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‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë«U Lucknow, October 8, 2011


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Lucknow, October 8, 2011


What is happening to our cities? On one hand parts of the city such as in Gomtinagar or VIP road give the impression of a well-planned metropolis taking shape, but the picture soon appears a big illusion as soon as one moves a little away from these localities. Creating an impression for a political purpose is all right for a politician, but what happens to the city? It has been a loser and shall remain a loser. ike it or not, India is fast becoming urbanized. L Despite our love for the (largely imaginary) quiet and peaceful life in villages, about a quarter of our

Ratan Mani Lal

India appears to be struggling at today's urban scale. The infrastructure in all cities looks dilapidated, weather-beaten, worn-out and crumbling. Access to basic services in most cities is poor. As the urban population continues to grow in view of an unending stream from villages, the cities just cannot seem to keep pace with the pressure on its infrastructure and services.

completed for years, leading to complicated traffic diversions. Extremely poor road engineering and planning has made driving very hazardous even for the country's population lives in cities. Nearly two dozen most careful driver. Because there are no gaps and cities in India have populations over than 10 lakhs, diversions, driving on the wrong side has become far too whereas the four metro cities have more than 1 crore common to be ignored. In fact all the highways leading out people living in each of them. of the city have become extremely dangerous as people on Despite the fact that India has made significant cycles and two-wheelers merrily drive on the wrong side, progress on the economic front, it is doubtful if this endangering their own lives as that of the other drivers. momentum can be sustained unless it acts decisively to Sadly, this wrong driving is ignored by everyone as if it is manage its growing cities. sought to be justified for the lack of any alternative. India appears to be struggling at today's urban scale. The situation within the city is not any better either. The infrastructure in all cities looks dilapidated, weather- Whereas there is absolutely no shortage of police or beaten, worn-out and crumbling. Access to basic services security personnel for VIP duty or monument protection, in most cities is poor. As the urban population continues there is an abysmal shortage of traffic policemen. There to grow in view of an unending stream from villages, the are hardly any to be seen at crucial crossings or difficult cities just cannot seem to keep pace with the pressure on diversions. It appears that either policemen on regular its infrastructure and services. duty do not want to do traffic duty, or there are not enough Cities like Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Banglore, applicants for the thousands of posts in the traffic lying Ahmedabad and Bhopal are filled with mills and factories. vacant for years. All said and done, it is clear that the state Agra and Jaipur also have industries, but their main government and the district administration does not take attraction is tourism. traffic management to be Madurai and Varanasi are of any importance and Cities have emerged as the prime important pilgrimage therefore no priority is centers for Hindus. Cities engines of the Indian economic growth given to it. It is like one of like Lucknow are not necessary evils and generators of national wealth. The those industrial but they are which have to be tolerated, future is inescapably urban. With a hubs of government and therefore a handful of business activities, reluctant traffic policemen total urban population of 285 million, meaning that a large posted on VIP roads India's cities and towns are developing are population keeps coming and crossings. You would at a fast pace. But do Indian cities offer not find any traffic here on a regular daily basis. This transit good quality of life? Though quality of policemen in the vicinity population keeps growing of Charbagh, Chowk, life is subjective and people differ on as governance itself Daliganj, Alambagh or becomes more centralized. various factors based on their incomes, Faizabad road. For them Cities have emerged as in Lucknow may well influences and cultures etc, a good city duty the prime engines of the mean duty on Mahatma must offer basic amenities and Indian economic growth Gandhi Marg, Mall and generators of national Avenue, Kalidas Marg, infrastructure at a cost that makes wealth. The future is Vikramaditya Marg or living convenient and hassle free. inescapably urban. With a Hazratganj. total urban population of Residents of localities 285 million, India's cities and towns are developing at a like Mahanagar, Aliganj, Niralanagar, Singarnagar or fast pace. But do Indian cities offer good quality of life? Vikasnagar have been doomed to live amidst traffic chaos Though quality of life is subjective and people differ on and mismanagement on account of incessant digging, various factors based on their incomes, influences and diversions, encroachments, illegal parking and wrong cultures etc, a good city must offer basic amenities and side driving. But nobody seems to be bothered. infrastructure at a cost that makes living convenient and Cities like Lucknow are destined to play a major role in hassle free. the development of India in the next decade. It is cities While this may not be the right place to comment about like these where major economic and business activity other cities, it certainly is for taking a look at the way will be centered, A lot more people would be coming to Lucknow is growing. It is time to wonder which way it is Lucknow to work, earn and settle down. They will be going. using the city's roads and add to the existing chaos. Although the city has thankfully grown in all Whatever planning takes place now will have to include directions along the highways that radiate towards next future growth. Unfortunately whatever planning took big cities, the concentration of residential and place in the last two decades did not do so, and that is why commercial activity has grown almost uniformly in all today the city is in a mess. directions. As a result, localities along the Kanpur road On one hand parts of the city such as in Gomtinagar or are now as populated and congested as along the Sitapur, VIP road give the impression of a well-planned metropolis Faizabad or Rae Bareli roads. Hectic construction activity taking shape, but the picture soon appears a big illusion as - both residential and commercial - has seen unplanned soon as one moves a little away from these localities. structures coming up all along the roads, at places where Creating an impression for a political purpose is all right they should not be. for a politician, but what happens to the city? It has been a Overbridges and extended roads are lying half- loser and shall remain a loser.


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ ’…∏ ⁄U„Ë „Ò πÈŒ∑ȧ‡ÊË ∑§Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ∞¢ ≈UË◊ ‹πŸ™§ ‹Ë« ‹πŸ™§– ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë •¬ŸË ¡ÊŸ ŒŸ ∑§Ê Á‚‹Á‚‹Ê ¡Ù⁄U ¬∑§«∏ÃÊ ¡Ê ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ¡„Ê° fl·¸ wÆÆz ◊¥ ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë ‚¥ÅÿÊ ‹ª÷ª vÆÆÆ ÕË, fl„Ë° •’ ∞∑§ •ŸÈ◊ÊŸ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ÿ„ ‚¥ÅÿÊ ’…∏ ∑§⁄U wÆÆÆ ∑§Ê •Ê¥∑§«∏Ê ¿Í ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ∞‚Ê ÄUÿÊ „Ò ß‚ ‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ Á∑§ „⁄U ©◊˝ ∑‘§ ‹Ùª Á¡∏ãŒªË ‚ ÁŸ⁄UÊ‡Ê „Ù∑§⁄U ◊ıà ∑§Ù ª‹ ‹ªÊŸ ∑§Ù •ÊÃÈ⁄U „Ù ø‹¥ „Ò¥? •ª⁄U Á¬¿‹ ∑§È¿ ◊„ËŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ•Ù¥ ¬⁄U Ÿ¡∏⁄U «Ê‹ ÃÙ ∞‚Ê ‹ªÃÊ „Ò ∑§Ë ∑‘§fl‹ ¬⁄UˡÊÊ ÿÊ ¬˝◊ ‚¥’¥œÙ ◊¥ •‚»§‹ÃÊ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥, ’ÁÀ∑§ ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË, ÉÊ⁄U flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ë «Ê¥≈U, ‚◊Ê¡ ◊¥ ‚’‚ Á◊‹Ê ÁÃ⁄US∑§Ê⁄U, √ÿflSÕÊ mÊ⁄UÊ ãÿÊÿ Ÿ Á◊‹ŸÊ, ¬ÊÁ⁄UflÊÁ⁄U∑§ ∑§‹„ ÿÊ ¡ËflŸ ◊¥ „⁄U ∑§Œ◊ ¬⁄U „Ê⁄U Á◊‹Ÿ ‚ „ÃÊ‡Ê ‹Ùª ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ¿Ù«∏ ŒŸ ◊¥ „Ë •¬ŸË ÷‹Ê߸ ‚◊¤ÊÃ „Ò¥– ‡ÊÈR§flÊ⁄U | •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ∑§Ù ‹πŸ™§ ∑‘§ ÁøŸ„≈U ÁSÕà ∞∑§ ÁŸ¡Ë «¥≈U‹ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ (‚⁄USflÃË «¥≈U‹ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡) ∑§Ë ¿ÊòÊÊ Ÿ ¬Á⁄U‚⁄U ∑§Ë ∞∑§ ß◊Ê⁄Uà ‚ ∑§ÍŒ∑§⁄U ∑§ÁÕà M§¬ ‚ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄U ‹Ë– ’Òø‹⁄U •ÊÚ»§ «¥≈U‹ ‚¡¸⁄UË ∑§Ë øÃÈÕ¸ fl·¸ ∑§Ë ¿ÊòÊÊ ŒË¬Á‡ÊπÊ (ww) ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ ¬Á⁄U‚⁄U ∑§Ë ∞∑§ ß◊Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ŒÍ‚⁄U ◊Ê‹ ‚ ∑§ÍŒ ªß¸– ©‚∑§Ë ◊ı∑‘§ ¬⁄U „Ë ◊ıà „Ù ªß¸– Á»§‹„Ê‹ ÿ„ S¬C Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ¬ÊÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ Á∑§‚ fl¡„ ‚ ŒË¬Á‡ÊπÊ ßÃŸÊ ’«∏Ê ∑§Œ◊ ©ΔÊŸ ∑§Ù ◊¡’Í⁄U „È߸– ŒË¬Á‡ÊπÊ ∑‘§ ¬Á⁄U¡ŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê •Ê⁄UÙ¬ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§ÊÚ‹¡ ¬˝‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ Ÿ ©‚ Ÿ∑§‹ ∑‘§ ¤ÊÍΔ •Ê⁄UÙ¬ ◊¥ »§¥‚Ê ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ •ı⁄U ß‚ ¬˝ÃÊ«∏ŸÊ ‚ ¿Èéœ „Ù ∑§⁄U fl„ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ù ◊¡’Í⁄U „È߸– w~ Á‚Ãê’⁄U ∑§Ù ‚•ÊŒÃª¥¡ ÕÊŸÊ ß‹Ê∑‘§ ◊¥ vz ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ë •Ê»§⁄UËŸ Ÿ ◊Ê¥ ∑§Ë «Ê¥≈U ‚ ˇÊÈéœ „Ù∑§⁄U •¬Ÿ ∑§◊⁄U ◊¥ »§Ê¥‚Ë ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄U ‹Ë– ß‚Ë ÁŒŸ •Ê‹◊’ʪ ÕÊŸÊ ß‹Ê∑‘§ ◊¥ yÆ ‚Ê‹ ∑‘§ ªÙÁfl¥Œ ’„ÊŒÈ⁄U ˇÊÁòÊÿ Ÿ •¬ŸË ¬%Ë ∑‘§ ÁflÿÙª ‚ ŒÈπË „Ù∑§⁄U »§Ê¥‚Ë ‹ªÊ ‹Ë– ’ÃÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ©‚∑§Ë ¬%Ë ∑§⁄UË’ y ‚Ê‹ ¬„‹ ©‚∑§Ù ¿Ù«∏∑§⁄U ÁŒÑË ø‹Ë ªß¸ ÕË–

(wz) Ÿ ‚À»§Ê‡Ê πÊ ∑§⁄U •¬ŸË ¡ËflŸ‹Ë‹Ê πà◊ ∑§⁄U ‹Ë– ◊ÊÃÊ-Á¬ÃÊ ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ fl„ Ÿı∑§⁄UË Ÿ Á◊‹Ÿ ‚ ∑§Ê»§Ë ÁŒŸÙ¥ ‚ Á«¬˝‡ÊŸ ◊¥ ÕÊ– ‚Êà ◊Ê„ ¬„‹ „Ë ÿÈfl∑§ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÊŒË „È߸ ÕË– fl„ ‹πŸ™§ ÁflEÁfllÊ‹ÿ ◊¥ „Ù≈U‹ ◊ÒŸ¡◊¥≈U ◊¥ ÃÎÃËÿ fl·¸ ∑§Ê ¿ÊòÊ ÕÊ– Á¬¿‹Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ ◊¥ ◊Ÿ◊ÊÁ»§∑§ Ÿı∑§⁄UË Ÿ Á◊‹Ÿ ‚ ŒÈπË ∞◊’Ë∞ Á«ª˝Ë œÊ⁄U∑§ ∑§Ê◊‡Ê (w~) Ÿ ΔÊ∑§È⁄Uª¥¡ ◊¥ »§Ê¥‚Ë ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄U ‹Ë ÕË– ÿ„Ê° Œ„⁄Uʌ͟ ∑‘§ ©‚ ‹Ù◊„·¸∑§ ÉÊ≈UŸÊ ∑§Ê Á¡∏R§ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ÷Ë flÊÁ¡’ „Ò ¡„Ê¥ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊÁŸÿÙ¥ ‚ ¡Í¤Ê ⁄U„ ∞∑§ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U Ÿ Áfl∑§Ê‚Ÿª⁄U ∑§Ë ‡ÊÁQ§ Ÿ„⁄U ◊¥ ¿‹Ê¥ª ‹ªÊ ŒË– Ÿ„⁄U ◊¥ ∑§ÍŒ Œ‚ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ◊¥ •ÊΔ ∑§Ë

◊ıà „Ù ªß¸ „Ò ¡’Á∑§ ∞∑§ ◊Á„‹Ê ∑§Ù ’øÊ Á‹ÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò– ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ◊¥ ÃËŸ ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ ‚Á„à ¿„ ’ëø fl ∞∑§

⁄UÊC˝Ëÿ •¬⁄UÊœ Á⁄U∑§ÊÚ«¸ éÿÍ⁄UÙ (∞Ÿ‚Ë•Ê⁄U’Ë) ∑§Ë ∞∑§ Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ’ÃÊÃË „Ò Á∑§ fl·¸ wÆÆ} ◊¥ Œ‡Ê ◊¥ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑‘§ ∑§È‹ v,wz,Æv| ◊Ê◊‹ Œ¡¸ Á∑§∞ ª∞ Õ– ß‚ ‚Ê‹ z|,{x~ ‡ÊʌˇÊÈŒÊ ¬ÈL§·Ù¥ Ÿ ¡ÊŸ ŒË, ¡’Á∑§ xÆ,wwy ÁflflÊÁ„à ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ Ÿ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§Ê ∑§Œ◊ ©ΔÊÿÊ– ◊ŸÙÁflôÊÊŸ ◊¥ ÿ„ ¬…∏ÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÁflflÊÁ„à ∑§Ë ÃÈ‹ŸÊ ◊¥ •ÁflflÊÁ„ÃÙ¥ ∑‘§ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ‚¥÷ÊflŸÊ •Áœ∑§ „ÙÃË „Ò– ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ Á∑§ fl •¬Ÿ ª◊, ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹¥ Á∑§‚Ë Ÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’Ê°≈U ¬ÊÃ– ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ÃÊ¡Ê •Ê°∑§«∏Ù¥ ‚ ∞∑§ ’Êà S¬C „Ò Á∑§ •Ê¡ „◊Ê⁄U flÒflÊÁ„∑§ ‚¥’¥œ Œ’Êfl ∑§Ê Á‡Ê∑§Ê⁄U „Ù ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ‡Ê„⁄UË ¡ËflŸ ◊¥ ‚◊ÿ ∑§Ê •÷Êfl „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ¬ÁÃ-¬%Ë •ÄU‚⁄U •¬ŸË ÷ÊflŸÊ•Ù¥, Áø¥ÃÊ•Ù¥ •ı⁄U ¬⁄U‡ÊÊÁŸÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ∞∑§-ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’Ê°≈U ¬ÊÃ– flÒflÊÁ„∑§ ‚¥’¥œ ¬ÁÃ-¬%Ë ∑§Ù •ãÿ ’ÊÃÙ¥ ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ÷ÊflŸÊà◊∑§ ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ ÷Ë ŒÃ „Ò¥– Á¡Ÿ ‚¥’¥œÙ¥ ◊¥ ÿ„ ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹ÃË, fl„Ê° •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§Ë ‚¥÷ÊflŸÊ ’…∏ ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ∑§ß¸ ◊Ê◊‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ŒπŸ ◊¥ •ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¬ÊÁ⁄UflÊ⁄U ‚¥’¥œË œÊ⁄UáÊÊ ≈UÍ≈UŸ ¬⁄U •ÊŒ◊Ë ’È⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ≈UÍ≈U ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ∑§È¿ ÁŒŸ ¬„‹ ‹πŸ™§ Á¡‹Ê ∑§Ê⁄UʪÊ⁄U ◊¥ •Ê¡ËflŸ ∑§Ê⁄UÊflÊ‚ ∑§Ë ‚¡Ê ∑§Ê≈U ⁄U„ ∞∑§ ∑Ò§ŒË Ÿ •¬Ÿ ª◊¿ ‚ »§Ê¥‚Ë ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄U ‹Ë – ¬˝◊ ∑§È◊Ê⁄U œÊ⁄UÊ xÆy ∑‘§ •¥Ãª¸Ã ∞‚‚Ë-∞‚≈UË ∞ÄU≈U ◊¥ •Ê¡ËflŸ ∑§Ê⁄UÊflÊ‚ ∑§Ë ‚¡Ê ∑§Ê≈U ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ – ¡‹ ∑§Ë ™§¬⁄UË ◊¥Á¡‹ ¬⁄U „ÊÃÊ ‚¥ÅÿÊ-| ◊¥ ª‹ ◊¥ ª◊¿Ê ’Ê¥œ∑§⁄U ©‚Ÿ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄U ‹Ë – w} Á‚Ãê’⁄U ∑§Ù ∞∑§ ∞◊’Ë∞ Á«ª˝Ë œÊ⁄UË ∑‘§ πÈŒ∑§È‡ÊË ∑§Ù ‹Ùª •÷Ë ÷Í‹ ÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ Õ Á∑§ y •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ∑§Ù „Ù≈U‹ ◊ÒŸ¡◊¥≈U ¿ÊòÊ ‚fl¸¡Ëà ÿÊŒfl

¬ÈM§· ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ Õ– ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ù ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ∞‚ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ M§¬ ‚ ≈UÍ≈U øÈ∑‘§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÁŒ‹Ê‚Ê ŒŸ •ı⁄U œË⁄U¡ ’…∏Ÿ ‚ ©Ÿ◊ ¡ËflŸ ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà ©ê◊ËŒ ¡ªÊ߸ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË „Ò – ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∞∑§ ∑§«flÊ ‚ø ÿ„ ÷Ë „Ò ∑§Ë ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë ÷Ê⁄UË ∑§◊Ë „Ò– ∑‘§¥Œ˝ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ∞∑§ •ÊŒ‡Ê ∑‘§ •¥Ãª¸Ã „⁄U Á¡‹Ê ÁøÁ∑§à‚Ê‹ÿ ◊¥ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§ •ı⁄U ¬⁄UÊ◊‡Ê¸ŒÊÃÊ ∑§Ë ©¬‹éœÃÊ ‚ÈÁŸÁpà ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ù ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ „Ò– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ¡’ ‚ÊœÊ⁄UáÊ «ÊÚÄU≈U⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë „Ë ÷⁄UË

∑§◊Ë „Ò ÃÙ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§ ∑§„Ê° ‚ Á◊‹¥ª ÿ„ äÿÊŸ ŒŸ ÿÙÇÿ ’Êà „Ò–

’¥ŒÍ∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ‚ø ‚¥ÿÈQ§ ⁄UÊC˝ ∑§Ë ¬˝◊Èπ ß∑§Ê߸ ÿÍ∞Ÿ •ÊÁ»§‚ •ÊÚŸ «˛Ç‚ ∞¥« R§Êß◊ (ÿÍ∞Ÿ•Ù«Ë‚Ë)-wÆvv ‚ ¡È«∏Ë Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ¬˝SÃÈà „Ù øÈ∑§Ë „Ò– ÷Ê⁄Uà ‚‡ÊSòÊ Á„¥‚Ê •Ê∑§‹Ÿ ‚ ¡È«∏Ë ß‚ ⁄U¬≈U ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ Á„¥‚Ê ‚ ¡È«∏ wÆÆ~-vÆ ∑‘§ •Ê¥∑§«∏Ù¥ ∑§Ù •ÊœÊ⁄U ’ŸÊÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò– Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ◊¥ ‚Ê»§ ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ Á„¥‚Ê ∑‘§ •ãÿ M§¬Ù¥ ◊¥ ¡ÊÁà •ı⁄U Œ„¡ ‚ ¡È«∏Ë •Ê¬⁄UÊÁœ∑§ Á„¥‚Ê •ı⁄U •Êà◊„àÿÊ ¡Ò‚ •¬⁄UÊœ •ãÿ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÿ„Ê¥

÷Ë Ã¡Ë ¬∑§«∏ ⁄U„ „Ò¥– Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ◊¥ ’¥ŒÍ∑§ ‚ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë ◊ıÃÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÃËŸ üÊÁáÊÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ’Ê¥≈UÊ ªÿÊ „Ò– ¬„‹Ë „àÿÊ, ŒÍ‚⁄UË •Êà◊„àÿÊ ÃÕÊ ÃË‚⁄UË ŒÈÉʸ≈UŸÊfl‡Ê „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë ◊ıÖ ⁄UÊíÿ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •¬⁄UÊœ ‚ ¡È«∏ ¡Ù •Ê¥∑§«∏ ∞Ÿ‚Ë•Ê⁄U’Ë ∑§Ù ©¬‹éœ ∑§⁄UÊ∞ ª∞ „Ò¥ ©Ÿ∑‘§ R§◊’h Áfl‡‹·áÊ ‚ ÿ„ ’Êà ‚Ê◊Ÿ •Ê߸ „Ò Á∑§ flø◊ÊŸ ◊¥ •ÊÇŸÿÊSòÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹„Ê¡ ‚ ÁŒÑË, ◊⁄UΔ, ∑§ÊŸ¬È⁄U, •Êª⁄UÊ, ‹πŸ™§, ß‹Ê„Ê’ÊŒ, flÊ⁄UÊáÊ‚Ë, ¬≈UŸÊ •ı⁄U ߥŒı⁄U ‚’‚ •Áœ∑§ •‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ‡Ê„⁄U ◊ÊŸ ª∞ „Ò¥– ŒÍ‚⁄UË •Ù⁄U ŒÁˇÊáÊ ◊¥ ∑§Ùÿ¥’≈UÍ⁄U, ∑§ÙÁëø, ◊ŒÈ⁄UÒ ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ œŸ’ÊŒ •ı⁄U ⁄UÊ¡∑§Ù≈U ∑§Ù ‚’‚ ‡Êʥà •ı⁄U ‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ‡Ê„⁄U ◊ÊŸÊ ªÿÊ „Ò– ‚Ê◊Êãÿ Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ÿ„ ’Êà ‚Ê◊Ÿ ÷Ë •Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò Á∑§ ŒÁˇÊáÊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ë ÃÈ‹ŸÊ ◊¥ ©ûÊ⁄UË ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ •Ê¬⁄UÊÁœ∑§ Á„¥‚Êà◊∑§ ªÁÃÁflÁœÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ⁄UçUÃÊ⁄U Ã¡ „Ò– flÒÁE∑§ Œı⁄U ∑§Ë ß‚ Ÿß¸ fl ©ŒÊ⁄U •Õ¸√ÿflSÕÊ Ÿ •¬Ÿ Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ÷Ë •Õ¸‡ÊÊSòÊ ∑§Ë Ÿß¸ ¬Á⁄U÷Ê·Ê∞¥ ª…∏Ë „Ò¥– ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U, ‚◊ÈŒÊÿ, ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§ ÁŸÿ¥òÊáÊ, ◊ÍÀÿ, ¬⁄U¥¬⁄UÊ•Ù¥ fl ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ‚¥S∑§ÎÁà ∑‘§ •Êfl⁄UáÊ ∑§Ù ©ÃÊ⁄U∑§⁄U ¬˝ÁÃS¬œÊ¸ fl M§Ã’ ∑‘§ Ÿ∞ ‚◊Ê¡‡ÊÊSòÊ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ß‚Ë Ÿ ¡ã◊ ÁŒÿÊ „Ò– ÷ıÁÃ∑§flÊŒ ∑§Ë ß‚ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ◊¥ √ÿÁQ§ ∑§Ê •∑‘§‹Ê¬Ÿ ©‚ •ÁÃflÊŒË, •‚„Ÿ‡ÊË‹ •ı⁄U •‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ÷Ë ’ŸÊ ⁄U„Ê „Ò– „ÁÕÿÊ⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë ’…∏ÃË ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ê ‚◊Ê¡‡ÊÊSòÊ •Ê¡ ∑‘§ √ÿÁQ§ ∑§Ë ß‚Ë ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ ‚ ¡È«∏ ªÿÊ „Ò– ™§¬⁄U ‚ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ √ÿflSÕÊ ∑§Ë ∑§◊¡Ù⁄UË, ◊ÊŸflÊÁœ∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ê πÈ‹Ê ©Ñ¥ÉÊŸ, ‹Ù∑§ÃÊ¥ÁòÊ∑§ ‚¥SÕÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë ≈UÍ≈UŸ ÃÕÊ œÊÁ◊¸∑§, ŸÎ¡ÊÃËÿ, •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ •ı⁄U ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ø‹Ã Œ‡Ê ◊¥ •‚È⁄UˇÊÊ ∑§Ê flÊÃÊfl⁄UáÊ ’ŸŸ ‹ªÊ „Ò– ∞‚ ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ ÷Ë ∞‚Ê √ÿÁQ§, øÊ„ fl„ Œ‚ ‚Ê‹ ‚ ∑§◊ ©◊˝ ∑§Ê ’ëøÊ „Ù ÿÊ }Æ ‚Ê‹ ‚ ™§¬⁄U ∑§Ê ’ȡȪ¸,

•Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑‘§ øÃÊflŸË ‚¥∑‘§Ã •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§Ê ÁŸáʸÿ •ÄU‚⁄U ∞∑§ ˇÊáÊ ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á‹ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ‹ÙªÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ ∑§ß¸ ÁŒŸ •ı⁄U ∑§ß¸ ÉÊ¥≈U ¬„‹ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ× ß‚ ’Êà ∑‘§ ‚¥∑‘§Ã ∞fl¥ øÃÊflÊŸË Áøã„ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒŸ ‹ªÃ „Ò¥– ‚’‚ ¬˝’‹ •ı⁄U √ÿÁÕà ∑§⁄U ŒŸ flÊ‹ ‚¥∑‘§Ã ‡ÊÊÁéŒ∑§ „ÙÃ „Ò¥ -◊Ò¥ •’ •ı⁄U •Êª Ÿ„Ë¥ πË¥ø ‚∑§ÃÊ „Í¥, ◊⁄U Á‹∞ •’ ∑§È¿ ÷Ë ◊ÊÿŸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ⁄UπÃÊ „Ò ÿÊ Á»§⁄U ◊Ò¥ ‚’ ∑§È¿ ‚◊Ê# ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ‚Ùø ⁄U„Ê „Í¥ -∞‚Ë Á≈Uå¬ÁáÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚ŒÒfl ª¥÷Ë⁄UÃÊ ‚ Á‹ÿÊ ¡ÊŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– •ãÿ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ øÃÊflŸË ‚¥∑‘§ÃÙ¥ ◊¥ „Ò¥•fl‚ÊŒª˝Sà „ÙŸÊ ÿÊ Á◊‹Ÿ‚Ê⁄U Ÿ ⁄U„ ¡ÊŸÊ, ‹Ê¬⁄UflÊ„Ë ‚ √ÿfl„Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UŸÊ, øË¡Ù¥ ∑‘§ R§◊ ‚ ⁄UπŸÊ •ı⁄U ’„È◊ÍÀÿ ‚¥¬ÁûÊ ∑§Ê àÿʪ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ,√ÿfl„Ê⁄U, Sfl÷Êfl •ı⁄U „Êfl÷Êfl ◊¥ ’«Ê ¬Á⁄UfløŸ ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒŸÊ, Ÿ‡ÊË‹ ¬ŒÊÕÙ¥¸ ∞fl¥ ◊ÁŒ⁄Uʬʟ ∑§Ê ŒÈL§¬ÿÙª ∑§⁄UŸÊ,∞∑§ ’„Èà ’«Ë „ÊÁŸ ©ΔÊŸÊ •ÕflÊ ¡ËflŸ ◊¥ ¬Á⁄UfløŸ •ÊŸÊ √ÿfl„Ê⁄U ÁøÑÊ∑§⁄U ⁄UÙŸÊ, ‹«ŸÊ, ∑§ÊŸÍŸ ÃÙ«ŸÊ, ◊Ÿ◊ı¡Ë¬Ÿ, •Êà◊-•¥ªë¿ŒŸ , ◊ÎàÿÈ ∞fl¥ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑‘§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ Á‹πŸÊ, ¬Ífl¸ ◊¥ ÷Ë, •Êà◊„àÿÊ ¡Ò‚Ê •Êø⁄UáÊ, ©ª˝ √ÿfl„Ê⁄U ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ ¬Á⁄UfløŸ ™§¡Ê¸ ∑§Ê •÷Êfl, ÁŸŒ˝Ê •ÁŸÿÁ◊ÃÃÊ ’„Èà •Áœ∑§ ÿÊ ’„Èà ∑§◊ ‚ÙŸÊ, ÷Íπ Ÿ ‹ªŸÊ, fl¡Ÿ ∑§Ê •øÊŸ∑§ ’…ŸÊ ÿÊ ∑§◊ „ÙŸÊ, ¿Ù≈UË ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ’…ÙÃ⁄UË, „Êfl÷Êfl ◊¥ •øÊŸ∑§ ¬Á⁄UfløŸ, ‡ÊÊ⁄UËÁ⁄U∑§ ‚í¡Ê ◊¥ L§Áø ‚◊Ê# „ÙŸÊ ÁfløÊ⁄U ∞fl¥ ÷ÊflŸÊ∞¥ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑‘§ ÁfløÊ⁄U, •∑‘§‹Ê¬Ÿ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ∞fl¥ Á◊òÊÙ¥ ‚ ‚„ÊÿÃÊ Ÿ Á◊‹ŸÊ ÁÃ⁄US∑§Ê⁄U, „ËŸ ÷ÊflŸÊ ‚ ª˝Sà „ÙŸÊ, ª„⁄UË ©ŒÊ‚Ë •ÕflÊ Sflÿ¥ ∑§Ù ŒÙ·Ë ◊„‚Í‚ ∑§⁄UŸÊ, ∞∑§ Ã¥ª ŒÊÿ⁄U ‚ ’Ê„⁄U ÁŸ∑§‹∑§⁄U, ŒπŸ ◊¥ •‚◊Õ¸ „ÙŸÊ, ÁŒŸ ◊¥ SflåŸ ŒπŸÊ, √ÿÊ∑§È‹ÃÊ ∞fl¥ Œ’Êfl, •‚„Êÿ •ŸÈ÷fl ∑§⁄UŸÊ, •Êà◊-‚ê◊ÊŸ πÙ ŒŸÊ ©‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ ’ŸÃË¡Ê ‹«∏Ê߸ ‹«∏Ÿ ‚ ’„Ã⁄U ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á¡¥ŒªË ∑§Ù •‹ÁflŒÊ ∑§„ŸÊ– •Ê¡ ¡M§⁄Uà „Ò Á∑§ ‚÷Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ÁøÁ∑§à‚∑§, ‚◊Ê¡‡ÊÊSòÊË •ı⁄U ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ’«∏ ‚◊¤ÊŒÊ⁄U ‹Ùª •¬Ÿ ÉÊ⁄U •ı⁄U ’„Ê⁄U Ÿ¡∏⁄U ⁄Uπ¥ Á∑§ ∑§„Ë¥ ∑§Ù߸ ŒÈπË √ÿÁQ§ „ÃÊ‡Ê „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ‚¥∑‘§Ã ÃÙ Ÿ„Ë¥ Œ ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ÿÁŒ ∞‚Ê „Ù ÃÙ Á∑§‚Ë ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ ÁøÁ∑§ÃS∑§ ∑§Ù ÿÊ Á∑§‚Ë ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§ ‚¥SÕÊ ∑§Ù π’⁄U ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– ‡ÊÊÿŒ „◊ •Êà◊„àÿÊ ∑§Ë ’…ÃË ‚ÍøË ◊¥ ∞∑§ ŸÊ◊ ∑§◊ ∑§⁄U ‚∑‘§¥–


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


…UÊ∑§, ∞∑§ ‹È# „UÊÃË ∑§‹Ê ‹πŸ™§– ’ËÃ ‚#Ê„U ‹πŸ™§ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ •fl‚⁄U ¬⁄U ’¢ªÊ‹Ë ‚Á◊ÁÃÿÊ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§Ë •jÈà ¤Ê‹∑§ ŒπŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ë– ŒÈªÊ¸à‚fl ∑§Ë Ã◊Ê◊ ÁflÁflœÃÊ∞¢ Á‹∞ ’¢ªÊ‹Ë ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§Ê ‚’‚ πÊ‚ ⁄¢Uª ŒÈªÊ¸ •Ê⁄UÃË ∑§ ‚◊ÿ ’¡Ÿ flÊ‹ …UÊ∑§ ∑§ ‚◊ÿ Ÿ¡⁄U •ÊÿÊU– •Ê⁄UÃË ‚¢ª …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë Õʬ ¬Í¡Ê SÕ‹ ∑§Ê •ÊÒ⁄U •Áœ∑§ ÷ÁÄÃ◊ÿ ’ŸÊ ⁄U„UË ÕËU– ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ê •ÊŸãŒ ŒŸ flÊ‹ …UÊÁ∑§ÿ ’¢ªÊ‹ ‚ „U⁄U fl·¸ ÿ„UÊ¢ …UÊ∑§ ’¡ÊŸ •ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ’¢ªÊ‹ ‚ ‹πŸ™§ •Ê∞ …UÊÁ∑§ÿÊ¥ ∑§ ∞∑§ ‚◊Í„U ∑§ ÁŒ‹Ë¬ ‚ ¡ÊŸÊ ß‚ ¬Ê⁄¢U¬Á⁄U∑§ ∑§‹Ê ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥– ¬Á‡ø◊ ’¢ªÊ‹ ∑§ Á◊ŒŸÊ¬È⁄U ◊¥ ⁄U„UŸ flÊ‹ yÆ fl·Ë¸ÿ ÁŒ‹Ë¬ Á¬¿U‹ vy ‚Ê‹ ‚ …UÊ∑§ ’¡Ê ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ßã„¥U ÿ„U ¬Ê⁄ê¬Á⁄U∑§ ∑§‹Ê •¬Ÿ Á¬ÃÊ¡Ë ‚ Áfl⁄UÊ‚Ã ◊¥ Á◊‹Ë Á¡‚ fl„U •Êª ’…∏UÊ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– fl„U Á¬¿U‹ øÊ⁄U ‚Ê‹ ‚ ‹πŸ™§ …UÊ∑§ ’¡ÊŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ •Ê ⁄U„U „Ò¥– ‹πŸ™§ ◊¥ …UÊ∑§ ’¡ÊŸÊ ßã„¥U ßÃŸÊ ÷ÊÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ÿ„U ◊Èê’߸, ÁŒÀ‹Ë •ÊÒ⁄U ªÊÁ¡ÿÊ’ÊŒ ¡Ò‚Ë •ãÿ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ∑§ ’È‹ÊflÊ¥ ∑§Ê ΔÈU∑§⁄UÊ ŒÃ „Ò¥U– ’¢ªÊ‹ ¿UÊ«∏U∑§⁄U ŒÍ‚⁄U ‡Ê„U⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë •Ê⁄U L§π ÄÿÊ¥, ¡’Á∑§ ’¢ªÊ‹ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ Á‹∞ ¬Í⁄U Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ¡ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU? ß‚ ‚flÊ‹ ¬⁄U ÁŒ‹Ë¬ ÃÈ⁄Uãà ¡flÊ’ ŒÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ’¢ªÊ‹ ◊¥ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§Ê ÃÊ ◊„Uàfl „ÒU ‹Á∑§Ÿ •’ …UÊÁ∑§ÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ◊„Uàfl ∑§◊ „UÊ ªÿÊ „ÒU ß‚Á‹∞ ⁄UÊ¡Ë-⁄UÊ≈UË ∑§ Á‹∞ ’¢ªÊ‹ ¿UÊ«∏U∑§⁄U ŒÍ‚⁄U ‡Ê„U⁄UÊ¢¥ ◊¥ •ÊŸÊ ¬«∏UÃÊ „ÒU– fl„U •Êª ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ’¢ªÊ‹ ◊¥ …UÊ∑§ ’¡ÊŸ flÊ‹ …UÊÁ∑§∞

ßÃŸË ÖÿÊŒÊ ‚¢ÅÿÊ ◊¥ „Ò¢U Á∑§ ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑§ ◊È∑§Ê’‹ fl„UÊ¢ ◊„UŸÃÊŸÊ ∑§Ê»§Ë ∑§◊ Á◊‹ÃÊ „Ò– ÁŒ‹Ë¬ …UÊ∑§ ∑§‹Ê ∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ fl·ÊZ ‚ ŒÈªÊ¸à‚fl ∑§Ë Ã◊Ê◊ ÁflÁflœÃÊ•Ê¥

Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃÊ „ÒU– ÖÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U …UÊ∑§Ë ◊È‚‹◊ÊŸ „UÊÃ „Ò¢– ÿ„U …UÊ∑§Ë ¬Í¡Ê ¬¢«UÊ‹ ◊¥ ∞∑§ πÊ‚ œÈŸ ◊¥ ◊Ê„UÊÒ‹ ∑§Ê ÷ÁÄà ÷Êfl ‚ ‚⁄UÊ’Ê⁄U ∑§⁄U ŒÃ „Ò¥U– ÁŒ‹Ë¬ …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë flø◊ÊŸ ÁSÕÁà ’ÿÊ¢

Á„U‹ÊÃ „ÈU∞ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ¡Ë Á’À∑ȧ‹– ÁŒ‹Ë¬ •Êª ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ Áfl‹È# „UÊÃË ß‚ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê ©U‚∑§ ÉÊ⁄U ÿÊŸË ’¢ªÊ‹ ◊¥ „UË ‚¢⁄UˇÊáÊ Ÿ„UË¥ Á◊‹ ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ’¢ªÊ‹ ◊¥ …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë Õʬ ∑§Ë ªÍ¢¡ ∑§fl‹ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ ÁŒŸÊ¥

◊¥ …UÊ∑§ ÷Ë ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „ÒU– …UÊ∑§ ÿÊŸË πÊ‚ Ã⁄U„U ∑§Ê …UÊ‹ Á¡‚ ’¢ªÊ‹ ◊¥ ¬Í¡Ê fl •ãÿ ‚◊Ê⁄UÊ„UÊ¥ ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ’¡ÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU •ÊÒ⁄U ßã„¥U ’¡ÊŸ flÊ‹ …UÊ∑§Ë ∑§„U‹ÊÃ „Ò¥U– fl„U •Êª ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ÿ„U ∞∑§ ¬Ê⁄ê¬Á⁄U∑§ ∑§‹Ê „ÒU Á¡‚◊¥ Á„UãŒÍ ÿÊ ◊ÈÁS‹◊ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê߸ ÷Œ÷Êfl

∑§⁄UÃ „ÈU∞ ∑§„UÃ „Ò Á∑§ ’Œ‹Ã ‚◊ÿ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ê ŒÊÿ⁄UÊ ÷Ë Á‚◊≈U ªÿÊ „ÒU– ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ‚Á„Uà •ãÿ ‚◊Ê⁄UÊ„UÊ¥ ◊¥ ‚¢ªËà ∑§ •ãÿ ◊Êäÿ◊ Áfl∑§Á‚à „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë Õʬ œË◊Ë ¬«∏U ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ÄÿÊ ÿ„U ∑§‹Ê Áfl‹ÈÁ# ∑§Ë ∑§ªÊ⁄U ¬⁄U „ÒU? ÁŒ‹Ë¬ „UÊ¢ ◊¥ Á‚⁄U

◊¥ ‚ÈŸÊ߸ „UË ŒÃË „ÒU– ¡Ò‚ „UË ¬Í¡Ê πà◊ flÒ‚ „UË …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë Õʬ ÷Ë πà◊– •¬ŸÊ ŒŒ¸ ’ÿÊ¢ ∑§⁄UÃ „ÈU∞ ÁŒ‹Ë¬ ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ „U◊Ê⁄U ¡Ò‚ …UÊÁ∑§∞ •Ê◊ÃÊÒ⁄U ¬⁄U ◊¡ŒÍ⁄UË ∑§⁄U∑§ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ø‹ÊÃ „UÒ¢ ÄÿÊ¥Á∑§ …UÊ∑§ ’¡ÊŸ ‚ ßÃŸË •Ê◊ŒŸË Ÿ„UË¥ „UÊÃË „ÒU

Á∑§ ¬Í⁄U ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ê πø¸ ÁŸ∑§‹ ‚∑§– ’¢ªÊ‹ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ‚ ‚¢⁄UˇÊáÊ Á◊‹ÃÊ „ÒU ÿÊ Ÿ„UË¥? ß‚ ‚flÊ‹ ¬⁄U fl„U ∑§„UÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ’¢ªÊ‹ ◊¥ ∑§fl‹ ¬˝flÊ‚Ë ’¢ªÊ‹Ë ‚◊ÈŒÊÿ „UË ß‚ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê ’øÊŸ ∑§Ë ∑§ÊÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄U ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ’¢ªÊ‹ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê …UÊ∑§ ∑§‹Ê ’øÊŸ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ ∑§Ê߸ äÿÊŸ Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ‹πŸ™ ◊¥ Á∑§ÃŸË ∑§◊Ê߸ „UÊ ¡ÊÃË „ÒU ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ? ◊„U¡ v ‚ w „U¡Ê⁄U L§¬∞ ÁŒ‹Ë¬ ¡flÊ’ ŒÃ „Ò¥U– •ÊŸ-¡ÊŸ ∑§Ê πø¸ ’È‹Ê߸ ªß¸ ‚Á◊ÁÃÿÊ¥ ∑§ mÊ⁄UÊ „UË fl„UŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU ¡’Á∑§ ’¢ªÊ‹ ◊¥ ◊„UŸÃÊŸÊ z ‚ÊÒ ‚ vz ‚ÊÒ L§¬∞ Ã∑§ „UË „UÊÃÊ „ÒU– fl„U •Êª ∑§„U „UÒ¢ Á∑§ •’ ‹Êª …UÊ∑§ ¬⁄U ¬Ò‚Ê Ÿ„UË¥ πø¸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊ„UÃ „Ò¥U ÿÊ ÿÍ¢ ∑§„U ‹¥ Á∑§ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ª⁄UË’Ë Ÿ ß‚ ∑§‹Ê •ÊÒ⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ª⁄UË’ ’ŸÊ ÁŒÿÊ „ÒU ¡Ê ∑§◊ ¬Ò‚Ê¥ ¬⁄U ÷Ë …UÊ∑§ ’¡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ⁄U„UÃ „Ò¥U– fl„U •Êª ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ …UÊ∑§ ◊¥ •Ê◊ŒŸË Ÿ „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ∑§ß¸ …UÊ∑§ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ß‚ ¿UÊ«∏U∑§⁄U •‹ª ∑§Ê◊-œ¢œ •¬ŸÊŸ ‹ª „Ò¥U– ßÃŸÊ „UË Ÿ„UË¥ ß‚ ∑§‹Ê ◊¥ •Ê◊ŒŸË Ÿ „UÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ •’ „U◊Ê⁄U ’ìÊ ÷Ë ß‚ Ÿ„UË¥ •¬ŸÊŸÊ øÊ„UÃ „Ò¢– ∞∑§ Œ‹ ◊¥ Á∑§ÃŸ ‹Êª „UÊÃ „Ò¥U? øÊ⁄U ‚ ¿U„U ‹Êª, ÁŒ‹Ë¬ ¡flÊ’ ŒÃ „Ò¥U– fl„U •Êª ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥U Á∑§ ∑§÷Ë ÉÊ⁄UÊŸÊ¥ ∑§ M§¬ ◊¥ ø‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ë …UÊ∑§ ∑§‹Ê •’ ∞‚ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ „UÊÕ ◊¥ ¬„È¢Uø ⁄U„UË „ÒU Á¡ã„¢ ß‚ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê •Õ¸ ÷Ë ◊Ê‹Í◊ Ÿ„UË¥ „ÒU– ∑§ß¸ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U ∞‚ „UË ‹Êª π⁄UÊ’ …UÊ∑§ ’¡Ê∑§⁄U ß‚ ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ê SÃ⁄U ŸËø Áª⁄UÊ ⁄U„U „Ò¥U– ‡ÊÊÁ‹ŸË ¬Êá«Uÿ

ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ◊¥ ‹Ê∑§ ŸÎàÿÊ¥ ∑§Ë œÍ◊ ‹πŸ™§– ’ËÃ ‚#Ê„U ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ‡Ê¢π, ◊¢òÊÊìÊÊ⁄U, •Ê⁄UÃË ªËÃ, …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë Õʬ •ÊÒ⁄U ⁄UÊ◊‹Ë‹Ê ∑§Ë ªÍ¢¡ ⁄U„UË– Ÿfl⁄UÊÁòÊ ◊¥ ŒÈªÊ¸ ∑§ ŸÊÒ M§¬Ê¥ ∑§Ë œÍ◊œÊ◊ ‚ ¬Í¡Ê „ÈU߸ •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê◊Ë ∑§ ÁŒŸ ©UŸ∑§ Áfl‚¸¡Ÿ ◊¥ ÷Ë ‡Ê„U⁄UflÊÁ‚ÿÊ¥ Ÿ ’…∏U-ø…∏U∑§⁄U Á„US‚Ê Á‹ÿÊ– •‚àÿ ¬⁄U ‚àÿ ∑§Ë ¡Ëà ∑§ Á‹∞ ◊ŸÊ߸ ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹Ë Áfl¡ÿ Œ‡Ê◊Ë ◊¥ ‹ÊªÊ¥ Ÿ ⁄UÊfláÊ ∑§ ¬ÈË »Í¢§∑§ •ÊÒ⁄U ’«∏U „U·Ê¸À‹Ê‚ ∑§ ‚ÊÕ Œ‡Ê„U⁄UÊ ◊ŸÊÿÊ– „UÊ¢ ◊„¢UªÊ߸ ∑§Ë ◊Ê⁄U ¡M§⁄U ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬˝ÁÃ◊Ê•Ê¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ⁄UÊfláÊ ∑§ ¬ÈËÊ¥ ¬⁄U ÁŒπÊ߸ ŒË Á¡Ÿ∑§Ê ∑§Œ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚Ê¡‚îÊÊ „U⁄U ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ë •¬ˇÊÊ ∑§◊ ÕÊ– ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê„U⁄U Ÿ ¬Í⁄U ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ê ÷ÁÄà ÷Êfl •ÊÒ⁄U ©UÀ‹Ê‚ ‚ ‚⁄UÊ’Ê⁄U ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ– ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ ŒÊÒ⁄UÊŸ ‡ÊÊSòÊËÿ •ÊÒ⁄U ‹Ê∑§ ŸÎàÿ •ÊÒ⁄U flÊl flÊl ÿ¢òÊÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¡Èª‹’¢ŒË πÊ‚ ⁄U„UË– ‹È# „UÊ ⁄U„U flÊl ÿ¢òÊÊ¥ ∑§Ë ¡Èª‹’¢ŒË ∑§Ë œÈŸ »§Ò¡Ê’ÊŒ ⁄UÊ«U ÁSÕà ⁄UflËãº˝ ¬À‹Ë ¬Í¡Ê ◊Ҍʟ ◊¥ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ¬⁄U ŒπŸ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚ÈŸŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹Ë– ß‚ ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊ ◊¥ Ã’‹ ¬⁄U ‚¬Ÿ ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U Á‚ã„UÊ, ¬πÊfl¡ ¬⁄U ⁄UÊ◊ ¬ÊΔU∑§, ‚⁄UÊŒ ¬⁄U ⁄Uß Á‚ã„UÊ, „UÊ⁄U◊ÊÁŸÿ◊ ¬⁄U ◊È⁄UÊ⁄UË ◊Èπ¡Ë¸ Ÿ ‚¢ªÃ ∑§⁄U ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê äÿÊŸ •¬ŸË •Ê⁄U πË¥øÊ– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ‚¢ÉÊ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ‚Á◊Áà mÊ⁄UÊ ‚Ä≈U⁄U «UË •‹Ëª¢¡ ◊¥ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã ¬Í¡Ê ◊¥ ∑§Õ∑§ ŸÎàÿÊ¢ªŸÊ ÖÿÊÁà ◊Èπ¡Ë¸ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚ÊSflÃË ◊Èπ¡Ë¸ Ÿ ◊Ê¢ •ÊÒ⁄U ’≈UË ∑§ åÿÊ⁄U ∑§Ë ÕË◊ ¬⁄U •ÊœÊÁ⁄Uà ŸÎàÿ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ŒË– ß‚Ë ∑§«∏UË ◊¥

’¢ªÊ‹Ë ◊Á„U‹Ê•Ê¥ mÊ⁄UÊ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹Ê œÈŸÈøË ŸÎàÿ ÷Ë •Ê∑§·¸áÊ ∑§Ê ∑¥§º˝ ⁄U„UÊ– ÿ„U ŸÎàÿ •Ê⁄UÃË ∑§ ‚◊ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU Á¡‚◊¥ ◊Á„U‹Ê∞¢ ‚◊Í„U ◊¥ ∞∑§ÁòÊà „UÊ∑§⁄U ŸÎàÿ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥U– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ∞‡Ê’ʪ ∑§Ë ⁄UÊ◊‹Ë‹Ê ◊¥ •flœË ‹Ê∑§ ‚◊Í„U •ÿÊäÿÊ ∑§Ë ¬˝SÃÈÁà »§⁄UflÊ„UË ‹Ê∑§ ŸÎàÿ Ÿ ÷Ë Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ê ◊Ÿ ◊Ê„UÊ– •flœ ∑§Ê ÿ„U ŸÎàÿ •„UË⁄UÊ¥ ∑§ ÿ„UÊ¢ Áfl‡Ê· M§¬ ‚ ¬˝øÁ‹Ã ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– »§⁄UflÊ„UË ŸÎàÿ ∑§ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ Ÿ ‡ÊËÃ‹Ê ¬˝‚ÊŒ fl◊ʸ •ÊÒ⁄U ©UŸ∑§ ‚ÊÁÕÿÊ¥ Ÿ ⁄UÊ¡Ê ¡Ÿ∑§ ¡Ë ∑§Ë ‚È¢Œ⁄U Á’Á≈UÿflÊ ∑§Ê éÿÊ„UŸ ø‹ üÊË ⁄UÊ◊ „UÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ⁄UÊ◊ ŸÊ◊ ŸÁŒÿÊ •ª◊ ’„UË ¡Ê∞ ∑§Êß ∑§Êß ©UÃ⁄ÒU „UÊ ¬Ê⁄U ¡Ò‚ •flœË ªËÃÊ¥ ¬⁄U ŸÎàÿ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ŒË– ◊Ê¢ ŒÈªÊ¸ ∑§Ë ¬Í¡Ê ◊¥ øÊ⁄U-øÊ¢Œ ‹ªÊŸ flÊ‹ …UÊÁ∑§ÿÊ¥ Ÿ ÷Ë ‹πŸ™§ ∑§ ◊Ê¢ ŒÈªÊ¸ ∑§ ¬á«UÊ‹Ê¥ ◊¥ …UÊ∑§ ’¡Ê∑§⁄U ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ ◊„UÊÒ‹ ∑§Ê •ÊÒ⁄U •Áœ∑§ ÷ÁÄÃ◊ÿ ’ŸÊ ÁŒÿÊ– ÉÊÁ‚ÿÊ⁄UË ◊¢«UË ÁSÕà ∑§Ê‹Ë ’Ê«∏UË ◊¥ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã „ÈU߸ …UÊ∑§ ¬˝ÁÃÿÊÁªÃÊ ◊¥ ’¢ªÊ‹ ‚ •Ê∞ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ Ÿ •¬Ÿ-•¬Ÿ •¢ŒÊ¡ ◊¥ …UÊ∑§ ’¡Ê∑§⁄U ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê …UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÒÁ‹ÿÊ¥ ‚ ¬Á⁄UÁøà ∑§⁄UflÊÿÊ– ªÈ¡⁄UÊà ∑§ «UÊ¢Á«UÿÊ ŸÎàÿ Ÿ ÷Ë ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ŒSÃ∑§ ŒË– ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U «UÊ¢Á«UÿÊ π‹Ë

ªß¸– ÿÁŒ ’Êà ∑§⁄U¥U Œ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§Ë ÃÊ ¬⁄Uê¬⁄UÊ ∑§ •ãê¸Ã ⁄UÊfláÊ Œ„UŸ ÷Ë ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ •Ê∑§·¸áÊ ∑§Ê ∑§º˝ ⁄U„U– ‚’‚ ™¢§ø ∑§Œ ∑§Ê ⁄UÊfláÊ ∑ΧcáÊÊŸª⁄U ◊¥ zÆ »È§≈U •ÊÒ⁄U ‚’‚ ¿UÊ≈UÊ ∑§ÀÿÊáʬÈ⁄U ◊¥ vÆ »È§≈U ∑§Ê »Í¢§∑§Ê ªÿÊ– ∑§ÀÿÊáʬÈ⁄U ◊¥ vÆ »È§≈U ⁄UÊfláÊ ∑§ ¬ÈË ∑§ ¿UÊ≈U „UÊŸ ∑§ ¬Ë¿U flÁ⁄UDÔU ⁄¢Uª∑§◊˸ ‹Á‹Ã Á‚¢„U ¬ÊπÁ⁄UÿÊ ∑§Ê ©UŒ˜ÔŒ‡ÿ ¬ÿʸfl⁄UáÊ ‚¢⁄UˇÊáÊ ÷Ë ÕÊ– ⁄UÊfláÊ ∑§ ¬ÈÃ‹Ê Œ„UŸ ‚ ¬„U‹

∑ΧcáÊÊŸª⁄U ‚◊à ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã „ÈU߸ ⁄UÊ◊‹Ë‹Ê flÊ‹Ë ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U ‡ÊÊ÷Ê ÿÊòÊÊ∞¢ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹Ë ªßZ– ∑ΧcáÊÊŸª⁄U ∑§Ë ‡ÊÊ÷ÊÿÊòÊÊ ⁄UÊ◊Ÿª⁄U, ’Ê⁄UÁ’⁄UflÊ „UÊÃ „ÈU∞ ª¢Ã√ÿ SÕÊŸ Ã∑§ ¬„È¢UøË– ÃËŸ „UÊÕË, Œ‚ ÉÊÊ«∏U •ÊÒ⁄U ⁄UÕ ¬⁄U ÷ªflÊŸ ∑§Ë ◊ÁøÿÊ¢ •Ê∑§·¸áÊ ∑§Ê ∑¥§º˝ ⁄U„UË¥– ß‚Ë Ã⁄U„U ∞‹«UË∞ ∑§ Á„U㌟ª⁄U ◊¥ Á¬¿U‹ wy ‚Ê‹ ‚ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã „UÊ ⁄U„UË ⁄UÊ◊‹Ë‹Ê ◊¥ Œ‡Ê„U⁄U ∑§ ÁŒŸ ⁄UÊ◊ •ÊÒ⁄U ‚ËÃÊ ∑§Ë ⁄UÕ ÿÊòÊÊ ◊¥ ÷Äà ªáÊ ⁄UÊ◊‹Ë‹Ê SÕ‹ Ã∑§ ¬„È¢ø– Á‡Êfl¡Ë ¬Ê∑¸§ ߢÁŒ⁄UÊŸª⁄U, ÷ÍßÊÕ, ∞ø∞∞‹, ¬˝ËÁà ¬˝Ê¢ªáÊ, ‹Ê≈ÍU‡Ê ⁄UÊ«U, ‚Ä≈U⁄U ∞∑§ •ÊÒ⁄U ŸÊÒ Áfl∑§Ê‚Ÿª⁄U, ‚Œ˜Ô÷ÊflŸÊ ‚Á◊Áà ‚„UÊ⁄UÊ S≈U≈U, ⁄UÁflãº˝ ¬À‹Ë •Ê∑§·¸∑§ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬á«UÊ‹Ê¥ ∑§Ê ∑§ãº˝ ⁄U„U– ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ •fl‚⁄U ¬⁄U »Ò§‡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ≈U‡ÊŸ ÷Ë ¡Ê⁄UÊ¥ ¬⁄U ÕÊ– ◊Á„U‹Ê∞¢, ¬ÈL§· •ÊÒ⁄U ’ìÊÊ¥ Ÿ ¬Ê⁄Uê¬Á⁄U∑§ ¬Ê‡ÊÊ∑¥§ ¬„UŸ∑§⁄U ¡◊∑§⁄U «UÊ¢‚ Á∑§ÿÊ– ’ìÊÊ¥ ‚¢ª ’«∏U-’Í…∏UÊ¥ Ÿ ÷Ë ¬Í⁄U ¡Ê‡Ê ∑§ ‚ÊÕ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê„U⁄UÊ ◊¥ ÷ʪ Á‹ÿÊ– ßÃŸÊ „UË Ÿ„UË¥ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ •ÊÿÊÁ¡Ã ‚¢ªËà ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊Ê¥ ◊¥ Á∑§‚Ë ’«∏U ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑§ Ÿ „UÊŸ ∑§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ÿ„UÊ¢ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ë ÷Ë«∏U ©U◊«∏UË ⁄U„UË– ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê •ÊÒ⁄U Œ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ë ÷Ë«∏U Ÿ ÿ„U ÷Ë ¡ÃÊ ÁŒÿÊ Á∑§ •Ê¡ ÷Ë fl„U •¬ŸË ¬⁄Uê¬⁄UÊ•Ê¥ ‚ ¡È«∏U „ÈU∞ „Ò¥U–


5 ∞∑§ ¡M§⁄UË ŸÊ≈U∑§-2— Lucknow, October 8, 2011

’ÊÀ∑§Ÿ flË◊Ÿ

‹Á‹Ã Á‚¥„ ¬ÙπÁ⁄UÿÊ ÿÁŒ ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ©‚ ¬ÊòÊ ∑§Ê •ãÃ◊¸Ÿ ÿÊ ◊ŸÙ÷Êfl ÕÊ ÃÙ ∑§Ù⁄U‚ mÊ⁄UÊ ‚¥flÊŒ ∑‘§ ŒÙ„⁄UÊfl ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ©‚ ¬ÊòÊ ∑§Ê “Ã≈USÕ” •ÕʸØ Áfl‹ªÊfl flÊ‹Ë ◊ŸÙŒ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ ⁄U„ŸÊ •Êpÿ¸ ∑§Ë ’Êà ÕË– fl„Ë¥ ◊ÈÅÿ ¬ÊòÊ ∑§Ë flÊÁø∑§ •ı⁄U •Ê¥Áª∑§ •Á÷√ÿÁQ§ ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ÷Ë Ã≈USÕ ÁSÕÁà ◊¥ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– „ÊÚ¥ ◊ÈÅÿ ¬ÊòÊ ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà „Ù ⁄U„ ∞ÄU‡ÊŸ ÿÊ ’Ù‹ ¡Ê ⁄U„ ‚¥flʌ٥ ◊¥ ◊Á„‹Ê ∑§Ù⁄U‚ Ÿ ∑‘§fl‹ •¬ŸË ◊ÈπÊ∑§ÎÁà ∑§Ë ÷Êfl÷¥Áª◊Ê•Ù¥ ‚ ¬˝ÁÃÁR§ÿÊ Œ‡Êʸ∑§⁄U ÿÊ ‚ÃØ ÃÑËŸ ⁄U„∑§⁄U ¬˝‡Ê¥‚ŸËÿ ∑§Êÿ¸ Á∑§ÿÊ– ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ∑§Ê ©Áøà ⁄UøŸÊà◊∑§ ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞, ©‚∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ •¬Ÿ ◊ÈÅÿ ¬ÊòÊ ∑‘§ •ãÃ◊¸Ÿ ∑§Ù ©¡Êª⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ê¥Áª∑§ ÁflãÿÊ‚ ∑§Ë ‚Ê◊ÍÁ„∑§ •Á÷√ÿÁQ§ •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ ÕË– ◊ÈÅÿ ¬ÊòÊ •ı⁄U ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ∑‘§ ’Ëø •ÊªÁ¸ Ÿ∑§ ŸÊÁ÷ŸÊ‹ ’¥œŸ ∑§Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ÃÊ ÕË– ¬⁄UãÃÈ ∞‚Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ¬⁄U ‡ÊÒ‹Ë ’Œ‹ ¡ÊŸ ÃÕÊ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ë ªÁà •ı⁄U ≈Uê ¬⁄UÊ◊≈¥ U ¬⁄U ¬˝ÁÃ∑§Í‹ ¬˝÷Êfl ¬«∏Ÿ ∑§Ê πÃ⁄UÊ ÕÊ– ߟ πÃ⁄UÙ¥ ‚ ’ø ⁄U„Ÿ ∑§Ë ◊¡’Í⁄UË ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ∑§Ê ÿ„ ¬˝ÿÙª ◊ÊòÊ “¬˝ÿÙª ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬˝ÿÙª” ’Ÿ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ ªÿÊ– ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ∑‘§ ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§Ë ß‚Ë •‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑‘§ ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ üÊË ‚Íÿ◊¸ Ù„Ÿ ∑§È‹üÊD ∑§Ù üÊD ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ ◊ÊŸŸ flÊ‹ ∞∑§ ‚ÈœË ¬òÊ∑§Ê⁄U ’¥œÈ Ÿ ÷Ë ∞∑§ ‚◊ÊøÊ⁄U-¬òÊ ◊¥ Á‹πÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÿ„ ∑‘§fl‹ ◊¥ø ∑§Ù ‚¥ÃÁÈ ‹Ã ⁄UπŸ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª ’Ÿ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ ªÿÊ „Ò– ¬ÊE¸◊ø ¥ ∑‘§ ‚÷Ë ¬ˇÊÙ¥ ◊¥ •Á÷∑§À¬ŸÊ ∑§Ë ŒÎÁC ‚ ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ë ¬˝‡Ê¥‚Ê Ÿ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ª‹Ã „٪ʖ ‚Íÿ◊¸ Ù„Ÿ ¡Ë Ÿ „◊‡ÊÊ •¬ŸË ¬˝SÃÈÁÃÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ¬ÊE¸◊ø ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •ŸÈ÷flË •ı⁄U ∑§È‡Ê‹ •Á÷∑§À¬∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù øÈŸÊ „Ò– ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ø •Á÷∑§À¬ŸÊ •ı⁄U ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄UÃã ŒÈ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ‚ ¬˝Á‡ÊÁˇÊà ÷Ê⁄UÃã ŒÈ ∑§‡ÿ¬ •ı⁄U ‚ı⁄U÷ ªÈ#Ê Ÿ ’ÊÀ∑‘§Ÿ flÍ◊Ÿ ∑§Ë ◊¥ø •Á÷∑§À¬ŸÊ ◊¥ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ë ª„Ÿ ◊ŸÙŒ‡ÊÊ •ı⁄U ≈Uê ¬⁄UÊ◊≈¥ U ¡Ò‚ •◊Íø ÃûʘflÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ •jÈà ‚»§‹ÃÊ ¬ÊÿË „Ò– ÷Ê⁄UÃã ŒÈ ∑§‡ÿ¬ ÃÙ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ¬˝Á‡ÊˇÊáÊ ¬˝Ê# ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ ¬„‹ „Ë »§Êߟ •Ê≈U‚ ˜¸ ∑‘§ ¬˝ÁÃ÷ʇÊÊ‹Ë ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U „Ò–¥ ¬˝∑§Ê‡Ê ¬Á⁄U∑§À¬ŸÊ •ı⁄U ‚¥øÊ‹Ÿ ◊¥ ’Ë.∞Ÿ.∞. ¬˝Á‡ÊÁˇÊà ŒflʇÊË· Á◊üÊÊ Ÿ ¬˝∑§Ê‡Ê ∑§Ë ÃËfl˝ÃÊ •ı⁄U ÁŒ‡ÊÊ ∑§Ê ‚¥flŒ Ÿ‡ÊË‹ ‚¥øÊ‹Ÿ ∑§⁄U •Ê‹Ù∑§ •ı⁄U ¿ÊÿÊ ∑§Ë ÁflÁflœ ¿≈UÊ•Ù¥ ‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ◊¥ ¬˝ÊáÊ »§Ú∑Í¥ § ÁŒÿ– ⁄Uª¥ -‚¥ªËà ∑‘§ ◊◊¸ôÊ •Ê‹Ù∑§ üÊËflÊSÃfl (Á¡ã„¥ •¬ˇÊÊ∑§Îà ∑§◊ ÅÿÊÁà Á◊‹Ë „Ò) ∑‘§ ‚¥ªËà øÿŸ •ı⁄U ‚¥øÊ‹Ÿ Ÿ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑‘§ ∑§âÿ ∑§Ù ‚ê¬˝Á ·Ã ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ©ûÊ◊ ©à¬˝⁄ U∑§ ∑§Ë ÷ÍÁ◊∑§Ê ÁŸ÷Ê߸– ◊ÎŒ‹ È Ê ÷Ê⁄UmÊ¡ ∑§Ë fl‡Ê÷Í·Ê •Á÷∑§À¬ŸÊ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ ⁄U„Ë– ¬ÊòÊ •ı⁄U ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ë ◊ŸÙŒ‡ÊÊ, ◊ŸÙflÒôÊÊÁŸ∑§ ¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù √ÿQ§ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‹Êߟ, ∑§‹⁄U, ≈UÄ USø⁄U ◊Ê‚ ∑§Ë •◊Íø ÷Ê·Ê ¬∑§«∏Ÿ ◊¥ fl ‚»§‹ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù

¬ÊÿË– ‚ÒÁŸ∑§ flª¸ ∑‘§ ¬ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚Ê¥∑§‘ ÁÃ∑§ ¬˝◊ÊÁáÊ∑§ÃÊ ŒË ªÿË ÕË, ©‚◊¥ •ı⁄U ∑§È¿ ߟÙfl≈U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ªÈ¡ ¥È Êß‡Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ÕË– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ¬˝◊π È SòÊË-¬ÊòÊÙ¥ ∑§Ë fl‡Ê÷Í·Ê ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ë ©‚ flŒŸÊ, ∑§âÿ •ı⁄U ¤Ê¥¤ÊÊflÊà ∑‘§ •◊Íø ∑§Ù ¬˝∑§≈U ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ ŒÍ⁄U-ŒÍ⁄U Ã∑§ •‚»§‹ ⁄U„Ë Á¡‚ fl ¬ÊòÊ •¬Ÿ ∑§¥œÙ¥ ¬⁄U …Ù ⁄U„ Õ– „ÊÚ!¥ SòÊË ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ‚◊Í„ ∑§Ë fl‡Ê÷Í·Ê ◊¥ ∑§‹⁄U, ≈UÄ USø⁄U, ‡Ê¬ ∞á« ‚Êß¡ ∑‘§ ◊Êäÿ◊ ‚ ÿ„Ë ∑§Ê◊ ’„Èà ¬˝÷Êfl‡ÊÊ‹Ë …¥ª ‚ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ– •’ ’Êà •ÊÃË „Ò •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ë– ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ê ¬ÍflʸèÿÊ‚ } ¡ÍŸ ‚ •Ê⁄Uê÷ „Ù ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ‹ª÷ª ‚Ê…∏ ÃËŸ ◊Ê„ ’ÊŒ wv Á‚Ãê’⁄U ∑§Ù ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ê ◊¥øŸ „Ù ¬ÊÿÊ– ÁflÁŒÃ „È•Ê Á∑§ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑‘§ flÁ⁄UDÃ◊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë •¬Á⁄U¬`§ ÃÒÿÊ⁄UË ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ ∑§Ù ŒÙ-ÃËŸ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥øŸ ÁÃÁÕ ∑§Ù •Êª ’…∏ÊŸÊ ¬«∏Ê– ◊¥øŸ ÁÃÁÕ ∑§Ù ’Ê⁄U-’Ê⁄U ’Œ‹Ÿ •ı⁄U ¬˝ÁÃÁŒŸ y-z ÉÊá≈U ∑§Ë Á⁄U„‚¸‹ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ Ÿÿ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¬ÊÁ⁄UflÊÁ⁄U∑§ SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ’«∏Ë ‚◊SÿÊ ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊ŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏Ê, Áfl‡Ê·∑§⁄U ŒÍ⁄U-ŒÍ⁄U ‚ •ÊŸ flÊ‹Ë ‹«∏Á∑§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù– ⁄Uª¥ ◊¥ø ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà •Á÷÷Êfl∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë •ŸÁ÷ôÊÃÊ •ı⁄U ∑Ò§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ∑§Ù ŒÊÚfl¥ ¬⁄U ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U ⁄Uª¥ ◊¥ø ◊¥ ¡Í¤Ê ⁄U„ ∑§È¿ ÿÈflÊ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿ„ ’„Èà ∑§ÁΔŸ ’Êà ÕË „Ë– •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§⁄U¥ Ã٠ߟ Ÿÿ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ê •Á÷Ÿÿ ¬È⁄UÊŸ •ı⁄U •ŸÈ÷flË ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ‚ ’„Ã⁄U ÕÊ– ◊Á„‹Ê ∑§Ù⁄U‚ ∑§Ë •Á÷ŸÁòÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ‚ÃØ Ãã◊ÿÃÊ, ÃËfl˝ ◊ıŸ ¬˝ÁÃÁR§ÿÊ∞Ú¥ •ı⁄U ÁŸDÊ ŒπÃ „Ë ’ŸÃË ÕË– Ÿ„Ê fl◊ʸ •ı⁄U ‡L§Áà ªÈ#Ê ¡Ò‚Ë ŸÿË •Á÷ŸÁòÊÿÙ¥ Ÿ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑‘§ “¬˝Ù»‘§‡ÊŸÁ‹í◊” ∑§Ê ©ŒÊ„⁄UáÊ ÁŒÿÊ– ‚’¸ ‚ÒÁŸ∑§Ù¥ Ÿ ÷Ë ¬Íáʸ üÊhÊ •ı⁄U Ãã◊ÿÃÊ ‚ fl„ ∑§Êÿ¸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ù ©ã„¥ ‚ı¥¬Ê ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ‚◊Ë⁄UÊ ¡ÍÁ‚∑§ ’ŸË ‡ÊÊÁ‹ŸË Áfl¡ÿ •ı⁄U •¬ˇÊÊ∑§Îà ŸÿË •Á÷ŸòÊË ÿÊ‹Ë ∑§Ë ÷ÍÁ◊∑§Ê ÁŸ÷Ê ⁄U„Ë Á‡ÊflÊ¥ªË ◊ŸË· ∑§Ë ¡’Œ¸Sà •Á÷Ÿÿ ¬˝ÁÃ÷Ê ∑§Ê ¬ÃÊ ø‹Ê– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ©Ÿ∑‘§ øÁ⁄UòÊÙ¥ ∑§Ë •Á÷√ÿÁQ§ ◊¥ ÁfløÊ⁄U, ‚⁄UÙ∑§Ê⁄U •ı⁄U flŒŸÊ ∑‘§ ˇÊáÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ©ã◊ÊŒ •ı⁄U •ÊR§Ù‡Ê „ÊflË ÕÊ– ∑§Ÿ¸‹ „⁄UÊ∑§ ∑§Ë ÷ÍÁ◊∑§Ê ÁŸ÷Ê ⁄U„ ¡Èª‹ Á∑§‡ÊÙ⁄U ‚„¡ÃÊ •ı⁄U •Êà◊ÁflEÊ‚ ∑‘§ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ Á¬¿‹ ŸÊ≈U∑§Ù¥ ‚ ∑§„Ë¥ ’„Ã⁄U Õ– ‹Á∑§Ÿ fl ¬ÊòÊ ∑‘§ ∞¬Ë«Á◊¸‚ ¬⁄U „Ë ø‹Ã ø‹ ªÿ, ∑‘§ãŒ˝Ëÿ ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê∑§Ê•Ù¥ Ã∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬„Èø ¥Ú – ŸÊ≈U∑§ ‹çU≈UËŸ≈¥ U é‹Ê∑§Ù ∑§Ë ÷ÍÁ◊∑§Ê ÁŸ÷Ê ⁄U„ ¡ÿ‡Ê¥∑§⁄U ¬Êá«ÿ ÁŸS‚¥Œ„ ‹πŸ™§ ⁄Uª¥ ◊¥ø ∑§Ê ∞∑§ “∞‚≈U” ’Ÿ øÈ∑§‘ „Ò–¥ ¬˝’‹ ⁄UÊC÷Q§, ÷Q§, ߸‚Ê◊‚Ë„ ∑‘§ •ŸÈÿÊÿË, ‡ÊòÊÈ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà ÄUM§⁄U, •¬Ÿ ‚ ™§Úø ¥  •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà ÁflŸ◊˝ •ı⁄U ∑§ûʸ√ÿÁŸD ÃÕÊ •¬Ÿ ‹ˇÿ ∑§Ù „ÊÁ‚‹ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§ΔÙ⁄U ŒÎ…Á∏ ŸpÿË ‚ÒÁŸ∑§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑‘§ ¡Á≈U‹ øÁ⁄UòÊ ∑§Ù Á¡‚ ∑§È‡Ê‹ÃÊ ‚ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ÁŸ÷ÊÿÊ,

©‚∑§Ë Á◊‚Ê‹ ∑§◊ „Ë Á◊‹ªË– •Êpÿ¸ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê „Ò Á∑§ ÁŸŒ‡¸ Ê∑§ Ÿ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑‘§ Áflfl⁄UáÊ-¬òÊ∑§ (’˝Ù‡Ê⁄U) ◊¥ ¡Èª‹ Á∑§‡ÊÙ⁄U fl ◊ÎŒ‹ È Ê ÷Ê⁄UmÊ¡ ∑§Ê ∑§È‡Ê‹ ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ©Ñπ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ¡ÿ‡Ê¥∑§⁄U ¬Êá«ÿ ∑§Ù ∑‘§fl‹ ◊„ŸÃË! ‚ëøÊ߸ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ¬Í⁄UÊ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ¡ÿ‡Ê¥∑§⁄U ¬Êá«ÿ ∑‘§ •Á÷Ÿÿ ∑§ı‡Ê‹ ∑‘§ Œ◊ ¬⁄U „Ë Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù •¬Ÿ ◊◊¸ ∑‘§ ‚’‚ ∑§⁄UË’ ‹ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ÿ„ ŸÊ≈Uÿ˜ ¬˝SÃÈÁà ∞∑§ •ı⁄U ’Êà ∑‘§ Á‹∞ øøʸ, Áøãß •ı⁄U Áfl‡‹·áÊ ∑§Ê Áfl·ÿ ’Ÿ ªÿË „Ò, ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ ◊⁄ U ŒÎÁC∑§ÙáÊ ‚– ‚Íÿ◊¸ Ù„Ÿ ¡Ë ¬Ífl¸ ◊¥ ß‚ ’Êà ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ÿ∑§ ⁄Uª¥ ‚¥SÕÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë •Ê‹ÙøŸÊ ∑§⁄UÃ ¬Êÿ ªÿ „Ò¥ Á∑§ ÿ ‚¥SÕÊ∞Ú¥ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ª˝Êá≈U ‹∑§⁄U ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò–¥ ‚ÍòÊÙ¥ ‚ ¬ÃÊ ø‹Ê „Ò Á∑§ “’ÊÀ∑§Ÿ flÍ◊Ÿ” ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ßã„¥ øÊ⁄U ‹Êπ L§¬ÿ L§¬ÿ ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ª˝Êá≈U SflË∑§Îà „È߸ „Ò– ◊Ò¥ ß‚ ’Êà ‚ πÈ‡Ê „Í–¥Ú ßß flÁ⁄UD ⁄Uª¥ ∑§◊˸ ∑§Ù ÿ„ ª˝Êá≈U Á◊‹ŸË „Ë øÊÁ„∞– ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á∑§‚Ë ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ- •‚»§‹ÃÊ ÄUÿÊ ⁄U„Ë ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê ∑§Ù߸ •Õ¸ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– ‚’‚ ◊„ûʘfl¬Íáʸ ’Êà ÃÙ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§È‹üÊD ¡Ë Ÿ •Ê¡ Ã∑§ ¡Ù ÷Ë ŸÊ≈U∑§ Á∑§ÿÊ fl„ ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§-◊ÊŸflËÿ ‚⁄UÙ∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ê ŸÊ≈U∑§ ⁄U„Ê– ÿ„ ’Êà ©Ÿ∑§Ê ª˝Êá≈U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ “‚ȬÊòÊ” „ÙŸÊ Á‚h ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò– ‚flÊ‹ ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ¡’ •Ê¬ ª˝Êá≈U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ŒÍ‚⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë •Ê‹ÙøŸÊ ∑§⁄UÃ ⁄U„ ÃÙ •Ê¬Ÿ ª˝Êá≈U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •ÊflŒŸ ÄUÿÙ¥ Á∑§ÿÊ! ß‚∑§Ê ©ûÊ⁄U Sflÿ¥ ∑§Ù ◊Ò¥ ÿ„ ŒŸÊ øÊ„ÃÊ „Í¥Ú Á∑§ ’Œ‹Ë „È߸ ¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁÃÿÙ¥ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ Á‚hÊãà ¬⁄U Á≈U∑§‘ ⁄U„ŸÊ ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹ „ÙÃÊ „Ò, Á∑§‚Ë Á∑§‚Ë •ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ù •¬Ÿ Á‚hÊãà •ı⁄U ◊ÍÀÿ ’Œ‹Ÿ ¬«∏Ã „Ò–¥ ŒÍ‚⁄UË ’ÊÃ! ß‚ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑‘§ ’˝Ù‡Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÉÊÙÁ·Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ ““... „◊ ⁄Uª¥ ◊¥ø ∑§Ù ∑§‹Ê ◊ÊŸÃ „Ò¥ Ÿ Á∑§ ©lÙª– Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ∑§Ù „◊ •¬ŸË ⁄UøŸÊ ¬˝ÁR§ÿÊ ∑§Ê Á„S‚Ê ◊ÊŸÃ „Ò¥ Ÿ Á∑§ ©¬÷ÙQ§Ê– •Ã— „◊ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ª˝Ê„∑§ •ı⁄U ÁflR§ÃÊ ∑§Ê Á⁄U‡ÃÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ⁄UπŸÊ øÊ„Ã– „◊Ÿ Ãÿ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ •’ „◊ •¬Ÿ ŸÊ≈U∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ Á≈U∑§≈U ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄Uª¥ – ∑§‹Ê∑§Ê⁄U ‚ŒSÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U„ „Ë „◊ •¬Ÿ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ‚ŒSÿ ÷Ë øÊ„Ã „Ò–¥ ”” ‚Íÿ◊¸ Ù„Ÿ ¡Ë ∑§„Ã „Ò¥ Á∑§ ß‚∑§Ë ¬˝⁄ UáÊÊ ©ã„¥ ’ÊŒ‹ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ¡Ë ‚ Á◊‹Ë– Œ⁄U•‚‹ ∑§È¿ ◊Ê„ ¬Ífl¸ ’ÊŒ‹ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ¡Ë ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà üÊhÊ¥¡Á‹ ‚◊Ê⁄UÙ„ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ©eÊ⁄U √ÿQ§ ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ ◊ÒŸ¥  ’ÃÊÿÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ’ÊŒ‹ ’Ê’Í •¬ŸË ¬˝SÃÈÁà ◊¥ ‚’∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ L§¬ÿ ∑§Ê Á≈U∑§≈U ⁄UπÃ Õ– flÙ ÷Ë ∑§Ù߸ Ÿ Œ ¬Êÿ ÃÙ ∑§Ù߸ ’Êà Ÿ„Ë¥– ß‚∑‘§ ¬Ë¿ ©Ÿ∑§Ê •Ê‡Êÿ ÿ„ ÕÊ Á∑§ fl Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Œ÷Êfl ‚ Ÿ„Ë¥ Œπ ‚∑§Ã– Ÿ ©Ÿ∑§Ë •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ÁSÕÁà ∑‘§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ©Ÿ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÷Œ÷Êfl¬Íáʸ ’Ãʸfl ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã– ◊„¥ªÊ Á≈U∑§≈U ‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ê •Êª ∑§Ë ∑§È‚˸ ¬⁄U ’ÒΔ •ı⁄U ¬„‹ •ÊŸ ¬⁄U ÷Ë Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ù ∑§◊ ¬Ò‚Ù¥ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ¬Ë¿ ’ÒΔŸÊ ¬«∏– ’ÊŒ‹ ’Ê’Í ∑§Ù ∑§Ù߸ ∞‚Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ÁflûÊËÿ ‚„ÊÿÃÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹ÃË ÕË– ‚Íÿ◊¸ Ù„Ÿ ¡Ë ©‚ ‚◊Ê⁄UÙ„ ◊¥ ©¬ÁSÕà Õ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ◊⁄UË ÿ„ ’Êà ‚ÈŸË •ı⁄U ©ã„¥ ÿ„ ’Êà ’„Èà •ë¿Ë ‹ªË– ’ÊÀ∑§Ÿ flÍ◊Ÿ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ‚„ÊÿÃÊ SflË∑§Îà „È߸ ÕË– ¬˝SÃÈÃ∑§Ãʸ•Ù¥ Ÿ «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÊÁflœÊŸ ÷Ë ⁄UπÊ– ΔË∑§ „Ò... «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ÷Áflcÿ ∑‘§ ⁄UøŸÊà◊∑§ ∑§ÊÿÙ¥¸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§Ê◊ •Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– øÊ⁄U ‹Êπ ◊¥ ŒÙ-ÃËŸ ‚ •Áœ∑§ ’«∏ ŸÊ≈U∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ã– ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑‘§ ÁŸ◊¥òÊáÊ ¬òÊ ◊¥ “•ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ‚„ÿÙª Sflë¿ÊŸÈ‚Ê⁄U” ¿¬flÊÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– ¡’ ◊ȤÊ ÁŸ◊¥òÊáÊ ¬òÊ ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ ÃÙ ◊ȤÊ ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ, ÿÊ ÃÙ ‚„ÿÙª •÷Ë Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò ÿÊ ◊¥øŸ ÁŒfl‚ ¬⁄U– ◊ÒŸ¥  ©ã„¥ ‚‹Ê„ ŒË Á∑§ ‚„ÿÙª ⁄UÊÁ‡Ê ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ◊¥øŸ ÁŒfl‚ ¬⁄U ¬˝ˇ Êʪ΄ ∑‘§ ’Ê„⁄U ∞∑§ ’ÊÚÄU‚ ⁄UπŸÊ íÿÊŒÊ ªÁ⁄U◊Ê◊ÿ ⁄U„ª Ê– ÿ„ ‚‹Ê„ ¬‚¥Œ •Ê ªÿË–

◊¥ø ∑§ÕÊ

‹Á‹Ã Á‚¥„ ¬ÙπÁ⁄UÿÊ ◊¥øŸ ÁŒfl‚ ¬⁄U ∞‚Ê „Ë Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ¬˝ˇ Êʪ΄ ◊¥ ¬˝fl‡ Ê ‚ ¬Ífl¸ „⁄U Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ∑§Ù ’˝Ù‡Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ∞∑§ «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ߟfl‹¬ S≈U¬ ‹ ∑§⁄U∑§‘ ’ÊÚ≈¥ UÊ ªÿÊ, Á¡‚◊¥ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊, ¬ÃÊ, »§ÙŸ Ÿ¥., ߸-◊‹ •ÊÁŒ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ “«ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ∞◊Ê©á≈U............” ÷Ë Á‹πÊ ÕÊ •ÕʸØ ÿ„ ŸÙ≈U „Ù ¡Êÿ •ı⁄U ¬ÃÊ ø‹ ¡Êÿ Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ÿ Á∑§ÃŸÊ «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ÁŒÿÊ– ◊ÒŸ¥  Á‹»§Ê»‘§ ◊¥ •¬ŸË ‚¥SÕÊ “ÁŸ‚ª¸” ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ‚ L§. vÆÆ/∑§Ê ŸÙ≈U Á‹»§Ê»‘§ ◊¥ «Ê‹∑§⁄U ’ÊÚÄU‚ ◊¥ «Ê‹Ÿ „Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ ◊⁄UË ŒÎÁC “«ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ∞◊Ê©á≈U....” ¬⁄U ¬«∏ ªÿË– ◊Ò¥ •øÊŸ∑§ SÃéœ ⁄U„ ªÿÊ– ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§Á⁄Uÿª Ê ¬ÊΔ∑§Ù¥! ◊ÒŸ¥  ∞∑§ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ •¬◊ÊŸ ÷Ë ◊„‚Í‚ Á∑§ÿÊ •ı⁄U ÷Œ÷Êfl ∑§Ë •Ê‡Ê¥∑§Ê ÷Ë– ’ÊŒ‹ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‚’ ’⁄UÊ’⁄U Õ– ÿ„ÊÚ¥ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù •‹ª-•‹ª ¡ÊŸŸ-‚◊¤ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¬Í⁄UË ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ÕË– ’ÊŒ‹ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ù Á∑§‚Ÿ Á∑§ÃŸÊ ÁŒÿÊ, „◊‚ ∑§Ù߸ ◊Ë’ Ÿ„Ë¥ ÕÊ, ©Ÿ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ÕË Á∑§ ‚’ ŸÊ≈U∑§ Œπ ‚∑‘§–¥ ∑§Ù߸ ÁflûÊËÿ ‚„ÊÿÃÊ Ÿ „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ! ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§ËÁ¡ÿªÊ ¬ÊΔ∑§Ù¥, ◊ÒŸ¥  ÷ËÃ⁄U ¡Ê∑§⁄U Sflÿ¥ ∑§Ù Á»§⁄U ŒÙ ’Ê⁄U •¬◊ÊÁŸÃ ◊„‚Í‚ Á∑§ÿÊ– ŸÊ≈U∑§ ‡ÊÈL§ „ÙŸ ‚ ¬„‹ ¬ÊE¸ ‚ ’˝Ù‡Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ©Q§ ¬¥ÁQ§ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ©fÙÁ·Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ •ı⁄U Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ‚ «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ∑§Ê •Êª˝„ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ– ŸÊ≈U∑§ ‚◊Ê# „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ÷Ë ◊¥ø ¬⁄U •Ê∑§⁄U «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ’ÊÚÄU‚ ◊¥ «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ «Ê‹Ÿ ∑§Ê •Êª˝„ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ •ı⁄U ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ Á∑§ •Ê¬∑§Ê •ë¿Ê ‚„ÿÙª Á◊‹ÃÊ ⁄U„Ê ÃÙ „◊ ÷Áflcÿ ◊¥ •ı⁄U •ë¿Ë ¬˝SÃÈÁÃÿÊÚ¥ •Ê¬∑‘§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ ‹Êÿª¥ ! ÄUÿÊ Á≈U∑§≈U ‹ªÊŸÊ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ∑§Ê •¬◊ÊŸ „ÙÃÊ „Ò! ∞‚ «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ‚ •ë¿Ê ÃÙ Á≈U∑§≈U „Ë „Ò– flÁ⁄UD ⁄Uª¥ ∑§◊˸ Á¡ÃãŒ˝ Á◊ûÊ‹ ∑§„Ã „Ò¥ Á∑§ Á≈U∑§≈U Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ∑§Ù ¬˝ˇ Êʪ΄ ◊¥ ‚ê◊ÊŸ ‚Á„à ¬˝fl‡ Ê ∑§Ê •Áœ∑§Ê⁄U ŒÃÊ „Ò– ŒÍ‚⁄UË •Ù⁄U ∑§◊ ◊ÍÀÿ ∑§Ê Á≈U∑§≈U ‹Ÿ ¬⁄U ÷Ë Œ‡Ê¸∑§ •ÊÿÙ¡∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚ê◊Èπ „ËŸ÷ÊflŸÊ ∑§Ê Á‡Ê∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃÊ– ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ÷Ë ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê πÈ‹Ê‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ¬ÊÃÊ Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ÿ ∑§◊ ◊ÍÀÿ ∑§Ê Á≈U∑§≈U Á‹ÿÊ, Á∑§‚Ÿ •Áœ∑§ ∑§Ê– S¬C „Ò Á∑§ ß‚ ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ŒŸ ‚ Œ‡Ê¸∑§ ∑§Ù Á≈U∑§≈U ∑§Ë •¬ˇÊÊ Á∑§‚Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ‹Ê÷ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹ÃÊ– „ÊÚ¥ •ÊÿÙ¡∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù Á≈U∑§≈U ’øŸ ¬⁄U ¬˝ˇ Êʪ΄ ∑§Ê ¬ÊÚø ¥ „¡Ê⁄U L§¬ÿÊ •Áœ∑§ Á∑§⁄UÊÿÊ ŒŸÊ ¬«∏ÃÊ „Ò– ÁŸ◊¥òÊáÊ ¬òÊ ¬⁄U ‚„ÿÙª ⁄UÊÁ‡Ê ∑§Ê «ÙŸ‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ¬⁄U •ÊÿÙ¡∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬˝ˇ Êʪ΄ ∑§Ê •ÁÃÁ⁄UQ§ Á∑§⁄UÊÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒŸÊ ¬«∏ÃÊ– ◊Ò¥ ß‚ Áfl‚¥ªÁà ∑§Ù ÷Í‹Ÿ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÊ‚ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ê „Í¥Ú •ı⁄U •¬ˇÊÊ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ê „Í¥Ú Á∑§ ‚Íÿ◊¸ Ù„Ÿ ¡Ë ÷Áflcÿ ◊¥ ‚ŒÊ ∑§Ë ÷ÊÚÁ¥ à ◊ÊŸflËÿ ‚⁄UÙ∑§Ê⁄UÙ¥ flÊ‹ ŸÊ≈U∑§ ¬˝SÃÈà ∑§⁄Uª¥ – (‚◊ÊåÃ)


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


©÷⁄UÃ ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U øËŸ ◊¥ ◊È∑∏§Ê’‹Ê

Áø_Ë Á‹πŸ ∑§Ë ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁà ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁà ⁄UÊC˝Ëÿ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁà ∑§Ù „◊‡ÊÊ ‚ ¬˝÷ÊÁflà ∑§⁄UÃË ø‹Ë •Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò – Á¬¿‹ ∑§È¿ ‚Ê‹Ù¥ ◊¥ „Ê‹Ê°Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ë ⁄UÊC˝Ëÿ ¬Ê≈U˸ Ÿ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò, Á»§⁄U ÷Ë ÿ„Ê° ‚ûÊÊ ¬ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ „⁄U ¬Ê≈U˸ ‹Ê‹ÊÁÿà ⁄U„ÃË „Ò – •ª‹ ‚Ê‹ ∑‘§ ÁflœÊŸ ‚÷Ê øÈŸÊfl ß‚ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ‚’‚ ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ ⁄UÊ¡ŸÒÁÃ∑§ ÉÊ≈UŸÊ „ÙŸ ¡Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò – ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ◊ÈÅÿ ◊¥òÊË ◊ÊÿÊflÃË •¬Ÿ ∑§Ù ∞∑§ ¬˝Œ‡Ê „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ ¡ÊÁà ∑‘§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ‚◊Ê¡ ∑‘§ ∞∑§ ’„Èà ’«∏ Á„S‚ ∑§Ê ŸÃÊ ◊ÊŸÃË „Ò¥ – ß‚Ë fl¡„ ‚ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ •¬Ÿ •Ê¬ ∑§Ù Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë •ãÿ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ ◊ÈÅÿ ◊¥òÊË ∑‘§ ‚◊∑§ˇÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‚◊¤ÊÊ „Ò – ÿ„ „Ë ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „Ò ∑§Ë fl ◊Ÿ◊Ù„Ÿ Á‚¥„ ∑§Ù Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ ¬˝œÊŸ ◊¥òÊË Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ ◊ÊòÊ ∑‘§¥Œ˝ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ◊ÈÁπÿÊ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ŒπÃË „Ò¥– Á¬¿‹ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ Á¡‚ Ã⁄U„ ‚ ¬˝œÊŸ ◊¥òÊË ∑§Ù ∞∑§ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ∞∑§ ¬òÊ Á‹π ∑§⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë •Ÿ∑§ ‚◊SÿÊ•Ù¥ ‚ •flªÃ ∑§⁄UÊÿÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ‚‹Ê„ ŒË „Ò, ‚Ê»∏§ Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ê, •¬Ÿ •Ê¬ ∑§Ù Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ∞∑§ flÁ⁄UD ⁄UÊ¡ŸÒÁÃ∑§ √ÿÁQ§ûʘfl ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊Ò¥ SÕÊÁ¬Ã ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ‚ÙøÊ ‚◊¤ÊÊ ¬˝ÿÊ‚ „Ò ∞‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ÿÊŒ ¬«∏ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë •ãÿ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑‘§ ◊ÈÅÿ ◊¥òÊË Ÿ ∑§÷Ë ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ‚ ∑§È¿ „Ë ÁŒŸÙ¥ ◊¥ Œ‚ ¬òÊ Á‹π ∑§⁄U ¬˝œÊŸ ◊¥òÊË ∑§Ù ‚‹Ê„ ŒË „Ù Á∑§ ‚◊SÿÊ•Ù¥ ‚ ∑Ò§‚ ÁŸ’≈UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞ – ÷ÍÁ◊ •Áœª˝„áÊ, •Ê⁄UˇÊáÊ, ’⁄UÙ¡ªÊ⁄UË „Ù ÿÊ •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ fl ‚Ê◊ÊÁ¡∑§ ◊‚‹ , ‚÷Ë ¬⁄U ◊ÊÿÊflÃË Ÿ ◊Ÿ◊Ù„Ÿ Á‚¥„ ∑§Ù ¬òÊ Á‹π ∑§⁄U •¬ŸË Áø¥ÃÊ ¡ÃÊ߸ „Ò •ı⁄U •¬ŸË ⁄UÊÿ ŒË „Ò – ‚U»§ „Ò Á∑§ ‚ãŒ‡Ê ÿ„ ŒŸ Á∑§ ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê „Ò Á∑§ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ¬˝œÊŸ ◊¥òÊË •∑§◊¸áÿ „Ù ªÿÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ©‚ ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ¡Ò‚Ë ‡ÊÁÅ‚ÿà Á∑§ ‚‹Ê„ ∑§Ë ‚Åà ¡M§⁄Uà „Ò – ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ¬Ê≈U˸ ÿÊ ∑‘§¥Œ˝ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ‚ •÷Ë Ã∑§ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ¬òÊ ∑§Ê ¡flÊ’ Ÿ„Ë¥ •ÊÿÊ „Ò, Ÿ „Ë Á∑§‚Ë ¬˝∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ¬˝ÁÃÁR§ÿÊ •Ê߸ „Ò, Á¡‚ ‚ ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ∑§Ê ÿ„ ◊ÊŸŸÊ ÷Ë ª‹Ã Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙªÊ ∑§Ë ◊Ÿ◊Ù„Ÿ Á‚¥„ ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ ∑§È¿ ∑§„Ÿ ∑§Ù „Ò „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ – ÿÊ Á»§⁄U ÿ„, Á∑§ fl ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ¡Ò‚Ë •ŸÈ÷flË ◊ÈÅÿ ◊¥òÊË ∑‘§ ‚Ê⁄U ªÁ÷¸Ã ¬òÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ¡flÊ’ ÷Ë ŒŸÊ ©Áøà Ÿ„Ë¥ ‚◊¤ÊÃ – ‚Ê»∏§ „Ò Á∑§ •ÊŸ flÊ‹ øÈŸÊfl ∑‘§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ◊¥ ß‚ ¬òÊÊøÊ⁄U ∑§Ê Áfl‡Ê· ©Ñπ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÿªÊ •ı⁄U ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ¡Ù⁄U Œ ∑§⁄U ÿ„ ∑§„¥ªË Á∑§ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ∑§ß¸ ‚◊SÿÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ∑‘§¥Œ˝ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê äÿÊŸ •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ÕÊ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ¬˝œÊŸ ◊¥òÊË Ÿ ∑§Ù߸ ¡flÊ’ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ÁŒÿÊ – ŒπŸÊ ÁŒ‹øS¬ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ ß‚∑§Ê ÄUÿÊ ¡flÊ’ „ÙªÊ – e-mail :

÷Ê⁄Uà ¡Ò‚ Ÿ∞ •ılÙÁª∑§ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê fl¡∏Ÿ ß‚ Ã¡∏Ë ‚ ’…∏ ⁄U„Ê „Ò Á∑§ •’ ©ã„¥ ÁflE ∑‘§ •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ fl ÁflûÊËÿ ‚ûÊÊ ∑‘§¥Œ˝ ◊¥ ÷Ë ¡ª„ Á◊‹ ªß¸ „Ò. •’ Ã∑§ ∑‘§ ‚Êà ‚’‚ ¬˝◊Èπ •ılÙÁª∑§ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ ªÈ≈U ¡Ë-| ∑§Ê ¡Ù ◊„àfl „È•Ê ∑§⁄UÃÊ ÕÊ, fl„ •Êª ‚ ¡Ë-wÆ ∑§Ê „È•Ê ∑§⁄UªÊ, Á¡‚ ◊¥ øËŸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ ÷Ê⁄Uà ÷Ë ’ÒΔªÊ– ‡ÊÁQ§ ‚¥ÃÈ‹Ÿ ◊¥ ÿ„ ¬Á⁄UfløŸ ÁŒπÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ŸflÙÁŒÃ Œ‡Ê •¬Ÿ ¡∏Ù⁄UŒÊ⁄U •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑§Ù ⁄UÊ¡ŸÒÁÃ∑§ ¬˝÷Êfl ◊¥ ’Œ‹ŸÊ ÷Ë ÷‹Ë ÷Ê¥Áà ¡ÊŸÃ „Ò¥. ¡Ë-wÆ ÁŸáʸÿ ‹Ÿ ∑‘§ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄U flÊ‹Ê ∑§Ù߸ •ı¬øÊÁ⁄U∑§ ÁŸ∑§Êÿ ÷‹ „Ë Ÿ „Ù, ¬Ë≈U˜‚’ª¸ ‚ê◊‹Ÿ ÁŒπÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÿ„Ë ÇL§¬ ÁflE •Õ¸√ÿflSÕÊ ‚ ¡È«∏ ¬˝‡ŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ÃÊ‹◊‹ ’ÒΔÊŸ flÊ‹Ê ∑‘§¥Œ˝ ’ŸŸ ¡Ê ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ß‚ ‚ ŸÈ∑∏§‚ÊŸ ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬ flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ê „Ë „٪ʖ ¡Ë-| ◊¥ ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬Ëÿ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚¥ÅÿÊà◊∑§ ’„È◊à ÕÊ, ¡’Á∑§ ¡Ë-wÆ ∑§Ê ⁄U¥ª-…¥ª ‚¥∑‘§Ã ŒÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ fl„Ê¥ •◊Á⁄U∑§Ê •ı⁄U øËŸ ∑§Ë ÃÍÃË ’Ù‹ªË– w{ Á‚Ãê’⁄U ∑§Ù ¬ßÁø¥ª ◊¥ øËŸ •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ’Ëø ¬„‹Ë ⁄UáÊŸËÁÃ∑§ •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ flÊÃʸ „È߸– ŒÙŸÙ¥ ¬ˇÊÙ¥ Ÿ •¬ŸË •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ÁSÕÁÃ, ‚◊ª˝ •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ŸËÁà fl ÁŸfl‡Ê, •ÊœÊ⁄U÷Íà ‚¥SÕʬŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ, ©ëø SÃ⁄UËÿ Ã∑§ŸË∑§ •ı⁄U ™§¡Ê¸ ∑§Ë Á∑§»§Ê∏ÿà fl ¬ÿʸfl⁄UáÊ-‚¥⁄UˇÊáÊ •ÊÁŒ ˇÊòÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ΔÙ‚ ‚„ÿÙª ¬⁄U ÁfløÊ⁄U-Áfl◊‡Ê¸ Á∑§ÿÊ– øËŸ ∑‘§ ¬˝œÊŸ ◊¥òÊË flŸ ëÿÊ ¬Ê•Ù Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ß‚ flÊÃʸ ◊¥ •ë¿Ë ©¬‹ÁéœÿÊ¥ ¬˝Ê# „È߸ „Ò¥– •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ◊Ê◊‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ◊ÊŸ¥, ÃÙ ÷Ê⁄UÃ, øËŸ •ı⁄U ’˝Ê¡∏Ë‹ ∑§Ù ÷‹ „Ë •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ◊¥ŒË Ÿ ¿È•Ê „Ù, ‹Á∑§Ÿ •ª‹ ÃËŸ ‚ ¬Ê¥ø ‚Ê‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ßã„Ë¥ •Õ¸√ÿflSÕÊ•Ù¥ ◊¥ ‚’‚ ÿÊŒÊ •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ŒπŸ ∑§Ù Á◊‹ªÊ– •¥Ã⁄U⁄UÊC˝Ëÿ ’Ê¡∏Ê⁄U ◊¥ ∑§ëø Ã‹ •ı⁄U ŒÍ‚⁄UË øË¡∏Ù¥ ∑‘§ ŒÊ◊ ’…∏Ÿ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ øËŸ, ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U ’˝Ê¡∏Ë‹ ◊¥ ◊„¥ªÊ߸ Œ⁄U ∑§Ê»∏§Ë ’…∏ ªß¸– ‹Á∑§Ÿ •’ ∑§ëø Ã‹ ∑§Ë ∑∏§Ë◊à ◊¥ ∑§◊Ë •Ê߸ „Ò– ¡Ò‚ „Ë ßŸ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ◊„¥ªÊ߸ Œ⁄U ◊¥ Áª⁄UÊfl≈U •Ê∞ªË, flÒ‚ „Ë •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ◊¥ ’…∏ÙÃ⁄UË ŒπŸ ∑§Ù Á◊‹ ¡Ê∞ªË– ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U øËŸ Ã¡Ë ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ Ÿß¸ ¬˝ılÙÁª∑§Ë ‡ÊÁQ§ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ©÷⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ŒÙŸÙ¥ Œ‡Ê •ÊŸ flÊ‹ vÆ fl·Ù¸ ◊¥ ‚ÍøŸÊ ¬˝ılÙÁª∑§Ë ∑‘§

ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ •ı⁄U •Áœ∑§ flÎÁh Œ¡¸ ∑§⁄UÊ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ÿ„ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UË ∞∑§ Ÿß¸ ⁄U¬≈U ◊¥ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •Ê߸ „Ò– »§Ù’¸˜‚ ¬ÁòÊ∑§Ê Ÿ fl‹¸˜« ß∑§ÙŸÊÚÁ◊∑§ »§Ù⁄U◊ mÊ⁄UÊ „Ê‹ „Ë ◊¥ ¡Ê⁄UË ∑§Ë ªß¸ ∞∑§ flÒÁE∑§ ‚ÍøŸÊ ¬˝ılÙÁª∑§Ë ⁄U¬≈U ∑‘§ „flÊ‹ ‚ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á∑§ ÿlÁ¬ ߟ ©÷⁄U ⁄U„ ’Ê¡Ê⁄UÙ¥ fl Áfl∑§Á‚à ⁄UÊC˝Ù¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ’«∏Ê »§Ê‚ŒÊ •÷Ë ÷Ë ’⁄U∑§⁄UÊ⁄U „Ò, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿ„ ŒÍ⁄UË •ª‹ Œ‡Ê∑§ ◊¥ ∑§Ê»§Ë ∑§◊ „Ù ¡Ê∞ªË– ◊Ù’Êß‹ »§ÙŸ, ߥ≈U⁄UŸ≈U, ¬‚¸Ÿ‹ ∑§¥åÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ „Ë ÁŸÿÊ◊ flÊÃÊfl⁄UáÊ ∞fl¥ •Ê߸≈UË

∑§ß¸ ÁflŒ‡ÊË ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ‚¥SÕÊ•Ù¥ Ÿ w| ÃÊ⁄UËπ ∑§Ù •¬Ÿ-•¬Ÿ ‹π ◊¥ ◊ÊŸÊ Á∑§ øËŸ •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ‚„ÿÙª ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥, ‹Á∑§Ÿ •Ê¬‚ ◊¥ •ÁflEÊ‚ ÷Ë ◊ı¡ÍŒ „Ò– •ÊŸ flÊ‹ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ◊¥ øËŸ •ı⁄U ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ Á◊‹ ∑§⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •ı⁄U íÿÊŒÊ ’«∏Ê πÃ⁄UÊ ’Ÿ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– •œÙ‚¥⁄UøŸÊ ∑‘§ √ÿʬ∑§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑‘§ •ÊœÊ⁄U ¬⁄U ¬„øÊŸ fl ÁøÁã„à Á∑§∞ ª∞ vx} Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚ øËŸ ∑§Ê SÕÊŸ x{flÊ¥ •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ê SÕÊŸ y}flÊ¥ „Ò– ©ëø •¥∑§ ¬ÊŸ flÊ‹ •ãÿ ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ߸ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ◊¥ Á‚¥ªÊ¬È⁄U ŒÍ‚⁄U SÕÊŸ ¬⁄U ¡’Á∑§ ÃÊßflÊŸ ¿Δ SÕÊŸ ¬⁄U, ∑§ÙÁ⁄UÿÊ vÆfl¥ SÕÊŸ ¬⁄U •ı⁄U „Ê¥ª∑§Ê¥ª vwfl¥ SÕÊŸ ¬⁄U „Ò– »§Ù’¸˜‚ Ÿ «ÊÚfl ¡Ù¥‚ fl¥ø⁄U ‚Ù‚¸ ∑‘§ „flÊ‹ ‚ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á∑§ Á¬¿‹ fl·¸ flÒÁE∑§ SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U Ÿß¸ ∞fl¥ ©÷⁄U ⁄U„Ë ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ ◊¥ „È∞ x|.| •⁄U’ «ÊÚ‹⁄U ∑‘§ ‡ÊÈL§•ÊÃË ¬Í¥¡Ë ÁŸfl‡Ê ∑§Ê vx ¬˝ÁÇÊà Á„S‚Ê ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U øËŸ ∑§Ê ÕÊ– øËŸ ∑§Ê ÁŸfl‡Ê z~ ¬˝ÁÇÊà flÎÁh ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ øÊ⁄U •⁄U’ «ÊÚ‹⁄U „Ù ªÿÊ, ¡’Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ê ÁŸfl‡Ê vy ¬˝ÁÇÊà flÎÁh ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ }~.zÆ ∑§⁄UÙ«∏ «ÊÚ‹⁄U „Ù ªÿÊ– ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë flÎÁh ∑§Ê ÿ„ ¬˝ÁÇÊà •◊Á⁄U∑§Ê ∑§Ë vv ¬˝ÁÇÊà flÎÁh ‚ •Áœ∑§ „Ò– •◊Á⁄U∑§Ë ÁŸfl‡Ê ß‚ flÎÁh ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ w{.w •⁄U’ «ÊÚ‹⁄U ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ– »§Ù’¸˜‚ Ÿ ¬˝Ê⁄UÁê÷∑§ ‚Êfl¸¡ÁŸ∑§ ¬˝SÃÊflÙ¥ ∑‘§ L§¤ÊÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê Áfl‡‹·áÊ ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á∑§ Á¬¿‹ fl·¸ •◊Á⁄U∑§Ê ◊¥ ‚ÍøË’h „È߸¥ ©l◊ ‚◊Áոà {v

ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ ‹Ê÷ ˇÊ◊Ê ◊Ê°ªŸ ‚ •„¥ ∑ §Ê⁄U …‹ÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ª‹ÃÊ „Ò, ÃÙ ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄U Ÿ  ‚ ‚È‚¥S∑§Ê⁄U ¬‹ÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ø‹ÃÊ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê ‡ÊË‹flÊŸ ∑§Ê ‡ÊSòÊ •ı⁄U •Á„¥‚∑§ ∑§Ê •SòÊ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, ¬˝◊ ∑§Ê ¬Á⁄UœÊŸ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, ÁflEÊ‚ ∑§Ê ÁflœÊŸ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, ‚ΡŸ ∑§Ê ‚ê◊ÊŸ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, Ÿ»§⁄Uà ∑§Ê ÁŸŒÊŸ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, ¬ÁflòÊÃÊ ∑§Ê ¬˝flÊ„ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, ŸÒÁÃ∑§ÃÊ ∑§Ê ÁŸflʸ„ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, ‚eÈáÊ ∑§Ê ‚¥flÊŒ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, •Á„¥‚Ê ∑§Ê •ŸÈflÊŒ „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, ÁŒ‹⁄UË ∑‘§ ŒË¬∑§ ◊¥ ŒÿÊ ∑§Ë íÿÙÁà „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê, •Á„¥‚Ê ∑§Ë •°ªÍΔË ◊¥ ◊ÊŸflÃÊ ∑§Ê ◊ÙÃË „Ò– ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ •Ê¬ ŒÙ„⁄UÊ ‹Ê÷ ‹Ã „Ò¥– ∞∑§ ÃÙ ‚Ê◊Ÿ flÊ‹ ∑§Ù •Êà◊Ç‹ÊÁŸ ÷Êfl ‚ ◊ÈQ§ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥ fl ŒÍ‚⁄UÊ ÁŒ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ë ŒÍÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ŒÍ⁄U

∑§⁄U ‚„¡ flÊÃÊfl⁄UáÊ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ∑§⁄U∑‘§ ©‚∑‘§ ÁŒ‹ ◊¥ Á»§⁄U ‚ •¬Ÿ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ •ë¿Ë ¡ª„ ’ŸÊ ‹Ã „Ò¥– Œ⁄U•‚‹ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ù ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •¬Ÿ ŒÈπ, •¬Ÿ •„¥∑§Ê⁄U •ı⁄U •¬Ÿ R§Ùœ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê’Í ¬ÊŸÊ ’„Èà ¡M§⁄UË „ÙÃÊ „Ò–ª‹ÃË ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ê ÷Ë Ã’ Ã∑§ ‚„ÃÊ „Ò ¡’ Ã∑§ •Ê¬ ©‚ ˇÊ◊Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U ŒÃ, øÊ„ fl„ •Ê¬‚ ◊Ê»§Ë ◊Ê¥ª

¡ËflŸ ◊¢òÊ ÿÊ Ÿ„Ë¥– ˇÊ◊Ê ◊Ê¥ª ∑§⁄U ¡„Ê¥ „◊ πÈŒ ∑§Ê ’Ù¤Ê ©ÃÊ⁄UÃ „Ò¥, fl„Ë¥ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ù ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄U∑‘§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ◊Ÿ ÁŸ◊¸‹ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– ¡’ R§Ùœ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ⁄UπÊ ÃÙ ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄UÙ •ı⁄U •ë¿Ê ‚ÙøÙ– „◊ ‚’ ÿ„ ÄUÿÙ¥ ÷Í‹ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥ Á∑§ „◊ ߥ‚ÊŸ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ߥ‚ÊŸÙ¥ ‚ ª‹ÁÃÿÊ° „Ù ¡ÊŸÊ SflÊ÷ÊÁfl∑§ „Ò– ÿ ª‹ÁÃÿÊ° ÿÊ ÃÙ „◊‚ „◊Ê⁄UË

¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁÃÿÊ° ∑§⁄UflÊÃË „Ò¥ ÿÊ •ôÊÊŸÃÊfl‡Ê „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò¥– ÃÙ ∞‚Ë ª‹ÁÃÿÙ¥ ¬⁄U Ÿ „◊¥ ŒÍ‚⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚¡Ê ŒŸ ∑§Ê „∑§ „Ò, Ÿ Sflÿ¥ ∑§Ù– ÿÁŒ •Ê¬∑§Ù ‚¥ÃÈÁC ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§È¿ ŒŸÊ „Ò ÃÙ ŒËÁ¡∞ “ˇÊ◊Ê”– ¿Ù≈UË-¿Ù≈UË ’ÊÃÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ◊Ÿ ◊¥ ’Ò⁄U ÄUÿÙ¥ ⁄Uπ¥? ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U „◊¥ ¬ÃÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§’ „◊Ÿ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ê ÁŒ‹ ŒÈπÊÿÊ „Ò, ¬⁄U „◊Ê⁄UÊ •„¥∑§Ê⁄U „◊¥ ˇÊ◊Ê ◊Ê¥ªŸ ∑§Ë Á„ê◊à Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒÃÊ– •ı⁄U ¡’ ∑§Ù߸ „◊‚ ˇÊ◊Ê ◊Ê¥ªÃÊ „Ò Ã’ •øÊŸ∑§ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ Ÿ ¡ÊŸ „◊ Á∑§ÃŸ ◊„ÊŸ „Ò¥ ¡Ù ÿ„ „◊‚ ˇÊ◊Ê ◊Ê¥ª ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ‹Á∑§Ÿ Δ¥« ÁŒ◊ʪ ‚ ‚ÙøŸ •ı⁄U •¬Ÿ ÁŒ‹ ◊¥ ¤ÊÊ¥∑§Ÿ ¬⁄U ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄U ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ „◊ ∑§ıŸ? ˇÊ◊Ê ◊Ê¥ª ∑§⁄U ¡„Ê¥ „◊ πÈŒ ∑§Ê ’Ù¤Ê ©ÃÊ⁄UÃ „Ò¥, fl„Ë¥ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ù ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄U∑‘§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ◊Ÿ ÁŸ◊¸‹ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– ¡’ R§Ùœ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ⁄UπÊ ÃÙ ˇÊ◊Ê ∑§⁄UÙ •ı⁄U •ë¿Ê ‚ÙøÙ–

•Ê ¬ ∑§Ê »§Ë «U ’Ò ∑§

∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚ ww ∑§ê¬ÁŸÿÊ¥ øËŸ ∑§Ë ÕË– ÷Ê⁄Uà ÷Ë •ÊÚŸ‹Êߟ ŸflÙÁŒÃ ≈˛Òfl‹ ∑§ê¬ŸË, ◊∑§◊ÊßÁ≈˛¬ ∑‘§ ŸÒ‚«Ò∑§ ◊¥ ‚ÍøË’h „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ •Ê߸¬Ë•Ù ∑‘§ ŸÄU‡Ê ¬⁄U •Ê ªÿÊ „Ò– ¬Áp◊Ë Œ‡ÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ¡’ ÷Ë ÁflE ∑‘§ ⁄UÊ¡ŸÒÁÃ∑§ •ı⁄U •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ÷Áflcÿ ∑§Ë ’Êà „ÙÃË „Ò, øËŸ •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ ∞∑§ „Ë ‚Ê¥‚ ◊¥ Á‹ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ŒÙŸÙ Ã¡∏ •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ Áfl∑§Ê‚ ∑‘§ ¬ÿʸÿ ’Ÿ ª∞ „Ò¥, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ŒÒÁŸ∑§ „Ê¥«À‚é‹Ê≈U ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U, ŒÙŸÙ¥ ÷Ë◊ ∞∑§-ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑‘§ •Ê«∏ ÷Ë •Ê ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥. øËŸ •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà •¬Ÿ •Ê¬ ∑§Ù •¬Ÿ-•¬Ÿ …¥ª ‚ ÷ÊflË ◊„ʇÊÁQ§ÿÊ¥ ‚◊¤ÊÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ ¬˝÷Êfl ˇÊòÊ ’…∏ÊŸ ◊¥ ‹ª „Ò¥...∑§ëø ◊Ê‹ ∑§Ë •¬ŸË ’…∏ÃË „È߸ ÷Íπ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÁflŒ‡ÊË •ÊÿÊà ‚ Á◊≈UÊŸË ¬«∏ªË– ß‚Á‹∞ ©ã„¥ ÿ„ «⁄U ÷Ë „Ò Á∑§ ∑§÷Ë Ÿ ∑§÷Ë fl ∞∑§-ŒÍ‚⁄U ∑‘§ •Ê«∏ ÷Ë •Ê ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥. ÿ„ M§‚Ë ÿÊ ◊äÿ ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ߸ ªÒ‚ •ı⁄U Ã‹ ÷¥«Ê⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬˝‚¥ª ◊¥ ÷Ë „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ◊‹P§Ê ÿÊ „Ù◊ȸ¡∏ ∑‘§ ¡„Ê¡∏Ë ◊ʪ٥¸ ∑‘§ ‚¥Œ÷¸ ◊¥ ÷Ë– ‚Ä ∑‘§ ŸËø ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø fl·Ù¥¸ ‚ ßÊfl ’ŸÊ „Ë „È•Ê „Ò– ’Á‹¸Ÿ ∑‘§ Œÿ⁄U ≈Uʪ‚‡¬Ëª‹ ∑§Ê ◊ÊŸŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U øËŸ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ∑§Ê ÿ„ ßÊfl ߟ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ©÷⁄UŸ ÷Ë ‹ªÊ „Ò– Á∑§‚Ë ÿÈh ∑§Ë ‚¥÷ÊflŸÊ ÃÙ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò, ‹Á∑§Ÿ Á¬¿‹ fl·Ù¥¸ ◊¥ ŒÙŸÙ ∑‘§ ’Ëø vx Áfl»§‹ flÊÃʸ∞ ÿ„ ÷Ë ∑§„ÃË „Ò¥ ŒÙŸÙ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ∑§Ë ‚Ë◊Ê ¬⁄U ∑§Ë ‡ÊÊ¥Áà Á∑§ÃŸË ÷¥ªÈ⁄U „Ò– ÁSÕÁà ߂‚ •ı⁄U ÷Ë ¡Á≈U‹ „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò Á∑§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ◊äÿ ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ •ı⁄U Á„¥Œ ◊„ʪ⁄U ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ ¬˝÷Êfl ’…∏ÊŸ ◊¥ ‹ª „Ò¥. ∑§Ê’È‹ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ê ªΔ¡Ù«∏ ßS‹Ê◊Ê’ÊŒ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ¬Áø¥ª ∑§Ë Ÿ¡∏ŒË∑§Ë ∑‘§ •Ê«∏ •ÊÃÊ „Ò– ∑§ß¸ ÁflŒ‡ÊË ◊ËÁ«ÿÊ ‚¥SÕÊ•Ù¥ Ÿ w| ÃÊ⁄UËπ ∑§Ù •¬Ÿ-•¬Ÿ ‹π ◊¥ ◊ÊŸÊ Á∑§ øËŸ •ı⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà •ÊÁÕ¸∑§ ‚„ÿÙª ∑§Ë ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥, ‹Á∑§Ÿ •Ê¬‚ ◊¥ •ÁflEÊ‚ ÷Ë ◊ı¡ÍŒ „Ò– •ÊŸ flÊ‹ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ◊¥ øËŸ •ı⁄U ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ Á◊‹ ∑§⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •ı⁄U íÿÊŒÊ ’«∏Ê πÃ⁄UÊ ’Ÿ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ŒÙŸÙ¥ Œ‡ÊÙ¥ Ÿ „⁄U ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ŒÙSÃË •ı⁄U ¬ÄU∑§Ë ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ πÊ‚ ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ’ŸÊ߸ „Ò– ¬ÊÁ∑§SÃÊŸ Ÿ øËŸ ‚ ŒÙSÃË ’…∏ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ fl·¸ wÆvv ∑§Ù “Á◊òÊÃÊ fl·¸” ÉÊÙÁ·Ã Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– •ª‹ ◊„ËŸ ŒÙŸÙ¥ Œ‡Ê ‚ʤÊÊ ‚Òãÿ •èÿÊ‚ ÷Ë ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹ „Ò¥–

‹Ê¬⁄UflÊ„U Ÿª⁄U ÁŸª◊ ¬˝‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ¡ª„UÊ¥ ¬⁄U πÈ‹ ŸÊ‹ „Ò¥U Á¡Ÿ◊¥ Á¬¿U‹ y ◊„UËŸÊ¥ ◊¥ z ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ë Áª⁄U∑§⁄U ◊ÊÒà „UÊ øÈ∑§Ë „ÒU– ‹Êª „UÊ„UÀÀÊ ◊øÊÃ „Ò¥U •ÊÒ⁄U Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄U •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ∑§fl‹ •Ê‡flÊ‚Ÿ Œ∑§⁄U ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ ªÈS‚ ∑§Ê ‡Êʢà ∑§⁄UÊ ŒÃ „Ò¥U– •÷Ë Ã∑§ ߟ ŸÊ‹Ê¥ ∑§Ê ’¢Œ ∑§⁄UflÊŸ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê߸ ∑§Ê◊ Ÿ„UË¥ „ÈU•Ê „ÒU– •÷Ë Á¬¿U‹ ÁŒŸÊ¥ „UË ‚ŸÊß Ÿª⁄U ◊¥ ŸÊ‹ ◊¥ Áª⁄U∑§⁄U ÃËŸ fl·Ë¸ÿ ¬˝Ê¢‡ÊÈ ∑§Ë ◊ÊÒà „UÊ ªß¸– ÷‹ „UË ÿ„U ÉÊ≈UŸÊ •π’Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚ÈÁπ¸ÿÊ¥ ∑§ Á‹„UÊ¡ ‚ ’„ÈUà ◊ÊÿŸ Ÿ ⁄UπÃË „UÊ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚∑§Ê πÊÁ◊ÿÊ¡Ê ◊Ê‚Í◊ ’ìÊÊ¥ •ÊÒ⁄U ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§Ê •¬ŸË ¡ÊŸ Œ∑§⁄U øÈ∑§ÊŸË ¬«∏U ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ß‚‚ ¬„U‹ L§„UÊŸË, ∑§ÊÁ‚◊, ’Ê’Í, ‡ÊÊß◊Ê •ÊÒ⁄U ◊Ê„Uê◊Œ ∑Ò§»§ ∑§Ë πÈ‹ ŸÊ‹Ê¥ ◊¥ Áª⁄U∑§⁄U ◊ÊÒà „UÊ øÈ∑§Ë „ÒU– Ÿª⁄U ÁŸª◊ ¬˝‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ∑§ ÁŒ‹Ê‚ ‚ÈŸ∑§⁄U ∞‚Ê ‹ªÃÊ „ÒU Á∑§ fl„U •÷Ë ∑ȧ¿U •ÊÒ⁄U ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ ◊⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ߢáÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U ⁄U„UË „ÒU ©U‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ‡ÊÊÿŒ ∑§Ê߸ ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ„UË ∑§⁄¥– •Á◊à ‹πŸ™§


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


Á’ŒÊ „ÈU߸ ◊Ê¢ ŒÈªÊ¸ ŸÊÒ ÁŒŸÊ¥ ∑§Ë ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ ’ÊŒ ◊Ê¢ ŒÈªÊ¸ ∑§Ê œÍ◊œÊ◊ ‚ ÁflŒÊ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ– ß‚ •fl‚⁄U ¬⁄U …UÊÁ∑§•Ê¥¢ Ÿ ¡◊∑§⁄U …UÊ∑§ ’¡ÊÿÊ, ◊Á„U‹Ê•Ê¥ Ÿ ŸÊø-ªÊ∑§⁄U •ÊÒ⁄U ‡Ê¢πŸÊŒ∑§⁄U ∞fl¢ ’¢ªÊ‹Ë ‚◊Ê¡ ∑§Ë ◊Á„U‹Ê•Ê¥ Ÿ ŒÈªÊ¸ ¬Í¡Ê ∑§ •ÊÁπ⁄UË ÁŒŸ Á‚ãŒÍ⁄U π‹∑§⁄U ◊Ê¢ ∑§Ê ÁflŒÊ߸ ŒË •ÊÒ⁄U •¢Ã ◊¥ ªÊ◊ÃË ŸŒË ◊¥ Áfl‚¡¸Ÿ „ÈU•Ê– ¬Ê⁄Uê¬Á⁄U∑§ ‚¢ªËà ∑§ ‚ÊÕ „UË ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ •ÊœÈÁŸ∑§ ‚¢ªËà ∑§Ë œÈŸ ÷Ë ‚ÈŸÊ߸ ŒË– ¬¢¡Ê’Ë Á‚¢ª⁄U „UÊ«¸U ∑§ÊÒ⁄U Ÿ ◊ÊÃË ◊„U‹ ‹ÊÚŸ ◊¥ ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊ ¬˝SÃÈà ∑§⁄U ‚◊Ê¢ ’Ê¢œ ÁŒÿÊ–


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


•ÛÊÊ ∑‘§ ∞‹ÊŸ ∑§Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ øÈŸÊfl ¬⁄U U•‚⁄U Á¬¿‹ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ‚◊Ê¡‚flË •ÛÊÊ „¡Ê⁄U Ÿ ¡Ÿ ‹Ù∑§¬Ê‹ ∑‘§ ◊‚‹ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ∑§Ë, •ı⁄U ’‚¬Ê ¬˝◊Èπ ◊ÈÅÿ ◊¥òÊË ◊ÊÿÊflÃË Ÿ •¬Ÿ ¬Ê≈U˸ •ı⁄U ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ŒÊªË ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ߸ ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ Ã¡Ë ÁŒπÊ߸ – ¬Á⁄UŒÎ‡ÿ ¬⁄U ⁄Uß ◊ÁáÊ ‹Ê‹ ∑§Ê Áfl‡‹·áÊ – ‹πŸ™§– ¬˝ÅÿÊà ‚◊Ê¡‚flË •ÛÊÊ „¡Ê⁄U Ÿ ¡Ÿ ‹Ù∑§¬Ê‹ ∑‘§ ◊‚‹ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ÄUÿÊ ∑§Ë,øÈŸÊfl ◊¥ ß‚ ◊Ê◊‹ ∑§Ê •‚⁄U „ÙŸ Á∑§ ‚¥÷ÊflŸÊ•Ù¥ Ÿ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑§Ù •‚◊¥¡‚ ◊¥ «Ê‹ ÁŒÿÊ „Ò– •¬Ÿ •ÊÃ¥Á⁄U∑§ ¤Êª«∏Ù¥ ‚ ¡Í¤Ê ⁄U„Ë ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ¡ŸÃÊ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ù •’ Œ⁄U ‚ ÁŸáʸÿ ‹Ÿ ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ »§ÊÿŒÊ ÁŒπŸ ‹ªÊ „Ò– ‚ûÊÊM§…∏ ’„È¡Ÿ ‚◊Ê¡ ¬Ê≈U˸ ¬˝◊Èπ fl ◊ÈÅÿ ◊¥òÊË ◊ÊÿÊflÃË •¬ŸË ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U •ı⁄U ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑§Ë ‚»§Ê߸ ◊¥ ¡È≈UË „È߸ „Ò¥– ◊ÊÿÊflÃË mÊ⁄UÊ •¬Ÿ Œ‹ ∑‘§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ∞∑§ Á‚⁄U ‚ •ŸÈ‡ÊÊ‚ŸÊà◊∑§ ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ߸ ∑§Ë øøʸ „Ò– ∞‚Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ¬„‹Ë ’Ê⁄U „È•Ê „Ò Á∑§ Á∑§‚Ë ◊ÈÅÿ ◊¥òÊË Ÿ øÈŸÊfl ∑‘§ ∑§È¿ ◊„ËŸÙ¥ ¬„‹ ßß ’«∏ SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U •¬Ÿ „Ë ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ‚Åà ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ߸ ∑§Ë „Ò– øÈŸÊfl ∑‘§ ¬„‹ ‚÷Ë Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¬Ê≈U˸ ◊¥ ’ŸÊÿ ⁄UπŸ •ı⁄U ©ã„¥ ŸÊ⁄UÊ¡∏ Ÿ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑§ÿÊflŒ „ÙÃË ÕË, Á¡‚ ‚ ©Ÿ∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ øÈŸÊfl ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ù߸ ŸÈ∑§‚ÊŸ ¬„ÈøÊŸ ‚ ⁄UÙ∑§Ê ¡Ê ‚∑‘§, •ı⁄U øÈŸÊfl ŸÃË¡ •ÊŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ∑§Ù߸ ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ߸ ∑§Ë ¡ÊÃË– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ◊ÊÿÊflÃË mÊ⁄UÊ ∞‚Ê Ÿ Á∑§ÿ ¡ÊŸ ‚ ‚¥∑‘§Ã ‚Ê»∏§ „Ò Á∑§ fl •ÊªÊ◊Ë øÈŸÊfl ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ ª‹Ã ŒÊ¥fl Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ªÊŸÊ øÊ„ÃË– ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ „⁄U ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ ’‚¬Ê ∑‘§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •¬Ÿ ¬Œ •ı⁄U ⁄U‚Íπ ∑§Ê ª‹Ã »§Ê∞ŒÊ ©ΔÊŸ •ı⁄U •Ê◊ ‹ÙªÙ ∑§Ù ¬˝ÃÊÁ«∏à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ÉÊ≈UŸÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë ’Ê…∏ •Ê߸ „È߸ „Ò– •Êÿ ÁŒŸ Á∑§‚Ë ‚ÃÊM§…∏ Œ‹ ∑‘§ ŸÃÊ •ÊÿÊ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ¬Á⁄UflÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ‹ÙªÙ¥ mÊ⁄UÊ •Ê◊ ‹ÙªÙ¥ •ı⁄U ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄UË ÿÊ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ flÊ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬Ë≈UŸ, œ◊∑§ÊŸ ÿÊ •ãÿ Ã⁄UË∑§Ù¥ ‚ ¬˝ÃÊÁ«∏à ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë π∏’⁄U¥ •Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥– ◊ÊÿÊflÃË Ÿ •ŸÈ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ¬⁄U Á¬¿‹ ∞∑§ ‚Ê‹ ◊¥ ◊¥ÁòÊ◊¥«‹ ∑‘§ ∑§ß¸ ◊¥ÁòÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù „≈UÊÿÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ∞∑§ Œ¡¸Ÿ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ÁflœÊÿ∑§Ù¥, ‚Ê¥‚ŒÙ¥ •ı⁄U ¬Ê≈U˸ ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ∑§Êÿ¸flÊ߸ ∑§Ë ¡Ê øÈ∑§Ë „Ò–

¬ÈÁ‹‚ Áfl÷ʪ ◊¥ ¬˝ÿÙª ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ Áfl÷ʪ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ „È∞ Ã⁄U„Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ¬˝ÿ٪٥ •ı⁄U •¬⁄UÊœË-⁄UÊ¡ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ •ı⁄U ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ∑‘§ ¡’Œ¸Sà ªΔ¡Ù«∏ Ÿ ∑§ÊŸÍŸ-√ÿflSÕÊ ∑§Ë ∑§◊⁄U ÃÙ«∏ ∑§⁄U ⁄Uπ ŒË „Ò– Á¡Ÿ ÃËŸ øË¡Ù¥ (÷ÿ, •ÊÃ¥∑§ •ı⁄U ¡¥ª‹⁄UÊ¡) ∑§Ù Á◊≈UÊŸ ∑§Ê ŒÊflÊ ∑§⁄U∑‘§ ◊ÊÿÊflÃË wÆÆ| ◊¥ ‹πŸ™§ ∑§Ë ‚ûÊÊ ¬⁄U ∑§ÊÁ’¡ „È߸ ÕË¥ fl„Ë ÃËŸ øË¡¥ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ‡ÊÊ‚Ÿ ∑‘§ •¥ÁÃ◊ ‚Ê‹ ◊¥ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ¬„øÊŸ ’Ÿ ªß¸ „Ò¥– •Ê¡ ∑§ÊŸÍŸ-√ÿflSÕÊ ∑§Ë „Ê‹Ã ’„Œ ‹ø⁄U „Ò •ı⁄U ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ß‚ ¬⁄U ∑§Ê’Í ¬ÊŸ ◊¥ πÈŒ ∑§Ù •‚◊Õ¸ ¬Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò– Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ ßÁÄʂ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÿŒ ÿ„ ¬„‹Ë ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U „Ò Á¡‚◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ Œ¡¸Ÿ ÷⁄U ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ◊¥òÊË •ı⁄U ÁflœÊÿ∑§ ’‹Êà∑§Ê⁄U •ı⁄U „àÿÊ ∑‘§ •Ê⁄UÙÁ¬Ã „Ò¥ ÿÊ ‚¡Ê ∑§Ê≈U ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ∑§÷Ë •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø πı»§ ∑§Ê ¬ÿʸÿ ⁄U„Ë ◊ÊÿÊflÃË •Ê¡ ∑§ÊŸÍŸ-√ÿflSÕÊ ∑‘§ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ‚ •ˇÊ◊ ‚ÊÁ’à „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥– äÿÊŸ ŒŸ ÿÙÇÿ ’Êà ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ∑§ÊŸÍŸ-√ÿflSÕÊ ∑§Ù ‚¥÷Ê‹Ÿ ∑§Ë Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË Á¡‚ ªÎ„ Áfl÷ʪ ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ „Ò ©‚∑§Ë ◊ÈÁπÿÊ Sflÿ¥ ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË „Ë „Ò¥– ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ wÆÆ| ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‚ ¬ÈÁ‹‚ Áfl÷ʪ ◊¥ ßß •Áœ∑§ ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄U «Ê‹ „Ò¥ Á∑§ ¬Í⁄UÊ Á‚S≈U◊ „Ë ∞∑§ Ã⁄U„ ‚ Á¿ÛÊ-Á÷ÛÊ „Ù ªÿÊ „Ò– Áfl÷ʪ ◊¥ ∞∑§ Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë ŒÈÁflœÊ ∑§Ê ◊Ê„ı‹ „Ò. ¬„‹ ¡ÙŸ SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U •Ê߸¡Ë ∑§Ê ¬Œ „ÙÃÊ ÕÊ Á¡‚ ¬⁄U flÁ⁄UD •Ê߸¬Ë∞‚ SÃ⁄U ∑§Ê •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ÁŸÿÈQ§ „ÙÃÊ ÕÊ, ∑§ß¸ Á¡‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ ∑§#ÊŸ •ı⁄U ©‚∑‘§ •œËŸ •ÊŸ flÊ‹ «Ë•Ê߸¡Ë „⁄U ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ ©‚∑‘§ ¬˝Áà ¡flÊ’Œ„ „ÙÃ Õ, ß‚ √ÿflSÕÊ ∑§Ù πà◊ ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ– •Êª⁄UÊ, ◊⁄UΔ,

‹πŸ™§, ªÙ⁄Uπ¬È⁄U ‚Á„à ∑§ß¸ ’«∏ ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ «Ë•Ê߸¡Ë ∑§Ê ¬Œ ‚◊Ê# ∑§⁄U «Ë•Ê߸¡Ë SÃ⁄U ∑‘§ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù „Ë ∞‚∞‚¬Ë ∑§Ê øÊ¡¸ Œ ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ, ’«∏ ‡Ê„⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞‚¬Ë (‹ÊÚ ∞¥« •ÊÚ«¸⁄U) ∑§Ê •‹ª ‚ ¬Œ ’ŸÊ ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ Á¡‚‚ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U Á¡‹ ◊¥ ∞∑§ „Ë ⁄UÒ¥∑§ fl ¬Œ ∑‘§ ŒÙ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÃÒŸÊÃË ‚ •Ê߸¬Ë∞‚ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ◊Ÿ◊È≈UÊfl ∑§Ë ÁSÕÁà ÷Ë ¬Ÿ¬Ë– ∑§ÊŸÍŸ-√ÿflSÕÊ ∑‘§ ¬¥ªÈ „ÙÃ ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ’«∏Ë fl¡„ „Ò Á∑§ ¬„‹ ߥS¬ÄU≈U⁄U ∑§Ê Ã’ÊŒ‹Ê ∑§#ÊŸ •ı⁄U ‚Ë•Ù ‚ ‹∑§⁄U •Ê߸¡Ë SÃ⁄U ∑‘§ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê Ã’ÊŒ‹Ê «Ë¡Ë¬Ë ∑‘§ „ÊÕ ◊¥ „Ë „ÙÃÊ ÕÊ, Á‹„Ê¡Ê ÁŸø‹ SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ÷Ë ß‚ ’Êà ‚ «⁄UÃ Õ Á∑§ ÿÁŒ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ∑§Ù߸ Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ™§¬⁄U „ÙÃË „Ò ÃÙ ∑§Ê⁄U¸flÊ߸ „٪˖ ‹Á∑§Ÿ •’ ∞‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò. Á¡‹Ê SÃ⁄U ¬⁄U ÃÒŸÊà ¬ÈÁ‹‚ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ë „≈UÊŸ ∑§Ê •Áœ∑§Ê⁄U «Ë¡Ë¬Ë ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’øÊ „Ò, Ã’ÊŒ‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ø„Ã ø¥Œ •Áœ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë „Ë ‚ÈŸË ¡Ê ⁄U„Ë „Ò, Á¡‚∑§Ê ŸÃË¡Ê „Ò Á∑§ ‚÷Ë ’‹ªÊ◊ „Ù ª∞ „Ò¥– ¬ÈÁ‹‚ ¬⁄U SflÊ÷ÊÁfl∑§ •¥∑§È‡Ê ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ∑§Ê »§ÊÿŒÊ ¡’ ‚Ê◊Êãÿ •¬⁄UÊœË ©ΔÊ ⁄U„ „Ò¥ ÃÙ ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë ¬˝flÎÁûÊ flÊ‹ ‚ûÊÊ‚ËŸ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÷‹Ê ∑§ıŸ ⁄UÙ∑§ ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò–

÷Ê¡¬Ê ∑§Ù ‚’‚ íÿÊŒÊ ©ê◊ËŒ¥ •ÊªÊ◊Ë ÁflœÊŸ‚÷Ê øÈŸÊfl flÊ‹ ⁄UÊíÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ÷Ê¡¬Ê ∑§Ù ‚’‚ íÿÊŒÊ ©ê◊ËŒ¥ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ‚ „Ò¥– ÷Ê¡¬Ê Ÿ •¬Ÿ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ øÈŸÊfl ¬˝àÿÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ •÷Ë Ã∑§ ¡ÊÁ„⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿ „Ò¥, •ı⁄U •Ê¡∑§‹ ¡’ ’‚¬Ê •ı⁄U

∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ¬˝flQ§Ê ‚È’Ùœ üÊËflÊSÃfl Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ŒÙ ◊¥ÁòÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÃÙ ¬Œ ‚ „≈UÊ ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑§Ë •‚‹ ¡«∏ ÃÙ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ë ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË „Ò¥, Á¡Ÿ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑‘§ ◊¥òÊË ª‹Ã Ã⁄UË∑‘§ ‚ œŸ ß∑§_Ê ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– ‚¬Ê •¬Ÿ ¬Ífl¸ ÉÊÙÁ·Ã ¬˝àÿÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ’Œ‹ ⁄U„Ë „Ò, Ã’ ÷Ê¡¬Ê ∑§Ù ‹ª ⁄U„Ê „Ò Á∑§ ¬˝àÿÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ◊¥ Œ⁄UË „Ë ©Ÿ∑§Ë ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ fl⁄UŒÊŸ ‚ÊÁ’à „Ù ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– ¬Ê≈U˸ ◊¥ •÷Ë ÷Ë ¬˝àÿÊÁ‡ÊÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ◊¥ÕŸ ø‹ ⁄U„Ê „Ò •ı⁄U ’Œ‹ „È∞ ◊Ê„ı‹ ◊¥ ¬Ê≈U˸ ∑‘§ ŸÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ∑§ß¸ ŸÊ◊ ’Œ‹Ÿ ◊¥ •’ Áfl⁄UÙœ Ÿ„Ë¥ ¤Ê‹ŸÊ ¬«∏ªÊ– ⁄UÊC˝Ëÿ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁà ∑§Ë ŒÎÁC ‚ ‚’‚ ’«∏ ß‚ ‚Í’ ◊¥ ¬Ê≈U˸ ‚¬Ê •ı⁄U ’‚¬Ê ŒÙŸÙ¥ ‚ ’⁄UÊ’⁄U ∑§Ë ŒÍ⁄UË ’ŸÊ∑§⁄U

ø‹ªË– ¬Ê≈U˸ •äÿˇÊ ÁŸÁß ª«∑§⁄UË Ÿ ⁄UÊC˝Ëÿ ∑§Êÿ¸∑§ÊÁ⁄UáÊË ∑§Ë ’ÒΔ∑§ ◊¥ ß‚ S¬C ÷Ë ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ¬„‹ ÷‹ „Ë ÷Ê¡¬Ê Ÿ ’‚¬Ê ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§ ‚„ÿÙª Á∑§ÿÊ „Ù, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÷Áflcÿ ◊¥ ∞‚Ê ∑§÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ „٪ʖ

∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑§Ë ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹¥ •ÛÊÊ „¡Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ∞‹ÊŸ Ÿ ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑§Ë ◊ÈÁ‡∑§‹¥ ’…∏Ê ŒË „Ò¥– ¡„Ê° ∞∑§ •Ù⁄U ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑§Ù •ÛÊÊ „¡Ê⁄U ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ flÒ‚ „Ë ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑‘§ Áfl⁄UÙœ ∑§Ê ‚Ê◊ŸÊ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¬«∏ ⁄U„Ê „Ò, fl„Ë° øÈŸÊfl ◊¥ ÷Ë ß‚ ◊Ê◊‹ ∑§Ê •‚⁄U „ÙŸ Á∑§ ‚¥÷ÊflŸÊ•Ù¥ Ÿ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑§Ù •‚◊¥¡‚ ◊¥ «Ê‹ ÁŒÿÊ „Ò– ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ •äÿˇÊ ⁄UËÃÊ ’„ȪÈáÊÊ Ÿ ∞Ã⁄UÊ¡ ¡ÃÊÃ „È∞ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á∑§ øÈŸÊflÙ¥ ‚ ¬„‹ •ÛÊÊ ∑‘§ ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ ’ÿÊŸ ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ◊‚‹ ∑§Ê ⁄UÊ¡ŸËÁÃ∑§⁄UáÊ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ •ÛÊÊ „¡Ê⁄U ‚ ¬Í¿Ê Á∑§ ÄUÿÊ ©ã„¥ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑§Ê ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U Ÿ¡⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ •ÊÃÊ ¡Ù fl„ ∑§Ê¥ª˝‚ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ øÈŸÊfl ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ⁄UËÃÊ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ •ÛÊÊ ∑‘§ ∞‚ ’ÿÊŸ ‚ ‚flÊ‹ π«∏ „ÙÃ „Ò¥ Á∑§ ÄUÿÊ fl„ Á∑§‚Ë ∑‘§ ¬˝÷Êfl •ı⁄U øR§√ÿÍ„ ◊¥ »§¥‚ ∑§⁄U ÃÙ ∞‚ ∑§Œ◊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ©ΔÊ ⁄U„ „Ò– ⁄UËÃÊ Ÿ •ÛÊÊ ‚ ¬Í¿Ê „Ò Á∑§ ÄUÿÊ ©ã„¥ ©ûÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ ’ª‹ ∑‘§ ©ûÊ⁄UÊ𥫠⁄UÊíÿ ∑§Ë ÷Ê¡¬Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U Ÿ¡⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ •ÊÃ– ’„ȪÈáÊÊ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ©ûÊ⁄UÊ𥫠◊¥ Á’¡‹Ë ¬Á⁄UÿÙ¡ŸÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ÷Ê¡¬Ê ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ¬⁄U ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ª¥÷Ë⁄U •Ê⁄UÙ¬ ‹ª „Ò¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ •ÛÊÊ ∑§Ê •Ê¡ Ã∑§ ß‚ Á‚‹Á‚‹ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ’ÿÊŸ ÷Ë ‚Ê◊Ÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ •ÊÿÊ „Ò– ◊ÊÿÊflÃË mÊ⁄UÊ •¬Ÿ ◊¥ÁòÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù „≈UÊŸ ¬⁄U ÷Ë Áfl¬ˇÊË Œ‹Ù¥ Ÿ ∑§«∏Ë ¬˝ÁÃÁR§ÿÊ ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á∑§ ߟ ©ŒÊ„⁄UáÊÙ¥ ‚ ‚Ê»∏§ „Ò Á∑§ ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ◊¥ ÷˝C ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ê ’Ù‹’Ê‹Ê „Ò, •ı⁄U ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ∑§Ù πÈŒ ß‚∑§Ë Á¡ê◊ŒÊ⁄UË ‹Ã „È∞ •¬Ÿ ¬Œ ‚ ßSÃË»∏§Ê Œ ŒŸÊ

øÊÁ„∞– Áfl¬ˇÊË Œ‹Ù¥ Ÿ •Êÿ ∑‘§ ôÊÊà dÙÃÙ¥ ‚ •Áœ∑§ ‚ê¬ÁûÊ ⁄UπŸ •ı⁄U ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑‘§ •‹ª-•‹ª ◊Ê◊‹Ù¥ ◊¥ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑‘§ ŒÙ ◊¥ÁòÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ¬Œ ‚ „≈UÊ∞ ¡ÊŸ ‚¥’¥œË ‚⁄U∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ ∑§Œ◊ ∑§Ù ŸÊ∑§Ê»§Ë ’ÃÊÃ „È∞ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ πÈŒ ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË ◊ÊÿÊflÃË ÷Ë ∞‚ „Ë •Ê⁄U٬٥ ‚ ÁÉÊ⁄UË „Ò¥, ∞‚ ◊¥ fl„ Sflÿ¥ ßSÃË»§Ê ÄUÿÙ¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒÃË¥– ◊ÈÅÿ Áfl¬ˇÊË Œ‹ ‚◊Ê¡flÊŒË ¬Ê≈U˸ (‚¬Ê) ∑§Ë ⁄UÊíÿ ß∑§Ê߸ ∑‘§ ¬˝flQ§Ê ⁄UÊ¡ãŒ˝ øıœ⁄UË Ÿ ÿ„Ê¥ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ¬˝Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ ◊¥òÊË •¬ŸË •Ê∑§Ê ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ∞∑§òÊ Á∑§ÿ ª∞ œŸ ∑§Ù ∑§È¿ „Ë Á„S‚Ê •¬Ÿ ¬Ê‚ ⁄UπÃ „Ò.¥ Á‹„Ê¡Ê ©Ÿ◊¥ ‚ ∞∑§-ŒÙ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ∑§Ê⁄Ufl¸ Ê߸ ∑§Ê»§Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ¡ŸÃÊ ¬Ê≈U˸ (÷Ê¡¬Ê) ∑‘§ ¬˝flQ§Ê Áfl¡ÿ ¬ÊΔ∑§ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ◊¥ÁòÊÿÙ¥ •ı⁄U ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ◊ÊŸ∑§Ù¥ ◊¥ •¥Ã⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙŸÊ øÊÁ„ÿ– ““¡’ ⁄Uª¥ ŸÊÕ Á◊üÊ •ı⁄U ’ÊŒ‡ÊÊ„ Á‚¥„ ∑§Ù ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑‘§ •Ê⁄U٬٥ ∑§Ë SflÃ¥òÊ •ı⁄U ÁŸc¬ˇÊ ¡Ê¥ø ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ¬Œ ‚ „≈UÊÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ πÈŒ ∞‚ „Ë •Ê⁄U٬٥ ‚ ÁÉÊ⁄UË ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË ∑§Ê ¬Œ ¬⁄U ’Ÿ ⁄U„ŸÊ •ŸÒÁÃ∑§ „Ò–”” ∑§Ê¥ª‚ ˝ ¬˝flQ§Ê ‚È’Ùœ üÊËflÊSÃfl Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ŒÙ ◊¥ÁòÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÃÙ ¬Œ ‚ „≈UÊ ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÷˝CÊøÊ⁄U ∑§Ë •‚‹ ¡«∏ ÃÙ ¬˝Œ‡ Ê ∑§Ë ◊ÈÅÿ◊¥òÊË „Ò,¥ Á¡Ÿ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑‘§ ◊¥òÊË ª‹Ã Ã⁄UË∑‘§ ‚ œŸ ß∑§_Ê ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò–¥ ◊¥òÊË ¡Ù •÷Ë Ã∑§ „≈UÊÿ ¡Ê øÈ∑§‘ „Ò-¥ ¡◊ÈŸÊ ¬˝‚ÊŒ ÁŸ·ÊŒ - •¬⁄UÊœ ◊¥ ‚¥Á‹#ÃÊ ¬Ê∞ ¡ÊŸ ¬⁄U •ÊŸ¥Œ‚Ÿ ÿÊŒfl - •¬⁄UÊœ ◊¥ ‚¥Á‹#ÃÊ ¬Ê∞ ¡ÊŸ ¬⁄U •‡ÊÙ∑§ ∑§È◊Ê⁄U ŒÙ„⁄U - •Êø⁄UáÊ ‚ê’ãœË Á‡Ê∑§Êÿà ⁄UÊ¡‡Ê ÁòʬÊΔË - ‹Ù∑§ÊÿÈQ§ ∑§Ë Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ •Ÿ¥Ã ∑§È◊Ê⁄U Á◊üÊ fl ’Ê’Í Á‚¥„ ∑§È‡ÊflÊ„Ê - ŒÙŸÙ¥ ⁄UÊíÿ ∑‘§ SflSâÿ Áfl÷ʪ ◊¥ „È∞ ÉÊÙ≈UÊ‹ fl ∑∏§à‹ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ •flœ¬Ê‹ Á‚¥„ ÿÊŒfl - ‹Ù∑§ÊÿÈQ§ ∑§Ë Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ⁄Uª¥ ŸÊÕ Á◊üÊ fl ’ÊŒ‡ÊÊ„ Á‚¥„ - ‹Ù∑§ÊÿÈQ§ ∑§Ë Á⁄U¬Ù≈U¸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ–

Œ ‡ Ê

Lucknow, October 8, 2011

“Ÿ ⁄‡ÊÊ„L§π UÊ.fl∑§ËŸŸËŒ”©«∏Ê߸ ⁄UÊ.flŸ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ©à‚ÊÁ„à ‡ÊÊ„L§π πÊŸ ∑§Ù ©ê◊ËŒ „Ò Á∑§ S¬‡Ê‹ ß»‘§ÄU≈U˜‚ ‚ ‹Ò‚ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ÿ„ Á»§À◊ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ÷Ë „ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ¡Ò‚Ë ‚Ȭ⁄U„Ë⁄UÙ flÊ‹Ë Á»§À◊Ù¥ ∑§Ù ’…∏ÊflÊ ŒªË– ‡ÊÊ„L§π ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚ Á»§À◊ wÆÆ~ ◊¥ •Ê߸ ¡ê‚ ∑Ò§◊⁄UŸ ∑§Ë é‹ÊÚ∑§’S≈U⁄U •flÃÊ⁄U ‚ ∑§„Ë¥ íÿÊŒÊ S¬‡Ê‹ ß»‘§ÄU≈U˜‚ „Ù¥ª •ı⁄U ÿ„ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ Á»§À◊

ߥ«S≈˛Ë ∑§Ù ∞∑§ ŸÿÊ ◊Ù«∏ ŒªË– •’ ¡’Á∑§ ⁄UÊ.flŸ ∑§Ë Á⁄U‹Ë¡ ◊¥ Á‚»§¸ wÆ ÁŒŸ ’ø „Ò¥ ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ∑‘§ ¬˝Ù◊هʟ fl ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ „⁄U ÁŒŸ ∞∑§ Ÿ∞ •ÊßÁ«ÿÊ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ‚Ê◊Ÿ •Ê ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ‚Ȭ⁄US≈UÊ⁄U ⁄U¡ŸË∑§Ê¥Ã ∑§Ù •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ∑‘§ ‚ËŸ ◊¥ ‹Ê∑§⁄U ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ⁄U¡ŸË ∑‘§ »Ò§¥‚ ∑§Ù •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ŒπŸ ∑§Ê ŒÊ¥fl ø‹Ê „Ò– fl„Ë¥ •’ Á∑§¥ª πÊŸ Ÿ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ∑‘§ ◊„ÊŸÊÿ∑§ •Á◊ÃÊ÷ ’ëøŸ ∑§Ù ß‚‚ ¡Ù«∏Ÿ ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ∑§Œ◊ ’…∏Ê∞¥ „Ò¥– •’ Á’ª ’Ë ÷Ë ⁄UÊ.flŸ ◊¥ ÁŒπÊ߸(ÿÊ ‚ÈŸÊ߸) Œ¥ª– •¬ŸË •ÊflÊ¡ ‚ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ◊¥ •‹ª ¬„øÊŸ ’ŸÊŸ flÊ‹ Á’ª ’Ë ß‚ Á»§À◊ ◊¥ flÊÚß‚ •ÊÚfl⁄U ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ •¬ŸË •ÊflÊ¡ Œ¥ª– ‡ÊÊ„M§π ⁄UÊ.flŸ ∑§Ë ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ fl„ ‚’ ∑§È¿ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥ ¡Ù fl ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ÿ„ ©Ÿ∑§Ê «˛Ë◊ ¬˝Ù¡ÄU≈U „Ò– ¬„‹ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ •¬Ÿ •ë¿ ŒÙSÃÙ¥ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ‚¥¡ÿ ŒûÊ •ı⁄U Á¬˝ÿ¥∑§Ê øÙ¬«∏Ê ∑§Ù Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ∑Ò§Á◊ÿÙ ⁄UÙ‹ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ◊ŸÊÿÊ– ©‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ Á∑§¥ª πÊŸ Ÿ ⁄U¡ŸË∑§Ê¥Ã ∑§Ù •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ‚ ¡Ù«∏ŸÊ øÊ„Ê ¡’Á∑§ ©‚ ‚◊ÿ fl •¬ŸË ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË ‚ ©’⁄U „Ë ⁄U„ Õ– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿ„ ÃÙ •ë¿Ê „È•Ê Á∑§ ⁄U¡ŸË ‚⁄U •¬Ÿ π⁄UÊ’ SflÊSâÿ ∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ÷Ë ◊È¥’߸ •Ê∞ •ı⁄U ‡ÊÍÁ≈U¥ª ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „È∞– ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ Ÿ ¡’ •Á◊ÃÊ÷ ’ëøŸ ‚ ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ’Êà ∑§Ë fl„ ¤Ê≈U ‚ ‚Ȭ⁄U„Ë⁄UÙ flÊ‹Ë ß‚ Á»§À◊ ◊¥

‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ ∑§Ë Á»§À◊ ⁄UÊ.flŸ ŒËflÊ‹Ë ∑‘§ ◊ı∑‘§ ¬⁄U w{ •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ∑§Ù Á⁄U‹Ë¡ „٪˖ Á»§À◊ ¬⁄U ∞∑§ •⁄U’ L§¬ÿ ‚ ÷Ë íÿÊŒÊ ∑§Ë ‹ÊªÃ •Ê߸ „Ò ¡Ù ß‚ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ∑§Ë ‚’‚ ◊„àfl∑§Ê¥ˇÊË •ı⁄U ◊„¥ªË Á»§À◊ ’ŸÊÃË „Ò – ß‚∑‘§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ◊¥ ‡ÊÊ„L§π Á‡Êgà ‚ ¡È≈U „Ò¥

flÊÚß‚ •ÊÚfl⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U „Ù ª∞– ‡ÊÊ„L§π ß‚ Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ¡Ë.flŸ ∑§Ê Á∑§⁄UŒÊ⁄U ÁŸ÷Ê ⁄U„ „Ò¥ ¡Ù ◊ÊŸflÃÊ ∑§Ù π‹ŸÊÿ∑§ ⁄UÊ.flŸ ‚ ’øÊÃÊ „Ò. Á∑§¥ª πÊŸ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ ÿ„ •¬ŸË Ã⁄U„ ∑§Ë •∑‘§‹Ë Á»§À◊ „Ò– ◊ȤÊ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¡Ù ∑§È¿ „◊ •÷Ë Ã∑§ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥, ÿ„ Á»§À◊ ߥ«S≈˛Ë ∑§Ù ©‚‚ ∞∑§ ∑§Œ◊ •Êª ‹ ¡Ê∞ªË– ◊ȤÊ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚ Á»§À◊ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ‚Ȭ⁄U„Ë⁄UÙ flÊ‹Ë •ı⁄U Á»§À◊¥ ’Ÿ¥ªË •ı⁄U íÿÊŒÊ ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ∞ÄU≈U⁄U ß‚ Ã⁄U„ ∑‘§ Á∑§⁄UŒÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U¥ª– yz ‚Ê‹ ∑‘§ ‡ÊÊ„L§π ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ∑§Ë ©‚ πÊŸ ÁÃ∑§«∏Ë ∑§Ê Á„S‚Ê „Ò¥ Á¡‚Ÿ v~~Æ ∑‘§ Œ‡Ê∑§ ‚ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ¬⁄U ⁄UÊ¡ Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ©Ÿ∑§Ë ÁŒ‹ flÊ‹ ŒÈÀ„ÁŸÿÊ ‹ ¡Ê∞¥ª ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ∑§Ë ‚’‚ ∑§Ê◊ÿÊ’ Á»§À◊Ù¥ ◊¥ ‡ÊÈ◊Ê⁄U ∑§Ë ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ‡ÊÊ„L§π ∑§Ë Á¬¿‹Ë ’«∏Ë Á»§À◊ wÆÆ~ ◊¥ ◊Ê߸ Ÿ◊ ß¡ πÊŸ •Ê߸ Á¡‚ ’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ∑§Ë ¬„‹Ë ߥ≈U⁄UŸ‡ÊŸ‹ Á»§À◊ ∑§„Ê ªÿÊ ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ ÿ„ ÷Ê⁄Uà ‚ íÿÊŒÊ ÁflŒ‡ÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ø‹Ë– •¬ŸË Ÿß¸ Á»§À◊ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U Á∑§¥ª πÊŸ Áø¥ÁÃà Ÿ„Ë¥ ÁŒπÃ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚∑‘§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ fl„ ÁflÁ«ÿÙ ª◊ ‚ ‹∑§⁄U ÿÍ≈U˜ÿÍ’ ¡Ò‚ ߥ≈U⁄UŸ≈U ¬Ê≈U¸Ÿ‚¸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ∑§⁄UÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ß‚‚ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ fl„ Á»§À◊ ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ’„Œ Á»§R§◊¥Œ „Ò¥–

Á‚ª⁄U≈U ¿Ù«∏Ÿ ∑§Ë ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U Á‚ª⁄U≈U ¿Ù«∏Ÿ ∑§Ë •‚»§‹ ∑§ÙÁ‡Ê‡Ê ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‡ÊÊ„L§π ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U Á»§⁄U ß‚ ’È⁄UË •ÊŒÃ ‚ Ãı’Ê


‚Ȭ⁄U„Ë⁄UÙ flÊ‹ Á∑§⁄UŒÊ⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Á„¥ŒÍ ¬ı⁄UÊÁáÊ∑§ ∑§„ÊÁŸÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë Ã⁄U»§ L§¤ÊÊŸ ÁŒπÊÃ ⁄U„ „Ò¥– πÊ‚∑§⁄U „ŸÈ◊ÊŸ ∑§Ê Á∑§⁄UŒÊ⁄U ‚’∑§Ù •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò–

„ÊÚ≈U ‚Ë≈U ¬⁄U ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ •¬Ÿ ◊Ã÷ŒÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÷È‹Ê∑§⁄U •Á◊ÃÊ÷ ’ëøŸ ∑‘§ ‡ÊÙ ∑§ıŸ ’ŸªÊ ∑§⁄UÙ«¬Áà ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ •¬ŸË ◊„àflÊ∑§Ê¥ˇÊË Á»§À◊ ∑‘§ ¬˝◊هʟ ∑‘§ Á‚‹Á‚‹ ◊¥ „ÊÚ≈U ‚Ë≈U ¬⁄U ’ÒΔ „È∞ Ÿ¡⁄U •Ê∞¥ª– •’ Ã∑§ ∑§Ë •¬ŸË ‚’‚ ◊„àflÊ∑§Ê¥ˇÊË Á»§À◊ ∑‘§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ ∑§Ù߸ ÷Ë ◊ı∑§Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ª¥flÊ ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ⁄UÁflflÊ⁄U w •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ∑§Ù ¬˝‚ÊÁ⁄Uà „È∞ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊ øÒŸ‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ Á⁄UÿÁ‹≈UË ‡ÊÙ ∑‘§ ª˝Êá« Á»§ŸÊ‹ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ ∑§Ë ©¬ÁSÕÁà Ÿ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ù ¬È⁄U¡Ù⁄U Ã⁄UË∑‘§ ‚ ¬‡Ê Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò– ß‚ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ߥÁ«ÿÊ¡ ªÊÚ≈U ≈UÒ‹¥≈U ◊¥ ◊Ò¥ ß‚Á‹∞ ªÿÊ ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ Á∑§⁄UáÊ π⁄U ∑§Ê ŒÙSà „Í¥, ¡S≈U «Ê¥‚ ¬⁄U Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù ß‚Á‹∞ ÁŒπÊÿË ÁŒÿÊ ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ «ÈÇªÍ ◊⁄UÊ Á◊òÊ „Ò •ı⁄U ©‚Ÿ ◊ȤÊ fl„Ê¥ •ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§„Ê ÕÊ– •’ ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ •Á◊ÃÊ÷ ’ëøŸ ∑‘§ ‹Ù∑§Á¬˝ÿ ª◊ ‡ÊÙ ∑§ıŸ ’ŸªÊ ∑§⁄UÙ«¬Áà ÷Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ‡ÊÊ„M§π flÊ‹ ß‚ ∞Á¬‚Ù« ∑§Ë ‡ÊÍÁ≈U¥ª | •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ∑§Ù „ÙªË •ı⁄U

∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ‚Ùø ⁄U„ „Ò¥– ‡ÊÊ„L§π Ÿ ⁄UÊ.flŸ ∑‘§ ¬˝ŒÁ‡Ê¸Ã „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ Á‚ª⁄U≈U ¿Ù«∏Ÿ ∑§Ë ÿÙ¡ŸÊ ’ŸÊ߸ „Ò– ⁄UÊ.flŸ ◊¥ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ë vÆ ’È⁄UÊßÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÁŒπÊŸ ∑§Ê ŒÊflÊ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò •ı⁄U œÍ◊˝¬ÊŸ ÷Ë ∞∑§ ’È⁄UÊ߸ „Ò, ¡Ù √ÿÁQ§ ∑‘§ SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ù ¬˝÷ÊÁflà ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò– ‡ÊÊ„L§π ∑‘§ ◊ÈÃÊÁ’∑§, Á‚ª⁄U≈U ∑‘§ ŒÈc¬˝÷Êfl ’ÃÊŸ flÊ‹Ê ⁄UÊ.flŸ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ŒÎ‡ÿ „Ò, ¡Ù Á¬ÃÊ-¬ÈòÊ ∑§Ë •Ê¬‚Ë ’ÊÃøËà ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ „Ò–

ß‚∑§Ê ¬˝‚Ê⁄UáÊ ΔË∑§ ©‚Ë ÁŒŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê∞ªÊ Á¡‚ ÁŒŸ ⁄UÊÚ-flŸ ∑§Ê ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ „ÙªÊ •ÕʸØ w{ •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ∑§Ù ŒË¬Êfl‹Ë flÊ‹ ÁŒŸ fl ß‚ ‡ÊÙ ◊¥ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ Ÿ¡⁄U •Ê∞¥ª– ∑§„Ê ÃÙ ÿ„ ÷Ë ¡Ê ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ ‚‹◊ÊŸ πÊŸ •ı⁄U ‚¥¡ÿ ŒûÊ ∑‘§ ‡ÊÙ Á’ª ’ÊÚ‚-z ◊¥ ÷Ë •Ê∞¥ª ‹Á∑§Ÿ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á∑§ •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ∑‘§ ¬˝øÊ⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ◊Ò¥ Á’ª ’ÊÚ‚ ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ ¡Ê™§¥ªÊ–

÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ‚Ȭ⁄U„Ë⁄UÙ flÊ‹Ë Á¬¿‹Ë Á»§À◊ wÆvÆ ◊¥ ⁄UÙ’Ù≈U ÕË ¡Ù ◊Í‹ M§¬ ‚ ÃÁ◊‹ ◊¥ ∞¥œË⁄UŸ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ’ŸË– ß‚◊¥ ⁄U¡ŸË∑§Ê¥Ã Ÿ ∑§Ê◊ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ù ’ÊŒ ◊¥ Á„¥ŒË ◊¥ ⁄UÙ’Ù≈U ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ «’ ∑§Ë ªß¸ •ı⁄U ß‚Ÿ ’ÊÚÄU‚ •ÊÚÁ»§‚ ∑‘§ ∑§ß¸ Á⁄U∑§ÊÚ«¸ ÃÙ«∏– Á⁄UÁÃ∑§ ⁄Uهʟ ∑§Ë ∑§Î· (wÆÆ{) ‚Ȭ⁄U„Ë⁄UÙ flÊ‹Ë Á„¥ŒË Á»§À◊ ÕË– ß‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ wÆÆ} ◊¥ •Á÷·∑§ ’ëøŸ ∑§Ë Œ˝ÙáÊÊ •Ê߸ ‹Á∑§Ÿ fl„ ø‹ Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬Ê߸– flÒ‚ ÿ ŒÙŸÙ¥ „Ë ’«∏ ’¡≈U ∑§Ë Á»§À◊¥ ÕË¥ Á¡Ÿ∑‘§ S¬‡Ê‹ ß»‘§ÄU≈U˜‚ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ∑§¥¬ÁŸÿÙ¥ Ÿ „Ë ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§∞– ÿ ∑§¥¬ÁŸÿÊ¥ •’ „ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ◊¥ ÷Ë ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄U ⁄U„Ë „Ò¥– ‡ÊÊ„L§π ∑§Ë •¬ŸË ¬˝ÊÚ«ÄU‡ÊŸ ∑§¥¬ŸË ⁄U« Áø‹Ë¡ ∞¥≈U⁄U≈UŸ◊¥≈U ∑§Ê •¬ŸÊ S¬‡Ê‹ ß»‘§ÄU≈U Á«flË¡Ÿ ÷Ë „Ò– ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ v~}Æ ∑‘§ Œ‡Ê∑§ ◊¥ Á◊S≈U⁄U ߥÁ«ÿÊ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ‚Ȭ⁄U„Ë⁄UÙ flÊ‹Ë Á»§À◊ πÍ’ Á„≈U ⁄U„Ë– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ Á»§À◊ ÁŸŒ¸‡Ê∑§, ≈UËflË ¬˝Ù«˜ÿÍ‚⁄U •ı⁄U ∞ÁŸ◊≈U⁄U íÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U

’ÊÚ‹ËflÈ« ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ‡ÊÊ„ πÊŸ ∑§Ù ¬Í⁄UË ©ê◊ËŒ ÕË Á∑§ fl ÁflE ¬˝Á‚h ¬ÊÚ¬ ◊Á‹∑§Ê ‹«Ë ªÊªÊ ∑§Ù •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ⁄UÊ-Ú flŸ ∑‘§ •ÊªÊ◊Ë wz •ÄU≈U’Í ⁄U ∑§Ù „ÙŸ flÊ‹ ¬˝ËÁ◊ÿ⁄U ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „ÙŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ∑§⁄U ‹ª¥  ‹Á∑§Ÿ ∞‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ¬ÊÿÊ „Ò– ß‚‚ ¬„‹ ‹«Ë ªÊªÊ ‚ Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ª¥flÊŸ ∑‘§ ¬˝ÿÊ‚ ◊¥ ‡ÊÊ„M§π πÊŸ Áfl»§‹ „Ù øÈ∑§‘ „Ò–¥ „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ •ãÃ⁄U⁄UÊC˝Ëÿ ¬ÊÚ¬ S≈UÊ⁄U ∞∑§ÊÚŸ ∑§Ù •¬ŸË Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ªËà ªflÊŸ ◊¥ ‚»§‹ÃÊ „ÊÁ‚‹ ∑§⁄U ‹Ë ÕË •ı⁄U ©Ÿ∑‘§ mÊ⁄UÊ ªÊÿÊ ªÿÊ ªËà ¿ê◊∑§ ¿ÑÙ •Ê¡ Œ‡Ê¸∑§Ù¥ •ı⁄U üÊÙÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù πÍ’ ‹È÷Ê ⁄U„Ê „Ò– ‡ÊÊ„M§π øÊ„Ã Õ Á∑§ Á¡‚ Ã⁄U„ ∞∑§ÊÚŸ Ÿ ©Ÿ∑§Ë Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ªÊŸÊ ªÊÿÊ „Ò ‹«Ë ªÊªÊ ÷Ë ∞∑§ ªËà ªÊÿ •ı⁄U wz •ÄU≈U’Í ⁄U ∑§Ù ‹¥ŒŸ ◊¥ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ ¬˝ËÁ◊ÿ⁄U ◊¥ fl ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ù¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‹«Ë ªÊªÊ ∑‘§ ◊ÒŸ¡  ⁄U Ÿ ©ã„¥ S¬C ߥ∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ– ©Ÿ∑§Ê ∑§„ŸÊ „Ò Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ ‚◊ÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò Á¡‚∑‘§ ø‹Ã ÿ„ ‚ê÷fl Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ‚∑§Ê–

⁄UÊ.flŸ ‚ ©ê◊ËŒ¥

¬˝ËÁ◊ÿ⁄U ◊¥ Ÿ„Ë¥ •Ê∞¥ªË ‹«Ë ªÊªÊ


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


¬ÿ¸≈U∑§Ê¥ ∑§Ê ‹È÷ÊÃÊ ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ¬ˇÊË Á’„UÊ⁄U

÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ©lÊŸ ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ©lÊŸ ∑‘§fl‹ÊŒfl ÉÊŸÊ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ÷Ë ¡ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ∑‘§fl‹ÊŒfl ŸÊ◊ ÷ªflÊŸ Á‡Êfl ∑§Ù ‚◊Á¬¸Ã ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ‚ Á‹∞ ªÿÊ „Ò ¡Ù ß‚ ©lÊŸ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ◊¥ ÁSÕà „Ò– ÉÊŸÊ ŸÊ◊ ÉÊŸ flŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ‚¥∑‘§Ã ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò ¡Ù ∞∑§ ‚◊ÿ ß‚ ©lÊŸ ∑§Ù ÉÊ⁄U „È∞ Õ– ÿ„Ê¥ ∑§⁄UË’ x|z ¬˝¡ÊÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬ˇÊË ¬Ê∞ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥ Á¡Ÿ◊¥ ÿ„Ê¥ ⁄U„Ÿ flÊ‹ •ı⁄U ¬˝flÊ‚Ë ¬ˇÊË ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ÿ„Ê¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ •ãÿ ÷ʪ٥ ‚ ÃÙ ¬ˇÊË •ÊÃ „Ë „Ò¥ ‚ÊÕ „Ë ÿÍ⁄UÙ¬, ‚Êß’Á⁄UÿÊ, øËŸ, ÁÃé’à •ÊÁŒ ¡ª„Ù¥ ‚ ÷Ë ¬˝flÊ‚Ë ¬ˇÊË ÿ„Ê¥ •ÊÃ „Ò¥– ¬ÁˇÊÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ‚Ê¥÷⁄U, øËË, ŸË‹ªÊÿ, ÷Ê‹Í •ÊÁŒ ¬‡ÊÈ ÷Ë ÿ„Ê¥ ¬Ê∞ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥–

’Ê¥∑‘§ Á’„Ê⁄UË ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ’Ê¥∑‘§ Á’„Ê⁄UË ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ‚’‚ ¬˝Á‚h ◊¥ÁŒ⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚ ∞∑§ „Ò– ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ÿ„Ê¥ ÷ªflÊŸ ∑ΧcáÊ ÷ÄÃÊ¥ ∑§Ë ‚÷Ë •Ê∑§Ê¥ˇÊÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¬Í⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ∑§Ê ’Ê¥∑‘§ Á’„Ê⁄UË ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ©Ÿ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚ ∞∑§ „Ò ¡„Ê¥ „◊‡ÊÊ ‚Ò∑§«∏Ù¥ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÷Ë«∏ ‹ªË ⁄U„ÃË „Ò– •Ê⁄UÃË ‚ ¬„‹ ÷ªflÊŸ ∑§Ë ¬˝ÁÃ◊Ê ∑§Ù flSòÊ •ı⁄U •Ê÷Í·áÊÙ¥ ‚ ‚¡ÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ◊ÈÅÿ ∑§ˇÊ ∑‘§ ’Ê„⁄U ’⁄UÊ◊Œ ∑§Ë ŒËflÊ⁄UÙ¥ ¬⁄U ÷ªflÊŸ ∑§ÎcáÊ ∑‘§ ’ø¬Ÿ ∑§Ù Œ‡ÊʸÃ ÁøòÊ Œπ ¡Ê

‚∑§Ã „Ò¥– ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ë ŒËflÊ⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U ¿ÃÙ¥ ¬⁄U •Ÿ∑§ ŒflË ŒflÃÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ë ‚È¥Œ⁄U ÃSflË⁄U¥ ’ŸÊ߸ ªß¸ „Ò¥–

ª¥ªÊ ◊„Ê⁄UÊŸË ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ÿ„ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ‡Ê„⁄U ∑§Ê ‚’‚ ‚È¥Œ⁄U ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U „Ò– flÊSÃÈ∑§‹Ê ∑§Ë ⁄UÊ¡¬ÍÃ, ◊Ȫ‹ •ı⁄U ŒÁˇÊáÊ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ‡ÊÒ‹Ë ∑§Ê πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà Á◊üÊáÊ ª¥ªÊ ◊„Ê⁄UÊŸË ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ◊¥ ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ∑‘§ ‡ÊÊ‚∑§ ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ’‹fl¥Ã Á‚¥„ Ÿ ∑§⁄UflÊÿÊ ÕÊ– ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ë ŒËflÊ⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U π¥’Ù¥ ¬⁄U ∑§Ë ªß¸ ’Ê⁄UË∑§ •ı⁄U ‚È¥Œ⁄U ŸÄ∑§Ê‡ÊË Œ‡Ê¸ŸËÿ „Ò– ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ù ¬Í⁄UÊ „ÙŸ ◊¥ ~v fl·Ù¸ ∑§Ê ‹¥’Ê ‚◊ÿ ‹ªÊ– ¬Í⁄U Œ‡Ê ‚ „¡Ê⁄UÙ¥ üÊhÊ‹È ÿ„Ê¥ Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ ∑§⁄UŸ •ÊÃ „Ò¥– ∑‘§fl‹ üÊhÊ ∑§Ë ŒÎÁC ‚ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ •¬Ÿ •jÈà flÊSÃÈÁ‡ÊÀ¬ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÷Ë ÿ„ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ŒflË ª¥ªÊ ∑§Ë ◊ÍÁø ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ∑‘§ ß‚ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ◊¥ ◊ª⁄U◊ë¿ ∑§Ë ∞∑§ Áfl‡ÊÊ‹ ◊ÍÁø „Ò Á¡ã„¥ ŒflË ª¥ªÊ ∑§Ê flÊ„Ÿ ÷Ë ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– „⁄U ‚Ê‹ ÷Q§ „Á⁄UmÊ⁄U ‚ ª¥ªÊ¡‹ ‹Ê∑§⁄U ŒflË ∑‘§ ø⁄UáÊÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ ⁄Uπ Áfl‡ÊÊ‹ ⁄U¡Ã ¬ÊòÊ ◊¥ «Ê‹Ã „Ò¥– ◊ÊŸÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ ¡’ ŒflË ª¥ªÊ •¬ŸÊ ÁŒ√ÿ •Ê‡ÊËflʸŒ ß‚ ¡‹ ◊¥ «Ê‹ÃË „Ò Ã’ ÿ„ ¡‹ ÷Q§Ù¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ¬˝‚ÊŒ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ’Ê¥≈U ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò–

‹Ù„ʪ…∏ Á∑§‹Ê ‹Ù„ʪ…∏ Á∑§‹ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ v}flË¥ ‡ÊÃÊéŒË ∑‘§ •Ê⁄U¥÷ ◊¥ ¡Ê≈U ‡ÊÊ‚∑§ ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ‚Í⁄U¡◊‹ Ÿ ∑§⁄UflÊÿÊ ÕÊ– ÿ„ Á∑§‹Ê ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ∑‘§ ¡Ê≈U ‡ÊÊ‚∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ë Á„ê◊à •ı⁄U ‡Êıÿ¸ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÃË∑§ „Ò– •¬ŸË ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ÿ„ Á∑§‹Ê ‹Ù„ʪ…∏ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ¡ÊŸÊ ªÿÊ– Á∑§‹ ∑‘§ øÊ⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U ª„⁄UË πÊßÿÊ¥ „Ò¥ ¡Ù ß‚ ‚È⁄UˇÊÊ ¬˝ŒÊŸ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò¥– ÿlÁ¬ ‹Ù„ʪ…∏ Á∑§‹Ê ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ∑‘§ •ãÿ Á∑§‹Ù¥ ∑‘§ ‚◊ÊŸ flÒ÷fl‡ÊÊ‹Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚∑§Ë ÃÊ∑§Ã •ı⁄U ÷√ÿÃÊ •jÈà „Ò– Á∑§‹ ∑‘§ •¥Œ⁄U ◊„àfl¬Íáʸ SÕÊŸ „Ò¥: Á∑§‡ÊÙ⁄UË ◊„‹, ◊„‹ πÊ‚, ◊ÙÃË ◊„‹ •ı⁄U ∑§ÙΔË πÊ‚– ‚Í⁄U¡◊‹ Ÿ ◊Ȫ‹Ù¥ •ı⁄U •¥ª˝¡Ù¥ ¬⁄U •¬ŸË ¡Ëà ∑§Ë ÿÊŒ ◊¥ Á∑§‹ ∑‘§ •¥Œ⁄U ¡flÊ„⁄U ’È¡¸ •ı⁄U »§Ã„ ’È¡¸ ’ŸflÊ∞– ÿ„Ê¥ •CœÊÃÈ ‚ ÁŸÁ◊¸Ã ∞∑§ mÊ⁄U ÷Ë „Ò Á¡‚◊¥ „ÊÁÕÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ Áfl‡ÊÊ‹ ÁøòÊ ’Ÿ „È∞ „Ò¥–

‹ˇ◊áÊ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ‹ˇ◊áÊ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ’‹fl¥Ã Á‚¥„ Ÿ v}|Æ ◊¥ ∑§⁄UflÊÿÊ ÕÊ– ©Ÿ∑‘§ Á¬ÃÊ ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ’‹Œfl Á‚¥„ üÊË ‚¥Ã ŒÊ‚ ∑‘§ ‚¥¬∑§¸ ◊¥ •Ê∞ •ı⁄U Ã’ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ß‚ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ë ŸË¥fl ⁄UπË– üÊË ‚¥Ã ŒÊ‚ ‹ˇ◊áÊ ¡Ë ∑‘§ ÷Äà Õ •ı⁄U ¡ËflŸ¬ÿZà ©Ÿ∑‘§ ¬˝Áà ‚◊Á¬¸Ã ⁄U„– ß‚ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ë ŸË¥fl ⁄UπŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ

÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ⁄UÊÖÿ ∑§Ë ’Êà ∑§Ë ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ ß‚∑§Ë SÕʬŸÊ ¡Ê≈U ‡ÊÊ‚∑§ ⁄UÊ¡Ê ‚Í⁄U¡◊‹ Ÿ v|xx ◊¥ ∑§Ë ÕË •ı⁄U ÿ„ •¬Ÿ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ ¡Ê≈UÙ¥ ∑§Ê ª…∏ „È•Ê ∑§⁄UÃÊ ÕÊ– ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ŸÊ◊ ‚ ÿ„ ∞∑§ SflÃãòÊ ⁄UÊíÿ ÷Ë ÕÊ Á¡‚∑§Ë ŸË¥fl ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ‚Í⁄U¡ ◊‹ Ÿ «Ê‹Ë– ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ‚Í⁄U¡ ◊‹ ∑‘§ ‚◊ÿ ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ⁄UÊíÿ ∑§Ë ‚Ë◊Ê •Êª⁄UÊ, œÙ‹¬È⁄U, ◊ÒŸ¬È⁄UË, „ÊÕ⁄U‚, •‹Ëª…∏, ß≈UÊflÊ, ◊⁄UΔ, ⁄UÙ„Ã∑§, »§L¸§πŸª⁄U, ◊flÊÃ, ⁄UflÊ«∏Ë, ªÈ«∏ªÊ¥fl, ÃÕÊ ◊ÕÈ⁄UÊ Ã∑§ ∑‘§ ÁflSÃÎà ÷Í-÷ʪ ¬⁄U »Ò§‹Ë ÕË– “¬Ífl˸ ⁄UÊ¡SÕÊŸ ∑§Ê mÊ⁄U” ∑§„UÊ ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹Ê ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U, ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑‘§ ¬ÿ¸≈UŸ ◊ÊŸÁøòÊ ◊¥ •¬ŸÊ ◊„àfl ⁄UπÃÊ „Ò– ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ⁄UÊ¡SÕÊŸ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ¬˝◊Èπ ‡Ê„⁄U „ÙŸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ-‚ÊÕ Œ‡Ê ∑§Ê ‚’‚ ¬˝Á‚h ¬ˇÊË ©lÊŸ ÷Ë „Ò– ÿ„Ê¥ ∑‘§ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U, ◊„‹ fl Á∑§‹ ¡Ê≈UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ∑§‹Ê ∑§ı‡Ê‹ ∑§Ë ªflÊ„Ë ŒÃ „Ò¥– ÿ„UÊ¢ ∑§Ë flÊSÃÈÁ‡ÊÀ¬ ÷Ë „U◊‡ÊÊ ‚ ‹ÊªÊ¥ ∑§ •Ê∑§cʸáÊ ∑§Ê ∑§ãº˝ ⁄U„UË „ÒU– ß‚∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ÿ„UÊ¢ ŒπŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ÿ∑§ ◊„Uàfl¬Íáʸ ∞fl¢ •Ê∑§·¸∑§ ¡ª„ „Ò¢–¥ ÉÊ⁄U‹Í ∞•⁄U¬Ê≈U¸ -•Êª⁄UÊ zzÁ∑§◊Ë.,¡ÿ¬È⁄U v|y Á∑§◊Ë. •ãÃ⁄UÊC¸ U˛Ô Ëÿ ∞•⁄U¬Ê≈U¸ - ÁŒÀ‹Ë v}y Á∑§◊Ë. ‚ÈÁflœÊ¡Ÿ∑§ ⁄U‹ M§≈U- •Êª⁄UÊ zÆ Á∑§◊Ë. ’‚ ‚flÊ- ÁŒÀ‹Ë •ÊÒ⁄U •Êª⁄UÊ ‚ ‚ËœË ’‚ ‚flÊ∞¢ ‚◊Ⱥ˝ Ë ‚ ™¢§øÊ߸-‹ª÷ª xÆÆ ◊Ë≈U⁄U ◊ÈÅÿ ÷Ê¡Ÿ-÷ÈÁ¡ÿÊ, ‚Ê¢ª⁄UË, ŒÊ‹’Ê≈UË,

øÍ⁄U◊Ê, Á¬≈UÊÒ⁄U ∑§Ë ‚é¡Ë, ◊ÊflÊ ◊Ê‹¬ÈflÊ, ÉÊfl⁄U, ¬¢ø∑ͧ≈U ¬Ê⁄Uê¬Á⁄U∑§ ¬„UŸÊfl-œÊÃË ∑ȧÃʸ •ÊÒ⁄U Á‚⁄U ¬⁄U ‚Ê»§Ê (¬ª«∏UË) ÷Ê·Ê- ⁄UÊ¡SÕÊŸË, Á„UãŒË ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ©UÁøà ‚◊ÿ- •Ä≈ÍU’⁄U ‚ »§⁄Ufl⁄UË Ãʬ◊ÊŸ-ª◊˸ ◊¥ yz Á«Uª˝Ë, ‚ŒË¸ ◊¥ xv Á«Uª˝Ë

◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ’‹Œfl Á‚¥„ Ÿ ’‹fl¥Ã Á‚¥„ ∑§Ù •¬ŸÊ ©ûÊ⁄UÊÁœ∑§Ê⁄UË ÉÊÙÁ·Ã ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ– ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑§Ù ¬Í⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ê üÊÿ ◊„Ê⁄UÊ¡Ê ’‹fl¥Ã Á‚¥„ ∑§Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ∑‘§ ◊ÈÅÿ ª÷¸ªÎ„ ◊¥ ‹ˇ◊áÊ¡Ë •ı⁄U ©Á◊¸‹Ê ¡Ë ∑§Ë ¬˝ÁÃ◊Ê∞¥ SÕÊÁ¬Ã „Ò¥, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ߟ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ ⁄UÊ◊, ÷⁄UÃ, ‡ÊòÊÈÉÊŸ •ı⁄U „ŸÈ◊ÊŸ ∑§Ë ¿Ù≈UË ◊ÍÁøÿÊ¥ ÷Ë ÿ„Ê¥ ŒπË ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË „Ò¥– ÿ ‚÷Ë ¬˝ÁÃ◊Ê∞¥ •CÉÊÊÃÈ ‚ ’ŸË „Ò¥– ÿ„ ◊¥ÁŒ⁄U ¬àÕ⁄UÙ¥ ¬⁄U ∑§Ë ªß¸ πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà ŸÄ∑§Ê‡ÊË ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬˝Á‚h „Ò–

ß‚ ÷flŸ ‚ ªÙ¬Ê‹ ‚ʪ⁄U ∑§Ê •jÈà Ÿ¡Ê⁄UÊ ŒπÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ÷flŸ ∑‘§ ŒÙŸÙ¥ •Ù⁄U ŒÙ ¿Ù≈UË ß◊Ê⁄UÃ¥ „Ò¥ Á¡ã„¥ ‚ÊflŸ ÷flŸ •ı⁄U ÷ʌ٠÷flŸ ∑‘§ ŸÊ◊ ‚ ¬È∑§Ê⁄UÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò–

•ãÿ Œ‡Ê¸ŸËÿ SÕ‹ «Ëª ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ‚ xy Á∑§◊Ë. ©ûÊ⁄U ◊¥ «Ëª ŸÊ◊∑§ ’ʪ٥ ∑§Ê πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà Ÿª⁄U „Ò– ‡Ê„⁄U ∑‘§ ◊ÈÅÿ •Ê∑§·¸áÊÙ¥ ◊¥ ◊Ÿ◊Ù„∑§ ©lÊŸ, ‚È¥Œ⁄U »§√flÊ⁄U •ı⁄U ÷√ÿ ¡‹◊„‹ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò¥– ÿ„ ‡Ê„⁄U ’«∏Ë ‚¥ÅÿÊ ◊¥ ¬ÿ¸≈U∑§Ù¥ ∑§Ù •¬ŸË •Ù⁄U •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò–

«Ëª ∑§Ê Á∑§‹Ê ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ∑‘§ •Ê‚¬Ê‚ ÉÊÍ◊ŸÊ Ã’ Ã∑§ •œÍ⁄UÊ „Ò ¡’ Ã∑§ «Ëª Á∑§‹Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ Œπ Á‹ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ– ⁄UÊ¡Ê ‚Í⁄U¡◊‹ Ÿ ß‚ Á∑§‹ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ ∑§È¿ ™§¥øÊ߸ ¬⁄U ∑§⁄UflÊÿÊ ÕÊ– Á∑§‹ ∑§Ê ◊ÈÅÿ •Ê∑§·¸áÊ „Ò ÿ„Ê¥ ∑§Ë flÊÚø ≈UÊfl⁄U, ¡„Ê¥ ‚ Ÿ ∑‘§fl‹ ¬Í⁄U ◊„‹ ∑§Ù ŒπÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò ’ÁÀ∑§ ŸËø ‡Ê„⁄UÊ ∑§Ê Ÿ¡Ê⁄UÊ ÷Ë Á‹ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ ™§¬⁄U ∞∑§ ’¥ŒÍ∑§ ⁄UπË „Ò ¡Ù •Êª⁄UÊ Á∑§‹ ‚ ÿ„Ê¥ ‹Ê߸ ªß¸ ÕË– πÊ߸, ™§¥øË ŒËflÊ⁄UÙ¥ •ı⁄U mÊ⁄UÙ¥ ∑‘§ ÁÉÊ⁄U ß‚ Á∑§‹ ∑‘§ •fl‡Ê· ◊ÊòÊ ∑§Ë Œπ ¡Ê ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥–

ªÙ¬Ê‹ ÷flŸ ªÙ¬Ê‹ ÷flŸ ∑§Ê ÁŸ◊ʸáÊ v|}Æ ◊¥ Á∑§ÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ– πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà ’ªËøÙ¥ ‚ ‚¡

÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ ©lÊŸ ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ ◊¥ ¬ÁˇÊÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ,‚◊Í„ ¬˝¡ÊÁÃÿÙ¥ flÊ‹Ê ‚fl¸üÊD ©lÊŸ „Ò, ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬˝Á‚h „Ò– w~ flª¸ Á∑§◊Ë. ◊¥ »Ò§‹Ê ÿ„ ©lÊŸ ¬ˇÊË ¬˝Á◊ÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Á∑§‚Ë Sflª¸ ‚ ∑§◊ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò– Áfl‡fl œ⁄UÙ„⁄U ‚ÍøË ◊¥ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ÿ„ SÕÊŸ ¬˝flÊ‚Ë ¬ÁˇÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ’‚⁄UÊ „Ò– ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ∑§Ë ª◊¸ ¡‹flÊÿÈ ◊¥ ‚ÁŒ¸ÿÊ¥ Á’ÃÊŸ ¬˝àÿ∑§ fl·¸ ‚Êß’Á⁄UÿÊ ∑‘§ ŒÈ‹¸÷ ‚Ê⁄U‚ ÿ„Ê¢ •ÊÃ „Ò¢– ∞∑§ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ∑‘§ ⁄UÊ¡∑È¢§fl⁄UÙ¥ ∑§Ë ‡ÊÊ„Ë Á‡Ê∑§Ê⁄UªÊ„ ⁄U„Ê ÿ„ ©lÊŸ Áfl‡fl ∑‘§ ©ûÊ◊ ¬ˇÊË Áfl„Ê⁄UÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚ ∞∑§ „Ò Á¡‚◊¥ ¬ÊŸË flÊ‹ ¬ÁˇÊÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë øÊ⁄U ‚ı ‚ •Áœ∑§ ¬˝¡ÊÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ÷⁄U◊Ê⁄U „Ò– ª◊¸ Ãʬ◊ÊŸ ◊¥ ‚ÁŒ¸ÿÊ¥ Á’ÃÊŸ •»§ªÊÁŸSÃÊŸ, ◊äÿ ∞Á‡ÊÿÊ, ÁÃé’à ‚ ¬˝flÊ‚Ë ÁøÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë ◊Ù„∑§ Á∑§S◊¥ ÃÕÊ •Ê∑§¸Á≈U∑§ ‚ ‚Êß’Á⁄UÿŸ, ‚Êß’Á⁄UÿÊ ‚ ÷Í⁄U ¬Ò⁄UÙ¥ flÊ‹ „¥‚ •ı⁄U øËŸ ‚ œÊ⁄UËŒÊ⁄U Á‚⁄U flÊ‹ „¥‚ ¡È‹Ê߸-•ªSà ◊¥ •ÊÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U •ÄU≈U’Í ⁄UŸ’ê’⁄U Ã∑§ ©Ÿ∑§Ê ¬˝flÊ‚ ∑§Ê‹ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– ©lÊŸ ∑‘§ øÊ⁄UÙ¥ •Ù⁄U ¡‹∑§ıflÙ¥, S¬ÍŸÁ’‹, ‹∑§‹∑§ ’ªÈ‹Ù¥, ¡‹Á‚¥„ ßÁ’‚ •ı⁄U ÷Í⁄U ’ªÈ‹Ù¥ ∑§Ê ‚◊Í„ ŒπÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò–

∑§‹Ê •ÊÒ⁄U ‚¢S∑ΧÁà ∑§‹Ê •ÊÒ⁄U ‚¢S∑ΧÁà ∑§ Á‹„UÊ¡ ‚ ÷⁄UìÈ⁄U ‚ê¬ãŸ ¡ª„U „ÒU– ÿ„UÊ¢ ’˝¡ »§ÁS≈Ufl‹ •ÊÒ⁄U ‹Ê∑§ ŸÎàÿ ’«∏UË œÍ◊œÊ◊ ‚ ◊ŸÊÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– ÄÿÊ π⁄UËŒ¥-„USÃÁ‡ÊÀ¬ ‚¢’¢œË flSÃÈ∞¢, ¬¬⁄U, ∑§¬«∏U, ¬àÕ⁄U ÃÕÊ ‹∑§«∏UË ¬⁄U ’Ÿ ÁøòÊ •ÊÁŒ ÿ„UÊ¢ ‚ π⁄UËŒ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U–


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ∞∑§ ‚◊ÿ ⁄UÁ«ÿÊ¥ ◊ŸÊ⁄¢U¡Ÿ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ¬˝◊Èπ ‚ÊœŸ „ÈU•Ê ∑§⁄UÃÊ ÕÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ÿ„U ÉÊ⁄U-ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ¥ „ÈU•Ê ∑§⁄UÃ Õ Á∑¢§ÃÈ v~z~ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ ≈U‹ËÁfl¡Ÿ ∑§Ê ŒÊÒ⁄U ‡ÊÈM§ „ÈU•Ê ß‚∑§ ’ÊŒ ߢ≈U⁄UŸ≈U •ÊÁŒ ¡Ò‚Ë ≈U∑A§Ê‹ÊÚ¡Ë ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ø‹Ÿ Á’À∑ȧ‹ „UË Áfl‹È# „UÊ ªÿÊ „ÒU– Á∑¢§ÃÈ Á¬¿U‹ ∑ȧ¿U fl·ÊZ ‚ ¬˝Êßfl≈U ∑§ê¬ŸËÿÊ¥ ∑§Ê ‹Êß‚ã‚ Á◊‹ ¡ÊŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ∞»§.∞◊. ∑§Ê ŒÊÒ⁄U ‡ÊÈM§ „ÈU•Ê Á¡‚∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ∑§Ê ø‹Ÿ Á»§⁄U ‚ flʬ‚ •Ê ªÿÊ– ߟ øÒŸ‹ ∑§ •ÊÚ¬⁄U≈U⁄UÊ¥ ◊¥ •ë¿UÊ ¬˝‚Ê⁄UáÊ •ÊÒ⁄U ¬˝SÃÈÁà ∑§⁄UáÊ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „UÊ«∏U ‹ªË ⁄U„UÃË „ÒU– ß‚Ë ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ •Ê⁄U¡‚ (⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ¡ÊÚ∑§Ë) ∑§Ë ◊Ê¢ª ◊¥ ∑§Ê»§Ë ’…∏UÊûÊ⁄UË „ÈU߸ •ÊÒ⁄U ∞»§.∞◊. Ÿ ß‚ ˇÊòÊ ◊¥ •Ê⁄U¡‚ ∑§Ê ∑§Ê»§Ë ™¢§øÊ߸ÿÊ¥ ¬⁄U ¬„È¢UøÊ ÁŒÿÊ „ÒU– •Ê¡ ∑§Ë ÃÊ⁄UËπ ◊¥ ÿ„U ∞∑§ ’„UÃ⁄U ∑Ú§Á⁄U•⁄U •ÊÚ¬‚Ÿ „ÒU–

•Ê⁄U ¡, ©UîÊfl‹ ÷Áflcÿ

‡ÊÒÁˇÊ∑§ ÿÊÇÿÃÊ


⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ¡ÊÚ∑§Ë ’ŸŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ÃÊ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ vÆ + w •ÕflÊ ª˝¡È∞≈U „UÊŸÊ ¡M§⁄UË „ÒU– ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ¡ÊÚ∑§Ë ’ŸŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‚’‚ ¡M§⁄UË ©U‚∑§Ë •ÊflÊ¡, ‡ÊéŒÊ¥ ∑§Ê ‚„UË ©UìÊÊ⁄UáÊ ÷Ê·Ê ¬⁄U •Áœ¬àÿ •ÊÒ⁄U •¬ŸË •ÊflÊ¡ ‚ üÊÊÃÊ•Ê¥ ∑§Ê •Ê∑§Á·¸Ã ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ˇÊ◊ÃÊ ∑§Ê „UÊŸÊ ÷Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „ÒU– ∞∑§ •ë¿UÊ •Ê⁄U.¡. ’ŸŸ ∑§ Á‹∞ ◊ÎŒÍ ÷Ê·Ë •ÊÒ⁄U „UÊ¡Ë⁄U ¡flÊ’, „UÊSÿ •ÊÒ⁄U √ÿ¢ª ÃÕÊ Áfl·ÿ flSÃÈ ∑§Ê ôÊÊŸ ÃÕÊ ‚¢ªËà ‚ ‹ªÊfl ∑§Ê „UÊŸÊ ÷Ë •Êfl‡ÿ∑§ „Ò–

∑§Ê‚¸ ∑§ ÃÈ⁄¢Uà ’ÊŒ Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë ’«∏U ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ S≈U‡ÊŸ ∑§Ë ©Uê◊ËŒ ◊¥ ’Òߟ ∑§Ë ’¡Êÿ, ∞‚ ¿UÊ≈U ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ S≈U‡ÊŸ ÿÊ Á»§⁄U ¬˝Êª˝Ê◊ ◊¥ ÃÈ⁄¢Uà πÈŒ ∑§Ê ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ ∑§⁄U ‹ŸÊ øÊÁ„U∞, Á¡‚‚ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ‚ ¡È«∏UË ÁS∑§‹ ‚ËπŸ ∑§Ê Á◊‹– •ÊŸ flÊ‹ ÁŒŸÊ¥ ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ S≈U‡ÊŸ πÈ‹Ÿ ∑§Ë ‚¢÷ÊflŸÊ „ÒU, ¡ÊÁ„U⁄U „ÒU fl„UÊ¢ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ¡ÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§Ë ¡M§⁄Uà ¡M§⁄U ¬«∏UªË– •Ê¬∑§Ê ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ S≈U‡ÊŸ „ÒU ≈«U ‚ Á◊‹ ∑§⁄U •¬ŸÊ ⁄UÖÿÍ◊ •ã„¥U ‚ÊÒ¥¬ ∑§⁄U •ÊÚÚÁ«U‡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ ‹ŸÊ øÊÁ„U∞– Œ‡Ê ◊¥ •ÊÚ‹ ߢÁ«UÿÊ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ◊¥ ‹ª÷ª x ◊„UËŸ ∑§ •¢Ã⁄UÊ‹ ¬⁄U •ÊÚÁ«U‡ÊŸ „UÊÃ ⁄U„UÃ „ÒU–

‚¢SÕÊŸ fl ∑§ÊSʸ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ∑§ ¡ÊŸ∑§Ê⁄UÊ¥ ∑§Ê ∑§„UŸÊ „ÒU Á∑§ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ¡ÊÚ∑§Ë ∑§ Á‹∞ flÒ‚ ÃÊ Á∑§‚Ë ß¢S≈UË≈KÍ≈U ∑§Ë πÊ‚ ¡M§⁄Uà Ÿ„UË¥ ¬«∏UÃË, ¬⁄U •Ê¡∑§‹ ∑¢§åÿÍ≈U⁄U ∑§ Ÿ∞-Ÿ∞ ‚ÊÚç≈Uflÿ⁄U, ‡ÊéŒÊ¥ ∑§ ‚„UË ©UìÊ⁄UáÊ,üÊÊÃÊ•Ê¥ ‚ ’ÊÃøËà ∑§Ê …¢Uª •ÊÁŒ ∑§ Á‹∞ „U⁄U ‡Ê„U⁄U ◊¥ ¿UÊ≈U-’«∏U ’„ÈUà ‚ ߢS≈UË≈KÍ≈U πÈ‹ ª∞ „Ò¥U– ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ¥ Áfl·ÿ ∑§Ê ¬òÊ∑§ÊÁ⁄UÃÊ ∑§ •¢Ãª¸Ã ÷Ë ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– Á¡ã„¥U ’ÃÊÒ⁄U •Ê⁄U¡ •¬ŸÊ ∑§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ’ŸÊŸÊ „ÒU, •Ÿ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‡ÊÊÚ≈¸U ≈U◊¸ ‚Á≈¸UÁ»§∑§≈U ∑§Ê‚¸ ÿÊ Á«Uå‹Ê◊Ê ‹ŸÊ ’„UÃ⁄U ⁄U„UÃÊ „ÒU, Á¡‚‚ ¡M§⁄UË ÁS∑§‹ ∑§Ê ‚ËπÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§– •Ê◊ÃÊÒ⁄U ¬⁄U ‡ÊUÊÚ≈¸U ≈U◊¸ ∑§Ê‚¸¡ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‹ÊŸ ∑§Ê Áfl∑§À¬ Ÿ„UË „ÒU, ◊ª⁄U Œ‡Ê ◊¥ ’„Uà ‚ ’Ò¥∑§ „Ò¥U, ¡„UÊ¢ ◊„¢Uª Á«Uå‹Ê◊Ê, Á«Uª˝Ë ∑§Ê‚¸¡ ∑§ Á‹∞ ‹ÊŸ ÁŒÿÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU– „UÊ‹Ê¢Á∑§ ߟ ∑§Ê‚¸¡ ∑§ Á‹∞ S∑§ÊÚ‹⁄UÁ‡Ê¬ ∑§ ÄUà Á◊‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ë Á∑§‚Ë ÷Ë S∑§ÊÚ‹⁄UÁ‡Ê¬ ◊¥ •ÊflŒŸ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU–

øÿŸ ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ •ÊÚÁ«U‡ÊŸ ∑§ flÄà •Ê¬ ∑§Ê vÆ-vz Á◊Ÿ≈U ∑§Ê ‚◊ÿ ÁŒÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „ÒU– ∞∑§ Áfl·ÿ ¬⁄U •Ê¬∑§Ê ¬˝Êª˝Ê◊ ∑§Ê „UÊS≈U ∑§⁄UÃ „ÈU∞ ªÊŸ ÷Ë å‹ ∑§⁄UŸ „Ò¥U ÿÊ Á»§⁄U •Ê¬∑§Ê ∞∑§ ÁS∑˝§å≈U Á‹πŸ ∑§Ê ◊ÊÒ∑§Ê ÁŒÿÊ ¡Ê∞ •ÊÒ⁄U Á»§⁄U •Ê¬‚ ∑§„UÊ ¡Ê∞ Á∑§ ‚Ëœ ’Ê‹¥– ÿÊŒ ⁄U„U Á‹SŸ⁄U ∑§Ê ÿ„U Ÿ„UË ‹ªŸÊ øÊÁ„U∞ Á∑§ •Ê¬ ÁS∑˝§å≈U ¬…∏U ∑§⁄U •ÊÚÁ«U‡ÊŸ Œ ⁄U„U „Ò¥ ÷‹ „UË •Ê¬∑§ „UÊÕ ◊¥ ÁS∑˝§å≈U „UÊ–

‚‹⁄UË •Ê⁄U¡ ∑§Ê ¬˝Áà ∑§Êÿ¸∑˝§◊ ∑§ wÆÆÆ ‚ wzÆÆ L§¬∞ Á◊‹ ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥U– •ª⁄U ◊¢Õ‹Ë ‚‹⁄UË ¬⁄U ÷Ë ⁄UπÊ ¡ÊÃÊ „ÒU ÃÊ ‡ÊÈL§•Êà ◊¥ vz „U¡Ê⁄U L§¬∞ Ã∑§ Á◊‹ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥U– ∞∑§ •ë¿U •Ê⁄U¡ ∑§ Á‹∞ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ S≈U‡ÊŸ fl øÒŸ‹ ∑§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U •ë¿UË ‚‹⁄UË Á◊‹Ÿ ‹ªÃË „ÒU– ∞∑§ flÊÚÿ‚ •ÊÁ≈¸US≈U ∑§ M§¬ ◊¥ ÷Ë ∑§◊Ê߸ ∑§Ê ’Á…∏ÿÊ Áfl∑ À¬ ◊ÊÒ¡ÍŒ „ÒU–

»§Ë‚ •Ê⁄U ¡ ∑§Ê ‚≈U˸Á»§∑§≈U ∑§Ê‚¸ ∑§Ë •flÁœ x ◊„UËŸ Á»§‚ ‹ª÷ª w} „U¡Ê⁄U flÒ‚ •‹ª- •‹ª ߢS≈UË≈KÍ≈U •‹ª- •‹ª Á»§‚ ‹Ã „Ò¥U–

∑ȧ¿U ‚¢SÕÊŸ ¡Áflÿ⁄U ߢS≈UË≈˜ÿÍ≈U •ÊÚ»§ ◊êÿÈÁŸ∑§‡Ê¢‚, ◊È¢’߸ ∑§Ê‚¸— ‚Á≈¸UÁ»¸§∑§≈U ∑§Ê‚¸ ߟ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ¡ÊÚ∑§Ë ∞¢«U ¬˝¡¥≈U‡ÊŸ ÁS∑§À‚ fl∑¸§‡ÊÊÚ¬ fl’‚Êß≈U — ∞∑§«U◊Ë •ÊÚ»§ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ◊ÒŸ¡◊¥≈U, „UÊÒ¡ πÊ‚, ãÿÍ ÁŒÀ‹Ë ∑§Ê‚¸— Á«Uå‹Ê◊Ê ßŸ ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ ◊ÒŸ¡◊¥≈U fl’‚Êß≈U: ߢÁ«UÿŸ ߢS≈KÍ≈U •ÊÚ»§ ◊Ê‚ ∑§êÿÈÁŸ∑§‡ÊŸ, Ÿß¸ ÁŒÀ‹Ë fléÊ‚Êß≈U: ¡ÊÁ◊ÿÊ Á◊ÁÀ‹ÿÊ ßS‹ÊÁ◊ÿÊ, Ÿß¸ ÁŒÀ‹Ë fl’‚Êß≈U: ߢÁŒ⁄UÊ ªÊ¢œË ⁄UÊCÔ˛UË ◊ÈÄà Áfl‡flÁfllÊ‹ÿ, Ÿß¸ ÁŒÀ‹Ë fl’‚Êß≈U: ⁄UÁ«UÿÊ Á‚≈UË S∑ͧ‹ •ÊÚ»§ ’˝Ê«U∑§ÊÁS≈¢Uª fl’‚Êß≈U: •∑§«U◊Ë •ÊÚ»§ ’˝Ê«U∑§ÊÁS≈¢Uª, ø¢«U˪…∏U, ÁŒÀ‹Ë, ‹πŸ™§ fl’‚Êß≈U: •Ê߸ ‚Êê‚, ‹πŸ™§ fl’‚Êß≈U:


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


⁄U‚Ù߸ Á≈Uå‚


Œ Á≈Uå‚ •Ê¬∑§Ë ⁄U‚Ù߸ •ı⁄U πÊŸ ∑‘§ ‚Ê◊ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞– ⁄U‚Ù߸ ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ •Ê¬∑§Ù ‚»§Ê߸ ∑§Ê ’„Èà äÿÊŸ ⁄UπŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– flø◊ÊŸ ◊¥ ÷ʪŒı«∏ ÷⁄UË Á¡¥ŒªË ◊¥ ‚◊ÿ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ∑§Ù ŒÍ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§ÈÁ∑§¥ª Á≈Uå‚ ’„Œ ∑§Ê⁄Uª⁄U „ÙÃ „Ò¥– ߟ‚ ⁄U‚Ù߸ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê◊ •Ê‚ÊŸ „Ù ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§È¿ ’ÊÃÙ¥ ¬⁄U ªı⁄U ∑§⁄UŸÊ ¡M§⁄UË „Ò– ‚Åà ŸË¥’Í ÿÊ ‚¥Ã⁄U ∑§Ù •ª⁄U ª⁄U◊ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ∑§È¿ Œ⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ⁄Uπ ÁŒÿÊ ¡Êÿ ÃÙ ©‚◊¥ ‚ •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ •Áœ∑§ ⁄U‚ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹Ê ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– * •Ê‹Í ©’Ê‹Ã ‚◊ÿ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ÕÙ«∏Ê-‚Ê Ÿ◊∑§ Á◊‹Ê Œ¥ ÃÙ •Ê‹Í »§≈U¥ª Ÿ„Ë¥ •ı⁄U •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ Á¿‹ ¡Ê∞°ª– * ∑§⁄U‹ •ı⁄U •⁄U’Ë ∑§Ù ’ŸÊŸ ‚ ¬„‹ ∑§Ê≈U∑§⁄U Ÿ◊∑§ ∑‘§ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ Á÷ªÙ Œ¥– ∑§⁄U‹ ∑§Ë ∑§«∏flÊ„≈U •ı⁄U •⁄U’Ë ∑§Ë Áø∑§ŸÊ„≈U ÁŸ∑§‹ ¡Ê∞ªË– * ◊ÕË ∑‘§ ‚ʪ ∑§Ë ∑§«∏flÊ„≈U „≈UÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ ©‚ ∑§Ê≈U¥, Ÿ◊∑§ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U, ÕÙ«∏Ë Œ⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹ÿ •‹ª ⁄Uπ¥ •ı⁄U Œ’Ê∑§⁄U ÕÙ«∏Ê ⁄U‚ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹ Œ¥– * »§Í‹ªÙ÷Ë ∑§Ë ‚é¡Ë ◊¥ ∞∑§ ¿Ù≈UÊ øê◊ø ŒÍœ ÿÊ Á‚⁄U∑§Ê «Ê‹¥ ÃÙ »§Í‹ªÙ÷Ë ∑§Ê ‚»∏§Œ ⁄U¥ª ¬Ë‹Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬«∏ªÊ– * √ÿ¥¡Ÿ ∑‘§ ©’‹Ã „Ë ªÒ‚ ∑§Ù œË◊Ê ∑§⁄UŸ •ı⁄U ¡„Ê° Ã∑§ ‚¥÷fl „Ù ¿Ù≈U ’Ÿ¸⁄U ∑‘§ ¬˝ÿÙª ‚ ߸¥œŸ ∑§Ë ’øà ∑§Ë ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– * πË⁄U ’ŸÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ¡’ øÊfl‹ ¬∑§ ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ øÈ≈U∑§Ë÷⁄U Ÿ◊∑§ «Ê‹¥– øËŸË ∑§◊ ‹ªªË fl SflÊÁŒC πË⁄U ‹ªªË– * ≈U◊Ê≈U⁄U ¬⁄U Ã‹ ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U ‚¥∑‘§¥ ß‚‚ Á¿À∑§Ê •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ ©Ã⁄U ¡Ê∞ªÊ– ÷Á¡ÿÊ-¬∑§Ù«∏Ê, •Ê‹Í ’«∏Ê ‚fl¸ ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ øÊ≈U ◊‚Ê‹Ê Á¿«∏∑‘§¥ fl Ã‹Ë „⁄UË Á◊ø¸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ‚fl¸ ∑§⁄U¥– ◊¡Ê ŒÙªÈŸÊ „Ù ¡Ê∞ªÊ– * ¬⁄UÊΔ ’ŸÊÃ ‚◊ÿ •Ê≈U ◊¥ ∞∑§ ©’‹Ê Á¿‹Ê Á¬‚Ê •Ê‹Í fl ∞∑§ ≈UË S¬ÍŸ •¡flÊߟ «Ê‹¥– * ¬⁄UÊΔ ◊ÄUπŸ ‚ ‚¥∑‘§¥, ∑§È⁄U∑§È⁄U fl SflÊÁŒC ¬⁄UÊΔ ’Ÿ¥ª– •¥∑§ÈÁ⁄Uà •ŸÊ¡ ∑§Ù Á»§˝¡ ◊¥ ⁄UπŸ ‚ ¬„‹ •ŸÊ¡ ◊¥ v ≈UË S¬ÍŸ ŸË¥’Í ⁄U‚ Á◊‹Ê ‹¥ ÃÙ •ŸÊ¡

◊¥ ª¥œ Ÿ„Ë¥ •Ê∞ªË– * ŒÙ‚ ∑‘§ ÉÊÙ‹ ◊¥ ∞∑§ øê◊ø øËŸË Á◊‹Ê ŒŸ ‚ ŒÙ‚ •Áœ∑§ ∑§È⁄U∑§È⁄U, ª„⁄U ‚ÈŸ„⁄U •ı⁄U íÿÊŒÊ SflÊÁŒC ’ŸÃ „Ò¥– * ‚Í¡Ë ∑§Ù „À∑§Ê ÷ÍŸŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ Δ¥«Ê ∑§⁄U ∑‘§ „flÊ’¥Œ Á«é’Ù¥ ◊¥ ⁄Uπ ÁŒÿÊ ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ ©‚◊¥ ∑§Ë«∏ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ªÃ–

ŒË¬Êfl‹Ë ‚ȤÊÊfl * Á◊^Ë ∑‘§ ŒËÿ •ë¿Ë Ã⁄U„ ¡‹¥ •ı⁄U Ã‹ •Áœ∑§ Ÿ ‚Ùπ¥ ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©ã„¥ ÃËŸ ÉÊ¥≈U Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ Á÷ªÙŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‚ÈπÊ∑§⁄U ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄U¥– * ¬⁄UÊΔ ∑‘§ •Ê≈U ◊¥ ◊ÙÿŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞∑§ øê◊ø Ã‹ ∑‘§ SÕÊŸ ¬⁄U ŒÙ ’«∏ øê◊ø Œ„Ë «Ê‹Ÿ ‚ ¬⁄UÊΔ •Áœ∑§ Ÿ◊¸ fl SflÊÁŒC ’ŸÃ „Ò¥– * ¡◊ÊŸ ‚ ¬„‹ •ª⁄U ŒÍœ ◊¥ Á¬‚Ë „È߸ ’«∏Ë ß‹ÊÿøË •ı⁄U ∑‘§‚⁄U «Ê‹∑§⁄U ŒÙ ÃËŸ ©’Ê‹ ÁŒ∞ ¡Ê∞° ÃÙ ∞‚Ê Œ„Ë πÊŸ ‚ ‚ŒË¸ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃË– * ¬Í⁄UË ∑§Ê •Ê≈UÊ ◊Ê«∏Ã ‚◊ÿ ¬ÊŸË ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÕÙ«∏Ê ŒÍœ Á◊‹Ê ÁŒÿÊ ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ ¬ÍÁ⁄UÿÊ° Ÿ◊¸ •ı⁄U •ª⁄U ÉÊË ÿÊ Ã‹ Á◊‹Ê ÁŒÿÊ ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ ∑§È⁄U∑§È⁄UË ’ŸÃË „Ò¥– * ¡‹ „È∞ ’øŸ ∑§Ù •Ê‚ÊŸË ‚ ‚Ê»∏§ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©‚◊¥ ∞∑§ åÿÊ‹Ê ¬ÊŸË, ∞∑§ ’Í°Œ ’øŸ œÙŸ flÊ‹ ‚Ê’ÈŸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ©’Ê‹¥, Á»§⁄U œÙ∞°– * ∑‘§∑§ ∑§Ë zÆÆ ª˝Ê◊ •ÊßÁ‚¥ª ◊¥ •ª⁄U ∞∑§ øÊÿ ∑§Ê øê◊ø Ç‹Ë‚⁄UËŸ Á◊‹Ê ŒË ¡Êÿ ÃÙ •ÊßÁ‚¥ª ‚ÍπÃË Ÿ„Ë¥ •ı⁄U Œ⁄U Ã∑§ ÃÊ¡∏Ë ⁄U„ÃË „Ò– * ’‚Ÿ ∑§Ù å‹ÊÁS≈U∑§ ∑‘§ ÕÒ‹ ◊¥ ⁄U’⁄U’Ò¥« ‚ ◊È°„ ’¥Œ ∑§⁄U ∑‘§ Á»§˝¡ ◊¥ ⁄Uπ¥ ÃÙ ’„Èà ÁŒŸÙ¥ Ã∑§ ÃÊ¡∏Ê ⁄U„ªÊ •ı⁄U ©‚◊¥ ∑§Ë«∏ ÷Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ¬«∏¥ª– * ∑§S≈U«¸ ◊¥ ÿÁŒ ªÈΔÁ‹ÿÊ° ¬«∏ ¡Ê∞° ÃÙ ¿‹ŸË ‚ ¿ÊŸ¥– Á»§⁄U ªÈΔÁ‹ÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ÕÙ«∏Ê ŒÍœ «Ê‹∑§⁄U Á◊ÄU‚⁄U ◊¥ ø‹Ê Œ¥– * ß◊‹Ë ∑§Ù ‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ⁄UπŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Ÿ◊∑§ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U ©‚∑‘§ ªÙ‹ ’ŸÊ∑§⁄U ⁄Uπ¥– * •Ê°fl‹ ©’Ê‹∑§⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ê ªÍŒÊ ÁŸ∑§Ê‹ ‹¥– ß‚ Á◊ÄU‚⁄U ◊¥ ¬Ë‚ ‹¥, Á»§⁄U ‡ÊP§⁄U «Ê‹∑§⁄U Á»§˝¡ ◊¥



* * * * *

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⁄Uπ¥– ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ∞∑§ øê◊ø ÉÊÙ‹∑§⁄U Á¬∞°– ß‚‚ πÍŸ ‚Ê»§ „ÙªÊ ÃÕÊ ’Ê‹ fl àfløÊ ø◊∑§ŒÊ⁄U ’ŸªË– ≈U◊Ê≈U⁄U ¡’ ‚SÃ Á◊‹ ⁄U„ „Ù¥ ÃÙ •Áœ∑§ ◊ÊòÊÊ ◊¥ π⁄UËŒ∑§⁄U ߟ∑§Ë åÿÍ⁄UË ’ŸÊ ‹¥– ß‚ •Êß‚ ≈˛ ◊¥ ¡◊Ê∑§⁄U ÄUÿÍ’ ’ŸÊ ‹¥– Á»§⁄U ߟ ÄUÿÍé‚ ∑§Ù ¬ÊÚÁ‹ÕËŸ ◊¥ «Ê‹∑§⁄U »§˝Ë¡⁄U ◊¥ ⁄Uπ¥– ÿ ◊„ËŸ÷⁄U Ã∑§ ‚È⁄UÁˇÊà ⁄U„¥ª– ◊≈U⁄U ∑‘§ ŒÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù S≈UÙ⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬ÊŸË ©’Ê‹¥– ©’Ê‹ •ÊŸ ¬⁄U ©‚◊¥ Ÿ◊∑§ •ı⁄U ‡ÊP§⁄U «Ê‹¥– Á»§⁄U ◊≈U⁄U «Ê‹∑§⁄U ŒÙ ©’Ê‹ Œ¥ fl ªÒ‚ ’¥Œ ∑§⁄U Œ¥– Δ¥«Ê „ÙŸ ¬⁄U ¬ÊŸË ‚◊à ßã„¥ ¬ÊÚ‹ËÕËŸ ∑§Ë ÕÒ‹Ë ◊¥ ÷⁄U Œ¥– ◊≈U⁄U ‹¥’ ‚◊ÿ Ã∑§ ÃÊ¡ fl ◊È‹Êÿ◊ ’Ÿ ⁄U„¥ª– „⁄UË ‚Áé¡ÿÊ° ¬∑§ÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ‚é¡Ë ¿Ù¥∑§Ÿ ‚ ¬„‹ Ã‹ ◊¥ ÕÙ«∏Ë „ÀŒË «Ê‹Ÿ ‚ ‚Áé¡ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê „⁄UÊ ⁄U¥ª íÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê àÿÙ¥ ’ŸÊ ⁄U„ªÊ– ’‚Ÿ ∑‘§ ‹aÍ ’ŸÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ÷ÈŸ ’‚Ÿ ◊¥ ŒÍœ ∑‘§ ¿Ë¥≈U Œ¥– ß‚◊¥ ª⁄U◊ ÉÊË Á◊‹Ê∞°– ‡ÊP§⁄U ∑§Ê ’Í⁄UÊ ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄U¥– ‹aÍ ŒÊŸŒÊ⁄U fl SflÊÁŒC ’Ÿ¥ª– ‚ÍπË ‚é¡Ë ’ŸÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ‚é¡Ë ¿Ù¥∑§∑§⁄U …°∑§ Œ¥– …P§Ÿ ∑‘§ ™§¬⁄U ’⁄Uß ◊¥ ¬ÊŸË ÷⁄U∑§⁄U ⁄Uπ Œ¥– ‚é¡Ë ∑§Ë ¬ıÁC∑§ÃÊ ’ŸË ⁄U„ªË– πË⁄U ’ŸÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ∑§«∏Ê„Ë ◊¥ ‡ÊP§⁄U Á¬ÉÊ‹Ê∑§⁄U ©‚◊¥ ŒÍœ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U •ı≈UÊ∞° ÃÙ ∑§◊ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ ŒÍœ ªÊ…∏Ê „Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U SflÊÁŒC πË⁄U ’ŸÃË „Ò– Õ◊¸‚ çU‹ÊS∑§ ‚ øÊÿ/∑§Ê»§Ë ∑‘§ ŒÊª ¿È«∏ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©‚◊¥ •¥« ∑‘§ Á¿‹∑‘§ ∑‘§ ≈UÈ∑§«∏ øÍ⁄UÊ ∑§⁄U∑‘§ ª◊¸ ¬ÊŸË ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ «Ê‹¥– •ë¿Ë Ã⁄U„ Á„‹ÊŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ œÙ Œ¥– ’ø „È∞ øÊfl‹ ◊¥ Œ„Ë, ⁄UflÊ, Ÿ◊∑§ ÃÕÊ ª◊¸ ¬ÊŸË «Ê‹∑§⁄U ¬Ë‚ ‹¥– •’ ß‚‚ ◊¡ŒÊ⁄U ß«‹Ë ’Ÿ ‚∑§ÃË „Ò– •¬Ÿ ◊ÙÃË ∑‘§ •Ê÷Í·áÊÙ¥ ∑§Ù ø◊∑§ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ L§ß¸ ∑‘§ »§Ê„ ◊¥ ¡ÒÃÍŸ ∑§Ê Ã‹ ‹∑§⁄U ◊‹¥– ◊ÙÁÃÿÙ¥ ∑§Ë πÙ߸ •Ê÷Ê Á»§⁄U ‚ ‹ı≈U •Ê∞ªË– ŸË¥’È•Ù¥ ∑§Ù ‹¥’ ‚◊ÿ Ã∑§ ÃÊ¡Ê ’ŸÊ∞ ⁄UπŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©Ÿ ¬⁄U ŸÊÁ⁄Uÿ‹ ∑§Ê Ã‹ ‹ªÊ∑§⁄U Á»§˝¡ ◊¥ ⁄Uπ¥–

* „⁄UÊ œÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ù ÃÊ¡Ê ⁄UπŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÿ„ ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄U¥∞∑§ Ç‹Ê‚ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ „⁄UÊ œÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ù π«∏Ë ∑§⁄U ∑‘§ Á»§˝¡ ◊¥ ⁄Uπ¥– ŒÍ‚⁄U ÁŒŸ ¬ÊŸË ’Œ‹ Œ¥–

⁄U‚Ù߸ÉÊ⁄U ∑§Ë ‚»§Ê߸ * •ª⁄U ⁄U‚Ù߸ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ∑§ÊÚ∑§⁄UÙø-∑§Ë«∏Ù¥ ∑§Ê •¥’Ê⁄U ‹ªÊ „Ù ÃÙ ¿— ◊„ËŸ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ¬S≈UË‚Êß« ∑§Ê Á¿«∏∑§Êfl ∑§⁄U¥– •ÕflÊ „⁄U •ÊΔ ÁŒŸ ◊¥ ∞∑§Êœ ’Ê⁄U ‹ˇ◊áÊ ⁄UπÊ ŒËflÊ⁄UÙ¥ ¬⁄U ÉÊÍ◊Ê Œ¥– * ⁄UÊà ∑§Ù ’øŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù Á‚¥∑§ ◊¥ ⁄UπŸ ‚ ¬„‹ ©‚◊¥ ’øÊ „È•Ê πÊŸÊ «S≈UÁ’Ÿ ◊¥ ¡M§⁄U «Ê‹ Œ¥ ß‚‚ ⁄U‚Ù߸ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ ∑§ÊÚ∑§⁄UÙ¥øÙ¥-∑§Ë«∏Ù¥ ‚ ¿È≈U∑§Ê⁄UÊ Á◊‹ ¡Ê∞ªÊ– * ÁŒŸ÷⁄U ⁄U‚Ù߸ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ©¬ÿÙª Á∑§∞ ª∞ ∑§¬«∏ ⁄UÊÃÙ¥ ∑§Ù „Ë ‚Ê’ÈŸ ‚ œÙ∑§⁄U ⁄U‚Ù߸ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ‚ÈπÊ ‹¥– * Á∑§øŸ ∑‘§ ¤ÊÊ«∏Ÿ fl «S≈U⁄U ∑§Ù ¬Ò⁄UÊÁ»§Ÿ ‚ ‚Ê»§ ∑§⁄U¥– * «ÊßÁŸ¥ª ≈U’‹ ¬⁄U ⁄Uπ ≈U’‹◊Ò≈U˜‚ ¬È⁄UÊŸ „Ù ª∞ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ©ã„¥ »‘§¥∑§Ÿ ∑§Ê ◊Ÿ „Ò ÃÙ ßã„¥ »‘§¥∑‘§ Ÿ„Ë¥, ’ÁÀ∑§ ⁄U‚Ù߸ ÿÊ Á»§˝¡ ∑‘§ ‡ÊÀ»§ ¬⁄U •π’Ê⁄U Á’¿ÊŸ ∑‘§ ’¡Êÿ ÿ ◊Ò≈U˜‚ ‹ªÊ∞°– * ŸÊÚŸÁS≈U∑§ ∑§È∑§fl•⁄U ¬⁄U ‹ª Á¡gË ŒÊª-œé’Ù¥ ∑§Ù ¿È«∏ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ß‚◊¥ w ’«∏ øê◊ø ’Á∑§¥ª ‚Ù«Ê, v/w ∑§¬ ÁflŸª⁄U •ı⁄U v ∑§»§ ¬ÊŸË «Ê‹∑§⁄U vÆ Á◊Ÿ≈U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©’Ê‹¥– * S‹Ò’ •ı⁄U ªÒ‚ ∑§Ë ‚»§Ê߸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¬È⁄UÊŸ ŸÊÿ‹ÊÚŸ ∑‘§ ◊١٥ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄U¥– * ⁄U‚Ù߸ ÉÊ⁄U ◊¥ ∑§Ê◊ ◊¥ •ÊŸ flÊ‹ ©¬∑§⁄UáÊ ¡Ò‚Á◊ÄU‚⁄U, ª˝Êߥ«⁄U, ◊ÊßR§Ùflfl •ı⁄U ÁSflø ’Ù«¸ ∑§Ù ‚Ê»§ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ w ¿Ù≈U øê◊ø Á‹Á`§« é‹Ëø Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U ‚Ê»§-◊È‹Êÿ◊ ∑§¬«∏ ◊¥ Á÷ªÙ∑§⁄U ‚Ê»§ ∑§⁄U¥– fl ∞∑§Œ◊ Ÿ∞ ‹ª¥ª– * •ª⁄U S≈UŸ‹‚ S≈UË‹ ∑§Ë Á‚¥∑§ ∑§Ù ‚Ê»§ ∑§⁄UŸÊ „Ò ÃÙ •Ê≈U ◊¥ Á◊Õ‹≈U« ÁS¬˝≈U Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U Á‚¥∑§ ◊¥ «Ê‹ Œ¥ •ı⁄U ‚ÍπŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ‚Ê»§ ∑§⁄U¥– ¬˝SÃÈÁÃ-∞◊.‚Ë.•Ê⁄.∞» .


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ⁄U¥ª •ı⁄ •Ê¬∑ Ê SflÊSâÿ •Ê¬Ÿ ∑§÷Ë ‚ÙøÊ „Ò¥, Á∑§ •Ê¬∑§Ë ©¥ª‹Ë •ı⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ê Á∑§ÃŸÊ ‚ê’㜠„Ò¥? •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ •Ê¬∑‘§ ¡ËflŸ ‚¥’¥œË ’„Èà ∑§È¿ ’ÊÃ ’ÃÊÃ „Ò¥– •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ‚È¥Œ⁄U „Ò¥, Ã٠ߟ◊ •ı⁄U ÷Ë ÁfløÊ⁄U ¿È¬ „È∞ „Ò¥ •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ •Ê¬∑§Ë ‚„Ã, •◊Ë⁄UË-ª⁄UË’Ë ∑‘§ ’Ê⁄U ◊¥ ‚¥∑‘§Ã ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥– •Ê¬∑§Ù ÿ„ ¡ÊŸ∑§⁄U •Ê‡Ê¸ø ˜ „ÙªÊ Á∑§ •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ÷Ë •Ê¬∑‘§ SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ë ‚Ê⁄UË ¬Ù‹ πÙ‹ ŒÃ „Ò–¥ •Ê¬ ∑Ò§‚Ê πÊÃ „Ò,¥ ÄUÿÊ πÊÃ „Ò,¥ •Ê¬∑§Ë ‚Ùø •ı⁄U ⁄U„Ÿ-‚„Ÿ ÷Ë– •Ê¬∑‘§ πÊŸ ∑‘§ ª‹Ã Ã⁄UË∑§Ù¥, ¬˝Ù≈UËŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë, ÕÊÿ⁄UÊßÚ «¸ ‚¥’œ¥ Ë ¬⁄U‡ ÊÊŸË ÿÊ πÍŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ‚’∑§È¿ •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§„ ŒÃ „Ò–¥ SflÊSâÿ ‚ ¡È«Ë∏ ‚◊SÿÊ•Ù¥ ∑§Ù •Ê¬ •¬Ÿ ŸÊπÍŸ Œπ∑§⁄U ÷Ë ¬ÃÊ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ÷⁄U ◊¥ „È∞ ∑§È¿ ‡Êٜ٥ ∑‘§ •ŸÈ‚Ê⁄U ÿ„ Ãâÿ ¬˝◊ÊÁáÊà „Ù øÈ∑§Ê „Ò Á∑§ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊ ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ⁄Uª¥ ’Œ‹ ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– ¡Ò‚ ‚»‘§Œ ⁄Uª¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ Á‹fl⁄U ‚ ‚¥’Á¥ œÃ ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ¡Ò‚ „¬≈ UÊßÁ≈U‚- ∑§Ë π’⁄U ŒÃ „Ò–¥ ¬Ë‹ ŸÊπÍŸ (¡Ù •Ê∑§Ê⁄U ◊¥ ◊Ù≈U „Ù¥ •ı⁄U œË⁄U- œË⁄U ’…∏Ã „Ù¥) »‘§»§«∏ ‚¥’œ¥ Ë ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑‘§ ¬Á⁄UøÊÿ∑§ „Ò–¥ •Êœ ‚»‘§Œ •ı⁄U •Êœ ªÈ‹Ê’Ë ŸÊπÍŸ

ªÈŒ¸ ‚¥’œ¥ Ë ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚¥∑§‘ à ŒÃ „Ò–¥ ÿÁŒ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ⁄Uª¥ ¬Ë‹Ê „Ò ÿÊ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ¬Ã¸ ‚»‘§Œ „Ò, ÃÙ ÿ„ ‹ˇÊáÊ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ◊¥ πÍŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë(∞ŸËÁ◊ÿÊ)∑§Ê ‹ˇÊáÊ „Ò– •ª⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ’«∏ „Ò¥ ÃÙ ©‚‚ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ „Ò¥ Á∑§ fl„ ‚ÈSà •ı⁄U ∑§Ê◊øÙ⁄U „Ò– Á∑§‚Ë ∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ◊¥ ◊Ò‹ „Ù ÃÙ fl„ Á∑§‚Ë ∑§Ù œÙπÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ Œ ‚∑§ÃÊ, ∞‚Ê √ÿÁQ§ íÿÊŒÊÃ⁄U øȬ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– •ª⁄U Á∑§‚Ë √ÿÁQ§ ∑‘§ ŸÊπÈŸÙ ¬⁄U ‹Ê‹Ë „Ù ÃÙ fl„ ⁄UÙ◊Ê¥‚ fl åÿÊ⁄U ∑‘§ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ Á∑§S◊à flÊ‹Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò, •ı⁄U „⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ‚ åÿÊ⁄U ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– •ª⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ê ⁄Uª¥ ‚»∏§Œ „Ù ÃÙ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ fl„ ’ŒÁ∑§S◊à •ı⁄U ∑§÷Ë ∑§÷Ë ∑§¥¡‚ Í Ë ÷Ë ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ªÈ‹Ê’Ë ⁄Uª¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ flÊ‹ πȇÊÁŒ‹ flÊ‹ „ÙÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ߟ∑‘§ ß⁄UÊŒ ¬P§ „ÙÃ „Ò–¥ •ª⁄U ∑§Ù߸ √ÿÁQ§ ŸÊπÍŸ πÊÃÊ „Ò¥ ÃÙ fl„ •¬ŸË Á¡¥ŒªË ∑§Ù ø’ÊÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U fl„ •¬ŸË Á¡∏ãŒªË ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ‚ÊÕ Ÿ„Ë¥ ø‹ÃÊ– •ª⁄U √ÿÁQ§ ’Êà ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ ŸÊπÍŸ ø’ÊÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ ©‚‚ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ fl„ ∑§È¿ •ı⁄U ’ÃÊ ⁄U„Ê „Ò •ı⁄U ©‚∑‘§ ÁŒ‹ ◊¥ ∑§È¿ •ı⁄U „Ò– ŸÊπÍŸ ∑‘§ ⁄Uª¥ •ı⁄U ’ŸÊfl≈U ‚ ∑§È¿ ’Ë◊ÊÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÷Ë ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ „Ò– ¡’ ∑§÷Ë ŸÊπÍŸ ∑‘§ ŸËø πÍŸ ∑‘§ œé’

Ÿ¡∏⁄U •ÊŸ ‹ª ÃÙ ©‚ πÍŸ ‚ê’ãœË ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË „ÙÃË „Ò– ÁŒ‹ ∑‘§ ⁄UÙªË Á∑§ ÿ„ ¬„øÊŸ „Ò Á∑§ ©‚∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ê ⁄Uª¥ „À∑§Ê ŸË‹Ê „ÙÃÊ „Ò– •ª⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ê ⁄Uª¥ ‚»∏§Œ „Ù ÃÙ ©‚ πÍŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë „ÙÃË „Ò– ŸÊπÍŸ ‚ê’ãœË ∞∑§ „Ò⁄UÊŸË flÊ‹Ë ’Êà ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ fl ª◊˸ ◊¥ íÿÊŒÊ ’…∏Ã „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ‚ŒË¸ ◊¥ ∑§◊– •¥ªΔÍ  ¿Ù≈UË ©¥ª‹Ë ∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§◊ ªÁà ‚ ’…∏Ã „Ò–¥ •ª⁄U Á∑§‚Ë ŒÈÉʸ≈UŸÊ ◊¥ •Ê¬∑§Ù ŸÊπÍŸ ¬È⁄UÊ ©Ã⁄U ¡Ê∞ ÃÙ ©‚‚ ŸÿÊ •ÊŸ ◊¥ ∑§◊ ‚ ∑§◊ { ◊„ËŸ ‹ªÃ „Ò–¥ •ª⁄U •Ê¬ zÆ ‚Ê‹ Ã∑§ ŸÊπÍŸ ŸÊ ∑§Ê≈U ÃÙ •Ê¬∑§Ë ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ë ‹ê’Ê߸ { »∏§≈È U „Ù ¡ÊÿªË– ¬È⁄UÊŸ ‚◊ÿ ◊¥ øËŸË •ı⁄UÃÙ ◊¥ ŸÊπÍŸ ’…∏ÊŸ ∑§Ê Á⁄UflÊ¡ ÕÊ, fl •¬Ÿ ŸÊπÍŸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§Ê≈UÃË ÕË, Á¡‚‚ ¬ÃÊ ø‹ÃÊ ÕÊ ∑§Ë fl ∑§Ê◊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UÃË ÕË– ŸÊπÍŸ ’…∏ÊŸ ∑§Ê Á⁄UflÊ¡ •’ øËŸ ◊¥ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ ¬È⁄U ÁflE ◊¥ »∏§‹ Ò ªÿÊ „Ò– „⁄U ªÊfl, ‡Ê„⁄U ◊¥ ‹«∏Á∑§ÿÊ •Ê◊ÃÙ⁄U ¬⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ’…ÊÃË „Ò–¥ ’„Èà ‹Ùª •ãªÈΔ, ¿Ù≈UË ©¥ª‹Ë ∑§Ê ŸÊπÍŸ ’…ÊÃ „Ò–¥ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ê ’…∏ÊŸÊ ∑§Ù߸ πÃ⁄UÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò, ◊ª⁄U ŸÊπÈŸÙ ∑§Ë ‚»§Ê߸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ‚„à ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ¡L§⁄UË „Ò–¥ •ª⁄U •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ „çUÃ ◊¥ Æ.{ ‚ v.x ◊Ë.◊Ë. ’…∏Ã „Ò¥ ÃÙ •Ê¬ SflSÕ ◊ÊŸ ¡Ê∞°ª– ªÁ◊¸ÿÙ¥ ◊¥ ߟ∑‘§ ’…∏Ÿ ∑§Ë ⁄UçUÃÊ⁄U Ã¡ „ÙÃË „Ò, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‚ÁŒ¸ÿÙ¥ ◊¥ œË◊Ë– ∑Ò§‚ ¬„øÊŸª¥  ŸÊπÍŸ ‚ •¬Ÿ SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ë ∑§◊¡ÙÁ⁄UÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù* •ª⁄U •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑‘§ •Ê‚-¬Ê‚ ∑§Ë àfløÊ ‚Íπ ⁄U„Ë „Ò– ÃÙ ÿ„ •Ê¬∑‘§ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ◊¥ Áfl≈UÊÁ◊Ÿ ‚Ë, »§ÙÁ‹∑§ ∞Á‚«, •ı⁄U ¬˝Ù≈UËŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ∑§Ù Œ‡ÊʸÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ê¬ „⁄UË ¬ûÊËŒÊ⁄U ‚Áé¡ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚flŸ ∑§⁄U–¥ ◊¿‹Ë •ı⁄U •á« πÊ∞°– * ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U ‚»‘§Œ œé’ ÿ„ Œ‡ÊʸÃ „Ò¥ Á∑§ •Ê¬∑‘§ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ◊¥ Á¡¥∑§ •ı⁄U Áfl≈UÊÁ◊Ÿ ’Ë ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë „Ò– øŸÊ ߟ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ’«∏Ê „Ë ’„Ã⁄U SòÊÙà „Ò– íflÊ⁄U, ’Ê¡⁄UÊ ‚ ÷Ë ß‚∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ∑§Ù ¬Í⁄UÊ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– * ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê œË◊Ë ªÁà ‚ ’…∏ŸÊ ÿ„ ’ÃÊÃÊ „Ò Á∑§ •Ê¬ ¬˝Ù≈UËŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë •ı⁄U Áfl≈UÊÁ◊Ÿ '∞' ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ‚ ¡Í¤Ê ⁄U„ „Ò–¥ ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∞‹Ù¬ÒÕË ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ ŒflÊ∞° ©¬‹éœ „Ò–¥ ◊ÊŸÁ‚∑§ •‡ÊÊ¥ÁÃ, ¬˝Ù≈UËŸ •ı⁄U Á¡¥∑§ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë flÎÁh ◊¥ ’Êœ∑§ „ÙÃ „Ò–¥ * ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ÷gÊ ⁄Uª¥ •Ê¬∑‘§ ‹ªÊÃÊ⁄U Ÿ‹¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ ÷Ë „Ù ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò– ¬Ë‹ ŸÊπÍŸ œÍ◊¬˝ ÊŸ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ „ÙÃ „Ò–¥ ¡’Á∑§ ŸË‹ ŸÊπÍŸ ‚Ê°‚ ‚¥’œ¥ Ë ‚◊SÿÊ•Ù¥ •ı⁄U ¬Ë‹ •ı⁄U „À∑‘§ ‚»‘§Œ ⁄Uª¥ ∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ ∞ŸËÁ◊ÿÊ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ Á‹∞ øÈ∑§¥Œ⁄U ∑§Ê ‚flŸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ ‹Ê÷ŒÊÿ∑§ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò–

Áfl≈UÊÁ◊Ÿ ‚Ë ∑‘§ SòÊÙà flÊ‹ »§‹ •ı⁄U ‚Áé¡ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª ÷Ë ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã „Ò–¥

∑Ò§‚ ’Ÿ¥ SflSÕ fl ‚ÈŒ¥ ⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ •Ê¬∑‘§ „ÊÕÙ¥ ∑§Ë ‚ÈãŒ⁄UÃÊ SflSÕ •ı⁄U ‚ÈãŒ⁄U ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á’ŸÊ •œÍ⁄UË „Ò– •ª⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ª¥Œ ÿÊ ’…ª¥  •Ê∑§Ê⁄U ∑‘§ „Ù¥ ÃÙ •Ê¬∑‘§ „ÊÕ •ŸÊ∑§·¸∑§ ‹ª ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥ ß‚Á‹∞ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë Œπ÷Ê‹ ’„Èà ¡M§⁄UË „Ò– ‚ÈãŒ⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ Ÿ ∑‘§fl‹ ‚‹Ë∑‘§ŒÊ⁄U ¡ËflŸ‡ÊÒ‹Ë ∑§Ë ¤Ê‹∑§ ŒÃ „Ò¥ ’ÁÀ∑§ ÿ •Ê¬∑‘§ •Êà◊ÁflEÊ‚ ∑‘§ ¬˝ÃË∑§ ÷Ë „Ò–¥ SflSÕ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ’„Èà ¡M§⁄UË „Ò Á∑§ ¡Ù •Ê„Ê⁄U •Ê¬ πÊ ⁄U„ „Ò¥ ©‚◊¥ ¬˝Ù≈UËŸ ∑§Ë ◊ÊòÊÊ ÷⁄U¬⁄Í U „ÙŸË øÊÁ„∞– •¬Ÿ ÷Ù¡Ÿ ◊¥ »§‹, „⁄UË ‚Áé¡ÿÊ¥, ¬ŸË⁄U, ªÊ¡⁄U, •¥« •ÊÁŒ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª •Áœ∑§ ◊ÊòÊÊ ◊¥ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞– * ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U ‚’‚ ŸÈ∑§‚ÊŸŒÊÿ∑§ ¬˝÷Êfl ‚Ê’ÈŸ fl Á«≈U⁄U¡≈¥ UÙ¥ ∑§Ê ¬∏«ÃÊ „Ò– „ÊÕÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’„Èà Œ⁄U Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ÷˪ ⁄U„Ÿ ‚ ÷Ë ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U ŒÈc¬˝÷Êfl ¬∏«ÃÊ „Ò fl ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§ëø „Ù∑§⁄U ≈U≈Í U ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥ ß‚Á‹∞ ∑§¬∏« œÙÃ ‚◊ÿ fl ’øŸ ‚Ê»§ ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ ŒSÃÊŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄U–¥ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ ÷Ë ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ „ÊÕÙ¥ fl ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U ◊ÊÚßSø⁄UÊß¡⁄U ‚ ◊ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ∑§⁄U–¥ * „◊‡ÊÊ ∞◊⁄UË ’Ù«¸ ‚ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù »§Êß‹ ∑§⁄U¥ fl ∞◊⁄UË ’Ù«¸ ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ù œË◊œË◊ ÁÉÊ‚–¥ * ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U „◊ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚¥flÊ⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Á¡Ÿ ©¬∑§⁄UáÊÙ¥ ∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥ fl ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ŸÈ∑§‚ÊŸ ¬„Èø ¥ ÊÃ „Ò¥ ß‚Á‹∞ ¡M§⁄UË „Ò Á∑§ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‚¥flÊ⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ê¬ ¡Ù ©¬∑§⁄UáÊ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§⁄U,¥ fl •ë¿Ë `§ÊÁ‹≈UË fl ∑§¥¬ŸË ∑‘§ „Ù¥– * ‚#Ê„ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U Áfl≈UÊÁ◊Ÿ ߸ ÿÈQ§ R§Ë◊ ‚ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ◊ÊÁ‹‡Ê •fl‡ÿ ∑§⁄U–¥ * ∑§ß¸ ◊Á„‹Ê∞¥ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U „◊‡ÊÊ Ÿ‹ ¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊ∞ ⁄UπÃË „Ò– ß‚‚ ŸÊπÍŸ ¬Ë‹ ¬∏« ¡ÊÃ „Ò,¥ ß‚Á‹∞ ‚#Ê„ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ÿÊ ŒÙ ÁŒŸ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù Á’ŸÊ Ÿ‹ ¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊ∞ ⁄Uπ¥ fl ◊ÊÁ‹‡Ê ∑§⁄U–¥ ß‚‚ ¬Ë‹Ê¬Ÿ ŒÍ⁄U „Ù ¡ÊÃÊ „Ò– * •ª⁄U •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’∏…Ã •ı⁄U ÿÁŒ



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’∏…Ã ÷Ë „Ò¥ ÃÙ ≈U≈Í U ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥ ÃÙ ⁄UÊà ∑§Ù ª◊¸ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ Ÿ◊∑§ Á◊‹Ê∑§⁄U vÆ Á◊Ÿ≈U Ã∑§ ¬ÊŸË ◊¥ ⁄Uπ¥ •ı⁄U Á»§⁄U ©ã„¥ •ë¿Ë Ã⁄U„ ‚Ê»§ ∑§⁄U ¡ÒÃŸÍ ∑‘§ Ã‹ ‚ ◊ÊÁ‹‡Ê ∑§⁄U–¥ ß‚‚ ŸÊπÍŸ ¡ÀŒË ’∏…ª¥ – Ÿ‹ ¬ÊÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ¬„‹ ’‚ ∑§Ù≈U ‹ªÊ∞¥, Á»§⁄U ¬ÊÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊ∞¥– Ÿ‹ ¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊŸ ‚ Ÿ ∑‘§fl‹ „ÊÕÙ¥ ∑§Ë ‚ÈŒ¥ ⁄UÃÊ ’∏…ÃË „Ò ’ÁÀ∑§ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù ◊¡’ÍÃË ÷Ë Á◊‹ÃË „Ò¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ ‚#Ê„ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ÁŒŸ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù Á’ŸÊ Ÿ‹ ¬ÊÁ‹‡Ê ∑‘§ •fl‡ÿ ⁄Uπ–¥ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§È¿ √ÿÊÿÊ◊ ÷Ë „Ò¥ ¡Ù ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ù Áfl∑§Ê‚ ¬˝ŒÊŸ ∑§⁄UÃ „Ò¥ ¡Ò‚ •¬ŸË ◊È_Ë ∑§Ù ’¥Œ ∑§Á⁄U∞, Á»§⁄U πÙÁ‹∞– ∞‚Ê ¬Ê¥ø,Œ‚ ’Ê⁄U ∑§Á⁄U∞– ÉÊÁ≈UÿÊ Ÿ‹¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ∑§Ê ‚flŸ Ÿ ∑§⁄U¥– ÿ„ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ë ¡∏«Ù¥ ∑§Ù ∑§◊¡Ù⁄U ’ŸÊÃË „Ò– ŒÙ ‚#Ê„ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ’Ê⁄U ◊ŸËÄUÿÙ⁄U •fl‡ÿ ∑§⁄U¥– ß‚‚ ŸÊπÍŸ ‚Ê»§ •ı⁄U SflSÕ „ÙÃ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U ©Ÿ∑§Ê •Ê∑§Ê⁄U ‚„Ë fl •Ê∑§·¸∑§ ’ŸÊ ⁄U„ÃÊ „Ò– Ÿ‹ »§ÊßÁ‹¥ª ∑§⁄UÃ ‚◊ÿ »§ÊßÁ‹¥ª ∞∑§ „Ë ÁŒ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ ∑§⁄UŸË øÊÁ„∞– ©À≈UË ÁŒ‡ÊÊ ◊¥ ∞∑§ ‚ÊÕ »§ÊßÁ‹¥ª ∑§⁄UŸ ‚ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑‘§ Á‚⁄U •‚Ê◊Êãÿ •ı⁄U πÈ⁄UŒ⁄U „Ù ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑§Ê ‚ı¥Œÿ¸ ª‹Ã …¥ª ‚ ‹ªË Ÿ‹¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ Á’ª∏« ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò ß‚Á‹∞ Ÿ‹¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊÃ ‚◊ÿ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑‘§ ’Ëø flÊ‹ Á„S‚ ¬⁄U ¬„‹ Ÿ‹¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊ∞¥, Á»§⁄U ’Ê∑§Ë Á„S‚Ù¥ ¬⁄U Ÿ‹¬ÊÚÁ‹‡Ê ‹ªÊ∞¥– ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ¬⁄U äÿÊŸ ŸÊ ŒŸ ‚ ∑§È¿ ◊Á„‹Ê•Ù¥ ◊¥ „Ò¥ª ŸÀ‚ ÃÕÊ S¬ÍŸ ŸÀ‚ ¡Ò‚Ë ‚◊SÿÊ∞¥ ¬ÒŒÊ „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò–

„Ò¥ª ŸÀ‚ „Ò¥ª ŸÀ‚ ◊¥ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑‘§ Á∑§ŸÊ⁄U ∑§Ë àfløÊ Á¿‹∑‘§ ∑‘§ ¡Ò‚Ë •‹ª „Ù ¡ÊÃË „Ò, Á¡‚∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ◊¥ ‚Í¡Ÿ •ı⁄U ¡‹Ÿ „ÙŸ ‹ªÃË „Ò– ß‚∑‘§ ©¬øÊ⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Áfl≈UÊÁ◊Ÿ ‚Ë •ı⁄U ¬˝Ù≈UËŸÿÈQ§ ÷Ù¡Ÿ ∑§Ê íÿÊŒÊ ‚flŸ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊÁ„∞–


„◊◊¥ ‚ ’„ÈÃÙ¥ ∑‘§ ©ûÊ‹ ÿÊ ©÷⁄U „È∞ ŸÊπÍŸ „ÙÃ „Ò, Á∑§‚Ë ª¥Œ ¡Ò‚Ë ªÙ‹Ê߸ Á‹∞ „È∞, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿÁŒ •Ê¬∑‘§ ŸÊπÍŸÙ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø ◊¥ ªbÊ „Ò ÃÙ ÿ„ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ê ‚¥∑‘§Ã „Ò Á∑§ •Ê¬∑‘§ ‡Ê⁄UË⁄U ◊¥ •Êÿ⁄UŸ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë „Ò– ⁄UQ§ ∑§Ë ∑§◊Ë ‚ ŸÊπÍŸ ≈U…∏-◊…∏ •ı⁄U πÈ⁄UŒÈ⁄U „Ù ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥–

ŸÊπÍŸ ø’ÊŸÊ ’Ë◊Ê⁄UË •Ê¬∑§Ê ’ëøÊ •ª⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ø’ÊÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ ©‚ ¡M§⁄U äÿÊŸ ŒËÁ¡ÿ– •ÊÚÁŸ∑§Ù»‘§Á¡ÿÊ ‚ÈŸŸ ◊¥ ∑§È¿ •≈U¬≈UÊ ‚Ê ‹ªÃÊ „Ò ¬⁄U ß‚ ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸË ‚ ’„Èà ‚Ê⁄U ‹Ùª ¬ËÁ«∏à „ÙÃ „Ò¥– ∞‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò Á∑§ ÿ„ ‚◊SÿÊ ∑‘§fl‹ ’ëøÙ¥ ◊¥ „Ë „ÙÃË „Ò– ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ÿ„ ‚◊SÿÊ ’«∏Ù¥ ◊¥ ÷Ë ¬Ê߸ ¡ÊÃË „Ò– ‚Ê◊Êãÿ Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U „◊ ß‚ ß‚ ŸÊπÍŸ ø’ÊŸ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ÿÊ Ÿ‹-’ÊßÁ≈U¥ª ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ¡ÊŸÃ „Ò¥– •Ê◊Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U •ÊŒ◊Ë ¡’ ßÊfl ◊¥ Á∑§‚Ë ’Êà ∑§Ù ‹∑§⁄U ©à‚Á„à „ÙÃÊ „Ò ÃÙ fl„ ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§ÈÃ⁄UÃÊ ÿÊ ø’ÊÃÊ „Ò– ¡’ •ÊŒ◊Ë ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ ∑§Ù߸ ∑§Ê◊ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÙÃÊ Ã’ ÷Ë fl„ ’Ù⁄U „ÙŸ ¬⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ∑§Ê≈UŸ ∑§Ê „Ë ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UÃÊ „Ò– ‡Ê◊¸ ÿ ¤ÊÈ¥¤Ê‹Ê„≈U ◊¥ ÷Ë ‹Ùª ŸÊπÍŸ πÊŸ ‹ªÃ „Ò¥– Ÿfl¸‚-„ÒÁ’≈U ∑‘§ Äà ŸÊπÍŸ πÊŸÊ, •¥ªÍΔÊ øÍ‚ŸÊ, ŸÊ∑§ ◊¥ ©¥ª‹Ë «Ê‹ŸÊ, ’Ê‹ ∑§Ù ◊⁄UÙ«∏ŸÊ ÿÊ πË¥øŸÊ, ŒÊ¥Ã ¬Ë‚ŸÊ ÿÊ •¬ŸË àfløÊ ∑§Ù ’Ê⁄U-’Ê⁄U ¿ÍŸÊ ‡ÊÊÁ◊‹ „Ò– •Êpÿ¸ ∑§Ë ’Êà ÿ„ „Ò Á∑§ ∞‚Ê ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ê ß‚ ◊„‚Í‚ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U ¬ÊÃÊ „Ò ¡’Á∑§ ‚Ê◊Ÿ ‚ ŒπŸ flÊ‹Ê ß‚ ◊„‚Í‚ ∑§⁄U ‹ÃÊ „Ò– •ÊŒÃ ¬«∏ ¡ÊŸ ¬⁄U •ÊŒ◊Ë ∑§Ê◊ ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞, ’È∑§ ¬…∏Ã, »§ÙŸ ¬⁄U ’ÊÃ¥ ∑§⁄UÃ •ı⁄U ≈UËflË ŒπŸ ¡Ò‚ ∑§Ê◊Ù¥ ∑§Ù ∑§⁄UÃ „È∞ ÷Ë ‹Ùª ŸÊπÍŸ ø’ÊÃ Œπ ¡ÊÃ „Ò¥– ∑§ß¸ ’Ê⁄U ‹Ùª ŸÊπÍŸ ø’ÊŸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ‚ÊÕ ÄUÿÍÁ≈U∑§À‚ •ı⁄U ŸÊπÍŸ ∑‘§ ߌ¸-ÁªŒ¸ ∑§Ë àfløÊ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ∑§Ê≈UÃ „Ò¥– ¡„Ê¥ ∞∑§ •Ù⁄U ÿ„ ŒπŸ ◊¥ ’È⁄UÊ ‹ªÃÊ „Ò fl„Ë¥ SflÊSâÿ ∑§Ë Œ·Á≈U ‚ ÷Ë ÿ„ ŸÈ∑§‚ÊŸ Œ„ „ÙÃÊ „Ò– ¬˝SÃÈÁÃ-∞◊.‚Ë.•Ê⁄.∞» .


Lucknow, October 8, 2011

People's protests grow across US New York: The "Occupy Wall Street" movement is now gaining momentum across the US as unions and students joined in, with thousands of protesters marching from Zuccotti Park to Foley Square in lower Manhattan, speaking out against Wall Street greed and economic inequality. The protests have grown from a bunch of young people camping out in the shadow of the New York Stock Exchange on September 17 to large-scale movements across the country and around the world. Past records show that such movements with a wide popular support are triggered by economic reasons such as

After a long summer of discontent in West Asia that led to regime changes in Egypt, Tunisia and continuing anti-establishment protests in Libhya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, now it is the United States that faces the ire of its people, not against the government as such but against corporate greed and the growing disconnect between the government and the people.

and Development (OECD) and giant investment banks like Goldman Sachs kept cutting their forecasts of world economic growth for 2011 and 2012, warning that Europe and the United States were facing rising recession risks. Noted economists have warned that the United States was entering into a recession again based on hard and soft data. According to Bernanke. It is getting difficult for young people to find jobs.

Bad news At the same time, there is an influx of bad news from Europe as regards the debt crisis. Greece is on the brink of a debt default, while Spain and Italy are struggling with

We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known. depression and recession. In the present case too, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke told the Joint Economic Committee of Congress that he understood that protesters were dissatisfied with the current economic situation since unemployment rate was above 9 percent and economic growth slowed. The fact remains that three years after the severe financial crisis, the U.S. economy now is stuck again. Institutions including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization for Economic Cooperation


financing difficulties. Liquidity tensions in European banks posed great risks to U.S. banks. People feared that a similar crisis like the one in 2008 may be already on its way. People in the US are talking about collapse in Europe and only China and Asia seem to be doing well. The majority of the protesters are young people under 30. Many of them are unemployed or underemployed. Some are students with mountains of loans. Analysts believed that is why the DoddFrank bill, which is supposed to rein in Wall Street and big bonuses and

create a sound economic foundation to grow jobs and protect consumers, continues to lie neglected in Congress. That is also the reason why protesters are calling for "getting the corrupting influence of money out of the elections."

Union support Now, employee unions have started giving their open support to the longrunning protest. Labor leaders say they will continue to support the protests, both with manpower and donations of goods and services. The unions were donating food, blankets and office space to the protesters. The movement lacks an identified leader and decisions are made during group meetings. The Occupy Wall Street protests started on September 17 with a few dozen demonstrators who tried to pitch tents in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Since then, hundreds have set up camp nearby in Zuccotti Park

and have become increasingly organized, lining up medical aid and legal help and printing their own newspaper. On Saturday, about 700 people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for spilling into the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge despite warnings from police. The reception was warmer in Los Angeles, where the City Council approved a resolution of support and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's office distributed 100 rain ponchos to activists at another days-long demonstration.

What is it? What is Occupy Wall Street? It is being described as a sort of mirror image of the tea party movement, channeling populist rage generated by the 2008 financial meltdown. Its members are younger, not as white, more liberal. But most of the demands center on the impact of money on politics and the plight of

working Americans in the post-meltdown economy. The Occupy Wall Street Declaration reads as follows: "We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known. "They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage. "They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses. "They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one's skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. "They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers' healthcare and pay."


Lucknow, October 8, 2011


Democracy amidst chaos Sustained economic growth in India would be all the more impressive if the government could pass its reforms. But the road is blocked by politics and the dynamics of control, says Ratan Mani Lal


he signs of an economic boom are evident all over India, from metro cities to small towns. One can see swanky showrooms and the neo-rich flaunting their wealth. In fact in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore, some locations look like straight out of the richer blocks of Los Angeles. An impressive annual economic growth plus a bountiful generation of black money from bribes, kickbacks, illegal commissions etc have led to many people having enormous amounts of money across the country. India's IT infrastructure has grown on the foundations of outsourcing of almost any business process that can be performed remotely, from answering customers' calls to medical transcription. These businesses owe their success to the strength of India's young work force that has computer skills, can speak English and are always willing to find a way out to deliver results. Nevertheless, India has poor infrastructure, burdensome regulation and restrictive laws. The muchpromised economic reforms are now tied in politics. The UPA coalition government at the Centre, with its contradictions, inter-ally conflicts and bumbling leaders has failed to present a picture of cohesion, and on top of it all is embroiled in corruption, scandals and zerogovernance. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was finance minister in the 1990s, had then pushed through economic reforms that led to massive changes in the manner India did and ran business. In UPAII, the most significant measure has been the national rural employment guarantee programme and nothing much else. What the prime minister has failed to do include reforms in labour laws, improvement in energy and infrastructure sector and creation of employment. Ironically, a jobless boom is going on in the manufacturing sector, which is growing at 7% annually, but without increasing employment.

Absence of a rethink on subsidies especially with regard to oil prices has led to distorted price structure for petroleum products. The prime minister has failed to show any initiative on tackling these problems. In the absence of the Congress party president and the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, the prime minister looked every inch a helpless, withdrawn and powerless individual, who preferred a hands-off approach to leading his

this is that the Indian economy is so structurally strong that it can ride out prlonged periods of bad policy. Then, India's young population gives it a fast-growing workforce and a declining proportion of dependants. Over the next few decades, that will be good for savings and investment. In India, democracy is in a clumsy mess, although it has been an act of faith from the outset. Despite the fact that India has been

Today when we see successful countries in the world, we see one common trend that they are white, rich, Christian and have one language. India does not possess any of these attributes and in fact is multi-faceted in terms of religion, language, color and caste system. This diversity puts forward a significant challenge to succeed and keeping everybody together. government. It appears that instead of playing out his innings as the good economist that he is, the prime minister prefers to look the other way as politics plays out its inevitable sequence - settling scores among colleagues, speaking out of turn, ignoring established rules of law, political behavior, blurring lines between dissent and indiscipline and so on. It is odd that despite so many obstacles, the Indian economy is doing well. The biggest reason for

ruled by kings and invaders for a large part of its history, the people have always shown their penchant for an open mind and stayed away from religious dogma. The democratic institutions have not been perfected, and the ballot box is certainly not a panacea for India's ills. The purpose of any political system should be the peaceful resolution of conflicts of interest and the just apportionment of public resources. These are fundamental considerations in a society that

faces considerable challenges posed by poverty, illiteracy and threats against national security. Public services such as clean water and provision of electricity deserve their prominence on the agenda. And the government at the centre is mandated to play its role effectively. India's political system is fragmented and pluralistic which supports and encourages an entrepreneurial spirit that is at the heart of India's rapid economic growth. In India, business procedure is considered highly bureaucratic and sometimes that can cause delays in projects. But this fragmented structure provides opportunities for people to start new ventures without significant initial cost. India's soul lies in these small ventures and also helps in providing employment for the gigantic workforce. Big Indian companies are rising due to the help of government agencies. The political system actually works to the advantage of big business. Today when we see successful countries in the world, we see one common trend that they are white, rich, Christian and have one language. India does not possess any of these attributes and in fact is multi-faceted in terms of religion, language, color and caste system. This diversity puts forward a significant challenge to succeed and keeping everybody together.


Lucknow, October 8, 2011

«UÊß¡S≈U •’ „UÊªË ‚Ê‹ÊŸÊ „UÊÚ∑§Ë ‹Ëª „ÊÚ∑§Ë ߥÁ«ÿÊ wÆvx ◊¥ ߥ≈U⁄UŸ‡ÊŸ‹ „ÊÚ∑§Ë ‚¥ÉÊ (∞»§•Ê߸∞ø) ∑‘§ ¤Ê¥« Ë ߥ≈U⁄UŸÒ‡ÊŸ‹ ¬ÈL§· „ÊÚ∑§Ë ‹Ëª ∑§Ê •ÊÿÙ¡Ÿ ∑§⁄UŸ ¡Ê ⁄U„UÊ „ÒU– ß‚ ‹Ëª ◊¥ Œ‡Ê ∑‘§ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊ Á„S‚Ù¥ ∑§Ë ≈UË◊¥ Á‡Ê⁄U∑§Ã ∑§⁄U¥ªË– ß‚◊¥ ≈UË◊Ù¥ ∑§Ë ◊ÊÁ‹∑§ ÁflÁ÷ÛÊ »˝¥§øÊß¡Ë „Ù¥ªË– ߟ ≈UË◊Ù¥ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ÷⁄U ∑‘§ ◊ı¡ÍŒÊ œÈ⁄U¥œ⁄U Áπ‹Ê«∏Ë Á‡Ê⁄U∑§Ã ∑§⁄U¥ª– ÿ„ ߥ≈U⁄UŸÒ‡ÊŸ‹ ‹Ëª ‚Ê‹ÊŸÊ „ÙªË •ı⁄U ∞»§•Ê߸∞ø ∑‘§ ◊ÊãÿÃÊ ¬˝Ê# ≈U͟ʸ◊¥≈UÙ¥ ∑§Ê Á„S‚Ê „٪˖ ß‚◊¥ ≈UË◊¥ •Ê߸¬Ë∞‹ ∑§Ë Ḡ¬⁄U ÉÊ⁄U •ı⁄U ’Ê„⁄U ◊Òø π‹¥ªË– ∞»§•Ê߸∞ø ‚ ß‚ ‹Ëª ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑Ò§‹¥«⁄U ◊¥ yz ÁŒŸ ∑§Ë Áfl¥«Ù ◊Ê¥ªË ªß¸ „Ò •ı⁄U ©‚‚ ªÈ¡ÊÁ⁄U‡Ê ∑§Ë ªß¸ „Ò Á∑§ ß‚ Œı⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ù߸ •ı⁄U ≈U͟ʸ◊¥≈U Ÿ •ÊÿÙÁ¡Ã Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê∞– „ÊÚ∑§Ë ߥÁ«ÿÊ Ÿ¥ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ „◊¥ ¬ÃÊ ø‹Ê „Ò Á∑§ ÁŒ‚¥’⁄U ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄Uà ◊¥ flÀ«¸ ‚Ë⁄UË¡ „ÊÚ∑§Ë («éÀÿÍ∞‚∞ø) ‹Ëª ∑§Ê •ÊÿÙ¡Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê∞ªÊ– ß‚ ߥÁ«ÿŸ „ÊÚ∑§Ë »‘§«⁄U‡ÊŸ (•Ê߸∞ø∞»§)∑§⁄UÊ ⁄U„Ê „Ò, Á¡‚ ∞»§•Ê߸∞ø Ÿ ◊ÊãÿÃÊ Ÿ„Ë¥ ŒË „Ò– „ÊÚ∑§Ë ߥÁ«ÿÊ Ÿ ߥÁ«ÿŸ „ÊÚ∑§Ë »‘§«⁄U‡ÊŸ (•Ê߸∞ø∞»§) ∑§Ù •ŸÊÁœ∑§Îà flÀ«¸ ‚Ë⁄UË¡ „ÊÚ∑§Ë («éÀÿÍ∞‚∞ø) ‹Ëª ∑‘§ Á‹∞ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ‹È÷ÊŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ∑§Ù‚Ê–


ÁflŒÈ · Ë ∑ § ŸÊ◊ øÊ⁄U ÁπÃÊ’ π‹ ‚¢flÊŒŒÊÃÊ –‹πŸ™§, ’Ê’Í ’ŸÊ⁄U‚Ë ŒÊ‚ ’Ò«U Á◊¢≈UŸ •∑§ÊŒ◊Ë ◊¥ ‚ê¬ãŸ „ÈU߸ •Ê. ∞‹. π⁄U Á¡‹Ê ’Ò«UÁ◊¢≈UŸ øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ◊¥ ÁflŒÈ·Ë Ÿ •¬Ÿ Œ◊ŒÊ⁄U ¬˝Œ‡Ê¸Ÿ ∑§ ’‹ ¬⁄U øÊ⁄U ÁπÃÊ’ •¬Ÿ ŸÊ◊ ∑§⁄U∑§ ‡ÊË·¸ ¬⁄U ⁄U„UË– ÁflŒÈ·Ë Ÿ ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U-v| fl ◊Á„U‹Ê «U’‹ ∑§ Á‚¢ª‹ ÃÕÊ •¢«U⁄U-v~ fl ◊Á„U‹Ê «U’‹ ∑§ ÁπÃÊ’ ¡ËÃ – Á‡ÊflÊ¢ªË ∑§ Á„US‚ ÃËŸ ÁπÃÊ’ •Ê∞– Á‡ÊflÊ¢ªË Ÿ ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê flª¸ ∑§ •¢«U⁄U-vÆ Á‚¢ª‹ fl «U’‹ ◊È∑§Ê’‹ ∑§ •‹ÊflÊ ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U-vx Á‚¢ª‹ ◊¥ ÷Ë ’Ê¡Ë ◊Ê⁄UË– ’Ê‹∑§Ê¥ ◊¥ ÁflŸÿ ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U-vz ∑§ Á‚¢ª‹ fl «U’‹ ◊¥ Á¡ÃÊ ’Ÿ– ’È¡ªÊZ ◊¥ Áfl÷Ê⁄U SflM§¬ Ÿ Á‚¢ª‹ fl «U’‹ ∑§ ÁπÃÊ’

OÁflŒÈ·Ë ‚ΔUË ∑§ ‚ÊÕ Á‡ÊflÊ¢ªË

Ÿ ÷Ë Á’π⁄UË ø◊∑§ •¬Ÿ ŸÊ◊ Á∑§∞– ¬È⁄US∑§Ê⁄U ÁflÃ⁄UáÊ flÁ⁄UcΔU •Ê߸∞∞‚ •Áœ∑§Ê⁄UË ‡ÊÒ‹‡Ê ∑ΧcáÊ fl •Ê߸≈UË∞‚ ߢŒÈ ŒÍ’ Ÿ Á∑§ÿÊ– øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ∑§ Á‚¢ª‹ ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U-vÆ »§Êߟ‹—•Á‡flŸË Á‚¢„U Ÿ •ÊÁŒàÿ flÊ„U⁄UÊ ∑§Ê wv-~, wv-v{ ‚, ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U-vÆ »§Êߟ‹—- Á‡ÊflÊ¢ªË Ÿ ◊ÊŸ‚Ë Á‚¢„U ∑§Ê wv-~, wv-x ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U -vx »§Êߟ‹—- ‚ÊÒ¥Œ‡¸ ¬Ê¢«Uÿ Ÿ „U·¸ ÁòʬÊΔUË ∑§Ê wv-vÆ, wv-vx ‚– ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U- vx »§Êߟ‹—- Á‡ÊflÊ¢ªË Á‚¢„U Ÿ •∑§ÊÁ‹∑§Ê Á‚¢„U ∑§Ê wv-vw, wv-v} ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U-vz »§Êߟ‹—- ÁflŸÿ ∑ȧ◊Ê⁄U ÿÊŒfl Ÿ ŒË¬∑§ ¬≈UflÊ‹ ∑§ wv-~, wv-v~, ‚– ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U -vz »§Êߟ‹—- ¬˝ªÁà Ÿ ÁflŒÈ·Ë ∑§Ê wvvx, vw-wv, wv-vÆ ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U -v| »§Êߟ‹—⁄UÁfl Á‚¢„U Ÿ ŒË¬∑§ ¬≈UflÊ‹ ∑§Ê wv-v|, wv-vy ‚– ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U-v| »§Êߟ‹—- ÁflŒÈ·Ë ‚ΔUË Ÿ flÒ÷flË SflM§¬ ∑§Ê ww-wÆ, wv-vx ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U-v~ »§Êߟ‹—-

•Ê. ∞‹. π⁄U Á¡‹Ê ’Ò«UÁ◊¢≈UŸ øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ◊¥ «U’À‚ ∑§Ê ◊È∑§Ê’‹Ê π‹Ã Áπ‹Ê«∏UË Á„U◊Ê¢‡ÊÍ øȪ Ÿ ⁄UÊ„ÈU‹ Á‚¢„U ∑§Ê wv-v}, wx-wv ‚ ¬⁄UÊÁ¡Ã Á∑§ÿÊ– ¡’Á∑§ ¬ÈL§· »§Êߟ‹ œ◊¸flË⁄U Ÿ ‚ÊÁ⁄∑§U πÊŸ ∑§Ê wv-vw, x-v (∑¢§‚Ë«U)– ◊Á„U‹Ê »§Êߟ‹—- ÁflŒÈ·Ë ‚ΔUË Ÿ „U⁄UÊÿÊ flÒ÷flË SflM§¬ ∑§Ê wv-|, wv-} ‚– ’ȡȪ¸ yz fl·¸ ‚ ™§¬⁄U »§Êߟ‹—- Áfl÷Ê⁄U SflM§¬ Ÿ „U⁄UÊÿÊ ⁄U◊‡Ê ◊„UÊ¡Ÿ ∑§Ê wv-vw, wv-v ‚ „U⁄UÊÿÊ– ’Ò«UÁ◊¢≈UŸ øÒÁê¬ÿŸÁ‡Ê¬ ∑§ «U’‹ ’Ê‹∑§ »§Êߟ‹ ◊È∑§Ê’‹ ◊¥ ∑§⁄UŸ fl •Á‡flŸË Ÿ •ÊÁŒàÿ •ÊÒ⁄U Á‡ÊflÊ¢ª Œfl ∑§Ê wv-vw, wv-| ‚– ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U-vÆ «U’‹ »§Êߟ‹ ◊¥ ÃÁŸ‡ÊÊ fl Á‡ÊflÊ¢ªË Ÿ ◊ÊŸ‚Ë fl flÒcáÊflË ∑§Ê wv-v|, wv-vz ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U vx »§Êߟ‹—- •Á÷·∑§ fl Á‡ÊÁflŸ Ÿ „U·¸ fl Á‚fÊÕ¸ ∑§Ê wv-vw, wv-vx ‚– ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U-vx »§Êߟ‹—-•◊ÊÁ‹∑§Ê fl •ÁŒÁà Ÿ Á‡ÊflÊ¢ªË fl üÊÈÁà Á‚¢„U ∑§Ê ww-wÆ, wy-ww ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U-vz

ŒË¬∑§ ¬≈UflÊ‹ fl ÁflŸÿ Ÿ ‚ÊÒ¥Œÿ¸ fl ⁄UÁfl ∑§Ê vx-wv, ww-wÆ, wv-v~ ‚– ’ÊÁ‹∑§Ê •¢«U⁄U-vz »§Êߟ‹—ÁflŒÈ·Ë fl Á¬˝ÿÊ ‚ΔUË Ÿ ‚ÊÒêÿÊ Á‚¢„U fl ‡flÃÊ Á‚¢„U ∑§Ê wvv}, wv-vx ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U-v| »§Êߟ‹—- •ˇÊÿ fl ¬˝Á‚lÊ Ÿ ŒˇÊ‡Ê fl •Á÷·∑§ ∑§Ê wv-{, wv-v{ ‚– ’Ê‹∑§ •¢«U⁄U-v~ »§Êߟ‹—- Á„U◊Ê¢‡ÊÈ fl ⁄UÊ„ÈU‹ Ÿ •Á÷·∑§ fl •Œ˜÷Íà •ÊŸ¢Œ ∑§Ê wv-v{, wv-v} ‚– ¬ÈL§· »§Êߟ‹—- œ◊¸flË⁄U fl ‚ÊÁ⁄U∑§ Ÿ ¡ÿ Á‚¢„U fl •ˇÊÿ ÃÊ◊⁄U ∑§Ê wv-vy, wv-v| ‚– ◊Á„U‹Ê »§Êߟ‹ ◊¥ ÁflŒÈ·Ë fl Á¬˝ÿÊ Á‚¢„U Ÿ flÒ÷flË SflM§¬ fl ‡flÃÊ Á‚¢„U ∑§ wv-v{, wv-~ ‚ Á‡Ê∑§Sà ŒË– fl„UË¥ ’ȡȪ¸ »§Êߟ‹ ◊È∑§Ê’‹ ◊¥ Áfl÷Ê⁄U SflM§¬ fl ‚¢¡ÿ π¢«U‹flÊ‹ Ÿ ∞◊∞‚ ’Ê⁄UÊ fl ⁄U◊‡Ê ◊„UÊ¡Ÿ ∑§Ê wv-v|, wv-vw ‚ „U⁄UÊÿÊ–

ÉÊ⁄U‹Í ◊Ҍʟ ¬⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà ÷Ê⁄UË ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ «Ë•Ê⁄U∞‚ Ÿ„Ë¥ „ÒŒ⁄UÊ’ÊŒ– ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ Ã¡ ª¥Œ’Ê¡ Á≈U◊ ’˝‚ŸŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê „Ò Á∑§ ≈UË◊ ߥÁ«ÿÊ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ flŸ« ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ ¡Ëà Œ¡¸ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ©Ÿ∑‘§ ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ù¥ ∑§Ù ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ë œË◊Ë Á¬øÙ¥ ¬⁄U •ŸÈ‡ÊÊÁ‚à ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ë ∑§⁄UŸË „٪˖ w{ fl·Ë¸ÿ ’˝‚ŸŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ÁŸÁpà M§¬ ‚ ÿ„Ê¥ ∑§Ë ¬Á⁄UÁSÕÁÃÿÊ¥ ߥNjҥ« ‚ Á÷ÛÊ „Ò¥ •ı⁄U Ã¡ ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ù¥ ∑§Ù ◊ŒŒ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UÃË „Ò– ߥNjҥ« ◊¥ ÃÙ Ÿß¸ ª¥Œ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ •Ê¬∑§Ù ‚Ë◊ Á◊‹ ‚∑§ÃË „Ò, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿ„Ê¥ ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ë ∑§⁄UŸÊ „◊Ê⁄U Á‹∞ ’„Èà ’«∏Ë øÈŸıÃË „Ò– ’˝‚ŸŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà ∑§Ù ©‚Ë ∑‘§ ◊Ҍʟ ◊¥ „⁄UÊŸÊ •Ê‚ÊŸ Ÿ„Ë¥ „٪ʖ ߥNjҥ« Ÿ „Ê‹ ◊¥ •¬ŸË ¡◊ËŸ ¬⁄U ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ≈UË◊ ∑§Ê flŸ« •ı⁄U ≈US≈U ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ ‚»§ÊÿÊ ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ– ’˝‚ŸŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ „◊¥ Ÿß¸ ª¥Œ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ •ë¿Ë ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ë ∑§⁄UŸË „٪˖ ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ¡ê‚ ∞¥«⁄U‚Ÿ •ı⁄U S≈UÈ•≈U¸ ’˝Ê« ∑§Ë ªÒ⁄U◊ı¡ÍŒªË ∑‘§ ’Êfl¡ÍŒ ߥNjҥ« ∑§Ë ª¥Œ’Ê¡Ë ◊¥ ª„⁄UÊ߸ „Ò •ı⁄U fl ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ’Ñ’Ê¡Ù¥ ¬⁄U Œ’Êfl ’ŸÊŸ ◊¥ ‚»§‹ ⁄U„¥ª– ∞¥«⁄U‚Ÿ ∑§Ù ß‚ Œı⁄U ∑‘§ Á‹∞ •Ê⁄UÊ◊ ÁŒÿÊ ªÿÊ „Ò, ¡’Á∑§ ’˝Ê« øÙÁ≈U‹ „Ò¥– ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ ¬Ê‚ ’˝‚ŸŸ ∑‘§ •‹ÊflÊ S≈UËflŸ Á»§Ÿ, ¡« «Ÿ¸’Êπ, S≈UÈ•≈U¸ ◊Ë∑§⁄U •ı⁄U Á∑˝§‚ flÙÄU‚ ∑‘§ M§¬ ◊¥ ∑§ß¸ Ã¡ ª¥Œ’Ê¡ „Ò¥– ’˝‚ŸŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ „◊Ê⁄U ¬Ê‚ ∑§ß¸ ¬˝ÁÃ÷ʇÊÊ‹Ë ÿÈflÊ Ã¡ ª¥Œ’Ê¡ „Ò¥– zw flŸ« ◊¥ {x Áfl∑‘§≈U ‹ øÈ∑‘§ ’˝‚ŸŸ Ÿ ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ©Ÿ∑§Ë ≈UË◊ ≈UË◊ ߥÁ«ÿÊ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ÉÊ⁄U‹Í ¡◊ËŸ ¬⁄U Á◊‹Ë ‡ÊÊŸŒÊ⁄U ¡Ëà ‚ ’„Œ ©à‚ÊÁ„à „Ò ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿ„ ©‚∑‘§ ∑§Œ◊ ¬Í⁄UË Ã⁄U„ ¡◊ËŸ ¬⁄U „Ò¥– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê ÿ„ „◊Ê⁄U Á‹∞ Ÿß¸ ‡ÊÈM§•Êà •ı⁄U Ÿß¸ øÈŸıÃË „Ò¥–

÷Ê⁄Uà •ÊÒ⁄U ߥNjҥ« flŸ« ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ∑§ ◊È∑§Ê’‹ vy, v|, wÆ, wx, w{, w~ •Ä≈ÍU’⁄U ∑§Ê π‹Ê ¡Ê∞ªÊ

Ÿß¸ ÁŒÀ‹Ë– •ê¬Êÿ⁄U ÁŸáʸÿ ‚◊ˡÊÊ ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë («Ë•Ê⁄U∞‚) ◊¥ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ „ÙŸ flÊ‹ „ÊÚ≈U S¬ÊÚ≈U ∑Ò§◊⁄U ’ŸÊŸ flÊ‹Ë ∑§ê¬ŸË ’Ë’Ë¡Ë S¬Ù≈U‚ ˜ ¸ Ÿ ß‚ ’Êà ∑§Ë ¬ÈÁC ∑§⁄U ŒË „Ò Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U ߥNjҫ¥ ∑‘§ ’Ëø vy •ÄU≈U’Í ⁄U ‚ π‹Ë ¡ÊŸ flÊ‹Ë flŸ« ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ ß‚ ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê ©¬ÿÙª Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿÊ ¡Ê∞ªÊ– „Ê‹ ◊¥ ߥNjҫ¥ Œı⁄U ¬⁄U ªß¸ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ≈UË◊ ∑§Ù fl„Ê¥ «Ë•Ê⁄U∞‚ ∑‘§ Äà ∑§ß¸ ÁflflÊŒÊS¬Œ »Ò§‚‹Ù¥ ∑§Ê Á‡Ê∑§Ê⁄U „ÙŸÊ ¬«∏Ê ÕÊ– ß‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ’Ë‚Ë‚Ë•Ê߸ Ÿ ß‚ Ã∑§ŸË∑§ ∑§Ë ‚≈UË∑§ÃÊ ¬⁄U ∑§ß¸ ‚flÊ‹ π«∏ Á∑§∞ Õ– ß‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ߟ •≈U∑§‹Ù¥ ∑§Ê Œı⁄U ‡ÊÈM§ „Ù ªÿÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ÷Ê⁄UÃ-ߥNjÒá« ∑§Ë •ÊªÊ◊Ë ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ ß‚ ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ⁄UÙ∑§Ê ¡Ê ‚∑§ÃÊ „Ò •ı⁄U •¥Ã× ߟ ¬⁄U •’ ¬P§Ë ◊È„⁄U ‹ª ªß¸ „Ò– ’Ë’Ë¡Ë S¬Ù≈U‚ ˜ ¸ Ÿ ’Ë‚Ë‚Ë•Ê߸ ∑‘§ ŸflÁŸÿÈQ§ •äÿˇÊ ∞Ÿ üÊËÁŸflÊ‚Ÿ ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ‚ ß‚ ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë ∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑§Ë •Ù⁄U ÁŒπÊÿË ªß¸ ©ŒÊ‚ËŸÃÊ ¬⁄U ÁŸ⁄UÊ‡Ê ¡ÃÊ߸ •ı⁄U ∑§„Ê Á∑§ ß‚ ◊Ê◊‹ ◊¥ ’Ë‚Ë‚Ë•Ê߸ ‚ ÃÊ‹◊‹ Ÿ„Ë¥ ’ÒΔ ¬ÊŸ ∑‘§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ ß‚ ‚Ë⁄UË¡ ◊¥ „ÊÚ≈U-S¬ÊÚ≈U ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë ∑§Ê ßSÃ◊Ê‹ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ¬Ê∞ªÊ– Á¬¿‹ Œı⁄U ◊¥ „Ë Áπ‹Ê»§ ÕÊ ’Ù«¸ ß‚‚ ∑§È¿ ÁŒŸÙ¥ ¬„‹ üÊËÁŸflÊ‚Ÿ Ÿ ∑§„Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ flÊSÃfl ◊¥ ’Ù«¸ ߥNjÒá« Œı⁄U ◊¥ „Ë ß‚ ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë ∑‘§ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ÕÊ– ©‚∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ∑§È¿ Ÿ-ŸÈ∑§⁄U ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ’Ù«¸ Ÿ ß‚∑§Ë ß¡Ê¡Ã Œ ŒË ÕË, ÄUÿÙ¥Á∑§ Ã’ ’ÃÊÿÊ ªÿÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ „ÊÚ≈U S¬ÊÚ≈U ’„Èà •ë¿Ë Ã∑§ŸË∑§ „Ò–

üÊËÁŸflÊ‚Ÿ Ÿ ∑§„Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ •ı⁄U ¡M§⁄UË Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ò Á∑§ •∑‘§‹ ◊Ò¥ „Ë Ã∑§ŸË∑§ ∑§Ë ‚≈UË∑§ÃÊ ¬⁄U ◊ÊÕÊ ¬ëøË ∑§⁄UÃÊ ⁄U„Í¥– ß‚ ¬⁄U ‚’∑§Ù ‚ÙøŸÊ „٪ʖ „◊ •Ê߸‚Ë‚Ë ∑‘§ ¡Á⁄U∞ ÿ„ ¬P§Ê ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊ„¥ª Á∑§ ß‚∑§Ê ¬˝ÿÙª Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù– ©ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§„Ê „◊ •Ê߸‚Ë‚Ë ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ •ª‹Ë ’ÒΔ∑§ ◊¥ ÿ„

∑§Ù„‹Ë øÙÁ≈U‹

’¥ª‹ÍM§– ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ’Ñ’Ê¡ Áfl⁄UÊ≈U ∑§Ù„‹Ë ∑‘§ ’Ê∞¥ •¥ªÍΔ ◊¥ ÿ„Ê¥ øÒ¥Á¬ÿã‚ ‹Ëª ≈U˜fl¥≈UË-wÆ ◊Òø ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ „À∑§Ë øÙ≈U ‹ª ªß¸– ∑§Ù„‹Ë ‚Ê©Õ •ÊÚS≈˛Á‹ÿÊ ⁄U«’ÒÄU‚ ∑§Ë ¬Ê⁄UË ∑‘§ v|fl¥ •Ùfl⁄U ◊¥ øı∑§Ê ⁄UÙ∑§Ÿ ∑‘§ ¬˝ÿÊ‚ ◊¥ øÙÁ≈U‹ „Ù ª∞– fl «∑§¸ ŸÊŸ‚ ∑§Ë ª¥Œ ¬⁄U ‹ªÊ∞ ª∞ «ÁŸÿ‹ „ÒÁ⁄U‚ ∑‘§ ß‚ ‡ÊÊÚ≈U ∑§Ù ÃÙ Ÿ„Ë¥ ⁄UÙ∑§ ¬Ê∞, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ß‚ ¬˝Á∑˝§ÿÊ ◊¥ ©Ÿ∑§Ê •¥ªÍΔÊ øÙÁ≈U‹ „Ù ªÿÊ– ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ¬Ê¥ø flŸ « ∑§Ë üÊ΢π‹Ê ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ≈UË◊ ◊¥ øÈŸ ª∞ ∑§Ù„‹Ë ∑‘§ •¥ªÍΔ ◊¥ ‚Í¡Ÿ •Ê ªß¸ •ı⁄U ©ã„¥ ◊Ҍʟ ¿Ù«∏ŸÊ ¬«∏Ê– „Ê‹Ê¥Á∑§ ’Ñ’Ê¡Ë ∑‘§ Œı⁄UÊŸ ©Ÿ ¬⁄U ß‚∑§Ê ∑§Ù߸ •‚⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ ÁŒπÊ– ◊ÈgÊ ©ΔÊ∞¥ª– „◊ ß‚ ¬˝áÊÊ‹Ë ∑§Ù flø◊ÊŸ SflM§¬ ◊¥ ßSÃ◊Ê‹ Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄UŸÊ øÊ„Ã ÿ„Ê¥ Ã∑§ Á∑§ ß‚ M§¬ ◊¥ ÃÙ „◊ ß‚ ãÿÍŸÃ◊ S≈UÒá««¸ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ÷Ë SflË∑§Ê⁄U Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§⁄U ‚∑§Ã–

Sports «UÊß¡S≈U œÊŸË ∑§Ë Ÿß¸ ⁄UáÊŸËÁà ÃÒÿÊ⁄U ÷Ê⁄Uà •ı⁄U ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ ’Ëø •ÊªÊ◊Ë vy •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ‚ ‡ÊÈL§ „ÙŸ flÊ‹Ë ¬Ê¥ø ∞∑§ ÁŒfl‚Ëÿ ◊ÒøÙ¥ ∑§Ë Á‚⁄UË¡ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ◊ÊS≈U⁄U å‹ÊŸ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò, Á¡‚Ÿ ߥÁÇ‹‡Ê π◊¥ ◊¥ „«∏∑§¥¬ ◊øÊ∑§⁄U ⁄Uπ ÁŒÿÊ „Ò– ß‚ å‹ÊŸ Ÿ πÈŒ ߥÁÇ‹‡Ê ∑§#ÊŸ ∞‹S≈Uÿ⁄U ∑§È∑§ ∑§Ù ÷Ë ¬⁄U‡ÊÊŸ ∑§⁄U «Ê‹Ê „Ò– œÙŸË Ÿ ◊ÊS≈U⁄U å‹ÊŸ ÿ ÃÒÿÊ⁄U Á∑§ÿÊ „Ò Á∑§ fl„ ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ Áπ‹Ê»§ ‚Ëœ vy ÃÊ⁄UËπ ∑§Ù „ÙŸ flÊ‹ flŸ« ◊Òø ◊¥ „Ë •¬Ÿ ¬ûÊ πÙ‹¥ª– ÉÊ⁄U‹Í Áfl∑‘§≈U ¬⁄U ߥNjҥ« ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ ŒÙ •èÿÊ‚ ◊Òø π‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ë ≈UË◊ ◊¥ ÷Ê⁄UÃËÿ ≈UË◊ ∑§Ê ∞∑§ ÷Ë ‚ŒSÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ „٪ʖ ߥNjҥ« ‚ ‚ÊÕ } •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U •èÿÊ‚ ◊Òø π‹Ÿ flÊ‹Ë ≈UË◊ ∑‘§ øÿŸ ◊¥ ’Ë ª˝« ∑§Ë ≈UË◊ ©ÃÊ⁄UË ªß¸ •ı⁄U ß‚ ≈UË◊ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ | •ÄU≈UÍ’⁄U ∑§Ù ∑§Ë ªß¸– ß‚∑§Ê »§ÊÿŒÊ ÿ„ Á◊‹ªÊ Á∑§ ߥNjҥ« ∑§Ù flŸ« ◊Òø ‚ »§È‹ ¬˝ÁÄU≈U‚ ∑§Ê ◊ı∑§Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ Á◊‹ªÊ– ¡Ù ≈UË◊ •èÿÊ‚ ◊Òø ◊¥ π‹ªË, ©‚◊¥ ⁄UáÊ¡Ë ≈˛ÊÚ»§Ë ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ „Ë ‚ÊÕ „ÒŒ⁄UÊ’ÊŒ ∑‘§ SÕÊŸËÿ Áπ‹ÊÁ«∏ÿÙ¥ ∑§Ù ◊ı∑§Ê Á◊‹ªÊ– ß‚◊¥ ߸⁄UÊŸË ≈˛ÊÚ»§Ë øÒÁê¬ÿŸ ≈UË◊ ∑‘§ ∑§È¿ ‚ŒSÿ ÷Ë „Ù ‚∑§Ã „Ò¥, Á¡ã„Ù¥Ÿ ∑§÷Ë •¥Ã⁄U⁄UÊc≈˛Ëÿ Á∑˝§∑‘§≈U Ÿ„Ë¥ π‹Ë „Ò–

Lucknow, October 8, 2011


•ÛÊÊ Ÿ πÙ‹Ê ⁄UÊ¡ Ÿß¸ ÁŒÀ‹Ë– Áfl‡fl ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ¡ªÃ ∑§Ë Ç‹Ò◊⁄U ª‹¸ •ÛÊÊ ∑§ÈÁŸ¸∑§ÙflÊ Ÿ Á¡ÃŸË ¬˝Á‚Áh ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ∑§Ù≈U¸ ¬⁄U •¬Ÿ π‹ ∑‘§ ’ÍÃ ¬⁄U •Á¡¸Ã Ÿ„Ë¥ ∑§Ë, ©‚‚ ∑§„Ë¥ íÿÊŒÊ ¬˝Á‚Áh ©Uã„UÊŸ¥  •¬Ÿ M§¬ ∑§Ë ø◊∑§ ÁŒπ‹Ê∑§⁄U ¬˝Ê# ∑§Ë– y ‚Ê‹ Ã∑§ ÿ„ ∑§Ù߸ Ÿ„Ë¥ ‚◊¤Ê ‚∑§Ê Á∑§ ß‚ M§‚Ë ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ‚ÈŒ¥ ⁄UË Ÿ •ÊÁπ⁄U ÄUÿÙ¥ ∞∑§Ê∞∑§ ‚¥ãÿÊ‚ ‹ Á‹ÿÊ ÕÊ? •ÛÊÊ ∑§ÈÁŸ¸∑§ÙflÊ Ÿ •¬Ÿ ‚¥ãÿÊ‚ ∑‘§ ⁄UÊ¡ ¬⁄U ‚ πÈŒ „Ë ¬⁄UŒÊ ©ΔÊÿÊ „Ò– | ¡ÍŸ v~}v ◊¥ ◊ÊS∑§Ù ◊¥ ¡ã◊Ë •ÛÊÊ ∑§ÈÁŸ¸∑§ÙflÊ Ÿ ’ÃÊÿÊ Á∑§ ◊߸ wÆÆ| ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ ◊ÒŸ¥  ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ∑§Ë ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ù „◊‡ÊÊ „◊‡ÊÊ ∑‘§ Á‹∞ ß‚Á‹∞ ÁflŒÊ ∑§⁄U ÁŒÿÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ◊⁄UË ¬ËΔ ◊¥ π‹Ã flQ§ •‚„ŸËÿ ŒŒ¸ „ÙŸ ‹ªÊ ÕÊ– ◊ÒŸ¥  ÁŸ¡Ë Ãı⁄U ¬⁄U ß‚∑§Ê ß‹Ê¡ ÷Ë ∑§⁄UflÊÿÊ, ‹Á∑§Ÿ ŒŒ¸ ÕÊ Á∑§ ¡ÊŸ ∑§Ê ŸÊ◊ „Ë Ÿ„Ë¥ ‹ ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ– ◊ȤÊ ‹ªŸ ‹ªÊ ÕÊ Á∑§ ÿÁŒ ◊Ò¥ ß‚ ŒŒ¸ ‚ ’¬⁄UflÊ„ ⁄U„Ë •ı⁄U ◊ÒŸ¥  π‹ ¡Ê⁄UË ⁄UπÊ ÃÙ ◊⁄UË ¡ÊŸ ø‹Ë ¡Ê∞ªË–

◊ÒŸ¥  ¡’ ‚¥ãÿÊ‚ ‹Ÿ ∑§Ë ÉÊÙ·áÊÊ ∑§Ë Ã’ ÷Ë ◊ÒŸ¥  ß‚∑§Ê ∑§Ù߸ πÈ‹Ê‚Ê Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿÊ, ‹Á∑§Ÿ •’ ‹ªŸ ‹ªÊ „Ò Á∑§ ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ù ÿ„ ’ÃÊ ŒÍ¥ Á∑§ ¬ËΔ ŒŒ¸ Ÿ ◊⁄UË ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ∑§Ë ŒÈÁŸÿÊ flË⁄UÊŸ ∑§Ë fl⁄UŸÊ ◊Ò¥ •ı⁄U ∑§ß¸ ‚Ê‹Ù¥ Ã∑§ ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ∑§Ù≈U¸ ¬⁄U Ÿ¡⁄U •ÊÃË– ∑§È¿ ‹ÙªÙ¥ ∑§Ù ÿ„ ‹ª ⁄U„Ê ÕÊ Á∑§ ◊Ò¥ •¬Ÿ ¬˝◊ Ë ◊‡Ê„Í⁄U S¬ÁŸ‡Ê Á‚¥ª⁄U, ªËÃ∑§Ê⁄U •ı⁄U ‚¥ªËÃ∑§Ê⁄U ∞ŸÁ⁄U∑§ ßÇ‹Á‚ÿÊ‚ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ¿Ù«∏ ⁄U„Ë „Í,¥ ‹Á∑§Ÿ fl ‚’ ª‹Ã Õ– ◊ȤÊ ÿ„ SflË∑§Ê⁄U ∑§⁄UŸ ◊¥ ∑§Ù߸ Á„ø∑§ Ÿ„Ë¥ „Ù ⁄U„Ë „Ò Á∑§ „◊ ŒÙŸÙ¥ ‚Êà ‚Ê‹Ù¥ Ã∑§ «Á≈Uª¥ ∑§⁄UÃ ⁄U„ •ı⁄U „◊Ÿ πÍ’‚Í⁄Uà ‹ê„¥ ÷Ë Á’ÃÊ∞– ‹Á∑§Ÿ ÿ„ ‚Ê»§ „Ò Á∑§ ◊ÒŸ¥  ßÇ‹Á‚ÿÊ‚ ∑§Ë fl¡„ ‚ ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ∑§Ù ªÈ«’Êÿ Ÿ„Ë¥ Á∑§ÿÊ– ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ¿Ù«∏Ÿ ∑§Ë Á‚»§¸ ∞∑§ „Ë fl¡„ ÕË •ı⁄U fl„ ÕË ◊⁄UË ¬ËΔ ∑§Ê ¡ÊŸ‹flÊ ŒŒ¸– ◊ÒŸ¥  y ‚Ê‹ ∑§Ë ©◊˝ ‚ •¬Ÿ „ÊÕÙ¥ ◊¥ ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ∑§Ê ⁄U∑Ò §‘ ≈U ÕÊ◊ Á‹ÿÊ ÕÊ •ı⁄U ŒÙ Œ‡Ê∑§ Ã∑§ ÷⁄U¬⁄Í U ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ π‹Ê •ı⁄U Á¡ÿÊ ÷Ë– πÍ’ ¬Ò‚Ê ∑§◊ÊÿÊ •ı⁄U ŸÊ◊ ÷Ë– ∑§ıŸ ÕÊ ≈UÁ Ÿ‚ ‚ÈãŒ⁄UË ∑§Ê ¬˝◊ Ë •ÛÊÊ ∑§ÈÁŸ¸∑§ÙflÊ ∑§Ë Á¡ãŒªË ◊¥ ‚’‚ íÿÊŒÊ ‚Ê‹Ù¥ Ã∑§ ¡Ù ߟ‚ÊŸ ⁄U„Ê, ©‚∑§Ê

ŸÊ◊ ÕÊ ∞ŸÁ⁄U∑§ ◊˪‹ ßÇ‹Á‚ÿÊ‚– ∞ŸÁ⁄U∑§ ∑§Ê ¡ã◊ } ◊߸ v~|z ∑§Ù S¬Ÿ ◊¥ „È•Ê– S¬ÁŸ‡Ê ‚¥ªËà ∑§Ë ŒÈÁŸÿÊ ∑§Ê ÿ„ ¡ª◊ªÊÃÊ Á‚ÃÊ⁄UÊ Ã’ ø◊∑§Ê, ¡’ ÿÍÁŸfl‚¸‹ êÿÍÁ¡∑§ ∑‘§ ‚ÊÕ © ã „ Ù ¥ Ÿ  y},ÆÆÆ,ÆÆÆ «ÊÚ‹⁄U ∑§Ê •ŸÍΔÊ ◊À≈UË ∞‹’◊ •ŸÈ’œ¥ Á∑§ÿÊ– ß‚ •ŸÈ’œ¥ ∑‘§ ’ÊŒ „Ë ∞ŸÁ⁄U∑§ ∑‘§ { ∑§⁄UÙ«∏ Á⁄U∑§Ê«¸ ŒÈ Á ŸÿÊ÷⁄U ◊¥ Á’∑‘§– ©ã„¥ ∞∑§ ª˝◊ Ë •ı⁄U ∞ ∑ § ‹Á≈UŸ ª˝◊Ë •flÊÚ«¸ ÷Ë Á◊‹ øÈ∑§Ê „Ò–

Public Utility Services Hospitals


Police Help - Police- 100

Balrampur -0522-224040 KGMC -0522-265224, 268756 Vivekananda-0522-321277 Queens Mary-0522- 266007, 2258564 Gandhi Memorial and Associated Hospitals (Medical College)-Vice Chancellor-PBX-05222257450, 2257451 Noor Manzil Psychiatric Clinic-0522-2623967, 2282491 Trauma Center-0522-2258426 Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital-0522-2720399, 2720369, 2720456 Duffrin Hospital-0522-220051 Civil Hospital-0522-2239007

Enquiry-135, 0522-635481 Northern Railways Charbagh-0522-2385182 Computerized Reservation-13351330 Public Complaint-0522-22177911 Station Master (NR)-0522-2456380 Station Master (NER)-0522-2456303 Fare Enquiry-0551-155210

Control Room-0522-229347 LESA No.-0522-220934

Airlines State Airline Sevices-0522-436504, 222911,437565,435780 Air India City Office-0522-2624618 Toll Free No.-1800-180-1407, 1800-227-722 Indian Airlines Airport-0522-436327, 436132 Chaudhay Charan Singh Amausi Airport0522-436793 JetLite Airport-0522-437771, 436188 Indigo Airlines-0522-2209643, 22049644

Roadways Charbagh Bus Stand-0522-434009, 450988 Kaiserbagh Bus Stand-0522-2622503 Alambagh Bus Stand (A.C)-9415049750 Alambagh Bus Stand (Ordinary)-05222458096 Awadh Bus Stand (Gomti Nagar)05222622427

Fire Station Alambagh- 0522-455555 Indira Nagar-0522-3488100 Bakshi Ka Talab-0522-312222 P.G.I-0522-440000 Chowk-0522-253100 Hazaratganj-0522-21444444, 222222 Electric Helpline Emergencies-1800-180-8752

Substations Gomtinagar-0522-2393433 Indira Nagar (sec-21)-0522-2716450 Indira Nagar-0522-2712743 Ashiyana-0522-2423756 Alambagh-0522-2471202 Kapoorthala-0522-2326898 Jankipuram-0522-2361246 Aliganj-0522-2321934 Lalbagh-0522-2200622

Jal Sansthan Main Control Room-9838202526 Lalbagh Nagar Nigam Office-0522-2620196 Aishbagh Compound Jal Sansthan Office0522-2268917 Sector b-Aliganj-0522-2322424 Alambagh Chandernagar-0522-2726265 Indira Nagar (A block behind Convention Center)-0522-2346858 Rajajipuram (C block Pani ki Tanki) 05222418350


Lucknow, October 8, 2011

øøʸ ◊¥ Á‹‚Ê „U«UŸ wÆÆ| ◊¥ ◊ÊÚ«UÁ‹¢ª ‚ •¬ŸÊ ∑Ú§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ‡ÊÈM§ ∑§⁄UŸ flÊ‹Ë wz fl·Ë¸ÿ •ÊS≈˛UÁ‹ÿÊ߸ ◊ÊÚ«U‹ •ÊÒ⁄U ∞Ä≈U⁄U Á‹‚Ê „U«UŸ Á»§À◊ ⁄UÊS∑§À‚ ◊¥ ’ÊÀ«U ‚ËŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ •Ê¡∑§‹ ∑§Ê»§Ë øøʸ ◊¥ „Ò¥U– ∑§÷Ë ÿÊªÊ ≈UËø⁄U ’ŸŸ ∑§Ë ‚Êø ⁄UπŸ flÊ‹Ë Á‹‚Ê Ÿ ∑§÷Ë ‚ÊøÊ Ÿ „UÊªÊ Á∑§ ©Uã„¥U ◊ËÁ«UÿÊ ◊¥ ßÃŸË ¡ÀŒË ‚ÈÁπ¸ÿÊ¢ ’≈UÊ⁄UŸ ∑§Ê ◊ÊÒ∑§Ê Á◊‹ªÊ– Œ⁄U•‚‹ Á‹‚Ê Á»§À◊ ⁄UÊS∑§À‚ ◊¥ •¬Ÿ ’ÊÀ«U ‚ËŸ ∑§ ∑§Ê⁄UáÊ øøʸ ◊¥ ÃÊ „Ò¥U „UË ‚ÊÕ „UË ∑¢§ªŸÊ ⁄UáÊÊflà ∑§ ß‚ Á»§À◊ ‚ Á∑§ŸÊ⁄UÊ ∑§⁄UŸ ∑§ ’ÊŒ Á‹‚Ê Ÿ ß‚∑§Ê ¬Í⁄UÊ »§ÊÿŒÊ ©UΔUÊÿÊ– Á‹‚Ê Ÿ fl·¸ wÆvÆ ◊¥ Á»§À◊ •Êÿ‡ÊÊ ‚ •¬ŸÊ Á»§À◊Ë ∑Ú§Á⁄Uÿ⁄U ‡ÊÈM§ Á∑§ÿÊ ÕÊ– Á‹‚Ê ∑§Ë ◊Ÿ◊Ê„U∑§ •ŒÊ∞¢ Œπ∑§⁄U „UË «UÁfl«U œflŸ Ÿ ©Uã„¥U ⁄UÊS∑§À‚ Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ‚Êߟ Á∑§ÿÊ •ÊÒ⁄U •¬ŸË •ª‹Ë •ŸÊ◊ Á»§À◊ ◊¥ ©Uã„¥U ‹Ÿ ∑§Ë ÉÊÊ·áÊÊ ∑§⁄U øÈ∑§ „Ò¥U– Ã¡Ë ‚ ‚»§‹ÃÊ ∑§Ë ‚ËÁ…∏UÿÊ¢ ø…∏UÃË Á‹¡Ê ∞«U flÀ«¸U ◊¥ ÷Ë Ã¡Ë ‚ ¿UÊ ⁄U„UË „Ò¥U–


Lucknow Lead October 08, 2011 Issue  

October 08, 2011 Issue of Lucknow's First Weekly E-newspaper

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