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The terrible twos is a phrase which every parent is acquainted with. It is a situation when the child acts negatively and behaves badly, like screaming or shouting if he is not allowed to do something. It is what parents face when their child is more than 12 months old and sometimes maybe earlier, too. Parents should ensure necessary steps are undertaken in properly managing the terrible twos situation, particularly new parents who face problems in handling the terrible twos. It is very important for parents that they should try to be gentle with their child. A child completely relies on his parents in respect to his food, clothing, etc., but as he grows up, he starts to do things on his own, trying to get independent. It is when terrible twos situation occur where if a child wants to do something, he is instructed by his parents for not doing it. This is where a child starts misbehaving by shouting and crying loudly. It is best that parents should try to calm themselves rather than getting angry on their child's behavior. It is simply pointless in fighting or arguing with your toddler. It is not their child but his manner and conduct that parents are not please off. Consider their situation properly, and try to make him understand if he is not agreeing on certain thing. If your child wants to do something which is not correct, make him aware about the consequences. If you make your child think that he is naughty, he may react more as children hate being calling as disobedient. Give him examples and give a positive response. Many parents might think that it is best to ignore your child's attitude at that time. But this not correct. Children need plenty of attention in these times, otherwise their behavior will worsen more.

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How to Manage the Terrible Twos  

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