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‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë«U Lucknow, July 23, 2011


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Lucknow, July 23, 2011


The price is being paid A

Ratan Mani Lal

It is not only a question of distributing large sums of money to remain in power, buying off legislators' loyalty and subverting the law for personal gain but there is the added danger of everything being justified in terms of India getting mightier and stronger in its race to become a world economic power!

s the story of India's economic and purchasing power draws more and more people from the rest of the world to work, sell and earn here, it is time to ponder where this great money race is leading us. The traditional work versus money theory has been turned on its head and the liberalization regime has legitimized the selling and marketing of whatever you have. Making money by means fair or foul is no longer a questionable activity. Nothing wrong with that, but what is emerging as a dangerous trend is the philosophy of justifying every act of oneself regardless of its repercussions on others or society in general. There was a time when social and traditional restraints used to guide our actions and there was a general understanding that one must not do or indulge in something that offends others. But the onslaught of free market has demolished every such barrier. Today, it is as much acceptable to move about in trendy or shocking clothes, as it is to use a language or behaviour that is downright offensive. In fact so much has this trend become a part of our lives that no one dares stop the other even if the offence is genuine. The stock response is: "I will do what I feel is right. You better move on or look the other way if you don't like it!" The advertising and marketing industry has actually encouraged this feeling of "do as you please" to set the trend for freely promoting various brands, and ostensibly to usher in the culture of consumer empowerment. At one level this was bound to happen with the availability of choices and opening up of the markets, but on the other, it has led to an unhealthy behaviour that always puts one and self above everything - family, society, people or even the nation. If one feels no need to give in to considerations of annoying one's family or dear ones apparently for a favourite brand of phone service or chocolates, then it is not too far off to do the same for a stake that is more valuable - say, an expensive car of your favourite brand in return of your loyalty. The root cause of all those big scams that we see scattered around us lie in this thought itself.

All those ministers, legislators and employees living off tax-payers' money did precisely this - they gave in to the lure of big money because other considerations did not matter to them. The other considerations in such cases pertained to the Constitution, law of the land, party and government regulations, fiscal discipline, propriety and even personal integrity. If these considerations were immaterial for those in power, then for lesser mortals naturally much lesser considerations shall suffice.


he traditional work versus money theory has been turned on its head and the liberalization regime has legitimized the selling and marketing of whatever you have.Making money by means fair or foul is no longer a questionable activity. But then talking about a possible link between all-pervading corruption and liberalization is not fair. Corruption has been an integral part of our lives since ancient times and we have been living with it in our homes and families. Of greater concern is the convergence of the two that is hastening the process of weakening our democracy. It is not only a question of distributing large sums of money to remain in power, buying off legislators' loyalty and subverting the law for personal gain but there is the added danger of everything being justified in terms of India getting mightier and stronger in its race to become a world economic power! Nothing could be more ironic. Flipping through pages of recent history it becomes clear that a similar dilemma has been faced by Russia after the erstwhile structure of Soviet Union collapsed, there was a surge towards democracy and

several independent states emerged on the European and Central Asian map. Today all these fledgling democracies - including Russia - are facing a new kind of crisis. The open economy has no doubt done wonders for most of these states but in its wake several social ills have spread their wings and roots. Crime and corruption is on the increase, sleaze, price rise and unemployment are spreading, the gap between the rich and poor is widening as the erstwhile powerful families move on to live in super-luxury that would shame even the billionaires of the west, and the middle class is left wondering what did they gain when Communism failed. And who gained? It is all those companies, corporates and multinational traders who now have more territories to market their stuff. The path towards economic empowerment in India has undoubtedly lifted millions of people above poverty level and created jobs, opportunities, new businesses, new joint ventures, partnerships and brought about a change in the way we live and think. But it is not necessary that all the evils associated with such changes must accompany this dramatic process of change. The problem is that all of us are so busy in capitalizing on opportunities that we are not looking at the changes that are taking place in the background. The diminishing warmth among siblings and children in the extended family, the increasingly unipolar and nuclear life style, the 'me, mine and myself' attitude for living and leisure - all these are developments the full impact of which will stare us in the face after a few years, when we are a little older and decide to move away from today's rat race. But then it is the way societies have evolved. It is the way the western capitalistic societies developed. It is the way probably Russia and China, too, are going. The only thing is that for far too long we have been taking pride in being "different" and the great Indian tradition and family ties being demonstratively different from the

rest of the world. No longer, that is for sure.


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê œ¢‚ŸÊ ¡Ê⁄ËU, •’ „ÙªË •SÕÊÿË ◊⁄Uê◊à ≈UË◊ ‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë« ‹πŸ™§– ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§Ë ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ŒÈŒ¸‡ÊÊ ∑§ ø‹Ã ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ ⁄UÊ¡œÊŸË ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ ’⁄U’ÊŒ „Ù øÈ∑§Ë ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë »§ı⁄ËU •ı⁄U •SÕÊÿË ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ÁŸáʸÿ Á‹ÿÊ „Ò– ‚ø ÃÙ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§ ¬Ê‚ ∑§Ù߸ ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ Áfl∑§À¬ ÷Ë Ÿ„UË¥ „Ò– ¬˝◊Èπ ‚Áøfl ŒÈªÊ¸‡Ê¥∑§⁄U Á◊üÊ Ÿ ‹πŸ™§ Ÿª⁄ ÁŸª◊ ∑§Ê ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ÁŒÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ œ¥‚ ⁄U„Ë ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ÃÈ⁄¢Uà ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§⁄UÊ߸ ¡Ê∞– ¿„ ◊Ê„ ¬„‹ ‚Ëfl⁄U ‹Êߟ Á’¿ÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¡Ù ‚«∏∑‘§¥ πÙŒË ªßZ ÕË¥ ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ‡ÊÈM§ „ÙŸ ¬⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ë ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ ’¥Œ „Ù ªÿÊ „ÒU– ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ Œ‹Œ‹ •ı⁄U ª«˜UÔ…UÙ¥ ◊¥ ÃéŒË‹ „Ù øÈ∑§Ë ߟ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ê ø‹ŸÊ ŒÍ÷⁄U „Ù ªÿÊ „ÒU– ߟ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ∑§⁄UÊŸ flÊ‹ Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄U ◊„∑§◊Ù¥ Ÿ ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ‚ ¬„‹ ߟ ¬⁄U ◊„¡ ’Ò‹ÊS≈U «‹flÊ∑§⁄U ⁄UÙ‹⁄U ø‹flÊ ÁŒÿÊ •ı⁄U •¬ŸË Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ‚ ßÁÃüÊË ∑§⁄U ‹Ë– ߟ ◊„∑§◊Ù¥ ∑§ •»§‚⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¡Ù „ÙŸÊ ÕÊ ∑§⁄U Á‹ÿÊ ªÿÊ, •’ ߟ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ◊⁄Uê◊à fl «Ê◊⁄UË∑§⁄UáÊ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ∑§ ’ÊŒ Á‚Ãê’⁄U ◊¥ „Ë ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ªÊ– ∑ȧ¿ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U ¡„Ê¥ •’ ÷Ë Á◊≈˜UÔ≈UË ∑§Ê …⁄U ‹ªÊ Á◊‹Ê ÃÙ ∑ȧ¿ ¬⁄U Á’¿ÊÿË ªß¸ ’Ò‹ÊS≈U ÷Ë ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ◊¥ ’„ ªß¸ „Ò– ‚ê’¢ÁœÃ Áfl÷ʪ ∑§ •»§‚⁄U ÃÙ ŒÍ⁄U •Á÷ÿ¥ÃÊ ÷Ë ÿ„Ê¥ ∑§Ê ¡Êÿ¡Ê ‹Ÿ ‚ ∑§Ã⁄UÊ ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ∞‚ ◊¥ ŸÊªÁ⁄U∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U ÄUÿÊ ªÈ¡⁄UÃË „Ò, ©Ÿ∑§Ë ’‹Ê ‚– ŒÈÉʸ≈UŸÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ãÿÊÒÃÊ ŒÃË ßŸ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê „Ê‹ ’„Èà π⁄UÊ’ „Ò–

∑§ß¸ ¡ª„ ¡‹÷⁄UÊfl ŒÙ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ‚ „Ù ⁄U„Ë ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ∑§ß¸ ß‹Ê∑§Ù¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ ◊È‚Ë’Ã ∑§Ê ‚’’ ’Ÿ ªß¸– ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê Ÿ ‡Ê„⁄U ∑§ ‚Ëfl⁄U¡ √ÿflSÕÊ ∑§Ë ∑§‹ß¸ πÙ‹ ŒË „Ò– ∑§„Ë¥ ‚«∏∑¥§ «Í’ ªß¸ „Ò¥ ÃÙ

∑§„Ë¥ ŸÊ‹ ©»§ŸÊ ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ߥÁŒ⁄Ê Ÿª⁄U, «Ê‹Ë’ʪ, ◊„ÊŸª⁄U, •‹Ëª¥¡, ø¥º˝‹Ù∑§, ◊¥ ªÊÁ«∏ÿÊ¥ ÃÙ ŒÍ⁄U ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ê ¬ÒŒ‹ ø‹ŸÊ ÷Ë ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ù ªÿÊ– ߟ ‚÷Ë ß‹Ê∑§Ù¥ ◊¥ ◊U„ËŸÊ¥ ‚ ‚÷Ë ‚«∏∑¥§ πÈŒË ¬«∏UË „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ΔË∑§ ‚ ◊⁄Uê◊à Ÿ „ÙŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ‚«∏∑¥§ œ¥‚ ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥– •Ê∞ ÁŒŸ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U •øÊŸ∑§ ’Ÿ ª«˜UÔ…∏Ù¥ ◊¥ ’‚ fl ªÊÁ«∏ÿÊ¥ Áª⁄U ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥– ªÈ¡⁄U ∑§ß¸ ‚Ê‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ßÃŸÊ ’È⁄UÊ „Ê‹ ŒπŸ ∑§Ù Ÿ„UË¥ Á◊‹Ê– ‚Ê»§ ÁŒπÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ◊⁄Uê◊à ¡ÀŒ’Ê¡Ë ◊¥ ∑§Ë ªß¸ •ı⁄U ◊⁄Uê◊à ◊¥ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ „È∞ ‚Ê◊ÊŸ ◊¥ ª«∏’«∏Ë ∑§Ë ªß¸– ‚Ëfl⁄U ∑§ ’«∏ ¬Ê߬ «‹ ¡UÊŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ÷Ë ◊U„ËŸÊ¥ Ã∑§ ‚«∏∑¥§ πÈŒË ¬«∏Ë ⁄U„Ë¥ •ı⁄U ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ‡ÊÈM§ „ÙÃ U„Ë ©Ÿ∑§Ë ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ∞∑§ ÃÊ⁄ËπÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ∑§Ë ªß¸ ¡Ù ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù Á‚»¸§ ÷˝◊ ◊¥ «UÊ‹Ÿ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ Ã⁄Ë∑§Ê ÕÊ– ‹ª÷ª ¬Í⁄U ◊„ÊŸª⁄U, •‹Ëª¥¡ •ı⁄U ø¥º˝‹Ù∑§ ∑§Ë ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ’È⁄UÊ „Ê‹ „Ò– ߟ ‚÷Ë ¬⁄U ª„⁄U ª«˜UÔ…∏UÙ¥ ◊¥ ’‚ fl ªÊÁ«∏ÿÊ¥ Áª⁄Ë¥ •ı⁄U ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ê ø‹ŸÊ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ù ªÿÊ– «Ê‹Ë’ʪ ◊¥ ÁË∑§ ◊ʪ¸ ¬⁄U U„Ë ∑§ß¸ ª«˜UÔ…∏U „Ù ª∞– ∑ΧcáÊÊ Ÿª⁄U ∑§ÙÃflÊ‹Ë ‚ ‹∑§⁄U ‚Ò‚ÙflË⁄U ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U Ã∑§ ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UÊ ⁄UÊSÃÊ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ «Í’ ªÿÊ– •Ê‡ÊÈÃÙ· Ÿª⁄U ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹Ê ◊ʪ¸ ÷Ë ¡‹◊ÇŸ „Ù ªÿÊ, ‚ÊÕ „Ë ß‹Ê∑§ ∑§Ë •Áœ∑§Ã⁄U ‚«∏∑¥§ πÈŒË „ÙŸ ‚ ߟ ¬⁄U ø‹ŸÊ ŒÍ÷⁄U „Ù ªÿÊ– ߥº˝‹Ù∑§ „ÊßÁ«‹ ∑§ÊÚ‹ÙŸË ÁSÕà flÎ¥ŒÊflŸ ◊Ê∑¸§≈U ∑§Ë ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U ¬ÊŸË ÷⁄UÊ– •Ê‹◊’ʪ ∑§ ∑§ß¸ ◊È„À‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ¡‹÷⁄UÊfl ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà ¬ÒŒÊ „Ù ªß¸– ∑§ß¸ ◊ÈÅÿ ◊ʪ¸ ¡‹◊ÇŸ ⁄U„ ÃÙ ‚ê¬∑¸§ ◊ʪÊZ ¬⁄U ¬ÊŸË ÷⁄UŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÁŸflÊÁ‚ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊Êãÿ ¡Ÿ¡ËflŸ ¬˝÷ÊÁflà „È•Ê– ÁfllÊÁÕ¸ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÉÊÈ≈UŸÙ¥ Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË ‚ „Ù∑§⁄U ÁfllÊ‹ÿ ¡ÊŸÊ ¬«∏Ê–

S◊Ê≈U¸ Áfl‹¡ ÁSÕà ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ≈U¥∑§Ë ∑§ ¬Ê‚ ∑§Ë πÈŒË •ı⁄U ∑§ëøË ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U ¬ÊŸË

÷⁄U ¡ÊŸ ‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù πÊ‚Ë ÁŒÄ∑§Ã „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ◊ÊŸ‚ Ÿª⁄U ÁSÕà ‚¥∑§≈U◊ÙøŸ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§ ¬Ê‚ ÷⁄U ¬ÊŸË ‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÿ„Ê¥ ‚ ªÈ¡⁄UŸÊ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ù ªÿÊ– ∑ΧcáÊÊ Ÿª⁄U ÁŸflÊ‚Ë ⁄U◊‡Ê ÿÊŒfl Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ◊ÈÅÿ ◊ʪ¸ „Ë ¡‹◊ÇŸ „ÙŸ ‚ ⁄UÊ„ªË⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÃÙ ÿ„Ê¥ ‚ ªÈ¡⁄UŸ ◊¥ ∑§Ê»§Ë ◊‡ÊÄ∑§Ã ∑§⁄UŸË ¬«∏Ë fl„Ë¥ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U flÊ„Ÿ øÊ‹∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë

ªÊÁ«∏ÿÊ¥ ’¥Œ „Ù ªßZ–

÷Ê¡¬Ê Ÿ √ÿÄà ∑§Ë Áø¢ÃÊ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ¡ŸÃÊ ¬Ê≈U˸ (’Ë¡¬Ë) Ÿ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ‚ê’¢œË ŒÊfl ∑§ Áfl⁄UÙœ ∑§Ê •ŸÍΔÊ Ã⁄UË∑§Ê •¬ŸÊÿÊ „Ò– ’Ë¡¬Ë •¬Ÿ flÁ⁄UcΔU ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë ◊ı¡ÍŒªË ◊¥ πSÃÊ„Ê‹ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U œÊŸ ∑§Ë ⁄UÙ¬Ê߸ ∑§⁄U∑§ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§

ß‹Ê„Ê’ÊŒ ‡Ê„⁄U ∑§Ë ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë „Ê‹Ã ¬⁄U ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U Ÿ¡⁄U ⁄Uπ „È∞ „Ò– ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ß‚∑§ ÁSÕÁà ◊¥ πÊ‚ ‚ÈœÊ⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– ‚Ù◊flÊ⁄U ∑§Ù Áfl‡Ê· ‚Áøfl Ÿª⁄U Áfl∑§Ê‚ Áfl¡ÿ ’„ÊŒÈ⁄U Á‚¥„ Ÿ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê •ıø∑§ ÁŸ⁄UˡÊáÊ Á∑§ÿÊ– Ÿª⁄U •ÊÿÈÄà ‚Á„à ¬Ë«éÀÿÍ«Ë ∑§ •»§‚⁄UÙ¥ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ S≈UŸ‹Ë ⁄UÙ«, ◊◊»§Ù«¸ª¥¡, ∞‹•Ê߸‚Ë ∑§ÊÚ‹ÙŸË, ŸflÊ’ ÿÍ‚È»§ ⁄UÙ« ∞fl¥ ‹ÙÁ„ÿÊ ◊ʪ¸ ∑§Ê „Ê‹ ŒπÊ– ß‚∑§ ¬„‹ ¡ÍŸ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈL§•Êà ◊¥ ¬˝◊Èπ ‚Áøfl ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË ŒÈªÊ¸‡Ê¥∑§⁄U Á◊üÊ ∞fl¥ ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ ∑§ •äÿˇÊ ŸflŸËà ‚„ª‹ •ı⁄U ©‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ¡È‹Ê߸ ∑§ ¬„‹ ‚åÃÊ„ ◊¥ ¬Ë«éÀÿÍ«Ë ∑§ ¬˝◊Èπ •Á÷ÿ¥ÃÊ Ÿ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ÁŸ⁄UˡÊáÊ ∑§⁄U ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§Ê ∑§Êÿ¸ ¡ÀŒ ¬Í⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ– ‚Ù◊flÊ⁄U ∑§Ù ÁŸ⁄UˡÊáÊ ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ Áfl‡Ê· ‚Áøfl Ÿ ‡ÊÊ‚ŸÊŒ‡Ê ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ∑§Ê◊ ¬Í⁄UÊ Ÿ „ÙŸ ¬⁄U ŸÊ⁄UÊ¡ªË ¡ÃÊ߸– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§Ê◊ ◊¥ Ã¡Ë ‹ÊÃ „È∞ S≈UŸ‹Ë ⁄UÙ« ‚Á„à •œÍ⁄UË ¬«∏UË ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù Ãà∑§Ê‹ ¬Í⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ÁŒÿÊ– Áfl‡Ê· ‚Áøfl Ÿ Ÿª⁄U •ÊÿÈÄà ∑§Ù ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ÁŒÿÊ Á∑§ ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§ ’ÊŒ ©‚∑§ ‚È¢Œ⁄UË∑§⁄UáÊ ∑§Ë √ÿflSÕÊ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄U Œ¥– ÁŸ⁄UˡÊáÊ ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ª¥ªÊ ¬˝ŒÍ·áÊ ÁŸÿ¥òÊáÊ ß∑§Ê߸, ¡‹ ÁŸª◊ ∑§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ÷Ë ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ Õ–

¬Í⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ∞∑§ ‚Ë ŒÈŒ¸‡ÊÊ

∑§„Ê Á∑§ ⁄UÊíÿ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§ ¤ÊÍΔ ŒÊfl ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ‚«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë „Ê‹Ã ’ŒÃ⁄U „Ò– ◊⁄Uê◊à ∑§ Á‹∞ •ÊŸ flÊ‹ ¬Ò‚ ∑§Ê ’¥Œ⁄U’Ê¥≈U „Ù ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ß‚ ’¥Œ⁄U’Ê¥≈U ◊¥ ™§¬⁄U ‚ ŸËø Ã∑§ ‚÷Ë Á◊‹ „È∞ „Ò¥– ◊ÈÅÿ ◊ʪ¸ ∑§Ê •Ê‹◊ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ fl„Ê¥ ÉÊÈ≈UŸ÷⁄U ∑§Ëø«∏ „Ò– ∑§◊Ùfl‡Ê ÿ„Ë ÁSÕÁà ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§ •ãÿ Á„S‚Ù¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë „Ò–

»§¡‹ª¥¡ øı⁄UÊ„ ∑§ ¬Ê‚ ¡⁄UË’ øı∑§Ë ∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ ‚«∏∑§ œ¥‚Ÿ ‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÁŒÄ∑§Ã¥ ©ΔÊŸË ¬«∏Ë– ©’«∏-πÊ’«∏ ‚«∏∑§ ∑§ ’Ëø ª„⁄UÊ ª«˜U…Ô ∏UÊ „ÙŸ ‚ ’«∏ flÊ„ŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÁŸ∑§‹ŸÊ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ù ªÿÊ– ∞ê’È‹¥‚ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ÁŸ∑§‹Ÿ ◊¥ ÁŒÄ∑§Ã „È߸– •ÊœË ‚«∏∑§ ¬⁄U ’Ê‹Í ¬«∏Ë „ÙŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ flÊ„ŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÁŒÄ∑§Ã¥ •ı⁄U ’…∏ ªßZ– ª«˜U…Ô ∏U ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ Áª⁄U Ÿ ¡Ê∞ ß‚Á‹∞ ˇÊòÊËÿ ‹ÙªÙ¥ Ÿ ¤ÊÊ«∏Ë ‹ªÊ ŒË „Ò– ∑§Á◊‡Ÿ⁄U ∑§ ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ‚«∏∑§ ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà Ÿ„Ë¥ ‚Èœ⁄U ⁄U„Ë– ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ∑§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U •’ Ã∑§ ‚«∏∑§ ¬⁄U é‹Ò∑§ ≈Uʬ „Ù ¡ÊŸÊ ÕÊ– ©’«∏πÊ’«∏ ‚«∏∑§ ¬⁄U Áª⁄UŸ ‚ •’ Ã∑§ ∑§ß¸ ‹Ùª øÊÁ≈U‹ „Ù øÈ∑§ „Ò¥– ∑§Ê‹¬Ë ⁄UÙ« ¬⁄U ≈˛Ê¥‚¬Ù≈U¸ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê⁄UÙ’Ê⁄U ’È⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ¬˝÷ÊÁflà „Ù ⁄U„Ê „Ò–


∑§ÊŸ¬È⁄ ¬„‹ ªÈ◊≈UË Ÿê’⁄U ¬Ê¥ø Á»§⁄U ’«∏ øı⁄UÊ„ ∑§ ’ÊŒ •’ ∑§Ê‹¬Ë ⁄UÙ« ◊¥ ‚«∏∑§ œ¥‚Ë „Ò¥– ‚Ù◊flÊ⁄U ∑§Ù »§¡‹ª¥¡ øı⁄UÊ„ ∑§ ’ËøÙ’Ëø ’«∏Ê ª«˜U…Ô ∏UÊ „ÙŸ ‚ ÿ„Ê¥ ‚ ªÈ¡⁄UŸ flÊ‹ flÊ„ŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ∑§Ê»§Ë ÁŒÄ∑§Ã¥ „ÈßZ–

Áfl∑§Ê‚ ‚ê’¥œË ŒÊflÙ¥ ∑§Ê Áfl⁄UÙœ ∑§⁄UªË– ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§ ¬˝Œ‡Ê •äÿˇÊ ‚Íÿ¸¬˝Ãʬ ‡ÊÊ„Ë Ÿ

∑§Á◊‡Ÿ⁄U ∑§ ‚Åà ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ •÷Ë Ã∑§ ∑§Ê‹¬Ë ⁄UÙ« ∑§Ù ◊Ù≈U⁄U’‹ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ŸÊÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ê–

‚Í’ ◊¥ ’‚¬Ê ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ’ŸŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ •ê’«∑§⁄U ªÊ¥flÙ¥ ∑§ ∑§ÊÿÊ∑§À¬ ¬⁄U ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê Áfl‡Ê· ¡Ù⁄U ⁄U„Ê– πÈŒ ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË ÷Ë ßã„Ë¥ ªÊ¥flÙ¥ ∑§Ê Œı⁄UÊ ∑§⁄U Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§ÊÿÙZ ∑§Ù Ÿ¡ŒË∑§ ‚ ŒπÊ– ߟ •ê’«∑§⁄U ªÊ¥flÙ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§ÊÿÙZ ◊¥ ¡◊∑§⁄U •ÁŸÿÁ◊ÃÃÊ ÷Ë „È߸ „Ò– ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË ∑§ ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊ ∑§ ø¥Œ ÁŒŸ ¬„‹ ¬ÿ¡‹ ‚«∏∑§, ‡ÊıøÊ‹ÿ fl •Êflʪ◊Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ◊ʪÙZ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ÁŸ⁄UˡÊáÊ ∑§ ‚◊ÿ ÿ„U ◊ʪ¸ ÃÙ ΔË∑§ ⁄U„ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ’ÊŒ ◊¥ ߟ ø‹ŸÊ Ã∑§ ŒÍ÷⁄U „Ù ªÿÊ „Ò– ÿ„Ë „Ê‹ ‡ÊıøÊ‹ÿ fl •ãÿ ‚◊ÈÁøà ‚ÈÁflœÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ª˝Ê◊ËáÊÙ¥ ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ◊„àflÊ∑§Ê¥ˇÊË ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ◊¥ ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑§Ê ÉÊÈŸ ‹ª ªÿÊ „Ò– •ê’«∑§⁄U ªÊ¥flÙ¥ ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ Á∑§∞ ª∞ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§Êÿ¸ •Ê¡ ¡Ëáʸ‡ÊËáʸ Œ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ „Ò¥–



Lucknow, July 23, 2011

ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ „UË ©U¬ˇÊÊ ∑§Ê Œ¢‡Ê ¤Ê‹ÃÊ ∑§Õ∑§ ∑§Õ∑§ ‡ÊÊSòÊËÿ ŸÎàÿ ∑§Ë fl„U ‡ÊÒ‹Ë Á¡‚Ÿ ‚¢S∑ΧÁà ∑§ flÒÁ‡fl∑§ ¬≈U‹ ¬⁄U ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê •„U◊ SÕÊŸ ÁŒ‹Ê ⁄UπÊ „ÒU, •Ê¡ •¬Ÿ „UË “ÉÊ⁄U” ◊¥ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË •ÊÒ⁄U ¬˝‡ÊÊ‚ÁŸ∑§ ©U¬ˇÊÊ ∑§Ê Œ¢‡Ê ¤Ê‹ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ‹πŸ™§ ÁŸflÊ‚Ë, Áfl‡fl SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§Õ∑§ ∑§ ‚‡ÊÄà „USÃÊˇÊ⁄U ¬¢Á«Uà •¡È¸Ÿ Á◊üÊ ‚ ¡’ ‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë«U ‚¢flÊŒŒÊÃÊ ‡ÊÊÁ‹ŸË ¬Êá«Uÿ Ÿ ∑ȧ‡Ê‹ ˇÊ◊ ¬Í¿UÊ ÃÊ ∑ȧ¿U Œ⁄U ∑§Ë •ÊÒ¬øÊÁ⁄U∑§ ’ÊÃøËà ∑§ ’ÊŒ ©UŸ∑§Ë •ÊÁà◊∑§ ¬Ë«∏UÊ ∑ȧ¿U ß‚ Ã⁄U„U ¿U‹∑§Ë– ÿ„UË Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§Õ∑§ ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„U ‚◊Á¬¸Ã ¬¢Á«Uà •¡È¸Ÿ Á◊üÊ ÁflŒ‡Ê ◊¥ ∑§Õ∑§ ¬˝‡Ê¢‚∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë ’…∏UÃË ‚¢ÅÿÊ ‚ πÊ‚ ©Uà‚ÊÁ„Uà ÁŒπ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ „UÊ ⁄U„UË ß‚∑§Ë ©U¬ˇÊÊ ©UŸ∑§Ë ¬‡ÊÊŸË ¬⁄U ’‹ ¬ÒŒÊ ∑§⁄U ŒÃË „Ò– ⁄UÊc≈˛UËÿ SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ‚ê◊ÊÁŸÃ ¬¢Á«Uà Á◊üÊ Ÿ ∑§ß¸ Œ‡ÊÊ¥ ◊¥ ¬˝SÃÈÁÃÿÊ¢ ∑§⁄U Ÿ Á‚»¸§ ¬˝‡Ê¢‚∑§ ’≈UÊ⁄U ’ÁÀ∑§ •Ê¡ ŒÍ⁄U Œ‡ÊÊ¥ ◊¥ ߟ∑§ Á‡ÊcÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ’«∏UË o΢π‹Ê ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „UÊ øÈ∑§Ë „ÒU– •Êß∞ ¡ÊŸÃ „Ò¥U ∑§Õ∑§ ∑§ ∑§‹-•Ê¡ •ÊÒ⁄U ∑§‹ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ¬¢Á«Uà •¡È¸Ÿ Á◊üÊ ∑§ ÁfløÊ⁄U ‚ÊÕ „UË ÿ„U ÷Ë ¡ÊŸŸ ∑§Ë ∑§ÊÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ fl ÁŸ¡Ë SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ß‚ ‡ÊÒ‹Ë ∑§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ •ÊÒ⁄U ¬˝øÊ⁄U-¬˝‚Ê⁄U ∑§ Á‹∞ ÄÿÊ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„U „Ò¥U... ¬¢. •¡È¸Ÿ •¬Ÿ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ∑§Ë ∑§Õ∑§ ¬⁄Uê¬⁄UÊ ∑§Ë vÆflË¥ ¬Ë…∏UË „Ò¥U– fl„U ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ •¬Ÿ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ∑§Ë ß‚ ¬⁄Uê¬⁄UÊ ∑§Ê •Êª ’…∏UÊŸÊ ◊⁄U Á‹∞ ‚ÊÒ÷ÊÇÿ ∑§Ë ’Êà „ÒU– fl„U •Êª ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ’«∏U ŒÈπ ∑§Ë ’Êà „ÒU Á∑§ ¡’ ÁflŒ‡ÊË ‹Êª •ÊÁà◊∑§ ‚Èπ-‡ÊÊ¢Áà ∑§ Á‹∞ ÷Ê⁄Uà •Ê∑§⁄U ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑§Ë ‚¢S∑ΧÁÃ, ŸÎàÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚¢ªËà ∑§Ê •¬ŸÊ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U fl„UË¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§ ‹Êª ∑§ÊŸ »§Ê«ÍU ¬Ê‡øÊàÿ ‚¢ªËà •ÊÒ⁄U ©UŸ∑§Ë •ÁŸÿÁ◊à ⁄U„UŸ-‚„UŸ ∑§Ê πȇÊË-πȇÊË •¬ŸÊŸ ◊¥ ‹ª „ÈU∞ „Ò¥U– ŒÈ’߸, ßÁ¡å≈U, ¡Ê¬ÊŸ, Á‚¢ªÊ¬È⁄U, »˝§Ê¢‚, ß≈U‹Ë, ß¡⁄UÊß‹, ÿÍ⁄UÊ¬ •ÊÒ⁄U ÕÊ߸‹Òá«U ◊¥ ‹ª÷ª {Æ ‚ ™§¬⁄U ¬⁄U»§ÊÚ◊¸‚ Œ øÈ∑§ •¡È¸Ÿ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ •¬Ÿ ¬˝Œ‡Ê •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê ‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ ‚ê◊ÊŸ

∞∑§ ◊È‹Ê∑§ÊÃ

◊ȤÊ ÁflŒ‡Ê ◊¥ Á◊‹ÃÊ „ÒU– ÿ„UË ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „ÒU Á∑§ •Ê¡ ÷Ë ◊Ò¥ ÁflŒ‡Ê ◊¥ ¬⁄U»§ÊÚ◊¸¥‚ ŒŸ ‚ ¬Ë¿U Ÿ„UË¥ „U≈UÃÊ „Í¢U– ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë „UÊÃË ©U¬ˇÊÊ ¬⁄U ∞∑§ ©UŒÊ„U⁄UáÊ ŒÃ „ÈU∞ ¬¢. •¡È¸Ÿ ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U mÊ⁄UÊ ∞. •Ê⁄U. ⁄U„U◊ÊŸ ∑§Ê •flœ ⁄UàŸ ‚ ŸflÊ¡Ê ¡Ê ⁄U„UÊ ÕÊ Ã’ ◊Ò¢Ÿ ÃÊ‹ ‚ ÃÊ‹ Á◊‹Ê ... ∑§Ë ∑§ê¬ÊÁ¡‡ÊŸ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ∑§Ë Á¡‚◊¥ v{ ∑§Õ∑§ ŸÃ¸∑§Ê¥ Ÿ ¬⁄U»§ÊÚ◊¸ Á∑§ÿÊ ÕÊ– „U◊Ê⁄U ©U‚ ∑§ê¬ÊÁ¡‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ÃÊ⁄UË»§ πÈŒ ∞. •Ê⁄U. ⁄U„U◊ÊŸ Ÿ ÷Ë ∑§Ë ‹Á∑§Ÿ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ ß‚ ¬⁄U»§Ê◊Z‚ ∑§ Á‹∞ ∑§fl‹ yÆ „U¡Ê⁄U L§¬∞ Œ∑§⁄U •¬ŸÊ ¬À‹Ê ¤ÊÊ«∏U

Á‹ÿÊ– ∑ȧ¿U ∞‚Ê „UË flÊÄÿÊ ∑§⁄UË’ øÊ⁄U ‚Ê‹ ¬„U‹ ‹πŸ™§ ◊„UÊà‚fl ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ÷Ë „ÈU•Ê ¡’ ◊Ò¥Ÿ ◊„UÊà‚fl ◊¥ ’Èh◊˜Ô ‡Ê⁄UáÊ◊˜Ô ªë¿UÊÁ◊ ∑§Ê ’Ò‹ ŸÎàÿ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÒ‹Ë ◊¥ ¬˝SÃÈà Á∑§ÿÊ Á¡‚∑§ Á‹∞ ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ yz ‚ŒSÿËÿ ≈UË◊ ∑§Ê ◊„U¡ ~Æ „U¡Ê⁄U L§¬∞ ÁŒÿ fl„UË¥ ©U‚Ë fl·¸ ¡ÿÊ ¬˝ŒÊ ‚Á„Uà •ãÿ ∑§ß¸ Á»§À◊Ë Á‚ÃÊ⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ê } ‚ wÆ ‹Êπ L§¬∞ ÁŒÿ ª∞– fl„U •Êª ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ÿÁŒ ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ‡ÊÊSòÊËÿ ‚¢ªËà ∑§ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ©U¬ˇÊÊ „UÊÃË ⁄U„UË ÃÊ fl„U ÁŒŸ ŒÍ⁄U Ÿ„UË¥ ¡’ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ‡ÊÊSòÊËÿ ‚¢ªËà ∑§ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U …¢ÍU…U Ÿ„UË¥ Á◊‹¥ª–

¬¢ •¡È¸Ÿ Á◊üÊ

∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ‚ê◊ÊŸ ∑§Ê ÷ÍπÊ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU Ÿ Á∑§ ¬Ò‚Ê¥ ∑§Ê– ¡„UÊ¢ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê ‚ê◊ÊŸ „UÊªÊ fl„UÊ¢ ∑§Ê߸ ÷Ë ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑§◊ ¬Ò‚Ê¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „UÊªÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ¡„UÊ¢ ‚ê◊ÊŸ Ÿ„UË¥ Á◊‹ªÊ fl„UÊ¢ ‹Êπ L§¬∞ Á◊‹Ÿ ¬⁄U ÷Ë ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ©U‚ •Ê⁄U L§π Ÿ„UË¥ ∑§⁄UªÊ– ÿ„U ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ flÁ⁄UDÔU ∑§Õ∑§ «UÊ¢‚⁄U, ªÈL§ •ÊÒ⁄U ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊª˝Ê»§⁄U ¬¢Á«Uà •¡È¸Ÿ Á◊üÊÊ ∑§Ê– Œ‡Ê ‚Á„Uà ÁflŒ‡Ê ◊¥ ÷Ë •¬Ÿ ∑§Õ∑§ ŸÎàÿ ‚ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ◊ÈÇœ ∑§⁄U øÈ∑§ •¡¸ÈŸ, ¬¢Á«Uà ‹ë¿ÍU ¡Ë ◊„UÊ⁄UÊ¡ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ‚’‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ ∑§Õ∑§ Á‡Êcÿ ÷Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U øÈ∑§ „Ò¥U– ∑§ß¸ ⁄UÊCÔ˛UËÿ ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ‚ ŸflÊ¡ ¡Ê øÈ∑§ •¡¸ÈŸ ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ©U¬ˇÊÊ ‚ ŒÈπË „Ò¥U–

‚◊Ê¡ ∑§Ë Áfl‚¢¢ªÁÃÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ’ÿÊ¢ ∑§⁄UÃÊ ∞∑§ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ‹πŸ™§– •Ê¡ ∑§Ê ‚◊Ê¡ ¬Á⁄UfløŸ ∑§Ê „UË ¬˝∑§Î Áà ∑§Ê ÁŸÿ◊ ◊ÊŸ ∑§⁄U ÷ÊÒÁÃ∑§ ‚Èπ ∑§Ë Ã‹Ê‡Ê ◊¥ ‚¢flŒ Ÿ‡ÊË‹ÃÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ߢ‚ÊÁŸÿà ∑§Ê ¬˝ªÁà ◊¥ ’ÊœÊ ◊ÊŸŸ ‹ªÊ „ÒU– ©U‚∑§ Á‹∞ ’…’ Ã⁄UË∑§ ‚ „UÊ ⁄U„Ê ¬Á⁄Uflø Ÿ „UË Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§Ê ⁄UÊSÃÊ „ÒU ‹Á∑§Ÿ Ã’ ÄÿÊ „UÊ •ª⁄U ‚Íÿ,¸ ¡‹ •ÊÒ⁄U •ÁÇŸ ÷Ë ¬Á⁄UflÁøà „UÊŸ  ‹ª– ‚◊Ê¡ ◊¥ ¬Á⁄UfløŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ©Uà¬ãŸ „UÊ ⁄U„UË ßŸ Áfl‚¢ªÁÃÿÊ¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ©U‚∑§ ¬Á⁄UáÊÊ◊ ∑§Ê ÃÊŸÊ-’ÊŸÊ Ÿ¡⁄U •ÊÿÊ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ê߸ ‚Í⁄U¡ ∑§Ê ‚◊¤ÊÊ ŒÊ ◊–¥ flÁ⁄UDUÔ ⁄¢Uª∑§◊˸ ‹Á‹Ã Á‚¢„U ¬ÊπÁ⁄UÿÊ ∑§ ÁŸŒ‡¸ ÊŸ ◊¥ ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ê ◊¢øŸ ‚¢Ã ªÊ«Uª ¡Ë ◊„UÊ⁄UÊ¡ ¬˝ˇ Êʪ΄U ◊¥ „ÈU•Ê– •ë¿U ‚¢flÊŒ, •Á÷Ÿÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ÁŸŒ‡¸ ÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ê Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ Ÿ πÍ’ ‚⁄UÊ„UÊ– ÿ„U ŸÊ≈U∑§ ‚¢ªËà ŸÊ≈U∑§ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ë ÃËŸ ÁŒfl‚Ëÿ ¬˝SÃÈÁì⁄U∑§ ŸÊ≈˜UÿÔ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ∑§Ë ¬˝SÃÈÁà ÕË– ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ◊¥ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ∑§ ∑§⁄UË’ v{ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ Ÿ •Á÷Ÿÿ Á∑§ÿÊ– ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ ‹Á‹Ã Á‚¢„U ¬ÊπÁ⁄UÿÊ Ÿ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ Áfl‚¢ªÁÃÿÊ¥ ◊¥ •Ê∑¢§ΔU «ÍU’Ã ¡Ê ⁄U„U ‚◊Ê¡, ‚ààÊÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ◊ËÁ«UÿÊ ÃËŸÊ¥ ¬⁄U ê«∏UÊ ¬˝„UÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ– ‚◊Ê¡ ◊¥ √ÿÊ# Áfl‚¢ªÁÃÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ŸÊ≈U∑§ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄UË÷⁄U∑§◊ •ÊÒ⁄U ©U’Ê™§ ‚¢flÊŒÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¡ª„U ’«∏UË „UË ‚„U¡ÃÊ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ¬˝SÃÈà Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ– ŸÊ≈U∑§ Ÿ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ‚◊Ê¡ ◊¥ »Ò§‹Ë Áfl‚¢ªÁà ∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ äÿÊŸ ÁŒ‹ÊŸ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ √ÿ¢Çÿ¬Íáʸ ‚¢flÊŒÊ¥ ‚ ÷Ë πÍ’ ªÈŒªÈŒÊÿÊ – ‹πŸ, ÁŸŒ‡¸ ÊŸ •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë Ÿé¡ ¬∑§«∏UŸ ◊¥ Á‚h„USà ‹Á‹Ã ¬ÊπÁ⁄UÿÊ ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ÷Ë ‚»§‹ ⁄U„U– ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ë S≈U¡ ¬⁄U ‚„U¡ÃÊ, ‚◊ÿ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ‚¢flÊŒ, ÷Êfl •ÊÒ⁄U •ë¿U S≈U¡

ŸÊ≈K ‚◊ˡÊÊ

∑§flÁ⁄¢Uª Ÿ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë πÍ’ ÃÊÁ‹ÿÊ¢ ’≈UÊ⁄ UË– øÊ„U fl„U ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ÁŸ÷ÊÿÊ ªÿÊ ¬Êª‹Ê¥ ∑§Ê øÁ⁄UòÊ „UÊ ÿÊ Á»§⁄U Á◊‚ ◊ÍŸ, πÊ¡Ë ¬òÊ∑§Ê⁄U, ’Ê«¸U⁄U ¬⁄U ‹ª •»§‚⁄U, ‚¢S∑ΧÁà ◊¢òÊË „UÊ ÿÊ «UÊÄ≈U⁄U •Ê⁄U ¬Ë ∞»§ ∞‹ ∑§Ê Á∑§⁄UŒÊ⁄, „U⁄U øÁ⁄UòÊ ∑§Ê ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ Ÿ ¡Ëfl¢ÃÃÊ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ◊¢ø ¬⁄U ©UÃÊ⁄UÊ– ‚¢flÊŒ ’Ê‹Ÿ ◊¥

‚„U¡ÃÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ’„UÃ⁄U ≈UÊßÁ◊¢ª ŒÊŸÊ¥ ¬⁄U ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ ∑§«∏UÊ •èÿÊ‚ ©UŸ∑§ •Á÷Ÿÿ ◊¥ ‚Ê»§ Ÿ¡⁄U •ÊÿÊ– ¬Êª‹Ê¥ ∑§Ê øÁ⁄UòÊ ÁŸ÷ÊŸ flÊ‹ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑ΧcáÊ ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U, Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U, •◊⁄U¡Ëà Á‚¢„U, Áfl¡ÿ ªÈ#Ê •ÊÒ⁄U üÊÈÁà ªÈ#Ê

Ÿ ¬Í⁄U ¡Ê‡Ê ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ß‚ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ê Á∑§ÿÊ– ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ‚¢flÊŒ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚◊ÿ ŒÊŸÊ¥ ∑§ ’Ëø ’„UÃ⁄U ÃÊ‹◊‹ ŒπŸ ∑§Ê ÷Ë Á◊‹Ê– ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§ ∑¥ Œ˝ ◊¥ ÕË¥ Á◊‚ ◊ÍŸ Á¡‚ ŸÊ≈˜UÿÔ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ∑§Ë ¿UÊòÊ Ÿ„UÊ fl◊ʸ Ÿ ÁŸ÷ÊÿÊ– Á◊‚ ◊ÍŸ ∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà •ÊŸ ¬⁄U ¬Í⁄U Œ‡Ê ◊¥ „U‹ø‹ ◊ø ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– ‚ûÊÊ ∑§ ªÁ‹ÿÊ⁄UÊ¥ ‚ ‹∑§⁄U ◊ËÁ«UÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚◊Ê¡ ‚ÁflÿÊ¥ ∑§ ’Ëø Á◊‚ ◊ÍŸ ∑§Ê ‹∑§⁄U ¡¢ª Á¿U«U∏ ¡ÊÃË „ÒU– øÊ⁄UÊ¥ •Ê⁄U Á◊‚ ◊ÍŸ ∑§Ë „UË øøʸ „UÊÃ Ë „ÒU– Á◊‚ ◊ÍŸ ∑§Ê ‹∑§⁄U ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§ ’ÈÁh¡ËÁflÿÊ¥ ∑§ ’Ëø „UÊÃ  flÊ∑§ÿÈh Ÿ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ê πÍ’ „¢U‚ÊÿÊ– ‚’‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ ÃÊÁ‹ÿÊ¢ Á◊‚ ◊ÍŸ ∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà •ÊŸ ¬⁄U ◊ËÁ«UÿÊ mÊ⁄UÊ ∑§Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„UË ’Ã⁄UÃË’ ∑§fl⁄U¡ ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ë– ◊ËÁ«UÿÊ ◊¥ Ã¡Ë ‚ ¬Ê¢fl ¬‚Ê⁄U ⁄U„UË •¡Ë’Ê-ª⁄UË’ π’⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ Ÿ •Ê«∏U „UÊÕÊ¥ Á‹ÿÊ– øÈSà ‹πŸ, ÁŸŒ‡¸ ÊŸ •ÊÒ⁄U •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ë „UË ŒŸ ÕË Á∑§ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄U Ã∑§ •¬ŸË ∑ȧ‚˸ ¬⁄U ¡◊ ⁄U„U– fl⁄UŸÊ •Ä‚⁄U ŒπŸ ◊¥ •ÊÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§ ◊¢øŸ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ÁÕÿ≈U⁄U ∑§Ë •Êœ ‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ ∑ȧÁ‚¸ÿÊ¢ πÊ‹Ë ⁄U„UÃË „ÒU¥ ÿÊ Á»§⁄U Œ‡Ê¸∑§ •Êœ ‡ÊÊ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ „UË ’Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ê ⁄UÊSÃÊ ŸÊ¬ ‹Ã „ÒU¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ◊¥ ‹Êª •¢Ã Ã∑§ ÁÕÿ≈U⁄U ◊¥ ◊ÊÒ¡ŒÍ ⁄U„U ¡Ê Œ‡ÊʸÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ÿÁŒ •ë¿U Áfl·ÿ-flSÃÈ ¬⁄U ŸÊ≈U∑§ ’Ÿ ÃÊ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ÷Ë ©U‚ ŒπŸ ÁÕÿ≈U⁄U Ã∑§ ¬„ÈU¢øÃ „U¥Ò •ÊÒ⁄U ©U‚ ‚⁄UÊ„UÃ „ÒU¥– Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ ◊¥ üÊ◊ flª¸ ÷Ë ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ÕÊ– Á≈U∑§≈U Á‚S≈U◊ Ÿ „UÊŸ Ê ÷Ë Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë ÷Ë«∏U ∑§Ë fl¡„U ◊ÊŸÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– ‚’‚ ’«∏U∏Ë ’Êà ÿ„ Á∑§ ŸÊ≈U∑§ Á∑§‚Ë flª¸ Áfl‡Ê· Ã∑§ „UË ‚ËÁ◊à Ÿ„UË¥ ÕÊ ’ÁÀ∑§ „U⁄U ©U◊˝ ∑§ ‹Êª ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ê ŒπŸ •Ê∞ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚÷Ë Ÿ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ê ¡◊∑§⁄U ‚⁄UÊ„UÊ–


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


‚◊ˡÊÊ ∑‘§ ∑§ΔUÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ∞∑§ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê •ı⁄U ¬˝SÃÈÁà ‹πŸ™§– ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ‚¥S∑§ÎÁà Áfl÷ʪ ∑§Ë ∞∑§ ß∑§Ê߸ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚¥ªËà ŸÊ≈U∑§ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë „Ò– ß‚ ∑§Ë SÕʬŸÊ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚¥fl䌸Ÿ-‚¥⁄UˇÊáÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§Ë ªÿË ÕË– ß‚∑‘§ •ãê¸Ã ¬˝Œ‡Ê÷⁄U ∑‘§ ‹Ù∑§ ªËÃ, ‚¥ªËÃ, ŸÎàÿ, ‹Ù∑§ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ ⁄U¥ª◊ø ∑§Ù ÷Ë ⁄UπÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ‹ª÷ª øÊ⁄U Œ‡Ê∑§ ‚ •¬Ÿ ©g‡ÿ ∑‘§ •ŸÈM§¬ ⁄UøŸÊà◊∑§ ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÊ° ‚¥øÊÁ‹Ã ∑§⁄UÃË ⁄U„Ë „Ò– •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë Ÿ ‹Ù∑§ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø •ı⁄U ⁄U¥ª∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬˝Ùà‚Ê„Ÿ „ÃÈ ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ ÿÙªŒÊŸ ÁŒÿÊ „Ò– ’Ê‹ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∞fl¥ flÿS∑§ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ◊¥ ‚◊ÿ-‚◊ÿ ¬⁄U ¬Í⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊ SÕÊŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑§Ê •ÊÿÙ¡Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ù ‚ËπŸ •ı⁄U ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ •Êª ∑§Êÿ¸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ ßë¿È∑§ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑§Ê ¬Á⁄UøÿÊà◊∑§ ôÊÊŸ ∞fl¥ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ⁄U¥ª◊¥øËÿ ÷Áflcÿ ∑§Ù ‚„Ë ÁŒ‡ÊÊ ¬˝ŒÊŸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬˝SÃÈÁì⁄U∑§ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑§Ê •ÊÿÙ¡Ÿ ß‚ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ë ÁŸ⁄UãÃ⁄U ø‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ë ÁflÁ‡ÊC ªÁÃÁflÁœ ’Ÿ ªÿË „Ò– ‚Ê◊ÊãÿÃÿÊ ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê∞¥ ∞∑§ fl·¸ ∑‘§ •ãÃ⁄UÊ‹ ‚ •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã ∑§Ë ¡ÊÃË „Ò¥– ‹ª÷ª ¿— ‚#Ê„ ∑§Ë ߟ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê•Ù¥ ◊¥ •Á÷Ÿÿ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ù Áfl∑§Á‚à ∑§⁄UŸ ∞fl¥ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑‘§ ¬ÊE¸Á‡ÊÀ¬ ‚ê’ãœË ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ŒŸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ∞∑§ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ∑§Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ∑§Ë ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê∞¥ ∑§÷Ë ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã „ÙÃË „Ò ÃÙ ∑§÷Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ •ãÿ Ÿª⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U ∑§S’Ù¥ ◊¥– ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã „ÙŸ ¬⁄U ߟ◊¥¥ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ •ãÿ SÕÊŸÙ¥ ‚ ÷Ë ÿÈfl∑§-ÿÈflÃË ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊÁªÃÊ ∑§⁄UŸ •ÊÃ „Ò¥– •Áœ∑§Ã⁄U ‹Ùª ©Ÿ ˇÊòÊÙ¥ ‚ •ÊÃ „Ò¥ ¡„Ê°¥ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑§Ë ¡«∏¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò¥– ©‚∑‘§ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∞fl¥ ◊¥øŸ ∑§Ë ‚ÈÁflœÊ∞° ÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò¥– ߟ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ÁŸŒ¸‡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ∑§Êÿ¸ ÷Ê⁄UÃãŒÈ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ‹πŸ™§ ÿÊ ⁄UÊC˛Ëÿ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ÁfllÊ‹ÿ, Ÿß¸ ÁŒÑË ∑‘§ ¬˝Á‡ÊÁˇÊà •ı⁄U •ŸÈ÷flË ⁄U¥ª∑§Á◊¸ÿÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ÿ„ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ‚¥ªËà ŸÊ≈U∑§ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ‹πŸ™§ ∑‘§ ¬Á⁄U‚⁄U ◊¥ „Ë •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã ∑§Ë ªÿË ÕË– Á∑§ã„Ë¥ •¬Á⁄U„Êÿ¸ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊÙ¥ ‚ ÿ„ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ¿— ‚#Ê„ ∑§Ë ’¡Êÿ xÆ ÁŒŸ ∑§Ë „Ë ÕË– vz ¡ÍŸ wÆvv ‚ ø‹Ë ß‚ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ∑§Ë ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ∑§Ê ◊¥øŸ v~ ¡È‹Ê߸ wÆvv ∑§Ù ‚¥Ã ªÊ«ª¡Ë ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡ ¬˝ˇÊʪ΄ ◊¥ „È•Ê ÕÊ– ß‚ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ∑§Ê ÁŸŒ¸‡ÊŸ ߟ ¬Á¥Q§ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‹π∑§ ∑§Ù ‚ı¥¬Ê ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ß‚ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ◊¥ ∑§È‹ ‚ûÊÊ߸‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ Ÿ ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊÁªÃÊ ∑§Ë ÕË– ß‚◊¥ ‹ª÷ª vÆ-vw ‹ÊªÙ¥ Ÿ ¬„‹ ∞∑§ ÃË‚ ÁŒfl‚Ëÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ◊¥ ¬˝ÁÃ÷ʪ Á∑§ÿÊ ÕÊ– ‹ª÷ª ¬ãŒ˝„ ‹Ùª ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ◊¥ Á’À∑§È‹ Ÿÿ Õ– ∞∑§ ◊Ê„ ∑§Ë ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ◊¥ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ë ’Ê⁄UË∑§Ë •ı⁄U ◊¥øÁ‡ÊÀ¬ ∑§Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ŒŸÊ ∞∑§ øÈŸıÃˬÍáʸ ∑§Êÿ¸ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– •Ê◊Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U •ŸÈ÷flË ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ∑‘§fl‹ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ◊Ê„ ∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ ‹ª ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊÈ ∞fl¥ •ŸÈ÷fl„ËŸ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ¬˝SÃÈÁì⁄U∑§ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ŒÙ ◊Ê„ ∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– flø◊ÊŸ •Ê¬ÊœÊ¬Ë •ı⁄U ‚¥ÉÊ·¸ ¬Íáʸ Œı⁄U ◊¥ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ ‚◊ÿ ∑§Ë ’„Èà ∑§◊Ë „Ò– ©Ÿ ¬⁄U •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë •¬ˇÊÊ•Ù¥ •ı⁄U ∑Ò§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ∑‘§ ‚¥∑§≈U ∑§Ê Œ’Êfl „Ò– ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑‘§ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Á¡ÃŸ ‚◊ÿ •ı⁄U ‚◊¬¸áÊ ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ „Ò •Ê¡ ∑‘§ Œı⁄U ◊¥ ©‚∑§Ê ÁŸÃÊãà •÷Êfl „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ Áfl¬⁄UËà ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà M§¤ÊÊŸ ◊¥ ’„ÈÃ

‚ ¡ÊŸÃÊ „Ò– ’…∏ÙûÊ⁄UË ÁŒπÊÿË ¬«∏ ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ß‚ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ‚Ùø ⁄UπŸ ∞» .∞◊. ∑§Àø⁄U, œÊ⁄UÊflÊÁ„∑§, flÊ‹ Ã÷Ë ’Œ‹ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥ ¡’ fl Á⁄UÿÊÁ‹≈UË ‡ÊÙ •ı⁄U Á» À◊Ù¥ ∑‘§ πÈŒ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ©Ã⁄U¥–.... Á¡Ÿ ’Ê¡∏Ê⁄U Ÿ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑‘§ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ πÙ¡Ê Áß ¬ÊßÿÊ° ª„⁄U ¬ÊŸË ∑Ò§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ∑§Ë ¬˝’‹ •Ê‡ÊÊ∞¥ ¡ªÊ ¬ÒÁΔ! ߟ ‹ÙªÊ¥ ∑§Ù •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑‘§ ŒË „Ò¥ Á¡‚ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÿÈflÊ flª¸ ∑§Ê ª„⁄U ‚ʪ⁄U ◊¥ Á¿¬ ◊ÙÃË ∞∑§ ’„Èà ’«∏Ê Á„S‚Ê •Á÷Ÿÿ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹ ∑§⁄U ÁŒπÊÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ ¡Ê ◊¥ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ¬ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚∑§Ã– „◊ ÿ„ ÷Ë ∑§„ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥ ‹Ê‹ÊÁÿà •ı⁄U ©ÃÊfl‹Ê ÷Ë Á∑§ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê •ÊŸãŒ ÃÙ ªÍ°ª ∑§Ê „È•Ê ¡Ê ⁄U„Ê „Ò– •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ù¥ ◊¥ ªÈ«∏ „Ò–..... •flªÁà ªÁà ∑§È¿ ÷Ë ß‚ËÁ‹∞ ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà ∑§„Ÿ Ÿ •ÊflÒ, íÿÙ¥ ªÍ°ª Á„ ◊ËΔ œÊ⁄UáÊÊ ’Œ‹ÃË ÁŒπÊÿË ¬«∏ ⁄U„Ë » ‹ ∑§Ù ⁄U‚ •ãê¸Ã „Ë „Ò– fl •¬Ÿ ‹«∏∑‘§-‹«∏Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ÷ÊflÒ!.... ∑§‹Ê ‚ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ù ∑§Ù ß‚ ÁŒ‡ÊÊ ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ¡ÊŸ Œ •ÊŸãŒ Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò ©‚ fl„ ⁄U„ „Ò¥, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∞‚ ’„Èà „Ë ‹Á‹Ã Á‚¥„ ¬ÙπÁ⁄UÿÊ ¡Ù ‡ÊéŒÙ¥ ◊¥ •Á÷√ÿQ§ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U Á’⁄U‹ ÿÈflÊ •ı⁄U •Á÷÷Êfl∑§ „Ò¥ ‚∑§ÃÊ– ∑§‹Ê ∑‘§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ Á¡ã„¥ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑§Ë ∑§‹Êà◊∑§, ŒÊ‡Ê¸ÁŸ∑§, ◊ŸÙflÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§ •ı⁄U ◊ÊŸflËÿ ‚⁄UÙ∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë flÒ‚Ê •ÊŸãŒ ¬ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ë ‚ÊœŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸË ª„⁄UÊ߸ ∑§Ê •ŸÈ◊ÊŸ „Ù– ÿ„ ∞∑§ ÁflÁøòÊ Á∑§ãÃÈ ¬«∏ªË– ©‚∑§Ë ª„⁄UÊ߸ ◊¥ ¬ÒΔŸÊ ¬«∏ªÊ– ©‚∑‘§ ‡ÊÊÁãÃ

◊¥ø ∑§ÕÊ

•Êpÿ¸¡Ÿ∑§ ‚àÿ „Ò Á∑§ ‹Ùª Á∑§‚Ë ‡ÊÊSòÊËÿ ŸÎàÿ, ªÊÿŸ •ı⁄U flÊŒŸ ∑‘§ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ „ÃÈ •ÊΔ fl·¸ ∑§Ë •flÁœ ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ ÃÙ SflË∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§-«…∏ ◊Ê„ ∑§Ë •flÁœ ©ã„¥ ’„Èà ¡ÊŸ ¬«∏ÃË „Ò– ŒÈ—πŒ •Êpÿ¸ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ fl •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§‹Ê ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚◊¬¸áÊ, ‚ÊœŸÊ •ı⁄U flÒøÊÁ⁄U∑§ ª„⁄UÊ߸ ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§Ù ªê÷Ë⁄UÃÊ ‚ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹Ã– ◊⁄U ÁfløÊ⁄U ‚ ß‚∑‘§ ¬Ë¿ ∞∑§ „Ë ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ Ÿ¡⁄U •ÊÃÊ „Ò– fl„ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ‹Ùª •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ù ¡ã◊¡Êà ¬˝ÁÃ÷Ê ◊ÊŸÃ „Ò¥– fl ‚◊¤ÊÃ „Ò¥ ¡ã◊¡Êà ¬˝ÁÃ÷Ê ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑§Ë ÄUÿÊ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ! •Áœ∑§ ‚ •Áœ∑§ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ ’Ù‹Ÿ ∑§Ë ¬˝÷Êfl‡ÊÊ‹Ë ‡ÊÒ‹Ë •ı⁄U •‚⁄UŒÊ⁄U •ÊflÊ¡∏ ¬ÒŒÊ ∑§Ë ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ¬˝÷Êfl‡ÊÊ‹Ë øÊ‹-…Ê‹, ©ΔŸ ’ÒΔŸ ∑§Ê •¥ŒÊ¡∏ •ı⁄U ©¿‹-∑§ÍŒ flª∏Ò⁄U„ ‚ËπÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– •Á÷Ÿÿ ÃÙ •ÊŒ◊Ë ¡ã◊

SflM§¬Ë •ÊŸãŒ ∑‘§ •Ÿãà •Ê∑§Ê‡Ê ◊¥ ©«∏ÊŸ ÷⁄UŸË „٪˖ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊªË ∑§Ù ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ë ª„⁄UÊ߸ •ı⁄U •Ÿãà •Ê∑§Ê‡Ê ∑§Ë ÿÊòÊÊ ∑§⁄UÊÃË „Ò– ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊªË „ÙŸ ◊ÊòÊ ‚ ÿ„ ÿÊòÊÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§Ë ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË– ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊªË Sflÿ¥ ∑§Ù ““◊Ÿ‚Ê flÊøÊ ∑§◊¸áÊÊ”” •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ë ‚ÊœŸÊ ◊¥ ‚◊Á¬¸Ã ∑§⁄UªÊ Ã÷Ë fl„ ∞‚Ë ÿÊòÊÊ ∑§⁄U ¬ÊŸ ◊¥ ‚◊Õ¸ „٪ʖ •ãÿÕÊ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ◊¥ ∑‘§fl‹ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ‚ ©¬ÁSÕà „ÙªÊ •ı⁄U ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ‚ ÿ„ ÿÊòÊÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§Ë ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË– Á¬¿‹Ë ∑§ß¸ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê•Ù¥ •ÕflÊ ŸÊ≈U∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ ÁŸŒ¸‡ÊŸ ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ◊ÒŸ¥ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà SÕÍ‹ ŒÎÁC ∑§Ù ŒπÊ „Ò– ÿ„ ÁŸÁpà M§¬ ‚ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø •ı⁄U ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ∑‘§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ ◊ÊŸflËÿ ©àÕÊŸ ∑‘§ ‚¥Œ÷¸ ◊¥ ÉÊÙ⁄U ÁøãÃÊ ∑§Ê Áfl·ÿ „Ò– ¬⁄UãÃÈ ß‚ ÁøãÃÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥

∑§Ë •¬ˇÊÊ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ∑§◊¸ ‚ ¡È«∏ •Ÿ∑§ ⁄U¥ª∑§Á◊¸ÿÙ¥, ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ù Ç‹Ò◊⁄U ◊¥ ÃéŒË‹ ∑§⁄U øÈ∑‘§ Ã∑§ŸË∑§Ë ◊Êäÿ◊Ù¥ ∑‘§ ∑§È‡Ê‹ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ‚◊Íø ¬˝ı…∏ ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§Ù ŒÙ·Ë ◊ÊŸÃÊ „Í°– „Ê°! ß‚ ’Êà ‚ ÿÈflÊ ŒÙ· ◊ÈQ§ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ¡ÊÃ– ◊Ò¥ ÿ„Ê° ¬⁄U ¬˝‚¥ªfl‡Ê ŒÙ ©ŒÊ„⁄UáÊ Œ ⁄U„Ê „Í°– ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ’„Èà „Ë ¬˝ÁÃÁDà √ÿÊfl‚ÊÁÿ∑§ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ‚¥SÕÊŸ „Ò– ‚Ÿ˜ wÆÆy ◊¥¥ fl„Ê° •Á÷Ÿÿ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ¬ÊΔ˜ÿR§◊ ÷Ë ‚¥øÊÁ‹Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ¡„Ê° ◊ÒŸ ÷Ë ∑§⁄UË’ ÃËŸ ◊Ê„ Ã∑§ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ê ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ– ‚¥øÊ‹∑§ ◊„ÙŒÿ ∞∑§ ≈UË.flË. ‚ËÁ⁄Uÿ‹ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ÁŸŒ¸‡ÊŸ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ Õ– ©‚∑‘§ ∑§ß¸ ¬ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ •Á÷Ÿÿ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ‹ ⁄U„ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ë øÈŸÊ ÕÊ– ‚ËÁ⁄Uÿ‹ ∑‘§ Á∑§‚Ë ¬˝‚¥ª ◊¥ ◊ÁŒ⁄UÊ‚flŸ ∑‘§ ŒÎ‡ÿ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÍÁ≈U¥ª ∑§Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„Ë ÕË– ‚¥øÊ‹∑§ ◊„ÙŒÿ Ÿ ◊ȤÊ ‡ÊÍÁ≈U¥ª ŒπŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ’È‹ÊÿÊ– •Á÷ŸÃÊ ‚¥øÊ‹∑§ ◊„ÙŒÿ ∑‘§ ’ÃÊÿ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ◊ÁŒ⁄UÊ ∑§Ê ¬˝÷Êfl Ÿ„Ë¥ ÁŒπÊ ¬Ê ⁄U„ Õ– ‚¥øÊ‹∑§ ◊„ÙŒÿ Ÿ ◊Ȥʂ ‚flÊ‹ Á∑§ÿÊ““•Ê¬Ÿ ßã„¥ •’ Ã∑§ ∑§ıŸ-∑§ıŸ ‚Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª Á‚πÊ ŒË”... ÄUÿÊ ‡Ê⁄UÊ’Ë ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª Á‚πÊ ŒË ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥!”” •Á÷Ÿÿ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ø‹Ê ⁄U„ ∞∑§ ¬˝ÁÃÁDà ‚¥SÕÊŸ ∑‘§ ‚¥øÊ‹∑§ ∑§Ê ÿ ‚flÊ‹ ◊ȤÊ SÃéœ ∑§⁄U ªÿÊ– ◊ÒŸ ÁflŸ◊˝ÃÊ ‚ ∑§„Ê ............. “◊Ò¥ ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª Ÿ„Ë¥ Á‚πÊ ⁄U„Ê „Í°–” ◊Ò¥ ß‚ ‹π ∑‘§ ‚ÈœË ¬ÊΔ∑§Ù¥ ‚ ¬˝‡Ÿ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Í° (•Ê¬ ⁄U¥ª◊¥ø ‚ ÿÊ •Á÷Ÿÿ ‚ ‚ê’㜠⁄UπÃ „Ò¥ ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê ∑§Ù߸ ◊„àfl Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò) •Ê¬ ‚È‹¤Ê ÁŒ◊ʪ ‚ Áøãß ∑§Á⁄U∞ ÄUÿÊ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∞‚ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÙªÊ-‡Ê⁄UÊ’Ë ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª, ¡È•Ê⁄UË ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª, «˛Êßfl⁄U ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª, øÙ⁄U ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª, •äÿʬ∑§ ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª, ’…∏߸ ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª, ŸÊ߸ ∑§Ë ∞ÁÄU≈U¥ª •ÊÁŒ•ÊÁŒ– ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ ©ŒÊ„⁄UáÊ ww.Æ|.wÆvv ŒÙ¬„⁄U ∑§Ê „Ò– ∞∑§ ∞‚Ë ◊Á„‹Ê ∑§Ù ŒπÊ •ı⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ë ’ÊÃÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚ÈŸÊ ¡Ù Á∑§‚Ë ∑§ê¬ŸË ◊¥ ∞∑§ ’„Èà √ÿSà ∑§◊¸øÊ⁄UË „Ò¥– ©ã„¥ •Á÷Ÿÿ ‚ËπŸ ∑§Ë ’«∏Ë ‹‹∑§ „Ò– fl ‚◊ÿ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÃËŸ ‚Ê‹ ÿÊ ŒÙ ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ê ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ ‚∑§ÃË– ŒÙ ◊Ê„ ÿÊ ∞∑§ ◊Ê„ ∑§Ë ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê ◊¥ ÷Ë ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊÁªÃÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§ÃË–......fl ¬ãŒ˝„ ÁŒŸ ∑‘§ «…∏ ŒÙ ÉÊá≈U R§‡Ê ∑§Ù‚¸ ◊¥ •Á÷Ÿÿ ‚Ëπ∑§⁄U ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ŸÊ◊ ∑§◊ÊŸÊ øÊ„ÃË „Ò¥– ß‚Á‹∞ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ⁄UÊÿ „Ò Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄UÃãŒÈ ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ¡Ò‚ ‚¥SÕÊŸ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ¡Ò‚ ßë¿È∑§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬ãŒ˝„ ÁŒŸ ∑§Ê R§‡Ê ∑§Ù‚¸ ‚¥øÊÁ‹Ã ∑§⁄U¥– ÄUÿÊ ∑§„¥ª •Ê¬ ∞‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë ß‚ ßë¿Ê•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥– „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò ∞‚ ‹Ùª ¬˝ÁÃ÷ʇÊÊ‹Ë „Ù¥! ‹Á∑§Ÿ ◊Ò¥ Á»⁄U ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U •¬ŸË ∞∑§ ¬È⁄UÊŸË ’Êà ŒÙ„⁄UÊ ŒÍ°! ¬˝‡ÊÊãà ◊„ʂʪ⁄U ∑‘§ Ã≈U ¬⁄U ⁄Uà ∑§Ù ¿ÍÃ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ π«∏Ê •ÊŒ◊Ë ÿÁŒ ÿ„ ∑§„ Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ ◊„ʂʪ⁄U ◊¥ π«∏Ê „Í°, ◊Ò¥Ÿ ‚ʪ⁄U ∑§Ù ¡ÊŸ Á‹ÿÊ „Ò ÃÙ •Ê¬∑§Ù ∑Ò§‚Ê ‹ªªÊ? ’Êà ÿ„Ê° •œÍ⁄UË ¿Ù«∏ÃÊ „Í°– •ª‹ •¥∑§ ◊¥ ‚◊ˡÊÊ ∑‘§ ∑§≈UÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ π«∏Ë ŸÊ≈U˜ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸‡ÊÊ‹Ê •ÙÒ⁄U ¬˝SÃÈÁà ∑§Ë ’Êà ¬Í⁄UË „Ù ¡ÊÿªË–



Lucknow, July 23, 2011

øÈŸÊfl ∑§Ë •Ê„≈U ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ÁflœÊŸ ‚÷Ê ∑‘§ øÈŸÊfl fl·¸ wÆvw ∑§Ë ◊߸ ‚ ¬„‹ ‚¥¬ÛÊ „ÙŸ „Ò–¥ Á¬¿‹ ∑§È¿ ◊„ËŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ⁄UÊ¡ŸÒÁÃ∑§ ‚⁄UªÁ◊¸ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù Œπ ∑§⁄U ‚Ê»§ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ‹ª÷ª ‚÷Ë Œ‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿ„ øÈŸÊfl ’„Èà ◊ÊÿŸ ⁄UπÃ „Ò–¥ ß‚Ë ¬Á⁄U¬ˇ ÿ ◊¥ ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ ’ËÃ ‚#Ê„ øÈŸÊfl •ÊÿÙª ∑§Ë ¬Í⁄UË ≈UË◊ ∑§Ê Œı⁄UÊ ª¥÷Ë⁄UÃÊ ‚ Á‹ÿÊ ¡ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ ≈U≈Í UÃ •ı⁄U Á’π⁄UÃ Ã¥òÊ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ÿÁŒ ∑§È¿ ‚¥SÕÊŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÁflEÊ‚ ÕÙ«∏Ê ’ŸÊ „È•Ê „Ò ÃÙ fl„ „Ò øÈŸÊfl •ÊÿÙª ¡’Á∑§ ‚ø ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ •ÊÿÙª ◊ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ÷Ë ß‚Ë Á‚S≈U◊ ‚ •ÊÃ „Ò–¥ •ÊÿÙª Ÿ •¬Ÿ ‹πŸ™§ Œı⁄U ◊¥ ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ∑§Ë ‚÷Ë ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ ¬ÊÁ≈Uÿ¸ Ù¥ ∑‘§ ¬˝ÁÃÁŸÁœÿÙ¥ ‚ •ı⁄U ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ∑‘§ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ •ı⁄U ¬˝‡ÊÊ‚ÁŸ∑§ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ’ÒΔ∑§ ∑§Ë •ı⁄U ¡„Ê¥ ∞∑§ •Ù⁄U ‚÷Ë ¬ÊÁ≈Uÿ¸ Ù¥ Ÿ ‚ûÊÊM§…∏ ’„È¡Ÿ ‚◊Ê¡ ¬Ê≈U˸ mÊ⁄UÊ ¬˝‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ∑‘§ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§⁄UáÊ ∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ∑§Ë fl„Ë¥ •ÊÿÙª Ÿ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ’ÒΔ∑§ ◊ ÿ„ ‚Ê»§ Á∑§ÿÊ Á∑§ øÈŸÊflË ¬˝ÁR§ÿÊ ◊¥ ¬˝‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ∑§Ë ÷ÍÁ◊∑§Ê ¬Ê⁄UŒ‡Ê˸ •ı⁄U ÁŸc¬ˇÊ „ÙŸË ¡M§⁄UË „Ò– ¡Ò‚ ¡Ò‚ øÈŸÊfl Ÿ¡ŒË∑§ •ÊÃ „Ò¥ flÒ‚ „Ë ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ◊¥ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË •»§‚⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U ∑§◊¸øÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê Ã’ÊŒ‹Ê ¡Ù⁄U ¬∑§«∏ª Ê ∞‚Ê ◊ÊŸÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ ’Êà ‚ ßã∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ Á∑§ flø◊ÊŸ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ◊¥ Áfl‡Ê·Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ÿ„ ‚Ê»§ ‚¥∑§‘ à „Ò Á∑§ ‚ûÊÊM§…∏ Œ‹ ∑§Ê Á¬˝ÿ ¬ÊòÊ ’Ÿ ⁄U„ŸÊ ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á„à ◊¥ „Ò– ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Ã⁄UË∑§Ù¥ ‚ ¬Á⁄UÁøà ‹Ùª ÷Ë ß‚ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ∑§Êÿ¸∑§Ê‹ ◊¥ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ⁄UflÿÒ  ‚ „Ò⁄UÊŸ „Ò.¥ •ı⁄U ∞‚ ∑§ß¸ ◊ı∑‘§ •Ê∞ „Ò¥ ¡’ ∑§Áìÿ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ Ÿ¥ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË Ÿı∑§⁄U ∑§◊ •ı⁄U ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ Œ‹ ∑‘§ ∑§Êÿ¸∑§Ãʸ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ íÿÊŒÊ √ÿfl„Ê⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ÿ„Ê¥ Ã∑§ Á∑§ ÁflœÊÿ∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ ©¬⁄U ¬Ê≈U˸ mÊ⁄UÊ ∑§Ë ªß¸ ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ„Ë ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ÷Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ∑§Ë ªß¸ •ı⁄U ∞‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò Á∑§ Áfl¬ˇÊ ÿÊ ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ mÊ⁄UÊ ∞‚Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U Á≈U¬¬áÊË Ÿ ∑§Ë ªß¸ „Ù ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‚ûÊÊœÊ⁄UË Œ‹ ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ‚ ∑§Ù߸ ¬˝ÁÃÁR§ÿÊ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ •Ê߸ ¡Ò‚ Á∑§ ∑§È¿ „È•Ê „Ë Ÿ „Ù– ߟ π’⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø Á∑§ ⁄UÊíÿ ◊¥ øÈŸÊfl •¬Ÿ ÁŸÿà ‚◊ÿ ‚ ∑§È¿ ¬„‹ „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò øøʸ •Ê◊ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§ıŸ ‚ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ‚ûÊÊM§…∏ Œ‹ ∑‘§ Á¬˝ÿ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ∑Ò§‚ fl øÈŸÊfl ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ •¬ŸË ß‚ ÁŸ∑§≈UÃÊ ∑§Ê ‹Ê÷ ©ΔÊ ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥ „⁄U øÈŸÊfl ‚ ¬„‹ ∑§È¿ ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ •Ê⁄UÙ¬ „⁄U Œ‹ ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ¬⁄U ‹ªÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U •ª‹Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Á»§⁄U ∞‚Ê „Ë ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò– ‡ÊÊÿŒ ß‚Ë ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ ‹Ù∑§Ã¥òÊ „Ò– e-mail :

U πà◊ „È•Ê ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§Ê ¬Ë¬‹Ë ‹Êßfl •ÊŸ¢Œ ‡ÊÊ„Ë Ÿıß ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U ¬Á‡ø◊Ë ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ Á∑§‚ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë Áø¥ Ã Ê ∑ § ’ÊŒ •ÊÁπ⁄U ⁄UÊ„È‹ ªÊ¥œË ∑§Ê „Ê߸ ¬˝ Ù »§Êß‹ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ «˛Ê◊Ê πà◊ „È•Ê •‹Ëª… ◊¥– ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§Ë Áø¢ÃÊ∞¢ ¬Ë¬‹Ë ‹Êßfl ∑§ ŒÎÁc≈U∑§ÙáÊ ‚ ÃÙ Á’À∑ȧ‹ •¡Ë’ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ªÃË ÄUÿÊ¥Á∑§ ⁄UÊ¡ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ ÿÊ ⁄UÊ¡ŸÃÊ ’ŸŸ ∑§Ù •ª˝‚⁄U ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§ ◊Ÿ ◊¥ ¬Ífl¸ ◊¥ „ÙÃ ⁄U„Ÿ flÊ‹ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ ŸÊ≈U∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝÷Êfl ÃÙ ⁄U„ªÊ „Ë– ∑ȧ¿U ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÿ„U ¡M§⁄U •¡Ë’ ‹ª ⁄U„Ê „ÙªÊ Á∑§ ⁄UÊ„È‹ •øÊŸ∑§ Á∑§‚ÊŸ ¬˝◊ ∑§ ø‹Ã, ©Ÿ∑§Ë ¬Ë«∏UÊ ‚◊¤ÊŸ ÁŒÀ‹Ë ∑§Ê ¡ËflŸ ¿Ê«∏U ªÊ¥fl-ªÊ¥fl ÷≈U∑§Ÿ ‹ª– ∞‚Ê ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ Á’„Ê⁄U ‚◊à ∑§ß¸ •ãÿ ⁄UÊíÿÙ¥ ∑§ øÈŸÊfl Ã∑§ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U ’Ê¡Ë ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U ÿÈflÊ ø„⁄UÊ ’ŸŸ ∑§Ë ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ¡’ øÈŸÊfl ¬Á⁄UáÊÊ◊Ù¥ ‚ Á◊‹Ë •‚»§‹ÃÊ ‚ ŸÊ∑§Ê◊ „Ù ªß¸ •ı⁄U ∑§„Ë¥ Ÿ ∑§„Ë¥ Œ‡Ê ∑§ •Ê◊ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ◊¥ ⁄UÊ„È‹ øÊ„∑§⁄U ÷Ë ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ë SflË∑§Êÿ¸ÃÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ŸÊ ¬Ê∞ Ã’ ⁄UÊ„È‹ •øÊŸ∑§ ¿ÊòÊ‚¥ÉÊÙ¥ •ı⁄U ‹Ù∑§Ã¥òÊ ’„Ê‹Ë ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ∑§Á¬‹ Á‚é’‹ ‚ Á◊‹, ¬≈UŸÊ ◊¥ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§ ÃËπ ¬˝„Ê⁄U ¤Ê‹ ¬⁄U ’Ê⁄Uê’Ê⁄U ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§ ’ÊŒ ÷Ë ©Ÿ∑§Ë ŒÊ‹ ∑§◊ ª‹ ¬Ê߸, Ã÷Ë ©Ÿ∑§Ù ÿ„ ÷ÊŸ ÷Ë ‡ÊÊÿŒ „Ù •ÊÿÊ Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ©◊˝ ÷Ë yÆ ¬Ê⁄U „Ù ø‹Ë „Ò ¡Ù ©Ÿ∑§Ù ÿÈflÊ ∑§Ë üÊáÊË ‚ •‹ª ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ë „Ò– Á∑§‚ÊŸ ÿÊòÊÊ ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§„Ë¥ Ÿ ∑§„Ë¥ •Ê◊ ¡ŸÃÊ ‚ ¡È«∏U ‚flÊ‹ ◊„¥ªÊ߸ ¬⁄U øÈå¬Ë ‚Êœ ⁄U„ ÿÊ ‚¥ÃÈc≈U Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U ¬Ê∞– •’ Á∑§‚ÊŸË ‚ ⁄UÊ„È‹ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ¬Ê≈U˸ ß‚Á‹∞ íÿÊŒÊ ¡È«∏UŸ ∑§Ù ’ÒøÒŸ ‹ª ⁄U„Ë „Ò ÄUÿÊ¥Á∑§ •Áœª˝„áÊ ¬Á‡ø◊Ë ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê •„◊ ◊ÈŒ˜ÔŒÊ „Ò Á¡‚ ¬⁄U ‹Ù∑§Œ‹ ‚ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ ‚ê÷ÊÁflà ‚◊¤ÊıÃ ¬⁄U •Á¡Ã Á‚¥„ ∑§Ë ◊Ÿ◊ÊŸË ¬⁄U ⁄UÙ∑§ÕÊ◊ ∑§Ê ◊Êäÿ◊ ÷Ë „Ò– flÒ‚ ÷Ë ⁄UÊ„È‹ ªÊ¥œË ∑§Ù ŸÃÊ ‚ÊÁ’à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§„Ê¥ Ã∑§ ‚»§‹ „ÙªË ÿ„U ÃÙ ‚◊ÿ ’ÃÊ∞ªÊ ‹ Á ∑§Ÿ ⁄U Ê „È ‹ ∑§Ë ∞Ÿ∞‚ÿÍ•Ê߸ ¡„Ê¥ ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§ ‚flÊ‹ ¬⁄U ¬Í⁄U Œ‡Ê

◊¥ ◊ıŸ „Ò ÃÙ ÿÈfl∑§ ∑§Ê¥ª‚ ∑§ ©.¬˝. ∑§Êÿ¸∑§Ãʸ ÃÙ ¡ÊŸ ∑§„Ê¥ „Ò¥ – ©Ÿ∑§Ë ‚Á∑˝§ÿÃÊ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§ ¬Œ ‹Ÿ ∑§ øÈŸÊfl ◊¥ Á≈U∑§≈U ∑§Ë ¡ÍÃ◊-¬Ò¡Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÁŒπË– ÿÍ¬Ë ◊¥ ’Ë∞« ∑§ ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚flÊ‹ „Ù ÿÊ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡Ù¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‡ÊÙ·áÊ, ⁄UÊ„È‹ •ı⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ë ÿÈflÊ »§ı¡ øȬ ⁄U„ŸÊ ’„Ã⁄U ‚◊¤ÊÃË „Ò– ∞∑§ ‚flÊ‹ •ı⁄U, ◊„¥ªÊ߸ ∑§ ◊ÈŒ˜ÔŒ ‚ ¬„‹ ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ∑§ ¬˝’Èh ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§ ø‹Ã Œ‡Ê ∑§ ¡„Ÿ ◊¥ ∑§ı¥œÊ fl„U ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U Áfl⁄UÙœË ⁄UÊ◊Œfl ∑§Ê •Ê¥ŒÙ‹Ÿ Á¡‚◊¥ ◊äÿ ⁄UÊÁòÊ ◊¥ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ Ÿ ’’¸⁄UÃÊ ¬Íáʸ Ã⁄UË∑§ ‚ ’ªÈŸÊ„ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¬Ë≈UÊ •ı⁄U ÁŒÀ‹Ë ∑§ ⁄UÊ◊‹Ë‹Ê ◊Ҍʟ ◊¥ ÷ªŒ«∏U ◊øÊ߸–

∑§È‹ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U ⁄UÊ„È‹ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚flÊ‹ ¬⁄U •¬ŸÊ ∞¡á«Ê Ãÿ ∑§⁄U¥, ◊„¥ªÊ߸ ∑‘§ ◊Èg ¬⁄U ¡◊ËŸË ’ÊÃøËà ∑§⁄U¥, ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ◊Èg ¬⁄U ΔÙ‚ ¬„‹ ∑§⁄U¥ ÃÙ ÿ ‚Ê» „ÙªÊ Á∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄U ⁄UÊ„È‹ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ∑§ÀÿÊáÊ øÊ„Ã ÷Ë „Ò¥– ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§Ù ÿÈflÊ •Ê¥ŒÙ‹Ÿ ∑§Ù ’Ëø ◊¥ ¿Ù«∑§⁄U Á∑§‚ÊŸ •Ê¥ŒÙ‹ŸÙ¥ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ⁄UÊ¡ŸÒÁÃ∑§ ÷Áflcÿ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¡M§⁄U ¡ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ ¬⁄U ßÃŸË Áø¥ÃÊ ¡M§⁄U ∑§⁄UŸË øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ ∑Ò§¥¬‚Ù¥ ◊¥ ‹Ù∑§Ã¥òÊ ∑§Ê ‚◊ʬŸ ∑§„Ë¥ Ÿ ∑§„Ë¥ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë flø◊ÊŸ ªÁà ∑§Ê ¬˝◊Èπ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ò– ¡ÊŸ ÄUÿÙ¥ ⁄UÊ„È‹ ß‚ ◊Ê◊‹ ¬⁄U •¥ÃäÿʸŸ ‚ ⁄U„– ⁄UÊ„È‹ ªÊ¥œË Ÿ „Ê‹ „Ë ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ¡ã◊ÁŒŸ ∑§Ù Á∑§‚ÊŸ SflÊÁ÷◊ÊŸ ÁŒfl‚ ÉÊÙÁ·Ã ∑§⁄UÊ∑§⁄U ÃÕÊ∑§ÁÕà M§¬ ‚ ¡’ ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬ ◊¥ ¡ã◊ÁŒŸ ◊ŸÊÿÊ ÃÙ ÷Ë ‚◊¤Ê ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ •ÊÿÊ Á∑§ ÿ„U ∑Ò§‚Ê Á∑§‚ÊŸ ¬˝◊– ⁄U„Ë ’Êà •Áœª˝„áÊ ∑§ ◊Ê◊‹ ¬⁄U ÃÙ ¡’ •Áœª˝„áÊ ‚ê’¥œË ∑§ÊŸÍŸ ’ŸÊŸ ∑§Ë ’Êà •ÊÃË „Ò ÃÙ ⁄UÊ„È‹ ÿ„U Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§Ù ’ÃÊÃ Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑§Ë „Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ ß‚ ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ Á’‹ ∑§Ù wÆÆ| ‚

‚¥∑§À¬ ‚ ‚»§‹ÃÊ ‡ÊÈL§•Êà ’„Èà ‚ ‹Ùª ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‹ˇÿ Ã∑§ ∑ȧ¿U „Ë ‹Ùª ¬„È¥ø ¬ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑§ Á‡Êπ⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§÷Ë ÷Ë«∏ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃË– Áfl‡flÊ‚, ©à‚Ê„ •ı⁄U ‚Ê„‚ ¡ËflŸ „Ò– ¡ËflŸ ∑§ ÷ËÃ⁄U ‚ „Ë ¡ËflŸ ©Œ˜Ô’ÙÁœÃ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á¡‚ ¬«∏ ∑§Ë ¡«∏ ∑§≈U ¡ÊÃË „Ò ©‚ ‚Íÿ¸ ∑§Ê ¬˝∑§Ê‡Ê ‚ÈπÊ ŒÃÊ „Ò, fl·Ê¸ ∑§Ê ¡‹ ‚«∏Ê ŒÃÊ „Ò– œ⁄UÃË ‚ ¡È«∏ ¬«∏ ∑§Ù ‚Í⁄U¡ ∑§Ê ¬˝∑§Ê‡Ê ¬‹ ¬‹ ‚„‹ÊÃÊ „Ò, ©‚∑§Ë Á∑§⁄UáÊÙ¥ ‚ fl„ •Ê∑§Ê‡Ê ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ’…∏ÃÊ „Ò– ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ∑§Ë »È§„Ê⁄U ©‚◊¥ »Í§‹ Áπ‹ÊÃË „Ò, ‚Ȫ¥œ ÷⁄UÃË „Ò– ¬⁄U œ⁄UÃË ‚ ∑§≈UÃ „Ë ‚Ê⁄UË ™§¡Ê¸ Ÿc≈U „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ¬˝ÊáÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚¥øÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ ŒflÃÊ ©‚∑§Ê •ÁSÃàfl Á◊≈UÊŸ ∑§Ù ’ÃÊ’ „Ù

©ΔÃ „Ò¥– •ÊSÕÊ •ı⁄U Áfl‡flÊ‚ „Ë ¡ËflŸ ◊¥ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§Ë ¡«∏ „Ò– „⁄U √ÿÁÄà ‚»§‹ÃÊ ¬ÊŸÊ øÊ„ÃÊ „Ò ¬⁄U ªÁà ∑§ ¬˝Õ◊ ø⁄UáÊ ◊¥ „Ë ∑§ß¸ ∑§Œ◊ ÁΔΔ∑§ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ‡Ê¥∑§Ê, ÷ÿ, ÁŸ⁄UʇÊÊ ∑§ ∑§ß¸ ⁄UÙ«∏ •¡ÊŸ ◊¥ ©ã„¥ •‚»§‹ ∑§⁄U ŒÃ „Ò¥– ¡Á≈U‹ ¬˝ÃËà „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë ‚÷Ë ªÈÁàÕÿÊ¥

¡ËflŸ ◊¢òÊ ‚È‹¤Ê ÷Ë ‚∑§ÃË „Ò¥ - ߟÃË ‚Ë ’Êà Á¡‚ ‚◊¤Ê •Ê ¡ÊÃË „Ò fl„ ¡ËflŸ ¬Õ ∑§Ë ∑§ß¸ ª˝¥ÁÕÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ ‚È‹¤ÊÊÃÊ „È•Ê •Êª ’…∏ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– •Ê¥π¥ ÃÙ ‚÷Ë ∑§ ¬Ê‚ „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò¥ ¬⁄U ÿÕÊÕ¸ ∑§Ù ‚◊¤ÊŸ ∑§Ë ŒÎÁC ÷Ë ‚’∑§ ¬Ê‚ „Ù, ¡M§⁄UË Ÿ„Ë¥– •ı⁄U ß‚ ŒÎÁC ∑§ •÷Êfl ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ÷˝◊, ‚¥‡Êÿ ∑§ ŸÊª

¬Ÿ¬ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ◊¥ ‚’‚ ’«∏Ë ‡ÊÁÄà „Ò ÁfløÊ⁄U ∑§Ë ‡ÊÁÄÖ ‚Ê⁄UË Áfl∑§Ê‚ ÿÊòÊÊ ∑§ ◊Í‹ ◊¥ ÁfløÊ⁄U ÿÊòÊÊ „Ë „Ò– ‚ê¬∑¸§ ∑§ ¡ªÃ ◊¥ ‡ÊéŒ ∑§Ê ’„Èà ◊„àfl „Ò– ‡ÊéŒ ‚ ‚¥∑§À¬ ‚ê¬ÙÁ·Ã „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ‚◊ÿ, ¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁÃ, ◊Ÿ—ÁSÕÁà ∑§Ë Áπ«∏Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ‚ ‡ÊéŒ ©÷⁄U ∑§⁄U •ÊÃÊ „Ò– Á¡‚ ¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁà ∞fl¥ ◊Ÿ—ÁSÕÁà ‚ ‡ÊéŒ ©÷⁄UÊ „Ò, ©‚Ë ¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁÃ, ◊Ÿ—ÁSÕÁà ‚ ©‚ ª˝„áÊ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§, ÿ„ •Ê‚ÊŸ Ÿ„Ë¥– √ÿfl„Ê⁄U ∑§ œ⁄UÊË ‚ ¡È«∏∑§⁄U √ÿÁÄà ◊ÊòÊ ŒÍ‚⁄UÙ¥ ∑§ ¬˝Áà „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥, ’Ê„⁄U ‚ ¬˝÷ÊÁflà „Ù •¬Ÿ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥, •¬Ÿ ‚Ê◊âÿ¸ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÷Ë ∑§ß¸ øÊ„Ë-•ŸøÊ„Ë ‡Ê¥∑§Ê∞¥ ¬Ê‹ ‹ÃÊ „Ò ¡Ù ‚◊ÿ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ¬Õ ◊¥ •fl⁄UÙœ∑§ ªÊ¥Δ¥ ’Ÿ ¡ÊÃË „Ò¥– ‚◊¤Ê ∑§Ê ÷˝◊ ÿÕÊÕ¸ ¬⁄U ¬⁄UŒÊ «Ê‹ ª‹Ã»§„Á◊ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê „ÃÈ ’Ÿ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò––

•Ê ¬ ∑§Ê »§Ë «U ’Ò ∑§

Œ’Ê ⁄UπÊ „Ò– ÿ„U ¡M§⁄U ∑§„Ã Ÿ¡⁄U •ÊÃ „Ò¥ Á∑§ ∑§ÊŸÍŸ ’ŸÊŸ ◊¥ ‚◊ÿ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– •ÊÃ¥∑§ ¬⁄U ⁄UÊ„È‹ ªÊ¥œË Ÿ ∑§„Ê, „⁄U •ÊÃ¥∑§Ë „◊‹ ∑§Ù ⁄UÙ∑§ ¬ÊŸÊ ’„Èà ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ò– „◊Ÿ ß‚◊¥ ’„Èà ‚ÈœÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚ „⁄U ‚◊ÿ ⁄UÙ∑§ ¬ÊŸÊ •‚ê÷fl „Ò– ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ¬Ê≈U˸ Ÿ ÷Ë ’ÊŒ ◊¥ ⁄UÊ„È‹ ªÊ¥œË ∑§ ’ÿÊŸ ∑§Ê ’øÊfl Á∑§ÿÊ– ∑ȧÀ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U ⁄UÊ„È‹ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§ ‚flÊ‹ ¬⁄U •¬ŸÊ ∞¡¥«Ê Ãÿ ∑§⁄U¥, ◊„¥ªÊ߸ ∑§ ◊ÈŒ˜ÔŒ ¬⁄U ¡◊ËŸË ’ÊÃøËà ∑§⁄U¥, ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑§ ◊ÈŒ˜ÔŒ ¬⁄U ΔÙ‚ ¬„‹ ∑§⁄U¥ ÃÙ ÿ„U ‚Ê» „ÙªÊ Á∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄U ⁄UÊ„È‹ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ∑§ÀÿÊáÊ øÊ„Ã ÷Ë „Ò¥– •‹Ëª…∏U ◊¥ wÆ ‚Ê¥‚ŒÙ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§«∏UË ◊„ŸÃ ∑§ ’ÊŒ {Æ-|Æ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¡È≈UÊ∑§⁄U ¡’ ⁄UÊ„È‹ Á∑§‚ÊŸ ¬˝◊ ∑§Ù ¡ÊÁ„⁄U ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ Õ ©‚Ë ‚◊ÿ Á∑§‚ÊŸ ŸÃÊ ÃflÁÃÿÊ ¡Ù •Áœª˝„áÊ Áfl⁄UÙœË •Ê¥ŒÙ‹Ÿ ∑§Ê flÊSÃÁfl∑§ ŸÃÊ „Ò¥U ÁŒÀ‹Ë ◊¥ ŸÊ≈U∑§Ëÿ Ã⁄UË∑§ ‚ Áª⁄UçÃÊ⁄U „Ù ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥ ÃÙ ÷Ë ’‚¬Ê fl ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑§Ë ≈U˜ÿÍÁŸ¥ª ∑§Ê»§Ë ⁄UÙø∑§ ‹ªŸ ‹ªÃË „Ò– ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§Ù ÿÈflÊ •Ê¥ŒÙ‹Ÿ ∑§Ù ’Ëø ◊¥ ¿Ù«∏U∑§⁄U Á∑§‚ÊŸ •Ê¥ŒÙ‹ŸÙ¥ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ ÷Áflcÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¡M§⁄U ¡ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ ¬⁄U ßÃŸË Áø¥ÃÊ ¡M§⁄U ∑§⁄UŸË øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ ∑ҧꬂ¡ ◊¥ ‹Ù∑§Ã¥òÊ ∑§Ê ‚◊ʬŸ ∑§„Ë¥ Ÿ ∑§„Ë¥ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë flø◊ÊŸ ªÁà ∑§Ê ¬˝◊Èπ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ò– ©ã„¥ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ë Áø¥ÃÊ ÷Ë ∑§⁄UŸË øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ Œ‡Ê ∑§ ª⁄UË’ fl Á∑§‚ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§ ’ëø ¡’ ߥ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄U¥ª, ’Ë∞« ‚◊à Ã◊Ê◊ Á‡ÊˇÊÊ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U¥ ◊¥ ‚ÙøÃ „Ò¥ ÃÊ ©ã„¥ »§Ë‚ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ‚Ùø∑§⁄U Á‚„⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏UÃÊ „Ò– ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§Ù Áø¥ÃÊ ¡M§⁄U ∑§⁄UŸË øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ©‚ ÿÈflÊ •Ê’ÊŒË ∑§Ê ÄUÿÊ „ÙªÊ ¡Ù ¬…∏U Á‹π∑§⁄U ‚«∏U∑§ ¬⁄U „Ò, ∑§‹ ∑§Ê⁄UπÊŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ’¢Œ ©Ÿ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§ ÷Áflcÿ ∑§Ë Áø¥ÃÊ ÷Ë ⁄UÊ„È‹ ∑§Ù ∑§⁄UŸË øÊÁ„∞ ¡Ù „⁄U ⁄UÙ¡ ◊ÊÁ‹∑§ •ı⁄U ◊ÒŸ¡◊¥≈U ∑§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •¬Ÿ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U ¡È’ÊŸ ¬⁄U ÃÊ‹Ê’¥ŒË ∑§Ù ◊¡’Í⁄UË ’ŸÊ øÈ∑§ „Ò¥– ◊„¡ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ S≈¢U≈U ‚ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ’ŸÊŸ Á’ªÊ«∏UŸ ∑§Ë ªÁáÊà ∑§Ê ‹Ê÷ ÷‹ Á◊‹ ¡Ê∞ Áfl∑§Ê‚ fl ©hÊ⁄U ∑§Ê SflåŸ •œÍ⁄UÊ „Ë ⁄U„ªÊ– (‹π∑§ ÷Ê¡¬Ê ÿÈflÊ ◊Ùøʸ ∑§ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ¬˝÷Ê⁄UË fl ‡ÊÙœ ∞¡¥‚Ë «Ë flÙ≈U‚¸ ∑§ ‡ÊÙœ •Áœ‡ÊÊ·Ë „Ò¥–) ¡ÒÁfl∑§ πÃË ¬⁄U «UÊÄ≈U⁄U øÊÒœ⁄UË ∑§Ê ‹π •ë¿UÊ ‹ªÊ– •Ê¬‚ •ŸÈ⁄UÊœ „ÒU Á∑§ •Êª ÷Ë ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ‚ πÃË ∑§ •ãÿ ¬„U‹Í•Ê¥ ¬⁄U ÷Ë ß‚ Ã⁄U„U ∑§ ‹π ¬˝∑§ÊÁ‡Êà ∑§⁄UÃ ⁄U„¥U– •¡ÿ ¬˝∑§Ê‡Ê •◊⁄UÊ߸ ªÊ¢fl, ‹πŸ™§ ‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë«U ∑§ v| ¡È‹Ê߸ ∑§ •¢∑§ ◊¥ ¬ŸÊ⁄U◊Ê ◊¥ ¬˝∑§ÊÁ‡Êà ÁøòÊ∑§‹Ê •àÿãà ‚ÈãŒ⁄U ÕË¥– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ‚ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ë •ãÿ ÁflœÊ•Ê¥ ∑§ ÁøòÊ ÷Ë ∑Χ¬ÿÊ ¬˝∑§ÊÁ‡Êà ∑§⁄¥U Á¡‚‚ ‹πŸ™§ ‚ ’Ê„U⁄U ⁄U„UŸ flÊ‹ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ‹πŸ™§ ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ë ∑§‹Ê ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÊ¥ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ ⁄U„U– Á¬˝ÿ¢∑§Ê üÊËflÊSÃfl ŸÊ∞«UÊ ÉÊ⁄U-¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ¬¡ ¬⁄U SflÊ◊Ë •ÊŸãŒ ∑§Ê ‹π ÷ÊÇÿ ∑§Ê •Õ¸ ∑§fl‹ ‚ê¬ÁûÊ Ÿ„UË¥ •ë¿UÊ ‹ªÊ– ß‚ ‹π ‚ ¡ËflŸ ∑§ ∑§ß¸ •„U◊ ¬„U‹Í•Ê¥ ∑§Ê ¡ÊŸŸ ∑§Ê ◊ÊÒ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ê– ‡ÊÊ÷ŸÊ ŒûÊÊ Œ„UÊ⁄Uʌ͟


Lucknow, July 23, 2011

π‹ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬˝ÁÃ÷Ê ∑§Ê ‚ê◊ÊŸ ‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ ’ËÃ „çUÃ ∑‘§ ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊Ù¥ ∑§Ë ∑§È¿ ¤Ê‹Á∑§ÿÊ¥

◊„ÊŸ Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U Áπ‹Ê«∏Ë ∑§Á¬‹ Œfl ‹πŸ™§ ∑‘§ ∞∑§ Á‡ÊˇÊÊ ‚¥SÕÊŸ ∑‘§ ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ◊ÈÅÿ ÁŸflʸøŸ •ÊÿÈÄà ∞‚ flÊ߸ ∑§È⁄UÒ‡ÊË ◊ÃŒÊÃÊ ¡ÊªM§∑§ÃÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ø‹Ê߸ ªß¸ flÒŸ ∑§Ù ¤Ê¥«Ê ÁŒπÊ ∑§⁄U ⁄UflÊŸÊ ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞ ‚⁄UŒÊ⁄U ¬≈U‹ ÁøÁ∑§à‚Ê ‚¥SÕÊŸ ∑‘§ flÊÁ·¸∑§ ‚◊Ê⁄UÙ„ ◊¥ ◊œÊflË ¿ÊòÊÊ∞¥ •¬Ÿ ¬Œ∑§ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ≈UËflË ∑‘§ ∞∑§ Á⁄U∞À≈UË ‚¥ªËà ¬˝Ùª˝Ê◊ ∑‘§ ÁflôÊʬŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ê∞ ¬˝ÁÃ÷ÊªË •Ÿ◊Ù‹ πòÊË •ı⁄U Á¬˝ÿÊ¥‡ÊË üÊËflÊSÃfl–



Lucknow, July 23, 2011

¬˝ Œ  ‡ Ê

∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ •ı⁄U wÆvv «ÊÚ. •Ê⁄U∞Ÿ Á‚¥„ ªÙ⁄Uπ¬È⁄U– ¬˝àÿ∑§ fl·¸ ∑§Ë ÷Ê¢Áà ߂ fl·¸ ÷Ë “Ÿ„M§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚Ê‹ÿ” ◊¥ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ‚ ◊Ê‚Í◊Ù¥ ∑§Ë ◊ıà Ÿ ¡Ù⁄U ¬∑§«∏ Á‹ÿÊ „Ò– •÷Ë “◊ıà ∑§ ‚Ë¡Ÿ” ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈM§•Êà ◊¥ „Ë •Ê¢∑§«∏ vÆÆ ∑§Ë ‚¥ÅÿÊ ∑§Ù ¿ÍŸ „Ë flÊ‹ „Ò¥– ÁflªÃ xx fl·¸ ‚ ¬ÍflÊZø‹ ∑§ ª˝Ê◊ËáÊÙ¥, ŒÁ‹ÃÙ¥ •ı⁄U Á∑§‚ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§ ’ìÊ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ (ÁŒ◊ÊªË ’Èπ⁄U) ‚ •‚◊ÿ ∑§Ê‹ ∑§ ªÊ‹ ◊¥ ‚◊ÊÃ ø‹ ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ∑¥§º˝ fl ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ªÃ fl ◊ı¡ÍŒÊ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U¥ ‚¥flŒŸ„ËŸÃÊ ∑§Ë „Œ¥ ¬Ê⁄U ∑§⁄U øÈ∑§Ë „Ò¥U, ¬ÍflÊZø‹ ∑§Ë ©¬ˇÊÊ ÃÙ ∑§⁄U „UË ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥U– xx ‚Ê‹ ‚ „Ù ⁄U„Ë ◊Ê‚Í◊Ù¥ ∑§Ë ◊ÊÒà ∑§Ë ÿÊŒ ◊¥ fl·¸ wÆvw ◊¥ •Ê‚㟠øÈŸÊfl ◊¥ ©ê◊ËŒflÊ⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U Á‚ÿÊ‚Ë Œ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÁŸêŸ Á’¢ŒÈ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U ¡flÊ’Œ„ ’ŸÊ∞¢– ¡’ ÁŸ¡Ê◊ »§‹ „Ù ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ •flÊ◊ ∑§Ù ∑§◊ÊŸ ‚¥÷Ê‹ŸË ¬«∏ÃË „Ò– ŒπŸÊ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ •flÊ◊ •ı⁄U ÁŸ¡Ê◊ ∑§Ë ¡¥ª ◊¥ ¡Ëà Á∑§‚∑§Ë „ÙÃË „Ò ÁŸÁ‡øà „Ë ¡Ëà •flÊ◊ ∑§Ë „٪˖ ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ •Ê‚㟠øÈŸÊfl ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÁŸ¡Ê◊ ∑§Ë Ÿ∑§‹ Á»§‹„UÊ‹ •flÊ◊ ∑§ „ÊÕÙ¥ ◊¥ „Ò¥– •Ê¡ ÿ„Ë ‚◊ÿ „Ò Á∑§ ¡ŸÃÊ ¡Êª •ı⁄U ¬ÍflÊZø‹ ∑§ ◊Ê‚Í◊Ù¥ ∑§Ù ’øÊŸ ∑§Ë „◊Ê⁄UË “¡¥ª-∞∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚” ◊¥ ŒÙ ∑§Œ◊ ‚ÊÕ ø‹¥– Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ß⁄Á«∑§‡ÊŸ ¬˝Ùª˝Ê◊ (“ŸË¬”) ÿÊ ⁄UÊc≈˛UËÿ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ •Á÷ÿÊŸ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ∑§ ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬ÍflÊZø‹ flÊÁ‚ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ∞∑§ •¬Ë‹ „Ò– ⁄UÊc≈˛UËÿ ◊‹Á⁄UÿÊ ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ fl ⁄UÊc≈˛UËÿ ¬ÙÁ‹ÿÙ ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊ ¡Ò‚Ë „Ë ∞∑§ ¬˝SÃÊÁflà ÿÙ¡ŸÊ „Ò Á¡‚∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ¬⁄U ¬Íáʸ ÁŸÿ¥òÊáÊ ¬˝Êåà Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ªÊ– ÷Ê⁄Uà ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ß‚ ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ∑§Ù ‹ÊªÍ ∑§⁄U ÿ„Ë •¬Ë‹ „Ò– •Á÷ÿÊŸ Ÿ wÆÆ~ ◊¥ ¬ÍflÊZø‹ ∑§ ‚Êà Á¡‹Ù¥ •ı⁄U ŒÙ ◊¢«‹Ù¥ ∑§ ‚÷Ë ¬˝àÿÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ∑§ ◊ÈŒ˜ÔŒ ¬⁄U ¡flÊ’Œ„Ë ‚ÈÁŸÁ‡øà ∑§⁄UÊ߸ ÕË– ©‚ fl·¸ ∑ȧ¿U Ÿ ’ÿÊŸ ÁŒÿÊ ∑ȧ¿U Ÿ •¬Ÿ ∞¡¥« ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ Á∑§ÿÊ ÃÕÊ ∑ȧ¿U Ÿ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ◊ÈŒ˜ÔŒ ¬⁄U ¬„‹Ë ’Ê⁄U •¬ŸË •ÊflÊ¡ ©ΔÊ߸– ‹Ù∑§‚÷Ê ◊¥ ‚Ê¥‚Œ ÿÙªË •ÊÁŒàÿŸÊÕ fl ¡ªŒÁê’∑§Ê ¬Ê‹ Ÿ ’„Èà ¡Ù⁄UŒÊ⁄U …¥ª ‚ ß‚ ◊ÈŒ˜ÔŒ ∑§Ù ©ΔÊÿÊ ÷Ë– ‚Ê¥‚Œ ∑§◊‹ Á∑§‡ÊÙ⁄U ÃÕÊ „·¸flh¸Ÿ Ÿ ¬˝œÊŸ◊¥òÊË ∑§Ù ¬òÊ Á‹π∑§⁄U “ŸË¬” ∑§Ë ‚÷Ë ◊Ê¢ªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‹ÊªÍ ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ©ΔÊ߸– ŸË¬ ª˝Ê◊ „ÙÁ‹ÿÊ Ÿ ÁŒ‚ê’⁄U xv, wÆvÆ ∑§Ù ¡Ù ‚¥Œ‡Ê ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ ©‚∑§Ù ∑¥§º˝ fl ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ Ÿ ’πÍ’Ë ª˝„áÊ ÷Ë Á∑§ÿÊ ÃÕÊ xx fl·¸ ◊¥ ¬„‹Ë ’Ê⁄U ÃËŸ ©ëøSÃ⁄UËÿ ’ÒΔ∑¥§ ÷Ë ∑§⁄U «Ê‹Ë– „ÙÁ‹ÿÊ ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ∞ ª∞ “ŸË¬” ∑§ Œ‚Ù¥ Á’¢ŒÈ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U SflÊSâÿ Áfl÷ʪ Ÿ •ÊŒ‡Ê ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê ÷Ë ∑§⁄U ÁŒ∞, ∞∑§-∞∑§ Á’¢ŒÈ ∑§Ù ◊„àfl ŒÃ „È∞– ŒÈπŒ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§Êª¡Ë •ÊŒ‡ÊÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¡◊ËŸË „∑§Ë∑§Ã •Ê¡ ÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹ ‚∑§Ë •ı⁄U ß‚ fl·¸ ÷Ë ŒÈ÷ʸÇÿfl‡Ê „◊¥ ◊Ê‚Í◊Ù¥ ∑§Ù

πÙŸÊ ¬«∏ªÊ–

Á◊‹– œ¬˝àÿ∑§ ªÊ¢fl ◊¥ ¬¥øfl·Ë¸ÿ ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ∑§ Äà “Sfl¡‹ œÊ⁄UÊ S∑§Ë◊” ∑§Ê ∞∑§-∞∑§ •Ùfl⁄U „« ≈UÒ¥∑§ ÃÕÊ ©‚∑§ ÁŸÿÁ◊à ÄU‹Ù⁄Uˇʟ ∑§Ë √ÿflSÕÊ ‚ÈÁŸÁ‡øà ∑§Ë ¡ÊŸË øÊÁ„∞– œSflÊSâÿ Á‡ÊˇÊÊ ∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ „ÊÕ œÙŸ ∑§Ë ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ ¬⁄U ’‹– œ‚Í⁄U¡ ∑§Ë ⁄UÙ‡ÊŸË ◊¥ ¡‹ ∑§Ù ∞ã≈˛ÙflÊÿ⁄U‚ Áfl„ËŸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Ã⁄UË∑‘§ ‚ Á’ŸÊ Á∑§‚Ë πø¸ ∑§ „Ë ∞ã≈˛Ùflÿ⁄U‹ ¬⁄U •àÿ¢Ã ¬˝÷ÊflË •¥∑ȧ‡Ê ‹ªÊ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ◊‹ ∑§Ê ‚„Ë Á«S¬Ù¡‹— ÿ„ ÁflÁŒÃ „Ò Á∑§ •Ê¡ ∑§Ë ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ∑§Ë ◊Í‹ ‚◊SÿÊ ¡‹¡ÁŸÃ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ¬ÿ¡‹ ∑§Ê ◊‹ ∑§ ¬˝ŒÍ·áÊ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– fl„Ë¥ ∞∑§ ÷ÿÊfl„ ‚ø ÿ„ ÷Ë „Ò Á∑§ {z ∑§⁄UÙ«∏ ‹Ùª ÷Ê⁄UÃfl·¸ ◊¥ πÈ‹ ◊¥ ‡Êıø ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– ªÊ¢fl ◊¥ πÈ‹ ◊¥ ‡Êıø ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑ȧ¬˝ÕÊ ‹ª÷ª }Æ ‚ ~Æ ¬˝ÁÇÊà „Ò– ÿ„Ê¢ Ã∑§ Á∑§ ¡Ÿ ÉÊ⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ‡ÊıøÊ‹ÿ ©¬‹éœ „Ò¥ fl„Ê¢ ÷Ë ¬˝Êÿ— ‡Êıø ∑§ Á‹∞ ‡ÊıøÊ‹ÿ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª Ÿ ∑§⁄U∑§ ‹Ùª ©Ÿ◊¥ •ŸÊ¡ ∑§Ê ÷¢«Ê⁄U fl “©¬‹” ⁄UπŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– „⁄U ÉÊ⁄U ∑§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ ‡ÊıøÊ‹ÿ •fl‡ÿ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ Á¡‚‚ πÈ‹ ◊¥ ‡Êıø ∑§Ë ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ ¬⁄U •¥∑ȧ‡Ê ‹ª– ÿ„Ê¢ “⁄UÊc≈˛UËÿ ª˝Ê◊ËáÊ SflÊSâÿ Á◊‡ÊŸ” ÃÕÊ ª˝Ê◊ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ◊¢òÊÊ‹ÿ mÊ⁄UÊ Sflë¿ÃÊ ‚Á◊ÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ ¬˝÷ÊflË ∑§Œ◊ ©ΔÊ∞ ¡ÊŸ øÊÁ„∞– ÿÁŒ ∞‚Ê Ÿ „Ù ‚∑§ ÃÙ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ „⁄U Œ‚ ÉÊ⁄U ∑§ ¬Ë¿ “‚Êfl¸¡ÁŸ∑§ ‡ÊıøÊ‹ÿÙ¥” ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ¡ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ßÃŸÊ ∑§⁄U ‹Ÿ ∑§ ’ÊŒ „Ë ÿÁŒ ∑§Ù߸ πÈ‹ ◊¥ ‡Êıø ∑§Ë ∑ȧ¬˝ÕÊ ∑§Ù ¡Ê⁄UË ⁄UπÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ ©‚ ÁŸÿ◊ ∑§ÊŸÍŸ ∑§ ŒÊÿ⁄U ◊¥ ‹Ê∑§⁄U Œ¥Á«Ã Á∑§∞ ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ¬˝ÊflœÊŸ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ÿ„ ‚◊Ê¡ Á„à ◊¥ „٪ʖ Ã÷Ë ‹ªªË ¡‹¡ÁŸÃ ∞ã≈˛ÙflÊÿ⁄U‚ ¬⁄U ‹ªÊ◊–

wÆvw ∑§Ê øÈŸÊflË ◊ÈŒ˜ŒÊ

∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ •Á÷ÿÊŸ ∑§ ߟ ¬˝∑§⁄UáÊÙ¥ ∑§ •ŸÈ÷fl ‚ ©à‚ÊÁ„à •Á÷ÿÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê¸ÿ∑§¸ÃÊ•Ù¥ Ÿ wÆvw ◊¥ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ øÈŸÊfl ◊¥ ‚÷Ë ŸÃÊ•Ù¥/¬˝àÿÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ¡flÊ’Œ„Ë Ãÿ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬Ê≈U˸/¬˝àÿʇÊË SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ∞∑§ ‚Êà ¬˝‡Ÿ flÊ‹Ë ¬˝‡ŸÊfl‹Ë ‚ÊÃÙ¥ Á¡‹Ù¥ ◊¥, ∑§S’Ù¥ ◊¥, ªÊ¢fl ◊¥ ÁflÃÁ⁄Uà ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ê ÁŸáʸÿ Á‹ÿÊ „Ò– •¬Ë‹ ÿ„ ÷Ë „ÙªË Á∑§ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ Œ‹ øÊ„ fl„ ˇÊòÊËÿ „Ù ÿÊ ⁄UÊc≈˛UËÿ, ß‚ •¬Ÿ øÈŸÊflË ∞¡¥« ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ∑§⁄U¥, Á¡‚‚ ÷Áflcÿ ◊¥ ß‚∑§Ê ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ ‚ê÷fl „Ù ‚∑§– ¬ÍflÊZø‹ ∑§Ê ∑§Ù߸ ÷Ë ¡Ÿ¬˝ÁÃÁŸÁœ ß‚ ◊ÈŒ˜ŒÔ  ∑§Ë •ŸŒπË Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UªÊ– ∞‚Ë „Ë ©ê◊ËŒ „Ò– ÷ÍÁ◊ •Áœª˝„áÊ, ‚ÍπÊ, ∑§¡¸◊Ê»§Ë, Ÿ⁄UªÊ, Á∑§‚ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§ Á„à ◊¥ •Ÿ∑§ ∑§ÀÿÊáÊ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§Êÿ¸ „Ò¥ ÃÙ ¡M§⁄U Á∑§ãÃÈ ¡’ Á∑§‚ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë „Ë •ı‹ÊŒÙ¥ ∑§Ù ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ∑§ ¬¥¡ Œ’Ùø ‹¥ª ÃÙ ’Ê∑§Ë ‚’ ∑ȧ¿U ‹∑§⁄U ÄUÿÊ ∑§⁄UªÊ fl„? ©‚∑§Ë ÃÙ ’È…∏ʬ ∑§Ë ‹ÊΔË „Ë Á¿Ÿ ¡Ê∞ªË– ÄUÿÊ ¬ÍflÊZø‹ ∑§ Á∑§‚ÊŸ ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ê flÙ≈U ’Ò¥∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò¥ ÿÊ ¬ÍflÊZø‹ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ÿÊ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê Á„S‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò? •ı⁄U •ª⁄U „Ò¥U, ÃÙ ŒËÉʸ∑§ÊÁ‹∑§ ÿÙ¡ŸÊ “ŸË¬” ‹ÊªÍ ÄUÿÙ¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃË? fl·¸ wÆÆz ◊¥ ‚Êà Á¡‹Ê¥ ◊¥ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ •Á÷ÿÊŸ mÊ⁄UÊ Á∑§∞ ª∞ •Ê¢ŒÙ‹ŸÙ¥, ⁄UÒÁ‹ÿÙ¥, ôÊʬŸÙ¥ Ÿ ∑¥§º˝ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ÃÕÊ ÿͬË∞ fl ∑§Ê¢ª˝‚ ∑§ •Ê‹Ê ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ªÙ⁄Uπ¬È⁄U •ÊŸ ∑§Ù ◊¡’Í⁄U ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ Á¡Ÿ◊¥ ⁄UÊ„È‹ ªÊ¢œË, ◊„Ê◊Á„◊ ⁄UÊíÿ¬Ê‹U, SflÊSâÿ ◊¥òÊË ⁄UÊ◊ ŒÊ‚, ‚‹◊ÊŸ πȇÊ˸Œ, üÊˬ˝∑§Ê‡Ê ¡Êÿ‚flÊ‹ ¬˝◊Èπ ⁄U„– SflÊSâÿ ◊¥òÊË Ÿ ¡Ê¬ÊŸË ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ (¡߸) ∑§ Á‹∞ ≈UË∑§Ê •ÊÿÊà ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ¬⁄U øË» ∑Ò§ê¬Ÿ⁄U ∑§Ù ◊ıÁπ∑§ •Ê‡flÊ‚Ÿ ÷Ë ÁŒÿÊ Á∑§ ≈UË∑§Ê wÆÆ{ ◊¥ ¡Ÿfl⁄UË ◊¥ •ÊÿÊà ∑§⁄U∑§ ‹ªªÊ– •Á÷ÿÊŸ ∑§Ë ÿ„ ∞∑§ ’«∏Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ÕË– ÿ„Ê¢ ÿ„ ’ÃÊŸÊ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò Á∑§ ¡߸ ∑§ ≈UË∑‘§ ∑§ ΔË∑§ ∞∑§ ‚Ê‹ ’ÊŒ, ÿÊŸË wÆÆ| ∑§ ◊߸ ◊¥ ÿÁŒ ŒÍ‚⁄UË πÈ⁄UÊ∑§ ‹ªÊ ŒË ªß¸ „ÙÃË Ã٠ߟ øÊ⁄U ¬Ê¢ø ‚Ê‹Ù¥ ◊ ¡߸ ‚ Ÿ ÃÙ ∑§Ù߸ ◊ıà „È߸ „ÙÃË Ÿ „Ë ∑§Ù߸ ¡߸ ∑§Ê ◊⁄UË¡ •ÊÃÊ– ôÊÊÃ√ÿ „Ò Á∑§ ≈UË∑‘§ ∑§Ê ©à¬ÊŒŸ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ Ã◊Ê◊ •¢Ã⁄U⁄UÊc≈˛UËÿ Áfl‡Ê·ôÊ ‚÷Ë ÿ„Ë ∑§„Ã „Ò¥, Á∑§ ≈UË∑‘§ ∑§Ë ∞∑§ ‚Ê‹ ’ÊŒ ŒÍ‚⁄UË πÈ⁄UÊ∑§ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò– •ı⁄U ÃÙ •ı⁄U wÆÆ~ ◊¥ •Ê߸‚Ë∞◊•Ê⁄U fl ’Ê‹ ⁄UÙª Áfl÷ʪ ◊Á«∑§‹ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ ◊¥ „È∞ ∞∑§ ‡ÊÙœ ∑‘§ ŸÃË¡ ÷Ë ß‚∑§Ë ŒÙ ‚ ÃËŸ πÈ⁄UÊ∑§ ∑§ „Ë ¬ˇÊ ◊¥ „ÒU–

≈UË∑‘§ ∑§Ë ŒÍ‚⁄UË πÈ⁄UÊ∑§ ¡M§⁄UË ¡߸ ‚ ÷Ã˸ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ ◊⁄UË¡Ù¥ ∑§ •Ê¢∑§«∏ •¬Ÿ •Ê¬ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ¬˝◊ÊáÊ „Ò¥ Á∑§ ÷‹ „Ë ¡߸ ’„Èà ∑§◊ „Ù ªß¸ „Ò, Á∑§ãÃÈ „Ò •÷Ë ÷Ë •ı⁄U ß‚∑§ fl¡ÍŒ ∑§ ◊Í‹ ◊¥ „Ò, ≈UË∑‘§ ∑§Ë ŒË ªß¸ ∞∑§ „Ë «Ù¡– •Á÷ÿÊŸ wÆÆ{ ‚ „Ë ¬„‹Ë ’Ê⁄U ≈UË∑§Ê ‹ªŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ‚ ΔË∑§ ∞∑§ ‚Ê‹

‚¥‡ÊÙÁœÃ ŸË¬ ∑§ vÆ ‚ÍòÊ v.∑§Ë≈UŸÊ‡Ê∑§Ù¥ »§ÊÚÁª¥ª ’ÊŒ ŒÍ‚⁄UË πÈ⁄UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ©ΔÊÃÊ ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U „Ò Á∑§ ◊ÊŸÃË Ÿ„Ë¥– ÿ„Ë¥ ÿ„ ÷Ë ŒÁπ∞ Á∑§ ◊¡’Í⁄UŸ Á» ⁄U wÆvÆ ◊¥ |z ‹Êπ ≈UË∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄UË ’Ê⁄U ‹ªflÊŸ ÷Ë ¬«∏ Á∑§ãÃÈ ÿ ‹ª øÊ⁄U ‚Ê‹ ∑§ ’ÊŒ– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ ÿ„Ë ≈UË∑§Ê wÆÆ| ◊¥ ‹ªflÊ ÁŒÿÊ „ÙÃÊ ÃÙ •Ê¡ ¡߸ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ÷Ë ∑§‚ πÊ¡Ÿ ‚ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹ÃÊ– •Ê¡ ∑§Ë ÃÊ⁄UËπ ◊¥ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ‚ ÿ„Ë ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ wÆvÆ ◊¥ ‹ª ≈UË∑§Ù¥ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ŒÍ‚⁄UË πÈ⁄UÊ∑§ wÆvv ∑§ ÁŒ‚ê’⁄U Ã∑§ ¡M§⁄U ‹ªflÊ Œ¥, Ã÷Ë ¡߸ ‚ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë ◊ıÃÙ¥ ¬⁄U ‹ªÊ◊ ‹ª ‚∑§ªË– fl⁄UŸÊ wÆvÆ ∑§ ‹ª ≈UË∑§ Á»§⁄U ∞∑§ ŒÙ ‚Ê‹ ’ÊŒ ’∑§Ê⁄U „Ù ¡Ê∞¢ª •ı⁄U ¡Ê¬ÊŸË ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ (◊ë¿⁄U¡ÁŸÃ) Á»§⁄U Á‚⁄U ©ΔÊ∞ªË–

∑Ò§‚ „Ù ÁŸÿ¥òÊáÊ? •Ê¡ ∑§Ë ÃÊ⁄UËπ ◊¥ ◊ÈÅÿ ‚◊SÿÊ ¡‹ ¡ÁŸÃ ∞ã≈˛ÙflÊÿ⁄U‹ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ „Ë „Ò,

Ã∑§’⁄UËŸ }z-}| ¬˝ÁÇÊà ¡Ê¬ÊŸË ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ (◊ë¿⁄U¡ÁŸÃ) Á¬¿‹ ‚Ê‹ wÆvÆ ◊¥ „Ë ∑‘§fl‹ vx ¬˝ÁÇÊà ÿÊ ß‚‚ ÷Ë ∑§◊ ¬⁄U Á‚◊≈U øÈ∑§Ë „Ò– ß‚ fl·¸ ¡߸ ∑§ ∑§‚¡ w-y ¬˝ÁÇÊà „Ë ⁄U„Ÿ ∑§Ë •Ê‡Ê¢∑§Ê „Ò– ∑Ò§‚ L§∑§ªË ¡‹¡ÁŸÃ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚? “ŸË¬” ‹ÊªÍ ∑§⁄U∑§ ¡‹¡ÁŸÃ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ∑§ Á¬˝fl¥‡ÊŸ ∑§ Á’¢ŒÈ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U ÿÈhSÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ¬Í⁄U ‚Ê‹ •Ÿfl⁄Uà ∑§Êÿ¸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ „٪ʖ ÿ„ Á‚‹Á‚‹Ê •Êª ∑§ fl·ÊZ ◊¥ ÷Ë ¡Ê⁄UË ⁄U„ŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– Sflë¿ ¬ÿ¡‹ ∑§Ë ©¬‹éœÃÊ „⁄U ∞∑§ ª˝Ê◊ËáÊ ∑§Ê •Áœ∑§Ê⁄U „Ò •ı⁄U ÿ„Ë ◊ÈÅÿ Ã⁄UË∑§Ê ÷Ë „Ò ∞ã≈˛ÙflÊÿ⁄U‹ ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ¬⁄U ÁŸÿ¥òÊáÊ ∑§Ê– œªÊ¢fl ◊¥ „⁄U Œ‚ ÉÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ߢÁ«ÿÊ ◊Ê∑§¸ ≈UÍ/Õ˝Ë „Ò¥U«¬ê¬ ©¬‹éœ ∑§⁄UÊ∞ ¡ÊŸ øÊÁ„∞– ß‚◊¥ vzÆ »§Ë≈UU ÿÊ ß‚‚ •Áœ∑§ ŸËø Ã∑§ ’ÙÁ⁄U¥ª „ÙŸË øÊÁ„∞ ÃÊÁ∑§ Sflë¿ ¡‹ ¬ËŸ ∑§ Á‹∞



w. ≈UË∑§Ê∑§⁄UáÊ - ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ ŒÊ ’Ê⁄U x. ‚È•⁄U ’Ê«∏Ù¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝’¢œŸ y.‚◊ÈÁøà ÁŸŒÊŸ fl ©¬øÊ⁄U z.„ÀÕ ∞¡È∑§‡ÊŸ {.‚Áfl¸‹Ê¥‚ fl ‡ÊÙœ ∑¥§º˝ |.ŸÙÁ≈U»§Êÿ’‹ Á«‚Ë¡ }.¬ÈŸflʸ‚ ~. ∞ã≈U⁄UÙflÊÿ‹ (¡‹¡ŸÁÃ) ‚ ’øÊfl œ ‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ¬ÿ¡‹ ©¬‹éœ ∑§⁄UÊŸÊ œ ◊‹ ∑§Ê ‚„Ë Á«S¬Ù¡‹ ‚Êfl¸¡ÁŸ∑§ Sflë¿ ‡ÊıøÊ‹ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ œ ߢÁ«ÿÊ ◊Ê∑¸§-w „Ò¥U«¬ê¬ vÆ ÉÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ©¬‹éœÃÊ œ ªÊ¢flÙ¥ ◊¥ “•Ùfl⁄U „«” ¬ÊŸË ∑§Ë ≈U¥Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ œ flÊÃÊfl⁄UáÊËÿ Sflë¿ÃÊ (∞ŸflÊÿ⁄U◊¥≈U‹ ‚ÒÁŸ≈U‡ÊŸ) ßàÿÁÊŒ– vÆ. •ãÿ ‚ȤÊÊfl Áfl‡Ê·ôÊÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ÿÁŒ ∑§Ù߸ „Ù– ‹π∑§, øË» ∑Ò§ê¬Ÿ⁄,U ∞ã‚ç‹ÊßÁ≈U‚ ©ã◊Í‹Ÿ •Á÷ÿÊŸ, ªÙ⁄Uπ¬È⁄U „Ò¥–


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


◊Èê’߸ ÁflS»§Ù≈UÙ¥ ◊¥ „Ù ⁄„U Ÿ∞ πÈ‹Ê‚ ≈UË◊ ‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë« ◊Èê’߸– vx ¡È‹Ê߸ ∑§Ù „È∞ Á‚‹Á‚‹flÊ⁄U ’◊ œ◊Ê∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ∞‚Ë •≈U∑§‹¥ ‹ªÊ߸ ¡Ê ⁄U„Ë ÕË Á∑§ ß‚ ◊¥ ߥÁ«ÿŸ ◊È¡ÊÁ„ŒËŸ ∑§Ê „ÊÕ „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò ÿÊ ‹‡∑§⁄U-∞-ÃÒÿ’Ê ∑§Ê ÷Ë „ÊÕ „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ◊ª⁄U ߥÁ«ÿŸ ◊È¡ÊÁ„ŒËŸ ∑§ •ÊÃ¥∑§Ë ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê Á⁄UÿÊ¡ Ÿ ¬Í¿ÃÊ¿ ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑§Ù ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ߥÁ«ÿŸ ◊È¡ÊÁ„ŒËŸ Ÿ ÷Ê⁄Uà ¬⁄U Á‚‹Á‚‹flÊ⁄U „◊‹Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Á‹ÿ ‹‡∑§⁄U∞-ÃÒÿ’Ê ‚ „ÊÕ Á◊‹Ê Á‹ÿÊ „Ò– ◊Ê‹Í◊ „Ù Á∑§ ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê Á⁄UÿÊ¡ ß‚ ‚Ê‹ ∑§ ¡ÍŸ ◊Ê„ ◊¥ „Ë Áª⁄UçUÃÊ⁄U „È•Ê ÕÊ– ÁflS»§Ù≈UÙ¥ ∑§Ë ¡Ê¥ø ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ ◊„Ê⁄UÊc≈˛U ∞≈UË∞‚ ∑§Ê ◊ÊŸŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÃËŸ SÕÊŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U ÁflS»§Ù≈U∑§ ⁄UπŸ ◊¥ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ ¿„ Ÿ∞ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒË ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ©‚ ƒÊ„ ÷Ë ‚¥Œ„ „Ò Á∑§ ©Ÿ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊÁŒƒÊÙ¥ ∑§ ÃÊ⁄U ªÈ¡⁄UÊà •ı⁄U ¬Á‡ø◊ ’¥ªÊ‹ ‚ ¡È«∏ „Ù ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑§Ë •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒË ‚¥ªΔŸÙ¥ ◊¥ Ÿß¸ ÷Ã˸ „È߸ „Ù •ı⁄U ‚ê÷fl „Ò Á∑§ fl ŒÙŒÙ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§ ‚◊Í„ ◊¥ ÁflS»§Ù≈U SÕ‹Ù¥ ¬⁄U ª∞ Õ– ¡Êfl⁄UË ’Ê¡Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÁflS»§Ù≈U∑§ ∞∑§ Á≈UÁ»§Ÿ ’ÊÚÄU‚ ◊¥ ⁄Uπ ª∞ Õ ¡’Á∑§ ŒÊŒ⁄U •ı⁄U •Ù¬⁄UÊ „Ê©‚ ◊¥ Á¡‚ œÊÃÈ ∑§ ∑¢§≈UŸ⁄U ◊¥ ÁflS»§Ù≈U∑§ ⁄Uπ ª∞ Õ, fl„ •÷Ë S¬c≈U Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ‚∑§Ê „Ò– ÁflS»§Ù≈UÙ¥ ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ’È⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ¡Å◊Ë „È∞ ∞∑§ •ı⁄U √ƒÊÁÄà ∑§Ë ◊ıà ∑§ ’ÊŒ ß‚ ÉÊ≈UŸÊ ◊¥ ◊⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ë ‚¥ÅƒÊÊ wÆ „Ù ªß¸ „Ò– ¡Êfl⁄UË ’Ê¡Ê⁄U, •Ù¬⁄UÊ „Ê©‚ •ı⁄U ŒÊŒ⁄U ◊¥ „È∞ ÁflS»§Ù≈UÙ¥ ◊¥ vxÆ ‚ íƒÊÊŒÊ ‹Ùª ÉÊʃʋ „È∞ Õ– ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê Á⁄UÿÊ¡ Ÿ ¬Í¿ÃÊ¿ ◊¥ ÃÊÁ‹’ÊŸ •ı⁄U ߥÁ«ÿŸ ◊È¡ÊÁ„ŒËŸ ∑§ ’Ëø ‚ÊΔªÊ¥Δ ∑§Ê πÈ‹Ê‚Ê Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ¬‡Ê ‚ ‚ÊÚçU≈Uflÿ⁄U ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê Á⁄UÿÊ¡ ∑§Ë ∑§Ù‹∑§ÊÃÊ ∑§ „ÊM§Ÿ ‚Á„à ¬Ê¢ø •ÊÃ¥Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ‚ Á¬¿‹ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ߸-◊‹ ∑§ ¡Á⁄U∞ ’ÊÃøËà „È߸ ÕË– „ÊM§Ÿ „Ê‹ „Ë ◊¥ „ÒŒ⁄UÊ’ÊŒ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ¡„Ê¥ ©‚∑§Ë Á⁄UÿÊ¡ ‚ ’ÊÃøËà „È߸ ÕË– ß‚ Œı⁄UÊŸ „◊‹Ù¥ ∑§Ë ‚ÊÁ¡‡Ê ⁄UøË ªß¸– ߟ ‚Ê⁄UË ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê ∑§Ë fl«ÙŒ⁄UÊ ⁄U‹fl S≈U‡ÊŸ ‚ Áª⁄UçUÃÊ⁄UË ‚ ¬„‹ „Ë •¥¡Ê◊ ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– Á⁄UÿÊ¡ ∑§ ◊‹ ‚ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ë ÷Ë πÈ‹Ê‚Ê „È•Ê Á∑§ vÆ ‹«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ ◊¥ •ÊÃ¥∑§ ∑§Ë πÊ‚ ≈˛ÁŸ¥ª ŒŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÷¡Ê ªÿÊ– „ÊM§Ÿ ÃÊÁ‹’ÊŸË •ÊÃ¥Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§ ‚ê¬∑¸§ ◊¥ ⁄U„ øÈ∑§Ê ÕÊ •ı⁄U ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê Á⁄UÿÊ¡ ¡’ ¤ÊÊ⁄U𥫠◊¥ ÕÊ ÃÙ ©‚Ÿ wÆÆ} ’◊ œ◊Ê∑§Ù¥ ∑§ •Ê⁄UÙÁ¬ÿÙ¥ Ãı∑§Ë⁄U, ◊È¡Ë’ fl •éŒÈ‹ ⁄Uí¡Ê∑§ ∑§Ù ¬ŸÊ„ ŒË ÕË– ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê ߥÁ«ÿŸ ◊È¡ÊÁ„ŒËŸ ◊¥ ÿÈflÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ã˸ ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ŒÊÁŸ‡Ê Ÿ ‚’‚ ‚Ÿ‚ŸËπ¡ πÈ‹Ê‚Ê ß‚ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ Á∑§ÿÊ Á∑§ ߥÁ«ÿŸ ◊È¡ÊÁ„ŒËŸ ∑§ ¬Ê‚ ’ËÃ fl·ÙZ ◊¥ »¢§« ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë „Ù ªß¸ ÕË Á¡‚∑§ ø‹Ã fl„ ‡Êʥà „Ù ªÿÊ ÕÊ– »¢§« ◊¡’Íà ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ©Ÿ ‹ÙªÙ¥ Ÿ ◊äÿ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ‹Í≈U ∑§Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ ∑§Ù •¥¡Ê◊ ÁŒÿÊ– Á⁄UÿÊ¡ mÊ⁄UÊ Á∑§∞ ª∞ ߟ πÈ‹Ê‚Ù¥ ∑§Ù •ª⁄U ªê÷Ë⁄UÃÊ ‚ Á‹ÿÊ ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ ∞∑§ ’Êà ÃÙ ‚Ê»§ „Ù øÈ∑§Ë „Ò Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§ ©¬⁄U •ÊÃ¥∑§ ∑§ ∑§Ê‹ ’ÊŒ‹ ◊¥«⁄UÊ ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ∞‚ ◊¥ ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ

∞¡¥Á‚ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚Ã∑¸§ ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ •ı⁄U Œ‡Ê »Ò§¡ ©S◊ÊŸË ’ÃÊÿÊ ¡Ê ⁄U„Ê „Ò– Á¡‹ ∑§ ¬ı•ÊπÙ‹Ë ÕÊŸÊ ˇÊòÊ ∑§ ◊„‡Ê¬È⁄U ∑§ ∑§ß¸ ’«∏ •ı⁄U ¬˝◊Èπ ⁄UÊíÿÙ¥ ◊¥ „Ê߸ •‹≈U¸ •ÊÁœ∑§ÊÁ⁄U∑§ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U, ©S◊ÊŸË ‚ Áª⁄UçUÃÊ⁄U Á∑§∞ ª∞ Á⁄UÿÊ¡È‹ ∑§Ë ‚¥ÁŒÇœ ÉÊÙÁ·Ã ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò– ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ √ÿflSÕÊ ‡ÊÁŸflÊ⁄U ‡ÊÊ◊ •øÊŸ∑§ ’Ë◊Ê⁄U „Ù ªÿÊ– ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ¡Ê¥ø ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ¬ÈÅÃÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ÷Ë äÿÊŸ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ’Êà ©‚Ÿ ©ÁÀ≈UÿÊ¥ ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄U ŒË– ©‚ •S¬ÃÊ‹ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ •¬Ÿ ¡Ê¥ø ∑§Ê ŒÊÿ⁄UÊ ’…∏ÊŸ ∑§Ê ◊Ÿ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ •ÊÃ¥∑§Ë ‚¥ªΔŸÙ¥ Ÿ Á◊‹∑§⁄U ‹ ¡ÊÿÊ ªÿÊ– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‡ÊÁŸflÊ⁄U ⁄UÊà v.wÆ ’ŸÊ øÈ∑§Ë „Ò– πÈÁ»§ÿÊ ‚ÍòÊ ◊ÊŸÃ „Ò¥ Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ Œ„‡Êà »Ò§‹ÊŸ ∑§Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ∑§⁄U ‹Ë ¬⁄U ©‚Ÿ Œ◊ ÃÙ«∏ ÁŒÿÊ– ∞∑§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚Ê ’ʥNjʌ‡Ê •ı⁄U Ÿ¬Ê‹ ‚ ‚≈U „ÙŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§, ©S◊ÊŸË ∑§Ù ¡’ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒË Á’„Ê⁄U ◊¥ ŒÊÁπ‹ „Ù ⁄U„ „Ò¥– „Ò– ◊⁄UΔ ◊¥ ߸⁄UÊŸ ‚ »§ÙŸ ß‚ ’Ëø, Á’„Ê⁄U ∑§ Á∑§‡ÊŸª¥¡ ‚ „Í¡Ë •S¬ÃÊ‹ ‹ÊÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ ÃÙ ©‚∑§Ê ⁄UÄÃøʬ ◊Èê’߸ ◊¥ œ◊Ê∑§ ∑§Ë Œ⁄U ⁄UÊà ◊⁄UΔ ∑§ ∑§ ‚¥ÁŒÇœ Á⁄UÿÊ¡È‹ ŸÊ◊∑§ ‡ÊÅ‚ ∑§Ë •Áœ∑§ ÕÊ– ©S◊ÊŸË, •„◊ŒÊ’ÊŒ •ı⁄U ‚Í⁄Uà ∞∑§ ◊Ë≈U Áfl∑˝§ÃÊ Áª⁄UçÃÊ⁄UË ‚ ¡Ê¥ø „ÊÁ‡Ê◊ ß‹Ê„Ë ∑§Ù ∞¡¥Á‚ÿÊ¥ ‚Ã∑¸§ „Ù ªß¸ „Ò¥– ◊Èê’߸ ◊¥ „ÈU∞ ∑ȧ¿U ¬˝◊Èπ ’◊ ÁflS»§Ê≈U ߸⁄UÊŸ ‚ »§ÙŸ •ÊÿÊ ÿ„ ÿÈfl∑§ Á¬¿‹ vz ÁŒŸ v. v~~x ◊¥ vx SÕÊŸÊ¥ ¬⁄U é‹ÊS≈U „ÈU∞ Á¡Ÿ◊¥ wzÆ ‚ •Áœ∑§ ‹Êª •ı⁄U ß‹Ê„Ë ∑§ ‚ ◊„ÃÊ’ •Ê‹◊ ŸÊ◊∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ »§ÙŸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∞∑§ ‡ÊÅ‚ ∑§ ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ⁄U„ ◊Ê⁄U ª∞– ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ– ß‚ ÿÈfl∑§ ∑§ w. wÆÆx ◊¥ ŒÊ é‹ÊS≈U „ÈU∞ Á¡‚◊¥ zÆ ‚ •Áœ∑§ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ë flÊ‹ Ÿ ©ã„¥ ‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ œ◊Ê∑§ ∑§⁄UŸ •ı⁄U Œ¥ª ¬Ê‚ ‚ ◊⁄UÊΔË ÷Ê·Ê ◊¥ •‚◊ÿ ◊ÊÒà „UÊ ªß¸– ÷«∏∑§ÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ Á‹∞ Á‹π ª∞ ŒSÃÊfl¡, x. wÆÆ| ◊¥ ‹Ê∑§‹ ≈˛UŸ ◊¥ ‚Êà ’◊ ÁflS»§Ê≈U „ÈU∞– ߟ◊¥ wÆÆ ‚ ∑§„Ê– œ◊Ê∑§Ù¥ ∑§ ◊Ù’ß‹ »§ÙŸ ’⁄UÊ◊Œ „È∞ •Áœ∑§ ÿÊòÊË ◊Ê⁄U ª∞– ’Œ‹ ◊Ë≈U Áfl∑˝§ÃÊ ∑§Ù „Ò¥– ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ß‚ ÿÈfl∑§ ∑§ y. wÆÆ} ◊¥ vÆ SÕÊŸÊ¥ ¬⁄U œ◊Ê∑§ „ÈU∞ Á¡Ÿ◊¥ •ÊÁœ∑§ÊÁ⁄U∑§ ÃÊÒ⁄U ¬⁄U ŒÙ ∑§⁄UÙ«∏ L§¬∞ ŒŸ ∑§Ë ◊Ù’Êß‹ ∑§Ù π¥ªÊ‹ ⁄U„Ë ¬‡Ê∑§‡Ê ∑§Ë ªß¸– „Ò– v{Æ ‚ •Áœ∑§ ‹Êª ◊Ê⁄U ª∞– ß‹Ê„Ë Ÿ »§ı⁄UŸ ÷Ê⁄Uà ÁSÕà •ÊÃ¥∑§Ë z. wÆvv ◊¥ ÃËŸ SÕÊŸÊ¥ ¬⁄U é‹ÊS≈U „ÈU∞ Á¡Ÿ◊¥ ◊⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ê¥ ∑§Ë ◊Ê◊‹ ∑§Ë Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ‚¥ªΔŸÙ¥ ‚ ªΔ¡Ù«∏ ∑§Ë ‚¢ÅÿÊ ‹ª÷ª wÆ ¬„È¢Uø øÈ∑§Ë „ÒU– ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ‚ ∑§Ë– ©ûÊ⁄U ÷Ÿ∑§ ©‚ flÄUà ‹ª ªß¸ ÕË ¡’ ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸË ÃÊÁ‹’ÊŸ Ÿ ŒÊflÊ Á∑§ÿÊ ◊¥ „È∞ ’◊ ÁflS»§Ù≈UÙ¥ ∑§ ◊ÈÅÿ •Ê⁄UÙ¬Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑§ S¬‡Ê‹ «Ë¡Ë ’Ρ ‹Ê‹ Ÿ ÕÊ Á∑§ ß‚Ÿ ÷Ê⁄Uà ¬⁄U „◊‹ ∑§ Á‹∞ xÆÆÆ •»§¡‹ ©S◊ÊŸË ∑§Ê ÷Ê߸ ÕÊ– ŒÙŸÙ¥ ߥÁ«ÿŸ ∑§„Ê ◊Ê◊‹ ∑§Ë ¡Ê¥ø S¬‡Ê‹ ≈UÊS∑§ »§Ù‚¸ ‚ ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ê •ÊŒ‡Ê ÁŒÿÊ „Ò– •ÊÃ¥Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ’ËÃ ‚Ê‹ ◊È¡ÊÁ„ŒËŸ ∑§ ‚¥ÁŒÇœ ‚ŒSÿ Õ– ß‹Ê„Ë ∑§ „flÊ‹ ‚ ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ Á∑§ Á’„Ê⁄U ‚ ∑ȧ¿U ‚¥ÁŒÇœ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë Ä⁄UË∑§ ÃÊÁ‹’ÊŸ ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê ÕÊ, ÷Ê⁄Uà „◊Ê⁄UË ¡ÊªË⁄U „Ò •ı⁄U „◊ ß‚ ¬⁄U Áª⁄UçUÃÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ „ÙŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ÿ„ ∑§„Ê ¡Ê ©Ÿ∑§ »§ÙŸ Ÿê’⁄U ∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄U ◊¥ |}{ •¥∑§ ∑§é¡ ∑§ Á‹∞ „◊‹Ê ∑§⁄U¥ª– ß‚∑§ Á‹∞ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒË ‚¥ªΔŸ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§ „Ò¥– „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚Ë fl¡„ ‚ ©Ÿ∑§

„◊Ê⁄U ‹«∏Ê∑§ •ı⁄U Á»§ŒÊÿËŸ ŒSÃ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „Ò¥– ÁflS»§Ù≈UÙ¥ ∑§ Á‚‹Á‚‹ ◊¥ ¬Í¿ÃÊ¿ ∑§ Á‹∞ Á„⁄UÊ‚Ã ◊¥ Á‹∞ ª∞ ∞∑§ ÿÈfl∑§ ∑§Ë ◊ıà ∑§Ë ¡Ê¥ø ∑§⁄UÊ߸ ¡Ê∞ªË– ÿÈfl∑§ ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊

‚Ë◊Ê¥ø‹ ß‹Ê∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù •’ •¬Ÿ ‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ÁΔ∑§ÊŸ ∑§ M§¬ ◊¥ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥– Á’„Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ‚Ë◊Ê Ÿ¬Ê‹ •ı⁄U ’ʥNjʌ‡Ê ∑§Ë •¥Ã⁄U⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ‚Ë◊Ê•Ù¥ ‚ ‚≈UË „Ò¥U– Á∑§‡ÊŸª¥¡

¬Ê‚ »§ÙŸ •ÊÿÊ „Ù– ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ◊Ê◊‹ ∑§Ù ªê÷Ë⁄UÃÊ ‚ ‹ ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ∑§‚Ê’ ∑§Ù ¡ã◊ÁŒŸ ∑§Ê ÃÙ„»§Ê ◊Èê’߸ ◊¥ „È∞ o΢π‹Ê’h ’◊ ÁflS»§Ù≈U

ÄUÿÊ w{/vv •ÊÃ¥∑§Ë „◊‹Ê ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ ¡ËÁflà ’ø ∞∑§◊ÊòÊ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒË •¡◊‹ ∑§‚Ê’ ∑§Ù ¡ã◊ÁŒŸ ∑§Ê ÃÙ„»§Ê ÕÊ? ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ ◊¥ vx ¡È‹Ê߸ v~}| ∑§Ù ¡ã◊Ê ∑§‚Ê’ ©Ÿ vÆ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊÁŒÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ÕÊ Á¡‚Ÿ w{ Ÿflê’⁄U wÆÆ} ∑§Ë ‡ÊÊ◊ ‚ ÃËŸ ÁŒŸ Ã∑§ ◊Èê’߸ ◊¥ „◊‹Ù¥ ∑§Ù •¥¡Ê◊ ÁŒÿÊ Á¡‚◊¥ v{{ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë ◊ıà „Ù ªß¸ ÕË– ∑§ÊªÙ¸ •ı⁄U ∑§Ê‹Ë ≈UË ‡Ê≈U¸ ¬„Ÿ ∑§‚Ê’ Ÿ w{ Ÿflê’⁄U wÆÆ} ∑§Ù ¿òʬÁà Á‡ÊflÊ¡Ë ≈UÁ◊¸Ÿ‚ ⁄U‹fl S≈U‡ÊŸ •ı⁄U ∑§Ê◊Ê •S¬ÃÊ‹ ◊¥ •àÿÊœÈÁŸ∑§ ⁄UÊß»§‹ ‚ •¢œÊœÈ¥œ ªÙ‹Ë’Ê⁄UË ∑§⁄U •ÊÃ¥∑§ ∑§Ë Œ„‡Êà ∑§Êÿ◊ ∑§⁄U ŒË ÕË– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ ß‚ „◊‹ ∑§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ©‚ ¬∑§«∏ Á‹ÿÊ ªÿÊ •ı⁄U fl„U •÷Ë •ÊÕ¸⁄U ⁄UÙ«∏ ¡‹ ◊¥ „Ò– ©‚ ÁŸø‹Ë •ŒÊ‹Ã Ÿ ◊ıà ∑§Ë ‚¡Ê ‚ÈŸÊ߸ „Ò– ‹Êß»§ ‹Êߟ ◊Èê’߸ ∑§Ë ‹Êß»§ ‹Êߟ ∑§„Ë ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹Ë ¬Á‡ø◊Ë ⁄U‹fl, ◊äÿ ⁄U‹fl ∑§Ë ⁄U‹ªÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ •ı⁄U ’S≈U ∑§Ë ’‚Ù¥ ◊¥ ªÈL§flÊ⁄U ‚È’„ ¬„‹ ¡Ò‚Ë ÷Ë«∏ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒË– ◊Èê’߸ ‡Ê„⁄U •ı⁄U ©‚∑§ ©¬Ÿª⁄UËÿ ß‹Ê∑§Ù¥ ◊¥ ¬„‹ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë S∑ͧ‹, ∑§ÊÚ‹¡, ŒÈ∑§ÊŸ¥ •ı⁄U √ÿÊfl‚ÊÁÿ∑§ ¬˝ÁÃcΔUÊŸ πÈ‹ •ı⁄U ‚Ê◊Êãÿ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë ∑§Ê◊∑§Ê¡ ‡ÊÈM§ „È•Ê– ◊Í‚‹ÊœÊ⁄U ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ ⁄U‹ ‚flÊ∞¥ „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ ªÈL§flÊ⁄U ‚È’„ ’ÊÁœÃ ⁄U„Ë¥– ⁄U‹fl ∑§ ∞∑§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ΔÊáÊ •ı⁄U ∑§ÊÀfl S≈U‡ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§ ’Ëø ⁄U‹ ¬≈UÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ¬⁄U ¡‹÷⁄UÊfl ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ ⁄U‹ ‚flÊ∞¥ ’ÊÁœÃ „È߸ „Ò¥– •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒ ¬⁄U ÁŸáÊʸÿ∑§ ∑§Œ◊ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒ ∑§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ÁŸáÊʸÿ∑§ ‚¥ÉÊ·¸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „ÙŸ ∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ •Ê ªÿÊ „Ò ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚∑§ Á‹∞ Œ‡Ê ∑§ Á‚ÿÊ‚Ë ŸÃÎàfl ∑§Ù ⁄U Ê ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ SflÊÕÙZ ∑§Ù ¿Ù«∏ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ ßë¿Ê ‡ÊÁÄà ÁŒπÊŸË „٪˖ •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊŒ ∑§Ù ⁄UÙ∑§Ÿ ∑§Ë Á¡∏ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ‚÷Ë ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ŸÊªÁ⁄U∑§Ù¥ ¬⁄U „Ò– vw ◊Êø¸ v~~x ‚ vx ¡È‹Ê߸ wÆvv ∑§ ’Ëø •∑§‹ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ⁄UÊ¡œÊŸË ◊Èê’߸ ◊¥ } ’◊ œ◊Ê∑§Ù¥ ◊¥ {}w ¡ÊŸ ª¥flÊŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ Á‚ÿÊ‚Ë ŸÃÎàfl ∑§Ù ŒÎ…∏ ßë¿Ê ‡ÊÁÄà ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ÁŸáÊʸ ÿ ∑§ ∑§Œ◊ ©ΔÊŸ „Ù¥ ª  – •ÊÃ¥∑§flÊÁŒÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ∑§«∏Ë ‚¡Ê Á◊‹ŸË øÊÁ„∞ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ãÿÊÁÿ∑§ πÊÁ◊ÿÙ¥ fl ¡Á≈U‹ ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ•Ù¥ ∑§ ø‹Ã ÿÁŒ •ÊÃ¥Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚Ê‹Ù¥ Ã∑§ ‚¡Ê Ÿ Á◊‹ ÃÙ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑§Ê ◊ŸÙ’‹ Áª⁄UÃÊ „Ò– •ÊÃ¥∑§Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ⁄UÙ∑§Ÿ ◊¥ ‚’‚ ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ ÷ÍÁ◊∑§Ê ¬˝÷ÊflË πÈÁ»§ÿʪË⁄UË ∑§Ë „Ò– ß‚∑§ •÷Êfl ◊¥ „◊ Ÿ ÃÙ •ÊÃ¥∑§Ë ‚ÊÁ¡‡ÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ ⁄U„Ã ¬ÃÊ ‹ªÊ ¬ÊÃ •ı⁄U Ÿ „Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ „ÙŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ Áª⁄UçUÃÊ⁄U •Á÷ÿÈQ§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ŒSÃÊfl¡Ë ‚ÊˇÿÙ¥ ∑§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ‚¡Ê ÁŒ‹Ê ¬ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ß‚∑§ Á‹∞ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑§ ¬Ê‚ •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§Ã◊ Ã∑§ŸË∑§Ù¥ fl ‚¥‚ÊœŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê „ÙŸÊ ¡M§⁄UË „Ò– Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ …Ê¥ø ∑§Ù ◊¡’Íà ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¡M§⁄UË „Ò– ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑§ÊŸÍŸ ‚ ‹∑§⁄U ãÿÊÁÿ∑§ ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ ◊¥ ÷Ë »§⁄U’Œ‹ „ÙŸ øÊÁ„∞– ∑§ÊŸÍŸË ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ πÈŒ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ¬øËŒªË „Ò Á¡‚∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ‚Ê‹Ù¥ Ã∑§ ◊È∑§Œ◊ „Ë ‡ÊÈM§ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ¬ÊÃ–


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


¡ÍŸÊª…∏U — œ⁄UÃË ¬⁄U Sflª¸ ∑§Ê •„U‚Ê‚

Áfl‡fl ∑§Ê fl‚ÈœÒfl ∑ȧ≈ÈUê’∑§◊ ∑§Ê ¬ÊΔU ¬…∏UÊŸ flÊ‹ „U◊Ê⁄U Œ‡Ê ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ê ÁŒ‹ ŒπŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¡Ê SÕÊŸ „Ò¥U ©UŸ◊¥ ‚ ∞∑§ „ÒU ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ⁄UÊÖÿ ◊¥ Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U ¬„UÊ«∏UË ∑§Ë ªÊŒ ◊¥ ’‚Ê ∞ÁÄUÊÁ‚∑§ ‡Ê„U⁄U ¡ÍŸÊª…∏U– •‹ª-•‹ª ∑§Ê‹π¢«U ◊¥ ◊ÊÒÿ¸, ‚Ê‹¢∑§Ë, ◊Ȫ‹ •ÊÒ⁄U •¢ª˝¡Ê¥ ∑§ ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ∑§Ê ªflÊ„U ÿ„U ‡Ê„U⁄U •Ê¡ ÷Ë ©U‚ ∑§Ê‹π¢«U ∑§Ë ÁŸ‡ÊÊÁŸÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UË Á‡ÊŒ˜ÔŒÃ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ •¬Ÿ ÁŒ‹ ◊¥ ’‚Ê∞ „ÒU– ¬˝∑ΧÁà ∑§Ë „U⁄UË-÷⁄UË πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà flÊÁŒÿÊ¥ ‚ ¬Á⁄U¬Íáʸ ¡ÍŸÊª…∏U •Ê¬∑§Ê œ⁄UÃË ¬⁄U Sflª¸ ∑§Ê ‚Ê •ŸÈ÷fl ŒÃÊ „ÒU– •Êß∞ ¡ÊŸÃ „Ò¥U ¡ÍŸÊª…∏U ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÁflSÃÊ⁄U ‚...


•‡ÊÙ∑§ ∑§ Á‡Ê‹Ê‹π

ŸÊª…∏ ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ∑§ Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U ¬„UÊ«∏UË ∑§Ë ªÊŒ ◊¥ ’‚Ê ∞∑§ ‚È¢Œ⁄U ‡Ê„⁄ „ÒU– ÿ„U Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U ¬fl¸Ã ¬⁄U ¤ÊÈ∑§Ê „È•Ê ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃÊ „Ò– ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ÿ„U ÷ªflÊŸ üÊË ∑ΧcáÊ ∑§ ¡ËflŸ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ¡È«∏Ê U„ÈU•Ê „Ò– ß‚∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ‹ª÷ª xwÆ ß¸. ¬Ífl¸ ◊ıÿ¸ ‚◊˝Ê≈U øãº˝ªÈåà Ÿ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ÕÊ– ¡ÍŸÊª…∏U ¬⁄U ◊ÊÒÿ¸, ‚Ê‹¢∑§Ë, ◊Ȫ‹ •ÊÒ⁄U •¢ª˝¡Ê¥ Ÿ ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ– ß‚ fl¡„U ‚ ÿ„UÊ¢ ߟ ‚÷Ë ‡ÊÊ‚∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ë ¿Uʬ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃË „ÒU– ÿ„UÊ¢ •Ê∑§⁄U •Ê¬ œ⁄UÃË •ÊÒ⁄U •Ê∑§Ê‡Ê ∑§ ’Ëø ◊¥ ’‚ Sflª¸ ∑§Ê •ŸÈ÷fl ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ‡Ê„⁄U ‚ ™¢§øÊ߸ ¬⁄U ÁSÕà Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U ¬fl¸Ã Á„ãŒÍ •ı⁄U ¡ÒŸ œ◊¸ ∑§Ê ¬ÁflòÊ SÕ‹ „Ò– ÿ„Ê¥ øÙ≈UË ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ~~~~ ‚ËÁ…∏ÿÊ¥ ø…∏Ÿ ∑§ ’ÊŒ •Ê¬ •Ê‚◊ÊŸ ¿ÍÃ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U Ã∑§ ¬„È¥ø ¡Ê∞¥ª– ÃËÕ¸ÿÊòÊÊ ◊¥ ߟ ‚ËÁ…∏ÿÙ¥ ¬⁄U ø‹ŸÊ ‚ÈπŒ •ÊÒ⁄U •ŸÊπÊ •ŸÈ÷fl ∑§⁄ÊÃÊ „ÒU– flʬ‚ ¬fl¸Ã ∑§Ë Ë„≈UË ◊¥ ‹ı≈UŸ ¬⁄U •Ê¬ ‡Ê„⁄U ∑§ ¬˝ÊøËŸ SÕÊŸ ∑§ ÁŒ‹ ∑§Ë ª„⁄UÊ߸ ◊¥ ©Ã⁄U ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ¡ÍŸÊª…∏ ‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ ¡ÒŸ œ◊¸, Á„¥ŒÍ œ◊¸, ’ıh œ◊¸ •ı⁄U ßS‹Ê◊ ‚÷Ë ∑§Ê ¬˝÷Êfl ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒÃÊ „ÒU–

Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U ¬fl¸Ã◊Ê‹Ê ∑§ ◊ʪ¸ ◊¥ wzÆ ß¸‚Ê ¬Ífl¸ ∑§ ¬àÕ⁄U ¬⁄U ’Ÿ ∑§⁄UË’Ÿ vy Á‡Ê‹Ê‹π •ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ÿ„ Á‡Ê‹Ê‹π ∞∑§ Áfl‡ÊÊ‹ ø≈˜U≈Ô UÊŸ ¬⁄U ’Ÿ „Ò¥U– ß‚ ¬⁄U ’˝ÊrÊÔË Á‹Á¬ ◊¥ ¬Ê‹Ë ÷Ê·Ê ◊¥ ‹Ê‹ø •ı⁄U ¬‡ÊÈ•Ê¥ ∑§Ë ’Á‹ ∑§ Áfl⁄UÙœ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ „Ë ÁfløÊ⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈhÃÊ, œ◊¸ÁŸ⁄U¬ˇÊ ‚Ùø, ŒÿÊ •ı⁄U ∑§ÎÃôÊÃÊ ∑§ ŸËÁà ‚¥ªÃ Á‚hÊ¥ÃÊ¥ ∑§Ê ©UÀ‹π Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò– ¡ÍŸÊª…∏ ∑§Ë ’ıh Áfl⁄UÊ‚Ã ∑§ •ãÿ ¬˝◊Èπ ÷ʪ „Ò Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U ¬fl¸Ã Á∑§ •Ù⁄U ¡ÊÃË ‚«∏∑§ ¬⁄U ¬Ê∞ ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹ •‡ÊÙ∑§ ∑§ Á‡Ê‹Ê‹π– ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§ ∞∑§ ‚◊ÿ ∑§ ‚’‚ ¬˝ÁÃÁDà •ı⁄U ‚ê◊ÊÁŸÃ ‚◊˝Ê≈U ’ŸŸ ∑§ ⁄UÊSÃ ¬⁄U ø‹Ã „È∞ ¡’ •‡ÊÙ∑§ Ÿ ’ıh œ◊¸ •¥ªË∑§Ê⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ •ı⁄U Á„¥‚Ê ∑§Ê àÿʪ Á∑§ÿÊ Ã’ ©ã„Ê¥Ÿ ¬Í⁄U ÷Ê⁄UÃfl·¸ ◊¥ ÁflÁ÷㟠¡ª„Ù¢ ¬⁄U ¬àÕ⁄U ¬⁄U ŸÄ∑§Ê‡ÊËŒÊ⁄U Á‡Ê‹Ê‹π ’ŸflÊ∞– ÿ„U Á‡Ê‹Ê‹π ¬Á‡ø◊ ◊ ∑¢§œÊ⁄U •Ê¡ ∑§ •»§ªÊÁŸSÃÊŸ Ã∑§, ¬Ífl¸ ◊¥ •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ ’ʥNjʌ‡Ê Ã∑§ •ı⁄U ŒÁˇÊáÊ ◊¥ •Ê¥œ˝ ¬˝Œ‡Ê Ã∑§ ‹ªflÊ∞ ª∞–

’ÊÒh ªÈ»§Ê∞¢


©¬⁄U∑§Ù≈U ∑§ •Ê‚¬Ê‚ ∑§Ë ªÈ»§Ê∞¢ Œ⁄U•‚‹ ªÈ»§Ê Ÿ„UË¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ ¬àÕ⁄U ‚ ’ŸÊ∞ ª∞ ÃËŸ •‹ª-•‹ª ∑§◊⁄U „Ò¥U– ∑§÷Ë ’ÊÒh Á÷ˇÊÈ•Ê¥ ∑§ ÁŸflÊ‚ SÕÊŸ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ Á∑§∞ ¡ÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÿ„U ’ÊÒh ªÈ»§Ê•Ê¥ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ¬˝Á‚h „Ò¥U– ∞∑§ •ŸÈ◊ÊŸ ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ÿ„ ªÈ»§Ê∞¢ wÆÆÆ ‚Ê‹ ¬È⁄UÊŸË „Ò¥U–

ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ∑§Ë ‚’‚ ™¢§øË øÙ≈UË ÿÊŸË Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U ¬fl¸Ã ∑§ß¸ ‚ÁŒÿÊ¥ ‚ ß‚ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§Ê •ı⁄U ¬Á‡ø◊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ê ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ ÿÊòÊÊ œÊ◊ „Ò– ÿ„Ê¢ ∑§ ¬Ê¢ø Á‡Êπ⁄UÊ¥ ¬⁄U }{{ Á„ãŒÍ •ı⁄U ∑§ß¸ ¡ÒŸ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U „Ò¥U– ß‚ ¬fl¸Ã ∑§Ë Ë„≈UË Áª⁄UŸÊ⁄U Ë„U≈UË ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ¡ÊŸË ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ÿ„U ∑§Ë ¡ÍŸÊª…∏U ∑§ ◊äÿ ‚ Á‚»¸§ øÊ⁄U Á∑§◊Ë. ¬Ífl¸ ÁŒ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ „Ò– oÎhÊ‹È•Ê¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬fl¸Ã ∑§Ë

ø…∏Ê߸ ∑§Ê ©U¬ÿÈÄà ‚◊ÿ ‚È’„ ∑§Ê „Ò– ߟ ‚ËÁ…∏ÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ø…∏Ê߸ •Ê¬∑§Ù ‚ê¬ÍáʸÃÊ ∑§Ê •ÊŸ¥Œ ÁŒ‹ÊÃË „ÒU– ߟ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ vw ‚ v{flË¥ ‡ÊÃÊéŒË ∑§ ’Ëø ’ŸÊ ¡ÒÁŸÿÊ¥ ∑§ wwfl¥ ÃËÕZ∑§⁄U ŸÁ◊ŸÊÕ ∑§Ê ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U „Ò ¡Ù |ÆÆ fl·¸ Ã∑§ •ÊäÿÊÁà◊∑§ Áfl·ÿÊ¥ ¬⁄U Áø¥ÃŸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ’ÎrÊÔ‹ËŸ „UÊ ª∞ Õ– •Êª wÆÆÆ ‚ËÁ…∏UÿÊ¥ ¬⁄U •ê’Ê ◊ÊÃÊ, ◊Œ⁄U ªÊÚ«‚ ∑§Ê ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U „Ò ¡„Ê¢ Á„ãŒÍ •ı⁄U ¡ÒŸ ‹ÙªÊ¥ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ŸflŒê¬ÃË ‚ÈπË ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ê •Ê‡ÊËflʸŒ ‹Ÿ •ÊÃ „Ò¥U– flÒ‚ ÃÙ •¢ÁÃ◊ wÆÆÆ ‚ËÁ…∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ø…∏UÊ߸ ÕÙ«∏UË «⁄UÊflŸË „Ò– ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ß‚∑§ ÿ„Ê¢ ‚ ÁŒπŸ flÊ‹Ê ◊ŸÙ„UÊ⁄UË ŒÎ‡ÿ •Ê¬∑§ ¬˝flÊ‚ ∑§Ù ÿÊŒªÊ⁄U ’ŸÊ ŒªÊ– ©‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U ¬àÕ⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§ÃÊ⁄U „Ò– vÆÆÆ ‚ËÁ…∏UÿÊ¢ ŸËø Ã∑§ •ı⁄U vÆÆÆ ‚ËÁ…∏UÿÊ¢ ¬Ë¿ ∑§Ë •ı⁄U ŒÍ‚⁄U Á‡Êπ⁄U Ã∑§ „Ò¥U– •¥Ã ◊¢ ∑§ÊÁ‹∑§Ê ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U „Ò– ÿ„Ê¢ •ÉÊÙ⁄UË ‚ÊœÈ •¬ŸË ‚ÊœŸÊ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U–

‚êÈL§ ⁄Uلˌʂ •ÊüÊ◊ ‚êÈL§ ⁄Uلˌʂ •ÊüÊ◊ ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ∑§ ¡ÍŸÊª…∏ Á¡‹Ê ∑§ ‚⁄U‚Ê߸ ªÊ¥fl ◊¥ ÁSÕà „Ò– ÿ„ ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ‚êÈL§ ⁄UÁflŒÊ‚ ¡Ë Ÿ ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ∑§ ¡ÍŸÊª…∏ Á¡‹ ∑‘§ ‚⁄U‚Ê߸ ªÊ¥fl ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ¡ËflŸ ∑§ ‹ª÷ª vz ‚Ê‹ Á’ÃÊ∞ •ı⁄U ‚êÈM§ ⁄Uلˌʂ ¡Ë ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ◊‡Ê„Í⁄U „Ù ª∞– ‚êÈL§ ⁄Uلˌʂ ¡Ë ∑§ •ŸÈÿÊÁÿÿÙ¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ Á¡‹Ê ¡ÍŸÊª…∏ ∑§ ‚⁄U‚Ê߸ ªÊ¥fl ◊¥ ‚êÈL§ ⁄Uلˌʂ •ÊüÊ◊ ∞∑§ •Ê⁄UÊœŸÊ ∑§Ë ◊„ÊŸ ¡ª„ „Ò– ‚êÈL§ ⁄UÁflŒÊ‚, ⁄Uلˌʂ ¡Ë ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ’„Èà ¬È⁄UÊŸÊ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ÷Ë ÿ„Ë¥ ß‚

•ÊüÊ◊ ◊¥ „Ò–

¬ÊŸËÿÊ flãÿ¡Ëfl •èÿÊ⁄Uáÿ ¡¥ª‹Ë ÉÊÊ‚ •ı⁄U flŸS¬ÁÃÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§Ê‹ËŸ ‚ …U∑§Ê •ÊÒ⁄U ™§¬⁄U ‚ ŒπŸ ¬⁄U ◊π◊‹ ¡Ò‚Ë ◊È‹Êÿ◊ „UÁ⁄UÿÊ‹Ë ‚ ‹’⁄U¡ flÊÃÊfl⁄UáÊ ÿÊÁŸ ¬ÊŸËÿÊ flãÿ¡Ëfl •÷ÿÊ⁄Uáÿ– ¬ÿʸfl⁄UáÊ ∑§ ß‚ •ÊüÊÿ SÕÊŸ ∑§Ù øÊ¥ÁøÿÊ-¬ÊŸËÿÊ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ÷Ë ¡ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„U flãÿ¡ËflÊ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§ß¸ ŒÈ‹¸÷ ∞fl¥ πÃ⁄U ◊¥ ¬«∏Ë ¬˝¡ÊÁÕÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÉÊ⁄U „Ò– Á¡‚ v~}~ ◊¥ •÷ÿÊ⁄Uáÿ ÉÊÙÁ·Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– x~.{x flª¸ Á∑§◊Ë. ˇÊòÊ»§‹ ◊¥ »Ò§‹ ß‚ •÷ÿÊ⁄Uáÿ ∑§Ë ‚Ë◊Ê ªË⁄U •÷ÿÊ⁄Uáÿ ‚ Á◊‹Ë „ÈU߸ „Ò¥U– ß‚ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ‚ •ÄU‚⁄U ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ¡¥ª‹ ∑§Ê ⁄UÊ¡Ê ‡Ê⁄U •ı⁄U Ã¥ŒÈ•Ê ÷Ë ÉÊÍ◊Ÿ •Ê ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ SflÃ¥òÊ M§¬ ‚ ÉÊÍ◊Ã „ÈU∞ Áø¥∑§Ê⁄UÊ •ı⁄U Á„⁄UŸÊ¥ ∑§ ¤ÊÈ¢«U ÷Ë ÁŒπÊ߸ Œ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ÿ„UÊ¢ ߟ∑§U ‚¥⁄UˇÊáÊ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê»§Ë ¡Ù⁄U ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ‹∑§«∏’ÇÉÊÊ, ¡¥ª‹Ë Á’À‹Ë, Á‚Áfl≈U Á’À‹Ë, Á„⁄UŸ, øıÁ‚¥ªÊ, ¬¥ªÙÁ‹Ÿ •ı⁄U ‹Ù◊Á«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ù ÿ„Ê¢ ‹È∑§ÊÁ¿U¬Ë π‹Ã ŒπÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„UÊ¢ ©’«∏-πÊ’«∏ ¡ª„Ê¥ ¬⁄U ‡Ê⁄UÙ¢ ∑§Ù ÉÊÍ◊Ã ŒπŸÊ ÷Ë ∞∑§ ⁄UÊ◊Ê¢ø∑§ •ŸÈ÷fl „Ò– ‡Ê⁄UŒ •ÊÒ⁄U fl·Ê¸ ´§ÃÈ ¬ÁŸÿÊ •÷ÿÊ⁄Uáÿ ŒπŸ ∑§Ê ‚’‚ •ë¿Ê ‚◊ÿ „Ò– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ ¬ÿ¸≈U∑§Ê¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ ŒÊ ‚◊Ⱥ˝ Ã≈UÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ßŸ∑§ Á‹∞ Áfl∑§Á‚à ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ ‹ªË „ÈU߸ „ÒU ÿ„U ‚◊Ⱥ˝ Ã≈U ‚⁄Uπ‡fl⁄U ‚◊Ⱥ˝ Ã≈ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚◊Ⱥ˝ Ã≈U ∑§Ê Áfl∑§Á‚à ∑§⁄U ⁄U„UË „ÒU–

•ãÿ Œ‡Ê¸ŸËÿ SÕ‹

•‡ÊÊ∑§ ∑§ Á‡Ê‹Ê‹π, •¬⁄U∑§Ê≈U Á∑§‹Ê, ‡ÊÄ∑§⁄U ’ʪ ¬˝ÊáÊË ©UlÊŸ, •ê’ ◊ÊÃÊ ◊¢ÁŒ⁄U, ¡ÍŸÊª…∏U ‚¢ª˝Ê‹ÿ, ŒÊ◊ÊŒ⁄U ∑È¢§«U •ÊÁŒ–

‚«∏∑§ ◊ʪ¸ ¡ÍŸÊª…∏ •„◊ŒÊ’ÊŒ ‚ xw| Á∑§◊ËU, ⁄UÊ¡∑§Ù≈U ‚ vÆw Á∑§◊Ë, •ı⁄U ¬Ù⁄U’¥Œ⁄U ‚ vvx Á∑§◊Ë ŒÍ⁄U „Ò– ⁄UÊíÿ ¬Á⁄Ufl„Ÿ ∑§Ë ’‚Ù¥ mÊ⁄UÊ ßŸ SÕÊŸÙ¥ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ∑§ •ãÿ ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ‚ ’‚ mÊ⁄UÊ ÿ„UÊ¢ ¬„È¢Uø ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U–

⁄U‹  ◊ʪ¸ ÿ„U •„◊ŒÊ’ÊŒ-flË⁄UÊfl‹ ⁄U‹ ‹Êߟ٥ ‚ ⁄U‹ mÊ⁄UÊ ÿ„U ÷‹Ë-÷Ê¢Áà ¡È«∏UÊ „ÒU– ÿ„UÊ¢ ‚ | ÉÊ¢≈U ◊¥ ÃÕÊ ⁄UÊ¡∑§Ê≈U ‚ ‹ª÷ª w ÉÊ¢≈U ◊¥ •Ê¬ ÿ„UÊ¢ ¬„È¢Uø ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U–

flÊÿÈ ◊ʪ¸ ÿ„UÊ¢ ‚ Ÿ¡ŒË∑§Ë flÊÿÈ ◊ʪ¸ ¬Ê⁄U’¢Œ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ⁄UÊ¡∑§Ê≈U „ÒU–

πÊŸ-¬ÊŸ ªÈ¡⁄UÊÃË ÷Ê¡Ÿ •ÊÒ⁄U Á◊ΔUÊ߸– ‚◊Ⱥ˝ Ë ‚ ™¢§øÊ߸— x|v »§Ë≈U ÉÊÍ◊Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ©U¬ÿÈÄà ‚◊ÿ — •Ä≈ÍU’⁄U ‚ ◊Êø¸ Ã∑§ ∑§Ê ◊ÊÒ‚◊ ÿ„UÊ¢ ÉÊÍ◊Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ©U¬ÿÈÄà ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ΔU„U⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ‚ÈÁflœÊ — ÿ„UÊ¢ L§∑§Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÁŸ¡Ë „UÊ≈U‹, ‹ÊÚ¡ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ≈ÍUÁ⁄UÖ◊ mÊ⁄UÊ ÷Ë •Ê¬∑§ ’¡≈U ∑§ •ŸÈM§¬ ‚ÈÁflœÊ ©U¬‹éœ „ÒU–


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


„Ê«¸flÿ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ◊¥ „Ò¥ πÍ’ •fl‚⁄U ߟ ÁŒŸÙ¥ •Áœ∑§Ê¥‡Ê ¿UÊòÊ •¬Ÿ ◊Ÿ¬‚¥Œ ∑§Ù‚¸ ◊¥ ∞«Á◊‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë Á¡Œ˜ÔŒÊ¡„Œ ◊¥ ‹ª „Ò¥U ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∑ȧ¿U ¿UÊòÊ ∞‚ ÷Ë „Ò¥, ¡Ù vwflË¥ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ∑§Ù߸ ∞‚Ê ¬˝Ù»‘§‡ÊŸ‹ ∑§Ù‚¸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊ„Ã „Ò¥ Á¡‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ©ã„¥ ÃÈ⁄Uãà Ÿı∑§⁄UË Á◊‹ ¡Ê∞ •ÕflÊ fl„U •¬ŸÊ √ÿfl‚Êÿ ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄U ‚∑¥§– ∞‚ ÿÈflÊ•Ê¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ •Ê߸≈UË ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ∞‚ ∑§Ê‚¸ ©U¬‹éœ „Ò¥U Á¡‚ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ fl„U ŸÊÒ∑§⁄UË •ÕflÊ •¬ŸÊ √ÿfl‚Êÿ ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ∞‚ ∑§Ù‚¸¡ ◊¥ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà „Ê«¸flÿ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ê ∑§Ù‚¸ ÷Ë flø◊ÊŸ ◊¥ ◊ÊÒ¡ÍŒ ¬˝◊Èπ ⁄UÊ¡ªÊ⁄U¬⁄U∑§ ∑§Ê‚¸¡ ◊¥ ‚ ∞∑§ „ÒU– •Ê¡ ߢ≈U⁄UŸ≈U ∑§Ê ÿȪ „ÒU Á¡‚∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ „U◊ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ∑§ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§ÊŸ ◊¥ ⁄U„U∑§⁄U „U⁄U ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ¡ÊŸ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¢ ¬˝Êåà ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ◊È„ÒUƒÿÊ ÷Ë ∑§⁄UÊ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ߢ≈U⁄UŸ≈U ∑§Ë ’…∏UÃË ◊Ê¢ª ∑ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „UË Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§ ◊ÊÁ„U⁄U ¬˝Ê»§‡ÊŸÀ‚ ∑§Ê ◊Ê¢ª ÁŒŸÊÁŒŸ ’…∏UÃË ¡Ê ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ◊¥ „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ ∑§Ê»§Ë •„U◊ „UÊÃ  „ÒU¥– „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§ fl„U ΔUÊ‚  Á„US‚ „ÒU¥ Á¡Ÿ∑§Ê •Ê¬‚ ◊¥ ¡Ê«U∏∑§⁄U ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸ ‹Êÿ∑§ ’ŸÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ß‚ ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ ‚ ªÈ¡⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§ ÄUà ∞∑§ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§Ê ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ‚ ¡Ê«U∏∑§⁄U ©UŸ∑§ ’Ëø ‚¢flÊŒ SÕÊÁ¬Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU, Á¡‚‚ ÿ„U ŒÊŸÊ¥ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U •Ê¬‚ ◊¥ ∞∑§-ŒÍ‚⁄U •¬ŸÊ «UÊ≈UÊ •ÊÒ⁄U Á⁄U‚Ê‚¸ ‡Êÿ⁄U ∑§⁄U ‚∑§¥ – Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª fl„U Ã∑§ŸË∑§ „ÒU Á¡‚∑§ ÄUà „U◊ ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ SÕÊÁ¬Ã Á∑§‚Ë ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§Ê ‹¢ŒŸ ÁSÕà Á∑§‚Ë ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ‚ ¡Ê«U∏ ‚∑§Ã „ÒU¥– ß‚ •flSÕÊ ◊¥ ÷Ë ŒÊŸÊ¥ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ¬⁄U ◊ÊÒ¡ŒÍ •ÊÚ¬⁄U≈U⁄U ∞∑§-ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑§ Á‚S≈U◊ ¬⁄U ◊ÊÒ¡ŒÍ «UÊ≈UÊ •ÊÒ⁄U Á⁄U‚Ê‚¸ •Ê¬‚ ◊¥ ‡Êÿ⁄U ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „ÒU¥– Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§ß¸ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë „UÊÃ Ë „ÒU, ß‚◊¥ ◊ÈÅÿ „ÒU- ∞‹∞∞Ÿ - ‹Ù∑§‹ ∞Á⁄UÿÊ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§, «UéÀÿÍ∞‹∞∞Ÿ - flÊÿ⁄U‹‚  ‹Ê∑§‹ ∞Á⁄UÿÊ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§, ∞◊∞∞Ÿ - ◊≈Ù˛ ¬ÊÚÁ‹≈UŸ ∞Á⁄UÿÊ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§, «UéÀÿÍ∞∞Ÿ - flÊß« ∞Á⁄UÿÊ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§, ∞‚∞∞Ÿ - S≈UÊ⁄ U¡ ∞Á⁄UÿÊ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§, Á‚S≈U◊ ∞Á⁄UÿÊ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ ÿÊ S◊ÊÚ‹ ∞Á⁄UÿÊ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ •ÊÒ⁄U flˬË∞Ÿ - fløÈ• ¸ ‹ ¬˝Êßfl≈U Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§– •Ê¡ ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÊ¢ ∞‚Ë ¬˝ÁÃ÷Ê•Ê¥ ∑§Ë Ã‹Ê‡Ê ◊¥ ⁄U„UÃË „ÒU¥ Á¡Ÿ∑§ ¬Ê‚ Ÿ Á‚»¸§ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ê •ë¿UÊ ôÊÊŸ „UÊ ’ÁÀ∑§ ©UŸ∑§ •¢Œ⁄U ‚¢øÊ⁄U Ã∑§ŸË∑§ ∑§ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ∑ȧ¿U ŸÿÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ¡Ö’Ê ÷Ë „UÊ– ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ◊¥ ‚’‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ Á¡‚ ∑§Ê҇ʋ ∑§Ë •¬ˇÊÊ ∑§Ë ¡ÊÃË „ÒU fl„U „ÒU ‚ÍøŸÊ ¬˝Êl Ò ÊÁª∑§Ë ∑§Ë ‚ÒhÊ¢ÁÃ∑§ •ÊÒ⁄U √ÿÊfl„UÊÁ⁄U∑§ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§Ê ÷‹Ë÷Ê¢Áà Á∑˝§ÿÊãflÿŸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ˇÊ◊ÃÊ– ß‚∑§ ‚ÊÕ „UË ©U‚ flÒÿÁÄÃ∑§ ‚¢flÊŒ ◊¥ ÷Ë ∑ȧ‡Ê‹ „UÊŸ Ê ¡M§⁄UË „ÒU– øÊ„U ◊ÊÒÁπ∑§ M§¬ ‚ „UÊ ÿÊ ß¸-◊‹ ∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ ÿÊ •ÊÒ¬øÊÁ⁄U∑§ Á‹Áπà ‚Ê◊ª˝Ë ∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ, ¡Ê Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§⁄U Á’ŸÊ Á∑§‚Ë OÔUÊ‚ ∑§ S¬c≈U M§¬ ‚ •¬ŸË ’Êà ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ê Ã∑§ ¬„ÈU¢øÊŸ ◊¥ ‚ˇÊ◊ „ÒU fl„U ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ∑§Ê»§Ë Ã⁄UÄ∑§Ë ∑§⁄UÃÊ „ÒU– ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ, •Ä‚⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª Áfl‡Ê·ôÊ ∑§Ê ŒÍ⁄U SÕÊÁ¬Ã Á∑§‚Ë ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ◊¥ •Ê߸ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ∑§Ê •Ê◊ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U •ÊÚ¬⁄U≈U⁄U ∑§Ë ‚„UÊÿÃÊ ‚ ΔUË∑§ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏UÃÊ „ÒU–

÷Ë ’Ÿ ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥ ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ Á∑§‚Ë ‚¥SÕÊŸ ∑§Ë fl’‚Êß≈U ∑§ Á‹∞ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª •ÊÁ∑¸§≈UÄ ø⁄U •ı⁄U ߥ≈U⁄UŸ≈ U ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§Ê ∑§Êÿ¸ ÷Ë ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥ ‚¥SÕÊŸ ∑§Ë fl’‚Êß≈U ∑§ Á‹∞ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª •ÊÁ∑§¸≈UÄ ø⁄U •ı⁄U ∑§ŸÁÄU≈UÁfl≈UË ∑§Ê ¬˝’œ¥ ∑§⁄UŸ •ı⁄U ©‚∑§ ⁄Uπ⁄UπÊfl ∑§ Á‹∞ ÷Ë „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U „UË Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄U „ÙÃÊ „Ò–

‡ÊÒÁˇÊ∑§ •„¸UÃÊ „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ù‚¸ ◊¥ ∞«Á◊‡ÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ vwflË¥ ©ûÊËáʸ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ‚Êߥ‚ ’Ò∑§ª˝Ê©¥« •ı⁄U ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§Ë ’Á‚∑§ ŸÊÚ‹¡  ⁄UπŸ flÊ‹ ¿ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ •Ê≈U‚ ˜ ¸ S≈˛Ë◊ ∑§ ¿ÊòÊ ÷Ë ÿ„ ∑§Ù‚¸ •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥ ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ’Ë≈U∑§ ∑§⁄U∑§ ÷Ë ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ◊¥ ŒˇÊÃÊ „UÊÁ‚‹ ∑§Ë ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË „ÒU–

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∑§Êÿ¸ˇÊòÊ •Ê߸≈UË ‚ÄU≈U⁄U ◊¥ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ê»§Ë ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ „UÊÃ Ë „Ò– Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ߢ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ (‹ÒŸ, flÒŸ ÿÊ flÒŸ) ‚ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∞∑§-ŒÍ‚⁄U ‚ ¡Ê«U∏ŸÊ, ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§Ê «Ê≈UÊ ‚fl¸⁄U ∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ◊¥ ŒπŸÊ •ı⁄U ≈˛UÊ‚ ¢ »§⁄U ∑§⁄UŸÊ „Ò– ’Ò∑¥ §Ù¥ ∑§ ∞≈UË∞◊, ⁄U‹  fl Á⁄U¡fl¸‡ ÊŸ, ãÿÍ¡ ¬¬⁄U, ߥ≈U⁄UŸ≈ U •ÊÁŒ ∑§Ë ‚ÈÁflœÊ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ë ’Œı‹Ã „Ë Á◊‹ÃË „Ò– ÿ„Ë ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ò Á∑§ „⁄U ¿Ù≈U- ’«∏ ‚¥SÕÊŸ ◊¥ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§ Á‹∞ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ ߢ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà „ÙÃË „Ò– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§, ß‚ »§ËÀ« ◊¥ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ù Á‚S≈U◊ Á‚ÄUÿÙÁ⁄U≈UË ∑§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª Á‚ÄUÿÙÁ⁄U≈UË ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ª„UŸ •ÊÒ⁄U •¬«U≈U«U ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË „UÊŸ Ê ÁŸ„UÊÿà „UË ¡M§⁄UË „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ, ß‚ »§ËÀ« ◊¥ ∑Ò§« S¬‡ÊÁ‹S≈U, Á‚S≈U◊ •ÊÁ∑¸§≈UÄ U≈U, Áfl¡È•‹ Á«¡Êߟ⁄U, ∞ø≈UË∞◊∞‹ ¬˝Ùª˝Ê◊⁄U, «Ù◊Ÿ S¬‡ÊÁ‹S≈U, ß㻧ÊÚ◊‡¸ ÊŸ Á‚ÄUÿÊÁ⁄U≈UË ∞ÄU‚¬≈U¸, ߥ≈U˪˝‡ÊŸ S¬‡ÊÁ‹S≈U, ∑§êÿÈÁŸ∑§‡ÊŸ ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U, ‚◊Ë∑¢§«ÄU≈U⁄U S¬‡ÊÁ‹S≈U •ÊÁŒ ∑§ M§¬ ◊¥ ÷Ë ∑§Ê◊ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ◊¥ Á«å‹Ù◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ¿UÊòÊ «fl‹¬◊≈¥ U ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ‚¸, Á«¡Êߟ ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ‚¸, ¬˝Ê« ÄU‡ÊŸ ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ‚¸, ◊Ê∑§¸ Á≈Uª¥ ∞ÄU¡ËÄUÿÁÍ ≈Ufl fl „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U ߥ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄Uª¥ U ◊¥ ÷Ë •¬ŸÊ ∑Ú§Á⁄U•⁄U ’ŸÊ ‚∑§Ã „ÒU¥– ÿ„U ∑§Ê‚¸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ©UÄà √ÿÁÄà ∑§Ê ∑§Êÿ¸ˇÊòÊ Á‚»¸§ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª Ã∑§ „UË ‚ËÁ◊à Ÿ„UË¥ ⁄U„UÃÊ ’ÁÀ∑§ ©U‚∑§Ê ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ◊¥ •Ê߸ π⁄UÊ’Ë ∑§Ê ¬„UøÊŸŸÊ, π⁄UÊ’ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ΔË∑§ ∑§⁄U ©U‚ Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ ◊¥ ¡Ê«U∏Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸÊ, ŸÿÊ ‚fl¸⁄U (∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U) •‚ê’‹ ∑§⁄U ©U‚ Á∑§‚Ë •Ê¬Êà ÁSÕÁà ◊¥ ©U¬ÿÊª ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ⁄UπŸÊ, ◊≈¥ UËŸ‚ ¥ , Á⁄U¬ÿ Á⁄Uª¥ , ‚Áfl¸Á‚¥ª ÃÕÊ ⁄Uπ⁄UπÊfl ∑§Ê ÅÿÊ‹ ⁄UπŸÊ ÷Ë „UÊÃ Ê „ÒU– „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U, Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ‚¬Ù≈U¸ Áfl‡Ê·ôÊ

„Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ©lÙª ∑§Ù ÷Ë ’…∏ÊUflÊ Á◊‹ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ∞fl¢ ’„È⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ ◊¥ „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ‚’‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ „ÒU– „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U, Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ‚¬Ù≈U¸ Áfl‡Ê·ôÊ, Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ Á‚S≈U◊ ∞«UÁ◊ÁŸS≈˛U≈U⁄U, Á‚S≈U◊ ∞ŸÊÁ‹S≈U, Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ߢ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ≈UÄŸËÁ‡ÊÿŸ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚Ȭ⁄UflÊß¡⁄U, ‹ÊߟĂ •ÊÒ⁄U ÿÍÁŸÄ‚ ∞«UÁ◊ÁŸS≈˛U≈U⁄U, Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ Á‚ÄÿÊÁ⁄U≈UË ¬˝Ê» § ‡ÊŸ‹ •ÊÁŒ ’Ÿ∑§⁄U ÷Ë •¬Ÿ ∑§Á⁄U•⁄U ∑§Ê Ÿ∞ •ÊÿÊ◊ ÁŒ∞ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ã „ÒU¥– fl’‚Êß≈U ∑§ Á‹∞ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª •ÊÁ∑§¸≈UÄ ø⁄U •ı⁄U ∑§ŸÁÄU≈UÁfl≈UË ∑§Ê ◊ÒŸ¡  ∑§⁄UŸ •ı⁄U ©‚∑§ ⁄Uπ⁄UπÊfl ∑§Ë Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ÷Ë Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ⁄U ∑§Ë „UÊÃ Ë „Ò– ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§Ê ©¬ÿÙª ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ë ‚÷Ë ‚¥SÕÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª Áfl‡Ê·ôÊÙ¥ ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ „ÙÃË „Ò– •ª⁄U •Ê¬Ÿ Á∑§‚Ë •ë¿ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ‚¥SÕÊŸ ‚ „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª Á‡ÊˇÊÊ ¬˝Ê# ∑§Ë „Ò ÃÙ •Ê¬ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Á«¡Êߟ Áfl∑§Ê‚ •ı⁄U ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥ ◊äÿ◊ •ı⁄U ¿Ù≈U •Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ∑§ß¸ ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÊ¢ •ı⁄U ©¬ÿÙª∑§Ãʸ ¡Ò‚ S∑ͧ‹, Á«¬Ê≈U◊¸ ≈¥ U S≈UÙ⁄U, ◊ÊÚ‹ •ÊÁŒ ◊¥ ÷Ë ⁄UÙ¡ªÊ⁄U ÷Ë ‚ê÷ÊflŸÊ∞¢ „Ò–¥ Áø¬, ‚◊Ë∑¢§«¥ ÄU≈U⁄U ’ŸÊŸ flÊ‹Ë ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ’ˬ˕Ù, •Ê߸≈UË∞‚, ≈U‹  Ë∑§ÊÚ◊, ’ÒÁ¥ ∑¢§ª, »§Êߟ‚ ¥ , ߥ‡ÿÙ⁄U‚ ¥ , ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ∞¡È∑§ ‡ÊŸ •ı⁄U ߥ≈U⁄U≈UŸ ◊≈¥ U ˇÊòÊ ‚ ¡È«Ë ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª •ı⁄U „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U ¬˝Ù»§‡ÊŸÀ‚ ∑§Ë ‚flÊ ‹Ë ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§ ‡ÊÙM§◊ •ı⁄U ∞∞◊‚Ë (∞ŸÈ•‹ ◊Á¥ ≈UŸ‚ ¥ ∑§ÊÚã≈˛Ä U≈U) fl«¥ ‚¸ ÷Ë ∞‚ ¬˝Ù»‘§‡ÊŸ‹ ∑§Ù Á⁄U∑§˝Í ≈U ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò–¥ „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ê‚¸ ∑§⁄U∑§ •Ê¬ Sfl⁄UÊ¡  ªÊ⁄U ∑§Ê Áfl∑§À¬ ÷Ë •¬ŸÊ ‚∑§Ã „ÒU¥– ÿÊŸË •¬ŸÊ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈Ufl∑¸§ ‡ÊÊÚ¬ πÊ‹∑§⁄U ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ‚ ¡È«U∏ ∑§ÊÚ◊Á‡Ê¸ÿ‹ •ÊÒ⁄U «UÊ◊ Á S≈U∑§ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U ‚Áfl¸‚ ‚flÊ∞¢ Œ ‚∑§Ã „ÒU¥– Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª-„UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ‚¢SÕÊŸ πÊ‹∑§⁄U ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑§Ê ∑§Êÿ¸ ÷Ë ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥

∑§Ê‚¸ •flÁœ •ÊÒ⁄U ¬ÊΔ˜UÿÔ ∑˝§◊ „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ù‚¸ ‚¥øÊÁ‹Ã ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ íÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U ‚¥SÕÊŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ∑§Ù‚¸ ∑§Ë •flÁœ vz ‚ v} ◊„ËŸ „UÊÃ Ë „Ò– Á¡‚∑§Ë »§Ë‚ ‹ª÷ª {Æ „U¡Ê⁄U „UÊÃ Ë „ÒU– ‚¢øÊÁ‹Ã ∑§Ê‚¸ ∑§Ë •flÁœ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§Ë ’Á‚∑§ ߢ»§ÊÚ◊‡¸ ÊŸ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ’ÃÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ «Ê≈UÊ ‡Êÿ®⁄Uª, ߥ≈U⁄UŸ≈ U ߥ¡ËÁŸÿ®⁄Uª, Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª •ÊÁ∑¸§≈UÄ ø⁄U •ı⁄U ∑§ŸÁÄU≈UÁfl≈UË ∑§Ë ‚ÒhÊ¢ÁÃ∑§ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ¬˝ÿÊªÊà◊∑§ •ŸÈ÷fl ÷Ë ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ߟ ‚’∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§Ê ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ ∑§flø ‚ ‹Ò‚ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ÷Ë Á‚πÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU Á¡‚‚ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ◊¥ «UÊ≈UÊ ‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ⁄U„U •ÊÒ⁄U „ÒU∑§⁄U ß‚◊¥ ‚œ¥ ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U «UÊ≈UÊ øÊ⁄UË •ÊÒ⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë •ŸÊfl‡ÿ∑§ ¿U«U∏¿UÊ«∏U Ÿ ∑§⁄U ¬Ê∞¢– ∑§„Ë¥ ÷Ë ∞«Á◊‡ÊŸ ‹Ã ‚◊ÿ ¿UÊòÊÊ¥ ∑§Ê ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê äÿÊŸ ¡M§⁄U ⁄UπŸÊ øÊÁ„U∞ Á∑§ fl„Ê¥ ‹≈US ≈U Ã∑§ŸË∑§ ‚ ≈˛Á Ÿ¥ª ŒË ¡Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥– ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ÿ„ ÷Ë Œπ¥ Á∑§ fl„Ê¥ ‹ÒŸ, flÒŸ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ‚ÒŸ ¡Ò‚Ë •àÿÊœÈÁŸ∑§ ≈˛Á Ÿ¥ª ∑§Ë ‚ÈÁflœÊ „Ò ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ÄÿÊÁ¥ ∑§ ◊Ê∑§¸ ≈U ◊¥ •’ ‚ÒŸ Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ∑§ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë Á«◊Ê¥« ⁄UÊ¡  ÊŸÊ ’…∏U ⁄U„UË „Ò–

⁄UÊ¡  ªÊ⁄U ∑§ •fl‚⁄U

ÁŒŸÙ¥ÁŒŸ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ¬⁄U ’…∏ÃË ÁŸ÷¸⁄UÃÊ •ÊŸ flÊ‹ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ß‚‚ ¡È«∏

ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ¬Ò∑§ ¡ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈL§•Êà ∑§⁄UË’ ∞∑§ ‹Êπ L§¬∞ ‚Ê‹ÊŸÊ ‚ „UÊÃ Ë „ÒU– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË •ÊÒ⁄U ÁŸ¡Ë ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ÿÊÇÿÃÊ •ÊÒ⁄U •ŸÈ÷fl ∑§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ŒÊ ‹Êπ L§¬∞ ¬˝ÁÃfl·¸ ÿÊ ß‚‚ •Áœ∑§ ∑§Ê ¬Ò∑§ ¡ ÷Ë „ÙÃÊ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò–

‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ „UÊ«¸Uflÿ  ⁄UU Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ‚¢SÕÊŸ z z z z z z z z z

¡≈UÁ∑¢§ª ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ߢS≈˜U≈Ô UËÿÍ≈U ∞Ÿ•Ê߸•Ê߸≈UË „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U ∞¢« Ÿ≈UflÁ∑§Zª •¬≈U∑§ „Ê«¸flÿ ⁄U ∞¢« Ÿ≈UflÁ∑§Zª ¡Ë ≈UË ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U „UÊ«¸Uflÿ ⁄U ߢ¡ËÁŸÿÁ⁄¢Uª ∑§ÊÚ‹¡  ‚Ë∞◊∞‚ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ߢS≈UË≈˜UÿÔ ≈Í U ∞Ä‚ ¡ÊŸ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ≈˛UÁŸ¢ª ߢS≈UË≈˜UÿÔ ≈Í U ߟ‚≈U ߢS≈UË≈˜UÿÔ ≈Í U •ÊÚ»§ ≈UÄŸÊ‹ÊÚ¡Ë ∞ ∞á«U ∞‚ ∑§êåÿÍ≈U⁄U ߢS≈UË≈˜UÿÔ ≈Í U •Ê߸¬Ë‚Ë‚Ë „UÊ«¸Uflÿ  ⁄UU Ÿ≈UflÁ∑Z§ª ‚¢SÕÊŸÊ¥ ∑§Ë fl’‚Êß≈U

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‚ÊÒ¡ãÿ— ∞◊.‚Ë.•Ê⁄U.∞»§.


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


¬Áà ÷Ë ‚◊¤Ê¥ ¬àŸË ∑§Ë ¬⁄U‡ÊÊÁŸÿÊ¢ ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ∑‘§ ’Ëø ‚ê’¥œ ‚’‚ •¥Ã⁄U¥ª ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§, ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ‚ ‡ÊÊŒË ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ ¬„‹ ÿ„ ’„Èà •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò Á∑§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¬ÃÊ „Ù Á∑ fl ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ‚¥ªÃ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥, •ı⁄U fl ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ’ŸŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „Ò ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥– flÒflÊÁ„∑§ ‚ê’¥œ ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ‚ •‹ª Á⁄U‡ÃÊ „Ò, •ı⁄U ¡’ Ã∑§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ’ŸŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Ÿ „Ù Ã’ Ã∑ ÿ„ ’„Èà ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „ÒU–

߸ ∑§Ê◊∑§Ê¡Ë ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà ∑§◊Ù’‡Ê ∞‚Ë „Ë „ÙÃË „Ò ‡ÊÊ◊ ∑§Ù ÉÊ⁄U •ÊŸ ¬⁄U Õ∑§ÊŸ ∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ∑§Ù߸ ©‚ øÊÿ ÿÊ ¬ÊŸË ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬Í¿Ÿ flÊ‹Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃÊ– ÿÁŒ Á∑§‚Ë ÁŒŸ ¬Áà ¬Í⁄U ÁŒŸ ÉÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ÷Ë ⁄U„Ã „Ò¥ Ã’ ÷Ë ¬Áà ∑§Ù ÉÊ⁄U ∑§ ∑§Ê◊∑§Ê¡ ‚ ∑§Ù߸ ◊Ë’ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃÊ– ¬ÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù „◊‡ÊÊ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ù ‚◊¤ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ∞∑§ „Ë ªÊ«∏Ë ∑§ ŒÙ ¬Á„∞ „ÙÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ÉÊ⁄U-ªÎ„SÕË ∑§ ∑§Ê◊Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÁŸ÷ÊŸ ∑§Ë Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ’⁄UÊ’⁄U „ÙÃË „Ò– ÉÊ⁄U ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ß‚Á‹∞ ÿ„ ¡M§⁄UË Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ ÉÊ⁄U ∑§Ë „⁄U Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ¬àŸË •∑§‹ „Ë ©ΔÊ∞– ß‚◊¥ ¬Áà ∑§ ‚„ÿÙª ∑§Ë ÷Ë ¡M§⁄Uà „ÙÃË „Ò– ÉÊ⁄U •ı⁄U ’Ê„⁄U ∑§Ë Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ÁŸ÷ÊÃ-ÁŸ÷ÊÃ fl„ Õ∑§ ¡ÊÃË „Ò– •ª⁄U ¬Áà ∑§Ê ÕÙ«∏Ê-‚Ê ‚„ÿÙª ÷Ë ©‚ Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ ß‚‚ ©‚∑§Ù ‚È∑ͧŸ Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò–

Á‚πÊ∞¢ ’≈U ∑§Ù ŒÊÁÿàfl •Ê◊Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§ß¸ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ª‹Ã ‚◊¤ÊÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ∞‚ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ¬‹Ÿ flÊ‹ ‹«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ¡’ ‡ÊÊŒË „ÙÃË „Ò ÃÙ ßã„¥ ÉÊ⁄U ∑§ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑§Ù߸ •ÊŒÃ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃË, ¡Ù ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ∑§Ê ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ’ŸÃË „Ò– ‡ÊÊŒË ∞∑§ ¡flÊ’ŒÊ⁄UË „Ò, ß‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ∑§Ù߸ √ÿÁÄàÊ ∞∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒÙ „Ù

◊Á„‹Ê∞¥ πÊ‚Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ŒÙ fl¡„Ù¥ ‚ •¬Ÿ ¬Áà ∑§Ù ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥– ¬„‹Ê ÃÙ fl •¬Ÿ •Ê¬∑§Ù ¬Áà ‚ íÿÊŒÊ •ŸÈ‡ÊÊÁ‚à ‚◊¤ÊÃË „Ò¥, ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ fl •¬Ÿ •Ê¬∑§Ù ¬Áà ∑§Ê ’ÊÚ‚ ‚ÊÁ’à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥– ◊Á„‹Ê∞¥ ∞‚Ê ß‚Á‹∞ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥, ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ ©ã„¥ ÿ„ ªÈáÊ ¡ã◊ ‚ Á◊‹Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ¡Ò‚ Á∑§ ¬ÈL§· ¡ã◊ ‚ ◊SÃ◊ı‹Ê •ı⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ë ¬⁄UflÊ„ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ „ÙÃ „Ò¥, flÒ‚ „Ë ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ÃÊŸ ◊Ê⁄UŸ ∑§Ë •ÊŒÃ „ÙÃË „Ò– ‚ÊÕ „Ë, ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ ∑§Ù •¥Œ⁄U „Ë •¥Œ⁄U •¬ŸË flÊß»§ ∑§Ê ÃÊŸ ◊Ê⁄UŸÊ ¬‚¥Œ •ÊÃÊ „Ò–

¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ ÁSÕÁà ◊¥ •¬ŸË Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ‚ ’øŸÊ ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ ∑§ Á‹∞ ©Áøà Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– Á»§⁄U •Ê¡∑§‹ ÃÙ ‹«∏Á∑§ÿÊ¢ ÷Ë ÉÊ⁄U ‚ ’Ê„⁄U ÁŸ∑§‹∑§⁄U ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥ ÿÊ •ÁÃÁ⁄UÄà Á¡ê◊ŒÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¢ ÷Ë ‚ê÷Ê‹ÃË „Ò¥– ∞‚ ◊¥ ‹«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ©Ÿ∑§Ê ‚„ÿÙª ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ∞‚ ÷Ë ÉÊ⁄U ‚ ’Ê„⁄U ⁄U„∑§⁄U ¬…∏Ÿ ÿÊ ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ’ŸÊŸ flÊ‹ ‹«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÉÊ⁄U •ı⁄U ’Ê„⁄U ŒÙŸÙ¥ Á¡ê◊ŒÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¢ ‚ê÷Ê‹ŸË ¬«∏ÃË „Ò¥, ß‚Á‹∞ ÕÙ«∏Ê-’„Èà ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ©ã„¥ ÷Ë •ÊŸÊ „Ë øÊÁ„∞– πÊ‚Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U •Ê¡ ∑§ Œı⁄U ◊¥ ‹«∏∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ß‚ Áfl·ÿ ◊¥ ‚◊¤ÊŒÊ⁄UË ‚ ∑§Ê◊ ‹Ã „È∞ ∞∑§ ‚¡ª, ‚øà „⁄U Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ◊¥ ‚ÊÕ ÁŸ÷ÊŸ flÊ‹Ê ¬Áà ’ŸŸ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ‚ÙøŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ÁflflÊ„ ∑§ ’ÊŒ ‹«∏∑§Ë ∑§Ù ∞∑§ Ÿ∞ ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ •¬ŸË Á¡ê◊ŒÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù •ë¿ …¥ª ‚ ÁŸ÷ÊŸÊ Á‚πÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ©‚Ë Ã⁄U„ ◊ÊÃÊÁ¬ÃÊ ∑§Ê ÿ„ ŒÊÁÿàfl ÷Ë ’ŸÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ fl •¬Ÿ ’≈U ∑§Ù ÷Ë ÿ„ Á‚πÊ∞¢ Á∑§ fl„ ¬àŸË ∑§Ê ‚„ÿÙª ∑§⁄U– ™§¬⁄UË Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ÃÙ ŒπŸ ◊¥ ÿ„Ë ‹ªÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ’Êà ÷Ë ∑ȧ¿U „Œ Ã∑§ ◊ÊÿŸ ⁄UπÃË „Ò Á∑§ ÿÁŒ ∑§Ù߸ S◊Ê≈U¸ •ı⁄U •¬Ÿ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ‚»§‹ ◊Á„‹Ê Á∑§‚Ë ‚ÊœÊ⁄UáÊ ¬ÈL§· ∑§ ∑§⁄UË’ •ÊÃË „Ò ÃÙ fl„ ¬ÈL§· •¬Ÿ ∑§Ù πȇʟ‚Ë’ ‚◊¤ÊŸ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– •Áœ∑§Ê¢‡Ê ◊Ê◊‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ÿ„U ’Êà ‹ÊªÍ „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ ÿ„Ê¢ •„¥∑§Ê⁄UË ¬ÈL§· ∑§ •„¥ ∑§Ù ÿ„U ‚Ùø∑§⁄U ÃÈÁc≈U Á◊‹ÃË „Ò Á∑§ ø‹Ù ◊ȤÊ◊ ∑§Ù߸ ∞‚Ë ’Êà ÃÙ ¡M§⁄U „Ò ¡Ù ÿ„U ◊Ȥʂ •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ¬⁄U ÄUÿÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò ¡’ ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë ’Êà ¬àŸË ∑§ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ „ÙÃË „Ò– •»§‚Ù‚ Á∑§ ¬àŸË ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ÁŒ‹ ‚ •Áœ∑§Ê¢‡Ê ¬Áà ∑§Ù ⁄UÊ‚ Ÿ„UË¥ •ÊÃË „Ò, •ı⁄U ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U flÊ‹ ÷Ë ¡„Ê¢ ’≈U ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑§Ù øËπ-øËπ ∑§⁄U ◊È„À‹flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ù ’ÃÊŸ ◊¥ ªfl¸ ◊„‚Í‚ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò, ’„Í ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ‚‡Ê¥Á∑§Ã ÷Êfl ‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ ’ÿÊŸ ∑§⁄U ¬ÊÃ „Ò¥– Œ⁄U•‚‹ •Áœ∑§Ê¥‡Ê ¬Áà ¬àŸË ∑§ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ ∑§ãçUÿÍí« „ÙÃ „Ò¥– ∞‚ ¬ÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¡ÊÚ’ ∑§⁄UÃË ¬àŸË ÃÙ ¬‚¥Œ „Ò ¬⁄U ¬àŸË ∑§ ¡ÊÚ’ ∑§Ê ¬˝Ù»§Êß‹ ©‚‚ ∑§◊ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ÿÁŒ ¬Áà ∑§Ë ßë¿Ê ∑§Ù ŒπÃ „È∞ „⁄U „◊‡ÊÊ •¬ŸÊ ¡ÊÚ’, •¬ŸË ‚Ùø fl •¬ŸË M§≈UËŸ ’Œ‹Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ⁄U„, Ã’ ÃÙ ΔË∑§ „Ò flŸÊ¸ ŒÊê¬àÿ ¡ËflŸ ∑§ Œ⁄U∑§Ÿ ∑§Ê πÃ⁄UÊ „◊‡ÊÊ ’ŸÊ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– ŒÍ‚⁄UË •Ù⁄U ’Œ‹Ã ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ ∞∑§ Á¬ÃÊ •¬ŸË ’≈UË ∑§Ù •Êà◊ÁŸ÷¸⁄U ’ŸÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ©‚ •ë¿Ë Á‡ÊˇÊÊ ŒŸ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ∑§ÊÚÁ㻧«¥≈U ÷Ë ’ŸÊŸ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÊ‚ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ∞‚Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ¬Ë¿ ◊Ÿ ◊¥ ÁŸÁ‡øà Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ÿ„U ÷ÊflŸÊ ÷Ë ⁄U„ÃË „Ò Á∑§ ©‚ ∞∑§ •ë¿Ê ¬Áà Á◊‹ ¡Ù ©U‚∑§ ªÈáÊÙ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§º˝ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§– ¬⁄U „∑§Ë∑§Ã ÿ„Ë „Ò Á∑§ ∞‚Ë

‹«∏Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù éÿÊ„ ∑§⁄U ÉÊ⁄U ‹ÊŸ ◊¥ •Áœ∑§Ê¢‡Ê ‹«∏∑§ •ı⁄U ©‚∑§ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U flÊ‹ ÉÊ’⁄UÊÃ „Ò¥– ß‚∑§ ¬Ë¿ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊÙ¥ ¬⁄U ÿÁŒ äÿÊŸ Œ¥ ÃÙ „◊ ‚’‚ ¬„‹ ¬ÊÃ „Ò¥ Á∑§ ¬ÈL§· ¬˝œÊŸ ‚◊Ê¡ ◊¥ •Áœ∑§Ê¥‡Ê ¬ÈL§· •÷Ë ÷Ë ÿ„Ë øÊ„Ã „Ò¥ Á∑§ ¬àŸË ÿÁŒ íÿÊŒÊ ‚»§‹ „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò ÃÙ ©‚∑§ •„¢ ∑§Ë ÃÈÁc≈U Ÿ„UË¥ „Ù ¬Ê∞ªË– íÿÊŒÊ ‚»§‹ ‹«∏Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë •¬ŸË ¬„øÊŸ „Ù ¡Ê∞ªË •ı⁄U fl ¬Áà ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ Ÿ„UË¥ ¡ÊŸË ¡Ê∞¢ªË– ÿ„U ’Êà •Áœ∑§Ê¥‡Ê ¬ÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ŸÊªflÊ⁄U ‹ªÃË „Ò– ¬ÈL§· ∑ȧ¿U ¬Á⁄UÁSÃÁÕÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÃÈ‹ŸÊ •¬ŸË ◊Ê¢ ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà ‚ ÷Ë ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò ¡„Ê¢ fl„ ŒπÃÊ •ÊÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ ©‚∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ •ÄU‚⁄U ©‚∑§ Á¬ÃÊ ∑§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ ¤ÊÈ∑§ÃË ÕË– ¬ÁàŸÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ÷‹ „Ë ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ ∑§Ù ∑ȧ¿U „Œ Ã∑§ •ë¿Ë ‹ªÃË „Ù, ¬⁄U ©Ÿ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ‚»§‹ ¬ÁàŸÿÙ¥ ∑§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ ¬ÈL§· „ËŸ ÷ÊflŸÊ ∑§Ê Á‡Ê∑§Ê⁄U „ÙŸ ‹ªÃ „Ò¥– ’Œ‹Ã Œı⁄U ◊¥ ∞∑§ ’Êà Ãÿ „Ò Á∑§ •¬Ÿ ‹ªŸ •ı⁄U ◊„ŸÃ ‚ ‹«∏Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚»§‹ „ÙŸ ‚ ∑§Ù߸ Ÿ„UË¥ ⁄UÙ∑§ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ∞‚ ◊¥ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¬ÈL§· •¬ŸË ‚Ùø ◊¥ ¬Á⁄UfløŸ ‹Ê∞¢ •ı⁄U •¬Ÿ •¥Œ⁄U ∑§ •„¥ ∑§Ù ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄U¥ ÃÊÁ∑§ ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ŒÙ ¬Á„ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ Á¡¥ŒªË ∑§Ë ªÊ«∏Ë ∑§Ù ‚„Ë ⁄UÊSÃ ¬⁄U ‹ ¡Ê ‚∑¥§–

∑§Á◊ÿÊ¥ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹ŸÊ Á¬¿‹ ÁŒŸÙ¥ •Ê߸ ∞∑§ S≈U«Ë ∑§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§ ◊Á„‹Ê∞¥ ∞∑§ ‚Ê‹ ◊¥ |~wÆ Á◊Ÿ≈U •¬Ÿ ¬Áà ∑§Ù ©Ÿ∑§Ë ∑§Á◊ÿÊ¥ ’ÃÊŸ

◊¥ Á’ÃÊ ŒÃË „Ò¥– ß‚ Œı⁄UÊŸ fl ©ã„¥ ÉÊ⁄U‹Í •ÊŒÃÙ¥, ‡Ê⁄UÊ’ ¬ËŸ •ı⁄U „ÀÕ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ÃÊŸ ◊Ê⁄UÃË „Ò¥– ÃÙ ÄUÿÊ flÊ∑§ß¸ ∞‚Ê „Ò? ◊Á„‹Ê∞¥ πÊ‚Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ŒÙ fl¡„Ù¥ ‚ •¬Ÿ ¬Áà ∑§Ù ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥– ¬„‹Ê ÃÙ fl •¬Ÿ •Ê¬∑§Ù ¬Áà ‚ íÿÊŒÊ •ŸÈ‡ÊÊÁ‚à ‚◊¤ÊÃË „Ò¥, ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ fl •¬Ÿ •Ê¬∑§Ù ¬Áà ∑§Ê ’ÊÚ‚ ‚ÊÁ’à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥– ◊Á„‹Ê∞¥ ∞‚Ê ß‚Á‹∞ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥, ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ ©ã„¥ ÿ„ ªÈáÊ ¡ã◊ ‚ Á◊‹Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ¡Ò‚ Á∑§ ¬ÈL§· ¡ã◊ ‚ ◊SÃ◊ı‹Ê •ı⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ë ¬⁄UflÊ„ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ „ÙÃ „Ò¥, flÒ‚ „Ë ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ÃÊŸ ◊Ê⁄UŸ ∑§Ë •ÊŒÃ „ÙÃË „Ò– ‚ÊÕ „Ë, ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ ∑§Ù •¥Œ⁄U „Ë •¥Œ⁄U •¬ŸË flÊß»§ ∑§Ê ÃÊŸ ◊Ê⁄UŸÊ ¬‚¥Œ •ÊÃÊ „Ò– •ª⁄U ¬ÈL§· •ı⁄U ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑§ ◊Í‹ Sfl÷Êfl ∑§Ù Œπ¥, ÃÙ ¡„Ê¥ ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬⁄U‡ÊÊÁŸÿÊ¥ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ íÿÊŒÊ øøʸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ’¡Êÿ ©‚∑§Ê ‚◊ʜʟ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬‚¥Œ „ÙÃÊ „Ò, fl„Ë¥ ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ øøʸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ •ı⁄U ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ ∑§Ù ß‚∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ’ÃÊŸÊ •ë¿Ê ‹ªÃÊ „Ò– •¬Ÿ ¬Áà ∑§Ù ©‚∑§Ë ∑§Á◊ÿÊ¥ ’ÃÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ◊Á„‹Ê ∑§Ê äÿÊŸ ©‚∑§ ‚◊ʜʟ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ’ÃÊŸ ¬⁄U „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ∞‚ ◊¥ •ª⁄U ŒÙŸÙ¥ ‚ÊÕ ’ÒΔ∑§⁄U ∞∑§ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑§Ë ¬⁄U‡ÊÊÁŸÿÊ¥ ‚◊¤Ê ∑§⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ê ‚◊ʜʟ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹Ÿ ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄U¥, ÃÙ ÁSÕÁà ’„Ã⁄U ⁄U„ ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ∑§ ’Ëø ‚ê’¥œ ‚’‚ •¥Ã⁄U¥ª •ı⁄U ‚’‚ ’Á…∏ÿÊ ‚ê’¥œ ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§, ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ‚ ‡ÊÊŒË ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ ¬„‹ ÿ„ ’„Èà •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò Á∑§ ŒÙŸÙ¥

∑§Ù ¬ÃÊ „Ù Á∑ fl ∞∑§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ‚¥ªÃ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥, •ı⁄U fl ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ’ŸŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „Ò ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥– flÒflÊÁ„∑§ ‚ê’¥œ ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ‚ •‹ª Á⁄U‡ÃÊ „Ò, •ı⁄U ¡’ Ã∑§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ’ŸŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Ÿ „Ù Ã’ Ã∑§ ÿ„ ’„Èà ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „ÒU– •ª⁄U •Ê¬ ¡ÊŸŸÊ øÊ„Ã „Ò¥ Á∑§ ÄUÿÊ •Ê¬ •ı⁄U •Ê¬∑§ ‚„ÿÙªË ¬Áà •ı⁄U ¬àŸË ’ŸŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „Ò ÃÙ ∑ȧ¿U øË¡¥ „Ò ¡Ù •Ê¬ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥z ‚’‚ ¬„‹ •¬Ÿ ‚ÊÕË ∑§Ë ¬‚¥Œ ŸÊ¬‚¥Œ ‚◊¤Ê– ©‚∑§Ë •¬Ÿ ¬ÁÃ/¬àŸË ‚ ÄUÿÊ ©ê◊ËŒ „ÒU– z ’ëø ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ Á„S‚Ê „Ò¥– ÁflflÊ„ ∑§ ’ÊŒ •Ê¬ •¬Ÿ ‚ÊÕË ∑§Ë ’ëøÙ¥ ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ªê÷Ë⁄UÃÊ ∑§Ù ‚◊¤Ê¥– z ‚◊¤Ê •ı⁄U Áfl‡flÊ‚ ∑§Ê SÃ⁄U ÷Ë Á⁄U‡Ã ◊¥ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò– •ª⁄U •Ê¬ •¬Ÿ ‚ÊÕË ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ¬Í⁄UË Á¡¥ŒªË Á’ÃÊŸ ∑§Ë ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ’ŸÊ ⁄U„ „Ò¥, ÃÙ ‚ÈÁŸÁ‡øà ∑§⁄U¥ Á∑§ •Ê¬∑§Ê ‚ÊÕË ÷⁄UÙ‚Ê ∑§⁄ŸU ‹Êÿ∑§ „ÒU– z •ª⁄U •Ê¬∑§Ê Á⁄U‡ÃÊ Áfl‡flÊ‚ ∑§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U SÕÊÁ¬Ã Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò, Ã’ ‡ÊÊŒË ÷Ë •‚»§‹ „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– •ª⁄U ŒÙŸÙ¥ ÷ʪˌÊ⁄U ߸◊ÊŸŒÊ⁄U „Ò¥, •Ê¬∑§Ù ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ •Ê¬ •¬Ÿ ‚ÊÕË ∑§ ÿÙÇÿ „Ò¥U, Ã’ •Ê¬ πÈ‡Ê ⁄U„¥Uª– z ∑§fl‹ •Ê¬∑§ ‚ÊÕË ∑§Ê ‚∑§Ê⁄UÊà◊∑§ ¬„‹È•Ù¥ ¬⁄U ÁfløÊ⁄U ¬ÿʸåà Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÒU– Ÿ∑§Ê⁄UÊà◊∑§ ªÈáÊ ¬⁄U ÁfløÊ⁄U ÷Ë ‚ÊÕ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ‚Ê÷Ê⁄U — ∞◊.‚Ë.•Ê⁄U.∞»§.


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


SflÊSâÿ „Ë ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ê œŸ „Ò ¡’ „◊ ’Ë◊Ê⁄U „ÙÃ „Ò¥U, Ã’ „◊∑§Ù ∑ȧ¿U ÷Ë •ë¿Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ªÃÊ– Ÿ „◊ ΔË∑§ ‚ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄U ¬ÊÃ „Ò¥U, Ÿ •Ê⁄UÊ◊ •ı⁄U Ÿ „Ë ∑ȧ¿U •ı⁄U– Ÿ „◊∑§Ù πÊŸÊ •ë¿Ê ‹ªÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U Ÿ „Ë ∑§„UË¥ ÉÊÍ◊Ÿ ¡ÊŸÊ– ¡Ë „Ê¢, „◊Ê⁄UÊ SflÊSâÿ „Ë „◊Ê⁄UË ¬Í¥¡Ë „Ò– ∞∑§ SflSÕ √ÿÁÄà „Ë •ë¿Ê ¡ËflŸ ¡Ë ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ËÁ‹∞ •ª⁄U •Ê¬∑§Ù •¬Ÿ ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UÊ •ÊŸ¥Œ ©ΔÊŸÊ „Ò, ÃÙ •¬ŸË ‚„à ∑§Ê ÅÿÊ‹ ⁄UÁπ∞...


flŸ ◊¥ SflÊSâÿ „Ë •Ÿ◊Ù‹ œŸ „Ò– √ÿÁÄà ∑§ ¡ËflŸ ◊¥ SflÊSâÿ „Ë •Áœ∑§ ◊ÍÀÿflÊŸ „ÙÃÊ „Ò ‹Á∑§Ÿ ŒπÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ •ÄU‚⁄U ∑§◊ ©◊˝ ◊¥ „Ë √ÿÁÄà Ÿ ¡ÊŸ Á∑§ÃŸË ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÊ¥ ‚ ª˝Á‚à „Ù ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ß‚∑§Ê ◊ÈÅÿ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ò √ÿÁÄà ∑§ ¡ËflŸ ◊¥ ÁŸÿÁ◊à ÁŒŸøÿʸ ∑§Ê Ÿ „ÙŸÊ– ÿÁŒ „◊ •¬ŸË ÁŸÿÁ◊à ÁŒŸøÿʸ ◊¥ ¬˝ÊáÊÊÿÊ◊ •ı⁄U

ÿÙª •ı⁄U äÿÊŸ ∑§Ù ÁŒ‹ ‚ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ∑§⁄U ‹¥ ÃÙ „◊ SflÊSâÿ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ •¬ŸË ÿÊŒŒÊ‡Ã ÷Ë ’…∏Ê ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ¬˝ÊáÊÊÿÊ◊ •ı⁄U äÿÊŸ ∑§Ù „◊ ‚÷Ë •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ •¬ŸË ÁŸÿÁ◊à ÁŒŸøÿʸ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ÿÁŒ •Ê¬ Sflÿ¥ ∑§Ù ßÊflª˝Sà •ı⁄U ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ •ı⁄U ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ M§¬ ‚ ∑§◊¡Ù⁄U ◊„‚Í‚ ∑§⁄U¥ ÃÙ äÿÊŸ ‚ ∞∑§Êª˝ÁøûÊ „Ù∑§⁄U •äÿÊÁà◊∑§ œÊÁ◊¸∑§ ¬ÈSÃ∑¥§ πÍ’ ¬…¥∏ ©‚‚ •Ê¬∑§Ê ◊ŸÙ’‹ ÁŸÁ‡øà M§¬ ‚ ’…∏ªÊ– ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ M§¬ ‚ SflSâÿ √ÿÁÄà „Ë ¡ËflŸ ∑§ ÁflÁ÷㟠ˇÊòÊÊ¥ ◊¥ ‚»§‹ÃÊ •Á¡¸Ã ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¬˝Õ◊ ‚Èπ ÁŸ⁄UÙªË ∑§ÊÿÊ, ŒÍ¡Ê ‚Èπ ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ „Ù ◊ÊÿÊ– ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ œŸ ‚ê¬ŒÊ ∑§Ê •Êª◊Ÿ Ã÷Ë „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò ¡’ ‚„à √ÿÁÄà ∑§Ê ‚ÊÕ Œ¥ •Ã— •¬Ÿ SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ê äÿÊŸ •fl‡ÿ ⁄Uπ¥– SflÊSâÿ ‚ ‚÷Ë ¬Á⁄UÁøà „Ò¥ Á∑¢§ÃÈ ¬Íáʸ SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ê SÃ⁄U ÁŸÁ‡øà ∑§⁄UŸÊ ∑§ÁΔŸ „Ò– ¬˝àÿ∑§ SflSÕ ◊ŸÈcÿ •¬Ÿ ¬˝ÿÊ‚ ‚ •ı⁄U ÷Ë •Áœ∑§ SflSÕ „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– √ÿÁÄà ∑§ SflÊSâÿ ‚ÈœÊ⁄U ‚ ‚◊Ê¡ •ı⁄U ⁄UÊc≈˛ ∑§Ê SflÊSâÿ SÃ⁄U ™§¢øÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– •¬Ÿ √ÿÁÄêà SflÊSâÿ٬ʡ¸Ÿ ∑§Ê ÷Ê⁄U ¬˝àÿ∑§ ¬˝ÊáÊË ¬⁄U „Ë „Ò– Á¡‚ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U œŸ, ÁfllÊ, ÿ‡Ê •ÊÁŒ mÊ⁄UÊ ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ •¬Ÿ „Ë ¬˝ÿÊ‚ ‚ ¬˝Êåà „ÙÃË „Ò ©‚Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U SflÊSâÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬˝àÿ∑§ ∑§Ù

¬˝ÿàŸ‡ÊË‹ „ÙŸÊ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò– •ŸÊÿÊ‚ ÿÊ ŒÒflÿÙª ‚ SflÊSâÿ ¬˝ÊÁåà Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃË ¬⁄U¥ÃÈ ¬˝Ê∑ΧÁÃ∑§ SflÊSâÿ¬˝Œ ÁŸÿ◊Ù¥ ∑§Ê ÁŸ⁄U¥Ã⁄U ¬Ê‹Ÿ ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ „Ë SflÊSâÿ ¬˝ÊÁåà •ı⁄U ©‚∑§Ê ‚¥⁄UˇÊáÊ ‚ê÷fl „Ò– SflÊSâÿ ∑§ ‚¢flœ¸Ÿ, ‚¥⁄UˇÊáÊ ÃÕÊ ¬ÈŸSÕʸ¬Ÿ ∑§Ê ôÊÊŸ SflÊSâÿ ÁflôÊÊŸ mÊ⁄UÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„ ∑§Êÿ¸ ∑§fl‹ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ê¥ mÊ⁄UÊ „Ë ‚ê¬ãŸ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ– ÿ„ ÃÙ ¡ŸÃÊ ÃÕÊ ©‚∑§ ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§ ‚„ÿÙª ‚ „Ë ‚ê÷fl „Ò– SflÊSâÿ ¬˝ÊÁåà ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬˝ÊÁáÊ •SflSÕÃÊ ‚ ÿÈh ∑§⁄UŸ „ÃÈ ‚¥øÊ‹Ÿ •ı⁄U ÁŸŒ¸‡ÊŸ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò Á∑§¥ÃÈ ÿÈh ÃÙ ‚◊Sà ¡ŸÃÊ ∑§Ù ‚ÒÁŸ∑§ ∑§Ë ÷Ê¢Áà ‹«∏ŸÊ ¬«∏ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚Ë ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ SflÊSâÿ ÁflôÊÊŸ ÷Ë ∞∑§ ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§ ‡ÊÊSòÊ „Ò– ‚ê¬Íáʸ ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§Ë •SflSÕÃÊ ∑§ ÁŸflÊ⁄UáÊÊÕ¸ ‚¥ªÁΔà ¬˝ÿÊ‚ ‹Ù∑§SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ë ©ãŸÁà ∑§ Á‹∞ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò– ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ∑§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ „Ë „◊ ÁflÁ÷㟠∑§ÊÿÙZ ∑§Ù •¢¡Ê◊ ŒÃ „Ò¥U– SflÊSâÿ „Ë flÊSÃÁfl∑§ œŸ „Ò– ÿ٪ʂŸ, ¬˝ÊáÊÊÿÊ◊, •Ê„Ê⁄U, ©¬flÊ‚ ‚ SflÊSâÿ, ŒËÉÊʸÿÈ ∞fl¥ ‚Èπ ¬˝Êåà Á∑§∞ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– ‚÷Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§ ¬˝ÊáÊÊÿÊ◊Ù¥ ∑§ •èÿÊ‚ ‚ ¬Íáʸ ‹Ê÷ ©ΔÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ¡M§⁄UË „Ò Á∑§ √ÿÁÄà ∑§Ê •Ê„Ê⁄U-Áfl„Ê⁄U ΔË∑§ „Ù, ‚Ê¥‚ÊÁ⁄U∑§ ∑§ÊÿÊZ ∑§ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ÁŸÁ‡øà ÁŒŸøÿʸ „Ù– Á¡‚ √ÿÁÄà ∑§ ‚ÙŸ-¡ÊªŸ

∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ ÁŸÁ‡øà „Ò ∞‚Ê √ÿÁÄà „Ë ÿÙª ∑§⁄U ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ©‚∑§Ê ÿ٪ʟÈcΔUÊŸ ŒÈπÙ¥ ∑§Ê ŸÊ‡Ê∑§ ’ŸÃÊ „Ò– ‚ŒÒfl ◊Ÿ ¬˝‚㟠⁄Uπ¥– Áø¢ÃÊ¡Ÿ∑§ ÁSÕÁÃÿÊ¥ ◊ÁSÃc∑§ •ı⁄U •Ê◊ʇÊÿË Áfl∑ΧÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¡ã◊ ŒÃË „Ò¥U– •Áà „◊‡ÊÊ „ÊÁŸ¬˝Œ ‚ÊÁ’à „ÙÃË „Ò– øÊ„ fl„ πÊŸ¬ÊŸ „Ù ÿÊ üÊ◊ ÿÊ œŸ ∑§◊ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¬˝flÎÁûÊ– ÕÙ«∏Ê ‚Ê ‚◊ÿ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹ ∑§⁄U ¬˝ÁÃÁŒŸ „À∑§Ê-»È§À∑§Ê √ÿÊÿÊ◊ ∑§ËÁ¡∞– √ÿÊÿÊ◊ ∑§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U ¡Á≈U‹ Ã⁄UË∑‘§ Ÿ •¬ŸÊ∞¢– ¡Ù •Ê¬∑§Ë ˇÊ◊ÃÊ ∑§ •ŸÈ∑ͧ‹ „Ù fl„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U¥–

äÿÊŸ ⁄UπŸ ÿÙÇÿ ’ÊÃ¥ ª˝Ëc◊∑§Ê‹ ¬˝∑ΧÁà ∑§Ë ŒÎÁc≈U ‚ ÷‹ „Ë •ŸÈ∑ͧ‹ „ÙÃÊ „Ò ¬⁄¢UÃÈ •ë¿ SflÊSâÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ©ÃŸÊ „Ë ¬˝ÁÃ∑ͧ‹ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– ª˝Ëc◊∑§Ê‹ËŸ •ı⁄U fl·Ê¸∑§Ê‹ËŸ ◊ı‚◊ ◊¥ •ª⁄U „◊ ∑ȧ¿ ‚ÊflœÊÁŸÿÊ¥ ’⁄UÃ¥ ÃÙ •ŸÊfl‡ÿ∑§ ŒflÊ•Ù¥ fl ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ù »§Ë‚ øÈ∑§ÊŸ ‚ ’ø ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– z •Ê‚-¬Ê‚ ’ªËøÊ „Ù ÃÙ fl„Ê¥ ‚È’„‡ÊÊ◊ •fl‡ÿ ≈U„‹¥– ÿÁŒ ÿ„ ©¬‹éœ Ÿ „Ù ÃÙ ‚È’„ ∑§Ë ÃÊ¡Ë „flÊ ∑§Ê ‚flŸ •fl‡ÿ ∑§⁄U¥– ß‚‚ •Ê¬∑§ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ◊¥ ¬˝Áflc≈U „È߸ •ÊÚÄU‚Ë¡Ÿ •Ê¬∑§Ù ÁŒŸ ÷⁄U Ã⁄UÙÃÊ¡Ê ’ŸÊ∞ ⁄UπªË– z ¬ÊŸË ÿÕÊ‚ê÷fl ©’Ê‹ ∑§⁄U ¬Ë∞¢– ÿÁŒ

ÿ„ ‚ê÷fl Ÿ „Ù ÃÙ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ ¿ÊŸ ∑§⁄U ‚Ê»§-‚ÈÕ⁄U ’øŸ ∑§Ê „Ë ¬ÊŸË ¬Ë∞¢, ’„Èà ‚Ë ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ¡«∏ •‡ÊÈh ¬ÊŸË „Ò– πÊ‚∑§⁄U πÈ‹ SÕÊŸÙ¥, „Ù≈U‹, øÊÿ Δ‹Ù¥ ¬⁄U ‚»§Ê߸ ∑§Ê •÷Êfl „ÙÃÊ „Ò– z ◊„¥ª »§‹ Ÿ ‚„Ë ¬⁄U ´§ÃÈ •ŸÈ∑ͧ‹ SÕÊŸËÿ »§‹ ‚SÃ ◊¥ ©¬‹éœ „ÙÃ „Ò¥– ©Ÿ∑§Ê ‚flŸ ∑§⁄U¥– flÒ‚ ¬˝∑ΧÁà Ÿ „◊¥ „⁄U ´§ÃÈ ∑§Ë ŒÎÁc≈U ‚ •Ê„Ê⁄U ©¬‹éœ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ „Ò Á¡Ÿ∑§Ê ‚flŸ „◊Ê⁄U SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ù •ŸÈ∑ͧ‹ ⁄Uπ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– z ©¬flÊ‚ ÷Ë ∞∑§ Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë ÁøÁ∑§à‚Ê „Ò Á¡‚ ¬˝Ê∑ΧÁÃ∑§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚Ê ∑§ Äà Á‹ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ©¬ÿÈÄà „À∑§Ê-»È§À∑§Ê πÊŸ¬ÊŸ ‹∑§⁄U SflSÕ ⁄U„Ê ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– z ª˝Ëc◊ ∑§Ê‹, fl·Ê¸∑§Ê‹ ◊¥ Δ¥« ¡‹ ‚ fl ‡ÊËÃ∑§Ê‹ ◊¥ ∑ȧŸ∑ȧŸ ¡‹ ‚ ⁄UÙ¡ SŸÊŸ ∑§⁄U¥– z ª˝Ëc◊∑§Ê‹ ◊¥ ¬ÊŸË íÿÊŒÊ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ¬ËŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ Á∑§ãÃÈ ÷Ù¡Ÿ ∑§ •ÊœÊ ÉÊ¥≈UÊ ¬Ífl¸ fl •ÊœÊ ÉÊ¥≈UÊ ’ÊŒ Ã∑§ Ÿ„UË¥– ∑§÷Ë ‚ÙøÊ „Ò ÿÊ äÿÊŸ ÁŒÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¡’ „◊ ’Ë◊Ê⁄U „ÙÃ „Ò¥U, Ã’ „◊∑§Ù ∑ȧ¿U ÷Ë •ë¿Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ªÃÊ– Ÿ „◊ ΔË∑§ ‚ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄U ¬ÊÃ „Ò, Ÿ •Ê⁄UÊ◊ •ı⁄U Ÿ „Ë ∑ȧ¿ •ı⁄U– Ÿ „◊∑§Ù πÊŸÊ •ë¿Ê ‹ªÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U Ÿ „Ë ∑§„UË¥ ÉÊÍ◊Ÿ ¡ÊŸÊ– ¡Ë „Ê¢, „◊Ê⁄UÊ SflÊSâÿ „Ë „◊Ê⁄UË ¬Í¥¡Ë „Ò– ∞∑§ SflSÕ √ÿÁÄà „Ë •ë¿Ê ¡ËflŸ ¡Ë ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚ËÁ‹∞ •ª⁄U •Ê¬∑§Ù •¬Ÿ ¡ËflŸ ∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UÊ •ÊŸ¥Œ ©ΔÊŸÊ „Ò, ÃÙ •¬ŸË ‚„à ∑§Ê ÅÿÊ‹ ⁄UÁπ∞– ∑ȧ¿ ŸÈSπ •Ê¬∑§ ß ∑§Ù SflSÕ ⁄UπŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ z SflSÕ •ı⁄U ¬ıÁc≈U∑§ •Ê„Ê⁄U πÊß∞, ¡¥∑§ ÷Ù¡Ÿ ¡Ò‚ Á∑§ ’ª¸⁄U, Á¬Ö¡Ê ßàÿÊÁŒ Ÿ πÊß∞ ÿÊ ∑§◊ πÊß∞– z ⁄U‚ŒÊ⁄U »§‹ ¡Ò‚ Á∑§ ‚¥Ã⁄UÊ, ‚’, •Ê◊, ∑§‹Ê ßàÿÊÁŒ ⁄UÙ¡ πÊß∞– z ŸÊÁ⁄Uÿ‹ ¬ÊŸË ÷Ë ‚„à ∑§ Á‹∞ ’„Èà ‹Ê÷ŒÊÿ∑§ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– z ß ∑§Ë ‚„à ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ◊Ÿ ∑§Ê SflSÕ ⁄U„ŸÊ ÷Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò– ÁŒ◊ʪ ∑§Ù SflSÕ ⁄UπŸ ∑§ ŸÈSπ z ≈U¥‡ÊŸ ÿÊ S≈˛‚ Ÿ ‹¥– z ⁄UÙ¡ √ÿÊÿÊ◊ ∑§⁄¥U– z •ª⁄U ∑§Ù߸ ’Êà ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ë „Ù ÃÙ Á∑§‚Ë Á◊òÊ ‚ ‡Êÿ⁄U ∑§⁄¥U ÿÊ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Êª¡ ¬⁄U Á‹π Œ¥– z ◊œÈ⁄U ‚¥ªËà ÷Ë ◊ÁSÃc∑§ ∑§ Á‹∞ •ë¿Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– z •ª⁄U •Ê¬∑§Ù ‹ª ∑§Ë Áø¥ÃÊ „Œ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò ÃÙ Á∑§‚Ë ◊ŸÙflÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§ ∑§Ë ‚‹Ê„ ‹¥– z Á«¬˝‡ÊŸ ‚ ’ø¥– ߟ ‚ÊœÊ⁄UáÊ ’ÊÃÊ¥ ∑§Ê äÿÊŸ ⁄UπŸ ‚ •Ê¬ ∞∑§ ‚ÈπË fl SflSÕ ¡ËflŸ ¡Ë ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ÿÙª •ÊÒ⁄U äÿÊŸ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ∑§Ê SflSÕ •ÊÒ⁄U ™§¡Ê¸flÊŸ ⁄UπŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÁŸ„UÊÿà ‹Ê÷¬˝Œ ¬˝Ê∑ΧÁÃ∑§ ‚ÊœŸ „ÒU– ¬ÊŸË •ı⁄U ŸË¥’Í ∑§Ê ⁄U‚ ÷Ë ¬Ë∞¢– ÖÿÊŒÊ Ã‹ •ı⁄U ¡¥∑§ »Í§« ‚ ’ø¥– ß‚∑§ •‹ÊflÊ, œÍ◊˝¬ÊŸ ¿Ù«∏¥U, Ÿ‡Ê ‚ πÈŒ •ÊÒ⁄U ¬Á⁄U¡ŸÊ¥ ∑§Ê ŒÍ⁄U ⁄Uπ¥, „◊‡ÊÊ ◊ÈS∑ȧ⁄UÊÃ ⁄U„¥, ÃÊ¡ »§‹ •ı⁄U „⁄UË ‚Áé¡ÿÊ¥ πÊ∞¢– ‚Ê÷Ê⁄U — ∞◊.‚Ë.•Ê⁄U.∞»§.


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


Fai arrest leads to diplomatic row Washington:The Pakistan Government has formally raised with the US State Department the issue of arrest of Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, executive director of the US-based NGO Kashmir American Council (KAC), and negative propaganda against Pakistan in this regard. Fai was arrested in Virginia earlier this week for allegedly funnelling at least USD 4 million from Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI into American political activities with the aim of influencing American policy on the Kashmir issue. Meanwhile, Pakistan has gone on record to protest his arrest and has called it an attempt by its ally, the US, to slander Islamabad. Pakistan embassy authorities in US themselves raised the issue with the state department and apprised the state department of Pakistan's concern in this regard. The Pakistani authorities conveyed to the department the Pakistan government's concern regarding negative propaganda against Pakistan. They asked the US to realise the sensitivity of the issue and take measures accordingly. Fai and Zaheer Ahmad, 63, a US citizen and resident of Pakistan, face five years in prison if found guilty to the charges they are facing.

Indian stand In New Delhi, the Home Ministry has said that the arrest was long overdue. Home Secretary RK Singh said, "The arrest of Ghulam Nabi Fai was long overdue. We had fair degree of suspicion that the money which he received was given by the agencies in Pakistan." It is learnt that Fai has always

been on India's radar for his activities. According to sources India will seek details from the FBI over the probe on Fai. Intelligence agencies will seek transcripts of 400 calls made by the FBI during the probe. The intelligence agencies will also attempt to find out the beneficiaries of Fai funds. Fai was arrested by the FBI recently for not disclosing to the US authorities that his NGO, the Kashmir Action Council, was funded by the ISI. His detention hearing is slotted for July 26.

Protest in J&K While most of the public transport remained off the roads, a large number of private vehicles and cabs were plying in the outskirts of Srinagar city. The attendance in government offices remained thin due to nonavailability of transport services in most parts, the officials said. Large number of police and paramilitary CRPF forces have been deployed in Manzgam.A number of US lawmakers and Indian liberals are coming under scrutiny for their ties to Fai.

Under scrutiny At the center of the growing controversy is US Republican Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana, who for years has been a recipient of political contributions from Fai and his Kashmir American Council (KAC), who US investigators have now determined were illegally bankrolled by Pakistan. A search of Federal Election Commission records and websites tracking political contributions showed Fai and the KAC made a

$23,500 contribution to lawmakers and the political system over past 15 years, although

U.S US the the

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai FBI estimates that Pakistan funneled in more than $ 4 million in that time to manipulate the debate on Kashmir in its favor. More contributions to the US political system are thought to have come from other Pakistani-ISI proxies, including USbased physicians and businessmen. Among the principal recipients of donations was Congressman Burton who frequently raised the Kashmir issue, echoing spurious and exaggerated charges against Indian security forces. Fai also funneled money to lawmakers Joseph Pitts, James Moran, and Gregory Meeks, among others. Modest contributions were also made to the Gore and Obama campaigns. But Burton is believed to be the biggest recipient of Pakistani largesse, something Indian officials believed turned him into the biased and vituperative critic of the Indian position on Kashmir. In a statement following Fai's arrest, Burton acknowledged getting political contributions

from him, but maintained that the money is "completely legal" because Fai was a US citizen. "'I am deeply shocked by Dr. Fai's arrest. I've known Dr Fai for 20 years and in that time I had no inkling of his involvement with any foreign intelligence operation and had presumed our correspondence was legitimate," Burton, who invited the joke "Empty Burton makes much noise" among Indian activists for his stridency, said. Burton loosely translates as vessel in Hindi.

Fai's appeal Last summer, as bloody clashes broke out between police and protesters on the streets of Kashmir's cities and towns, Ghulam Nabi Fai had an impassioned message for the world. "Kashmiris," the chief of the Kashmiri American Council wrote wrote, "wish to emphasise that their land is not real estate which can be parcelled out between two disputants, but the home of a nation with a history far more compact and coherent than India's and far longer than Pakistan's." Those impassioned words, FBI documents filed in a Virgina court on Tuesday allege, were more likely than not authored by an officer of Pakistan's intelligence services - and almost certainly paid for in hard cash by them. Born in April, 1949, Dr. Fai grew up in the affluent central Kashmir village of Wadwan - just a few kilometres from the home of his childhood friend and future political associate, the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen's P a k i s t a n - b a s e d commander-in-chief Muhammad Yusuf Shah. Shah would become known

as the menacing face of the Kashmir jihad; Dr. Fai was to be its voice of reason. Dr. Fai's academic career was illustrious: he obtained a master's degree from Aligarh Muslim University, and then moved to Saudi Arabia in 1967. In 1977, he obtained a doctorate in mass communications from Temple University, Pennsylvania, and became a citizen of the United States 10 years later. Early in the course of the Kashmir jihad, Dr. Fai began to emerge as a spokesperson for Kashmiri secessionists in the United States. From 1995 or so, the FBI alleges, Dr. Fai was a paid agent - run by a shadowy ISI figure so far identified only by the codename "Abdullah," his deputy, Brigadier Javed Aziz Khan, Brigadier Sohail Mehmood, and Lt.Col. Tauqeer Butt. The ISI also runs two sister institutions, the FBI alleges - Abdul Majeed Tramboo's Kashmir Centre-European Union in Brussels, and Nazir Ahmad Shawl's Kashmir Centre in London. From the dozens of email the FBI has made public so far, it appears clear that Dr. Fai and his associates knew they were engaged in a covert enterprise: in one case, a conversation about the transfer of $75,000 used the code-phrase "Brylcreem, 75 miligrams," another, for $157,000, to a "157 pages draft." Dr. Fai claimed to be a figure of great gravitas: he proclaimed at a conference in Leicester, for example, to have been told by no less than the then U.S. President, Bill Clinton's security chief that the independence of Kashmir was imminent. His ISI handlers, though, treated him like a minion.


Lucknow, July 23, 2011


Computer 'junk' can now be recycled Obsolete computers or other electronics are a valuable source for secondary raw materials, if treated properly; if not treated properly, they are a source of toxins and carcinogens. Rapid technology change, low initial cost, and even planned obsolescence have resulted in a fastgrowing surplus of computer or other electronic components around the globe. Sweta Kumari The IT industry has a huge computer parts, printer ribbon and cartridge footprint, which can be reduced through the re-use and re-deployment of redundant IT equipment through a system of recycling. Whereas all of us are aware of the impact our use of scarce resources is having on the environment, a strategy for recycling is still not in place. A few years ago, we saw a sudden and prolonged increase in the price of steel, copper and gold. Why should this have any effect upon the recycling of computers you might ask? Depletion of nonrenewable resources leaves only two options - find a new material (very expensive) or find a way to recycle and extract the old. With the price of gold hitting Rs 23000 per 10 gm, it suddenly became extremely viable for

recyclers to market our services. There's been a very big boom in computer recycling over the past year. Most of the environmental concerns with computers lie with the monitor, specifically its cathode ray tube (CRT). Part of the problem computer recycling has is, after upgrading computer systems, most organizations store their old computers, which serve as backup equipment in case newer computers break down. These old computers often sit in storage well beyond their potential useful life. At some point, a decision must be taken about disposal of this equipment. Continuing to store it is often not a viable option, it eventually takes up a considerable amount of space. The least desirable option is to throw old computers into the bin. Computer recycling comes to the fore in every scenario possible, not just the effect it has upon the environment, there is also the possibility of someone removing hard drives and recovering sensitive data. Upsurge of interest A number of factors have led to an upsurge of interest in people wanting to recycle old computer kit, including growing awareness around environmental issues. Printer cartridge refilling is the best choice. Refilling printer cartridges saves up to 75% on print cost and also helps in saving nature by reducing e-waste and conserving natural resources. The cartridges can be refilled several times giving print quality equivalent to original depending upon the model. Refilling can be done for both inkjet cartridges as well as laser cartridges. For individuals as well as large corporate this is a very good cost cutting tool.

One cartridge refill is one less going to landfill. We all know that cartridges are very hazardous to nature. Some facts speak for themselves -

spoiled by a cartridge if a user uses sub-standard parts, incompatible inks or is not tested and cleaned thoroughly before refilling. Meanwhile, there are

cartridges. This gives an opportunity for the companies like Pro Dot Datalinks amongst others to create a niche for them in the marketplace.

In 2007, 3 billion cartridges were dumped in the landfills and cartridges take 400-1000 years to biodegrade. Refilling conserve natural resources, as reusing saves electricity, petroleum, and also saves other scarce natural resources. Nonetheless, some fallacy still exists in the industry that refilled cartridges spoil printers in terms of their longevity or durability getting reduced. However, it is not the case. Properly refilled cartridges never damage the printer. If sub-standard cartridges with substandard parts, inks and toners are used, they can damage printers and reduce their life. For example, if a drum in a laser cartridge is not replaced, then it can definitely reduce the life of a printer. Lastly, constantly trying to fix a paper jam or ink leaking in printers can reduce the printer life. Moreover, the only case where a printer can get

some players that give printer replacement guarantee if customer proves that his printer has been damaged due to their refill. Even the printer warranty is not affected if a user uses a refilled cartridge.

Pramod Rajpal, CEO of ProDot, points out, "Once this industry gets matured, we will definitely look at marketing this concept aggressively all across India. Refilling printer cartridges provide benefits to all and it gives a win-win situation for everybody. Users can avail a refilled cartridge at a lower cost than the new one. Even the resellers are reaping the benefits, as the refilled cartridges are available at 5-10% lesser cost than the new cartridges and any amount taken from the user is much more profitable for them in terms of percentage." OEM cartridges are costlier because not only the material and parts used in their building are new but the ink filled in it is new as well. OEM printer cartridges can be refilled from 5-20 times depending on the type of cartridge and its particular printer make. This makes an OEM cartridge more reliable even for a reuse.

Refilling of cartridges helps in cutting down on cost of consumables without impacting the quality and yield. The refilling process and the use of 100% imported inks, toners, parts makes their quality better

All Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) write in their contract, which comes with the printer, that the warranty is not void if any user uses refilled or remanufactured


Lucknow, July 23, 2011

«UÊß¡S≈U ◊Ê„UÁ‚Ÿ ∞‚«UéÀÿÍ∞ ∑§ •äÿˇÊ ’Ÿ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÊ¥ ∑§ Á„Uà ∑§Ë ⁄UˇÊÊ ∑§U ©Ug‡ÿ ‚ ⁄UÊ¡œÊŸË ∑§ ¬Ífl¸ fl ◊ÊÒ¡ÍŒÊ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ Ÿ ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê S¬Ê≈˜U‚¸ fl‹»§ÿ⁄U ∞‚ÊÁ‚∞‡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ªΔUŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚∑§Ê •äÿˇÊ ¬Ífl¸ Á∑˝§∑§≈U⁄U ◊Ê„UÁ‚Ÿ ⁄U¡Ê ∑§Ê øÈŸÊ– ß‚ •fl‚⁄U ¬⁄U •äÿˇÊ ◊Ê„UÁ‚Ÿ ⁄U¡Ê Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ S¬Ê≈˜U‚¸ fl‹»§ÿ⁄U ∞‚ÊÁ‚∞‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¬Í⁄UË ∑§Êÿ¸∑§ÊÁ⁄UáÊË ∑§Ê ªΔUŸ wy ¡È‹Ê߸ ∑§Ê Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÿªÊ– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ∞‚ÊÁ‚∞‡ÊŸ ∑§ ªΔUŸ ∑§Ê ◊∑§‚Œ π‹ •ÊÒ⁄U Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§ Á„Uà ◊¥ ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ „ÒU–

¬flŸ ’ÊÕ◊ ∑§Ê Á◊‹ ¬Í⁄U •¢∑§ ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ ◊ÊÃË◊„U‹ ‹ÊÚŸ ◊¥ π‹Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„UË ŒÊ ‹Êπ ߟÊ◊Ë ŸÊÚÕ¸ ¡ÊŸ ‡ÊÃ⁄¢U¡ øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ◊¥ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ ¬flŸ ’ÊÕ◊ Ÿ •¬ŸË ’Ê¡Ë ¡ËÃ∑§⁄U ¬Í⁄U •¢∑§ ‚ÊÁ„U‹ Á∑§∞– ¡’Á∑§ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ •Á◊à ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U fl ªÊÁfl¢Œ‡Ê⁄UáÊ ¬Ê¢«Uÿ ∑§Ê „UÊ⁄U ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊ŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏UÊ– fl„UË¥ øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ◊¥ •ãÿ ‚÷Ë fl⁄UËÿÃʬ˝Ê# Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¡Ëà ∑§Ê Á‚‹Á‚‹Ê ¡Ê⁄UË „ÒU– ¬flŸ ’ÊÕ◊ Ÿ ‡ÊÁÄߪ⁄U ∑§ ∑§∞‹ ªª¸ ∑§Ê Á‡Ê∑§Sà ŒË, ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ •Á◊à ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ß‹Ê„UÊ’ÊŒ ∑§ ¬˝ŒË¬ ¬ÊΔU∑§ fl ªÊÁfl¢Œ‡Ê⁄UáÊ ¬Ê¢«Uÿ ∑§Ê ∑§ÊŸ¬È⁄U ∑§ •Á÷·∑§ ∑§ „UÊÕÊ¥ „UÊ⁄U ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊ŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏UÊ– •ãÿ ◊È∑§Ê’‹Ê¥ ◊¥ ÁŒÀ‹Ë „U⁄UË‡Ê ‡Ê◊ʸ Ÿ ’⁄U‹Ë ∑§ •¡ÿflË⁄U ∑§Ê, ∑§ÊŸÈ¬⁄U ∑§ Áflfl∑§ ‡ÊÈÄ‹ Ÿ ’⁄U‹Ë ∑§ ⁄UÊ¡flË⁄U ∑§Ê, ß‹Ê„UÊ’ÊŒ ∑§ „UÁ⁄U•Ê◊ Ÿ ªÊ¥«UÊ ∑§ •ê’⁄UË‡Ê ‚Ê„ÍU ∑§Ê, •Êª⁄UÊ ∑§ •ÊÁ’Œ •‹Ë Ÿ ß‹Ê„UÊ’ÊŒ ∑§ ‚Ë¬Ë flÊ¡¬ÿË ∑§Ê, flÊ⁄UÊáÊ‚Ë ∑§ ªÊÁfl¢Œ ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U Ÿ Œ„U⁄UÊŒÍ ∑§ •ÁŸ‹ ªÒ⁄UÊ‹Ê¥ ∑§Ê „U⁄UÊÿÊ–

ÿÍÁŸ≈UË Ÿ ß⁄U◊ ∑§¬ ∑§Ê ÁπÃÊ’ ¡ËÃÊ ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ‚ ’ÊÁœÃ ◊Òø ◊¥ ÿÍÁŸ≈UË •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë Ÿ ∞‹«UË∞‚Ë‚Ë ∑§Ê ¬⁄UÊÁ¡Ã ∑§⁄U ß⁄U◊ ∑§¬ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ ∑§Ê ÁπÃÊ’ •¬Ÿ ŸÊ◊ Á∑§ÿÊ– øÊ⁄U’ʪ ⁄U‹fl S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ ◊¥ ¬„U‹ π‹Ã „ÈUÿ ∞‹«UË∞‚Ë‚Ë Ÿ xÆ •Êfl⁄U ◊¥ }U Áfl∑§≈U ∑§ ŸÈ∑§‚ÊŸ ¬⁄U vzÆ ⁄UŸ ’ŸÊÿ– ≈UË◊ ∑§ ◊ŸÊ¡ Á‚¢„U Ÿ y} •ÊÒ⁄U ⁄UÊ„ÈU‹ ⁄UÊflà Ÿ yÆ ⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ÿÊªŒÊŸ ÁŒÿÊ– ÿÍÁŸ≈UË ∑§ ⁄UflË¥º˝ ‚Ê‹¢∑§Ë Ÿ y Áfl∑§≈U ¤Ê≈U∑§– ¡flÊ’ ◊¥ ¡Ëà ∑§ Á‹ÿ ÁŸœÊ¸Á⁄Uà vzv ⁄UŸÊ¥ ∑§ ‹ˇÿ ∑§Ê ¬Ë¿UÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ©UÃ⁄UË ÿÍÁŸ≈UË ∑§Ë ≈UË◊ vy.x •Êfl⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ ÃËŸ Áfl∑§≈U ¬⁄U {| ⁄UŸ ’ŸÊ ¬Ê߸ ÕË Á∑§ Ã÷Ë ’ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê „UÊŸ ‹ªË– •ÊÒ⁄U •ê¬Êÿ⁄UÊ¥ Ÿ «U∑§ flÊÕ¸ ‹È߸‚ ÁŸÿ◊ ∑§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ÿÍÁŸ≈UË ∑§Ê w ⁄UŸ ‚ Áfl¡ÿË œÊÁ·Ã ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ–


⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ¬˝Á‚Áh ∑§Ë Á»§⁄UÊ∑§ ◊¥ ‹πŸ™§– ÿÍ¢ ÃÊ Áfl‡fl ◊¥ ÖÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U ‹ÊªÊ¥ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª π‹ ‚ •ŸÁ÷ôÊ „ÒU ÿ„U π‹ Á¬¿U‹ vÆ ‚¢ŒË¬ ¬Ê‹ fl·ÊZ ‚ Áfl‡fl π‹ ¡ªÃ ◊¥ •¬ŸË ∞∑§ •‹ª ¬„UøÊŸ ’ŸÊŸ ∑§Ë ¡ÈªÃ ◊¥ ‹ªÊ „ÈU•Ê „ÒU– •Ê¡ ÷‹ „UË ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª π‹ ∑§ M§¬ ◊¥ •ãÿ π‹Ê¥ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„U ¬Êڬȋ⁄U Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU ‹Á∑§Ÿ ◊¡ŒÊ⁄U ’Êà ÿ„U „ÒU Á∑§ •Ê¡ Áfl‡fl ¡ªÃ ◊¥ π‹Ê¥ ∑§Ë œ«∏U∑§Ÿ ◊¥ ÁªŸ ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹ π‹ Á∑˝§∑§≈U, »È§≈U’ÊÚ‹, „UÊÚ∑§Ë, ≈UÁŸ‚, ≈U’‹ ≈UÁŸ‚, ’Ò«UÁ◊¢≈UŸ ‚◊à Ã◊Ê◊ ∞‚ π‹ „ÒU Á¡Ÿ‚ ¡È«∏U Áπ‹ÊU«∏UË ⁄UÊ¡ÊŸÊ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ z, vÆ, vz Á◊Ÿ≈U ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U– fl„U ß‚Á‹∞ ÃÊÁ∑§ fl„U •¬ŸÊ S≈ÒUÁ◊ŸÊ ’…∏UÊ ‚∑¥§– ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ⁄UÊ¬ S∑§ËÁ¬¢ª ‚¢ÉÊ ∑§ ‚Áøfl ÁflÁ¬Ÿ ¤ÊÈÁ⁄UÿÊ ∑§Ë ◊ÊŸ ÃÊ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ◊¥ ÷‹ „UË ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ Áfl‡fl SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ∑§Ê߸ ¬„UøÊŸ Ÿ„UË¥ ’ŸÊ ‚∑§Ê „ÒU ‹Á∑§Ÿ wÆÆw ‚ •’ Ã∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà ߂ π‹ ◊¥ •¬ŸË ¡«∏ ◊¡’Íà ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ ‹ªÊ „ÈU•Ê „ÒU– ß‚ π‹ ∑§Ê ÿÍ¬Ë •Ê‹Áê¬∑§ ‚¢ÉÊ ‚ ◊ÊãÿÃÊ ¬˝Ê# „Ò¥U– ÁflÁ¬Ÿ ∑§Ê ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª •Õʸà ⁄US‚Ë∑ͧŒ π‹ ‚ „U◊ ‚÷Ë ÷‹Ë ÷Ê¢Áà ¬Á⁄UÁøà „Ò¥U– ªÊ¢fl, Œ„UÊà ∑§ S∑ͧ‹Ê¥, „UÀÕ Ä‹’Ê¥ fl S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ ◊¥ „U◊Ÿ •Ä‚⁄U ’Ê‹∑§’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê•Ê¥ ∑§Ê ⁄US‚Ë ∑ͧŒÃ ŒπÊ „ÒU– ∑ȧ¿U ‹Êª ⁄US‚Ë∑ͧŒ fl¡Ÿ ÉÊ≈UÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÊ ∑ȧ¿U S≈UÁ◊ŸÊ ’…∏UÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U– ⁄US‚Ë ∑ͧŒ ∑§Ê π‹ ª˝Ê◊ËáÊ ˇÊòÊÊ¥ ◊¥ ‚¢‚ÊœŸÊ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ∑§ ø‹Ã, ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê•Ê¥ ◊¥ Áfl‡Ê· L§Áø ∑§ M§¬ ◊¥ ‹Ê∑§Á¬˝ÿ „ÒU– ÁflÁ¬Ÿ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ •Ê¡ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª (⁄S‚Ë∑Í § ŒU)Áfl‡fl SÃ⁄UËÿ π‹ ∑§ M§¬ ◊¥ Ã¡Ë ‚ »Ò§‹ÃÊ ¡Ê ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ⁄US‚Ë∑ͧŒ ∑§Ê π‹ vÆÆÆ Ã⁄UË∑§Ê¥ ‚ π‹Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU – •¢Ã⁄U⁄UÊCÔ˛UËÿ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª »§«U⁄U‡ÊŸ (∑§ŸÊ«UÊ) ∑§ Ãàflʜʟ ◊¥ |Æ ‚ Á¬ÿÊ‹Ë ÉÊÊ· •Áœ∑§ Œ‡ÊÊ¥ ◊¥ ÿ„U ‚¢øÊÁ‹Ã „UÒ– ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ÿ„U ‹ª÷ª ŸÊÒ fl·¸ ¬Ífl¸ ‡ÊÈM§ „ÈU•Ê „ÒU– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ©U¬ˇÊÊ ∑§Ë fl¡„U ‚ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ‚¢S∑ΧÁà ∑§Ë ß‚U ÁfllÊ ∑§Ë ¬˝ªÁà •Ê‡ÊÊŸÈM§¬ Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊ ‚∑§Ë „ÒU– ¬⁄UãÃÈ flø◊ÊŸ ◊¥ ÿ„U ‹ª÷ª wz ⁄UÊÖÿÊ¥ ◊¥ ‹Ê∑§Á¬˝ÿ „ÒU– ÿ„UË Ÿ„UË¥ ¡ê◊Í-∑§‡◊Ë⁄U π‹ ∑ͧŒ Áfl÷ʪ ◊¥ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ê •ÁŸflÊÿ¸ π‹ ÉÊÊÁ·Ã ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ „ÒU– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ê S∑ͧ‹ ªê‚ »§«U⁄U‡ÊŸ •ÊÚ»§ ߢÁ«UÿÊ ‚ ÷Ë ◊ÊãÿÃÊ ¬˝Ê# „ÒU– fl„UË¥ ⁄UÊ¬ ∞‚ÊÁ‚∞‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚¢ÿÈÄà ‚Áøfl •ÊÒ⁄U ‹πŸ™§ ⁄UÊ¬ ∞‚ÊÁ‚∞‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ‚Áøfl Á¬ÿÊ‹Ë ÉÊÊ· Ÿ ‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë«U ‚ ’Êà ∑§⁄UÃ „ÈU∞ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª π‹ ∑§Ê fláʸŸ flŒÊ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ¬…∏UŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹ÃÊ „ÒU ß‚∑§Ê ßÁÄUÊ‚ ’„ÈUà ¬È⁄UÊŸÊ „ÒU– ¬„U‹ ⁄UÊ¡Ê•Ê¥-◊„UÊ⁄UÊ¡Ê•Ê¥ ∑§ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ ÿ„U ÁflÁ÷㟠¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ‚ π‹ ¡ÊÃÊ ÕÊ– flø◊ÊŸ ◊¥ ∑ȧ¿U ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ⁄US‚Ë ∑ͧŒ ∑§Ê ‚≈UË∑§ ◊Í‹ S¬CÔU Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU, fl„U ß‚∑§Ë ©Uà¬ÁûÊ ∑§ŸÊ«UÊ •ÊÒ⁄U •ÊÚS≈˛UÁ‹ÿÊ ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U– ¡’Á∑§ ¬Á‡ø◊Ë ‚¢S∑§⁄UáÊÊ¥ ∑§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ÿ„U Á◊d mÊ⁄UÊ v{ÆÆ ß¸.¬Í. ∑§ •Ê‚-¬Ê‚ ©Uà¬ãŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ– ∑ȧ¿U ∑§Ê ◊ÊŸŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ÿ„U π‹ v~yÆ •ÊÒ⁄U v~zÆ ∑§ Œ‡Ê∑§ ◊¥ •◊Á⁄U∑§Ë ’ìÊÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¬‚¢Œ ’Ÿ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– Á¬ÿÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ⁄US‚Ë ∑ͧŒ ∞∑§ ‚¢ªÁΔUà ¬˝ÁÃS¬œÊ¸à◊∑§ π‹ „ÒU ÿ„U »È§≈Ufl∑¸§, ‡ÊÁÄÃ, ∑§ß¸ •¢«U‚¸ •ÊÒ⁄U ⁄US‚Ë ¡Ê«∏UÃÊ«∏U ∑§Ê҇ʋ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ‚¢ÿÊ¡Ÿ ∑§Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ

π‹ ‚¢ÉÊ ◊¥ ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ÿÍ¬Ë ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ‚¢ÉÊ

„ÒU– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ∑§ß¸ ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ•Ê¥ ◊¥ ∞Õ‹Ë≈UÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ‚◊ÿ ‚Ë◊Ê ∑§ ÷ËÃ⁄U ∑§ß¸ ∑ͧŒ ∑§⁄UŸË „UÊÃË „ÒU– ©UŒÊ„U⁄UáÊ—- ¡ÊÁ‹∞‹ ∑§◊åŸË⁄U Ÿ xÆ ‚∑¥§«U ◊¥ wÆÆ ∑ͧŒ ∑§Ê Áfl‡fl Á⁄U∑§ÊÚ«¸U ’ŸÊÿÊ– ©Uã„UÊ¥Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ê Áfl‡fl∑§¬ „U⁄U ŒÊ fl·¸ ’ÊŒ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU– wÆÆ{ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª Áfl‡fl∑§¬ ∑§Ë ◊¡Ê’ÊŸË ∑§ŸÊ«UÊ Ÿ ∑§Ë ÕË– ©U‚∑§ ’ÊŒ wÆÆ} ◊¥ ∑§¬ ≈UÊ©UŸ, ŒÁˇÊáÊ •»˝§Ë∑§Ê, wÆvÆ ◊¥ ‹¢ŒŸ, ߢNjҥ«U ◊¥ „ÈU߸ ÕË ¡’Á∑§ øÊÒÕË ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ߸ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ~ »§⁄Ufl⁄UË wÆÆz ŸÿË ÁŒÀ‹Ë ÃÊ‹∑§≈UÊ⁄UÊ S≈UÁ«Uÿ◊ ‚ê¬ãŸ „È߸ ÕË– Á¬ÿÊ‹Ë ÉÊÊ· ‚ ’ÊÃøË× ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§⁄UÃË ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ë Á⁄UÃÍ Á‚¢„U •ÊÒ⁄U Á¬˝ÿ¢∑§Ê ÿÊŒfl ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ⁄US‚Ë ∑ͧŒ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈM§•Êà ∑§’ „ÈU߸ •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚◊¥ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ∑§ÊÒŸ ∑§Ê Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ÷ʪ ‹ ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§ Á∑§Ÿ ⁄UÊÖÿÊ¥ ◊¥ ‚’‚ ÖÿÊŒÊ ‚Ê SÕÊŸ „ÒU? ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ë ‡ÊÈL§•Êà ‚Êà fl·¸ ¬Ífl¸ π‹Ê ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ©UŸ∑§Ê Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ∑§ÊÒŸ ‚Ê SÕÊŸ „Ò¥? ∑§⁄U‹, ◊äÿ ¬˝Œ‡Ê •ÊÒ⁄U ÿ„U ÁŒÀ‹Ë ◊¥ •Áœ∑§ π‹Ê „ÈU߸ ÕË •ÊÒ⁄U ©UûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ¿UΔUflÊ¢ SÕÊŸ „Ò– ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ©UÄà ⁄UÊÖÿ „UË ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ◊¥ Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ∑˝§◊‡Ê— v, w ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ë ¬∑§«∏U ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ∑§◊ ªÊ¢fl ◊¥ ÖÿÊŒÊ •ÊÒ⁄U x SÕÊŸ ¬⁄U „Ò¥U– ß‚ π‹ ◊¥ Á∑§‚ flª¸ ∑§ ⁄Uʬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ‚ Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ¡È«U∏ ∑§◊, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§⁄UÊ« U∏ Ê¥ ∑§⁄UÃ „ÒU¥ Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ÖÿÊŒÊ ÷ʪ ‹Ã „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ ⁄UÊ҇ʟ S∑ͧ‹Ë Ÿ‡ÊŸ‹ ⁄UÊ¬ S∑§ËÁ¬¢ª øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ¿UûÊ˪¢…∏U ◊¥ •Ä≈ÍU’⁄U ◊¥ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§ ÄÿÊ ŸÊ◊ „Ò¥U? ŸÃʪË⁄UË Ÿ„UË¥ π‹ øÊ„UÃ „ÒU, ß‚Á‹∞ ‚¢ÉÊ ŸÃÊ ∑§Ê ⁄UπÊ ŒÍ⁄U ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ◊¥ ◊Á„U‹Ê Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚¢ÅÿÊ |Æ ¬˝ÁÇÊà ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ‚ Á∑§ÃŸ Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ¡È«∏U „Ò¥U? „ÒU, ¬ÈL§·Ê¥ ∑§Ë xÆ ¬˝ÁÇÊà „ÒU– Áfl‡ÊÊ‹ øÊÒ„UÊŸ, ∑§ÊÒ‡ÊÊê’Ë Á¬ÿÊ‹Ë Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚¢ÅÿÊ ’ÃÊ ¬ÊŸÊ ÿÊŒfl, ŸËÃÍ ªÊÒÃ◊, Ÿ◊Ÿ, Á⁄UÃÈ Á‚¢„U, Á¬˝ÿ¢∑§Ê, ŒËŸÊ, ‚¢Á∑§Ã, ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „ÒU ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∞∑§ ◊¢«U‹Ëÿ ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ ◊¥ ‹ª÷ª ÁflÁ¬Ÿ ∞‚ Áπ‹Ê«∏UË „ÒU Á¡ã„UÊ¥Ÿ π‹ ◊¥ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ {ÆÆ ¬ÈL§·-◊Á„U‹Ê Áπ‹Ê«∏UË ÷ʪ ‹Ã „Ò¥U– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ⁄UÊ¬ ⁄UÊ҇ʟ Á∑§ÿÊ– ©UÄà Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ Ÿ ◊Í‹ ∑ͧŒ, ¬Ê⁄U, ÷∑§, ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ Á»§≈UŸ‚ ∑§ ÃÊÒ⁄U ¬⁄U Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ∑§⁄UÊ«∏UÊ¥ ∑˝§Ê©U¡⁄U ◊¥ ©UêŒÊ ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ– ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ⁄UÊ¬ Á∑§ÃŸ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë „UÊÃË „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U Áπ‹Ê«∏UË fl ‹Êª ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥U– ß‚∑§Ë ÄÿÊ ∑§Ë◊à „ÒU? ß‚ ¬⁄U Á¬ÿÊ‹Ë Ÿ ∑§„UÊ Á∑§ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ⁄UÊ¬ ŸÊÿ‹ÊÚŸ •ÊÒ⁄U S≈UË‹ flÊÿ⁄U ŒÊ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë „UÊÃË „ÒU Á¡‚∑§Ë ‹ê’Ê߸ ‹ª÷ª ÃËŸ ◊Ë≈U⁄U „UÊÃË „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚∑§Ë ∑§Ë◊à {Æ L§¬∞ ‚ wÆÆ L§¬∞ Ã∑§ „UÊÃË „ÒU– •Ê¬∑§ ‚¢ÉÊ ∑§Ê •äÿˇÊ ∞∑§ ≈UËø⁄U „ÒU ∑§Ê߸ ŸÃÊ Ÿ„Ë¥, ∞‚Ê ÄÿÊ¥? „U◊ π‹ ∑§Ê ’…∏UÊflÊ ŒŸÊ øÊ„UÃ „ÒU ŸÃʪË⁄UË ∑§Ê Ÿ„UË¥, ß‚Á‹∞ „U◊Ÿ ‚¢ÉÊ ∑§Ê •äÿˇÊ Á∑§‚Ë ŸÃÊ ∑§Ê Ÿ„UË¥ ’ŸÊÿÊ, ŸÃÊ•Ê¥ Ÿ Œ‡Ê ◊¥ π‹ ∑§Ë ÄÿÊ Œ‡ÊÊ ∑§⁄U ŒË „ÒU ÿ„U Á∑§‚Ë ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ⁄UÊ¬ ‚ Á¿U¬Ê Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ ∑§ •ÊÿÊ¡Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ L§¬ÿÊ ∑§„UÊ¢ ‚ ⁄UÊ¬ ÁS∑§Á¬¢ª ∑§Ë ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ Á∑§ÃŸ flªÊZ ◊¥ •ÊÃÊ „ÒU, ÄÿÊ ‚¢ÉÊ ∑§Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ◊ŒŒ Á◊‹ÃË „ÒUÔ? ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ ∑§ •ÊÿÊ¡Ÿ ∑§Ê πø¸ ‚¢ÉÊ πÈŒ ©UΔUÊÃÊ „ÒU •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã „UÊÃË „ÒU? •ÊÿÈ flª¸ Æ-{ Á◊ŸË, (¡Ÿ¬ŒËÿ)– |-vw ‚’ •ÊÒ⁄U ß‚∑§ Á‹∞ ‚¢ÉÊ ∑§ ‚ŒSÿ •¬ŸË ¡’ ‚ L§¬ÿÊ ŒÃ ¡ÍÁŸÿ⁄U, (◊¢«U‹Ëÿ)– vx-v} ¡ÍÁŸÿ⁄U (¬˝Œ‡Ê SÃ⁄UËÿ), „Ò¥U– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ◊ŒŒ Á‚»¸§ Á∑˝§∑§≈U ∑§ Á‹∞ „ÒU „U◊Ê⁄U π‹ ∑§ v} ‚ ™§¬⁄U (⁄UÊCÔ˛UËÿ) ÃÕÊ •Ê¬Ÿ ◊¥ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë •ÊÿÈ flª¸ Á‹∞ Ÿ„UË¥–


Lucknow, July 23, 2011

„UÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ê ÉÊ◊Ê‚ÊŸ vz ‚ ◊Èê’߸– Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U ∑‘§ •Ê߸¬Ë∞‹ ∑ ’ÊŒ •’ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ë •Ê߸¬Ë∞‹§ ‚Ë⁄UË¡ π‹Ë ¡Ê∞ªË– vx ÁŒ‚¥’⁄U ‚ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë ß‚ ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ •ÊΔ ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë ∑§È‹ •ÊΔ ≈UË◊¥ Á„S‚Ê ‹¥ªË∞ Á¡Ÿ◊¥ Œ‚ËÁflŒ‡ÊË Áπ‹Ê«∏Ë ÷ʪ ‹¥ª– ÷Ê⁄Uà ‚◊à ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ÷⁄U ∑‘§ |{ „ÊÚ∑§Ë Áπ‹Ê«∏Ë vz ÁŒ‚¥’⁄U ‚ ww ¡Ÿfl⁄UË Ã∑§ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë Áfl‡fl „ÊÚ∑§Ë ‚ËÁ⁄U¡ ◊¥ ÷ʪ ‹¥ª– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ◊„Ê‚¥ÉÊ •ı⁄U ÁŸê’‚ S¬Ù≈U‚¸ mÊ⁄UÊ •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã ∑§Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„Ë Áfl‡fl „ÊÚ∑§Ë ‚ËÁ⁄U¡ ◊¥ {v ◊Òø π‹ ¡Ê∞¥ª– ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ¬⁄U •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà •ÊΔ »˝¥§øÊß¡Ë ≈UË◊Ù¥ ∑‘§ ∑§#ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ∑§⁄U ŒË ªß¸ „ÒU– ߟ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ‡ÊË·¸ •¥Ã⁄U⁄UÊC˛Ëÿ Áπ‹Ê«∏Ë ‚⁄UŒÊ⁄UÊ Á‚¥„∞ ∞Á«˛ÿŸ Á«‚Í¡Ê∞ •¡È¸Ÿ „‹å¬Ê •ı⁄U ¬˝÷¡Ùà Á‚¥„ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ÿ ‚÷Ë •ı⁄U «˛Òª Áç‹∑§⁄U ‚¥ŒË¬ Á‚¥„ ÿ„Ê¥ ◊ı¡ÍŒ Õ– øÊ⁄U •ãÿ ≈UË◊Ù¥ ∑‘§ ∑§#ÊŸ •ÊÚS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ ∑‘§ ’˝¥≈U ‹Ëfl⁄U◊Ù⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ ∑‘§ ⁄U„ÊŸ ’≈U∞ S¬Ÿ ∑‘§ ¬Ífl¸ ∑§#ÊŸ ⁄UıÁŒ˝ªÙ ªÊ⁄U¡Ê •ı⁄U •¡¥¸≈UËŸÊ ∑‘§ ‹È∑§Ê‚ Áfl‹Ê „Ù¥ª– ¬Ê¥ø ‚#Ê„ Ã∑§ ø‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ë ‚ËÁ⁄U¡ ∑‘§ ◊Òø ÁŒÀ‹Ë, ◊È¥’߸, ¬¥¡Ê’, •◊ÎÂ⁄U, ¡Ê‹¥œ⁄U •ı⁄U ø¥«Ëª…∏, ’¥ª‹ÍL§, øÛÊ߸ •ı⁄U „ÒŒ⁄UÊ’ÊŒ ◊¥ π‹ ¡Ê∞¥ª– ŒÙ •ı⁄U ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ’ÊŒ ◊¥ „٪˖ ÁŸê’‚ ∑§êÿÈÁŸ∑‘§‡Ê¥‚ ∑‘§ ∑§Êÿ¸∑§Ê⁄UË •äÿˇÊ „⁄UË‡Ê ÕflÊŸË Ÿ •Ê߸∞ø∞» •äÿˇÊ •Ê⁄Uá∑‘§áÊ ‡Ê^Ë •ı⁄U ◊ÈÅÿ ‚‹Ê„∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§¬Ë∞‚ Áª‹ ∑§Ë ◊ı¡ÍŒªË ◊¥ ÿ„ ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ∑§Ë– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬ ◊¥ •¥Ã⁄U⁄UÊC˛Ëÿ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ◊„Ê‚¥ÉÊ ∑‘§ ¬˝◊Èπ Á‹∞¥«˛Ù Ÿª˝ ‚ ◊È‹Ê∑§Êà ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‡ÊË·¸ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÷ʪˌÊ⁄UË ∑§Ê ◊ʪ¸ ¬˝‡ÊSà „Ù ªÿÊ

„UÊÚ∑§Ë ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ ÁŒÇª¡ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ÁŒπªÊ ¡‹flÊ „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ߟ ‚÷Ë Áπ‹Ê«∏ÿÙ¥ Ÿ xv ◊Êø¸ wÆvv ‚ ¬„‹ ∑§⁄UÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò Á‹„Ê¡Ê ©ã„¥ π‹Ÿ ∑§Ë •ŸÈ◊Áà Á◊‹ ªß¸ „Ò– ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ Ÿª˝ ‚ ◊⁄UË ‹¥ŒŸ •ı⁄U ‹È‚ÊŸ ◊¥ ◊È‹Ê∑§Êà „È߸ ÕË– ÕflÊŸË Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ∞»•Ê߸∞ø ©Ÿ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ¬⁄U ∞Ã⁄UÊ¡ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UªÊ Á¡ã„Ù¥Ÿ xv ◊Êø¸ wÆvv ‚ ¬„‹ „◊Ê⁄U ‚ÊÕ ∑§⁄UÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ◊ȤÊ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ∞‚Ê ∑§ÊŸÍŸË ‚‹Ê„ ‹Ÿ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ „Ë Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ „٪ʖ ∞»§•Ê߸∞ø ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ •Ê߸∞ø∞» ∑§Ù Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ߥÁ«ÿÊ ∑§Ù ◊ÊãÿÃÊ ŒÃÊ „Ò– ÕflÊŸË Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ v|{ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚ yÆ ÁflŒ‡ÊË „Ò¥ ¡Ù •ÊÚS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ,U S¬Ÿ, ߥNjҥ«, ¡◊¸ŸË, „Ê‹Ò¥« •ı⁄U ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ ∑‘§ „Ò¥– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚⁄UŒÊ⁄UÊ, „‹å¬Ê, ¬˝÷¡ÙÃ, Á«‚Í¡Ê •ı⁄U ‚¥ŒË¬ ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ¬Ífl¸ ∑§#ÊŸ ⁄UÊ¡¬Ê‹ Á‚¥„,

ÁŒflÊ∑§⁄U ⁄UÊ◊, ÷Ê⁄Uà ¿òÊË, ⁄Uهʟ Á◊¥¡, œŸ¥¡ÿ ◊„ÊÁ«∑§, Á‡Êfl¥Œ˝ Á‚¥„, ÁflÁ‹ÿ◊ ∑§ÊÀ∑§Ù •ı⁄U ¬˝’Ùœ Á≈U∑§Ë¸ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ≈U͟ʸ◊¥≈U ◊¥ ∑§È‹ {v ◊Òø „Ù¥ª Á¡Ÿ◊¥ ŒÙ ‚◊Ë»§Êߟ‹ •ı⁄U ’S≈U •ÊÚ» Õ˝Ë »§ÊߟÀ‚ „Ù¥ª– •ÊΔ »˝¥§øÊß¡Ë ≈UË◊¥ •¬Ÿ ‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ vy •ı⁄U Áfl⁄UÙœË ≈UË◊ ∑‘§ ‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ vy ◊Òø π‹¥ªË– ∑§È‹ z{ ⁄UÊ©¥« ⁄UÊÁ’Ÿ ◊Òø „Ù¥ª– ⁄UÊ©¥« ⁄UÊÁ’Ÿ ø⁄UáÊ vv ¡Ÿfl⁄UË Ã∑§ ø‹ªÊ– ß‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ vy •ı⁄U vz ¡Ÿfl⁄UË ∑§Ù ‚◊Ë»§Êߟ‹ •ı⁄U v}, wÆ, ww ¡Ÿfl⁄UË ∑§Ù »§Êߟ‹ π‹ ¡Ê∞¥ª– ÕflÊŸË Ÿ ß‚ ’Êà ‚ ߟ∑§Ê⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ Á∑§ ‹Ëª ‚ ¬„‹ ÁŒÀ‹Ë ◊¥ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë øÒÁê¬ÿ¥‚ ≈˛ÊÚ»§Ë •ı⁄U ‹Ëª ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‹¥ŒŸ •Ù‹Áê¬∑§ ÄflÊ‹Ë»§Êÿ⁄U ∑§Ù äÿÊŸ ◊¥ ⁄UπÃ „È∞ ≈U͟ʸ◊¥≈U ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ ’Œ‹Êfl Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò–


ç‹‹¥ŒøŸ– ⁄U≈UË◊ ªߢÁ«U¥ŒÿÊ’Ê¡Ù¥ ‚ ŸÊ⁄UÊ¡ ∑§ ∑§Ùø «¥∑§Ÿ ç‹ø⁄U Ÿ ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê» ¬„‹ ≈US≈U ∑‘§ ‡ÊÈM§•ÊÃË ÁŒŸ •¬Ÿ ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ù¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •¬ŸÊ߸ ªß¸ ‹Ò¥ÇÕ ¬⁄U ŸÊ⁄UÊ¡ªË ¡ÃÊ߸ „Ò– ç‹ø⁄U Ÿ ¬„‹ ÁŒŸ ∑‘§ π‹ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ª¥Œ ÁSfl¥ª ‹ ⁄U„Ë ÕË •ı⁄U fl ß‚∑‘§ •ÊŒË Ÿ„Ë¥ Õ Á‹„Ê¡Ê ‚„Ë ‹Ò¥ÇÕ Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬∑§«∏ ‚∑‘§– »È§‹ ‹Ò¥ÇÕ ‚ ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ë ∑§⁄UŸÊ ’„Ã⁄U „ÙÃÊ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ‚◊⁄U‚≈U ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê» ª¥Œ ÁSfl¥ª Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ ⁄U„Ë ÕË •ı⁄U ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U πÈŒ ∑§Ù …∏Ê‹ŸÊ ∑§Ê»§Ë ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ◊ȤÊ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ù¥ Ÿ ‡ÊÊÚ≈U¸ ‹Ò¥ÇÕ ‚ ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ë ∑§Ë– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ‹ÊÚ«˜‚¸ ∑§Ë Á¬ø ∑§Ê …∏‹ÊŸ ß‚∑§Ê ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚∑§Ê •‚⁄U ¬«∏Ê „Ù– ߥNjҥ« ◊¥ ◊⁄U ∑§Êÿ¸∑§Ê‹ ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ß‚ ¬⁄U ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ë ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ ª¥Œ’Ê¡ ÷Ë ’˝∑§ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ß‚‚ ¬˝÷ÊÁflà „Ù ¡ÊÃ Õ– ç‹ø⁄U ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ù ¬„‹ ÁŒŸ ÃËŸ Áfl∑‘§≈U ‹Ÿ øÊÁ„∞ Õ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ „◊¥ ¡„Ë⁄U ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë π‹Ë ¡Ù „◊Ê⁄UÊ ‚fl¸üÊD ª¥Œ’Ê¡ „Ò–

Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ •ı⁄U ∑§#ÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚ê◊ÊŸ

‹¥ŒŸ– ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ ’Ëø ‚ıfl¥ ≈US≈U ∑‘§ ©¬‹ˇÿ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U ∑§¥≈˛Ù‹ ’Ù«¸ (’Ë‚Ë‚Ë•Ê߸) •ı⁄U ߸‚Ë’Ë ¬˝◊Èπ ¬Ífl¸ ∑§#ÊŸÙ¥ •ı⁄U Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚ê◊ÊÁŸÃ ∑§⁄U¥ª– ߥNjҥ« •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ¬Ífl¸ ∑§#ÊŸÙ¥ •ı⁄U Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ⁄UÁflflÊ⁄U ∑§Ù ¬„‹ ≈US≈U ∑‘§ ‹¥ø ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ߸‚Ë’Ë ¬˝◊Èπ ¡ÊßÀ‚ ÄU‹Ê∑§¸ •ı⁄U ’Ë‚Ë‚Ë•Ê߸ •äÿˇÊ ‡Ê‡ÊÊ¥∑§ ◊ŸÙ„⁄U ∞∑§ Áfl‡Ê· ∑Ò§¬ ¬˝ŒÊŸ ∑§⁄U¥ª– ß‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ¬Ífl¸ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ¬⁄U« „ÙªË, Á¡‚◊¥ ŒÙŸÙ¥ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬Ífl¸ ∑§#ÊŸ ßÿÊŸ ’ÊÚÕ◊, ’ÊÚ’ ÁflÁ‹‚, ŸÊÁ‚⁄U „È‚ÒŸ, ⁄UÁfl ‡ÊÊSòÊË •ı⁄U ‚ı⁄U÷ ªÊ¥ªÈ‹Ë ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ù¥ª– ‚ê◊ÊŸ ‚◊Ê⁄UÊ„U ∑§Ë •ı¬øÊÁ⁄U∑§ ‡ÊÈM§•Êà „Ù øÈ∑§Ë „ÒU–

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Lucknow, July 23, 2011

∑§Ê¡‹ ∑§Ê „ÒU Á‚¢ÉÊ◊ ‚ ©Uê◊ËŒ¥ ÄÿÊ¥ „UÊ ªÿÊ ŸÊ ‚ Á„UãŒË Á»§À◊Ê¥ ◊¥ «UéÿÍ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê¡‹ •ª˝flÊ‹ ‚Êà ‚Ê‹ ’ÊŒ Á‚¢ÉÊ◊ Á»§À◊ ‚ Á»§⁄U ‚ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ«U ◊¥ flʬ‚Ë ∑§⁄U ⁄U„UË „Ò¥U– ‚Ê©UÕ Á»§À◊Ê¥ ∑§Ë Á„U≈U ∞Ä≈˛U‚ ∑§Ê¡‹ ∑§Ê ß‚ Á»§À◊ ‚ ∑§Ê»§Ë ©Uê◊ËŒ¥ „Ò¥U– flÒ‚ ß‚ Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ‚Ê©UÕ ’Ê‹Ê ∑§ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÖÿÊŒÊ ∑ȧ¿U Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU Á»§⁄U ÷Ë fl„U •¬Ÿ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ë ÃÊ⁄UË»§Ê¥ ∑§ ¬È‹ ’Ê¢œÃË Ÿ¡⁄U •Ê ⁄U„UË „Ò¥U– ’ÊÀ«UU ‚ËŸ ‚ ¬⁄U„U¡ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê¡‹ Á„UãŒË •ÊÒ⁄U ‚Ê©UÕ ŒÊŸÊ¥ Á»§À◊Ê¥ ◊¥ ’Ò‹¥‚ ’ŸÊ∑§⁄U ø‹ŸÊ øÊ„UÃË „Ò¥U– •¬Ÿ Á‹∞ ‚»§Œ ⁄¢Uª ∑§Ê ‹∑§Ë ◊ÊŸŸ flÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê¡‹ ∑§Ê ∑Ú§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U Á‚¢ÉÊ◊ Á»§À◊ ‚ ø◊∑§ ¬ÊÃÊ „ÒU ÿÊ Ÿ„UË¥ ÿ„U ŒπŸÊ •÷Ë ’Ê∑§Ë „ÒU–


Lucnkow Lead July 23, 2011 Issue  

Lucknow's First Weekly E-newspaper