can play casino games online. Below is a list of the best places to play cash games.

Out of all the sites about WorldWinner is the most popular. At Worldwinner you can play virtually any type of game from online pool to chess. Also they offer a wide variety of two player games as well as large tournaments where you can win thousands of dollars. King is another great website where you can play cash games. It is more oriented for international players with lots of different games. Worldwinner specializes mostly in american games so if you aren't american you might like King better than Worldwinner. Paid Game Player is very similar to Worldwinner. Both are owned by the same company. It has a good variety of games which can be played for cash. Signing up is completely free. As soon as you sign up you will able to compete in cash games and make easy money online. PartyPoker is perhaps the most popular gambling website on the internet and it is flooded with low quality poker players. That means the chances of making money are good there if you have a decent amount of experience playing poker. Exodus 3000 is completely different from all the websites about. There you can only play one game, Exodus 3000. It is a fun and addicting game but does not offer the potential for a high return on investment. However, you can hugely increase your earnings by referring new members. That is where the real earning potential on exodus 3000 is. Write Articles You can make easy money online writing articles. The best part of this opportunity is that you don't need any computer programming skills to write your articles. You can use easy to use platforms to publish your articles like website you are on right now: You don't make any more writing articles here. Below is a list of place you can easily publish articles and earn ongoing royalties from.


Hubpages is the most popular website that pays members to write articles. Hubpages one advantage over the rest of the competition is its traffic. Getting articles to rank high in all the major search engines is easy with this platform. Helium is another great place you can get paid to write articles. It is very similar to hubpages. They have easy to use tools that don't require user to know anything about programming. All you have to do is use their article builder to easily put together a high quality article that receives lots of traffic and revenue. Squidoo is another great platform that you can easily use to publish articles and make easy money online. Each article on squidoo is referred to as a lens. Each lens according to quality is ranked on the site. Cracking the top 1000 is difficult but could present huge returns on time if you get a few articles to rank that high. Xomba is a website that pays members for writing articles. You earn revenue from Google and kontera ads that are placed next to your article. Overall traffic is ok. You will get more exposure at the sites listed above. More exposure leads to more income in the long run. Associated Content is the probably the most profitable place to write. There articles often crack the top 10 in Google for high traffic keywords resulting in tons of free traffic. The only drawback is their system. You can't display your whole article on one page if it is over 300 words. That benefits readers because they make more money from more traffic. Anyone can make easy money online at associated content. Conclusion: If you really want to make easy money online you need to work at it. With paid surveys you need to sign up with as many companies as possible. With cash game you need to master one game and milk it for lots of cash. With writing articles you need to write as many articles as possible and make them of high quality. If you want instant money paid surveys are probably the way to go. If you are interested in building long term residual income then you should probably write articles on stuff that interest you. Articles you publish now will be earning you money 5 years down the road if not longer. The more you write, the more residual income you are going to create when you quit. I know of lots of ways to make easy money online. If you are eager for more information you can visit my personal website MyIncomeSpot. It is always updated with fresh opportunities.

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