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‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë«U Lucknow, June 04, 2011


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Lucknow, June 04, 2011




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Á‚≈UË Cause Libre Ratan Mani Lal Lucknow: Like many of those people who have spent a large part of their life in Lucknow, I, too, have grown fond of this city. Whenever I meet people who are visiting this city, I tell them about how great is this city, how it was among those few cities in the entire country that paid a heavy price in terms of loss of human lives and magnificent structures, and how it has remained so far a city famed for its harmony and leisurely life. But over the last few years, I find that my voice lacks the conviction that it used to have earlier. It seems that I myself am not convinced of what I am saying. Surely the city has had a great past. May be there is no other city quite like it in India. But does it still have those famed elements of harmony and manners that gave it worldwide fame? It is still really one of the most liveable towns in India? Today, when the city is known all over India more for its new-age social engineering-driven monuments and a political governance culture which has earned dubious fame for its way of functioning and belligerence that is almost unparalleled in the entire country, I feel that it is time to write another chapter to give Lucknow its newly earned place in contemporary history. It has been rather traditional, bordering on cliché,

to refer to the so-called tehzeeb and manners of Lucknow as being responsible for giving it a unique identity. Over the years, the comparatively peaceful life and leisurely pace of work, too, have been cited as being big plus points in Lucknow's favour. To top it all, an attitude of pehlee aap signifying an attitude of accommodating others and the language used by the people were considered the most unique features of Lucknow and its native people. But how things have changed! Forget the

Lucknow, June 04, 2011


A city not so civil nuances of tehzeeb, tameez, pehlee aap and manners - these died perhaps decades ago. Today what marks Lucknow are some facts which no Lucknowite can refuse to acknowledge but none will have the courage to accept. Sample a few: z The city's suicide rate is on an average three residents ending their lives every day z Almost four persons die on the city's roads in accidents every day z About 1000 or more persons are murdered every year, including many well-known people z Nearly three-fourths of the city's roads are lying dug up for the last six months z There is a major conflict between various civic agencies over responsibilities and duties z Encroachments continue unabated as there is no regulation z Drinking water pollution has reached alarming levels this summer z Growth of slums and urban decay are mush faster than in past three decades z The level of noise pollution in silence zones such as hospitals, courts, schools and cantonment in Lucknow is 56 percent higher than the prescribed standard z Degradation of water, air, land-ecology and public health has caused serious damage to heritage properties z The city's roads can no longer accommodate more vehicles z Almost all class XII-passouts from the city's schools this year would move to another city for further studies. The picture you may get from the above facts is not very bright, isn't it? But neither is the city any brighter. Despite Lucknow being the capital of India's most populous state, its infrastructure and system have failed to keep up with the frenetic growth in its population and economic activity. Theoretically, the city has its elected members of Lok Sabha, state Assembly, numerous wards of the municipal corporation, members of the panchayat in the surrounding villages and any number of paid officers and employees whose duty is to keep the city running properly. A pathetic cpicture Yet, the city today presents a pathetic picture as far its running is concerned. One may ask what is meant by running a city. The answer is: existence and active working of men and machinery to maintain a normal pace of life, movement, economic and social activity. Actually, it is not too much to ask. What it means in actual practice is simply: z Presence of men in uniform at road crossings, major intersections, roadsides, public places, disturbed routes, so that movement of traffic can

be properly guided Proper system for garbage collection and removal on daily basis z Immediate action and follow-up to remove encroachments on roads and public places z Immediate and on-the-spot penalty for rulebreakers -whatever the rule. Not too much to ask As I said, it is not too much to ask. All it takes is probably one or two individuals in the administration and police, who care a little more for their duty and city than their monthly pay-offs for looking the other way. Ideally, all officers and government officers should be like this because our law allows even the most corrupt and inefficient officer/employee to enjoy a life of permanent job and post-retirement benefits, the worst punishment being a transfer. But most officers are so enamoured of their posts that they want to have their cake and eat it too-a government job and that too without any responsibility towards governance. Almost all the residents of Lucknow who I have met in the last one to two years are shocked at the change in the city's culture that had been long in coming but is a shock nevertheless. A serving government officer - despite the barbs he has been facing for being a part of the system that allowed this decline to happen - says that years of inconsequential government job had rendered him useless for anything else and if he had any other qualification he would have quit and started something else. In the absence of any argument to prove him wrong, I intend to believe him. Revelling in anarchy But for one such officer, there are dozens of the other kind, who actually revel in this kind of anarchy, for it gives them a superior sense of power. They have the so-called power to get a few metres of road in their lane to be repaired, the water and power supply in their lane is all right, there is a posse of policemen at their gate, there is a red or blue beacon atop their official car that gives them sufficient clout, and their salary gets safely deposited in their bank account every month. Their regular monthly expenses are taken care of by other sources. So, that is it. It is not merely the politician or his nexus with criminals that is responsible for this sorry state of the city. In larger quotient it is the government employee who has abandoned his duty and allowed things to deteriorate to this extent. The sad part of the story is that members of the so-called civil society in Lucknow that require a notice of probably less than 24 hours to organize a candle-light march in favour of an allegedly secular cause do not think it fit to raise a protest over the state of the streets on which they are walking. Probably civic apathy is not a secular enough cause to be added to a civil society CV. As for the administration and the ruling elite, it is best to allow money to be siphoned off the government system. Larger the number of beneficiaries, lesser the possibilities of protest. # z


Lucknow, June 04, 2011


¬˝ÁÃ÷Ê ∑§Ë •Œ˜÷Èà •Á÷√ÿÁÄà ‹πŸ™§– ∑§„UÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ∑§‹Ê ◊¥ ¬˝ÁÃS¬œÊ¸ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃË ’ÁÀ∑§ ÿ„U ∞∑§ ∞‚Ê ◊Êäÿ◊ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU ¡Ê ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§Ë ¬⁄Uê¬⁄Uʪà ‚¢S∑ΧÁà •ÊÒ⁄U ©U‚◊¥ „UÊ ⁄U„U ’Œ‹Êfl ‚ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê M§’M§ ∑§⁄UflÊÃÊ „ÒU– ∞‚Ê „UË ∑ȧ¿U ŒπŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ê •Á÷√ÿÁÄà ∑§‹Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ◊¥, ¡„UÊ¢ ¬˝Œ‡Ê •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê ∑§ •‹ª-•‹ª Á„US‚Ê¥ ‚ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „ÈU∞ zÆ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ Ÿ ÁøòÊ∑§‹Ê •ÊÒ⁄U »§Ê≈UÊª˝Ê»§Ë mÊ⁄UÊ •¬ŸË •Á÷√ÿÁÄà ¬˝SÃÈà ∑§Ë– ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ‚¢ª ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ÷Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ◊¥ ¡Èª‹’¢ŒË ∑§⁄UÃË¥ ÁŒπÊßZ ŒË¢– ß‚ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ◊¥ ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ •ÊÒ⁄U ¿UÊÿÊ¢∑§Ÿ ŒÊŸÊ¥ Ã⁄U„U ∑§Ë ∑§‹Ê∑ΧÁÃÿÊ¢ ¬˝SÃÈà ∑§Ë ªßZ ÕË¥– ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ÁflœÊ ◊¥ ¡‹, ∞∑˝§Á‹∑§, •ÊÚß‹ •ÊÒ⁄U Á◊Ä‚ ◊ËÁ«Uÿ◊ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÊª Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ¬˝Œ‡Ê •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê ∑§ ÁflÁ÷㟠¡ª„UÊ¥ ∑§ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ß‚ •Œ˜Ô÷Èà ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê Ÿ◊ÍŸÊ Á¬¿U‹ ‚#Ê„U ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ •‹Ëª¢¡ ÁSÕà ‹Á‹Ã ∑§‹Ê •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë (ˇÊòÊËÿ) ◊¥ ŒπŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ê– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿU ‚¢S∑ΧÁà •Ÿ∑§ÃÊ ◊¥ ∞∑§ÃÊ ∑§ SflM§¬ ∑§Ê ¬˝ŒÁ‡Ê¸Ã ∑§⁄UÃË „ÒU– „U⁄U ⁄UÊÖÿ ∑§Ë •¬ŸË •‹ª ’Ê‹Ë, ÷Ê·Ê, fl‡Ê÷Í·Ê, ⁄U„UŸ-‚„UŸ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚¢S∑ΧÁà „ÒU– •Á÷√ÿÁÄà ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ‚¢S∑ΧÁà ∑§Ë ÁflÁflœÃÊ Ÿ¡⁄U •ÊÿË •ÊÒ⁄U ÿ„UË ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ∑§Ë πÊÁ‚ÿà ÷Ë ⁄U„UË– ‡Ê„U⁄UflÊÁ‚ÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ „UË ¿Uà ∑§ ŸËø ß‚ ∑§‹Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ◊¥ ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ∑§ •‹ª-•‹ª ◊Êäÿ◊Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UË ŒπŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ë– ‹πŸ™§ ‚Á„Uà flÊ⁄UÊáÊÊ‚Ë, ÁŒÀ‹Ë, ◊Èê’߸, ◊⁄UΔU, •¡◊⁄U, Á‡Ê◊‹Ê, Á„U‚Ê⁄, •◊ÎÂ⁄U, •„U◊ŒÊ’ÊŒ, ŸÊ∞«UÊU •ÊÁŒ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ∑§ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ Ÿ ÿ„UÊ¢ •¬ŸË ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ Á¡‚ ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ ∑§‹Ê ¬˝Á◊ÿÊ¥ Ÿ „UÊÕÊ¥-„UÊÕ Á‹ÿÊ– flÒ‚ ÃÊ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ◊¥ ‚÷Ë ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ •¬Ÿ •Ê¬ ◊¥ πÊ‚ ÕË¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‚’‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ‡Ê»§Ê‹Ë ÷≈UŸÊª⁄U mÊ⁄UÊ ¡‹ ◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥ ’ŸÊ߸ ªß¸ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§Ê øÊ⁄U’ʪ ⁄U‹fl S≈U‡ÊŸ øÁø¸Ã ⁄U„UË– ¡‹ ⁄¢ª „UÀ∑§ „UÊÃ „Ò¥U ß‚Á‹∞ ߟ∑§Ê ‚¢ÿÊ¡Ÿ •Ê‚ÊŸ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃÊ Á»§⁄U ÷Ë Á¡‚ ’Ê⁄UË∑§Ë ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ‡Ê»§Ê‹Ë Ÿ ¡‹ ⁄¢UªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÊª øÊ⁄U’ʪ ∑§Ë

∞∑§ ◊È‹Ê∑§Êà ◊Ê. ‡Ê⁄UË»§

‹πŸ™§ – •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ÃÊ ∑§ ß‚ ŒÊÒ⁄U ◊¥ ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚„UÊÿÃÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‡ÊÊÿŒ „UË Á∑§‚Ë ∑§ ¬Ê‚ ‚◊ÿ „UÊ– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‚◊Ê¡ ◊¥ ∑ȧ¿U ‹Êª ∞‚ ÷Ë „Ò¥U ¡Ê ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚flÊ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‚◊Á¬¸Ã „Ò¥U •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚ „UË •¬ŸÊ œ◊¸

¬¥Á≈¢Uª ’ŸÊŸ ◊¥ Á∑§ÿÊ „ÒU fl„U ∑§ÊÁ’‹ ÃÊ⁄UË»§ „ÒU– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ∑§⁄U◊¡Ëà Á‚¢„U mÊ⁄UÊ ∞∑˝§Á‹∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥ ’ŸÊÿÊ ªÿÊ „UÊÁÕÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¤ÊÈ¢«U •Ê∑§·¸áÊ ∑§Ê ∑§ãº˝ ⁄U„UÊ– ¬¥Á≈¢Uª ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U «UË Á◊SòÊË mÊ⁄UÊ •Êß‹ ◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥ ’ŸÊÿ ªÿ ‚Íÿ¸ ∑§ ÁflÁ÷㟠M§¬ øÁø¸Ã ⁄U„UË– ÿ„U ¬¥Á≈¢Uª •ÊÚß‹

¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ∑§Ê •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ©U◊‡Ê ‚Ä‚ŸÊ Ÿ ‚ÊŒ ⁄¢UªÊ¥ ‚ ¬˝∑ΧÁà ∑§Ë •ŸÊπË ¿U≈UÊ ∑§Ê ∑Ò§ŸflÊ‚ ¬⁄U Á’π⁄UÊ– ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ÷flŸŒ‹Ê Ÿ⁄U„U⁄UË Ÿ ∞∑˝§Á‹∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥ •Ÿ≈UÊßÁ≈UÀ«U ∑§ ¡Á⁄Uÿ ‚Ê©UÕ ß¢Á«UÿÊ ∑§Ë ‚¢S∑ΧÁà ‚ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¬Á⁄Uøÿ ∑§⁄UflÊŸ ∑§Ë

◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥U ’ŸË ÕË ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚ ŒπŸ ‚ ‹ª ⁄U„UÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ÿ„U œÊªÊ¥ ‚ ’ŸË „UÊ– •¡◊⁄U ∑§ •ŸÈ¬◊ ÷≈UŸÊª⁄U Ÿ •ÊÚß‹ •ÊÒ⁄U ∞∑˝§Á‹∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥ «UÊ¢Á«UÿÊ ŸÎàÿ, ¬¬≈U •ÊÒ⁄U ©Uã„¥U ŸøÊŸ flÊ‹ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ’«∏UË ‚„U¡ÃÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚ÈãŒ⁄UÃÊ ‚ ∑Ò§ŸflÊ‚ ¬⁄U ©UÃÊ⁄UÊ „ÒU– ¬¢¡Ê’ ∑§ ∑ȧ‹fl¢Ã Á‚¢„U Ÿ •ÊÚß‹ ◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥ ¬¢¡Ê’ ∑§Ë ÁSòÊÿÊ¥ ∑§ ⁄U„UŸ‚„UŸ ∑§Ê ∑Ò§ŸflÊ‚ ¬⁄U ©UÃÊ⁄UÊ ÃÊ fl„UË¥ •Á÷√ÿÁÄÃ

∑§ÊÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§ËU– ÿÈflÊ •ÊÁ≈¸US≈Ê¥U ◊¥ ◊ÒŸÊ Ê ’ÊŸÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ πÍ’ ‚⁄UÊ„UË ªß¸– ◊ÒŸÊ¡∏ Ÿ Ç‹Ê’‹ „UÁ⁄U≈U¡ ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ’ŸÊ߸ ÕË Á¡‚◊¥ ∞∑˝§Á‹∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÊª Á∑§ÿÊ– ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ∑§Ê •ÊÒ⁄U •ë¿UÊ SflM§¬ ŒŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ øÊ¢ŒË ∑§Ë ¬⁄UÃÊ¥ ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ Á∑§ÿÊ– ¿UÊÿÊÁøòÊ ◊¥ ÿÈflÊ ¿UÊÿÊ∑§Ê⁄U ∑ȧ‡Ê‹ ∑§¬Í⁄U Ÿ ‹ÊßU≈U ∑§ S¬‡Ê‹ ß»§Ä≈U ∑§ ¡Á⁄Uÿ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ ‚•ÊŒÃ •‹Ë

πÊ¢ ∑§ ◊∑§’⁄U ∑§Ê ’„UÃ⁄U Ã⁄UË∑§ ‚ ∑Ò§◊⁄U ◊¥ ©UÃÊ⁄UÊU– ¿UÊÿÊ¢∑§Ÿ flª¸ ◊¥ ⁄UÁfl ∑§¬Í⁄U, «UÊÄ≈U⁄U ‡ÊÊÁ÷à ∑§¬Í⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U •ÁŸ‹ Á⁄U‚Ê‹ ∑§¬Í⁄U Á‚¢„U ∑§Ë ¿UÊÿÊ¢Á∑§Ã ÁøòÊ ÷Ë øøʸ ◊¥ ⁄U„U– ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ‚¢ª ‹ªË ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ‚ ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U πÊ‚ ©Uà‚ÊÁ„Uà Õ– ©UŸ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ÿ„U ©UŸ∑§ Á‹∞ ’«∏UÊ ◊ÊÒ∑§Ê „ÒU Á∑§ fl„U ÷Ë ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ •¬ŸË ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ÷Ë ‡Êÿ⁄U ∑§⁄U ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ‚ÊŸË fl◊ʸ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ∞Ä¡ËÁ’‡ÊŸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ •¬Ÿ •Ê¬ ◊¥ •ë¿UÊ •ŸÈ÷fl „UÊÃÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ‚ÊÕ „UË ∑§Ê»§Ë ∑ȧ¿U ‚ËπŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹ÃÊ „ÒU– ¡Ò‚ Á◊Ä‚ ◊ËÁ«Uÿ◊ ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ◊¢ Á∑§ÃŸ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ‚ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU ÿÊ ÃÒ‹, ¡‹ •ÊÒ⁄U ∞∑˝§Á‹∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊Ê¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ◊¥ ∑Ò§‚ •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿÿ ¬˝ÿÊª ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U? fl„UË¥ ≈˛UÊßfl‹ ¬⁄U fl∑¸§ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„UË¥ ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U Á‡ÊπÊ •Ê¤ÊÊ ∑§„UÃË „Ò¥U Á∑§ ß‚ Ã⁄U„U ∑§Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ÁŸÿÊ¢ „UÊÃË ⁄U„UŸË øÊÁ„U∞ Á¡‚‚ ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑§ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§Ê ‚◊¤Ê ‚∑¥§– ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ’ÃÊÿ ªÿ πÊÁ◊ÿÊ¢ •ÊÒ⁄U Á≈Uå‚ ŒÊŸÊ¥ „UË ©UŸ∑§ Á‹∞ ◊„Uàfl¬Íáʸ „UÊÃ „Ò¥U– ∑§‹Ê ¬˝Á◊ÿÊ¥ Ÿ ÷Ë ∞‚Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ¬⁄U πȇÊË √ÿÄà ∑§⁄UÃ „ÈU∞ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ∞‚Ë ¬˝Œ‡ÊÁŸ¸ÿÊ¢ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê ‹ÊªÊ¥ ‚ ¡Ê«∏UŸ ∑§Ê •ë¿UÊ ◊Êäÿ◊ „UÊÃË „Ò¥U– fl„UË¥§ ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ÷Ë ß‚ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ‚ ∑§Ê»§Ë πÈ‡Ê Ÿ¡⁄U •Êÿ– ß‚ ∑§‹Ê ∑§ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ∑§ •fl‚⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ©U◊‡Ê ‚Ä‚ŸÊ Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ¬˝◊Èπ „ÒU ¬˝ÁÃS¬œÊ¸ Ÿ„UË¥– Á¡ÃŸ ÷Ë ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¬¥Á≈¢UÇ‚ ÿ„UÊ¢ ¬˝ŒÁ‡Ê¸Ã „ÈU߸ „ÒU fl„U ‚’ SÕÊÁ¬àÿ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U „Ò¥U– ß‚ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸ŸË ∑§Ê ©UŒ˜ÔŒ‡ÿ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ „UË ¿Uà ∑§ ŸËø Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë •‹ª-•‹ª ‚¢S∑ΧÁÃÿÊ¥ ‚ ◊È‹Ê∑§Êà fl ‚ËÁŸÿ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑§ ∑§Êÿ¸ ‚ ¬Á⁄UÁøà ∑§⁄UflÊŸÊ ÷Ë „ÒU–

œ◊¸ •ÊÒ⁄U ¡ÊÁà ‚ ’…∏U ∑§⁄U „ÒU ‚◊Ê¡ ‚flÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ∑§◊¸ ◊ÊŸÃ „Ò¥U– ©UŸ∑§ Á‹∞ ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚flÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¡ãŸÃ ◊¥ ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ‚’‚ ◊È»§ËŒ ⁄UÊSÃÊ „ÒU– ∞‚ „UË ∞∑§ ‡ÊÅ‚ „Ò¥U ¡Ê ¬‡Ê ‚ ÃÊ ‚ÊßÁ∑§‹ ◊∑§ÁŸ∑§ „Ò¥U ‹Á∑§Ÿ fl„U ’‚„UÊ⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ê ‚„UÊ⁄UÊ ’ŸŸ ‚ ÷Ë Ÿ„UË¥ øÍ∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ßÃŸÊ „UË Ÿ„UË¥ fl„U ©UŸ ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê •¢ÁÃ◊ ‚¢S∑§Ê⁄U ÷Ë ∑§⁄UflÊÃ „Ò¥U ¡Ê ‹ÊflÊÁ⁄U‚ „UÊÃË „Ò¥U– „UÊ‹ „UË ◊¥ ªÊÚ«U»˝§ Á»§Á‹å‚ ’„UÊŒÈ⁄UË ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄U ‚ ŸflÊ¡ ¡Ê øÈ∑§ ÿ„U ‡ÊÅ‚ „Ò¥U »Ò§¡Ê’ÊŒ ∑§ |Æ fl·Ë¸ÿ ◊Ê„Uê◊Œ ‡Ê⁄UË»§– ◊Ê„Uê◊Œ ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑§⁄UË’ wÆ ‚Ê‹Ê¥ ‚ ‹ÊflÊÁ⁄U‚ ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê •¢ÁÃ◊ ‚¢S∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UflÊ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§ ¬˝Áà ÿ„U ¡Ö’Ê ∑Ò§‚ ¬ÒŒÊ „ÈU•Ê? ß‚ ¬⁄U ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ŒÈπ ∑§Ê ◊◊¸ fl„UË ¡ÊŸÃÊ „ÒU ¡Ê ©U‚ ŒÈπ ‚ ªÈ¡⁄UÊ „UÊ– ∞‚Ê „UË ∑ȧ¿U ©UŸ∑ U ‚ÊÕ ÷Ë „ÈU•Ê– “◊⁄UÊ (ww) ∑§Ê ¡flÊŸ ’≈UÊ ¡Ê «UÊÄ≈U⁄UË ¬…∏U ⁄U„UÊ ÕÊ, ∞∑§ ÁŒŸ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ê◊ ‚ ‚ÈÀÃÊŸ¬È⁄U ªÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ÉÊ⁄U Ÿ„UË¥ ‹ÊÒ≈UÊ– ∑§⁄UË’ ∞∑§ ◊„UËŸ ’ÊŒ ¡’ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ©U‚∑§ ∑§¬«∏U ∑§Ê ‹∑§⁄U ÉÊ⁄U ¬⁄U Á‡ÊŸÊÅà ∑§⁄UŸ ¬„È¢UøË ÃÊ ¬ÃÊ ø‹Ê Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ ©U‚ ◊Ê⁄U∑§⁄U ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ’¢Œ ∑§⁄U∑§ »¥§∑§ ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ–” L¢§œ ª‹ ‚ ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑§„UÃ „UÒ¥ ∑§ß¸ ◊„UËŸ Ã∑§ fl ¬Êª‹Ê¥ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„U ÉÊÍ◊Ã ⁄U„U – Á»§⁄U ΔUÊŸÊ Á∑§ •’ ∑§Ê߸ ÷Ë ªÈ◊ŸÊ◊Ë ∑§Ë ◊ÊÒà Ÿ„UË¥ ◊⁄UªÊ– •’ Ã∑§ ∑§⁄UË’ vÆÆÆ Á„UãŒÍ •ÊÒ⁄U zÆÆ ◊È‚‹◊ÊŸÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê •¢ÁÃ◊ ‚¢S∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UflÊ øÈ∑§ ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U ©UŸ∑§U ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ◊¥ ∑§Ê߸ ÷Ë ß‚ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§Ê ¬‚㌠Ÿ„UË¥

∑§⁄UÃÊ „ÒU– “∑§ß¸ ‹Êª ÃÊ ∞‚ ÷Ë „Ò¥U ¡Ê Á„UãŒÈ•Ê¥ ∑§Ë ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê •¢ÁÃ◊ ‚¢S∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ¬⁄U ◊È¤Ê ¬⁄U ÷«∏U∑§Ã „Ò¥U–” ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∑ȧ¿U ∞‚ ÷Ë ‹Êª „Ò¥U ¡Ê Á„UãŒÍ, ◊ÈÁS‹◊ ◊¥ Á’ŸÊ ÷Œ Á∑§ÿ ◊ÊŸflÃÊ ∑§Ë ‚flÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑§ ß‚ ¡Ö’ ∑§Ê ‚‹Ê◊ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U •ÊÒ⁄U ‹ÊflÊÁ⁄U‚ ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§ ‚¢S∑§Ê⁄U ◊¥ ߟ∑§Ë ¬Í⁄UË ◊ŒŒ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U– •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ◊ŒŒ ∑§ ’Ê’Ã ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ⁄U◊¡ÊŸ ∑§ ‚◊ÿ ‚ „UË fl ‹ÊflÊÁ⁄U‚ ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§ •¢ÁÃ◊ ‚¢S∑§Ê⁄U ∑§ Á‹∞ ø¢ŒÊ ¡◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ‹ªÃ „Ò¥U– ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ©UŸ∑§U ∑§Ê◊ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ¬ÃÊ „ÒU ß‚Á‹∞ fl„U ÷Ë øãŒÊ ¡◊Ê ∑§⁄UflÊŸ ◊¥ ©UŸ∑§Ë ◊ŒŒ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U– ß‚∑§ ‚ÊÕ „UË »§Ò¡Ê’ÊŒ •ÊÒ⁄U •ÿÊäÿÊ ◊¥ ©UŸ∑§U øÊ⁄U ΔU‹ „Ò¥U Á¡‚‚ fl ◊⁄UË¡Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ‹ÊflÊÁ⁄‚ ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê ª¢Ã√ÿ SÕÊŸ Ã∑§ ¬„È¢UøÊÃ „Ò¥U¢ – •Êª ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ “ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ◊Ò¥Ÿ ¬Í⁄U »Ò§¡Ê’ÊŒ ◊¥ wz ∞‚ ’Ê«¸U ‹ªflÊÿ „Ò¥U Á¡‚∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ ∑§Ê߸ ÷Ë ‹ÊflÊÁ⁄U‚ ‹Ê‡ÊÊ¥ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ◊ȤÊ ‚ÍÁøà ∑§⁄U ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– ß‚ ∑§Ê◊ ◊¥ ∑ȧ¿U ‹Êª ◊⁄UË ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„U ◊ŒŒ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U Á¡‚∑§ Á‹∞ ◊Ò¥ ©UŸ∑§Ê ‡ÊÈ∑˝§ªÈ¡Ê⁄U „Í¢U–” ßÃŸÊ „UË Ÿ„UË¥, fl •S¬ÃÊ‹Ê¥ ◊¥ ©UŸ ’‚„UÊ⁄UÊ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ë ÃË◊Ê⁄UŒÊ⁄UË ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U Á¡Ÿ∑§ •Êª-¬Ë¿U ∑§Ê߸ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU ÿÊ Á¡Ÿ∑§ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ∑§ ¬Ê‚ ß‹Ê¡ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬Ò‚ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃ– ¬Í¿Ÿ U¬⁄UU Á∑§ fl •S¬ÃÊ‹ ∑§ •ãÿ S≈UÊ»§ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„U ◊⁄UË¡Ê¥ ∑§Ë ‚flÊ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U, ß‚ ¬⁄U ©UŸ∑§Ê ¡flÊ’ „ÒU Á∑§ “◊Ò¥ ÃÊ Á‚»¸§ •¬ŸÊ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Í¢U Á¡‚‚

•S¬ÃÊ‹ ∑§ S≈UÊ»§Ê¥ ∑§Ë ◊ŒŒ ÷Ë „UÊ ¡ÊÃË „ÒU–” ÁŒŸøÿʸ ∑§Ë ’Ê’Ã ‡Ê⁄UË»§ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊU Á∑§ fl„U ⁄UÊ¡ÊŸÊ ¬Ê¢ø ’¡ ©UΔU∑§⁄U Ÿª⁄U •S¬ÃÊ‹ ¬„È¢Uø∑§⁄UU ◊⁄UË¡Ê¥ ∑§Ê Ÿ„U‹ÊÃ§„Ò¥U •ÊÒ⁄U ©Uã„¥U ŸÊ‡ÃÊ fl ŒflÊßÿÊ¢ ŒÃ „Ò¥– ß‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ∑§⁄UË’ } ÉÊ¢≈ ŒÈ∑§ÊŸ ¬⁄U ⁄U„UÃ „Ò¥U– ‡ÊÊ◊ z ’¡ ‚ Á»§⁄U •S¬ÃÊ‹ ∑§Ê L§π ∑§⁄UÃ „ÒU¢ – ⁄UÊà vv ’¡ Ã∑§ ÃË◊Ê⁄UŒÊ⁄UË ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ÉÊ⁄U ‹ÊÒ≈UÃ „Ò¥U– •’ Ã∑§ Á∑§ÃŸ •flÊ«¸U Á◊‹ øÈ∑§ „Ò¥U ‚flÊ ∑§Êÿ¸ ∑§ Á‹∞? ß‚ ¬⁄U ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ •flÊ«U¸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‚◊Ê¡ ‚flÊ ∑§Ê◊ Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§⁄UÃÊ– ’ÁÀ∑§ ◊Ò¥ •¬ŸË ‚¢ÃÈÁCÔU ∑§ Á‹∞ ÿ„U ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Í¢U– ÿÁŒ ◊Ò¥ ’Ë◊Ê⁄U „UÊÃÊ „Í¢U Ã’ èÊË •S¬ÃÊ‹ ¡Ê∑§⁄U ◊⁄UË¡Ê¥ ∑§Ê „UÊ‹øÊ‹ ‹ÃÊ „Í¢U– •Êª ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ªÊÚ«U»˝§ Á»§Á‹å‚ ’„UÊŒÈ⁄UË ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄U ©UŸ∑§Ê ¬„U‹Ê •flÊ«¸U „Ò– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ‚ ◊ŒŒ ∑§⁄UÃË „ÒU? ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑ȧ¿U ŸÊ⁄UÊ¡ªË ‚ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ “•Ê¡ Ã∑§ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ Á∑§‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ∑§Ë ◊ŒŒ Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§ËU– ¬˝Êà‚Ê„UŸ SflM§¬ ∞∑§ ‚◊Ê⁄UÊ„U ◊¥ ∑§fl‹ ‡ÊÊÚ‹ ÷¥≈U ∑§⁄U∑§ ÃÊÁ‹ÿÊ¢ ’¡flÊ∑§⁄U πʟʬÍÁø ∑§⁄U ŒË–” Á¡ãŒªË ∑§ |Æ ’⁄U‚ Œπ øÈ∑§ ◊Ê„Uê◊Œ ‡Ê⁄UË»§ ∑§Ê „UÊÒ‚‹Ê •÷Ë ÷Ë ’ȋ㌠„Ò¥U– ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U øÊ„U ©UŸ∑§Ê ‚„UÿÊª ∑§⁄U Ÿ ∑§⁄U fl ◊⁄UÃ Œ◊ Ã∑§ ÿ„U ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UÃ ⁄U„U¢ª– U ‡ÊÊÁ‹ŸË ¬Ê¢á«Uÿ

Á‚≈UË Áfl‡Ê·

Lucknow, June 04, 2011


’Ê‹ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ -•èÿÊ‚ ∑§Ê ◊„àfl ‹πŸ™§– ß‚ ‹π◊Ê‹Ê ∑‘§ Á¬¿‹ •¥∑§Ù¢ ◊¥ ’Ê‹ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑‘§ flÊSÃÁfl∑§ ©g‡ÿ ∞fl¥ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ•Ù¥ ◊¥ ÁflSÃÊ⁄U¬flÍ ∑¸ § Á‹πÊ ¡Ê øÈ∑§Ê „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ „Ë flø◊ÊŸ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ ’Ê‹ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑§Ë Œ‡ÊÊ •ı⁄U ÁŒ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ •ÊÿË ÁflŒ˜M§¬ÃÊ ¬⁄U ÷Ë ÁøãÃÊ √ÿÄà ∑§Ë ªÿË „Ò– ’Ê‹ ⁄Uª¥ ◊¥ø ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑§Ê ∑§Êÿ¸ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ ⁄Uª¥ ∑§Á◊¸ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚ÈÁflœÊ •ı⁄U ©ã„¥ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑‘§ ’ÈÁŸÿÊŒË ◊„àfl ∑§Ê ∞„‚Ê‚ ∑§⁄UÊŸ „ÃÈ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑‘§ •Ÿ∑§ ø⁄UáÊÙ¥ •ı⁄U •ÊÿÊ◊Ù¥ ∑§Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ŒË ªÿË „Ò Á¡‚∑§Ù ‚Ê⁄U M§¬ ◊¥ ß‚ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§„Ê ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò““ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ’ëøÙ¥ ∑‘§ ªÈáÊÊà◊∑§ √ÿÁQ§àfl Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§Ê •àÿãà ⁄UÙø∑§, ŸÒ‚Áª¸∑§ •ı⁄U ◊ŸÙflÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§ ‚ΡŸÊà◊∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ „Ò–”” ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ◊¥ ’Ê‹ √ÿÁQ§àfl ∑‘§ y •ÊÿÊ◊Ù¥ ¬⁄U ‚¥flŒ Ÿ‡ÊË‹ ⁄UøŸÊà◊∑§ ∑§Ê◊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ÿ •ÊÿÊ◊ „Ò-¥ flÊáÊË, ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U, ◊ÁSÃc∑§ •ı⁄U ◊Ÿ– ߟ ‚’∑§Ù SflSÕ •ı⁄U ‚¥flŒ Ÿ‡ÊË‹ ’ŸÊ∑§⁄U •Á÷√ÿÁQ§¬⁄U∑§ •flSÕÊ ◊¥ ‹ÊŸÊ „Ë ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑§Êÿ¸∑§˝ ◊ ∑§Ê äÿÿ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ¬˝‡Ÿ ÿ„ ©ΔÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚ flÊ¥Á¿Ã ¬Á⁄UáÊÊ◊ Ã∑§ ¬„Èø ¥Ú Ÿ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ flÊáÊË, ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U, ◊ÁSÃc∑§ •ı⁄U ◊Ÿ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑Ò§‚ •èÿÊ‚ ’Ê‹∑§Ù¥ ‚ ∑§⁄UÊÿ ¡Êÿ–¥ ¬˝Êÿ— ÿ„ ŒπŸ ◊¥ •ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ ’ëøÙ¥ ‚ ÷Ë flÒ‚ „Ë ¡Á≈U‹, üÊ◊‚Êäÿ •ı⁄U ‹ê’ •èÿÊ‚ ∑§⁄UÊÃ „Ò¥ ¡Ò‚ ¬˝ı…∏ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊÊÁÕ¸ÿÙ¥ ‚ ∑§⁄UÊÿ ¡ÊÃ „Ò–¥ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ÿ •äÿÿŸ •ŸÊfl‡ÿ∑§ •ı⁄U „ÊÁŸ∑§Ê⁄U∑§ ÷Ë „ÙÃ „Ò–¥ ∑§Ù߸ ¡M§⁄UË Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò Á∑§ flÊáÊË ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U, ◊Ÿ •ı⁄U ◊ÁSÃc∑§ ∑§Ù •Á÷√ÿÁÄì⁄U∑§ ’ŸÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¡Ù •èÿÊ‚ ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ’ŸË „Ò¥ fl„ ’ëøÙ¥ ¬⁄U ÷Ë ‹ÊªÍ ∑§Ë ¡Êÿ–¥ ©Ÿ◊¥ ‚ Ÿé’ ¬˝ÁÇÊà •èÿÊ‚ ’ëøÙ¥ ‚ ∑§Ã߸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UÊÿ ¡ÊŸ øÊÁ„∞– ’ëøÙ¥ ∑§Ê flÊáÊË-ÃãòÊ •ı⁄U ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ ‚¥⁄UøŸÊ ’„Èà ∑§Ù◊‹, ‹øË‹Ë •ı⁄U ‚¥flŒ Ÿ‡ÊË‹ „ÙÃË „Ò– ’„Èà ‚Ê⁄U •èÿÊ‚ ÃÙ ‹øË‹¬Ÿ •ı⁄U ‚¥flŒ Ÿ‡ÊË‹ÃÊ ∑§Ù Áfl∑§Á‚à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÁŸœÊ¸Á⁄Uà „Ò–¥ ÿ„ ‹øˋʬŸ •ı⁄U ‚¥flŒ Ÿ‡ÊË‹ÃÊ ‡Êج˝ÁÇÊà ’ëøÙ¥ ◊¥ SflÊ÷ÊÁfl∑§ M§¬ ‚ ¬ÊÿË ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ß‚ ÁSÕÁà ◊¥ ÿ •èÿÊ‚ ’ëøÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÁŸ⁄UÕ∑¸ § •ı⁄U ’Ù¤Ê SflM§¬ „Ù ¡ÊÃ „Ò–¥ ߟ •èÿÊ‚Ù¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ⁄UÙø∑§ Ÿ „Ù∑§⁄U ’ÙÁ¤Ê‹ „Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ’ëøÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚¥Œ÷¸ ◊¥ ∑‘§fl‹ ÿ„Ë ŒπÊ ¡ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑§Ê ∑§áΔ πÈ‹Ê „È•Ê „Ò Á∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥– ’ëøÊ¥ ∑§ ’Ù‹Ã ‚◊ÿ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U •¬ŸË ¡Ë÷, ¡’«∏U, „Ù¥Δ •ÊÁŒ ∑§Ù •ŸÈ∑§Í‹ ªÁà •ı⁄U •Ê∑§Ê⁄U ŒÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥– ©‚∑‘§ ’Ù‹Ÿ ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ •Ê‹Sÿ ÿÊ ‹Ê¬⁄UflÊ„Ë ÃÙ Ÿ„Ë¥ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃË– •ª⁄U ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃË „Ò ÃÙ Á∑§Ÿ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ÿÊ ÷ıÁÃ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊÙ¥ ‚ ∞‚Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ÄUÿÊ ©‚∑‘§ ÉÊ⁄U ÿÊ S∑§Í‹ ◊¥ ß‚ ’Êà ¬⁄U ¬Í⁄UÊ äÿÊŸ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò? ’ëø ¬⁄U •Ÿ¡ÊŸ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ÁŸ∑§≈U ∑‘§ Á∑§‚Ë √ÿÁÄà ∑§Ë ª‹Ã •ÊŒÃÙ¥ ∑§Ê •‚⁄U ÷Ë ¬«∏ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ •ı⁄U ’Ù‹Ÿ ∑‘§ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ •ÄU‚⁄U ∞‚Ê ŒπÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ©Ÿ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ◊ŸÙflÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§ ∑§È‡Ê‹ÃÊ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ¬ÃÊ ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U •ı⁄U ÃŒŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ’ëø ∑§Ù ‚ÈœÊ⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬˝Á ⁄Uà ∑§⁄UŸÊ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ „Ò– Sfl⁄U ÿ¥òÊ •ı⁄U ¡Ë÷ •ÊÁŒ ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁÃ-ªÁà ◊¥ ∑§÷Ë-∑§÷Ë ¡ã◊¡Êà ŒÙ· ÷Ë „ÙÃÊ „Ò– Sfl⁄Uÿò¥ Ê ∑§Ê ’Úœ¥ Ê-’Úœ¥ Ê ‚Ê „ÙŸÊ, ‹øˋʬŸ Ÿ „ÙŸÊ, ¡Ë÷ ∑§Ê •ª‹Ê Á„S‚Ê ¿Ù≈UÊ „ÙŸÊ, „ÙΔÙ¥ ∑§Ê •Ê¬‚ ◊¥ Ÿ Á◊‹ ¬ÊŸÊ, ŒÊ¢ÃÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’ŸÊfl≈U ∑§Ê ΔË∑§ Ÿ „ÙŸÊ ßàÿÊÁŒ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊÙ¥ ‚ ’ëøÙ¥ ∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ Sfl⁄U ©à¬ÁûÊ •ı⁄U ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ◊¥ Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ Á∑§‚Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ¬ÊÿË ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ߟ◊¥ •Áœ∑§Ã⁄U ŒÙ·Ù¥ ∑§Ù ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ëÿ ¬⁄UÊ◊‡Ê¸ ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ „ÙÃË „Ò– ÿ„Ë ’Êà ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ ŒÙ·Ù¥ ¬⁄U ÷Ë ‹ÊªÍ „ÙÃË „Ò– ©Áøà …¥ª ©ΔŸ-’ÒΔŸ, ø‹Ÿ •ı⁄U π«∏ ⁄U„Ÿ ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ŒÙ· „ÙÃ „Ò–¥ ß‚◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ’ëø ∑§Ë ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ ’ŸÊfl≈U ∑§Ê „ÊÕ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ∞‚Ë ÁSÕÁà ◊¥ ÷Ë ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ëÿ ¬⁄UÊ◊‡Ê¸ ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ ¬«∏ ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ∑§È‹ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§ ∑§Ù ÿ„ ŒπŸÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ’ëø ∑‘§ flÊáÊË ‚ê’ãœË •ı⁄U ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ‚ê’ãœË ŒÙ·Ù¥ ◊¥ ∑§ıŸ-‚Ê ÷ıÁÃ∑§ „Ò •ı⁄U ∑§ıŸ-‚Ê ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ (Sfl÷Êfl •ı⁄U •ÊŒÃ

‚ê’ãœË)– Sfl÷Êfl ‚ê’ãœË ŒÙ·Ù¥ ∑§Ù ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ’ëø •ı⁄U ©‚∑‘§ •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¡ÊªL§∑§ •ı⁄U ¬˝Á ⁄Uà Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©¬ÿÈQ§ •ı⁄U ‚⁄U‹ •èÿÊ‚ ’ÃÊÿ ¡ÊŸ øÊÁ„∞, Á¡Ÿ∑§Ù ’ëø •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë Œπ⁄Uπ  ◊¥ ÿÊ Sflÿ¥ ÷Ë ‹ê’ ‚◊ÿ Ã∑§ ¬Í⁄UË M§Áø ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ¡Ê⁄UË ⁄Uπ ‚∑‘§–¥ ¬˝Êÿ— ÿ„ ÷Ë ŒπŸ ◊¥ •ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ „◊Ê⁄U ª˝Ê◊ËáÊ •¥ø‹Ù¥, ∑§S’Ê߸ •¥ø‹Ù¥ ÿÊ ∑§÷Ë-∑§÷Ë ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ S∑§Í‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ’ëøÙ¥ ∑§Ù Sfl⁄U •ı⁄U √ÿ¥¡ŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ’«∏ ŒÙ·¬Íáʸ Ã⁄UË∑‘§ ‚ ∑§áΔSÕ ∑§⁄UÊ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ’ø¬Ÿ ◊¥ ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ⁄U≈UË „È߸ ª‹ÃË ∑§Ê •Êª ∑‘§ ¡ËflŸ ◊¥ „≈U ¬ÊŸÊ ’«∏Ê ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– • •ı⁄U •Ê, ß •ı⁄U ߸, © •ı⁄U ™§ ∑§Ê •‹ª-•‹ª ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§Ê ’ÃÊ∑§⁄U ¿Ù≈UÊ •, ’«∏Ê •Ê/¿Ù≈UË ß ’«∏Ë ß¸/¿Ù≈UÊ © ’«∏Ê ™§ ∑§„∑§⁄U ÿÊŒ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„Ë Œ‡ÊÊ √ÿ¥¡ŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÷Ë „Ò– ∑§-π-ª ∑§Ê ‡ÊÈh ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ Ÿ ’ÃÊ∑§⁄U ∑§Ê-πÊ-ªÊ-ÉÊÊ-•¥ªÊ ’Ù‹∑§⁄U

¡Ò‚ ’Ê¥Ç‹Ê ÷Ê·Ê ◊¥ ‡Ê ÿÊ · „Ë ’Ù‹Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ©‚◊¥ ‚ fl·¸ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– ©ûÊ⁄UÊπá« ∑§Ë ∑§È◊Ê™§¢ ∑§Ë ’Ù‹Ë ◊¥ ÷Ë ··-‚ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ’«∏Ê ⁄UÙø∑§ Ãâÿ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ ’Ù‹Ë ◊¥ ÃËŸÙ¥ fláʸ „Ò¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ©Ÿ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª •ÁŸÁpà „Ò– ∑§’ ‡Ê ∑§Ë ¡ª„ · ÿÊ ‚ ’Ù‹ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÿªÊ ÿÊ ∑§’ ‚ ∑§Ë ¡ª„ ‡Ê ÿÊ · ’Ù‹ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÿªÊ, ÿ„ ‚ŒÊ •ÁŸÁpà ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– ∞∑§ „Ë äflÁŸ ∞∑§ •ˇÊ⁄U ∑§Ù Á÷ÛÊ- Á÷ÛÊ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ •‹ª-•‹ª ©ëøÊÁ⁄Uà ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ‹ª÷ª Ÿé’ ¬˝ÁÇÊà ÿ„ ŒπŸ ◊¥ •ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ‹Ùª ‚ ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ‡Ê ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò–¥ ‡Ê ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ‚ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ’„Èà ∑§◊ ŒπŸ ∑§Ù Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„ „ÊSÿÊS¬Œ Ã’ „ÙÃË „Ò ¡’ Á„ãŒË ÷Ê·Ê ‚ FÊÃ∑§ÙûÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿ „È∞ ÕÊ ÿÊ Á„ãŒË÷Ê·Ê/‚ÊÁ„àÿ ∑‘§ Á∑§‚Ë ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ‡ÊÙœ Á∑§ÿ „È∞ ÁflmÊŸ˜ ∑§È◊Ê™§ÚŸ¥ Ë Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§ªáÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ∞‚Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ŒÙ· ¬ÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ◊Ò¥ Sflÿ¥ ∑§È◊Ê™§¢ŸË „Í–¢ S∑§Í‹ ‚ Á◊‹ ß‚ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ŒÙ· ‚ fl·ÙZ Ã∑§ ª˝Sà ⁄U„Ê– ÷Ê⁄UÃã ŒÈ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ◊¥

⁄U≈UÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ∑§„Ë¥-∑§„Ë¥ ∑Ò§ πÒ ªÒ ÉÊÒ •¥ªÒ ⁄U≈UÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„Ë ’«∏Ë „Ë Áfl«ê’ŸÊ◊ÿ ÁSÕÁà „Ò– ŒflŸÊª⁄UË Á‹Á¬ ∑‘§ √ÿ¥¡ŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚’‚ •Áœ∑§ ŒÙ· ‡Ê·-‚ ∑‘§ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ◊¥ ¬ÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ¡’Á∑§ Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ∑§ûʸ√ÿ „Ò Á∑§ fl ߟ ÃËŸ •ˇÊ⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§Ë Áfl‡Ê·ÃÊ ∑§Ù ÷‹Ë÷Ê¢Áà ‚◊¤ÊÊ∑§⁄U „Ë ∑§áΔSÕ ∑§⁄UÊÿ–¥ ‡Ê ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ÃÊ‹√ÿ „Ò– ‹Á‹Ã Á‚¥„ · ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ◊͜㸠ÿ „Ò •ı⁄U ‚ ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ Œãàÿ „Ò– ÿ ÃËŸÙ¥ ŸÊ◊ ߟ∑‘§ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ◊¥ ¡Ë÷ ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà ∑‘§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ÁŒÿ ªÿ „Ò–¥ Á„ãŒË √ÿ¥¡ŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ø, ¿, ¡, ¤Ê, •ı⁄U ‡Ê ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ¡Ë÷ ∑§Ê S¬‡Ê¸ ÃÊ‹È ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ‚ ∑§⁄UÊ∑§⁄U „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ≈U, Δ, «, …, áÊ •ı⁄U · ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ „ÃÈ ¡Ë÷ ∑§Ù ÃÊ‹√ÿ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§Ë •¬ˇÊÊ •ı⁄U •Áœ∑§ ◊Ù«∏Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚Á‹∞ ß‚ ◊͜ʸ ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ∑§Ê (◊͜㸠ÿ) ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§„Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ‚ ∑§Ê ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ŒÙŸÙ¥ Œ¥Ã ¬¥ÁÄÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù •Ê¬‚ ◊¥ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚Á‹∞ ß‚ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§Ù Œãàÿ ∑§„Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ‹Ê¬⁄UflÊ„Ë ÿÊ •ôÊÊŸÃÊfl‡Ê „¡Ê⁄UÙ¥ ‹ÊπÙ¥ ’ëø ª‹Ã ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ⁄U≈U ‹Ã „Ò–¥ fl ‡Ê-·-‚ ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ÷Œ Ÿ ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞ ‚’∑§Ù ‡Ê ’Ù‹Ã „Ò¥ ÿÊ ‚ ’Ù‹Ã „Ò–¥ ß‚ ŒÙ· ‚ ’ëø ∑§Ù ◊ÈÄà ∑§⁄U ¬ÊŸÊ ’«∏Ê „Ë ∑§ÁΔŸ „Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÷Ê⁄UÃfl·¸ ∑‘§ ∑§È¿ ¬˝Œ‡ ÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ÁŸ¡Ë ÷Ê·Ê ÿÊ ’Ù‹Ë ∑‘§ ¬˝÷Êfl ◊¥ ÷Ë ‡Ê-·-‚ ∑‘§ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ◊¥ ŒÙ· ¬ÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò–

ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ∑§‹Ê ∑‘§ FÊÃ∑§ •äÿÿŸ ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ù¥‚„¬ÊÁΔÿÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •Ÿ∑§Ù¥ ’Ê⁄U ◊⁄U ß‚ ŒÙ· ¬⁄U äÿÊŸ ÁŒ‹ÊÿÊ ªÿÊ– ©‚ ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚Ê◊-ŒÊ◊-Œá« ÷Œ ∑§Ë ŸËÁà ÷Ë ‚„¬ÊÁΔÿÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •¬ŸÊÿË ªÿË– Ã’ ¡Ê∑§⁄U ∑§È¿ fl·Ù¥¸ ’ÊŒ ß‚ ŒÙ· ‚ ¿È≈U∑§Ê⁄UÊ Á◊‹Ê– ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ÃÙ •÷Ë ÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§„Ê ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ’Êà ◊È„¢ ‚ ’Ê„⁄U ÁŸ∑§‹Ÿ ‚ ¬„‹ ÁŒ◊ʪ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ¬ÙπÁ⁄UÿÊ ‚øà ¡M§⁄U ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ª‹ÃË „ÙÃ-„ÙÃ L§∑§ ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ‡Ê •ı⁄U ‚ ∑‘§ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ◊¥ ß‚ ÉÊÊ‹◊‹ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ÷Ê⁄UÃã ŒÈ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ‚ ¡È«∏ ◊⁄U ŒÙ ’«∏ πÊ‚ •ŸÈ÷fl „Ò¥ Á¡Ÿ∑§Ê ÿ„ÊÚ¥ ‚ãŒ÷¸ ‹Ÿ ∑§Ê ‹Ù÷ ‚¥fl⁄UáÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U ¬Ê ⁄U„Ê „Í–¥Ú ß‚ ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§Ë •‡ÊÈÁh ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ◊⁄U ™§¬⁄U ªÊ¡∏ ÃÙ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ◊¥ ¬˝fl‡Ê „ÃÈ ‚ÊˇÊÊà∑§Ê⁄U-•Êګˇʟ ∑‘§ ÁŒŸ „Ë Áª⁄U ªÿË ÕË– ‹Á∑§Ÿ Ã’ ◊Ò¥ •¬Ÿ ß‚ ŒÙ· ‚ Á’‹∑§È‹ •ŸÁ÷ôÊ ÕÊ ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ Ã’ Ã∑§ Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ ◊ȤÊ ≈UÙ∑§Ê „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ÕÊ– ∞∑§-ŒÙ ’Ê⁄U Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ ≈UÙ∑§Ê ÷Ë ÕÊ ÃÙ ◊Ò¥Ÿ ©‚ ’Êà ∑§Ù ∑§Ù߸ ◊„àfl Ÿ„Ë¥ ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ– ◊Ò¥ ÿ„Ë ‚ÙøÃÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ÿ„ ÷Ë ∑§Ù߸ ’Êà „È߸– ‡Ê ∑§„Ù ÿÊ ‚ ∑§„Ù, ÄUÿÊ •ãÃ⁄U ¬«∏ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ◊⁄U ¬Ê‚ Ã∑§¸ ÷Ë Õ– ÿÁŒ ◊Ò¥ Á∑§‚Ë ‚ ∑§„Í¢ Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ ÃÈê„Ê⁄U ÉÊ⁄U ‚Ê◊ (‡ÊÊ◊ Ÿ„Ë¥) ∑§Ù ‚Êà ’¡ •Ê™§¢ªÊ ÃÙ ©‚∑§Ù ◊⁄UË ’Êà ‚◊¤Ê ◊¥ •Ê ¡ÊŸË øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ ÿ ‚Ê◊-‡ÊÊ◊ „Ë „Ò-‚È’„ Ÿ„Ë¥– πÒ⁄U... ÷Ê⁄UÃã ŒÈ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ Ÿê’⁄U •ÊŸ ¬⁄U

◊¥ø ∑§ÕÊ

‚ÊˇÊÊà∑§Ê⁄U ◊¥ ŒÊÁπ‹ „È•Ê– ÿ | Á‚Ãê’⁄U v~}y ∑§Ë ’Êà „Ò– ‚ÊˇÊÊà∑§Ê⁄U ¬ÒŸ‹ ◊¥ Õ- ‚fl¸üÊË ⁄UÊ¡ Á’‚ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ (‚¥SÕʬ∑§ ÁŸŒ‡Ê∑§), ∑‘§.∑‘§. ⁄UÒŸÊ (‚Ȭ˝Á‚h ⁄Uª¥ ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§), ◊ŸÙ„⁄U Á‚¥„ (‚ȬÁ˝ ‚h ◊¥ø •Á÷ŸÃÊ), ∑§ÎcáÊ ŸÊ⁄UÊÿáÊ ∑§P§«∏ (flÁ⁄UD ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ÁflŒ •ı⁄U •¥ª¡ ˝ Ë ‚ÊÁ„àÿ ∑‘§ ¬˝Êäÿʬ∑§), „◊ã Œ˝ ÷ÊÁ≈UÿÊ (¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§ ÷Ê⁄UÃã ŒÈ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë)– Ã◊Ê◊ ‚flÊ‹-¡flÊ’Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ Ê¥‡ÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ •Á÷Ÿÿ •ı⁄U ∑§ÁflÃÊ-¬ÊΔ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ŒπÊ ªÿÊ– •¬ŸË ¬˝SÃÈÁà ŒÃ „È∞ ◊ȤÊ ‹ª ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ ’ÒΔ ‚÷Ë ◊„Ê◊ÊŸfl πÈ‡Ê •ı⁄U ‚¥ÃCÈ „Ò–¥ ß‚ ∞„‚Ê‚ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ „Ë ◊⁄U ÷ËÃ⁄U •Êà◊ÁflEÊ‚ ∑§Ë ø◊∑§ ÷Ë ÷⁄U ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ¬˝SÃÈÁà ‚◊Ê# „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ◊ÒŸ¥  ‚Ê◊Ÿ ’ÒΔË Áfl÷ÍÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë •ÊÚπ ¥ Ù¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ‚ÈπŒ ¬˝ÃËÁà ∑§Ë ø◊∑§ ŒπË– ‹Á∑§Ÿ Ã÷Ë ∑‘§.∞Ÿ. ∑§P§«∏ ¡Ë Ÿ •Êpÿ¸ ‚ ¬˝‡Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ- ’≈UÊ! ÄUÿÊ ÃÈê„¥ “‡Ê” •ı⁄U “‚” ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ •ãÃ⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ ◊Ê‹Í◊! ‚ø ∑§„Í¥Ú ◊Ò¥ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ’Êà ‚◊¤Ê „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬ÊÿÊ– ¬˝‡Ÿ •¬˝àÿÊÁ‡Êà „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ©Ÿ∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ ∑§„ ªÿ “‡Ê” •ı⁄U “‚” ¬⁄U ◊⁄UÊ äÿÊŸ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ¡Ê ¬ÊÿÊ– πÒ⁄∏ U ’Êà •ÊÿË-ªÿË „Ù ªÿË– •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ◊¥ ◊⁄UÊ øÿŸ „Ù ªÿÊ– •’ ÃÙ ÁŒŸ ÷⁄U ◊¥ ◊ȤÊ ÃËŸ-øÊ⁄U ’Ê⁄U ß‚ ‚flÊ‹ ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊ŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏ÃÊ ÕÊ– ◊Ò¥ ‚ÙøÃÊ ÕÊ ΔË∑§ „Ò ß‚ ŒÙ· ‚ ∑§Ù߸ ŸÈ∑§‚ÊŸ ÃÙ „Ù Ÿ„Ë¥ ⁄U„Ê– œË⁄U- œË⁄U ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄U ‹Íª¢ Ê– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿ„ ∞„‚Ê‚ „Ù Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ ª‹ÃË ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ê „Í–¢ ª‹ÃË ∑§⁄UÃ flÄà ÿ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ ¡Êÿ Á∑§ ÿ ª‹ÃË „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò Ã’ ÃÙ ª‹ÃË ŒÍ⁄U „Ù– ∞∑§ ÁŒŸ ∞‚Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ „Ù „Ë ªÿË– ◊ȤÊ ∞‚Ë •Êà◊Ç‹ÊÁŸ ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊ŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏Ê Á¡‚Ÿ ◊ȤÊ •¬ŸË ª‹ÃË ¬⁄U äÿÊŸ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ¡Êª˝Áà ¬ÒŒÊ ∑§⁄U ŒË– •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑‘§ ‚¥SÕʬ∑§ ÁŸŒ‡Ê∑§ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§ˇÊ ∑§Ê ‹ê’Ê ‚òÊ ‹ ⁄U„ Õ– ÿ„ ¬˝Õ◊ •ı⁄U ÁmÃËÿ fl·¸ ∑‘§ ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚¥ÿQÈ § ‚òÊ ÕÊ– „◊‹≈U ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ë Á∑§‚Ë S¬Ëø ¬⁄U ’«∏Ê ◊ŸÙflÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§ Áfl‡‹·áÊ ø‹ ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ– ß‚ Œı⁄UÊŸ ⁄UÊ¡ ‚Ê„’ ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ‚ √ÿÁQ§ªÃ ߥ≈U⁄UÄ U‡ÊŸ ÷Ë ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ Õ– ◊⁄UË ÷Ë ’Ê⁄UË •ÊÿË– Á∑§‚Ë flÊÄUÿ ¬⁄U ◊⁄UÊ ‡Ê-‚ flÊ‹Ê ŒÙ· ¬˝∑§≈U „È•Ê– ⁄UÊ¡ ‚Ê„’ Ÿ ∑§„Ê ’Ù‹Ù- ‚Êß∑§Ù‹ÊÚ¡Ë! ◊ÒŸ¥  ∑§„ʇÊÊß∑§Ù‹ÊÚ¡Ë– ⁄UÊ¡ ‚Ê„’ Ÿ ¡◊Ê-¡◊Ê ∑§⁄U ∑§„Ê- ‚Ê-ß∑§Ù-‹ÊÚ-¡Ë– ◊ÒŸ¥  ÁflEÊ‚¬Ífl∑¸ § ŒÙ„⁄UÊÿÊ- ‡ÊÊ-ß-∑§Ù‹ÊÚ¡Ë! ¬Í⁄UË ∑§ˇÊÊ ◊¥ Δ„Ê∑§Ê ªÍ¡ ¥Ú ©ΔÊ– ◊Ò¥ ‚◊¤Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬ÊÿÊ ÿ ÄUÿÊ „È•Ê– ⁄UÊ¡ ‚Ê„’ Ÿ ß‚ ÁflEÊ‚ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ŒÙ„⁄UÊÿÊ Á∑§ ß‚ ’Ê⁄U fl ◊Ȥʂ ‚„Ë ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§⁄UflÊ ‹ª¥ - ’Ù‹ ‚Êß∑§Ù‹ÊÚ¡Ë– ◊ÒŸ¥  ÷Ë ß‚ ÁflEÊ‚ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ŒÙ„⁄UÊÿÊ Á∑§ ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ‚„Ë „Ù ¡ÊÿªÊ– ◊Ò¥ ’Ù‹Ê- ‡ÊÊß∑§Ù‹ÊÚ¡Ë– ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ∑§ˇÊÊ ∑§Ê Δ„Ê∑§Ê Á¬¿‹ flÊ‹ ‚ ∑§„Ë¥ ÃËfl˝ ÕÊ– ⁄UÊ¡ ‚Ê„’ ∑§Ù ‹ªÊ Á∑§ •ı⁄U øÊ⁄U-¬ÊÚø ¥ ¬⁄U ’Ù‹Ÿ ¬⁄U ◊Ò¥ ‚„Ë ©ëøÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§⁄U ‹Íª¥Ú Ê– ◊Ò¥ ‚◊¤ÊÃÊ ÕÊ •ë¿Ê Á∑§ •ë¿Ê ÿ “‚Êß∑§Ù” ∑‘§ “∑§Ù” ∑§Ù ÕÙ«∏Ê πË¥ø∑§⁄U ’Ù‹Ÿ ∑§Ù ∑§„ ⁄U„ „Ò–¥ ∑§÷Ë ‚◊¤ÊÃÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ‡ÊÊÿŒ ◊Ò¥ ‹ÊÚ¡Ë ∑§Ù ‹ı¡Ë ’Ù‹ ⁄U„Ê „Í¢ ÃÙ ‹ÊÚ¡Ë ∑§Ù ’„Ã⁄U …¥ª ‚ ’Ù‹Ÿ ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄UÃÊ– ¬⁄U ŒÈ÷ʸÇÿfl‡Ê ◊⁄UÊ äÿÊŸ ∑§÷Ë ß‚ ’Êà ¬⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ ªÿÊ Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ ‚Êß∑§Ù ∑‘§ “‚Ê” ∑§Ù “‡ÊÊ” ’Ù‹ ⁄U„Ê „Í–¥Ú ß‚ ¬Í⁄U ¬˝∑§⁄UáÊ ◊¥ ⁄UÊ¡ ‚Ê„’ ∑§Ë flÊà‚Àÿ ÷⁄UË ‹ÊøÊ⁄UË ©Ÿ∑‘§ ø„⁄U ¬⁄U ŒπË– ‚„¬ÊÁΔÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë, flÁ⁄UD ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§Ë „Ú‚ ¥ Ë ∑‘§ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊ Sfl⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U Δ„∑§Ù¥ ◊¥ •»‚Ù‚, ©¬„Ê‚ •ı⁄U Á„∑§Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ⁄Uª¥ ÷Ë ÁŒπÊ߸ ¬«∏– fl ‚„¬ÊΔË ¡Ù ◊ȤÊ ’„Èà øÊ„Ã Õ! fl ÉÊÁŸD Á◊òÊ ¡Ù ◊ȤÊ ’„Èà ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊflÊŸ ‚◊¤ÊÃ Õ •ı⁄U ◊ȤÊ ’¬ŸÊ„ F„ ŒÃ Õ, •Ê¡ ◊⁄U ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÄUÿÊ ‚Ùø ⁄U„ „Ù¥ª– ß‚Ë ‚òÊ ∑‘§ •ãà ◊¥ ◊ȤÊ ÿ„ ∞„‚Ê‚ „Ù ªÿÊ Õ Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ “‚Ê” ∑§Ù “‡ÊÊ” ’Ù‹ ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ– ©‚ ÁŒŸ ◊ȤÊ Á◊‹Ë ÉÊŸË÷Íà •Êà◊Ç‹ÊÁŸ Ÿ ◊ȤÊ ‚ÈœÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ⁄UÊSÃ ¬⁄U «Ê‹ ÁŒÿÊ– ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù äÿÊŸ ◊¥ ⁄UπŸÊ „ÙªÊ Á∑§ ’ëø ◊¥ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ∑§◊Ë ÿÊ ŒÙ· ∑§Ù ⁄Uπ  Ê¥Á∑§Ã ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ ©‚∑‘§ ∑§Ù◊‹ ◊Ÿ ∑§Ù ∑§Ù߸ Δ‚ Ÿ ¬„Èø ¢ – ’ÁÀ∑§ ©‚ •¬ŸË ∑§◊Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§⁄U •ÊŸãŒ „Ë Á◊‹– Ã÷Ë fl„ ©‚∑§Ù ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬˝Á ⁄Uà •ı⁄U ¬˝ÿÊ‚⁄Uà „Ù ¬ÊÿªÊ–



Lucknow, June 04, 2011

÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ Á»§À◊Ù¥ ◊¥ ªÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê ¡‹flÊ

‹πŸ™§ „UÊ ∑§⁄U§ÁŒÀ‹Ë ∑§Ë ¡ËÃ


⁄UÃËÿ ¡ŸÃÊ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ë ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ „Èß ŒÙ ÁŒfl‚Ëÿ ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‚Á◊Áà ◊¥ ¬Ê≈U˸ Ÿ ◊ÊŸÊ Á∑§ •ª⁄U fl„ wÆvy ◊¥ ÁŒÑË ∑§Ë ‚ûÊÊ øÊ„ÃË „Ò ÃÙ ©‚ wÆvw ◊¥ ÿÍ¬Ë ∑§Ë ‚ûÊÊ ¬⁄U ∑§é¡Ê ∑§⁄UŸÊ „٪ʖ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ •ÿÙÁ¡Ã ◊„Ê‚¥ª˝Ê◊ ⁄UÒÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ¬Ê≈U˸ ◊ÊŸÃË „Ò Á∑§ fl„ ÿÍ¬Ë ◊¥ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ’ŸÊ ‚∑‘§ªË– ÷Ê¡¬Ê ∑§Ê ’Ê⁄U ’Ê⁄U ∑§„ŸÊ Á∑§ fl„ ÿÍ¬Ë ÁflœÊŸ‚÷Ê øÈŸÊfl ◊¥ ’‚¬Ê, ‚¬Ê •ı⁄U ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ‹Ù∑§Œ‹ ‚ øÈŸÊfl ¬Ífl¸ ÿÊ ’ÊŒ ∑§Ù߸ ªΔ’¥œŸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UªË, ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê ‚¥∑‘§Ã „Ò Á∑§ fl„ Á¬¿‹Ë ª‹ÁÃÿÙ ‚ ’øŸÊ øUÊ„ªË– ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ •äÿˇÊ ÁŸÁß ª«∑§⁄UË Ÿ ÿ„ ∑§„ ∑§⁄U Á∑§ fl ÿ„Ê¥ •ÊŸ ‚ ¬Ífl¸ ÁŒÑË ◊¥ ¬Ífl¸ ¬˝œÊŸ◊¥òÊË ◊¥ •≈U‹ Á’„Ê⁄UË ’Ê¡¬ÿË ‚ •ÊÁ‡ÊflʸŒ ‹∑§⁄U •Ê∞ „Ò¥, ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ ‹U٪٥ ∑§Ê ÁŒ‹ ¡Ëß ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§Ë – ÉÊÙ≈UÊ‹Ù¥, ÷ÍÁ◊ •Áœª˝„áÊ, ÷⁄Uc≈ÊøÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ‚flÊ‹ ¬⁄U ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ∑‘§¥Œ˝ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ù ÉÊÙ≈UÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ë Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ‹ŸË øÊÁ„∞– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U πÈŒ ∑§Ù ß‚‚ ’øÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ¡„Ê¥ Ã∑§ ⁄UÊ◊ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ê ‚flÊ‹ „Ò, fl„Ê¥ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ê ◊ÊŸŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ⁄UÊ◊ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ ‡ÊÊEà ◊ÈgÊ „Ò– ◊ª⁄U ÿ„ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ ◊ÈgÊ ∑§÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ⁄U„Ê– ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ê ∑ „ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ „Ê߸∑§Ù≈U¸ ∑‘§ ÁŸáʸÿ ◊¥ ÿ„ ‚Ê»§ ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ ⁄UÊ◊‹‹Ê •Ê¡ ¡„Ê¥ Áfl⁄UÊ¡◊ÊŸ „Ò, fl„Ë ©Ÿ∑§Ê ¡ã◊SÕÊŸ „Ò– ¬Ê≈U˸ ‚÷Ë Œ‹Ù¥, ¬¥ÕÙ •ı⁄U œ◊ʸfl‹¥Á’ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚„ÿÙª ‚ fl„Ê¥ ¡Ÿ ÷ÊflŸÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ∑§Í‹ ÷√ÿ ⁄UÊ◊ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ’ŸÊ∞ ¡ÊŸ ∑‘§ ¬ˇÊ ◊¥ „Ò– Œ‘πŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¡ŸÃÊ ß‚ ◊Ê◊‹‘§◊¥ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ë ⁄UÊÿ ‚ Á∑§ÃŸÊ ‚„◊à „Ò– •Ê¡ Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ x{ ¬˝ÁÇÊà ÷Í ÷ʪ ¬⁄U ÷Ê¡¬Ê ∑§Ê ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ „Ò •ı⁄U xv ¬˝ÁÇÊà ¬⁄U ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U „Ò– ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ÿÍ¬Ë ◊¥ flø◊ÊŸ ÁSÕÁà •ÁßÈ∑§Í‹ „Ò ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ „ÊÕË •ı⁄U ‚ÊßÁ∑§‹ ‚ ™§’ øÈ∑‘§ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U Áfl∑§À¬ Ã‹Ê‡Ê ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ù ÿ„Ê¥ ¡Ëà „ÊÁ‚‹ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¡◊ËŸË ‹fl‹ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà „Ò– e-mail :

Á‡ÊπÊ üÊËflÊSÃfl ß◊⁄UÊŸ πÊŸ S≈UÊ⁄U⁄U Á»§À◊ «À„Ë ’Ò‹Ë •¬Ÿ ªÊŸ ‚ÊÚ㪠«Ë∑‘§ ’Ù‚... ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ Á⁄U‹Ë¡ ‚ ¬„‹ „Ë øøʸ•Ù¥ ◊¥ „Ò¥– Œ⁄U•‚‹ «Ë∑‘§ ’Ù‚ ∑§Ù ’Ê⁄U-’Ê⁄U ’Ù‹Ÿ ¬⁄U ∞∑§ ∞‚Ë ªÊ‹Ë ’Ÿ ¡ÊÃË „Ò ¡Ù ‚«∏∑§ ¬⁄U œ«∏À‹ ‚ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ „ÙÃË „Ò– ‚ëøÊ߸ ÁŒπÊŸ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U Á„¥ŒË Á»§À◊Ù¥ ◊¥ ªÊÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ’Ê…∏ •Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ≈UËflË ‚ ‹∑§⁄U ’«∏U ¬⁄UŒ Ã∑§ ß‚ ë∏∑‘§ ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ œ«∏UÀ‹ ‚ „Ù ⁄U„Ê „Ò– Á¬¿‹ ∑ȧ¿ Á»§À◊Ù¥ ◊¥ ªÊÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÷⁄U¬Í⁄U ßSÃ◊Ê‹ „È•Ê •ÊÒ⁄U fl ø‹Ë ÷Ë¥– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ‹Ù∑§¡ËflŸ •ı⁄U ‹Ù∑§ªËÃÙ¥ ◊¥ ¬˝◊ •ı⁄U ‚ÄU‚ ∑§Ë ’ÊÃÙ¥ ∑§Ù S¬C ∑§„Ÿ ∑§Ë ˇÊ◊ÃÊ ’„Èà ¬„‹ ‚ ÕË– ªÊ¥flÙ¥ ◊¥ „È∞ ∑ȧ¿ ÁflflÊ„Ù¥ ◊¥ •ı⁄UÃÙ¥ ∑§Ù ªÊÁ‹ÿÊ¥ ◊¥ •ı⁄U Á»§⁄U ŒÍÀ„ ÃÕÊ ©‚∑‘§ Á◊òÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ „¥‚Ë-◊¡Ê∑§ ◊¥, ‡Ê◊¸ ∑§Ë ¡ª„ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃË ÕË– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‚ÊÁ„àÿ ◊¥ ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë ’Êà Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃË ÕË– Á¬¿‹ Œ‡Ê∑§Ù¥ ◊¥ ¬„‹ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ •¥ª˝¡Ë ◊¥ Á‹πŸ flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‹πŸ ◊¥, •ı⁄U •’ ∑ȧ¿ ‚Ê‹Ù¥ ◊¥ Á„¥ŒË ◊¥ Á‹πŸ flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‹πŸ ◊¥ ‚ëøÊ߸ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U fl„ ‡ÊéŒ ¡ª„ ¬ÊŸ ‹ª „Ò¥, Á¡ã„¥ ¬„‹ •Ê¬ ‚«∏∑§ ¬⁄U ÿÊ Á◊òÊÙ¥ ◊¥ „Ë ‚ÈŸÃ Õ– Œ⁄U•‚‹, ÿ„ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ∑§Ê ŸÿÊ ≈˛¥« „Ò, Á¡‚∑‘§ Äà Ÿ Á‚»§¸ •ÊÁ◊⁄U •ı⁄U ß◊⁄UÊŸ ’ÁÀ∑§ Ã◊Ê◊ ŒÍ‚⁄U Á‚ÃÊ⁄U ªÊÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚„Ê⁄UÊ ‹∑§⁄U •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ∑§Ù Á„≈U ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ë ¡ÈªÃ Á÷«∏Ê ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ߟ◊¥ ⁄U«Ë ∑§Ê ◊Ò¥ ∑§„Í¥ ÃÙ ‚Ê‹Ê ∑Ò§⁄UÄU≈U⁄U …Ë‹Ê „Ò..., ŸÙ flŸ Á∑§À« ¡Á‚∑§Ê ∑§Ê •Ê‹Ë ⁄U ‚Ê‹Ë ⁄U..., ‡ÊÙ⁄U ߟ ÁŒŸ Á‚≈UË ∑§Ê ∑§◊ʸ ß¡ ∞ Á’ø..., Á‚¥„ ß¡ Á∑§¥ª ∑§Ê ÷ÍÃŸË ∑‘§ ..., ‡ÊÁQ§ ∑§Ê ∑§⁄U Œ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ ¡ËŸÊ ߇∑§ ∑§◊ËŸÊ... •ı⁄U ‡ÊÍ≈U•Ê©≈U ∞≈U ‹Ùπ¥«flÊ‹Ê ∑§Ê ∞ ªŸ¬Ã... ¡Ò‚ ªÊŸ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ߟ ªÊŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ◊Ê¥’„Ÿ ∑§Ë Ã◊Ê◊ ∞‚Ë-ÃÒ‚Ë ∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÿ Á»§À◊¥ ¬‚¥Œ •Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥– ÿ ªÊŸ Ÿ Á‚»¸§ Á„≈U „Ò¥, ’ÁÀ∑§ •Ê¬ ’ëøÙ¥ ‚ ‹∑§⁄U ’«∏Ù¥ Ã∑§ ∑§Ù ßã„¥ ªÈŸªÈŸÊÃ Œπ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ≈UË•Ê⁄U¬Ë ∑§Ë øÊ„Ã ◊¥ ‚ËÁ⁄UÿÀ‚ ∑§Ë ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ◊¥ ’„Œ åÿÊ⁄U ‚ ªÊÁ‹ÿÊ¥ ’⁄U‚Ê߸ ¡ÊÃË „Ò¥, ÃÙ ∑§ÊÚ◊«Ë ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ªÊÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§Ë „Œ „Ë „Ù ªß¸ „Ò– ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ß‚∑‘§,

‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ߟ ¬⁄U ∑§Ù߸ ∞Ã⁄UÊ¡ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– Á»§À◊Ù¥ ∑‘§ «Êÿ‹ÊÚÇ‚ ÷Ë ªÊÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ‚ •¿ÍÃ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò¥– Á»§⁄U ’Êà øÊ„ •Ù¥∑§Ê⁄UÊ, ‹fl, ‚ÄU‚ •ı⁄U œÙπÊ, Œ◊ ◊Ê⁄UÙ Œ◊ •ı⁄U ŸÙ flŸ Á∑§À« ¡Á‚∑§Ê ∑§Ë „Ù ÿÊ Á»§⁄U „ÊÁ‹ÿÊ Á⁄U‹Ë¡ åÿÊ⁄U ∑§Ê ¬¥øŸÊ◊Ê, ‹fl ∑§Ê Œ ∞¥« •ı⁄U ÿ ‚Ê‹Ë Á¡¥ŒªË ∑§Ê „Ù, ªÊÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§Ù ‚¥‚⁄U ’Ù«¸ Ÿ ÷Ë ‹ªÃÊ „Ò ’È⁄UÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ◊ÊŸÊ „Ò– ŸÙ flŸ Á∑§À« ¡Á‚∑§Ê ◊¥ ⁄UÊŸË ◊Èπ¡Ë¸ ∑‘§ ◊È¥„ ‚ ªÊ‹Ë ‚ÈŸ∑§⁄U ÃÙ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ „Ò⁄UÊŸ ⁄U„ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– •Ê¡ Á¡‚ Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ≈UÊßÁ≈U‹ flÊ‹Ë Á»§À◊¥ ’Ÿ ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥, ©ã„¥ Œπ∑§⁄U ÿ„ ‚◊¤ÊŸÊ ’„Œ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ò Á∑§ Á»§À◊ ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ „Ë ©‚∑§Ë ¬„øÊŸ „Ò ÿÊ Á»§⁄U ¬„øÊŸ ¬ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •¡Ë’Ùª⁄UË’ ŸÊ◊ ⁄UπŸ ∑§Ê

•Ù¥∑§Ê⁄UÊ, ‹fl, ‚ÄU‚ •ı⁄U œÙπÊ, Œ◊ ◊Ê⁄UÙ Œ◊, ŸÙ flŸ Á∑§À« ¡Á‚∑§Ê ‚ ‹∑§⁄U „ÊÁ‹ÿÊ Á⁄U‹Ë¡ åÿÊ⁄U ∑§Ê ¬¥øŸÊ◊Ê, ‹fl ∑§Ê Œ ∞¥« •ı⁄U ÿ ‚Ê‹Ë Á¡¥ŒªË ◊¥ ªÊÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§Ù ‚¥‚⁄U ’Ù«¸ Ÿ ÷Ë ‹ªÃÊ „Ò ’È⁄UÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ◊ÊŸÊ „Ò ø‹Ÿ ¡Ù⁄UÙ¥ ¬⁄U „Ò– ÿ ‚Ê‹Ë Á¡¥ŒªË ß‚Ë ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ©ŒÊ„⁄UáÊ „Ò– ß‚ Á»§À◊ ∑‘§ «Êÿ⁄UÄU≈U⁄U ‚ÈœË⁄U Á◊üÊÊ ∑§Ê ◊ÊŸŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ‚Ê‹Ë ∑§Ù߸ ªÊ‹Ë „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„ ⁄UÊπË ‚Êfl¥Ã ¬⁄U Á»§À◊Ê∞ ª∞ ∞∑§ ∞‹’◊ ∑‘§ ªÊŸ ∑‘§ ’Ù‹ ∑§È¿ ∞‚ Õ - ∑§◊ËŸË Ã⁄UÊ ÷Íà ø…∏ ªÿÊ ⁄U...– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ Ã◊Ê◊ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ß‚ ªÊŸ ¬⁄U •Ê¬ÁûÊ ÷Ë ÕË, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∑§÷Ë Á◊∑§Ê ∑§Ë ¬å¬Ë ‚ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ ⁄UÊπË Ÿ πÈŒ ∑§Ù ∑§◊ËŸË ∑§„Ÿ ¬⁄U •Ê¬ÁûÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ Œ¡¸ ∑§⁄UÊ߸– •¥ª˝¡Ë ©¬ãÿÊ‚Ù¥ ÿÊ Á»§À◊Ù¥ ◊¥ ÃÙ ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ‡ÊéŒ Á¬¿‹ ¬øÊ‚-‚ÊΔ fl·ÙZ ‚ ø‹Ÿ ◊¥ „Ò¥– Á„¥ŒË Á»§À◊Ù¥ ÿÊ ‚ÊÁ„àÿ ◊¥ ߟ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª ‡ÊÊÿŒ ∑‘§fl‹ »§È≈U¬ÊÕ ¬⁄U Á’∑§Ÿ flÊ‹Ë Á∑§ÃÊ’Ù¥ ◊¥ „Ë Á◊‹ ‚∑§ÃÊ ÕÊ– v~~y ∑§Ë ‡Êπ⁄U ∑§¬Í⁄U ∑§Ë Á»§À◊ ’Ò¥Á«≈U ÄflËŸ ◊¥ ¬„‹Ë ’Ê⁄U ◊Ê¥-’„Ÿ ∑§Ë ªÊÁ‹ÿÊ¥ ÕË¥, Á¡Ÿ‚ Á»§À◊ ŒπŸ flÊ‹ ‹Ùª ∑§È¿ „Ò⁄UÊŸ ‚ ⁄U„ ª∞

œ◊¸ •ı⁄U œ◊ʸãœÃÊ „⁄U ◊ŸÈcÿ ∑§Ê √ÿÁQ§ªÃ •Êø⁄UáÊ •ı⁄U ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§ √ÿfl„Ê⁄U ©‚∑‘§ ◊Ÿ •ı⁄U ÁfløÊ⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ¬⁄U ÁŸ÷¸⁄U ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– •Ÿ∑§ √ÿÁQ§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ê¡È‹Ê •Êø⁄UáÊ ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§ √ÿfl„Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ŸË¥fl „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ¬Ë…∏UË Œ⁄U ¬Ë…∏UË √ÿÁÄÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ßë¿Ê∞¥, •Ê∑§Ê¥ˇÊÊ∞¥, Sfl÷Êfl •ı⁄U ¬˝flÁÎ ûÊÿÊ¥ ∞∑§ √ÿÁÄà ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ¬ÈŸ¡Ë¸Áflà „ÙÃË „È߸ ÁŒπÃË „ÒU¥– ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ¡„Ê¥ •Ÿ∑§ ‹Ù¥ªÙ¥ ∑‘§ •ë¿ ÁfløÊ⁄U •ÊøÊ⁄U •ı⁄U ‚Œ˜¬Ô fl˝ ÁÎ ûÊÿÊ¥ ∞∑§ ‚¥Ã ◊„Êà◊Ê ∑§Ù ¡ã◊ ŒÃË „Ò, fl„Ë¥ ’È⁄U ÁfløÊ⁄U ¡Ò‚ ∑§Ê◊, ∑˝§Ùœ, ‹Ù÷, ◊Œ, ◊à‚⁄U ßàÿÊÁŒ ∞∑§ ⁄UÊˇÊ‚ ∑§Ù ¡ã◊ ŒÃ „ÒU¥– ¡’ ¬ÁflòÊÃÊ, ©ŒÊ⁄UÃÊ, ’¥œÈàfl, ∑§L§áÊÊ, ôÊÊŸ •ı⁄U ÷ÁQ§ •¬ŸË ø⁄U◊ ‚Ë◊Ê ∑§Ù ¬„Èø¥ ∑§⁄U ∞∑§ „Ë √ÿÁQ§ ∑‘§ M§¬

◊¥ ß‚ œ⁄UÊË ¬⁄U •flÃÁ⁄Uà „ÙÃ „ÒU¥ Ã’ ‚◊Ê¡ ©‚ ߸‡fl⁄U ‚◊¤Ê ¬Í¡Ÿ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– ¡Ò‚- ¡Ò‚ ‚◊ÿ ’ËÃÃÊ „Ò flÒ‚- flÒ‚ ©‚ ¬ÈáÿflÊŸ ∑‘§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÿ„ œÊ⁄UáÊÊ •ı⁄U ÷Ë íÿÊŒÊ ΔÙ‚ „ÙÃË ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ß‚ √ÿÁQ§ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ∞∑§ œ◊¸ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈL§•Êà „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ©‚ œ◊¸‚S¥ Õʬ∑§ ∑§Ë ‚¥ôÊÊ Á◊‹ ¡ÊÃË

¡ËflŸ ◊¢òÊ „Ò– Á∫SÃ, ’Èh, ⁄UÊ◊, ∑ΧcáÊ, ◊„ÊflË⁄U, ŸÊŸ∑§ ¡Ò‚ ◊„ʬÈL§·Ù¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ©ŒÊ„⁄UáÊ ∑‘§ Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U Á‹∞ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ã „ÒU¥– ∞‚ ¬ÈáÿÊà◊Ê ∑§Ù ‚Ê⁄U ¡ËflÙ ◊¥ ’‚Ë ‚ŸÊß •ı⁄U SÕÊ߸ ÁŒ√ÿÃÊ ∑§Ê •ŸÊÿÊ‚ „Ë ôÊÊŸ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ◊Ÿ •ı⁄U ’ÈÁh ∑‘§ ¬⁄U ÁSÕà ÁøŒÊà◊Ê ∑§Ê ©ã„¥ ¬˝àÿˇÊ •ŸÈ÷fl ¬˝Ê# „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Ÿ ∑§Ù߸ ’«∏UÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U Ÿ ∑§Ù߸ ¿Ù≈UÊ– ‹ÊπÙ¥ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ ¡Ÿ

¬˝◊ •ı⁄U ∑§L§áÊÊ ‚ •Ùì˝Ùà ∞‚ ◊„ʬÈL§· ∑‘§ •ŸÈÿÊÿË •ı⁄U ÷Äà „Ù ¡ÊÃ „ÒU¥– ©‚∑§Ë ¬Í¡Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ‹ªÃ „ÒU¥– ߟ ÷ÄÃÙ¥ ∑§Ê ©‚∑‘§ ¬˝Áà •Ÿãÿ Áfl‡flÊ‚ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ∞∑§ ‚¢Ã •ı⁄U ©‚∑‘§ •ŸÈÿÊÿË Á◊‹∑§⁄U ∞∑§ ‚ê¬˝ŒÊÿ ÿÊ œ◊¸ ’ŸÊ ‹Ã „Ò–¥ ∑‘§fl‹ ◊⁄UÊ „Ë œ◊¸ ‚àÿ „Ò ’Ê∑§Ë ‚’ ’∑§flÊ‚ ÿ„ ÁfløÊ⁄U œË⁄U-œË⁄U ¡Ÿ◊ÊŸ‚ ∑‘§ ÁŒ◊ʪ ¬⁄U ¿ÊŸ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– œ◊ÊZœÃÊ ∑§Ë ÿ„Ë¥ ‚ ‡ÊÈL§•Êà „ÙÃË „Ò– Áfl‡flÊ‚ ∑§Ê Áfl∑Χà SflM§¬ „Ë œÊÁ◊¸∑§ ∑§≈˜U≈Ô U⁄UÃÊflÊŒ ∑§Ê M§¬ œÊ⁄UáÊ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑§Ê ◊ÈÅÿ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ò ©‚ ◊„Êà◊Ê ∑‘§ ©¬Œ‡Ê •ı⁄U ‚¢Œ‡ Ê ∑‘§ ‚ëø •Õ¸ ∑§Ê ôÊÊŸ Ÿ „ÙŸÊ– Áfl‡flÊ‚ ‚ ôÊÊŸ üÊcΔU „ÙÃÊ „Ò ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿ„ ôÊÊŸ ¬˝Ê# ∑§⁄UŸÊ •Áà ∑§ÁΔŸ „Ò ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „ÙÃË „Ò ‚ÊœŸÊ– Áfl·ÿ, ߥÁº˝ÿÊ¥ •ı⁄U ◊Ÿ ∑§Ê ‚¥ÿ◊ ’«∏UÊ ∑§ÁΔŸ •èÿÊ‚ „Ò ¡Ù ‚Ê◊Êãÿ ¡Ÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U ¬ÊÃ– z

•Ê ¬ ∑§Ê »§Ë «U ’Ò ∑§

Õ– ªÊÁ‹ÿÊ¥ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥, ’‹Êà∑§Ê⁄U •ı⁄U ÿıŸÃÊ, ŒÙŸÊ¥ Áfl·ÿÙ¥ ¬⁄U Á»§À◊ ◊¥ fl„ ’ÊÃ¥ ∑§„Ÿ ∑§Ê ‚Ê„‚ ÕÊ, Á¡Ÿ∑§Ù ßÃŸÊ S¬C ¬„‹ ∑§÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ ÕÊ– Á„¥ŒË ‚ÊÁ„àÿ •ı⁄U Á»§À◊Ù¥ ◊¥ ߟ ‡ÊéŒÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •ÊŸ ∑§Ê ŸÿʬŸ „Ò ¬⁄U ‚¥S∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ ‹Ùª Á¬¿«∏ ◊ÊŸ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ÃÊ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U •Ê¡ ∑§Ë ¬Ë…∏UË fl ’ëø ’œ«∏∑§ ∞‚Ë ÷Ê·Ê ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞ ÁŒπÃ „Ò¥– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ Á»§À◊¥ ‡ÊÈL§•Êà ‚ „Ë ∞∑§ ‚Ë◊Ê Ã∑§ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§Ê •Ê߸ŸÊ ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥ ¡Ù ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§Ë ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ⁄UπÊ¥Á∑§Ã ∑§⁄UÃË •Ê߸ „Ò¥– øÊ„ fl„ SflâòÊÃÊ ‚¥ª˝Ê◊ „Ù, Áfl÷Ê¡Ÿ ∑§Ë òÊÊ‚ŒË ÿÊ ÿÈh „Ù¥ ÿÊ Á»§⁄U øê’‹ ∑‘§ «Ê∑ȧ•Ù¥ ∑§Ê •ÊÃ¥∑§ ÿÊ •’ ∑§Ê ◊ÊÁ»§ÿÊ ÿȪ– Á¬¿‹ ¬Ê¥ø Œ‡Ê∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§⁄U¥ ÃÙ ŒπŸ ∑§Ù Á◊‹ªÊ Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ Á‚Ÿ◊Ê Ÿ ‡Ê„⁄UË Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ªÊ¥fl ∑‘§ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ¬˝÷ÊÁflà Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– Á»§À◊Ù¥ ∑§Ê •‚⁄U „◊Ê⁄U ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ •ı⁄U ’ëøÙ¥ ¬⁄U „È•Ê „Ò ‚∑§Ê⁄UÊà◊∑§ •ı⁄U Ÿ∑§Ê⁄UÊà◊∑§ ÷Ë– Á∑§ãÃÈ ∞‚Ê „Ë •‚⁄U ‚ÊÁ„àÿ ‚ ÷Ë „ÙÃÊ „Ò– •Ê¡ ∞∑§ ‚»§‹ Á»§À◊ ’ŸÊŸ ∑§Ê ◊Í‹ ◊¢òÊ „Ò, πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà ÁflŒ‡ÊË ‹Ù∑‘§‡ÊŸ, ’«∏U S≈UÊ⁄U, ÁflŒ‡ÊË œÈŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà ªÊŸ– ’Ëø ◊¥ ∑ȧ¿ ∞‚Ë Á»§À◊¥ ÷Ë •ÊßZ Á¡Ÿ∑‘§ ÁŸ◊ʸÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ ÕÊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ë ∑ȧ⁄UËÁÃÿÙ¥, Áfl·◊ÃÊ•Ù¥ •ı⁄U ÁflflÊÁŒÃ ◊ÈŒ˜ŒÔ Ù¥ ¬⁄U Á»§À◊ ’ŸÊ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ÁflŒ‡ÊË ’Ê¡Ê⁄U ’ŸÊŸÊ •ı⁄U ÉÊÁ≈UÿÊ ‹Ù∑§Á¬˝ÿÃÊ „ÊÁ‚‹ ∑§⁄UŸÊ– Á‚Ÿ◊Ê, ‚ÊÁ„àÿ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ ◊ŸÙ⁄U¥¡Ÿ ∑§⁄UŸÊ „Ò, ÃÙ ©ÃŸÊ „Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§, ¡ËflŸ ∑‘§ ‚àÿ ∑§Ù ÁŒπÊŸÊ ÷Ë „ÒÒ– ∞‚ ◊¥ ’«∏Ê ‚flÊ‹ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄U ªÊŸÙ¥, Á»§À◊Ù¥ fl ‚ËÁ⁄Uÿ‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ªÊ‹Ë ∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà ÄUÿÙ¥ ¬«∏ÃË „Ò? ∑§È¿ øË¡¥ Áfl‡Ê· ¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁÃÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ¬˝Ê‚Ê¥Áª∑§ „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò¥ •ı⁄U fl Á∑§ÃŸ „Ë ŸÇŸ M§¬ ◊¥ SflË∑§Êÿ¸ ÷Ë „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò¥U– ∑§‹Êà◊∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ◊¥ •¬‡ÊéŒ fl„Ë¥ Ã∑§ SflË∑§Êÿ¸ „Ù ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥, ¡„Ê¢ Ã∑§ ÿÕÊÕ¸ ÁøòÊáÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ê¥, •ãÿÕÊ ©Ÿ‚ ’øŸÊ øÊÁ„U∞– ∑§‹Ê fl„U „Ò ¡Ù ÁÉÊŸıŸ ÿÕÊÕ¸ ∑§Ù ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ÁŒπÊ∞ Á∑§ ∑ȧ¿U ŸÊ ÁŒπÃ „È∞ ÷Ë ‚’ ∑ȧ¿U ¬ÃÊ ø‹– ‚◊Ê¡ ∑‘§ Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ù øË¡Ù¥ ∑§Ê ‚ÄUË∑§⁄UáÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ ’øŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– •¬‡ÊéŒÊ¥ ∑§ Á’ŸÊ ÷Ë ÿÕÊÕ¸ ∑§Ê fláʸŸ ’πÍ’Ë Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– z

•Ê¬∑§ ߸-¬¬⁄U ∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ ∑Ú§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ‚ ¡È«∏UË ∑§Ê»§Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¢ Á◊‹Ë¢ Á¡‚∑§ Á‹∞ ◊Ò¥ •Ê¬∑§Ê œãÿflÊŒ •ŒÊ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Í¢U– ◊Ò¥ S¬Ê≈˜UÔ‚¸ ◊¥ ∑Ú§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ’ŸÊŸÊ øÊ„UÃÊ „Í¢U– ∑Χ¬ÿÊ ß‚ ∑Ú§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ‚ ‚ê’ÁãœÃ ¡ÊŸ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¢ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ∑Χ¬Ê ∑§⁄¥U– •Á÷·∑§ flÊ¡¬߸ ‹πŸ™§ ◊Ò¥ •Ê¬∑§ ߸-¬¬⁄U ∑§Ê ÁŸÿÁ◊à M§¬ ‚ ¬…∏U ⁄U„UË „Í¢U– ¬„U‹ ∑§Ë •¬ˇÊÊ ß‚◊¥ ∑§Ê»§Ë ’Œ‹Êfl „ÈU∞ „Ò¥U ¡Ê Á∑§ ‚⁄UÊ„UŸËÿ „ÒU– ∑Χ¬ÿÊ •¬Ÿ ¬¬⁄U ◊¥ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ∑§ÊŸÊ ÷Ë ⁄Uπ¥ Á¡‚‚ ©UŸ∑§Ê L§¤ÊÊŸ ÷Ë ß‚∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ ’…∏U– ‚ÊÁŸÿÊ ΔUÊ∑ȧ⁄U ’ŸÊ⁄U‚ ߸-¬¬⁄U ∑§ ¡Á⁄Uÿ „U⁄U „UçÃ ∞∑§ ¬È⁄UÊŸÊ ªÊŸÊ ‚ÈŸŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹ÃÊ „ÒU ¡Ê ∑§Ê»§Ë •ë¿UÊ ‹ªÃÊ „ÒU– ∑Χ¬ÿÊ •Ê¬ ªÊŸÊ¥ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ∑ȧ¿U flÊl ÿ¢òÊ ∑§Ë •ÊflÊ¡¥ ÷Ë ‚ÈŸflÊŸ ∑§Ê ∑§CÔU ∑§⁄¥U– ‡ÊÊÁ÷à ‡ÊÈÄ‹Ê ß‹Ê„UÊ’ÊŒ

City Panorama

Lucknow, June 04, 2011


“Á∑§‹Ê ’øÊŸ ∑§Ë ∑§flÊÿŒ” ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ’ÍÃ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ’ŸÊŸ ∑§ ‚¢∑§À¬ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ¡ŸÃÊ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ë ŒÊ ÁŒfl‚Ëÿ ⁄UÊCÔU˛Ëÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‚Á◊Áà ∑§Ë ’ÒΔU∑§ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ ‚ÊߢÁ≈UÁ»§∑§ ∑§ãfl‡¥ ÊŸ „UÊ‹ Ú ◊¥ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã „ÈUß–¸ ’ÒΔU∑§ ◊¥ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§ ’«∏U ŸÃÊ•Ê¥ ◊¥ ‹Ê‹∑ΧcáÊ •Ê«UflÊáÊË, ÁŸÁß ª«U∑§⁄UË, ⁄UÊ¡ŸÊÕ Á‚¢„U, Ÿ⁄Uãº˝ ◊ÊŒË, ÿÁŒÿÈ⁄Uå¬Ê, Á‡Êfl⁄UÊ¡ Á‚¢„U øÊÒ„UÊŸ, ‹Ê‹¡Ë ≈U«¢ UŸ, ‚È·◊Ê Sfl⁄UÊ¡, fl‚Èœ¢ ⁄UÊ ⁄UÊ¡, ◊Ÿ∑§Ê ªÊ¢œË, flL§áÊ ªÊ¢œË, Ÿfl¡Êà Á‚¢„U Á‚hÍ ‚◊à •Á÷Ÿÿ ‚ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁà ◊¥ •Ê∞ ‡ÊòÊÈÉŸ Á‚ã„UÊ, Á∑§⁄UáÊ π⁄U, S◊ÎÁà ߸⁄UÊŸË •ÊÒ⁄U ª¡º¥ ˝ øÊÒ„UÊŸ ÷Ë ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ Õ– ÷Ê¡¬Ê ∑§Ë ÿ„U ¬„U‹Ë ⁄UÊCÔU˛Ëÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‚Á◊Áà ∑§Ë ’ÒΔU∑§ ÕË Á¡‚◊¥ •≈U‹ Á’„UÊ⁄UË flÊ¡¬߸ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ Ÿ„UË¥ Õ– ¬Í⁄U ’ÒΔU∑§ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ÿÍ¬Ë ◊¥ ÷Ê¡¬Ê ∑§Ê ◊¡’Íà ’ŸÊŸ ∑§Ë øøʸ „UÊÃ Ë ⁄U„UË– ß‚Ë ’Ëø ÷Ê¡¬Ê ‚Ê¢‚Œ •ÊÒ⁄U ¬Ífl¸ ∑§¥ º˝Ëÿ ¬ÿʸfl⁄UáÊ ◊¢òÊË ◊Ÿ∑§Ê ª¢ÊœË Ÿ ŸÄπÊ‚ ¬ˇÊË ’Ê¡Ê⁄U ◊¥ ¿UÊ¬Ê ◊Ê⁄U∑§⁄U ¬˝ÁÃ’¢ÁœÃ ◊ÈÁŸÿÊ ¬ÁˇÊÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¿ÈU«U∏ÊÿÊ–


Lucknow, June 04, 2011

Á‚≈UË/¬˝ Œ  ‡ Ê

‚Ê»§ ¬ÊŸË ÷Ë Ÿ Á◊‹ ‚∑§Ê ß‚ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ¬ËŸ ∑§Ê ª◊˸ ‚ ’„UÊ‹ ‡Ê„U⁄UflÊ‚Ë ¬ÿ¡‹ ∑§ Á‹∞ Ã⁄U‚ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ¬ÿ¡‹ ‚ ¡È«∏UË ÿÊ¡ŸÊ•Ê¥ ¬⁄U ‚Ê‹ÊŸÊ ∑§⁄UÊ«∏UÊ¥ L§¬ÿÊ πø¸ ∑§⁄UÃË „ÒU– ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ß‚∑§ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë Ã‹Ê‡Ê ◊¥ πÊ‹Ë ’ÊÀ≈UË-«Ué’ Á‹∞ Œ⁄U-Œ⁄U ÷≈U∑§Ã, ŒÍ⁄UŒ⁄UÊ¡ ‹ª „Ò¥U«U¬ê¬ ¬⁄U ◊Ê⁄UÊ◊Ê⁄UË ∑§⁄UÃ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê Œπ∑§⁄U •¢ŒÊ¡Ê ‹ªÊŸÊ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄U ÿ„U ¬Ò‚Ê Á∑§‚ •¢œ ∑ȧ∞¢ ◊¥ ¡Ê ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ë Á¡Œ˜ŒÔ Ê¡„UŒ ◊¥ »¢§‚ •Ê◊ •ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ë ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹¥ ÿ„UË¥ πà◊ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃË– ¬‡ÊªÃ flÁ⁄UcΔUÊ¥ ∑§Ë «UÊ¢≈U •ÊÒ⁄U ¬Á⁄U¡ŸÊ¥ ∑§Ë ÃÊŸ ‚„U∑§⁄U ’ŒSÃÍ⁄U flÊÚ≈U⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U •ãÿ ‚ê’¢ÁœÃ ≈ÒUÄ‚ ¡◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ‹ªË ≈UÊ¥≈UË ‚ ¡Ê ¬ÊŸË ÁŸ∑§‹ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU fl„U Á∑§‚Ë ÷‹-ø¢ª •ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ê •S¬ÃÊ‹ ¬„È¢UøÊŸ ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UÊ ◊ÊŒ˜ŒÔ Ê ⁄UπÃÊ „ÒU– ∑§„UË¥ •Ê◊ •ÊŒ◊Ë ß‚∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë Á„U◊Ê∑§Ã ∑§⁄U ’ÒΔUÊ ÃÊ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ’Ê’Í ©U‚∑§Ê ∞∑§ ‚ ŒÍ‚⁄U Áfl÷ʪ ∑§ ßß øÄ∑§⁄U ‹ªflÊ∞¢ª Á∑§ fl„U •Êª ∑§÷Ë ∞‚Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑§À¬ŸÊ Ã∑§ Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§⁄U ¬Ê∞ªÊ– ŒÍÁ·Ã ¬ÊŸË ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÁflÁ÷㟠ߋÊ∑§Ê¥ ◊¥ ‚¢∑˝§Ê◊∑§ ⁄UÊªÊ¥ Ÿ ¬Ò⁄U ¬‚Ê⁄UŸÊ ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ „ÒU– flø◊ÊŸ Á∑˝§ÿÊ∑§‹Ê¬Ê¥ ‚ ∞‚Ê ‹ªÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ◊„U∑§◊Ê ÁSÕÁà ªê÷Ë⁄U „UÊŸ ∑§Ê ߢáÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ªê÷Ë⁄U „UÊÃË ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ¬⁄U ¬˝SÃÈà „ÒU ‡ÊÊÁ‹ŸË ¬Êá«Uÿ ∑§Ë Á⁄U¬Ê≈¸... ‹πŸ™§– ◊߸ ∑§Ê ◊„UËŸÊ ‡ÊÈM§ „UÊÃ „UË Á¡ÃŸÊ ª◊˸ Ÿ L§‹ÊÿÊ ©U‚‚ ∑§„UË¥ ÖÿÊŒÊ ¬ÊŸË Ÿ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê „UÊ‹’„UÊ‹ ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ– •Ê‹◊ ÿ„U ÕÊ Á∑§ ªáÊ‡Êª¢¡, øÊÒ∑§, ÁòÊfláÊËŸª⁄U, „ÈU‚ÒŸª¢¡, ’ʋʪ¢¡ •ÊÒ⁄U ‹∑§«∏U◊¢«UË ◊¥ ÃËŸ-ÃËŸ ÁŒŸ Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË Ÿ„UË¥ •ÊÿÊ– ¡ÊŸ∑§Ë¬È⁄U◊, •Ê‹◊’ʪ, ⁄UʡʡˬÈ⁄U◊, πŒ⁄UÊ, ∑§ÀÿÊáʬÈ⁄U, •‹Ëª¢¡, ߢÁŒ⁄UÊ Ÿª⁄U •ÊÁŒ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ª¢ŒªË •ÊŸ ‚ ‹Êª ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ ⁄U„U– ¬ÊŸË Ÿ •ÊŸ ∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ¬⁄U ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ Ÿ ŒÊflÊ Á∑§ÿÊ Á∑§ ‚å‹Ê߸ ¬Í⁄UË ∑§Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ∑§„UË¥-∑§„UË¥ ¬⁄U ¡‹Ê¬ÍÁø ∑§Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ¬Ê߬ ‹ÊߟÊ¥ ∑§ ˇÊÁê˝Sà „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ •Ê ⁄U„UË „Ò– fl„UË¥ ªÊ◊ÃËŸª⁄U ◊¥ ‚å‹Ê߸ ‚ ¬ÊŸË ßÃŸÊ ª¢ŒÊ •ÊÿÊ Á¡‚ „U‹∑§ ∑§ ŸËø ©UÃÊ⁄UŸÊ ÃÊ ŒÍ⁄U ’⁄Uß Ã∑§ Ÿ„UË¥ œÊÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ ÕÊ– ªÊ◊ÃËŸª⁄U ∑§ Áfl⁄UÊ≈Uπ¢«U flÊÁ‚ÿÊ¥ ∑§ ÉÊ⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ ‹ªË ≈UÊ¥≈UË ‚ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ‚ÊÕ ÁøÁ«∏UÿÊ ∑§ ¬¢π, ’Ê‹, ∑§Ê߸ •ÊŸ ∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U Á◊‹ÃË ⁄U„UË¥– «Uʋ˪¢¡ •ÊÒ⁄U πŒ⁄UÊ ◊¥ ¬Ë‹Ê •ÊÒ⁄U ’Œ’ÍŒÊ⁄U ¬ÊŸË ¬ËŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ∑§ß¸ ‹Êª ©UÀ≈UË-ŒSà ∑§Ë ø¬≈U ◊¥ •Ê ª∞– ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ß‚∑§ ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§ ◊„Uʬ˝’¢œ∑§ «UË∑§ ‡Ê◊ʸ Ÿ ¬Í⁄U ◊Ê◊‹ ∑§Ê ¤ÊÍΔUÊ ∑§⁄UÊ⁄U ŒÃ „ÈU∞ ∑§„UÊ, Áfl⁄UÊ≈Uπ¢«U ◊¥ ∑§„UË¥ ÷Ë ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ª¢ŒªË Ÿ„UË¥ ¬Ê߸ ªß¸– ŒÍÁ·Ã ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ¬⁄U fl„UÊ¢ ∑§ ¬ÊŸË ∑§ Ÿ◊ÍŸÊ¥ ∑§Ê ≈US≈U ∑§⁄UflÊÿÊ ªÿÊ Á¡‚◊¥ ‚’ ŸÊÚ◊¸‹ ¬ÊÿÊ ªÿÊ– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ÿÁŒ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ª¢ŒªË •ÊÃË „ÒU ÃÊ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ¡Ê¢ø ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÈ⁄¢Uà ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§Ê ‚ÍÁøà ∑§⁄¥U– •Ê◊ •ÊŒ◊Ë ª¢Œ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ∑§„UÊ¢ ∑§⁄ •ÊÒ⁄U Á∑§‚‚, ¬‡ÊÊ¬‡Ê ◊¥ „ÒU– ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ, ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ÄflÊÁ‹≈Ë ∑§Ê ‹∑§⁄U ŒÊ ◊„Uàfl¬Íáʸ Áfl÷ʪÊ¥, ‚Ë∞◊•Ê, ‹πŸ™§ •ÊÒ⁄U ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§ ’Ëø ¡¢ª Á¿U«∏U øÈ∑§Ë „ÒU– ’«∏UË ‚¢ÅÿÊ ◊¥ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ ©UÀ≈UË-ŒSà ∑§Ë ø¬≈U ◊¥ •ÊŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ‚Ë∞◊•Ê ‚Ê„U’ Ÿ vz ‚ŒSÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ≈UË◊ ªÁΔUà ∑§⁄U •Ê‹◊’ʪ, ⁄UʡʡˬÈ⁄U◊, πŒ⁄UÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ¡ÊŸ∑§Ë¬È⁄U◊ ¡Ò‚ Áfl∑§Á‚à Á⁄U„UÊÿ‡ÊË ˇÊòÊÊ¥ ‚ vx{ ¬ÊŸË ∑§ Ÿ◊ÍŸ Á‹ÿ •ÊÒ⁄U zÆ ¬˝ÁÇÊà Ÿ◊ÍŸ Ä‹Ê⁄UËŸ Ÿ „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ¬ËŸ ∑§ •ÿÊÇÿ ÉÊÊÁ·Ã ∑§⁄U ÁŒ∞ ª∞– ’∑§ÊÒ‹ ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ¡’ Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ê ⁄UÊ‚ÊÿÁŸ∑§ ¬⁄UˡÊáÊ Ÿ „UÊ ¡Êÿ Ã’ Ã∑§ ∑§fl‹ Ä‹Ê⁄UËŸ ∑§Ë •ŸÈ¬ÁSÕÁà ∑§ ø‹Ã ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ê ¬ËŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ •ÿÊÇÿ Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§„UÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– ∞∑§ •Ê⁄U •Ê◊ •ÊŒ◊Ë ¬ËŸ ∑§ ¬ÊŸË ∑§ Á‹∞ Ã⁄U‚ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU ÃÊ ŒÍ‚⁄UË •Ê⁄U ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ Ä‹Ê⁄UËŸ ∑§Ê ‹∑§⁄U ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚Ë∞◊•Ê ∑§ ’Ëø ⁄US‚Ê∑§‡ÊË ’ŒSÃÍ⁄U ¡Ê⁄UË „ÒU– ߟ ‚’∑§ ’Ëø Á⁄U„UÊÿ‡ÊË ß‹Ê∑§Ê¥ ◊¥ ⁄U„UŸ flÊ‹Ê¥ ∑§ ÉÊ⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ ‹ªË ≈UÊ¥Á≈UÿÊ¥ ‚ Á⁄U‚Ã ¬Ë‹, ’Œ’ÍŒÊ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ∑§Ê߸ ÿÈÄÃ

¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ∑§Ê ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ/∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ë »È§⁄U‚à Ÿ ÃÊ ¡Ÿ¬˝ÁÃÁŸÁœÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿ „UË ŸÊÒ∑§⁄U‡ÊÊ„U •ÕflÊ ‚ê’¢ÁœÃ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê „ÒU– ‚Ëfl⁄U ¬Ê߬ ‹Êߟ «UÊ‹Ÿ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ¡‹Ê¬ÍÁø ¬Ê߬ ‹Êߟ¥ ÷Ë ˇÊÁê˝Sà „UÊ ⁄U„UË „Ò¥U– Á¡‚ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ‚ ÉÊ⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ ‹ªË ≈UÊ¥Á≈UÿÊ¥ ‚ ‚Ëfl⁄U ∑§Ê ¬ÊŸË ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ Á∑§øŸ Ã∑§ ¬„È¢Uø ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U mÊ⁄UÊ ˇÊÁê˝Sà ‹ÊߟÊ¥ ∑§Ê „U⁄U „UÊ‹ ◊¥ vz ¡ÍŸ Ã∑§ ΔUË∑§ ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§ •ÊŒ‡Ê ∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ ∑§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ∞∑§ ÁŸÿà ‚◊ÿ ’ÃÊŸ ∑§ ’¡Êÿ ¡ÀŒ „UË ˇÊÁê˝Sà ‹ÊߟÊ¥ ∑§ ΔUË∑§ „UÊŸ ∑§Ê •Ê‡flÊ‚Ÿ Œ∑§⁄U •¬ŸÊ ¬À‹Ê ¤ÊÊ«∏U ‹Ã „Ò¥U– ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¬ÿʸ# •ÊÒ⁄U ‡ÊÈh ¬ÿ¡‹ Á’ŸÊ Á∑§‚Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ∑§ ©U¬‹éœ ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§ ‚flÊ‹ ¬⁄U ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§ ◊„Uʬ˝’¢œ∑§ «UË∑§ ‡Ê◊ʸ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ‚’ ∑ȧ¿U ΔUË∑§-ΔUÊ∑§ ø‹ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U Á∑§‚Ë Ÿß¸ ÿÊ¡ŸÊ •ÊÒ⁄U √ÿflSÕÊ ∑§Ë ∑§Ê߸ ¡M§⁄Uà Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ÿ„UË¥ Ÿ„UË¥ ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ ÷Ë flø◊ÊŸ √ÿflSÕÊ ‚ ‚¢ÃÈc≈U „UÊ∑§⁄U øÒŸ ∑§Ë ŸË¥Œ ‚Ê ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ‚Ê»§ •ÊÒ⁄U Sflë¿U ¬ÊŸË •ÊŸ ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§„U ⁄U„U „Ò¥U ¡’Á∑§ ª¢ŒÊ ¬ÊŸË •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚∑§Ë Á∑§À‹Ã ‚ •Ê◊ ¡ŸÃÊ òÊSà „ÒU– ∑§ÀÿÊáʬÈ⁄U ÁSÕà ∑§‡Êfl Áfl„UÊ⁄U ∑§ ⁄UÊ◊ ŒÿÊ‹ •ÊÒ⁄U ◊ÈãŸË ŒflË ∑§Ê ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ∑§ß¸ ÁŒŸ Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË Ÿ„UË¥ •ÊÃÊ, ¡’ •ÊÃÊ „ÒU ÃÊ ∑§Ê߸ •ÊÒ⁄U ª¢ŒªË ∑§ ‚ÊÕ– •Ä‚⁄U ¬ÊŸË, ¬Ë‹Ê •ÊÒ⁄U ’Œ’ÍŒÊ⁄U •ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ©U‚∑§Ê ⁄UÊ¡◊⁄Uʸ ∑§ ∑§Ê◊Ê¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ßSÃ◊Ê‹ Ÿ„UË¥ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– ∞‚Ê „UË „UÊ‹ ߢÁŒ⁄UÊ Ÿª⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ßS◊Êß‹ª¢¡ ∑§Ê ÷Ë „ÒU– ߢÁŒ⁄UÊ Ÿª⁄U ∑§ ‚⁄UÊÿ◊Ê‹Ë πÊ¢ ‚Ä≈U⁄U-vv ∑§ ŸãŒÍ ∑§Ê ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ ∑§Ë ‹Ê¬⁄UflÊ„UË ∑§Ê πÊÁ◊ÿÊ¡Ê „U◊ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÷ÈªÃŸÊ ¬«∏U ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ Ÿ ‚Ëfl⁄U ‹Êߟ «UÊ‹Ÿ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ¡‹Ê¬ÍÁø ‹Êߟ ÃÊ«∏U ŒË– ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ ∑§fl‹ ÷⁄UÊ‚Ê „UË ÁŒ‹Ê ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– fl„UË¥ ßÁãŒ⁄UÊŸª⁄ ∑§ Á‡ÊflʡˬÈ⁄U◊ ∑§Ë ŒË¬Ê¢¡‹Ë øÊÒ’ ∑§„UÃË „Ò¢U Á∑§ ∞∑§ ÃÊ ¬ÊŸË ÁŸÿÁ◊à Ÿ„UË¥ •ÊÃÊ ™§¬⁄U ‚ ÿ„UÊ¢ ‹ª „Ò¥U«U¬ê¬ ∑§fl‹ ŸÊ◊ ∑§ „Ò¥U– ∑§ß¸ ‚Ê‹ ‚ π⁄UÊ’ ¬«∏U ߟ „Ò¥U«U¬ê¬Ê¥ ∑§Ê •Ê¡ Ã∑§ ‚„UË Ÿ„UË¥ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ „ÒU Á¡‚‚ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ‚◊SÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U Áfl∑§≈U „UÊ ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– ߢÁŒ⁄UÊŸª⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ªÊ◊ÃËŸª⁄U ∑§ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë Á∑§À‹Ã ‚ ¿ÈU≈U∑§Ê⁄UÊ Á◊‹ ‚∑§ ß‚Á‹∞ ∑§⁄UË’ v|w ∑§⁄UÊ«∏U ∑§Ë ‹ÊªÃ ‚ ÃËŸ ‚Ê‹ ◊¥ ÃÎÃËÿ flÊ≈U⁄U flÄ‚¸ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ, Á¡‚∑§Ë ˇÊ◊ÃÊ }Æ ∞◊∞‹«UË „ÒU– ß‚ flÊ≈U⁄U flÄ‚¸ ‚ ˇÊòÊ ∑§ ∑§⁄UË’ ‚flÊ ‹Êπ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ‹Ê÷ Á◊‹ŸÊ „ÒU– ÿ„U flÊ≈U⁄U flÄ‚¸ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§Ë fl·¸ wÆw{ Ã∑§ ∑§Ë •Ê’ÊŒË ∑§ Á‹∞ ’ŸÊÿÊ ªÿÊ „ÒU– •÷Ë ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„U

ß‚∑§Ë ‚å‹Ê߸ ‡ÊÈM§ Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§Ë ¡Ê ‚∑§Ë „ÒU–

y ‹Êπ ‹Êª •÷Ë ÷Ë åÿÊ‚ ∞∑§ Ÿ¡⁄U ÿÁŒ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§Ë •Ê’ÊŒË ¬⁄U «UÊ‹¥ ÃÊ ‚Ÿ˜Ô wÆÆv ◊¥ ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑§Ë •Ê’ÊŒË x{ ‹Êπ ÕË ¡Ê ’ËÃ vÆ ‚Ê‹Ê¥ ◊¥ ’…∏U∑§⁄U yz ‹Êπ „UÊ ªß¸– ÿÊŸË ¬Í⁄U ~ ‹Êπ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê •ÁÃÁ⁄UÄà ÷Ê⁄U ‡Ê„U⁄U ¬⁄U ¬«∏UÊ– ‡Ê„U⁄UflÊÁ‚ÿÊ¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¡‹Ê¬ÍÁø ‚»¸§‚ flÊÚ≈U⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ª˝Ê©U¢«U flÊÚ≈U⁄U mÊ⁄UÊ ¬Í⁄UË ∑§Ë ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– ‚»¸§‚ flÊÚ≈U⁄U ∑§ ÄUà ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ÃËŸ flÊÚ≈U⁄U flÄ‚¸ ª™§ÉÊÊ≈U, ∞‡Ê’ʪ •ÊÒ⁄U ªÊ◊ÃË Ÿª⁄U ◊¥ „Ò¥U Á¡Ÿ∑§Ë ˇÊ◊ÃÊ ∑˝§◊‡Ê— ‹ª÷ª vyÆ, wÆÆ •ÊÒ⁄U }Æ ∞◊∞‹«UË „ÒU– ߟ flÊÚ≈U⁄U flÄ‚¸ ∑§ ¡Á⁄U∞ ∑§⁄UË’ vÆ ‹Êπ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¬ÊŸË ‚å‹Ê߸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– flÊ≈U⁄U flÄ‚¸ ‚å‹Ê߸ ∑§ •ÁÃÁ⁄UÄà •Ê‹◊’ʪ, ‹Ê‹’ʪ ‚Á„Uà •ãÿ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U ¬ÊŸË ≈U˜ÔÿÍ’fl‹ mÊ⁄UÊ ‹ÊªÊ¥ Ã∑§ ¬„È¢UøÃÊ „ÒU– ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ◊ÊŸ¥ ÃÊ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ¬˝ÁÃÁŒŸ y}x ∞◊∞‹«UË ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ „ÒU ¡’Á∑§ y{Æ ∞◊∞‹«UË ‚å‹Ê߸ „UÊ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ÿÊŸË ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë Á∑§À‹Ã Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ë ¡Ÿ‚¢ÅÿÊ yz ‹Êπ „UÊ ªß¸ „Ò ‹Á∑§Ÿ ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË •÷Ë ÷Ë ¬È⁄UÊŸ •Ê¢∑§«∏UÊ¥ ¬⁄U „UË ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ‚å‹Ê߸ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ mÊ⁄UÊ ’ÃÊ∞ ª∞ •Ê¢∑§«∏UÊ¥ ‚ ‚ËœË ŒÊªÈŸË „ÒU– Á»§⁄U ÷Ë ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ¬Í⁄UË „UÊŸ ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§„U ⁄U„U „Ò¥U–

¡¡¸⁄U „UÊ‹Ã ◊¥ •Êfl⁄U„U«U ¬Ê߬ ‹Êߟ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÁŸ⁄U¢Ã⁄U ¬ÊŸË Á◊‹Ã ⁄U„Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ’Ÿ •Êfl⁄U„U«U ≈Ò¥U∑§ ∑§fl‹ ŸÊ◊ ∑§ „UË ⁄U„U ª∞ „ÒU¢– ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ ߢÁŒ⁄UÊ Ÿª⁄, U¡ÊŸ∑§Ë¬È⁄U◊, ∑§ÀÿÊáʬÈ⁄U, ªÊ◊ÃËŸª⁄U •ÊÁŒ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U •Êfl⁄U„U«U ≈Ò¥U∑§ ’Ÿ „Ò¥U– ‚»§Ê߸ Ÿ „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ≈Ò¥U∑§Ê¥ ◊¥ ∑§Ê߸ ¡◊ ¡ÊÃË „Ò– UßÃŸÊ „UË Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ߟ ≈Ò¥∑§Ê ∑§ …UÄ∑§Ÿ πÈ‹ ⁄U„U ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U Á¡‚‚ ß‚◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ¡Ëfl-¡¢ÃÈ ◊⁄U ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¬ÃÊ Ÿ „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ fl„U ß‚∑§Ê ¬ÊŸË „UË ¬ËÃ „Ò¥U •ÊÒ⁄U ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË ∑§Ë ø¬≈U ◊¥ •Ê ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U– flÊ≈U⁄U ‚å‹Ê߸ œË◊Ê „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ≈Ò¥U∑§Ê¥ Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË ÷Ë Ÿ„UË¥ ¬„È¢UøÃÊ „ÒU Á¡‚‚ ÿ„U ’∑§Ê⁄U ¬«∏U „Ò¥U– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ¡‹Ê¬ÍÁø ∑§ Á‹∞ Á’¿UË ¬Ê߬ ‹Êߟ¥ ∑§Ê»§Ë ‚Ê‹ ¬È⁄UÊŸË „Ò¥U ¡Ê ¡¡¸⁄U „UÊ‹Ã ◊¥ ¬„È¢Uø øÈ∑§Ë „UÒ¥– ¬Ê߬ ‹Êߟ¥ ∞‚Ë „Ò¥U ¡Ê ¬È⁄UÊŸË „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ’Ê‹Í fl Á◊≈˜UÔ≈UË ‚ ¡Ê◊ „UÊ øÈ∑§Ë „Ò¥U– ∑ȧ¿U ∞‚Ë ÷Ë ‹Êߟ¢ „Ò¥U ¡Ê ’Ëø-’Ëø ◊¥ ˇÊÁê˝Sà „UÊ øÈ∑§Ë „Ò¥U– Á¡‚∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ß‚◊¥ ª¢ŒªË •ÊÒ⁄U ‚Ëfl⁄U ∑§Ê ¬ÊŸË ÷Ë Á◊‹Ÿ ‹ªÃÊ „ÒU– ’ʋʪ¢¡, ÁòÊfláÊËŸª⁄U,øÊÒ∑§ •ÊÁŒ ‚ ¬Ë‹Ê fl ’Œ’ÍŒÊ⁄U

¬ÊŸË •ÊŸ ∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§ÊÿÃ¥ „U◊‡ÊÊ Á◊‹ÃË ⁄U„UÃË „Ò¥U– ¡¡¸⁄U „UÊ øÈ∑§Ë¥ ߟ ¬Ê߬ ‹Êߟ ∑§Ê ’Œ‹ ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà „ÒU ‹Á∑§Ÿ ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ ∑§ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ‚÷Ë ¬Ê߬ ‹Êߟ ŒÈL§Sà „Ò¥U–

ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë ⁄UÊÿ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë ◊ÊŸ¥ ÃÊ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ Ä‹Ê⁄UËŸ ∑§Ë ◊ÊòÊÊ ∑§◊ „UÊŸ ‚ ©U‚◊¥ ’ÒÄ≈UËÁ⁄UÿÊ „UÊŸ ∑§Ë •Ê‡Ê¢∑§Ê ’…∏U ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– «UÊÚÄ≈U⁄U ‚Ê‹¢∑§Ë ∑§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ¬≈U ∑§Ë ªê÷Ë⁄U ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ‚’‚ ’«∏UÊ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ê ŒÍÁ·Ã „UÊŸÊ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU– ŒÍÁ·Ã ¬ÊŸË ∑§ ‚flŸ ‚ •Ê¢Ã fl ŒÍ‚⁄U •¢ªÊ¥ ◊¥ Áfl∑§Ê⁄U, ¬ËÁ‹ÿÊ, ≈UÊß»§Êß«U, Á„U¬≈UÊßÁ≈U‚-∞ •ÊÒ⁄U ©UÀ≈UË-ŒSà ¡Ò‚ ⁄UÊª „UÊ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U, ÿ„UË¥ Ÿ„UË¥ ŒÍÁ·Ã ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ê ‚flŸ ¡ÊŸ‹flÊ ÷Ë „UÊ ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– «UÊÚÄ≈U⁄U ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ◊ÊÒ¡ÍŒ ’ÒÄ≈UËÁ⁄UÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U flÊÿ⁄U‚ ∑§Ê πà◊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ Ä‹Ê⁄UËŸ Á◊‹Ê߸ ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ⁄UÊ≈UÊ flÊÿ⁄U‚, ‚Ê‹◊ÊŸ‹Ê •ÊÒ⁄U •◊Ë’Ê ‚◊à Ã◊Ê◊ ’ÒÄ≈UËÁ⁄UÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U flÊÿ⁄U‚ ¬Ê∞ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U ¡Ê ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË ©Uà¬ãŸ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U– ªÁ◊¸ÿÊ¥ ◊¥ ߟ∑§ ’…∏UŸ ∑§Ë •Ê‡Ê¢∑§Ê ‚’‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ „UÊÃË „ÒU ß‚Á‹∞ ß‚ ‚◊ÿ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ Ä‹Ê⁄UËŸ ∑§Ë ◊ÊòÊÊ ’…∏UÊ ŒŸË øÊÁ„U∞–

•Ê¢∑§«∏U¥ ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ∑§Ë ◊ÊŸ¥ ÃÊ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ¬˝ÁÃÁŒŸ y}x ∞◊∞‹«UË „ÒU ß‚∑§ Áfl¬⁄UËà ¬˝ÁÃÁŒŸ y{Æ ∞◊∞‹«UË ¬ÊŸË (‚È’„U { ‚ vÆ ’¡ Ã∑§, ‡ÊÊ◊ { ‚ vÆ ’¡ Ã∑§) ‚å‹Ê߸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ y{ÆÆ ‚Êfl¸¡ÁŸ∑§ Ÿ‹ •ÊÒ⁄U ~~x{ „Ò¥U«U¬ê¬ „Ò¥U– π⁄UÊ’ „Ò¥U«U¬ê¬Ê¥ ∑§Ë ‚¢ÅÿÊ vw~x „ÒU¢– ß‚ ◊„UËŸ ⁄UË’Ê⁄U „È∞ „Ò¥U«U¬ê¬Ê¥ ∑§Ë ‚¢ÅÿÊ zÆ „ÒU– ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ∑ȧ‹ Á∑§ÃŸ ≈˜UÿÔ Í’fl‹ „Ò¥U, Á∑§ÃŸ øÊ‹Í „UÊ‹Ã ◊¥ „Ò¢ •ÊÒ⁄U Á∑§ÃŸ π⁄UÊ’ „Ò¥U ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ∑§Ê߸ ÷Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ŒŸ ‚ ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ã⁄UÊÃ „Ò¥U–

xÆ L§¬∞ ◊¥ ∑§⁄UÊ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U ¡Ê¢ø ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ªÈáÊflûÊÊ ¡ÊŸŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¡‹ ‚¢SÕÊŸ •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿª⁄U ÁŸª◊ ∑§Êÿʸ‹ÿ øÄ∑§⁄U ‹ªÊŸ ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– •‹Ëª¢¡ ÁSÕà ⁄UÊÖÿ SflÊSâÿ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ◊¥ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ¡Ê¢ø „UÊ ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ÿ„UÊ¢ ¬⁄U ◊„U¡ xÆ L§¬∞ •ŒÊ ∑§⁄U∑§ ¡‹ ∑§Ë ªÈáÊflûÊÊ ∑§Ë ¡Ê¢ø ∑§⁄UÊ߸ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË „ÒU– ß‚∑§Ë Á⁄U¬Ê≈¸U ∞∑§ ‚ ŒÊ ÁŒŸ ∑§ •¢Œ⁄U ©U¬‹éœ ∑§⁄UÊ ŒË ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ª¢ŒªË •ÊÒ⁄U ‚¢∑˝§◊áÊ ‚ ‚ê’¢ÁœÃ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ∑§Ê ‚Ë∞◊•Ê „UÀ¬‹Êߟ Ÿê’⁄UÆzww-www{Æ}Æ ¬⁄U ‚ÍÁøà Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU–


Lucknow, June 04, 2011


ÿ„U ŒπÊ Á∑§S◊à ∑§Ê π‹ ¬…∏¥U »§Ê⁄U‚Ë ’ø¥ Ã‹ •Ÿ„U‚ ‡Êʇflà •Ê¡∑§‹ ⁄UÊà ∑§Ê πÊŸÊ πÊŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ∞∑§ ’„ÈUà ’«∏U ¬Ê∑¸§ ◊¥ ≈U„U‹Ÿ ¡ÊŸÊ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU– ßûÊ»§Ê∑§ ‚ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ Á¡‚ ß‹Ê∑§ ◊¥ ÿ„U ¬Ê∑¸§ „ÒU, ©U‚Ë ß‹Ê∑§ ◊¥ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ ÁŸ¡Ë ߢ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ ∑§ Ã◊Ê◊ ÁfllÊÕ˸ ÷Ë ∑§◊⁄U ‹∑§⁄U ⁄U„UÃ „Ò¥U– ©UŸ◊¥ ‚ ∑§ß¸ ⁄UÊà ∑§Ê πÊŸÊ πÊŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ©U‚Ë ¬Ê∑¸§ ◊¥ ≈U„U‹Ÿ •ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ≈U„U‹Ÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚ÈSÃÊŸ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ SflÊ÷ÊÁfl∑§ ◊ÊŸfl-Á¡ôÊÊ‚Ê fl‡Ê ©UŸ ÁfllÊÁÕ¸ÿÊ¥ ‚ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ’ÊÃøËà „ÈU߸– ÁŸ¡Ë ߢ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ ∑Ò§‚ „UÊÃ „Ò¥U, ©UŸ◊¥ ¬…∏UÊ߸ ∑§Ê SÃ⁄U ÄÿÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ©U‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ŸÊÒ∑§Á⁄UÿÊ¢ Á◊‹Ÿ ∑§Ë Œ‡ÊÊ ÄÿÊ „ÒU? ÿ„U ’ÊÃøËà ∑§Ê Áfl·ÿ ⁄U„UÊ– ߟ ‚flÊ‹Ê¥ ∑§ ¡Ê ¡flÊ’ ߟ ÁfllÊÊÁÕ¸ÿÊ¥ Ÿ ÁŒ∞ flÊ ÷ÿÊfl„U Õ– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ߟ ÁŸ¡Ë ߢ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ ◊¥ ∑§Ê߸ ÁŸÿ◊-∑§ÊŸÍŸ Ÿ„UË¥ ø‹ÃÊ– ◊Ÿ◊ÊŸË »§Ë‚ ‹Ë ¡ÊÃË „ÒU, Á‡Ê∑§ÊÿÃÊ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§„UË¥ ∑§Ê߸ ‚ÈŸflÊ߸ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃË •ÊÒ⁄U Á‡ÊˇÊÊ ∑§Ê SÃ⁄U ‡ÊÍãÿ „ÒU– √ÿflSÕÊ ∑§ ◊∑§«∏U¡Ê‹ ◊¥ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ ∑§Ë ◊Ÿ◊ÊŸË ∑§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ‹«∏UŸÊ, ‚Ê◊Êãÿ •Á÷÷Êfl∑§ •ÊÒ⁄U ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§ ’ÍÃ ∑§Ê Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ∞‚Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ¡Ê ŒÊ-øÊ⁄U ∑§ÊÁ‡Ê‡Ê¥ „ÈU߸ ©U‚∑§ ¬Á⁄UáÊÊ◊ ‚ê’¢ÁœÃ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê •¬ŸÊ ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U Á’ªÊ«∏U ∑ ⁄U „UË øÈ∑§ÊŸ ¬«∏U– ß‚‚ ’Ê∑§Ë ‹ÊªÊ¥ Ÿ ‚’∑§ Á‹ÿÊ Á∑§ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ߟ ߢ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ ◊¥ ∞«UÁ◊‡ÊŸ ‹ ‹Ÿ ∑§ ’ÊŒ Á∑§‚Ë Ã⁄U„U Á«Uª˝Ë ‹∑§⁄U ÁŸ∑§‹ •ÊŸ ◊¥ „UË ÷‹Ê߸ „ÒU– ¬…∏UÊ߸ ∑§Ê SÃ⁄U ÄÿÊ „ÒU ß‚∑§Ê •¢ŒÊ¡Ê ß‚Ë ‚ ‹ªÊ∞¢ Á∑§ ߟ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ ∑§ ÖÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U •äÿʬ∑§ ÿ„UË¥ ∑§ ÁfllÊÕ˸ „Ò¥U ¡Ê ∑§„UË¥ ŸÊÒ∑§⁄UË Ÿ Á◊‹Ÿ ∑§Ë fl¡„U ‚ •ÊΔU ‚ ’Ê⁄U„U „U¡Ê⁄U L§¬∞ ◊„UËŸ ∑§Ë ßÅflÊ„U ¬⁄U ÿ„UË¥ ¬…∏UÊŸ ‹ª „Ò¥U ÃÊÁ∑§ ßÖ¡Ã •ÊÒ⁄U ‚»§Œ¬Ê‡ÊË ’øË ⁄U„U– ©UŸ ÁfllÊÁÕ¸ÿÊ¥ ‚ ÿ„U ‚’ ’ÊÃ¥ ‚ÈŸ∑§⁄U ¬„U‹ ÃÊ ÁflEÊ‚ „UË Ÿ„UË¥ „ÈU•Ê Á∑§ ÁSÕÁÃÿÊ¢ ßÃŸË π⁄UÊ’ „UÊ

‚∑§ÃË „Ò¥U– ©UŸ ÁfllÊÊÁÕÿÙ¥ ‚ ¬Í¿ÊU Á∑§ ÃÈ◊ ‹Êª ߟ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ ◊¥ •Ê∞ „UË ÄÿÊ¥? ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ¡flÊ’ ÁŒÿÊ Á∑§ «UÊÚÄ≈U⁄U, ߢ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§ ¬‡Ê ∑§ flø◊ÊŸ Ç‹Ò◊⁄U ∑§Ë fl¡„U ‚ •Êÿ, ∑§ß¸ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ©UŸ∑§Ë ∑§Ù߸ ßë¿UÊ Ÿ„UË¥ ÕË ‹Á∑§Ÿ ◊Ê¢-’ʬ ∑§ Œ’Êfl ◊¥ ߟ ∑§Ê‹¡Ù¥ ◊¥ ∞«UÁ◊‡ÊŸ ÈÁ‹ÿÊ– ÿ„U ÃÊ ∞«UÁ◊‡ÊŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ¬ÃÊ ø‹Ê Á∑§ ‚ëøÊ߸ ÄÿÊ „ÒU– fl ¿UÊòÊ ‚ø ’ÃÊ ⁄U„U Õ– ߟ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥

ªÿÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ÁŸ¡Ë ߢ¡ËÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ ‚ ÁŸ∑§‹ ‹ÊπÊ¥ ¿UÊòÊ ’⁄UÊ¡ªÊ⁄U ÉÊÍ◊ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ¡ÊÚ’ ◊Ê∑¸§≈U ◊¥ ߟ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§Ê߸ flÒÀÿÍ Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ÿ ¿UÊòÊ Œ‚ ÿÊ ’Ê⁄U„U „U¡Ê⁄U L§¬∞ ◊„UËŸ ∑§Ë ŸÊÒ∑§Á⁄UÿÊ¥ ∑§ ÷Ë ◊Ê„UÃÊ¡ „Ò¥U– •’ ß‚ ¬Í⁄UË ∑§„UÊŸË ∑§Ê ß‚ Ÿ¡Á⁄U∞ ‚ ÷Ë ŒÁπ∞ Á∑§ Ã◊Ê◊ Ÿ∞ ÁŸ¡Ë ߢ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ ∑§ ÷flŸ ’Ÿ– „U¡Ê⁄UÊ¥ •äÿʬ∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ ∑§Ê „UË ‚„UË ⁄UÊ¡ªÊ⁄U Á◊‹Ê– ‹ÊπÊ¥ ߢ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ÷Ë ’Ÿ ª∞– ‚ëøÊ߸ ‚ ¬⁄U ¡Ê∑§⁄U Œπ¥ ÃÊ ’Ê„U⁄U ‚ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§Ê ÿ„U U ‡ÊÊŸŒÊ⁄U •Ê¢ ∑ §«∏ U Ê ∑§Êª¡Ë „ÒU, ‚ëøÊ߸ ÿ„U „ÒU Á∑§ ß‚

Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑ § Ê ¬Á⁄UáÊÊ◊ ‡ÊÍãÿ

∑§ •ŸÈ÷fl ‚ Ÿ∞ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ©UŸ∑§ •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ê¥ Ÿ ‚’∑§ ‹ŸÊ ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ „ÒU– Á¬¿U‹ ‚Ê‹ ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ÁŸ¡Ë ߢ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ ∑§Ë yÆ „U¡Ê⁄U ‚Ë≈UÊ¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÁfllÊÕ˸ Ÿ„UË¥ •Ê∞– ‡ÊÊÿŒ ÿ„UË fl¡„U „ÒU Á∑§ ß‚ ‚G ◊¥ ÖÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U ∑§Ê‹¡ S∑§Ê‹⁄UÁ‡Ê¬ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ’Êà •¬Ÿ ÁflôÊʬŸÙ¥ ◊¥ Á‹π ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ß‚ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ •÷Ë Á¬¿U‹ ÁŒŸÊ¥ ∞∑§ ¬˝ÁÃÁcΔUà ∞¡¥‚Ë ∑§Ê ‚fl¸ˇÊáÊ ∞∑§ ŒÒÁŸ∑§ ◊¥ ¿U¬Ê ©U‚◊¥ ’ÃÊÿÊ

„ÒU– fl¡„¥U ß‚∑§Ë Ã◊Ê◊ „Ò¥U, Á¡ã„¥U ‚’ ¡ÊŸÃ „Ò¥U, ©U‚∑§Ë øøʸ Á»§⁄U ∑§÷Ë– ߟ ÁSÕÁÃÿÊ¥ ∑§ ◊Œ˜ÔŒŸ¡⁄U ÿ„UÊ¢ ÿ„U ’ÃÊŸÊ ÷Ë ¬˝Ê‚¢Áª∑§ „UÊªÊ Á∑§ ¡ÀŒ „UË ÷Ê⁄Uà ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ‚Ò∑§«∏UÊ¥ Ÿ∞ ÁŸ¡Ë ◊Á«U∑§‹ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ πÊ‹Ÿ ∑§Ë •ŸÈ◊Áà ÷Ë ŒŸ ¡Ê ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ¡’ ÿ„U ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ πÈ‹¥ª ߟ◊¥ ‚ ∑Ò§‚ «UÊÚÄ≈U⁄U ÁŸ∑§‹¥ª ÿ„U •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ ‚◊¤ÊÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– ßÃŸÊ „UË Ÿ„UË¥ Ã◊Ê◊ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U Áfl‡flÁfllÊ‹ÿÊ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë Á¬¿U‹ ∑§ß¸ ‚Ê‹Ê¥ ‚ ⁄UÊ¡ªÊ⁄U¬⁄U∑§ Á‡ÊˇÊÊ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ∑§ß¸ ∞‚ ∑§Ê‚¸¡ ÷Ë œË⁄U-œË⁄U ’¢Œ Á∑§∞ ¡Ê ⁄U„U „Ò¥U ÄÿÊ¥Á∑§ ߟ◊¥ ¿UÊòÊ •ÊÃ

„UË Ÿ„UË¥ „Ò¥U– •’ •Ê¬ ’ÃÊß∞ Á∑§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§Ê ÿ„U ∑Ò§‚Ê ◊ÊÚ«U‹ „ÒU? ß ‚ åflÊߢ≈U ¬⁄U ∞∑§ •ı⁄U øøʸ ÷Ë ¡M§⁄UË „ÒU–

•∑§‚⁄U •π’Ê⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ÁflôÊʬŸ ÁŸ∑§‹ÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ∑§Ê‹¡ ÿÊ ÿÈÁŸflÁ‚¸≈UË ◊¥ ∞«UÁ◊‡ÊŸ ‹Ÿ ∑§ ¬„U‹ ÿ„U ‚ÈÁŸÁpà ∑§⁄U ‹¥ Á∑§ fl„U ’Ê∑§ÊÿŒÊ ÿÍ.¡Ë.‚Ë. ‚ ◊ÊãÿÃÊ ¬˝Ê# „ÒU ÿÊ Ÿ„UË¥– ß‚∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ •ª⁄U ª‹Ã ‚¢SÕÊŸ ◊¥ ∞«UÁ◊‡ÊŸ ‹ Á‹ÿÊ „ÒU ÃÙ •ŒÊ‹Ã ‚ ◊È∑§Œ◊Ê ‹«∏U∑§⁄U ©U‚∑§Ê „U¡Ê¸ŸÊ Á‹ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– •’ ß‚ „UÊSÿÊS¬Œ ÁŸÿ◊ ¬⁄U ÄÿÊ ∑§„¥U? ∑§Ê‹¡Ù¥ •ı⁄U ÁflEÁfllÊ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ◊ÊãÿÃÊ ŒŸ ∑§ Á‹ÿ ÷Ê⁄Uà ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UÊ ÃÊ◊-¤ÊÊ◊ „ÒU ©U‚∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ •ª⁄U ’Ùª‚ •ı⁄U ‹ø⁄U ªÈáÊflûÊÊ flÊ‹ ∑§Ê‹¡ πÈ‹ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U ÃÙ Á»§⁄U ©U‚∑§Ê „U¡Ê¸ŸÊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ÿÊ ©U‚ ¬˝Œ‡Ê Áfl‡Ê· ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ‚ ÷Ë ÄÿÙ¥¢ Ÿ Á‹ÿÊ ¡Êÿ– ŒÍ‚⁄UË ’Êà øÊ⁄U ÿÊ ¬Ê¢ø ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ë ¬…UÊ߸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ¡’ ∑§Ù߸ ÁfllÊÕ˸ Ÿı∑§⁄UË πÙ¡Ÿ ÁŸ∑§‹ÃÊ „ÒU •ı⁄U ©U‚ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ©U‚∑§ ∑§Ê‹¡ ∑§Ë ◊ÊãÿÃÊ „UË ª«∏U’«∏U „ÒU ÃÙ Á»§⁄U fl„U ∑Ò§ ‚Ê‹ ◊È∑§Œ◊Ê ‹«∏U •ı⁄U Á»§⁄U •ª⁄U ◊ÊŸ ‹Ù ©U‚ ÕÙ«∏UÊ ’„ÈUà „U¡Ê¸ŸÊ Á◊‹ ÷Ë ¡Êÿ ÃÙ ÷Ë ©U‚∑§ ’’ʸŒ ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ë ÷⁄U¬Ê߸ ∑§ıŸ ∑§⁄ªÊ ß‚∑§Ê ¡flÊ’ ∑§ıŸ ŒªÊ– ÿ„UÊ¢ ¬⁄U ŒπÊ ¡Êÿ ÃÙ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U flÙ ◊Ê¢-’ʬ ÷Ë Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄U „Ò¥U ¡Ù •¬ŸË ◊„UàflÊ∑§Ê¢ˇÊÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬Í⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Á‹ÿ •¬Ÿ ’ìÊÙ¥ ∑§Ù ∑Ò§‚ ÷Ë „UÙ «UÊÚÄ≈U⁄U, ߢ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U •ı⁄U ◊ÒŸ¡⁄U ’ŸÊŸ ¬⁄U ÃÈ‹ ⁄U„UÃ „Ò¥U– ©Uã„¥U ÷Ë ∞‚Ë ¬˝flÎÁûÊ ‚ ’Ê¡ •ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„Uÿ–

ÿÊòÊÊ 10 ‚Ò‹ÊÁŸÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ‹È÷ÊÃÊ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ Lucknow, June 04, 2011

ÃÊ‹Ê¥, ¤ÊË‹Ù¥ ∑§Ê ‡Ê„⁄U ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ©àÃ⁄UÊ𥫠∑§Ê ¬˝Á‚h ¬ÿ¸≈UŸ§ SÕ‹ „Ò– ’»§¸ ‚ …∏∑‘§ ¬„Ê«∏Ù¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ’‚Ê ÿ„ SÕÊŸ ¤ÊË‹Ù¥ ‚ ÁÉÊ⁄UÊ „È•Ê „Ò– ß‚Á‹∞ ß‚ ¤ÊË‹Ù¥ ∑§Ê ‡Ê„⁄U ÷Ë ∑§„Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ߟ◊¥ ‚ ‚’‚ ¬˝◊Èπ ¤ÊË‹ ŸÒŸË ¤ÊË‹ „Ò Á¡‚∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ß‚ ¡ª„ ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ¬«∏Ê– ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑§Ù ¬„øÊŸ ÁŒ‹ÊŸ ∑§Ê üÊÿ ¬Ë.’M§Ÿ ŸÊ◊∑§ √ÿÁÄà ∑§Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á¡ã„Ù¥Ÿ v}yv ◊¥ ß‚∑§Ë SÕʬŸÊ ∑§Ë ÕË– •¥ª˝¡Ë ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ∑§Ê‹ ◊¥ ÿ„ •¥ª˝¡Ù¥ ∑§Ê ª˝Ëc◊∑§Ê‹ËŸ ◊¥ ◊ÈÅÿÊ‹ÿ „ÈU•Ê ∑§⁄UÃÊ ÕÊ– •¬Ÿ ’Ê¡Ê⁄UÊ¥, ¤ÊË‹Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ÃÊ‹Ê¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÊ ÿ„U ¬˝Á‚h „UË „ÒU ß‚∑§ ‚ÊÕ „UË ‚ÊÕ ŸÒŸÊ ◊ÁãŒ⁄U ∑§ Á‹∞ ÷Ë ◊‡Ê„ÍU⁄U „ÒU – ¡ŸüÊÈÁÃÿÙ¥ fl ¬È⁄UÊáÊÊ¥ ∑‘§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ∑§„UÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ Á‡Êfl ¬àŸË ‚ÃË ∑§Ë •Ê¥π ÿÊŸË ‚ÃË ∑§ ŸÒŸ ÿ„UË ¬⁄U Áª⁄UŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÿ„U SÕÊŸ {y ‡ÊÁÄà ¬ËΔÙ¥ ◊ ‚ ∞∑§ ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ ©ûÊ⁄U-¬Á‡ø◊ Á∑§ŸÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ŸÒŸÊ ŒflË ∑§Ê ◊ÁãŒ⁄U „Ò– ¬˝Ê∑§ÎÁÃ∑§ ‚ı¥Œÿ¸ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ „◊‡ÊÊ ‚ „UË ¬ÿ¸≈U∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã ∑§⁄UÃÊ ⁄U„Ê „Ò–

∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ∑Ò§‹Ê‡Ê ¬fl¸Ã ¡Ê ⁄U„ Õ, Ã’ ¡„Ê¥-¡„Ê¥ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ∑‘§ •¥ª Áª⁄U fl„Ê¥-fl„Ê¥ ‡ÊÁÄìËΔÙ¥ ∑§Ë SÕʬŸÊ „È߸– ŸÒŸË ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ SÕÊŸ ¬⁄U ŒflË ‚ÃË ∑§Ë •Ê¥ÅÊ Áª⁄UË ÕË– Á¡‚∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ß‚ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ë SÕʬŸÊ ∑§Ë ªß¸ „Ò– ◊Ê¢ ŸÒŸÊ ŒflË ∑§Ë •Á‚◊ ∑§Î¬Ê „◊‡ÊÊ •¬Ÿ ÷ÄUÃÙ¥ ¬⁄U ’ŸË ⁄U„ÃË „Ò– „⁄U fl·¸ ◊Ê¢ ŸÒŸÊ ŒflË ∑§Ê ◊‹Ê ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ◊¥ •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò–

ÃÀ‹Ë ∞fl¥ ◊À‹Ë ÃÊ‹ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑‘§ ÃÊ‹ ∑‘§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ •Ù⁄U ‚«∏∑‘§ „Ò¥– ÃÊ‹ ∑§Ê ™§¬⁄U ∑§Ê ◊À‹Ê ÷ʪ ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ •ı⁄U ŸËø‹Ê ÷ʪ ÃÀ‹ËÃÊ‹ ∑§„‹ÊÃÊ „Ò– ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ ◊¥ ∞∑§ •Ê⁄U ‚◊Ë ∑§Ê πÈ‹Ê ◊Ҍʟ „Ò– ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ ∑‘§ ‚◊Ë ¬⁄U ‡ÊÊ◊ „ÙÃ „Ë ◊ÒŒÊŸË ˇÊòÊÙ¥ ‚ •Ê∞ „È∞ ‚Ò‹ÊŸË ∞∑§òÊ „Ù ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ÿ„Ê¢ ÁŸàÿ Ÿÿ π‹ -Ã◊ʇÊ „ÙÃ ⁄U„Ã „Ò¥– ‚¥äÿÊ ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ¡’ ‚Ê⁄UË ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ Ÿª⁄UË Á’¡‹Ë ∑‘§ ¬˝∑§Ê‡Ê ◊¥ ¡ª◊ªÊŸ ‹ªÃË „Ò ÃÙ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑‘§ ÃÊ‹ ∑§Ê ŒπŸ ◊¥ ∞‚Ê ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ◊ÊŸÙ ‚Ê⁄UË Ÿª⁄UË ß‚Ë ÃÊ‹ ◊¥ «Í’ ‚Ë ªÿË „Ò– ‚¥äÿÊ ‚◊ÿ ÃÀ‹ËÃÊ‹ ‚ ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ ∑§Ù •ÊŸ flÊ‹ ‚Ò‹ÊÁŸÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÃÊ¥ÃÊ ‚Ê ‹ªÊ ⁄U„UÃÊ „Ò– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„ ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ ‚ ÃÀ‹ËÃÊ‹ (◊Ê‹ ⁄UÙ«) ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹ ¬˝∑ΧÁì˝Á◊ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ∑§ÊÁ»§‹Ê ŒπŸ ÿÙÇÿ „ÙÃÊ „Ò–

◊ÊÚ‹ ⁄UÙ« ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ ∞∑§ •Ù⁄U ÁSÕà „Ò ◊Ê‹ ⁄UÙ« Á¡‚ •’ ªÙÁfl¥Œ ’À‹÷ ¬¥Ã ◊ʪ¸ ∑§„Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„Ê¥ ’„Èà ‚Ê⁄U „Ù≈U‹, ⁄US≈UÙ⁄U¥≈U, ≈˛Òfl‹ ∞¡¥‚Ë, ŒÈ∑§ÊŸ¥ •ı⁄U ’Ò¥∑§ „Ò¥– ‚÷Ë ¬ÿ¸≈U∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿ„ ⁄UÙ«∏ •Ê∑§·¸áÊ ∑§Ê ∑‘§¥º˝ „Ò– ◊Ê‹ ⁄UÙ« ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ •ı⁄U ÃÀ‹ËÃÊ‹ ∑§Ù ¡Ù«∏Ÿ flÊ‹Ê ◊ÈÅÿ ◊ʪ¸ „Ò– ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ ŒÍ‚⁄UË •Ù⁄U ¬‡ÊÊŸ

ŸÒŸË ¤ÊË‹ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑§Ê ◊ÈÅÿ •Ê∑§·¸áÊ ÿ„Ê¥ ∑§Ë ¤ÊË‹ „Ò– ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ◊¥ ÉÊÈ‚Ã „Ë ‚’‚ ¬„‹ •Ê¬∑§Ù ŸÒŸË ¤ÊË‹ Ÿ¡⁄U •Ê∞ªË– ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ß‚Ë ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ Á∑§ŸÊ⁄U ÁSÕà „Ò– ß‚ ¤ÊË‹ ‚ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃ „⁄U ÉÊŸ ¡¥ª‹Ù¥ •ı⁄U ™§¥øË-™§¥øË ¬„ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê Ÿ¡Ê⁄UÊ flÊ∑§ß¸ ◊Ÿ ∑§Ù ◊Ù„ ‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ê „Ò– ß‚ ¤ÊË‹ ‚ •Ê¬ ¬Í⁄U ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑§Ù ∞∑§ Ÿ¡⁄U ◊¥ Œπ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ß‚ ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ¡’ ‚È’„ ∑§Ë ‚Í⁄U¡ ∑§Ë Á∑§⁄UáÊ¥ ¬«∏ÃË „Ò¥, ÃÙ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ‹„⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ÁŒπÊ߸ ¬«∏ÃË Á¤Ê‹Á◊‹Ê„≈U ◊Ÿ ∑§Ù „⁄U ‹ÃË „Ò– ÿ„ øÊ⁄UÙ¥ Ã⁄U»§ ‚ ‚Êà ¬„ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ‚ ÁÉÊ⁄UÊ „Ò– ß‚ πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà ¤ÊË‹ ◊¥ Ÿı∑§ÊÿŸ ∑§Ê •ÊŸ¥Œ ‹Ÿ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‹ÊπÙ¥ Œ‡ÊË-ÁflŒ‡ÊË ¬ÿ¸≈U∑§ ÿ„Ê¥ •ÊÃ „Ò¥– ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ •Ê‚¬Ê‚ ∑‘§ ¬„Ê«∏Ù¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÁÃÁ’¥’ ÁŒπÊ߸ ¬«∏ÃÊ „Ò– ⁄UÊà ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ¡’ øÊ⁄UÙ¥ •Ù⁄U ’À’Ù¥ ∑§Ë ⁄UÙ‡ÊŸË „ÙÃË „Ò Ã’ ÃÙ ß‚∑§Ë ‚È¥Œ⁄UÃÊ •ı⁄U ÷Ë ’…∏ ¡ÊÃË „Ò– S∑§¥Œ ¬È⁄UÊáÊ ◊¥ ß‚ ÁòÊ´§Á· ‚⁄UÙfl⁄U ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ „Ò– ß‚ ¤ÊË‹ ∑§ ¬Ë¿U ∞∑§ ¬ÊÒ⁄UÊÁáÊ∑§ ∑§ÕÊ ¬˝ÁSÊh „Ò– ∑§„Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¡’ •òÊË, ¬È‹Sàÿ •ı⁄U ¬È‹„ ´§Á· ∑§Ù ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ◊¥ ∑§„Ë¥ ¬ÊŸË Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹Ê ÃÙ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∞∑§ ªbÊ πÙŒÊ •ı⁄U ◊ÊŸ‚⁄UÙfl⁄U ¤ÊË‹ ‚ ¬ÊŸË ‹Ê∑§⁄U ©‚◊¥ ÷⁄UÊ– ß‚ ¤ÊË‹ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊ ∑§„Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò ÿ„Ê¥ ¬⁄U «È’∑§Ë ‹ªÊŸ ‚ ©ÃŸÊ „Ë ¬Èáÿ Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò Á¡ÃŸÊ ◊ÊŸ‚⁄UÙfl⁄U ŸŒË ‚ Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò– ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ ©àÃ⁄UË Á∑§ŸÊ⁄U ∑§Ù ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ •ı⁄U ŒÁˇÊáÊË Á∑§ŸÊ⁄U ∑§Ù ÃÀ‹ËÃÊ‹ „Ò¥– ŸÒŸË ¤ÊË‹ ∑‘§ ©àÃ⁄UË Á∑§ŸÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ŸÒŸÊ ŒflË ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ÁSÕà „Ò– v}}Æ ◊¥ ÷ÍSπ‹Ÿ ‚ ÿ„ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U Ÿc≈U „Ù ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ’ÊŒ ◊¥ ß‚ ŒÈ’Ê⁄UÊ ’ŸÊÿÊ ªÿÊ– ÿ„Ê¥ ‚ÃË ∑‘§ ‡ÊÁÄà M§¬ ∑§Ë ¬Í¡Ê ∑§Ë ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ◊¥ ŒÙ ŸòÊ „Ò¥ ¡Ù ŸÒŸÊ ŒflË ∑§Ù Œ‡ÊʸÃ „Ò¥– ◊ÁãŒ⁄U ∑§ ’Ê⁄U¥ ◊¥ ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¡’ Á‡Êfl ‚ÃË ∑§Ë ◊Îà Œ„

•Êÿ¸÷^ÔU ¬˝ˇÊáÊ ÁflôÊÊŸ ‡ÊÊœ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ‚ãʘ v~zz ◊¥ SÕÊÁ¬Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ ¡Ê ’ÊŒ ◊¥ ◊ŸÊ⁄UÊ ¬Ë∑§ ◊¥ ‚ãʘ v~{v SÕÊŸÊ¢ÃÁ⁄Uà „UÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ÿ„U ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ‚ ~ Á∑§◊Ë ∑§Ë ŒÍ⁄UË ¬⁄U ÁSÕà „ÒU– ß‚ ‚¢SÕÊŸ ◊¥ •ÊÚÁå≈U∑§‹ S¬Ä≈˛UÊ»§Ê≈UÊ◊Ë≈U⁄U ŸflËŸ ©U¬∑§⁄UáÊ ∑§ ‹Ò¥‚ ©U¬‹éœ „ÒU– ÿ„UË¥ ¬⁄U ÷ÊÒÁÃ∑§Ë πªÊ‹ ÁflôÊÊŸ •ÊÒÒ⁄U flÊÿÈ◊á«U‹ ∑§ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ‚ÊÒ⁄U, ÃÊ⁄U∑§Ëÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚ÒhÊÁãÃ∑§ ‡ÊÊπÊ•Ê¥ ◊¥ ‡ÊÁ◊‹ •ŸÈ‚¢œÊŸ, ◊¢ŒÊÁ∑§ÁŸÿÊ¢, ‚Ȭ⁄UŸÊflÊ ÁflS»§Ê≈UÊ¥ πªÊ‹ •ÊÁŒ ‚ ‚ê’ÁãœÃ •äÿÿŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU–

◊ÈÄÃ‡fl⁄U ∞Á⁄Uÿ‹ ⁄UÙ¬fl

ÿ„ ⁄UÙ¬fl ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑§Ê ◊ÈÅÿ •Ê∑§·¸áÊ „Ò– ÿ„ SŸÙ √ÿÍ ¬Êߥ≈U •ı⁄U ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑§Ù ¡Ù«∏ÃÊ „Ò– ⁄UÙ¬fl ◊À‹ËÃÊ‹ ‚ ‡ÊÈL§ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„Ê¥ ŒÙ ≈˛ÊÚ‹Ë „Ò¥ ¡Ù ‚flÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ¡ÊÃË „Ò¥– ∞∑§ Ã⁄U»§ ∑§Ë ÿÊòÊÊ ◊¥ ‹ª÷ª vzv.| ‚∑§¥« ‹ªÃ „Ò¥– ⁄UÙ¬fl ‚ ‡Ê„⁄U ∑§Ê πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà ŒÎ‡ÿ ŒπŸ ∑§Ê Ÿ¡Ê⁄UÊ „UË ∑ȧ¿U •Ê⁄U „UÊÃÊ „Ò–

ŸÒŸÊ ¬Ë∑§ ÿÊ øÊßŸÊ ¬Ë∑§ ÿ„ øÙ≈UË Ÿª⁄U ∑§Ë ‚’‚ ™§¥øË øÙ≈UË „Ò– ÿ„ ◊ÈÅÿ Ÿª⁄U ‚ { Á∑§◊Ë. ŒÍ⁄U w{vv ◊Ë. ∑§Ë ™§¥øÊ߸ ¬⁄U „Ò– ÿ„Ê¥ ∞∑§ •Ù⁄U ’»§¸∏ ‚ …∏∑§Ê Á„◊Ê‹ÿ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ŒÍ‚⁄UË •Ù⁄U ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ Ÿª⁄U ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UÊ ŒÎ‡ÿ ŒπÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò–



•ãÿ Œ‡¸ÊŸËÿ SÕ‹

ߟ ‚’ SÕ‹Ê¥ ∑§Ê ÷˝◊áÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ¬ÿ¸≈U∑§ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ∑§ •ãÿ SÕÊŸÊ¥ ¬⁄U ÷˝◊áÊ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U- ⁄UÊŸËπÃ, ªŸË¸ „UÊ©U‚ ‚¥≈U ¡ÊÚŸ øø¸, Á≈Á»§Ÿ ≈UÊÚ¬ •ÊÒ⁄U «UÊå≈UË ‚Ë≈U, Á∑§‹’⁄UË, ‚Êà ÃÊ‹, ÁŒ ¡Í, ªflŸ¸⁄U „UÊ©U‚ „UŸ◊ÊŸUª…∏UË, ÷ÈflÊ‹Ë, ⁄UÊ◊ª…∏U, πȬʸÃÊ‹, ∑§Ê‡ÊˬÈ⁄U, º˝ÊáÊÊ ¿U— øÊÁ≈UÿÊ¢, ,‚ʪ⁄U, Áª⁄UËÃÊ‹, Ÿ‹ Œ◊ÿÁãà ÃÊ‹ ßàÿÊÁŒ Œπ¥ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ß‚ ÃÊ‹ ∑§Ë ∞∑§ •ı⁄U Áfl‡Ê·ÃÊ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚◊¥ ÁflŒ‡ÊÙ¥ ‚ •Êÿ „È∞ ŸÊŸÊ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ¬ˇÊË ⁄U„Ã „Ò¥– ÃÊ‹ ◊¥ ∑§◊‹ ∑‘§ »§Í‹ Áπ‹ ⁄U„Ã „Ò¥– ß‚ ÃÊ‹ ◊¥ ◊¿Á‹ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê Á‡Ê∑§Ê⁄U ’«∏ •ë¿ …¢ª ‚ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– wÆ-wz ¬ıá« Ã∑§ ªË ◊¿Á‹ÿÊ¢ ß‚ ÃÊ‹ ◊¥ •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ Á◊‹ ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ◊¿‹Ë ∑‘§ Á‡Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ •ı⁄U Ÿı∑§Ê Áfl„Ê⁄U ‡ÊıÁ∑§ŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÿ„Ê¢ ÷Ë«∏ ‹ªË ⁄U„ÃË „Ò– ß‚ ÃÊ‹ ∑‘§ ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ê ⁄U¥ª ª„⁄UÊ ŸË‹Ê „Ò– ÿ„ ÷Ë •Ê∑§·¸áÊ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ◊ÈÅÿ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ò–

∞⁄UË¡ (ŸˇÊòʇÊÊ‹Ê)

ŒflË ∑§Ê ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ÷Ë „Ò–


‚◊Ⱥ˝ Ë ‚ ™§U¢øÊ߸ -v~x} ◊Ë. flÊÿÈ◊ʪ¸- ¬ãà Ÿª⁄U Áfl◊ÊŸˇÊòÊ ¡Ê ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ‚ |v Á∑§◊Ë. ∑§Ë ŒÍ⁄UË ¬⁄U „ÒU– ⁄U‹fl - ∑§ÊΔªÙŒÊ◊ ⁄U‹fl S≈U‡ÊŸ, ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ‚ xz Á∑§‹Ù◊Ë≈U⁄U ∑§Ë ŒÍ⁄UË ¬⁄U ÁSÕà „Ò– ¡Ù ‚÷Ë ¬˝◊Èπ Ÿª⁄UÙ¥ ‚ ¡È«∏Ê „Ò– ⁄UÊ«∏Ufl¡ - ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ∑§ß¸ ’«∏ ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ‚ ‚«∏∑§ ◊ʪ¸ mÊ⁄UÊ ¡È«∏Ê „È•Ê „Ò– ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ‚ ÁŒÀ‹Ë, ‹πŸ™§, ∑§ÊŸ¬È⁄U ¡Ò‚ Ã◊Ê◊ ’«∏ ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚ËœË ’‚ ‚flÊ „Ò– ¬˝Êßfl≈U ’‚Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ- ‚ÊÕ ÿ„Ê¥ ÿͬË, „Á⁄UÿÊáÊÊ •ı⁄U ⁄UÊ¡SÕÊŸ ’‚Ê¥ ∑§Ë ÷Ë •ë¿Ë ‚Áfl¸‚ „Ò– Ãʬ◊ÊŸ- ª˝Ëc◊ ◊ •Áœ∑§Ã◊ w| ‚ã≈U˪˝« fl ãÿÍŸÃ◊ -x ‚ã≈U˪˝« ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– ’Ê‹øÊ‹ ∑§Ë ÷Ê·Ê- Á„UãŒË, •¢ª˝¡Ë, ∑ȧ◊Ê©¢UŸË– ÁŸ∑§≈UflÃ˸ ‡Ê„U⁄U- „UÀŒflÊŸË, ⁄UÊ◊ª…∏U, ⁄UÊ◊Ÿª⁄U, ∑§Ê‹Ê…Í¢UªË, ◊ÈÄÃ‡fl⁄U, – πÊŸ¬ÊŸ ◊¥ Áfl‡Ê·- ¬„UÊ«∏UË, ∑ȧ◊Ê©¢UŸË •ÊÒ⁄U ª…∏UflÊ‹Ë ÃËŸ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ÷Ê¡Ÿ ©U¬‹éœ „Ò¥U –

Ÿı∑§ÈÁøÿÊÃÊ‹ ÷Ë◊ÃÊ‹ ‚ y Á∑§‹Ù◊Ë≈U⁄U ŒÁˇÊáÊ-¬Í⁄U’ ‚◊º˝ ∑§Ë ‚Ä ‚ vw~w ◊Ë≈U⁄U ∑§Ë ™§¢øÊ߸ ¬⁄U ÁSÕà „Ò– ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ‚ ß‚ ÃÊ‹ ∑§Ë ŒÍ⁄UË w{.w Á∑§◊Ë. „Ò– ÿ„ ~x{ ◊Ë≈U⁄U ‹ê’Ë, {}Æ ◊Ë≈U⁄U øı«∏Ë •ı⁄U yÆ ◊Ë≈U⁄U ª„⁄UË „Ò– ß‚ Ÿı ∑§ÙŸ flÊ‹ ÃÊ‹ ∑§Ë •¬ŸË ÁflÁ‡ÊC ◊„ûÊÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ ≈U…∏-◊…∏ Ÿı ∑§ÙŸ „Ò¥– ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑‘§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ê Áfl‡flÊ‚ „Ò Á∑§ ÿÁŒ ∑§Ù߸ √ÿÁÄà ∞∑§ „Ë ŒÎÁC ‚ ß‚ ÃÊ‹ ∑‘§ Ÿı ∑§ÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù Œπ ‹ ÃÙ ©‚∑§Ë Ãà∑§Ê‹ ◊ÎàÿÈ „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ¬⁄UãÃÈ flÊSÃÁfl∑§ÃÊ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ‚Êà ‚ •Áœ∑§ ∑§ÙŸ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ Œπ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ã–

◊ÈÄÃ‡fl⁄U ©ûÊ⁄UÊπá« ∑‘§ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ Á¡‹ ◊¥ ÁSÕà „Ò– ÿ„˜ ∑§È◊Ê™§¢ ∑§Ë ¬„ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ww}{ ◊Ë≈U⁄U (|zÆÆ »§Ë≈U) ∑§Ë ™¢§øÊ߸ ¬⁄U ÁSÃÕ „Ò– ÿ„Ê¢ ‚ Ÿ¥ŒÊ ŒflË ,ÁòʇÊÍ‹ •ÊÁŒ Á„◊Ê‹ÿ ¬fl¸ÃÙ¥ ∑§Ë øÙÁ≈UÿÊ¢ ÁŒπÃË „Ò¥– ÿ„Ê¢ Á‡Êfl¡Ë ∑§Ê ◊ÁãŒ⁄U „Ò ¡Ù ∑§Ë wxvz ◊Ë≈U⁄U ∑§Ë ™§¢øÊ߸ ¬⁄U ÁSÃÕ „Ò– ß‚◊¥ ¡ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ‚ËÁ…∏ÿÊ¢ „Ò¥–

÷ÍÁ≈UÿÊ ◊Ê∑¸§≈U ¤ÊË‹ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„U ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑§Ë ÁÃé’ÃË ’Ê¡Ê⁄U ÷Ë ¬˝Á‚h „ÒU– ߟ ’Ê¡Ê⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ S∑§Ê»¸§, ‡ÊÊ‹, ’Òª, ™§ŸË ∑§¬«∏, Á„U◊Ê‹ÿ ’Òª, ÉÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¢,U ⁄UŸ∑§Ê≈U, ¿UÊÃ, •Ê÷Í·áÊ •ÊÁŒ ∞‚Ë Ÿ ¡ÊŸ Á∑§ÃŸË ‚Ê◊ª˝Ë ÿ„UÊ¢ ©U¬‹éœ „Ò¥U–U

ÉÊÍ◊Ÿ ∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ ¡ÍŸ ‚ ‹∑§⁄U •Ä≈ÍU’⁄U Ã∑§ ÿ„UÊ¢ •Ê ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U,ÄÿÊÁ∑§ ߟ ◊„UËŸÊ¥ ◊¥ ¬„UÊ«∏UÊ¥ ¬⁄U „UÁ⁄UÿÊ‹Ë ¿UÊ߸ ⁄U„UÃË „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿfl⁄UÊÁòÊ ∑§ ‚◊ÿ ÿ„UÊ¢ ¬⁄U ◊‹ ∑§Ê •ÊÿÊ¡Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU–

ΔU„U⁄UŸ ∑§Ë √ÿflSÕÊ ŸÒŸËÃÊ‹ ◊¥ ¬ÿ¸≈U∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù πÊŸ-¬ËŸ fl Δ„⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿ„Ê¥ ¬⁄U •Ÿ∑§ „Ù≈U‹ •ı⁄U Á⁄U‚Ù≈U¸ ©U¬‹éœ „Ò¥U– •¬ŸË ’¡≈U ∑§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U •Ê¬U „UÊ≈U‹ •ÊÒ⁄U Á⁄U‚Ù≈U¸ øÈŸ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ‚ÊÒ¡ãÿ— ∞‚.‚Ë.•Ê⁄U.∞»§



Lucknow, June 04, 2011

∞Ÿ«UË∞ ∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ ∑§⁄¥U ⁄UÊCÔ˛U ∑§Ë ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ •ª⁄U •Ê¬ ‚ŸÊ ◊¥ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ’Ÿ∑§⁄U Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ‚flÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊ„Ã „Ò¥, ÃÙ •Ê¬∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞Ÿ«Ë∞ ˇÊòÊ ‚’‚ •ë¿UÊ „UÊ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ÿÁŒ •Ê¬∑‘§ •¥Œ⁄U ◊¡’Íà ß⁄UÊŒÊ, ߸◊ÊŸŒÊ⁄UË, •Êà◊Áfl‡flÊ‚ •ı⁄U Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ‹Ÿ ∑§Ë ÷ÊflŸÊ „Ò ÃÊ ∞Ÿ«Ë∞ „UË ∞∑§ ∞‚Ê ˇÊòÊ „ÒU ¡Ê ‚ê÷fl× •Ê¬∑§ Á‹∞ „UË ‚’‚ ©UÁøà ˇÊòÊ „ÒU– ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ∞U‚ „UË ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§Ê»§Ë ◊Ê¥ª „ÙÃË „Ò– ÿÁŒ •Ê¬Ÿ •÷Ë vwflË¥ ∑§‹Ê •ÕflÊ ÁflôÊÊŸ ‚ ©UûÊËáʸ ∑§Ë „UÊ ÃÊ •Ê¬ ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ¬˝fl‡Ê ¬Ê∑§⁄U •Ê¬ ¡‹, Õ‹ •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿ÷ ‚ŸÊ ◊¥ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ’Ÿ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ÿͬË∞‚‚Ë Ÿ ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ∑§ Á‹∞ •ÊflŒŸ •Ê◊¥ÁòÊà Á∑§∞ „Ò¥– ÁflSÃÎà ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ¬ÍŸ◊ øÊÒ⁄UÁ‚ÿÊ ∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ..

ÿÙÇÿÃÊ ÿÁŒ •Ê¬ Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ Á«»‘§¥‚ ∞∑‘§«◊Ë ∑‘§ •Ê◊˸ Áfl¥Ç‚ ∑§Ë ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „ÙŸÊ øÊ„Ã „Ò¥, ÃÙ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ◊ÊãÿÃÊ ¬˝Ê# ‚¥SÕÊŸ ÿÊ ’Ù«¸ ‚ ’Ê⁄U„flË¥ ¬Ê‚ „ÙŸÊ ¡M§⁄UË „Ò– ‹Á∑§Ÿ Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ Á«»‘§¥‚ ∞∑‘§«◊Ë ∑‘§ ∞ÿ⁄U »§Ù‚¸ •ı⁄U Ÿfl‹ Áfl¥Ç‚ ∑§Ë ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ’Ê⁄U„flË¥ ◊¥ ◊Òâ‚ •ı⁄U Á»§Á¡ÄU‚ „ÙŸÊ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò– ß‚ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ◊¥ ‚Áê◊Á‹Ã „ÙŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ fl„Ë •ÁflflÊÁ„à ¬ÈL§· ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ù ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥, Á¡Ÿ∑§Ê ¡ã◊ w ¡È‹Ê߸, v~~x ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ •ı⁄U v ¡Ÿfl⁄UË, v~~{ ‚ ¬„‹ „È•Ê „Ù– ‹¥’Ê߸ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ vz|.z ‚¥≈UË◊Ë≈U⁄U (∞ÿ⁄U»§Ù‚¸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ v{w.x ‚¥≈UË◊Ë≈U⁄U) •ı⁄U ß‚Ë •ŸÈ¬Êà ◊¥ fl¡Ÿ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ß‚∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ, ∞ÿ⁄U»§Ù‚¸ ∞fl¥ ŸflË ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Á»§Á¡ÄU‚ fl ◊ÒÕ◊Á≈UÄU‚ Áfl·ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ vwflË¥ ©ûÊËáʸ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– •Ê◊˸ Áfl¥ª ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ’Ê⁄U„flË¥ ¬Ê‚ ÿÈflÊ •ÊflŒŸ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥–

øÿŸ ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚¥ÉÊ ‹Ù∑§ ‚flÊ •ÊÿÙª (ÿͬË∞‚‚Ë) ‚Ê‹ ◊¥ ŒÙ ’Ê⁄U •Áπ‹ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ¬˝ÁÃÿÙÁªÃÊ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ‹ÃÊ „Ò– Á‹Áπà ¬⁄UˡÊÊ •ı⁄U ∞‚∞‚’Ë ß¥≈U⁄U√ÿÍ ÁÄU‹ÿ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‚ŸÊ ∑‘§ ÃËŸÙ¥ ÷ʪÊ¥ ◊¥ Á∑§‚Ë ∞∑§ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ê¬∑§Ù øÈŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ •ÊÚÁ»§‚⁄U ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ∑§◊ˇʟ ¬˝ŒÊŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÿͬË∞‚‚Ë mÊ⁄UÊ •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã Á‹Áπà ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ∑‘§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ ∞Ÿ«Ë∞ ∑‘§ •ÊflŒ∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê øÿŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò, ß‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ •ÊflŒ∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÁøÁ∑§à‚Ê ¬⁄UˡÊáÊ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ √ÿʬ∑§ ‚ÊˇÊÊà∑§Ê⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ

„Ò Á¡‚◊¥ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ ÿÙÇÿÃÊ, ◊ŸÙflÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§ ¬⁄UˡÊáÊ, ≈UË◊ ∑§ı‡Ê‹, ‚ÊÕ „Ë ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ •ı⁄U ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§ ∑§ı‡Ê‹ ¬⁄UˡÊáÊ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „UÊÃÊ „Ò– ¬˝àÿ∑§ Á‹Áπà ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ◊¥ ‹ª÷ª vÆÆ,ÆÆÆ •ÊflŒ∑§ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ŒÃ „Ò¥– •Ê◊Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U, ߟ◊¥ ‚ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ◊¥ ¬Ê‚ „ÈU∞ ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚ÊˇÊÊà∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ê◊¥ÁòÊà Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò–

ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ß‚ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ◊¥ ’Ê⁄U„flË¥ SÃ⁄U ∑‘§ ¬˝‡Ÿ ¬Í¿ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ß‚ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ’Ê⁄U„flË¥ Ã∑§ ∑§Ë ∞Ÿ‚Ë߸•Ê⁄U≈UË ¬ÈSÃ∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ª„Ÿ •äÿÿŸ ∑§⁄U¥– ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ‚’‚ ¬„‹ ©‚ ‚é¡ÄU≈U ∑§Ù ¬…¥∏, Á¡‚◊¥ •Ê¬ ‚’‚ ∑§◊¡Ù⁄U „Ù¥– ∑ȧ¿U S≈UÍ«¥≈U˜‚ •¬ŸË ˇÊ◊ÃÊ ∑§Ù ¬„øÊŸ Á’ŸÊ ¬…∏Ê߸ ∑‘§ •Áœ∑§ ÉÊ¥≈U ÁŸœÊ¸Á⁄Uà ∑§⁄U ‹Ã „Ò¥– ß‚∑§Ê ¬Á⁄UáÊÊ◊ ÿ„ „ÙÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ©‚Ë •ŸÈM§¬ ¬…∏Ê߸ Ÿ „ÙŸ ‚ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ’ÊÁœÃ „ÙŸ ‹ªÃË „Ò– ’„Ã⁄U „ÙªÊ Á∑§ •Ê¬ •¬ŸË S¬Ë«∏ •ı⁄U ∑Ò§Á¬Á‚≈UË ∑‘§ Á„‚Ê’ ‚ ¬…∏Ÿ ∑§Ë ÿÊ¡ŸÊ ’ŸÊ∞¥– ◊Òâ‚ ∑‘§ Á‚‹’‚ ◊¥ •Õ¸◊ÒÁ≈UÄU‚, ◊¥‚È⁄U‡ÊŸ, •‹¡’˝Ê, Á¡ÿÙ◊≈˛Ë, Á≈˛ÇŸÙ◊≈˛Ë, S≈UÒÁ≈UÁS≈UÄU‚ •ı⁄U ¬˝Ù’ÒÁ’Á‹≈UË ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ •Ê¬∑§Ë ‚ÒhÊ¥ÁÃ∑§ ‚◊¤Ê ∑§Ù ¡Ê¥øÊ ¡Ê∞ªÊ– ◊Òâ‚ ◊¥ •Ê¬ ’„Ã⁄U Ã÷Ë ∑§⁄U ¬Ê∞¥ª, ¡’ ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ ‚÷Ë ∑§ÊÚã‚å≈U ÁÄU‹ÿ⁄U ∑§⁄U¥ª–

¬⁄UˡÊÊ ∑§Ê SflM§¬ ∞Ÿ«Ë∞ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ Á‹Áπà ¬⁄UˡÊÊ „٪˖ ß‚∑‘§ •¥Ãª¸Ã ŒÙ ¬¬‚¸ „ÙÃ „Ò¥– ∞Ÿ«Ë∞ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ◊¥ ŒÙ Áfl·ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§È‹ ~ÆÆ •¥∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ¬⁄UˡÊÊ „ÙÃË „Ò– ŒÙŸÙ¥ ¬¬‚¸ ◊¥ flSÃÈÁŸD ¬˝‡Ÿ ¬Í¿ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ¬„‹Ê ¬¬⁄U …∏Ê߸ ÉÊ¥≈U ∑§Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò, Á¡Ÿ◊¥ xÆÆ •¥∑§ ∑‘§ ¬˝‡Ÿ ¬Í¿ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ß‚∑‘§ ‚÷Ë ¬˝‡Ÿ ªÁáÊà ∑‘§ Áfl·ÿÙ¥ ‚ ‚¥’ÁœÃ „ÙÃ „Ò¥, ¡’Á∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ ¬¬⁄U ÷Ë …Ê߸ ÉÊ¥≈U ∑§Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ß‚◊¥ ¡Ÿ⁄U‹ ∞Á’Á‹≈UË ‚ ‚¥’¥ÁœÃ ¬˝‡Ÿ ¬Í¿ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ {ÆÆ •¥∑§ ÁŸœÊ¸Á⁄Uà Á∑§∞ ª∞ „Ò¥– ¡Ÿ⁄U‹ ∞Á’Á‹≈UË ∑§Ê ¬¬⁄U ŒÙ ÷ʪ٥ ◊¥ ’¥≈UÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò ß¥ÁÇ‹‡Ê •ı⁄U ¡Ÿ⁄U‹ ŸÊÚ‹¡– ߥÁÇ‹‡Ê ◊¥ ∞¥≈UÙÁŸ◊, Á‚ŸÊÚÁŸ◊, ¡¥’‹ fl«˜‚¸ ¬⁄U •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà ‚flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ∑§ÊÚÁê¬˝„¥‡ÊŸ ÷Ë •ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ, ∑§È¿ flÊÄUÿ •ÊÃ „Ò¥, Á¡Ÿ◊¥ ª˝Ê◊⁄U ∑§Ë ª‹ÁÃÿÊ¥ ¬∑§«∏ŸË „ÙÃË „Ò¥– ß‚∑§Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ∑‘§ Á‹∞ flÊÚ∑‘§’‹⁄UË ∑§Ë ¬˝ÒÁÄU≈U‚ ∑§⁄U¥– ∑§ÊÚÁê¬˝„¥‡ÊŸ ◊¥ ’„Ã⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ⁄UËÁ«¥ª ¬⁄U íÿÊŒÊ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ äÿÊŸ Œ¥– ßÁÄʂ ◊¥ ◊äÿ∑§Ê‹ËŸ •ı⁄U ¬˝ÊøËŸ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ßÁÄʂ ∑§Ë ÃÈ‹ŸÊ ◊¥ •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ ßÁÄʂ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ‚flÊ‹ •ÊÃ „Ò¥– ß‚Á‹∞ ß‚ ¬⁄U íÿÊŒÊ »§Ù∑§‚ ∑§⁄U¥–

∞‚∞‚’Ë (‚Áfl¸‚ ‚‹ćʟ ’Ê«¸) mÊ⁄UÊ ß¥≈U⁄U√ÿÍ Á⁄U≈UŸ ≈US≈U ÁÄU‹ÿ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ •èÿÁÕ¸ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ∞‚∞‚’Ë mÊ⁄UÊ ß¥≈U⁄U√ÿÍ •ı⁄U √ÿÁÄÃàfl ¬⁄UˡÊáÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§ÊÚ‹ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ∑‘§ ß‚ ø⁄UáÊ ∑§Ê ◊ÈÅÿ ©g‡ÿ •èÿÕ˸ ∑§Ë ¬‚¸ŸÒÀ≈UË, ©‚∑§Ë ’ÈÁh◊ûÊÊ •ı⁄U ‚ŸÊ ◊¥ ∞∑§ •ÊÚÁ»§‚⁄U ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ©‚∑§Ë •ÊÚÁ»§‚⁄U ‹Êß∑§ ÄflÊÁ‹≈UË (•Ù∞‹ÄUÿÍ) ∑§Ù

¡Ê¥øŸÊ ¬⁄UπŸÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– •Ê◊Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ∞‚∞‚’Ë ß¥≈U⁄U√ÿÍ ¬Ê¥ø ÁŒŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò–

∞Ÿ«Ë∞ ∑§Ë ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ∞Ÿ«Ë∞ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ∑‘§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U •¥ÁÃ◊ M§¬ ‚ øÈŸ ª∞ •èÿÁÕ¸ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ Á«»‘§¥‚ ∞∑‘§«◊Ë, π«ªflÊ‚‹Ê, ¬ÈáÊ ◊¥ ÃËŸ fl·¸ ∑§Ë ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ŒË ¡ÊÃË „Ò– πÊ‚ ’Êà ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚ ÃËŸ fl·¸ ∑§Ë ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ fl •¬ŸË S≈˛Ë◊ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ª˝¡È∞‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¬…∏Ê߸ ÷Ë ¬Í⁄UË ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ Á»§Á¡ÄU‚, ∑‘§Á◊S≈˛Ë, ◊ÒÕ ∞fl¥ ∑§¢êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ‚Êߥ‚ Áfl·ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ’Ë∞‚‚Ë ∑§Ê ÿÊ ¬ÊÚÁ‹Á≈U∑§‹ ‚Êߥ‚, ß∑§ÙŸÊÚÁ◊ÄU‚, Á„S≈˛Ë •ÊÁŒ Áfl·ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ’Òø‹⁄U •ÊÚ»§ •Ê≈U˜‚¸ ÿÊŸË ’Ë∞ ∑§Ê Áfl∑§À¬ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ∞Ÿ«Ë∞ ◊¥ ÃËŸ fl·¸ ∑§Ë ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ∑‘§ ©¬⁄UÊãà ∑Ò§«≈U˜‚ ∑§Ù ©Ÿ∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ øÈŸË ªß¸ Áfl¥ª ∑§Ë Áfl‡Ê· ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑‘§ Á‹∞ S¬‡Ê‹ ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ¬⁄U ÷¡Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ߟ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ë ≈˛ÁŸ¢ª •‹ª-•‹ª ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U „UÊÃË „Ò¥U– ∞ÿ⁄U »§Ê‚¸ ∑§ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ë ≈˛ÁŸ¢ª „ÒUŒ⁄UÊ’ÊŒ ◊¥ „UÊÃË „ÒU– ∞∞◊∞ ∑§Ë ≈˛UÁŸ¢ª Œ„U⁄Uʌ͟ ◊¥ •ÊÒ⁄U •Ê≈UË∞ ∑§Ë ≈˛UÁŸ¢ª øãŸß¸ ◊¥ ŒË ¡ÊÃË „ÒU–

•ÊflŒŸ ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ •Áœ∑§ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿͬË∞‚‚Ë ∑§Ë fl’‚Êß≈U ‹ÊÚª •ÊÚŸ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– •ª⁄U •Ê¬ ߥÁ«ÿŸ •Ê◊˸, ŸflË ÿÊ ∞ÿ⁄U»§Ù‚¸ ◊¥ ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U -‚¥’¥œË •ãÿ Áfl∑§À¬Ù¥ ∑§Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË øÊ„Ã „Ò¥, ÃÙ ©Ÿ∑§Ë fl’‚Êß≈U˜‚ Œπ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥ ÿÁŒ •Ê¬ ß‚ ¬Œ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ ÿÙÇÿÃÊ ⁄UπÃ „Ò¥, ÃÙ •ÊflŒŸ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– •ÊflŒŸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë •¥ÁÃ◊ ÁÃÁÕ ~ ◊߸ ÕË ÃÕÊ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ∑§Ë ÁÃÁÕ wv •ªSÃ, wÆvv ∑§Ê „Ò– •∑§ÊŒÁ◊∑§ ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ, ∑Ò§«≈UÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚ê¬Íáʸ ¿„ ‚◊S≈U⁄U ∑‘§ ŒÒ⁄UÊŸ ∑§ΔÙ⁄U ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ß‚∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ, ∑Ò§«≈UÙ¥ ∑§Ù ’Ê„⁄UË ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ Áfl∑§À¬Ù¥ ∑§Ê ÷Ë øÈŸÊfl ∑§⁄UŸÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò Á¡‚◊¥ ¬Ò⁄UÊ Ç‹ÊßÁ«¥ª, Ÿı∑§ÊÿŸ, ¡‹ÿÊòÊÊ, ËflÊ⁄U’Ê¡Ë, ÉÊÈ«∏‚flÊ⁄UË, ◊ʇʸ‹ •Ê≈U¸, ‡ÊÍÁ≈U¥ª, S∑§Ëߥª, •Ê∑§Ê‡Ê «ÊßÁfl¥ª, ⁄UÊÚ∑§ ÄU‹ÊßÁê’¥ª, •ÊÁŒ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ∑‘§ ‚÷Ë ø⁄UáÊÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚»§‹ÃʬÍfl¸∑§ ¬Í⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ ∑Ò§«≈U˜‚ ∑§Ù •¥Ã× ©Ÿ∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ øÈŸ ª∞ ‚ŸÊ ∑‘§ Á∑§‚Ë ∞∑§ Áfl¥ª ◊¥ ∑§◊ˇʥ« •ÊÚÁ»§‚⁄U ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ÁŸÿÈÄçÁ∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ „UÊ‹ „UË ∑ȧ¿U ÷ÁøÿÊ¢ ÿÈflÊ•Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ÿÈflÁÃÿÊ¥ ∑ Á‹∞ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹Ë „Ò¥U– ß‚ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ∑‘§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ ‚÷Ë ∑Ò§«⁄U ∑‘§ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ’ŸŸ ∑§Ê ◊ı∑§Ê Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ •¥Ãª¸Ã ߥÁ«ÿŸ Á◊Á‹≈˛Ë ∞∑‘§«◊Ë ∑‘§ wzÆ, ߥÁ«ÿŸ Ÿfl‹ ∞∑‘§«◊Ë ∑‘§ yÆ, ∞ÿ⁄U »§Ù‚¸ ∞∑‘§«◊Ë ∑‘§ xw, •ÊÚÁ»§‚‚¸ ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ∞∑‘§«◊Ë ∑‘§ v|z •ı⁄U •ÊÚÁ»§‚‚¸ ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ∞∑‘§«◊Ë (øãŸß¸ | flÊ¥ ∞‚∞‚‚Ë flÈ◊Ÿ) ∑‘§ wz ‚Ë≈UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ∞«Á◊‡ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •ÊflŒŸ •Ê◊¥ÁòÊà Á∑§∞ ª∞ „Ò¥–

‚¢SÕÊŸ Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ Á«U»¥§‚ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë, ¬ÈáÊ– Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ Á«U»¥§‚ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë,¡’‹¬È⁄U– ª˝Ê©¢U«U ¡Ë⁄UÊ Á«U»¥§‚ ߢS≈UË≈KÍ≈U ÁŒ‡ÊÊ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë, Œ„U⁄Uʌ͟– Áfl÷Ê ß¢»§Ê ‚ÊÚÀÿ͇ʟ‚, ŸÊ∞«UÊ– ÁŒ ∑Ò§flÁ‹ÿ⁄U, ÁŒÀ‹Ë– Áfl¡Êª Á«U»¥§‚ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë, Áfl‡ÊÊπʬ^ÔUŸ– Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ ߢS≈UË≈KÍ≈U •ÊÚ»§ ≈UÄŸÊ‹ÊÚ¡Ë-‚È⁄UÕ∑§‹, ∑§ŸÊ¸≈U∑§– ãÿÍ ∑Ú§Á⁄U•‚¸ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë, øá«U˪…∏U– Á◊Ÿflʸ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë, ◊Ê„UÊ‹Ë–

∑§ÊÁø¢ª ∞‚∞‚’Ë / ∞Ÿ«UË∞ / ‚Ë«UË∞‚ ∑§ÊÁø¢ª, ÁŒÀ‹Ë– ‹ˇÿ »§Ê©¢U«U‡ÊŸ, ∑§Ê‹∑§ÊÃÊ– ÃÊ⁄UÊ ’S≈ ∑§ÊÁø¢ª Ä‹Ê‚¡ »§ÊÚ⁄U ∞Ÿ«UË∞, ŸflË, ◊Èê’߸– ‚Ë.∞‚. ߢS≈UË≈KÍ≈U •ÊÚ»§ Á«U»¥§‚ ∞á«U ◊ÒŸ¡◊¥≈U, ÷Ê¬Ê‹–


Lucknow, June 04, 2011


πª˝Ê‚ ø¥Œ˝ ª˝„áÊ ¡ÍŸ vz §∑§Ê πª˝Ê‚ ø¥Œ˝ ª˝„áÊ - ∞∑§ •jÈà πªÙ‹Ëÿ ÉÊ≈UŸÊ -¡ÍŸ vz, wÆvv ∞∑§ ¡ÍŸ ‚ ∞∑§ ¡È‹Ê߸ Ã∑§ ÃËŸ ª˝„áÊ ¬«∏¥ª– ß‚◊¥ ŒÙ ‚Íÿ¸ª˝„áÊ •ı⁄U ∞∑§ ø¥Œ˝ª˝„áÊ „٪ʖ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ‚Íÿ¸ª˝„áÊ ÃÙ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ÁŒπÊ߸ Ÿ„Ë¥ Œ¥ª ‹Á∑§Ÿ vz ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ù ¬«∏Ÿ flÊ‹Ê π¥«ª˝Ê‚ ø¥Œ˝ª˝„áÊ ¬Í⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒªÊ– íÿÙÁÃÁ·ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ª˝„áÊ øÊ„ ∑§„Ë¥ ÷Ë ¬«∏ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∞∑§‚ÊÕ ÃËŸ ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê „ÙŸÊ •‡ÊÈ÷ „Ò– íÿÙÁÃÁ·ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ª˝„áÊ ¡„Ê¥ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃÊ „Ò fl„Ë¥ ©‚∑§Ê ¬˝÷Êfl „ÙÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ‚ÍÃ∑§ ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚Á‹∞ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ¬«∏Ÿ flÊ‹ πª˝Ê‚ ø¥Œ˝ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê ‚ÍÃ∑§ „Ë ÿ„Ê¥ ◊ÊŸÊ ¡Ê∞ªÊ– ß‚∑§Ê ⁄UÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ¬⁄U ¬˝÷Êfl ¬«∏ªÊ– ª˝„áÊ ∑‘§ ÿÙª ‚ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ∑‘§ ∑§ß¸ Á„S‚Ù¥ ◊¥ ¬˝Ê∑§ÎÁÃ∑§ ¬˝∑§Ù¬ ‚Á„à ’«∏Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ∞¥ ÉÊ≈U ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ‚Íÿ¸ ∑§Ë ìŸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊ Á„S‚Ù ◊¥ ¬«∏ ⁄U„Ë ÷Ë·áÊ ª◊˸ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ¡ÍŸ ∑‘§ ¬˝Õ◊ ¬πflÊ«∏ ◊¥ ŒÙ ª˝„áÊ „Ù¥ª– ß‚◊¥ ‚ vz ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ù „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ê ¬Íáʸ øãŒ˝ ª˝„áÊ ‚¥¬Íáʸ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒªÊ ¡’Á∑§ ∞∑§ ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ù ‹ªŸ flÊ‹Ê •ÊÁ‡Ê¥∑§ ‚Íÿ¸ ª˝„áÊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ ÁŒπÊÿË ŒªÊ– ∞∑§ ¡È‹Ê߸ ∑§Ù ŒÙ¬„⁄U ◊¥ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ê •Ê¥Á‡Ê∑§ ‚Íÿ¸ ª˝„áÊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë Á„S‚ ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒªÊ– fl·¸ wÆvv ◊¥ „ÙŸ flÊ‹¥ ¿„ ª˝„áÊÙ¥ ∑§Ë üÊÎ¥π‹Ê ◊¥ ‚’‚ ¬„‹ ªÃ øÊ⁄U ¡Ÿfl⁄UË ∑§Ù •Ê¥Á‡Ê∑§ ‚Íÿ¸ ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê Ÿ¡Ê⁄UÊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬Áp◊ Á„S‚ ¡ê◊Í ∑§‡◊Ë⁄U, ¬¥¡Ê’, ÁŒÑË ¡ÿ¬È⁄U •ı⁄U Á‡Ê◊‹Ê ◊¥ ŒπŸ ∑§Ù Á◊‹Ê ÕÊ– •’ ∞∑§ ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ù •Ê¥Á‡Ê∑§ ‚Íÿ¸ ª˝„áÊ •ı⁄U vz ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ù ¬Íáʸ øãŒ˝ ª˝„áÊ ÃÕÊ ∞∑§ ¡È‹Ê߸ ∑§Ù •Ê¥Á‡Ê∑§ ‚Íÿ¸ ª˝„áÊ „٪ʖ ß‚∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ wz Ÿfl¥’⁄U ∑§Ù •Ê¥Á‡Ê∑§ ‚Íÿ¸ ª˝„áÊ •ı⁄U vÆ ÁŒ‚¥’⁄U ∑§Ù ¬Íáʸ øãŒ˝ ª˝„áÊ „٪ʖ •Ê∑§Ê‡ÊËÿ ÉÊ≈UŸÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚¥Œ÷¸ ◊¥ ÿÁŒ ŒπÊ ¡Êÿ ÃÙ ø¥Œ˝ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê ‹ªŸÊ ¬⁄U◊ø◊à∑§ÊÁ⁄U∑§ •ı⁄U, ¬⁄U◊⁄UÙø∑§

∞fl¥ •àÿ¥Ã ÁÄU‹C ¬⁄U ‚Êäÿ ÉÊ≈UŸÊ „Ò– øãŒ˝◊Ê •ı⁄U ‚Íÿ¸ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ¬ÎâflË ∑§Ê •ÊŸÊ „Ë øãŒ˝ ª˝„áÊ ∑§„‹ÊÃÊ „Ò– ¬ÎâflË fl ‚Íÿ¸ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ◊¥ ø¥Œ˝ ∑‘§ •Ê ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ë Œ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ ‚Íÿ¸ ª˝„áÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ◊ÈÅÿ× ¬ÎâflË ‚Íÿ¸ fl ø¥Œ˝ ∑§Ë ÿ„ ÁSÕÁà ¬ÍÁáʸ◊Ê •ı⁄U •◊ÊflSÿÊ ∑‘§ ÁŒŸ „ÙÃË „Ò ‹Á∑§Ÿ •’ ÿ„ ÁSÕÁÃÿÊ¥ ¬Á⁄UflÁøà „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥– ß‚∑§Ê ◊ÈÅÿ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ø¥Œ˝ ∑§ˇÊÊ •ı⁄U ∑˝§Ê¥Áà flÎûÊ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ „Ë Ã‹ ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙŸÊ „Ò– ß‚Ë fl¡„ ‚ ø¥Œ˝◊Ê ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà ¬ÍÁáʸ◊Ê fl •◊ÊflSÿÊ ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ ∑§÷Ë ∑§÷Ë R§Ê¥Áà flÎûÊ ∑‘§ ™§¬⁄U fl ∑§÷Ë ∑§÷Ë ∑˝§Ê¥Áà flÎûÊ ∑‘§ ŸËø „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ß‚Ë ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ‚ ‚¥’¥ÁœÃ ª˝„áÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ª ¬ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ª˝„áÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿ„ •Áà •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò Á∑§ ¬ÎâflË ‚Íÿ¸ •ı⁄U ø¥Œ˝◊Ê ¬ÍÁáʸ◊Ê fl •◊ÊflSÿÊ ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ∞∑§ „Ë ‚Ëœ ◊¥ •Ê ¡Êÿ¥ •ı⁄U ÿ„ •flSÕÊ Ã÷Ë ©à¬ÛÊ „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò ¡’ ¬ÍÁáʸ◊Ê fl •◊ÊflSÿÊ ∑§Ê ø¥Œ˝ •¬Ÿ ¬ÊòÊ Á’¥ŒÈ•Ù¥ (⁄UÊ„È •ı⁄U ∑‘§ÃÈ) ¬⁄U fl„ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ÁŸ∑§≈U ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà „Ù– øãŒ˝ ª˝„áÊ ŒÙ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê Ÿ¡∏⁄U •ÊÃÊ „Ò– v.¬Í⁄UÊ øãŒ˝◊Ê …∑§ ¡ÊŸ ¬⁄U ‚fl¸ª˝Ê‚ øãŒ˝ª˝„áÊ– w.•Ê¥Á‡Ê∑§ M§¬ ‚ …∑§ ¡ÊŸ ¬⁄U π᫪˝Ê‚ (©¬ë¿ÊÿÊ) øãŒ˝ª˝„áÊ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– ∞‚Ê ∑‘§fl‹ ¬ÍÁáʸ◊Ê ∑‘§ ÁŒŸ ‚¥÷fl „ÙÃÊ „Ò, ß‚Á‹ÿ øãŒ˝ª˝„áÊ „◊‡ÊÊ ¬ÍÁáʸ◊Ê ∑‘§ ÁŒŸ „Ë „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ¬ÎâflË ∑§Ë ¿ÊÿÊ ‚Íÿ¸ ‚ { ⁄UÊÁ‡Ê ∑‘§ •ãÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ÷˝◊áÊ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò ÃÕÊ ¬Íáʸ◊Ê‚Ë ∑§Ù øãŒ˝◊Ê ∑§Ë ¿ÊÿÊ ‚Íÿ¸ ‚ { ⁄UÊÁ‡Ê ∑‘§ •ãÃ⁄U „ÙÃ „È∞ Á¡‚ ¬Íáʸ◊Ê‚Ë ∑§Ù ‚Íÿ¸ ∞fl¥ øãŒ˝◊Ê ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ •¥‡Ê, ∑§‹Ê ∞fl¥ Áfl∑§‹Ê ¬ÎâflË ∑‘§ ‚◊ÊŸ „ÙÃ „Ò¥ •Õʸà ∞∑§ ‚Ëœ ◊¥ „ÙÃ „Ò¥, ©‚Ë ¬Íáʸ◊Ê‚Ë ∑§Ù øãŒ˝ ª˝„áÊ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– πª˝Ê‚ø¥Œ˝ ª˝„áÊ—- ¡ÍŸ ◊Ê„ vz, v{ ¡ÍŸ ‚Ÿ wÆvv ÁŒŸ ’ÈœflÊ⁄U ∑§Ë •œ¸⁄UÊÁòÊ ◊¥ •Õʸà vv—zx Á◊Ÿ≈U ¬⁄U ÿ„ πª˝Ê‚ø¥Œ˝ ª˝„áÊ ‡ÊÈM§ „٪ʖ ÿ„ ª˝„áÊ ¬Í⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà fl·¸ ◊¥ Œ‡Ê¸ŸËÿ „٪ʖ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ •ÁÃÁ⁄UQ§ ŒÁˇÊáÊË •◊Á⁄U∑§Ê, •Ê»§˝Ë∑§Ê, ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬, ◊äÿ ¬Ífl˸ ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ, •ÊS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ, ŒÁˇÊáÊ ¬Áp◊Ë ¬˝‡Êʥà ◊„ʂʪ⁄U •ı⁄U ©ûÊ⁄U ¬Ífl˸ M§‚ ◊¥ ÷Ë ÁŒπÊ߸ ¬«∏ªÊ– •œ¸⁄UÊÁòÊ ◊¥ ∞‚Ê πªÙ‹Ëÿ Ÿ¡Ê⁄UÊ ÁŒπÊ߸ ¬«∏ªÊ Á∑§ ‹Ùª •Êpÿ¸ øÁ∑§Ã ⁄U„ ¡Êÿ¥ª– ¡’ ⁄UÊÁòÊ ◊¥ ÿ„ ª˝„áÊ vv—zx ¬⁄U ¬˝Ê⁄U¥÷ „ÙªÊ ©‚ ‚◊ÿ ‚◊Sà ÷Ê⁄Uà fl·¸ ◊¥ ø¥Œ˝◊Ê ∑§Ê ©Œÿ „Ù øÈ∑§Ê „٪ʖ ◊ÈÅÿ× ÷Ê⁄UÃfl·¸ ∑§Ë ‚÷Ë ¡ª„Ù¥ ◊¥ ‚Êÿ¥∑§Ê‹ z ’¡ ‚ |—xÆ ’¡ Ã∑§ ø¥Œ˝ÙŒÿ „Ù ¡ÊÿªÊ– ÿ„ ª˝„áÊ v{ ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ë ¬˝Ê× x ’¡∑§⁄U xx

Á◊Ÿ≈U ¬⁄U ‚◊Ê# „٪ʖ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ë ‚÷Ë ¡ª„Ù¥ ¬⁄U ß‚ ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ù ¬˝Ê⁄U¥÷, ◊äÿ •ı⁄U ◊ÙˇÊ M§¬ ◊¥ ŒπÊ ¡ÊÿªÊ– ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ë •flÁœ ‹ª÷ª x ÉÊ¥≈U fl yÆ Á◊Ÿ≈U „Ò, •Õʸà vv—zx Á◊Ÿ≈U ¬⁄U ¬˝Ê⁄U¥÷ „Ù∑§⁄U v{ ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ù ¬˝Ê× x ’¡∑§⁄U xx Á◊Ÿ≈U ¬⁄U ‚◊Ê# „Ù ¡ÊÿªÊ– ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ŒÁˇÊáÊ ¬Ífl˸ ⁄UÊíÿÙ¥ ∑‘§⁄U‹, ÃÁ◊‹ŸÊ«È, ∑§ŸÊ¸≈U∑§, •Ê¥œ˝¬˝Œ‡Ê, ©«∏Ë‚Ê, ¬Áp◊Ë ’¥ªÊ‹, •Ê‚Ê◊, øËŸ •ı⁄U ¬Ífl˸ ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ ÃÕÊ ¬Áp◊ •ÊÚS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ ◊¥ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒªÊ– πªÙ‹ ‡ÊÊÁSòÊÿÙ¥ •ı⁄U flÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ª˝„áÊ ∞∑§ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ πªÙ‹Ëÿ ÉÊ≈UŸÊ „Ò ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ íÿÙÁ÷ ◊¥ ø¥Œ˝◊Ê ∑§Ù ‚¥flŒŸÊ, ◊ŸÁSÕÁÃ, ŸÃÎàfl, ¬˝ôÊÊ, ∑§ÎÁ·, flŸS¬ÁÃÿÊ¥, øÊ¥ŒË, ¡‹◊ÙÃË, SòÊË ‡ÊÊ‚∑§ •ÊÁŒ ∑§Ê ÁfløÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê Œ‡Ê ¬⁄U ¬˝÷Êfl—- ÿ„ ª˝„áÊ íÿD ◊Ê„ ◊¥ ÃÕÊ íÿD ŸˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ÉÊÁ≈Uà „Ù ⁄U„Ê „Ò– •Ã— Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ©ëø flª¸ ⁄UÊ¡∑§Êÿ¸ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ SòÊË ‡ÊÊ‚∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Áfl‡Ê· ∑§C ∑§Ê⁄U∑§ „٪ʖ ¬˝Ê∑§ÎÁÃ∑§ •Ê¬ŒÊ•Ù¥ ◊¥ flÎÁh fl·Ê¸ ◊¥ ∑§◊Ë, ∑§ÎÁ· fl »§‚‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÉÊÊÃ∑§, ◊„¥ªÊ߸ ¬⁄U •ÁŸÿ¥òÊáÊ, ∑§„Ë¥ ∑§„Ë¥ ¬⁄U œÊÁ◊¸∑§ ©ã◊ÊŒ •ÁŒ ¤Ê‹Ÿ ¬«∏ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ß‚ ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê •‚⁄U ¡Ÿ‚ÊœÊ⁄UáÊ ◊¥ •‡ÊÊ¥ÁÃ, •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒ •ı⁄U ’⁄UÙ¡ªÊ⁄UË ÃÕÊ ◊¥„ªÊ߸ ¡Ò‚ ⁄UÙ¡◊⁄Uʸ ∑§Ë ‚◊SÿÊ•Ù¥ ‚ ¡Í¤ÊŸ ◊¥ íÿÊŒÊ •‚⁄UŒÊ⁄U ‚ÊÁ’à „٪ʖ •Áœ∑§Ê¥‡Ê ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ê ◊äÿ ÷ʪ „Ê„Ê∑§Ê⁄U •ı⁄U òÊÊÁ„ ‚ ÷⁄UÊ „٪ʖ ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê ⁄UÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ¬⁄U •‚⁄U—-flη, ∑§ãÿÊ •ı⁄U ∑§È¥÷ ⁄UÊÁ‡Ê ¬⁄U ß‚ ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê »§‹ •Áà ©ûÊ◊ ⁄U„ªÊ ÃÕÊ ◊·, Á◊ÕÈŸ, ∑§∑§¸, Á‚¥„, flÎÁp∑§, œŸÈ, ◊∑§⁄U, ◊ËŸ ⁄UÊÁ‡Ê ¬⁄U ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ ∞fl¥ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ∑§C ∑§Ê⁄U∑§ „٪ʖ ÃÈ‹Ê ⁄UÊÁ‡Ê ¬⁄U ‡ÊÈ÷ fl •‡ÊÈ÷ ŒÙŸÙ¥ Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ¬Á⁄UáÊÊ◊ ¬˝Ê# „Ù¥ª– ª˝„áÊ ◊¥ ÄUÿÊ ∑§⁄U¥? v.ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê‹ ◊¥ SŸÊŸ ŒÊŸ •ÊÁŒ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– w.◊¥òÊ Á‚Áh ∞fl¥ ◊¥òÊ ¡Ê¬ •ÊÁŒ ‚ ‹Ê÷ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– x.ÃËÕ¸ SÕÊŸ, ÃËÕ¸ SÕÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÿÊòÊÊ, äÿÊŸ, „flŸ •ÊÁŒ ∑§⁄UŸÊ Áfl‡Ê· ∑§ÀÿÊáÊ ∑§Ê⁄UË „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ª˝„áÊ ◊¥ ÄUÿÊ Ÿ ∑§⁄U¥?

v.◊ÍÁø ∑§Ù S¬‡Ê¸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ, •ŸÊfl‡ÿ∑§ πÊŸ¬ÊŸ flÁ¡¸Ã „Ò– w.◊ÒÕÈŸ Á∑˝§ÿÊ, ⁄UÁà Á∑˝§ÿÊ, ÃÒ‹Êèÿ¥ª ¬Íáʸ× flÁ¡¸Ã „Ò– x.¤ÊÍΔ, ¿‹∑§¬≈U, flÎÕÊ•‹Ê¬, ¬⁄UÁŸ¥ŒÊ ¬Íáʸ× flÁ¡¸Ã „Ò– ∑§È¬˝÷Êfl ‚ ∞‚ ’ø¥ ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê ‚ÍÃ∑§ ÃËŸ ¬˝„⁄U ÿÊŸË Ÿı ÉÊ¥≈U ¬„‹ ‚ ‡ÊÈM§ „٪ʖ ‚ÍÃ∑§ •ı⁄U ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê‹ ◊¥ ÷ªflÊŸ ∑§Ë ¬Í¡Ê fl ◊ÍÁø S¬‡Ê¸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ª˝„áÊ ∑‘§ ∑§È¬˝÷Êfl ‚ ’øŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÷ªflÊŸ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ∑§Ê S◊⁄UáÊ ∑§⁄U¥– ª˝„áÊ ‚◊ÊÁ# ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ SŸÊŸ fl ø¥Œ˝◊Ê ‚ ‚¥’¥ÁœÃ ‚»‘§Œ flSÃÈ∞¥ fl •ÛÊ ŒÊŸ ∑§⁄U¥– ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ê ’Ê¡Ê⁄U ¬⁄U ¬˝÷Êfl ÿ„ øãŒ˝ª˝„áÊ íÿD ◊Ê‚ ◊¥ ÉÊÁ≈Uà „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ’˝ÊrÊÊáÊ, ⁄UÊ¡Ê, ⁄UÊ¡SòÊË, ◊„ʪáÊ, ◊ÁŒ⁄UÊ ‚flŸ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬Ë«Ê- ∑§C ‹∑§⁄U •ÊÿªÊ. ß‚∑‘§ »§‹SflL§¬ œÊãÿ Ã¡ „Ù ‚∑§Ã „Ò. ª˝„áÊ ’ÈœflÊŒ ∑‘§ ÁŒŸ „ÙŸ ‚ øÊfl‹ ∑§Ë »§‚‹ ∑§Ù „ÊÁŸ, ‚ÙŸÊ, ¬ËË œÊÃÈ•Ù¥ ◊¥ Ã¡Ë „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò. ª˝ „ áÊ◊Ê‹Ê ÿÙª:‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U ÃËŸ ª˝ „ áÊ „ÙŸÊ ª˝„áÊ◊Ê‹Ê ÿÙª ∑§„‹ÊÃÊ „Ò– íÿÙÁ÷‡ÊÊSòÊ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ª˝„áÊ ∑§Ë ¿ÊÿÊ ∑§„Ë¥ ÷Ë ¬«∏ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÷Í◊¥«‹ ∑§Ê øÈ¥’∑§Ëÿ ˇÊòÊ ¬Íáʸ M§¬ ‚ •‚¥ÃÈÁ‹Ã „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ª˝„áÊ ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ÷Í◊¥«‹ ∑§Ê flÊÃÊfl⁄UáÊ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃÊ, ‚Í ÿ ¸ ø¥ Œ ˝ ‚ ÁŸ⁄U ¥ à ⁄U ¬˝ Ê # „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë ¡ËflŸŒÊÁÿŸË ™§¡Ê¸ •‚¥ÃÈÁ‹Ã „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ª˝„áÊ◊Ê‹Ê ÿÙª ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ∑§È¿ •jÍà ÁSÕÁÃÿÊ¥ ’Ÿ¥ªË– ◊ı‚◊ ¬⁄U ÷Ë •‚⁄U ¬«∏ªÊ– ◊„¥ªÊ߸ ∑§Ê ª˝Ê»§ •ı⁄U ™§¬⁄U ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ¬¥. ÁflcáÊÈ ⁄UÊ¡ıÁ⁄UÿÊ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ∑§„Ë¥ íflÊ‹Ê◊ÈπË, ∑§„Ë¥ Ã¡ •Ê¥œË, ’fl¥«⁄U, ÷Í∑§¥¬ •ı⁄U ª¥÷Ë⁄U ’Ê…∏ ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà ’Ÿ ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ‚Ê÷Ê⁄U - íÿÙÁê¸ Á áÊà ∑§ı◊È Œ Ë ∞fl¥ ¬¥ ø Ê¥ ª ÁŒflÊ∑§⁄U; ¬¥Á«Ã •ÊŸ¥Œ •flSÕË, ¬≈U‹Ÿª⁄U, ’¿⁄UÊ¥flÊ¥, ⁄UÊÿ’⁄U‹Ë; ⁄UÊ¡ãŒ˝ ¬˝∑§Ê‡Ê ªÈ#, •œËˇÊ∑§, ‡ÊÊ‚∑§Ëÿ ¡ËflÊ¡Ë flœ‡ÊÊ‹Ê, ©í¡ÒŸ–


Lucknow, June 04, 2011


ÁŒ‹ •ë¿Ê ÃÙ ÁŒ◊ʪ ⁄U„ ’ëøÊ ‹ª÷ª vzÆÆ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ¬⁄U Á∑§∞ ª∞ ‡ÊÙœ ◊¥ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •ÊÿÊ Á∑§ ÁŒ◊ʪ •ª⁄U ’Í…∏Ê „Ù ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ Á‚∑§È«∏Ÿ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– •◊⁄UË∑§Ê ◊¥ ∞∑§ ‡ÊÙœ ◊¥ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •ÊÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ •¬Ÿ ÁŒ‹ ∑§Ù SflSÕ ⁄UπŸ ‚ ÁŒ◊ʪ ¡ÀŒË ’Í…∏Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃÊ– ’ÊÚS≈UŸ ÿÍÁŸflÁ‚¸≈UË ∑§Ë ≈UË◊ Ÿ ÿ ‡ÊÙœ vzÆÆ ∞‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ¬⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ù ŒπŸ ◊¥ ÃÙ øÈSà Õ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ©Ÿ∑§Ê ÁŒ‹ ‚ÈSà ÕÊ ÿÊŸË ©Ÿ∑§Ê ÁŒ‹ πÍŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊ ◊ÊòÊÊ „Ë ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ◊¥ ÷¡ ¬ÊÃÊ ÕÊ– ߟ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ë S∑Ò§ÁŸ¥ª ‚ ¬ÊÿÊ ªÿÊ Á∑§ ߟ∑§Ê ÁŒ‹ ∑§Ê»Ë ’Í…∏Ê „Ò– ߟ vzÆÆ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ ÁŒ◊ʪ ‚ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •ÊÿÊ Á∑§ ÁŒ◊ʪ •ª⁄U ’Í…∏Ê „Ù ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ Á‚∑§È«∏Ÿ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– •∑‘§‹ ߟ ŸÃË¡Ù¥ ∑‘§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§Ù߸ SflÊSâÿ ‚¥’¥œË Á„ŒÊÿà ŒŸÊ ¡ÀŒ’Ê¡Ë „ÙªË ‹Á∑§Ÿ ߟ ŸÃË¡Ù¥ ‚ ‚◊¤Ê •ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÁŒ‹ •ı⁄U ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ê SflÊSâÿ ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ¬⁄U ÁŸ÷¸⁄U ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò ‚∑§È¸‹‡ÊŸ ¬ÁòÊ∑§Ê ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U •ª⁄U NŒÿ ∑§◊¡Ù⁄U „Ù ÃÙ ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ù •ı‚ß ŒÙ ‚Ê‹ ’Í…∏Ê ’ŸÊ ŒÃÊ „Ò– ÿ ‡ÊÙœ xÆ ‚ yÆ fl·¸ ∑§Ë ©◊˝ flÊ‹ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ •ı⁄U ©◊˝Œ⁄UÊ¡ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ¬⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ– ߟ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ◊¥ ÁŒ‹ ∑§Ë ∑§Ù߸ ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË Ÿ„Ë¥ ÕË ¡’Á∑§ ’ȡȪ¸ ÁŒ‹ ∑§Ë Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ Á∑§‚Ë ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË ‚ ¬ËÁ«∏à Õ– ß‚∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ „Ë ŸÃË¡ ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ‚ ¡È«∏ „È∞ ÁŸ∑§‹– ‚∑§È¸‹‡ÊŸ ¬ÁòÊ∑§Ê ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ÁŒ‹ ∑§Ê ∑§◊¡Ù⁄U •Ê©≈U¬È≈U ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ù ŒÙ ‚Ê‹ •ı⁄U ’Í…∏Ê ’ŸÊ ŒÃÊ „Ò– ◊ÈÅÿ ‡ÊÙœ∑§Ãʸ «ÊÚÄU≈U⁄U ∞¥¡‹Ê ¡»§⁄U‚Ÿ Ÿ ∑§„Ê, ‡ÊÙœ ◊¥ Á„S‚Ê ‹Ÿ flÊ‹ ÿ ‹Ùª ’Ë◊Ê⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò¥– ߟ◊¥ ‚ ’„Èà ∑§◊ ‚¥ÅÿÊ ∞‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë „Ò Á¡ã„¥ NŒÿ ⁄UÙª „Ò– ‡ÊÙœ ∑‘§ ‚÷Ë Ÿ◊ÍŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ ŸÃË¡Ù¥ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ÁÄÊ߸ ◊¥ ∑§ÊÁ«¸∞∑§ ߥ«ÄU‚ ∑§◊ ¬ÊÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò– ∑§ÊÁ«¸∞∑§ ߥ«ÄU‚ ∑‘§ ∑§◊ „ÙŸ ∑§Ê ‚¥’¥œ ¿Ù≈U ◊ÁSÃc∑§ ‚ „Ò– ß‚ ¬⁄U •Êª •ı⁄U •äÿÿŸ ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà „Ò– ‡ÊÙœ∑§Ãʸ•Ù¥ ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ Á¡Ÿ¬⁄U ‡ÊÙœ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò ©Ÿ◊¥ ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ê Á‚∑§È«∏ŸÊ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê ‚¥∑‘§Ã „Ò Á∑§ ∑§È¿ ª«∏’«∏ „Ò– •ª⁄U Á«◊¥Á‡ÊÿÊ ÿÊŸË ◊ŸÙ÷˝¥‡Ê „Ù ÃÙ ÁŒ◊ʪ •ı⁄U íÿÊŒÊ

Á‚∑§È«∏ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ê ÁŒ‹ •ª⁄U ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ◊¥ πÍŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊ ◊ÊòÊÊ ŒÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ ß‚∑§Ê ◊Ë’ „Ò Á∑§ ◊ÁSÃc∑§ Ã∑§ ÷Ë πÍŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊ ◊ÊòÊÊ „Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ÿÊŸË ◊ÁSÃc∑§ ∑‘§ ¬Ù·áÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¡M§⁄UË ¬Ù·∑§ Ãàfl •ı⁄U •ÊÚÄU‚Ë¡Ÿ ÷Ë ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ù ∑§◊ Á◊‹ ⁄U„Ê „Ò– «ÊÚÄU≈U⁄U ¡»§⁄U‚Ÿ Ÿ ∑§„Ê, •∑‘§‹ ߟ ŸÃË¡Ù¥ ∑‘§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§Ù߸ SflÊSâÿ ‚¥’¥œË Á„ŒÊÿà ŒŸÊ ¡ÀŒ’Ê¡Ë „ÙªË ‹Á∑§Ÿ ߟ ŸÃË¡Ù¥ ‚ ‚◊¤Ê •ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÁŒ‹ •ı⁄U ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ê SflÊSâÿ ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ¬⁄U ÁŸ÷¸⁄U ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ’ÊÚS≈UŸ S∑§Í‹ •ÊÚ» ◊Á«Á‚Ÿ ∑§Ë ≈UË◊ ߟ ‚÷Ë ‹ÙªÙ¥ ¬⁄U •¬ŸÊ ‡ÊÙœ ¡Ê⁄UË ⁄UπªË– •Êª ©Ÿ∑§Ê ◊∑§‚Œ ÿ ¡ÊŸŸÊ „ÙªÊ Á∑§ ‚◊ÿ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÁŒ◊ʪ ◊¥ ’Œ‹Êfl ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÿÊŒŒÊ‡Ã ¬⁄U ÷Ë ∑§Ù߸ •‚⁄U ¬«∏ÃÊ „Ò ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥–

∑§¬«∏ ¡Ù ßÊfl ∑§◊ ∑§⁄U¥ ÿ ∑§¬«∏ √ÿQ§Ë ∑§Ë ÷ÊflŸÊà◊∑§ ÁSÕÁà ¬⁄U Ÿ¡⁄U ⁄UπÃ „Ò¥– •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ Á¡¥ŒªË ∑§Ë Œı«∏-÷ʪ ◊¥ ßÊflª˝Sà „ÙŸÊ •Ê◊ ’Êà „Ù ªß¸ „Ò– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚ ßÊfl ‚ ÁŸ¬≈UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •’ Áfl‡Ê· S◊Ê≈U¸ ∑§¬«∏ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§∞ ¡Ê ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ÿ ∑§«∏ √ÿÁQ§ ∑§Ë ÷ÊflŸÊà◊∑§ ÁSÕÁà ¬⁄U Ÿ¡⁄U ⁄UπÃ „Ò¥ Á¡‚◊¥ ©‚∑‘§ ÁŒ‹ ∑§Ë œ«∏∑§Ÿ •ı⁄U Ãʬ◊ÊŸ •ÊÁŒ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– Œ⁄U•‚‹ ∑§¬«∏ fl’ •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà ∞∑§ «Ê≈UÊ’‚ ‚ ¡È«∏ „ÙÃ „Ò¥– √ÿÁQ§ ‚ ‚¥’¥ÁœÃ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ß‚Ë «Ê≈UÊ’‚ ∑§Ù ÷¡Ë ¡ÊÃË „Ò ¡„Ê¥ ß‚∑§Ê •äÿÿŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– fl’ •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà ÿ «Ê≈UÊ’‚ √ÿÁQ§ Ÿ ¬„‹ ‚ „Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ∑§¬«∏Ù¥ •ı⁄U fl’ ∑§Ê ∑§ŸÄU‡ÊŸ ∞∑§ S◊Ê≈U¸»§ÊŸ ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ßÊflª˝Sà √ÿÁQ§ ∑§Ù ‡Êʥà ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿÊ ©‚∑§Ë ◊ŒŒ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ «Ê≈UÊ’‚ ∑§¬«∏Ù¥ ◊¥ ‹ª S¬Ë∑§⁄UÙ¥, ‹Ë߸«Ë ÿÊ •ãÿ ÿ¥òÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ √ÿÁQ§ Ã∑§ ‚¥Œ‡Ê ¬„È¥øÊÃÊ „Ò- ¡Ò‚ ªÊŸ •ı⁄U ÃSflË⁄U¥ ÿÊ Á◊òÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬„‹ ‚ Á⁄U∑§ÊÚ«¸ Á∑§∞ „È∞ ‚¥Œ‡Ê– ¡’ ∑§¬«∏ ¬„ŸŸ flÊ‹Ê √ÿÁQ§ Á∑§‚Ë πÊ‚ ÷ÊflŸÊà◊∑§ ÁSÕÁà ◊¥ „ÙÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ «Ê≈UÊ’‚ ∑§¬«∏Ù¥ Ã∑§ Ã⁄U„-Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ‚¥Œ‡Ê Á÷¡flÊÃÊ „Ò ÃÊÁ∑§

√ÿÁQ§ ∑‘§ ◊Í« ∑§Ù ’Œ‹Ê ¡Ê ‚∑‘§.ÿ ∑§¬«∏ ∑§ŸÊ«Ê ◊¥ ∑§ÊÚŸ∑§ÊÚ⁄UÁ«ÿÊ ÿÍÁŸflÁ‚¸≈UË ∑§Ë ’Ê⁄U’˝Ê ‹Ÿ •ı⁄U ªÙÀ«ÁS◊Õ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ ◊¥ Á«Á¡≈U‹ S≈UÍÁ«ÿÙ¡ ∑§Ë ¡ÒÁŸ‚ Ÿ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§∞ „Ò¥–

„’¸‹ ŒflÊ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U ’…∏Ê ÁflEÊ‚ ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬Ëÿ ‚¥ÉÊ ◊¥ ¡«∏Ë ’ÍÁ≈UÿÙ¥ ‚ ’ŸŸ flÊ‹Ë ∑§ß¸ ŒflÊ∞¥ •’ ŒÈ∑§ÊŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ©¬‹éœ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù¥ªË– ß‚ ‚¥Œ÷¸ ◊¥ Ÿ∞ ÁŸÿ◊ ’ŸÊ∞ ª∞ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ߟ∑§Ê ◊∑§‚Œ „Ò Á∑§ „’¸‹ ŒflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ ‚¥÷ÊÁflà ’È⁄U •‚⁄U ‚ ◊⁄UË¡Ù¥ ∑§Ù ’øÊÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑‘§– ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬Ëÿ ‚¥ÉÊ ∑‘§ Ÿ∞ ÁŸŒ¸‡ÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ∑§ß¸ ∞‚Ë ŒflÊ∞¥ ¡Ù ¬„‹ ŒÈ∑§ÊŸÙ¥ ◊¥ Á◊‹ ¡ÊÃË ÕË¥ •’ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹¥ªË– ߟ◊¥ øËŸË •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ŒflÊ∞¢ ÷Ë ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ŒflÊ ’ŸÊŸ flÊ‹Ë ∑§¥¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÿ ‚ÊÁ’à ∑§⁄UŸÊ „ÙªÊ Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ©à¬ÊŒ ◊ÊŸ∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U π⁄U ©Ã⁄UÃ „Ù¥– •’ ߟ ŒflÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ¬ÿʸ# ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ŒŸÊ ¡M§⁄UË „٪ʖ „’¸‹ ŒflÊ ŒŸ flÊ‹ •ı⁄U ’ŸÊŸ flÊ‹ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù •Ê‡Ê¥∑§Ê „Ò Á∑§ ß‚‚ ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á’¡Ÿ‚ ¬⁄U •‚⁄U ¬«∏ªÊ– •’ Ã∑§ v~{} ∑‘§ ◊Á«Á‚ã‚ ∞ÄU≈U ∑§Ê ¬Ê‹Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ©‚ Œı⁄U ◊¥ ’„Èà ∑§◊ „’¸‹ ŒflÊ∞¥ ’Ê¡Ê⁄U ◊¥ ©¬‹éœ „ÙÃË ÕË¥ •ı⁄U ∞‚Ë ŒflÊ ŒŸ flÊ‹ «ÊÚÄU≈U⁄U ÷Ë ∑§◊ „ÙÃ Õ– ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬ ◊¥ Á¬¿‹ ∑§ß¸ fl·ÙZ ‚ „’¸‹ ŒflÊ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ’„‚ ø‹ ⁄U„Ë „Ò–

∑§◊⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ŸÿÊ ¡Ò‹ ∑§◊⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∑§Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ‚ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¡ÀŒ „Ë ⁄UÊ„Ã Á◊‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ë „Ò– Á’˝≈UŸ ∑‘§ flÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§Ù¥ Ÿ Áfl‡Ê· ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ¡Ò‹ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ŒÊflÊ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò Á¡‚∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ‚ øÈ≈UÁ∑§ÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ∑§◊⁄U ∑§Ê ŒŒ¸ ¿Í◊¥Ã⁄U „Ù ¡Ê∞ªÊ– flÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§Ù¥ Ÿ ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ◊Í‹ ‚◊SÿÊ ∑‘§ ¬∑§«∏ ◊¥ •ÊŸ ∑§Ê ŒÊflÊ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ©Ÿ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∞‚Ê ªÊ…∏Ê ÉÊÙ‹ Áfl∑§Á‚à Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò ¡Ù ˇÊÁê˝Sà S¬Êߟ‹ Á«S∑§ ∑‘§ Á¿Œ˝Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷⁄U ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚Ë ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ∑§◊⁄U ◊¥ ŒŒ¸ ©÷⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ◊ÒŸøS≈U⁄U ÁflEÁfllÊ‹ÿ ∑‘§ flÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§, ¡Ò‹ ∑§Ë ¡⁄UÊ ‚Ë ◊ÊòÊÊ ÷Ë ‚Ê‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ ŒŒ¸ ∑§Ù ∑§◊ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ •÷Ë ß‚∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ◊ŸÈcÿ •ı⁄U ¬‡ÊÈ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊŸÊ ’Ê∑§Ë „Ò– ß‚ ¡Ò‹ ∑§Ù Áfl∑§Á‚à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ ¬Ë¿ wz ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ë •Õ∑§ ◊„ŸÃ „Ò– flÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U, ‚÷Ë ‚flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ ¡flÊ’ ¡Ò‹ ◊¥ ÉÊÈ‹ ‚͡◊ ∑§áÊÙ¥ ◊¥ Á¿¬ „Ò¥– ÁflE÷⁄U ◊¥ Œ’Êfl ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‚’‚ íÿÊŒÊ ‹Ùª ∑§◊⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∑§Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ‚ „Ë ¡Í¤Ê ⁄U„ „Ò¥– „Ê‹ ∑‘§ ∞∑§ ‡ÊÙœ ◊¥ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê πÈ‹Ê‚Ê „È•Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ ¬˝àÿ∑§ vÆ ◊¥ ‚ ∞∑§ √ÿÁQ§ ∑§◊⁄U ŒŒ¸ ‚ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ „Ò– «‹Ë ∞ÄU‚¬˝‚ ∑§Ë π’⁄U ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U, ߥ¡ÄU‡ÊŸ ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ ⁄UË…∏ ◊¥ ¬„È¥ø∑§⁄U ÿ„ ¡Ò‹

»§Í‹ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U SflÊ÷ÊÁfl∑§ M§¬ ‚ „È߸ ˇÊÁà ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ’Ÿ πÊ‹Ë SÕÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÷⁄U ŒÃÊ „Ò– flÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§Ù¥ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ¡Ò‹ ∑§Ë Ÿß¸ Á∑§S◊ ¬Ífl¸ ∑‘§ •ÊÁflc∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ Á≈U∑§Ê™§ „Ò– ßÊfl ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ¬ËΔ ŒŒ¸ ∑§Ù „Ë ‹¥’ ‚◊ÿ Ã∑§ Ÿı∑§⁄UË ‚ •ŸÈ¬ÁSÕà ⁄U„Ÿ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„ ¬⁄U‡ ÊÊŸË •’ ∑§Ê»§Ë •Ê◊ „Ù øÈ∑§Ë „Ò– ◊⁄UË¡ ∑§Ù ÿÊ ÃÙ »§ËÁ¡ÿÙÕ⁄U¬ Ë ∑§Ù øÈŸŸÊ ¬«∏ÃÊ „Ò ÿÊ √ÿÊÿÊ◊, ∞ÄUÿ¬Í ø ¥ ⁄U ∑§Ù, íÿÊŒÊ ª¥÷Ë⁄U ◊Ê◊‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ‚¡¸⁄UË ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ ß‹Ê¡ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò–

Á‚⁄U ŒŒ¸, ∞∑§ •Ê◊ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ‚¥ÿÈQ§ ⁄UÊc≈˛ ∑‘§ ∞∑§ Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ∑‘§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ◊¥ ‚÷Ë ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù Á‚⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∑§Ë ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË „ÙÃË „Ò ◊ª⁄U íÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U ‹Ùª ß‚ ¬⁄U äÿÊŸ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒÃ „Ò¥ ÿÊ Á»§⁄U ß‚∑§Ê ©Áøà ߋʡ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UflÊÃ „Ò¥– ÁflE SflÊSâÿ ‚¥ªΔŸ ∑‘§ ∞∑§ Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ∑‘§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§, Á‚⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∑§Ë ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ‚÷Ë ∑§Ù „ÙÃË „Ò, ÿ„ ’„Èà •Ê◊ „Ò •ı⁄U ß‚∑§Ê ©Áøà ߋʡ ÷Ë „Ò– Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U, ß‚∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ¬Í⁄UË ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ◊¥ ß‚∑§Ë ∑§◊ ¬„øÊŸ „Ù ¬ÊÃË „Ò •ı⁄U ß‚∑§Ê ß‹Ê¡ ÷Ë ’„Èà ∑§◊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U, •¬Ÿ Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ß‚ ¬„‹ •¥Ã⁄U⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ‚fl¸ ◊¥ ÿ„ ’Êà ‚Ê◊Ÿ •Ê߸ „Ò Á∑§ ‹Ùª ß‚ ’«∏Ë ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ∑§Ù Ÿ¡⁄U•¥ŒÊ¡ ∑§⁄U ŒÃ „Ò¥– Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ◊¥ •Êœ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ √ÿS∑§Ù¥ Ÿ „Ê‹ „Ë ◊¥ ∞∑§ ÿÊ íÿÊŒÊ ’Ê⁄U Á‚⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∑§Ë ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ◊„‚Í‚ ∑§Ë „٪˖ ß‚∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U, Á‚⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ©l◊ ¬˝÷ÊÁflà „ÙŸ ‚ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ê ÁflÃËÿ ŸÈ∑§‚ÊŸ ’„Èà ’«∏Ê „Ò– Á∑§‡ÊÙ⁄UÙ¥ ‚ ‹∑§⁄U zÆ ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ë ©◊˝ Ã∑§ ∑‘§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ◊¥ Á‚⁄U ŒŒ¸ ∞∑§ •Ê◊ ‚◊SÿÊ „Ò– ß‚‚ ∑§Ê◊ ∑‘§ ÉÊ¥≈U ¬˝÷ÊÁflà „ÙÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ©l◊ ¬˝÷ÊÁflà „ÙÃÊ „Ò– •∑‘§‹ Á’˝≈UŸ ◊¥ ⁄UÙ¡ w.z ∑§⁄UÙ«∏ ‹Ùª „⁄U ‚Ê‹ Á‚⁄U ŒŒ¸ (◊Êߪ˝Ÿ) ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ S∑§Í‹ ÿÊ ŒçUÃ⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ ¡Ê ¬ÊÃ „Ò¥–

¬ÈŒËŸÊ ¬≈UŒŒ¸ ◊¥ ‹Ê÷∑§Ê⁄UË •Ê¬ ¬≈U ŒŒ¸ ÿÊ •¬ø ‚ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ „Ò¥, ÃÙ ¬ÈŒËŸ ∑§Ê ‚flŸ ∑§⁄U¥– ŒÊŒË-ŸÊŸË ∑‘§ ß‚ •ı·œËÿ ŸÈSπ ¬⁄U flÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§Ù¥ Ÿ ◊È„⁄U ‹ªÊ ŒË „Ò– ©Ÿ∑§Ê ŒÊflÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¬ÈŒËŸÊ •¬ø ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „È∞ ¬≈U ŒŒ¸ ÿÊ ßÁ⁄U≈U’‹ ’Ê©‹ Á‚¥«˛Ù◊ ‚ ⁄UÊ„Ã ÁŒ‹ÊŸ ◊¥ ∑§Ê»§Ë ◊ŒŒªÊ⁄U „Ò– ¬≈U ∑§Ë ‚ÊœÊ⁄UáÊ ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ŒŒ¸, ¬≈U »§Í‹ŸÊ, «ÊÿÁ⁄UÿÊ •ı⁄U ∑§é¡ ‡ÊÈ◊Ê⁄U „Ò– •ÊÚS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ ◊¥ ÿÍÁŸflÁ‚¸≈UË •ÊÚ»§ ∞Á«‹« ∑‘§ ŸÃÎàfl ◊¥ Áfl‡Ê·ôÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ •¥Ã⁄U⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ Œ‹ Ÿ ÿ„ •äÿÿŸ Á∑§ÿÊ– ©‚Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ Á∑§‚ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ¬ÈŒËŸÊ ◊‹Ê‡Êÿ (∑§Ù‹Ÿ) ◊¥ ∞∑§ ŒŒ¸ÁŸflÊ⁄U∑§ øÒŸ‹ ∑§Ù ‚Á∑˝§ÿ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò–


Lucknow, June 04, 2011


‘26/11 mastermind Ilyas Kashmiri killed in Pak’ ISLAMABAD: Al-Qaida-linked terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri, a key suspect in the Mumbai attacks, was among nine militants killed in a US drone strike, BBC Urdu reported on Saturday, quoting residents of South Waziristan tribal region. The US drones targeted a location 20 km from Wana, one of the main towns in South Waziristan late last night. A drone fired two missiles at the spot and two more missiles were fired after a short interval, local residents were quoted as saying by BBC Urdu. The local residents said Kashmiri was among the nine militants killed in the drone strike. Three others were injured in the attack. A government official in Peshawar confirmed the drone strike to BBC but said there was no confirmation of Kashmiri's death. Other officials said all the dead militants were Punjabi Taliban. The report said Kashmiri came to Wana from the Khyber tribal region 10 days ago and moved to the area where the drone strike was carried out last night. Asked by media persons in Multan about reports of Kashmiri's death in the drone strike, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said, "I do not have any information now."

Pak denial Meanwhile, one of Pakistan's top military commanders ruled out an imminent offensive in North Waziristan, contradicting a newspaper report that

26/11 mastermind Ilyas Kashmiri killd in Pakistan by US Drone attack on Saturday according a report Pakistan had agreed to assault the militant-infested region following pressure from the United States. Speaking at a news conference in Mohmand Agency, one of the seven tribal areas on the Afghan border torn by militant violence, Lieutenant-General Asif Yasin Malik, commander of the 11th Corps based in Peshawar, said there

was no change in his forces' posture in the last weeks. Pakistan's The News newspaper reported on Monday that the military would launch an offensive against militant safe havens in North Waziristan. But Pakistan military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said the armed forces were too stretched to go into North Waziristan, pointing to ongoing operations elsewhere. The United States has long demanded that Pakistan attack the region to eliminate the Haqqani network, one of the deadliest Afghan militant factions fighting U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan has been reluctant to do so, but it has come under more pressure and its performance in fighting militancy is under scrutiny again after it was discovered that Osama bin Laden had been living in the country. Kashmiri, the head of the banned Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami, has been linked to several major terror attacks, including the 2008 Mumbai strikes and the recent Taliban raid on the PNS Mehran naval airbase in Karachi. He was earlier reported killed in an attack by a US spy plane in North Waziristan in September 2009 but reemerged a month later to give an interview to Syed Saleem Shahzad, the journalist who was recently murdered.

Pak hikes it’s defence budget I S L A M A B A D : Meanwhile, Pakistan recently hiked its defence budget by nearly 12 per cent to Rs 495 bn (about $ 5.75 bn) for fiscal 2011-12. Official budget documents presented in parliament said defence spending will increase to Rs 495 bn for 2011-12, compared with Rs 442 bn in the fiscal year ending June 30. Reports had said that the military and the defence ministry had sought an outlay of more than Rs 500 bn but the figure was slashed by the finance ministry in view of a severe

financial crunch and stagnant economic growth. "We stand by our valiant men, who are laying down their lives to safeguard our country," finance minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh told parliament. "The country has constantly been suffering because of the existing security situation," but the government was determined to improve the economy and provide security to the people, he said. More than 4,410 people have been killed across Pakistan in bomb blasts and suicide attacks blamed in Taliban- and al-Qaida-

linked militants since July 2007. The total outlay for fiscal 2011-12 was Rs 2,767 bn ($ 32.17 bn), 14.2 per cent higher than the size of the budget estimates for 201011. The government also earmarked Rs 1,454.73 million under its public sector development programme for ongoing schemes of the defence production division for 2011-12. The Pakistan government has traditionally made defence allocations with the objective of maintaining conventional parity with India.

SC judge to probe Scribe's death In a related development, Pakistan government h a s announced that a Supreme Court judge will probe the killing of journalist S y e d Saleem Shahzad, who was abducted and killed shortly after he wrote an article about the alleged infiltration of the Pakistan Navy by al-Qaeda. "The government will announce a commission within two days to probe the assassination of Saleem Shahzad as a (proposal) in this regard has been moved," interior minister Rehman Malik told a group of journalists who were protesting against Shahzad's murder outside the parliament. Journalists across Pakistan continued their protest against the killing of Shahzad, whose body was found in a canal in Punjab province a day after he was abducted from the heart of Islamabad on Sunday.

Pak reels under internal, external attacks Islamabad:Pakistan continues to be a dangerous place not only for visitors or temporary residents but also for those who belong here. Incidents of bomb explosions, air attack by US and NATO forces, suicide attacks and brutal killings are being reported from all over the country. Early on Saturday, 26 people including three children were reported injured when unidentified men attacked a hotel with hand grenade in Thokar Gali of Napier Road in Karachi. According to an eyewitness, attackers were riding on bike. According to the police,

the hotel was closed at the time of the attack but a few people were present who were gambling. On the other hand, residents of the area said that due to the load shedding few people were present at the hotel and were targeted by the unidentified miscreants.


Lucknow, June 04, 2011

Inside a man-w woman relationship Many of us still believe that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and therefore the two cannot ever be compatible in all and every way. But a look at relationships indicates that there might be some common ground, says Deepika Singh How do you describe a man? Is he gentle, nasty or somewhat harsh? How can one relate man with women? It is only through a relationship, but then it should be as transparent as water. A man has a big ego with a bit of jealousy. It's quite easy to understand a man if you are intense enough to know him. Have you ever tried it? Once I tried and I believe that man is a self-centered character who needs to be polished further by the opposite gender. Everyone meets various kinds of people someday, sometimes and they all have different memories and views about each other. All are not equal. The male race passes through various phases and after a long time gets into proper shape. His inherent nature is naughty, robust but cute. If we talk about a female, she is delicate, sensitive and a responsible individual. She is complicated to understand. A man actually seems to be from a different planet, so different he is from

the feminine gender. Not only do men and women communicate differently but they think, feel, perceive, react, respond, love, need and appreciate differently. Usually one gets frustrated with opposite sex because they forget that the two have diverse natures. We always desire the things from each other in the same way as we want. After getting those things back and getting concerned about differences we fall in love with the opposite sex. We'll discover new ways to cope each other. In the mean time if the relationship

admirable shape with the support of each other. Before getting into a relationship he or she might already be having some accidents and experiences. I also had my share of incidents and on those I structured new things. I shall never forget the day when I was 18 and met a cute sort of guy. He seemed to be 23 and I figured him to be quite mature for his age. I went to a coffee shop and we exchanged glances, abruptly he murmured something to his friend. This continued for about a week, and I too became habitual of seeing him

breaks down, then it doesn't signify that the woman is wrong every time. It might be a man who is unable to reach out and make efforts to the end. A relationship can be brought up to an

there. In fact I went to the coffee shop on purpose to have a look at him. On one day he did not come there and I was confused as to what was going on in his mind. In those days I found him a


mysterious character. That was my first experience with a guy in my teenage life. Today I feel something unpleasant about that guy. He comes off as a repulsive person and my impression at that time of him seemed quite adolescent in nature. I realized that during adolescence certain masculinity appears attractive. Females grow up to be in a certain frame of mind at a later age while men get into it early. This is the reason man always prefer to have a younger wife from his age. Another incident is about the day when my close friend was getting married. Her husband was one year older to her and she was really bewildered about the future. However after a few years her life came on track and now she has turned out into a cheerful woman. When a man grows up, he always tries to cope with every kind of situation but sometimes he can't. On the day when he gets involved in a relationship with a woman he starts innovating new things in his mind. He recognizes the circumstances and conditions quickly. He knows what is happening around him and how to handle it. Both of them start to care about each other and learn new preferences in life. Time passes on and things move ahead. Man is a dominating kind of personality. He always wants power into his hands. Some men have a sensitive nature but they never show it. The reason is they do not want to show that they do not have control over themselves and their actions. My brother himself wants to rule over the people. Till last year he was not mature enough but after he got engaged with a girl he started viewing life afresh and identify truths. There are many truths regarding man and women. One is whenever man is in tension or stress then he tries to seek out his problem on his own but when the situation starts slipping out of his hand and control then he decides to utter a word to someone, someone who is close to him. First he always prefers a female whether she is his mother, wife or girlfriend. If women have some complex state then to cope that stress and to get relief she needs someone to talk. After having words of her day suddenly she gets out of it and feels relaxed. But she rarely shares her feelings with someone. In my opinion you should not correct a man if he is incorrect. It gives some negative notion in his mind such as that he is not caring enough, or I don't know anything or it might even hurt his ego. For a man ego is crucial. Always complement him, make him feel smart. Do you think you can cover this vast ground of a man's mind? Let me know!!


Lucknow, June 04, 2011

«UÊß¡S≈U Á‚Ÿ Á‚ÃÊ⁄U ∑§Ê Á∑˝§∑§≈U œ◊Ê‹ Á‚Ÿ Á‚ÃÊ⁄U ¬Œ¸ ‚ ©UÃ⁄U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ◊Ҍʟ ◊¥ œÍ◊ ◊øÊŸ ∑§Ê ÃÒÿÊ⁄U– ß‚∑§ Á‹∞ ◊ŸÊ⁄¢U¡Ÿ ‚ ÷⁄U¬Í⁄U ‚Á‹Á’˝≈UË Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‹Ëª (‚Ë‚Ë∞‹) ‡ÊÈM§– ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ¬„U‹Ë ’Ê⁄U Á»§À◊Ë ÷Ê߸øøÊ⁄U ∑§ Á‹∞ ŒÁˇÊáÊ Á»§À◊ ߢ«US≈˛UË- ÃÁ◊‹, Ã‹ªÍ, ∑§ãŸ«∏U •ÊÒ⁄U ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ«U ≈UË-wÆ »§ÊÚ◊¸≈U ◊¥ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ÁŒπ– ⁄UÊ◊Ê¢ø ‚ ÷⁄U¬Í⁄U ‚Á‹Á’˝≈UË Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‹Ëª ∑§Ê ©UŒ˜ÉÊÊ≈UŸ ’¥ª‹ÍL§ ◊¥ „ÈU•Ê– •ÊÒ⁄U ‚„UÊ⁄UÊflŸ ¬⁄U ß‚∑§Ê ‚ËœÊ ¬˝‚Ê⁄UáÊ ‡ÊÈM§ „ÈU•Ê– ‚Á‹Á’˝≈UË Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‹Ëª ◊¥ øÊ⁄U ≈UË◊¥ ◊Èê’߸ „UË⁄UÊ¡, ÃÁ◊‹ ⁄ÒUŸÊ¡, ∑§ŸÊ¸≈U∑§ ’È‹«UÊ¡‚¸ •ÊÒ⁄U Ã‹ªÍ flÊÁ⁄Uÿ‚¸ „ÒU– ◊È¢’߸ „UË⁄UÊ¡ ∑§Ë ∑§◊ÊŸ ‚ÈŸË‹ ‡Ê≈˜U≈UË ∑§ „UÊÕ ◊¥ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U Á⁄UÃ‡Ê Œ‡Ê◊Èπ ©U¬∑§#ÊŸ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ‚‹◊ÊŸ πÊŸ ◊ÈÅÿ •Ê∑§·¸∑§ „UÊ¥ª– ÿ„U ‹Ëª y ‚ vw ¡ÍŸ Ã∑§ ø‹ªË–

¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¥ ¬⁄U „U◊‹Ê ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ S¬Ê≈˜U‚¸ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ê¥ fl S¬Ê≈˜U‚¸ „UÊÚS≈U‹Ê¥ ∑§ Á¡‹Ê SÃ⁄UËÿ ≈˛UÊÿ‹ ◊¥ Á„US‚Ê ‹Ÿ •Ê∞ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ©UŸ∑§ •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ê¥ Ÿ ∑§«UË Á‚¢„U ’Ê’Í S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ ◊¢ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¥ ¬⁄U „U◊‹Ê ’Ê‹ ÁŒÿÊ– ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ê πÈŒ ∑§Ê ◊ȇÊË’Ã ◊¥ »¢§‚ÃÊ Œπ ‚÷Ë ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§ ˇÊòÊËÿ ∑˝§Ë«∏UÊÁœ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§ ∑§◊⁄U ◊¥ œÈ‚ ªÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ‹Òø ‹ªÊ ÁŒÿÊ– ß‚∑§ ’ÊŒ •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ê¢ ∑§Ë ÷Ë«∏U Ÿ ∑§◊⁄U ∑§ ’Ê„U⁄U ÃÊ«∏U»§Ê«U ∑§Ë– ÕÊ«∏UË Œ⁄U ’ÊŒ ¡’ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ ¬„È¢UøË Ã∑§ ∑§◊⁄U ◊¥ ŒÈ’∑§ π‹ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§ ∑§◊⁄U ‚ ’Ê„U⁄U ÁŸ∑§‹– ¬„U‹ ÃÊ ≈˛UÊÿ‹ Œ⁄U ‚ ‡ÊÈM§ „ÈU•Ê, ’ÊŒ ◊¥ øÿÁŸÃ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚ÍøË ¡Ê⁄UË „UÊŸ ¬⁄U •Á÷÷Êfl∑§ ÷«∏U∑§ ªÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¥ ¬⁄U „U◊‹Ê ÁŒÿÊ–

∞«U„UÊÚ∑§ ∑§ÊøÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚ÍøË ¡Ê⁄UË π‹ Áfl÷ʪ Ÿ ⁄UÊÖÿ ∑§ ÁflÁ÷㟠Á¡‹Ê¥ ◊¥ ∞«U„UÊÚ∑§ ∑§ÊÁø¢ª ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¢ ∑§Ë ¬„U‹‹Ë ‚ÍøË ¡Ê⁄UË ∑§⁄U ŒË „ÒU– ß‚◊¥ v}| ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë ÁŸÿÈÁÄà ∑§Ë ªß¸ „ÒU– ¡’Á∑§ •ª‹Ë ‚ÍøË ¡ÀŒ „UË ¡Ê⁄Ë ∑§Ë ¡ÊÿªË– ˇÊòÊËÿ ∑˝§Ë«∏UÊÁœ∑§Ê⁄UË ◊ÈÅÿÊ‹ÿ ⁄UÊ¡‡Ê ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U ‡Ê◊ʸ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ߟ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ê •÷Ë ¬È⁄UÊŸÊ ◊ÊŸŒÿ „UË ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÿªÊ– Á¡‚∑§ ÄUà •ãÃ⁄UʸC˛UÔËÿ Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ∑§Ê Œ‚ „U¡Ê⁄U, ∞Ÿ•Ê߸∞‚ Á«Uå‹Ê◊ÊœÊ⁄UË ‚Ê‹ „U¡Ê⁄U, ⁄UÊCÔ˛UËÿ SÃ⁄UË ∑§ Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ∑§Ê ÃËŸ „U¡Ê⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U •Áπ‹ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ Áfl‡flÁfllÊ‹ÿ SÃ⁄U ∑§ Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ∑§Ê ŒÊ „U¡Ê⁄U L§¬∞ ÁŒÿÊ ¡Ê∞ªÊ– ©UÄà ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊ∑§Ê¥ ∑¥§«UË Á‚¢„U ’Ê’Í S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊, øÊÒ∑§ S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ fl ’Ê⁄UÊ’¢∑§Ë ◊¥ ÁŸÿÈÄà Á∑§∞ ªÿ „Ò¢U–


∑Ò§‚ ’Ÿ¥ª ‚ÁøŸ, ‚„Uflʪ, œÊŸË ‚¢ŒË¬ ¬Ê‹ ‹πŸ™§– Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ê œ◊¸ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„U ¬Í¡ ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹ ß‚ Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ߟ ÁŒŸÊ¥ ª‹Ë, ◊Ê„UÀ‹Ê¥, ◊ҌʟÊ¥ ◊¥ ÿÈflÊ•Ê¥ ∑§ Á‚⁄U ø…∏U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ê ¡ÊŒÍ Á∑§‚ ∑§Œ⁄U ’Ê‹ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU ÿ„U øÊ⁄UÊ¥ Ã⁄U»§ ÁŒπÊ߸ ¬«∏UÃÊ „ÒU– ߟ◊¥ ‚ Á∑§ÃŸ ‚ÁøŸ, ‚„Uflʪ, œÊŸË, ⁄ÒUŸÊ, ÁŸ∑§‹¥ª¥ ß‚∑§Ë ÷ÁflcÿflÊáÊË ∑§⁄UŸÊ ’◊ÊŸË „UÊªË, ∞‚ ◊¥ ¡’ ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‚ËπÊŸ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U œŸ ©UªÊ„UË „UÊ ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ⁄UÊ¡œÊŸË ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ ¡’ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ÿÈflÊ•Ê¥ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ¿U‹ÊflÊ „UÊ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU, ÃÊ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ÄÿÊ „UÊ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU ÿ„U ’Êà ’«∏UË „UË •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ ‚◊¤Ê ◊¥ •ÊÃË „ÒU– Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ÿÁŒ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ê ‚’‚ ÖÿʬŒÊ »§ÊÿŒÊ „ÒU ÃÊ fl„U „ÒU ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ø‹ ⁄U„UË Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë •ÊÒ⁄U Ä‹’Ê¥ ∑§Ê– •Ê¡ ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ê ªÈ⁄U ‚ËπÊŸ flÊ‹Ë •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ë ‚¢ÅÿÊ (zÆ) •œ¸ ‡ÊÃ∑§ ¬Í⁄UÊ ∑§⁄U øÈ∑§Ë „ÒU– ¡„UÊ¢ ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ ‹ÊπÊ¥ ’ìÊ ÷Áflcÿ ◊¥ ’„UÃ⁄U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ’ŸŸ ∑§Ê ‚¬ŸÊ ‚¢¡Ê∞ Á∑˝§∑§≈U π‹ŸÊ ‚Ëπ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ߟ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë fl Ä‹’Ê¥ ◊¥ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ê ªÈ⁄U ‚ËπÊŸ flÊ‹Ê¥ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ÷Ë ∑§ÊøÊ ⁄UÊC˛UËÿ•Ã⁄UʸCÔ˛UËÿ SÃ⁄U ∑§Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÒU– ªÊ¬Ê‹ Á‚¢„U „UÊ° ∞∑§-ŒÊ ¡M§⁄U ⁄UáÊ¡Ë ≈˛UÊ»§Ë ∑§ ∞∑§ •Êœ ◊Òø π‹ „Ò¥U– Á¡ã„UÊ¥Ÿ ⁄áÊ¡Ë ≈˛UÊ»§Ë π‹Ë „ÒU, fl„U ‡ÊÊÿŒ „UË ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê߸ Á≈Uå‚ ŒŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ◊Ҍʟ ◊¥ •ÊÃ „ÒU– fl„U ÃÊ •¬Ÿ ŸÊ◊ ∞fl¢ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ê √ÿʬ∑§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U ÿÈflÊ•Ê¥ ∑§Ê •¬ŸË Ã⁄U»§ •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã ∑§⁄U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‚ËπÊŸ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ◊Ê≈UË ⁄U∑§◊ fl‚Í‹Ÿ ◊¥ ‹ª „ÈU∞ „Ò¢U– ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ë Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë •ÊÒ⁄U Ä‹’ mÊ⁄UÊ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‚ËπÊŸ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ’À‹Ê¥ ‚ vwÆÆ L§¬∞ ¬˝Áà ◊Ê„U ‚ ‹∑§⁄U wzÆÆ L§¬∞ ¬˝Áà ◊Ê„U »§Ë‚ ‹Ë ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– ß‚∑ •‹flÊ Á¡Ÿ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë fl Ä‹Ë’Ê¥ ∑§ ¬Ê‚ •Êfl‚Ëÿ ‚ÈÁflœÊ „ÒU fl„U ¬˝àÿ¥∑§ ’ìÊÊ¥ z }}} L§¬∞ Ã∑§ ¬˝Áà »§Ë‚ ‹Ã „Ò¥U– Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∞‚ÊÁ‚∞‡ÊŸ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ ‚¢ÿÈÄà ‚Áøfl ªÊ¬Ê‹ Á‚¢„U ‚ ¡’ ß‚ ‚¢Œ÷¸ ◊¥ ’Êà ∑§Ë ªß¸ ÃÊ ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊ËU„U ‹πŸ™§ mÊ⁄UÊ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‚ËπÊŸ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ’ìÊÊ¥ ‚ ’„ÈUà „UË ∑§◊ »§Ë‚ ‹Ë ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ „U◊Ê⁄UË •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ◊¥ ÃÊ ’„ÈUà ‚ ’ìÊ¥ ∞‚ ›UÊË„U „ÒU ¡Ê Á’ŸÊ Á∑§‚Ë »§Ë‚ ∑§ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‚Ëπ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ÄÿÊ¥Á∑§ ©UŸ◊¥ »§Ë‚ Œ ¬ÊŸ ∑§Ë ˇÊ◊ÃÊ Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– fl„UË¥ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë •ÊÒ⁄U Ä‹’Ê¥ ◊¥¢ ß‚∑§ ΔUË∑§ Áfl¬⁄UËà ∑§Ê◊ „UÊ ⁄U„UÊ „Ò– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ÿÈflÊ•Ê¥ ∑§ ß‚ ‡ÊÊ·áÊ ∑§ Á‹∞ ◊Ò¥ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§ ¬Á⁄U¡ŸÊ¥ ∑§Ê ŒÊ·Ë ◊ÊŸÃÊ „Í¢U, ÄÿÊ¥Á∑§ fl„U Á’ŸÊ Á∑§‚Ë ¡Ê°ø ¬«∏UÃÊ‹ ∑§ •¬Ÿ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê ©UŸ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ◊¥ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ‚ËπŸ ÷¡ ŒÃ „Ò¥U, ¡„UÊ¢ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê߸ ÷Áflcÿ „ÒU– ªÊ¬Ê‹ Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ Ä‹’Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ë ’Êà ¿UÊÁ«∏U∞ S¬Ê≈˜U‚¸ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ fl ∑§«Ë Á‚¢„U ’Ê’Í S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ ◊¥ ⁄UÊCÔ˛UËÿ SÃ⁄U Ã∑§ ∑§ ∑§Êø Ÿ„UË¥ „Ò¥U– ∞‚ ◊¥ „U◊ ∑Ò§‚ ߟ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§ ‚ÈŸ„U⁄U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ÷Áflcÿ ∑§Ë ∑§À¬ŸÊ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „ÒU– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ •Ê¡ ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ∞‹«UË∞ S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ ∞∑§ ◊ÊòÊ ∞‚Ê S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ „ÒU ¡„UÊ¢ ∑§ ◊Ҍʟ ¬⁄U ‡Ê„U⁄U

•¢Ã⁄UʸCÔ˛UËÿ Á∑˝§∑§≈U⁄U ôÊÊŸãº˝ ¬Êá«Uÿ Ÿ ÷Ë ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ‚¢flÊŒŒÊÃÊ ‚ ÿ„UË ’Êà ∑§„UË ÕË Á∑§ ⁄UÊ¡œÊŸË ∑§ S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊Ê¥ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ÷Ë ∑§Êø …∏Uª ∑§Ê Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ¬ËÿÍ· øÊfl‹Ê, •Ê⁄U ¬Ë Á‚¢„U, ¬˝flËáÊ ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U, ‚È⁄U‡Ê ⁄ÒUŸÊ, ◊Ê. ∑Ò§»§ ¡M§⁄U „U◊Ê⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê

„Ò¥U– L§¬∞ Ÿ„UË¥ ŒŸ ∑§Ë Œ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ ©Uã„¥U ≈UË◊ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë •ÊÒ⁄U Ä‹’ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ‹πŸ™§ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë Ÿ„UË¥ Á∑§ÿÊ •Êÿ¸ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ÿÍÁŸ≈UË Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’ ß‚∑§ Ÿ∑§flË Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’ • ‹ Ê fl Ê ¬Ò¥Õ‚¸ Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’ ’Êê’Ë Ÿ ∑§„UÊ º˝ÊáÊÊ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë Á∑§ ÿÈflÊ ‚Íÿʸ Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’ Á∑˝§∑§≈U⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ê ≈KÍÁ‹¬ Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’ ÖÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U ŸÊflÊ’ Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë •ÊÒ⁄U Ä‹’ ÿ„U ∑§„U ∑§⁄U ’Ê„U⁄U ◊Òø Áπ‹ÊŸ ‹ ¡ÊÃ „ÒU Á∑§ ©Uã„¥U ⁄UÊÖÿ SÃ⁄UËÿ ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ Áπ‹ÊŸ ‹ ¡Ê ⁄U„U „ÒU ¡’Á∑§ fl„U ∑§Ê߸ ⁄UÊÖÿSÃ⁄UËÿ ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃË „ÒU– fl„U ∞∑§ ‚ÊœÊ⁄UáÊ ◊Òø „UÊÃÊ „ÒU ¡Ê

‚ ÁŸ∑§‹ „ÒU ‹Á∑§Ÿ ©UŸ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ◊¥ ∑§Êø ∑§Ê Á∑§ÃŸÊ „ÊÕ „ÒU ÿ„U ‚÷Ë ¡ÊŸÃ „Ò¥U– fl„UË¥ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§Ë ‚’‚ ’«∏UË Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ‹πŸ™§ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§ ‚Áøfl •⁄U‡ÊË ⁄U¡Ê ∑§Ê ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ’ìÊ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ÷Áflcÿ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ©UŸ∑§ ÷Áflcÿ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ Áπ‹flÊ«∏U ∑§⁄UŸÊ Á∑§‚Ë •¬⁄UÊœ ‚ ∑§◊ Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ „U◊Ê⁄U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë Ÿ ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ê ∑§ß¸ ’„UÃ⁄UËŸ Á∑˝§∑§≈U⁄U ÁŒÿÊ „ÒU– ¡ÀŒ „UË ‚ê¬ãŸ „ÈU߸ •Ê߸¬Ë∞‹-y ◊¥ „U◊Ê⁄UË •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ê ∞∑§ Á∑˝§∑§≈U⁄U ‚„UÊ⁄UÊ ¬ÍáÊ flÊÚÁ⁄Uÿ‚¸ ‚ π‹Ê ÕÊ– „U◊Ê⁄UË •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê •Êª ’…∏UÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‚ÒƒÿŒ Á∑§⁄U◊ÊŸË, ◊Ê„Uê◊Œ ∑Ò§»§, •Ê⁄U ¬Ë Á‚¢„U ‚◊à ∑§ß¸ ≈UË◊ ߢÁ«UÿÊ ∑§ ŸÊ◊Ë Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ’È‹Ê∑§⁄U ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ë ’ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ÁŒ‹flÊÃ „Ò¥U– Á¡‚‚ ∑§Ë ©UŸ∑§ π‹ ◊¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ÁŸπÊ⁄U •Êÿ fl ©UŸ∑§Ê ◊ŸÊ’‹ ◊¡’Íà „UÊ– ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ ¬„U‹ ⁄UáÊ¡Ë Áπ‹Ê«∏UË •‡ÊÊ∑§ ’Êê’Ë Ÿ Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’Ê¥ ∑§Ë ◊Ÿ◊ÊŸË »§Ë‚ ¬⁄U ‹ªÊ◊ ‹ªÊŸ ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§„UË¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ß‚ ¬⁄U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∞‚ÊÁ‚∞‡ÊŸ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§Ê ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ø‹ ⁄U„U ‚÷Ë Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’Ê¥ ∑§Ë ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÊ¥ ¬⁄U Ÿ¡⁄U ⁄UπŸË øÊÁ„U∞, Á¡‚‚ fl„U ◊Ÿ ◊ÊŸÊ ∑§Ê◊ Ÿ ∑§⁄U ‚∑¥§– •‡ÊÊ∑§ Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ •Ê¡ Á∑˝§∑§≈U Ä‹’Ê¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê ’Ê„U⁄U ≈ÍUŸÊ¸◊¥á≈U Áπ‹ÊŸ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ©UŸ‚ L§¬∞ Á‹∞ ¡ÊÃ

¬„U‹ ‚ Ãÿ Ä‹’Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ë ⁄UáÊŸËÁà ∑§Ê Á„US‚Ê „UÊÃÊ „ÒU– •ÊS∑§Ê ∑§ ∑§Êø •Á÷¡Ëà ∑§⁄U ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà Œ‡Ê „UË Ÿ„UË¥, ∑§ß¸ •ãÿ Œ‡Ê ∞‚ „ÒU ¡„UÊ¢ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •ãÿ π‹Ê¥ ¬⁄U ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„U ‚ „UÊflË „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ◊¥ „UÊ⁄U ¡Ëà ∑§Ê Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ¬˝ÁÃDÔUÊ ‚ ¡Ê«∏UÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– •Ê߸¬Ë∞‹ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈM§ Ÿ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ê •ÊÒ⁄U Ç‹Ò◊⁄U‚ ’ŸÊ ÁŒÿÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U •’ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ¬„U‹ ∑§ ◊È∑§Ê’‹ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ ÖÿÊŒÊ ¤ÊÈ∑§ ⁄U„U „ÒU– Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ ÿÈflÊ•Ê¥ ∑§Ê ¤ÊÈ∑§Êfl ÖÿÊŒÊ „UÊŸ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÿ„U ÷Ë „ÒU Á∑§ ß‚◊¥ L§¬∞ ∑§Ë •¢œÊœÈ¢œ ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê „UÊÃË „ÒU– •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ ’„UÃ⁄U ÷Áflcÿ ’ŸÊÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– •Ê¡ „U⁄U √ÿÁÄà •¬Ÿ ’ìÊ ∑§Ê Á∑˝§∑§≈U⁄U „UË ’ŸÊŸÊ øÊ„UÃÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚∑§ Á‹∞ fl„U ∑ȧ¿U ÷Ë ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „ÒU– ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ë ß‚Ë ‚Êø Ÿ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§ ø‹Ÿ ∑§Ê ’…∏UÊflÊ ÁŒÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ∑ȧ¿U Á∑˝§∑§≈U •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§Ë •Ê«∏UÊ ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ ©UÀ‹Í ‚ËœÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ ‹ªË „ÈUÿË „Ò¥U– ©Uã„¥U ß‚‚ ¡⁄UÊ ÷Ë ◊Ë’ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÒU Á∑§ •Ê¬ ∑§Ê ’ìÊ ∑§Ê π‹ ÷Áflcÿ ÄÿÊ „UÊªÊ– ©Uã„U Á‚»¸§ L§¬∞ ‚ ◊Ë’ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU– fl„UË¥ ‚ÍòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ë ◊ÊŸ ÃÊ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ Ä‹’ ∞‚ „ÒU ¡Ê Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ¬Ò◊ÊŸ ¬⁄U π⁄U Ÿ„UË¥ ©UÃ⁄Ã „ÒU, ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ß‚∑§ fl„U ¤ÊÍΔU ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑§ ‚„UÊ⁄U •¬ŸË •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê äÿÊŸ πËøŸ ∑§ ‚»§‹ „ÒU– ‚Ë∞∞‹ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ßŸ Ä‹’Ê¥ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê߸ ÁŸÿ¢òÊáÊ Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ‚ÍòÊÊ¥ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ߟ •∑§ÊŒÁ◊ÿÊ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U »§¡Ë¸ ≈ÍUŸÊ¸◊¥≈U ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ »§¡Ë¸ ≈˛UÊÿ‹ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU–

∑§Ê „U⁄U Á∑˝§∑§≈U ◊Òø π‹ŸÊ ¬‚¢Œ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „ÒU– ¡’Á∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊Ê¥ ◊¥ ◊Òø ÃÊ ⁄UÊ¡ÊŸÊ π‹ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∞‹«UË∞ S≈Á«Uÿ◊ „UË ‚’∑§Ê¥ ÷ÊÃÊ „ÒU– •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚ üÊÿ ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑§ ÄÿÍ⁄U≈U⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ª˝Ê©Uá«U ◊ÒŸ ∑§Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ¬Í fl ¸

Á∑˝§∑§≈U ’ŸÊ Á’¡Ÿ‚ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë •ÊÒ⁄U Ä‹’ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„U œŸ ©UªÊ„UË ‚Ë∞∞‹ ©UΔUÊ∞ ΔUÊ‚ ∑§Œ◊ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ •ë¿U ∑§Êø ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë

Sports «UÊß¡S≈U

Lucknow, June 04, 2011

‚ÊÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ê ‚¬ŸÊ ≈ÍU≈UÊ

‚^’Ê¡ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ⁄UÒŸÊ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ≈UË◊ ∑‘§ ◊ı¡ÍŒÊ ∑§åÃÊŸ ‚È⁄U‡Ê ⁄UÒŸÊ ∑§Ê „Ê‹ ◊¥ Á‡Ê⁄U«Ë Œı⁄UÊ ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ª‹Ã fl¡„ ‚ øøʸ ◊¥ „Ò– ¬„‹ ÃÙ ∑‘§¥Œ˝Ëÿ ◊¥òÊË ¬˝»§ÈÀ‹ ¬≈U‹ ∑§Ë ’≈UË ¬ÍáÊʸ ¬≈U‹ ∑§Ù ⁄UÒŸÊ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ Á‡Ê⁄U«Ë ◊¥ ‚ÊßZ ’Ê’Ê ∑‘§ Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ ∑§⁄UÃ ŒπÊ ªÿÊ ‹Á∑§Ÿ •’ π’⁄U •Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò Á∑§ Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U⁄U ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ π«∏Ê ∞∑§ ‡ÊÅ‚ ‚^’Ê¡ „Ò– ÃSflË⁄U ◊¥ ‚»‘§Œ ∑§◊Ë¡ ¬„Ÿ ∞∑§ ‡ÊÅ‚ ⁄UÒŸÊ ∑§Ê „ÊÕ ¬∑§«∏ „È∞ „Ò Á¡‚ ‹∑§⁄U ⁄UÒŸÊ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ ◊¥ ¬«∏ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ÿ„ ‡ÊÅ‚ •ı⁄U ∑§Ù߸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ ŒË¬∑§ ŸÊ⁄UÊÿáÊË ©»§¸ ’Ê‹Ê¡Ë „Ò ¡Ù ∑§ÈÅÿÊà ‚^’Ê¡ „Ò– ‚^’Ê¡Ë ∑§Ê •Ê⁄UÙ¬Ë ’Ê‹Ê¡Ë wÆÆw •ı⁄U wÆÆ} ◊¥ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑‘§ „àÕ ø…∏ øÈ∑§Ê „Ò– ’ÃÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚ ¬⁄U ’‹Êà∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê •Ê⁄UÙ¬ ÷Ë ‹ª øÈ∑§Ê „Ò– ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ„∑§ ∑§åÃÊŸ ⁄UÒŸÊ Á»§‹„Ê‹ flS≈Uߥ«Ë¡ Œı⁄U ¬⁄U „Ò¥– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ ∞‚Ê ¬„‹Ë ’Ê⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ „È•Ê „Ò ¡’ ⁄UÒŸÊ ∑§Ù Á∑§‚Ë ‚^’Ê¡ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ŒπÊ ªÿÊ „Ù– ⁄UÒŸÊ ∑§Ù wÆÆ~ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ üÊË‹¥∑§Ê Œı⁄U ¬⁄U ∞∑§ ‚≈UÙÁ⁄U∞ ∑‘§ ‚„ÿÙªË ‚ ¡È«∏Ë ∞∑§ ◊Á„‹Ê ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ŒπÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ ©‚ flÄUà •Ê߸‚Ë‚Ë ∑‘§ flÁ⁄UcΔ ‚ÍòÊ Ÿ ∑§„Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ ◊Ê◊‹ ∑§Ë ¡Ê¥ø ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ¬ÃÊ ø‹Ê Á∑§ ⁄UÒŸÊ Ÿ ∑§Ù߸ ª‹ÃË Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§Ë ÕË– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ⁄UÒŸÊ ∑§Ë ’Ê‹Ê¡Ë ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÃSflË⁄U Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚≈UÙÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ‚ ‚¥’¥œÙ¥ ∑§Ê ◊Ê◊‹Ê ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U Á»§⁄U ‚ÈÁπ¸ÿÊ¥ ’Ÿ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò–

≈˛Ê≈Ú U ‚fl¸üÊD Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U⁄U ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U •ë¿Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ ¡ÙŸÊÕŸ ≈˛Ê≈Ú U ∑§Ù ߥNjҫ¥ •ı⁄U flÀ‚ Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U ’Ù«¸ Ÿ å‹ÿ⁄U •ÊÚ»§ Œ ߸ÿ⁄U ∑‘§ ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄U ‚ ŸflÊ¡Ê „Ò– Á’˝Á≈U‡Ê Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ∑‘§ flÙ≈U ¬⁄U •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà ÿ„ ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄U ∞‚ Áπ‹Ê«∏Ë ∑§Ù ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á¡‚Ÿ ¬Í⁄U ‚Ê‹ ߥNjҫ¥ ≈UË◊ ∑‘§ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ ◊¥ ©À‹πŸËÿ ÷ÍÁ◊∑§Ê ÁŸ÷Ê߸ „Ù– ‚Ê©Õ •»˝§Ë∑§Ê ◊¥ ¡ã◊¥ ≈˛Ê≈Ú U Ÿ wÆvÆ ∑‘§ ‚Ë¡Ÿ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈL§•Êà ‚ flÀ«¸ ∑§¬ Ã∑§ {}.Æ{ ∑§Ë •ı‚à ‚ wwy{ ⁄UŸ ’ŸÊ∞– ߟ◊¥ ‚Êà ‚ø ¥ ⁄È UË •ı⁄U ’ʥNjʌ‡Ê ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ Á¬¿‹ ‚Ê‹ ‹ÊÚ«‚ ˜ ¸ ◊¥ „È∞ ≈US ≈U ◊¥ ww{ ⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ¬Ê⁄UË ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò– ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄U ‹Ÿ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ≈˛Ê≈Ú U Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ◊ȤÊ ÿ„ ‚ê◊ÊŸ ‹∑§⁄U ’„Èà πȇÊË „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò– Á¬¿‹Ê ‚Ê‹ ◊⁄U ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ∑§Ê ‚fl¸üÊD ‚Ê‹ ÕÊ– ◊Ò¥ πȇÊÁ∑§S◊à „Í¥ Á∑§ ßÃŸË ◊„ŸÃË ≈UË◊ ∑§Ê Á„S‚Ê „Í–¥ ◊⁄U ‚ÊÕË Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚„ÿÙª •ı⁄U ‚◊¬¸áÊ ∑‘§ Á’ŸÊ ÿ„ ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄U ◊ȤÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹ ¬ÊÃÊ– ÿ„ ¬Í⁄UË ≈UË◊ ∑§Ê ‚ê◊ÊŸ „Ò– ≈˛Ê≈U ∑§Ê ≈US ≈U •ı‚à {{.{| „Ò ¡Ù ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ wÆ ≈US ≈U ¬ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ π‹ øÈ∑§‘ ’Ñ’Ê¡Ù¥ ◊¥ ‚⁄U «ÊÚŸ ’˝«Ò ◊Ÿ ∑‘§ ~~.~y ∑‘§ •ı‚à ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‚fl¸üÊD „Ò–

fl‚ÁŸŸÊ-‚ÊÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ê »˝§¥ø •Ù¬Ÿ ≈UÁŸ‚ ≈U͟ʸ◊¥≈U ∑‘§ ◊Á„‹Ê ÿȪ‹ »§Êߟ‹ ◊¥ •Ê¥ÁŒÿÊ-‹È‚Ë „⁄UÊŒ∑§Ê Ÿ Á‡Ê∑§Sà ŒË ¬Á⁄U‚– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ≈UÁŸ‚ S≈UÊ⁄U ‚ÊÁŸÿÊ Á◊¡Ê¸ •ı⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ë M§‚Ë ¡Ù«∏ËŒÊ⁄U ∞‹ËŸÊ fl‚ÁŸŸÊ ∑§Ù »˝§¥ø •Ù¬Ÿ ≈UÁŸ‚ ≈U͟ʸ◊¥≈U ∑‘§ ◊Á„‹Ê ÿȪ‹ »§Êߟ‹ ◊¥ •Ê¥ÁŒÿÊ „‹ÊflÊ∑§ÙflÊ •ı⁄U ‹È‚Ë „⁄UÊŒ∑§Ê ‚ Á‡Ê∑§Sà ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊ŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏Ê– ß‚ „Ê⁄U ‚ ⁄UÙ‹Ê¥ ªÒ⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ øÈŸıÃË ÷Ë ‚◊Ê# „Ù ªß¸ •ı⁄U ‚ÊÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ê ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ ª˝Ò¥«S‹Ò◊ ÁπÃÊ’ „ÊÁ‚‹ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ‚¬ŸÊ ÷Ë ≈UÍ≈U ªÿÊ– ÿ„Ê¥ ©¬ Áfl¡ÃÊ ’ŸŸ ‚ ÿ„ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ª˝Ò¥« S‹Ò◊ ∑‘§ ◊Á„‹Ê ÿȪ‹ ◊¥ ÁπÃÊ’ ¡Ëß ‚ ÷Ë ◊„M§◊ ⁄U„ ªß¸ Á¡‚◊¥ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ¬„‹Ë ’Ê⁄U ¡ª„ ’ŸÊ߸ ÕË– ‚ÊÁŸÿÊ •¬Ÿ ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ◊¥ ÃË‚⁄UË ’Ê⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ª˝Ò¥«S‹Ò◊ ≈U͟ʸ◊¥≈U ∑‘§ »§Êߟ‹ ◊¥ ¬„È¥øË– ß‚‚ ¬„‹ fl„ ŒÙ ’Ê⁄U •ÊS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ߸ •Ù¬Ÿ ∑‘§ Á◊ÁüÊà ÿȪ‹ ∑‘§ »§Êߟ‹ ◊¥ ÷Ë ¡ª„ ’ŸÊ øÈ∑§Ë ÕË¥ Á¡‚◊¥ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ÁπÃÊ’ „ÊÁ‚‹ Á∑§ÿÊ ÕÊ– ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U M§‚ ∑§Ë ‚ÊÃflË¥ fl⁄UËÿ ¡Ù«∏Ë ∑§Ù ∑§Ù≈U¸ ‚È¡ÊŸ ‹ŸÇ‹Ÿ ◊¥ ø∑§ ªáÊ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§Ë ªÒ⁄U fl⁄UËÿ ¡Ù«∏Ë ‚ ∞∑§ ÉÊ¥≈U wv Á◊Ÿ≈U Ã∑§ ø‹ ◊È∑§Ê’‹ ◊¥ y-{, x-{ ‚ „Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ◊È¥„ ŒπŸÊ ¬«∏Ê– ‚ÊÁŸÿÊ •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ¡Ù«∏ËŒÊ⁄U ◊„‡Ê ÷ͬÁà wÆÆ} ◊¥ •ÊÚS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ߸ •Ù¬Ÿ ◊¥ ©¬ Áfl¡ÃÊ ⁄U„ Õ ¡’Á∑§ •ª‹ ‚Ê‹ ß‚ ¡Ù«∏Ë Ÿ ÁπÃÊ’ ¡ËÃÊ ÕÊ–


Ã¥ŒÈ‹∑§⁄U ‚ ’„Ã⁄U ∑§Ù߸ Ÿ„Ë¥ — Á⁄Uø«˜‚¸ ¬Ù≈U¸ •ÊÚ»§ S¬Ÿ– ◊„ÊŸ ’À‹’Ê¡ ÁflflÿŸ Á⁄Uø«˜‚¸ Ÿ ‚⁄U «ÊÚŸ ’˝Ò«◊Ÿ ∑§Ù π‹Ã Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒπÊ, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ◊ı¡ÍŒÊ Œı⁄U ∑‘§ Ã◊Ê◊ ’À‹’Ê¡Ù¥ ◊¥ ©ã„¥ ‚ÁøŸ Ã¥«È‹∑§⁄U ‚ ’„Ã⁄U ∑§Ù߸ Ÿ¡⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ •ÊÃÊ– Á⁄Uø«˜‚¸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ◊Ò¥Ÿ «ÊÚŸ ∑§Ù π‹Ã Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒπÊ, ‹Á∑§Ÿ Á¡ÃŸ ’À‹’Ê¡Ù¥ ∑§Ù ◊Ò¥Ÿ ŒπÊ „Ò, ©Ÿ◊¥ ‚ÁøŸ ‚ ’„Ã⁄U ∑§Ù߸ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ÿÁŒ ‚ÁøŸ ‚ ’„Ã⁄U ∑§Ù߸ ’Ñ’Ê¡ „Ò ÃÙ ‡ÊÊÿŒ fl„ •÷Ë Ã∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥ •ÊÿÊ „Ò– Á⁄Uø«˜‚¸ Ÿ Ã¥«È‹∑§⁄U ∑§Ù ’˝ÊÿŸ ‹Ê⁄UÊ, Á⁄U∑§Ë ¬ÊÚÁã≈U¥ª, ¡Ò∑§ ∑§ÊÁ‹‚ •ı⁄U •¬Ÿ Œı⁄U ∑‘§ ‚ÈŸË‹ ªÊflS∑§⁄U, ¡ÊflŒ Á◊ÿÊ¥ŒÊŒ ‚ ÷Ë ’„Ã⁄U ’ŸÊÿÊ– ’˝Ò¥«◊Ÿ Ÿ •¬Ÿ wÆ ‚Ê‹ ∑‘§ ∑Ò§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ◊¥ zw ≈US≈U ◊¥ w~ ‡ÊÃ∑§ ¡◊Ê∞ Õ– Ã¥«È‹∑§⁄U ww ‚Ê‹ ∑‘§ ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ◊¥ •’ Ã∑§ ~~ ߥ≈U⁄UŸÒ‡ÊŸ‹ ‚¥øÈ⁄UË ’ŸÊ øÈ∑‘§ „Ò¥– Á⁄Uø«˜‚¸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ Ã¥«È‹∑§⁄U ∑§Ë ‚’‚ ’«∏Ë πÍ’Ë ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ©‚Ÿ ŒŒ¸, ŸÊ∑§Ê◊Ë, Õ∑§ÊŸ •ı⁄U øÙ≈U ‚ ©’⁄U∑§⁄U ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ∑§Ê ‚∑§¸‹ ¬Í⁄UÊ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ fl„ ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U •ë¿Ê π‹ ⁄U„Ê „Ò– fl„ ‚¥¬Íáʸ ¬Ò∑‘§¡ „Ò •ı⁄U ‚’‚ ëÿÊŒÊ ‚ê◊ÊÁŸÃ ÁR§∑‘§≈U⁄U ÷Ë– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ flS≈U ߥ«Ë¡ Œı⁄U ‚ ’Ê„⁄U ⁄U„Ÿ ∑‘§ Ã¥ŒÈ‹∑§⁄U ∑‘§ »Ò§‚‹ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ’øÊfl Á∑§ÿÊ– ∞∑§ ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊ ◊¥ ¬„È¢Uø Á⁄Uø«˜‚¸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ Ã¥«È‹∑§⁄U x} ’⁄U‚ ∑‘§ „Ò¥– fl„ •’ ¬„‹ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ ÿÈflÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò¥– Á‹„Ê¡Ê ©Ÿ∑‘§ »Ò§‚‹ ∑§Ê ‚ê◊ÊŸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ©ã„¥ ’πÍ’Ë ¬ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ÄUÿÊ ΔË∑§ „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ÿ„ ÷Ë ∑§„Ê Á∑§ Ã¥«È‹∑§⁄U ∑§Ë ◊ı¡ÍŒªË ∑Ò§Á⁄UÁ’ÿÊ߸ Œı⁄U ¬⁄U ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ¬˝⁄UáÊÊ dÙà „ÙÃË– Á⁄Uø«˜‚¸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©ã„¥ π‹Ã ŒπŸÊ ÿÊŒªÊ⁄U •ŸÈ÷fl „ÙÃÊ– fl„ ¬Ê⁄UË ∑§Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ∑Ò§‚ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥, ∑Ò§‚ ©‚ ’…∏ÊÃ „Ò¥, „Ê‹Êà ∑‘§ •ŸÈ∑§Í‹ πÈŒ ∑§Ù ∑Ò§‚ …Ê‹Ã „Ò¥– ÿ„ ’„Ã⁄UËŸ •ŸÈ÷fl „ÙÃÊ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ÁR§∑‘§≈U ‚◊ÈŒÊÿ ‚ Á◊‹Ÿ flÊ‹ åÿÊ⁄U ‚ fl„ •Á÷÷Íà „Ò¥– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U çU‹Êß≈U ◊¥ ªıÃ◊ ª¥÷Ë⁄U ◊⁄U ‚ÊÕ ÕÊ– ◊Ò¥ ’Ñ’Ê¡Ë ∑§Ë ’Ê⁄UËÁ∑§ÿÊ¥ ¡ÊŸŸ ∑§Ë ©‚∑§Ë ©à‚È∑§ÃÊ Œπ∑§⁄U „Ò⁄UÊŸ ⁄U„ ªÿÊ–

¬⁄Uª≈U ¡Êÿ¥ª ÷Íπ „«∏ÃÊ‹ ¬⁄U ŸÿË ÁŒÀ‹Ë– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ „UÊÚ∑§Ë ≈UË◊ ∑§ „È∞ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ √ÿflSÕÊ ◊¥ ⁄U„∑§⁄U „Ë ß‚◊¥ ¬Ífl¸ ∑§#ÊŸ ¬⁄Uª≈U Á‚¥„ Ÿ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ù ’Ãı⁄U ‚ÈœÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U ‚∑§ÃÊ „Í¥– ¡’ Ã∑§ ◊ȤÊ ’Œ‹Êfl Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ ª◊ S¬‡Ê‹ S≈U≈U˜‚ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ◊Ê¥ª ∑§Ë ∑§Ë ©ê◊ËŒ ÁŒπªË, ◊Ò¥ ¬Œ ¬⁄U ⁄U„Í¥ªÊ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ∑§„Ê ◊ı¡ÍŒÊ „Ê‹Êà ◊¥ ≈UË◊ ∑§Ê π‹ ◊¥òÊÊ‹ÿ ‚ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ù ŸÒ‡ÊŸ‹ S¬Ù≈U˜‚¸ •Ù‹¥Á¬∑§ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÄflÊÚÁ‹»§Ê߸ ∑§⁄U ¬ÊŸÊ ∑‘§ Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U Áfl‡Ê· Œ¡Ê¸ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ◊Ê¥ª ∑§Ë– ’„ÈUà „UË ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ øÃÊflŸË ŒÃ ß‚ ¬Ífl¸ ∑§#ÊŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ¬˝ÃË∑§ „ÈUÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ •ª⁄U „Ê‹Êà Ÿ„Ë¥ ‚Èœ⁄U ÃÙ w~ Áøã„Ù¥, ⁄UÊc≈˛ªËÃ, ¬ˇÊË ÿÊ äfl¡ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ •ªSà ∑§Ù ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ π‹ ÁŒfl‚ ∑‘§ ◊ı∑‘§ ¬⁄U „ÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ù ÷Ë Áfl‡Ê· Œ¡Ê¸ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊŸÊ fl„ ÷Íπ „«∏ÃÊ‹ ¬⁄U ø‹ ¡Ê∞¥ª– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ øÊÁ„∞– ß‚∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ •ª‹ ¬Ê¥ø ‚Ê‹ ◊¥ Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ∑§◊ ‚ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ߥÁ«ÿÊ ∑§◊ zÆÆ ∞S≈˛Ù≈U»§¸ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ‚ ßSÃË»§Ê ‚fl „ÊÚ∑§Ë •Á÷ÿÊŸ ø‹ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ‚¥÷ÊflŸÊ ‚ „UÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ê Áfl‡Ê· Œ¡Ê¸ Á◊‹ Á’¿Ê∞ ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê ‚Ê»§ ߟ∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄U Œ‡Ê ◊¥ zÆÆ ∞S≈˛Ù≈U»§¸ Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ ‚Ȭ˝Ë◊ ∑§Ù≈U¸ ‚ Á’¿Ê∞ ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà ÁŒÿÊ– ’øÊfl ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ •Êª •Ê∞ ÷Ë •ŸÈ⁄UÙœ ∑§M§¥ªÊ Á∑§ ¬⁄Uª≈U Ÿ ∑§„Ê „ÊÚ∑§Ë ‚ ¡È«∏ Ã◊Ê◊ Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ „UÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ë Œ‡ÊÊ »È§≈U’ÊÚ‹ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„U „Ù ªß¸ „Ò Á¡‚ ◊‚‹Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¡ÀŒË ÁŸ’≈UÊÿÊ ¡Ê∞– ß‚∑‘§ ∑§÷Ë ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ „Ê∑§Ë ‚¥ÉÊ, ∑§÷Ë „ÊÚ∑§Ë ߥÁ«ÿÊ •‹ÊflÊ ‹Ù∑§‚÷Ê ◊¥ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ¬⁄U ’„‚ ∑§⁄UŸ ÃÙ ∑§÷Ë π‹ ◊¥òÊÊ‹ÿ Á∑§∑§ ◊Ê⁄U ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÷Ë ‚Ê¥‚ŒÙ¥ ‚ •ŸÈ⁄UÙœ ∑§M§¥ªÊ– ¬⁄Uª≈U Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ß‚∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ‚ÈœÊ⁄U ÿ„Ë „Ê‹ ⁄U„Ê ÃÙ „◊ ‹¥ŒŸ •Ù‹¥Á¬∑§ wÆvw Ÿ„Ë¥ „È•Ê ÃÙ w~ •ªSà ∑§Ù ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ π‹ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÄflÊÚÁ‹»§Ê߸ Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§⁄U ‚∑‘§¥ª– „ÊÚ∑§Ë ߥÁ«ÿÊ ∑§Ë Áfl∑§Ê‚ ‚Á◊Áà ∑‘§ ÁŒfl‚ ¬⁄U ÷Íπ „«∏ÃÊ‹ ¬⁄U ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË •äÿˇÊ ¬⁄Uª≈U Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ Á¬¿‹ { ◊„ËŸ „Ò– ¬⁄Uª≈U Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ß‚ ÷Íπ „«∏ÃÊ‹ ◊¥ ◊¥ „Ê‹Êà ¡‚ ∑‘§  ’Ÿ „ÈUÿ „ÒU •ı⁄U ©Ÿ∑‘§ ◊Ò¥ ‚÷Ë •ÙÁ‹¥Á¬ÿŸÙ¥ •ı⁄U „ÊÚ∑§Ë ¬˝Á◊ÿÙ¥ ‚ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „ÙŸ ∑§Ë Œ⁄UπÊSà ∑§M§¥ªÊ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ Á∑§‚Ë ‚ȤÊÊfl ¬⁄U •◊‹ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ¬Œ ‚ ßSÃË»‘§ ‚ ߟ∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UÃ ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ‚ ÷Ë ‚fl „Ê∑§Ë ∑§Ù ‚fl ≈UÊߪ⁄U

•Á÷ÿÊŸ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ ‹Ù∑§Á¬˝ÿ ’ŸÊŸ ∑§Ê •ŸÈ⁄UÙœ ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ „Ë ‚fl ≈UÊߪ⁄U •Á÷ÿÊŸ ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ◊‚‹Ê ’Ÿ ªÿÊ– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„ „Ê∑§Ë ∑§Ù ’øÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ÷Ë ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ∑§Ù •Êª •ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„ÿ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ÁÄU‹Ÿ S¬Ù≈U˜‚¸ ߥÁ«ÿÊ «ÊÚ≈U •Ù•Ê⁄U¡Ë ¬⁄U ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ Œ‚ ‹Êπ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ‚ „SÃÊˇÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë •¬Ë‹ ∑§Ë, ¡Ù fl„ π‹ ÁŒfl‚ ¬⁄U ¬˝œÊŸ◊¥òÊË ∑§Ù Œ¥ª–


Lucknow, June 04, 2011

⁄U«UË ◊¥ ‚‹◊ÊŸ ‚¢ª •ÊÁ‚Ÿ ∑§⁄UË’ x ‚Ê‹ ¬„U‹ ª¡ŸË Á»§À◊ ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑§Ê SflÊŒ øπ øÈ∑§Ë •ÊÁ‚Ÿ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U Á»§⁄U ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑§Ê SflÊŒ øπŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ⁄U«UË „ÒU– ⁄U«UË Á»§À◊ Ã‹ÈªÈ ∑§Ê Á„UãŒË Á⁄U◊∑§ „ÒU– •ÊÁ‚Ÿ ‚‹◊ÊŸ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ‹¢ŒŸ «˛UËê‚ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ß‚ Á»§À◊ ◊¥ fl„U ŒÊ’Ê⁄UÊ ¡‹flÊ ÁŒπÊ ⁄U„UË „Ò– ¬„U‹ ‚ „UË ß‚ Á»§À◊ ∑§ ªÊŸ ÁœŸ∑§Ê Áø∑§Ê ... ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ Á‚⁄U ¬⁄ ø…∏U∑§⁄U ’Ê‹ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ‚Ê©UÕ Á»§À◊Ê¥ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ«U ◊¥ wÆÆ} ‚ ∑Ú§Á⁄U•⁄U ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈL§flÊà ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ •ÊÁ‚Ÿ ∑§Ë ⁄U«UËU flÊÚ‹ËflÈ«U ∑§Ë ÃË‚⁄UË Á»§À◊ „ÒU– ߟ∑§Ë ŒÍ‚⁄UË Á»§À◊ ‹¢ŒŸ «˛UËê‚ ¡Ê ’ÊÚÄ‚ •ÊÚÁ»§‚ ¬⁄U ÖÿÊŒÊ ÃÊ œ◊Ê‹ Ÿ„UË¥ ◊øÊ ‚∑§Ë •’ ŒπŸÊ ÿ„U „ÒU Á∑§ x ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ê Á⁄U‹Ë¡ „UÊ øÈ∑§Ë ÿ„U Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ê •¬ŸË •Ê⁄U Á∑§ÃŸÊ •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã ∑§⁄UÃË „ÒU–


Lucknow Lead June 04, 2011 Issue  

Lucknow's First Weekly E-newspaper

Lucknow Lead June 04, 2011 Issue  

Lucknow's First Weekly E-newspaper