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Aww... The life of a two year old..! So much fun to be around, so playful and spontaneous, but when the time comes to throw a show in public or at home, you better fasten your seatbelt for the ride. As parents, knowing how to deal with terrible twos is sometimes easy task, but the reward you will get as your child learns to handle his /her emotion is priceless. The "terrible twos" represents a significant period of a child's development, where children initially begin to make their own choices. At this age a child starts realizing that she/he does not need to regularly desire what her caregiver wants but alternatively can make up his or her own mind about certain things. No one looks forward to this age and as an early developmental stage it usually starts sometime in the toddler years. Although a large majority of parents do not anticipate the terrible twos to begin until their child is actually two years old, it is important to comprehend that it can start at any point during your child's first year and after. A large majority of parents of worldwide charming two-year-olds can feel and understand the pain of this frustrating period. Certainly, taking care of a two year old child can become extremely demanding and exhausting. Around this age of two, children generally first identify themselves as independent individuals. However, it is crucial to understand that their communication ability is not completely developed yet and they are not cognitively mature enough to accurately distinguish the right from the wrong. The successful key to discipline and to educate at any age, including the terrible twos, is to acknowledge why your toddler's behavior has encountered a change. It is apparent that your baby will not abide the behavioral manifestations generally correlated with the terrible twos upon turning that age. Some parents notice changes in their children's behavior well after and sometimes even before age two. A child who is experiencing the behavioral transformations of the terrible twos is genuinely expressing a higher level awareness of himself and those around him alike. This degree of awareness is much higher than the child may have realized existed previously. Usually, blended with a lack of verbal communication abilities, your child may start become frustrated and begin to express this frustration in actions of defiance, which may arise to be merely selfish behavior.

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How to Deal With Terrible Twos Gradually  

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