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Thanks to the global economic crisis, prices of essential commodities are running northwards and there is no sign of them abating. If this were not enough many persons have lost their fixed time jobs too. Their offices have also been hit by the economic crunch and cannot afford to pay their salaries. This is not enough... there is one more crunch that these poor people have to bear and that is the escalating costs of power. Over the last few years the costs of power per unit has been increasing with predictive regularity. This has hit most energy consumers below the belt... where it really hurts. These people do not know about the free energy generator and hence are suffering silently for the same. These people are suffering for no cause of theirs. It is now summer season and the winter season will see many people managing without turning on their room heaters. In case you too are one such person, you might understand how the harsh cold can cut through your skin and make your skin numb. How dearly you wish that you could turn on the room heater, but the cost of energy is prohibiting you from doing the same. Don't you wish there was a free energy generator that could help you generate power for the heater without costing you a dime? This is just the beginning. Thanks to the depleting amount of fossil fuels and the natural fuel reserves of the world, a day will soon come when the power costs will become so high, that you shall not find it affordable to even turn on a single light and fan. The power companies too are helpless. They have to pay higher costs for the fuel they consume to generate power and this extra amount is realized from none other apart than from you... the consumer. Is this the reflection of the term `the consumer is king'? However, there is no need for you to worry. There is a messiah who will help you to overcome those power woes without inflicting any damage to your bank balance. You can now avail of the services of the free energy generator and enjoy using power as much as you want without worrying about paying inflated power bills. All this is possible with a little bit of help from the free energy generator. You might be muttering that there is nothing free in life and that every action results in an equal and opposite reaction. Energy is required for generating energy is your line of thought. You know well about the solar cells that convert light energy into electric energy. Then there is the wind turbine which converts wind energy to electric energy. These two are not suitable for you. You need a free energy generator that is not reliant on any other source of energy for generating power. This is not a joke but a reality. Many people all over the globe are using this free energy generator to cut down their power bills by approximately 50% and more... what about you?

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