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Cheer Chics Try Out

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Zebra Fabric-ZF01


Additional charge for substituting printed ribbon for solid grosgrain ribbon

New Swatches Prints Lt Pink Thick Zebra Print-PR20

Sparkle Spandex

Sh Pink Thick Zebra Print-PR21

Gold Sparkle Spandex-SS01

Lime Thick Zebra Print-PR22

Red Sparkle Spandex-SS02

Red Thick Zebra Print-PR23

Hot Pink Sparkle Spandex-SS03

Pink Thin Zebra Print-PR24 Green Thin Zebra Print-PR25 Red Thin Zebra Print-PR26 Cn Blue Thin Zebra Print-PR26

Turquoise Sparkle Spandex-SS04 Royal Sparkle Spandex-SS05 Purple Sparkle Spandex-SS06 Teal Sparkle Spandex-SS07

Zebra Fabric-ZF01


Lime Sequin-SQ15

Cheer Chics Bows Catalog July09  

Custom Bows for cheerleaders

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