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Shaping the future ISSUE NO. 08 / SEPT 2017 Together we have so much to be proud of. The products we make. The way they help humankind. The service we offer. This magazine is a celebration of how everyone at Lucite International helps to make the world lighter, brighter everywhere.


01 Best suggestion prizewinners, Haibo He, Senior MMA Production Engineer and Yaping Ai, Mechanical Engineer receive a voucher for SHE training course from General Manager, David Wu (center).

LICC Passion for SHE [ Together we’ll shape a safer future ]

Each year, members of LICC’s Caojing site team come together for a ‘Passion for SHE’ event aimed at keeping safety at the top of people’s minds. It’s an important occasion that’s been running since 2006 and this year saw 102 people gathered together to focus their attentions on Lucite International’s (LI) number one value. SHE Manager at LICC, Violet Shen led the proceedings and helped with this report. Violet explained: “The idea to hold an annual Passion for SHE event came originally from the LI SHE Charter. It comprises six aspects: safety leadership, meaningful measurement, personal accountability, compliance, competency, and action close out. We select different topics to promote SHE learning each year so that everyone builds their knowledge gradually and is therefore able to contribute their very best to the Company’s SHE performance. Last year we reviewed serious and high frequency incidents that have happened on our site to remind people of their consequences and of how they can help avoid the same thing happening again. It’s all part of building a strong SHE culture at the plant.” The meeting covered a review of last year’s SHE performance. Violet continued: “It was great to report that we reduced our VOC emissions by more than 10 tonnes while we almost doubled our MMA output. We added registration to ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems to our new IMS certificate, and were scored ‘Robust Good’/’Potential to Superior’ in an external insurance audit. However, due to a classified Shaping the future — September 2017

injury near to our year-end and several minor incidents, we still have room for improvement.” Another key part of the session was to set objectives for 2017/2018 and in this respect, for Safety/Health, the team decided to focus on reducing PPE violations, improving the quality of personal risk assessment, and refreshing the safety operation certificate. In terms of Environment, the goals are to continually reduce VOC emissions and unauthorized environmental releases. As part of the proceedings, one employee is recognized for outstanding SHE performance. This year it was Feng Jin, an operator who has been with the Company for about seven years and in 2016 was recommended to be the weekly SHE Star seven times. Violet told us about this year’s feature topic - “6S”, led by Production Manager, Jonny Zhang. She explained: “6S is based on the Japanese concept,

‘5S’, which has been covered before in Stf magazine - SEIRI (sort), SEITON (straighten), SEISO (shine), SEIKETSU (standardize), SHITSUKE (sustain) - and then we add a final ‘S’ for SAFETY. It was a new and interesting concept for the team and we are looking forward to working with those 6S themes in the coming year.” Concluding her thoughts about the event, Violet said: “Passion for SHE is not limited to LICC employees and we always include SECCO secondees and contractors as they are essential to the Caojing team. Their SHE performance is an indispensable part of our SHE performance and we must build their sense of safety culture just as we do our own. It’s also a pleasure to report that we usually manage to relax and enjoy getting to know one another a little better over lunch as part of our Passion for SHE events and I’m sure that this helps to ensure it is always a positive learning experience for us all.”

Shaping the future

Issue 08


September 2017

Welcome to Shaping the future

Takashi Miyaki Chief Executive Officer

Given our strong financial performance, it is perhaps surprising to start with a negative but I am still concerned by our safety and manufacturing performance. We are still experiencing too many unplanned plant breakdowns and too many injuries. We urgently need to reduce both and I urge you to look carefully at the article on personal safety on pages 10-11. Carrying out our work safely and keeping our plants operating efficiently are top priorities. Core operating income for the first quarter was well in excess of the same time last year for both the whole business and also for the Lucite part of it. As a result we are the highest performing individual business within the MCC portfolio, accounting for almost 30% of the company’s total operating income. This is an excellent way to start the year and I want to thank all of you for your hard work. It is important that we continue to work effectively as a team because I think the market is going to become more challenging in the second half of 2017.

Cover story

One of the main reasons that market conditions will change is the start up of Alpha 2. The new plant in Saudi Arabia is the largest single line MMA plant in the world and I would like to pay tribute to the team that has managed the construction and commissioning so professionally. The safety performance during construction has been exceptional and the project has been delivered on time and under budget which is a great achievement, as not only is it the largest MMA plant in the world but it is also the first to be constructed in the Middle East. Now that Alpha 2 is on line, it is inevitable that the global MMA supply/demand balance will change. While MMA is in high demand in the short term, I expect the current price to come under pressure as more product becomes available. It will therefore be difficult to maintain our H1 financial performance into the second half of 2017, but with good team work and communication, I am sure we can deliver another strong performance.


An original ‘Tempus’ time piece graces the space of our front cover. Clever creativity featuring illuminated Perspex® acrylic by London-based designer, Ben Rousseau. Full story - pages 06-07

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LICC Passion for SHE 02 Company News 04 TEMPUS timepieces 06 Staying safe 10 KMC holds16th ADC 12 Suksan Wan Mae! 15 Picnic Perspex® 16 Global Product Stewardship Network 18 LICC focusing on customers 20 LISPL – million reasons to cheer! 21 East goes West 22 Form, Function and Fauna 27 Investing in young people 28 New careers website 32 Turning imagination into reality 34 New People 37 LSD Program 38 Redbirds US team building 40 September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


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Company news Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Located in Aix-en-Provence, southern France, Pierre L’Homme produces specialty moulds for hand-made chocolates. They are created by injection moulding Lucite® bead resin at high pressure, which achieves excellent surface quality and ensures the fine details of logos, patterns and special features appear clearly on the chocolates. Traditionally, chocolate moulds are made from silicone elastomer, PVC, polystyrene and polyethylene. However, Pierre L’Homme chooses Lucite® and explained why: “Lucite® acrylic has proved to be a unique and reliable product. Its transparency and UV resistance, compatibility with food contact, machining properties and many other features make it an extraordinary and distinguishable product, in comparison to plastic materials.”

Feeding the homeless in Beaumont, Texas

‘Leaves’ for Rainforest Café® The Rainforest Café® inside Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom transports diners from Orlando, Florida to another continent; lush greenery, animated animals, even the sound of rainstorms and thunder create the scene. Minneapolis-based Acrylic Design Associates, manufacturer of premier retail display and store fixtures and a big fan of LuciteLux® acrylic, works with clients to provide innovative branding concepts. Its owner and CEO, Bill McNeely Jr. said: “The Rainforest Café project came to life with LuciteLux® Clear and LGP acrylic. We were charged with designing, manufacturing and installing enough ‘leaves’ to cover the restroom ceilings. With its optimal edge clarity, the continuous cast acrylic lends itself as a better choice for forming and laser cutting. LuciteLux® was the perfect material for crafting the drape-formed leaves.” Shaping the future — September 2017

Milton Shannon, Reliability Engineer at LI and Mark Pace of ChemTreat recently joined together to feed around 100 local homeless people. On the first Friday of the month, people take it upon themselves to sponsor a session and, rain or shine, the homeless come to eat. Now there’s hope that this will become a weekly event. Milton said: “It’s a surprise how many homeless people there are in the Beaumont area. And it is the children who suffer most. Just to spend a few moments a month to see a smile on their faces is worth the effort.” Pictured left: volunteers l-r: Carlos Falu, Terry Mahan, Milton Shannon, Ike Obodo, all LI, Mark Pace and Chris Hinson, ChemTreat.


Company news Schoolbags and smiles Jinshan Shuiku village primary school, located in the same district as LICC, is a place of sanctuary and hope for the children of migrant workers in Jinshan district. There are 72 students and six teachers in the school. On 1 June, these children should have celebrated International Children’s Day together with their parents, but they were not

able to accompany them, as they had to work. However, the school decided to go ahead with a party for the children and LICC joined in! After playing a quiz, members of the LICC team gave a new schoolbag to each child and one by one wished them lots of happy, healthy, fun and laughter in the days ahead.

Sweet on Sugarfina Gourmet candy boutique, Sugarfina has opted for LuciteLux® Clear acrylic for its beautifully designed packaging and product displays. Now Sugarfina sweet treats look as good as they taste – catch the installations at stores across the US.

United Way sponsor schools drive

250-mile cycle challenge raises £80,000 for charity!

Employees at TLC and Fite Road donated school supplies including pencil cases, paper, pens, calculators, crayons and glue sticks as part of a United Way sponsored schools’ drive in the Memphis area. Representing all those who gave their time, energy and donations, the picture shows the team accepting a recognition certificate. Back l-r: Ashley Davis, Annette Blount, John Dillingham, Donna Franklin, Tim May, Bob Connolly, Teresa Adams Florence Rivers. Front l-r: Theda Cooley, Kathy Fewell, Shelley Carter, Shyla Chalapathy.

Matthew Bullivant, MM8 Mechanical Engineer based at Cassel, UK has completed a 250-mile cycle from London to Caen, France in just over 48 hours to help his team raise an amazing £80,000 for the Halow Project charity, which supports young adults with learning difficulties. The eight-strong team rode to Portsmouth, where they boarded an overnight ferry to St Malo in France. From there, the scenic 118-mile route took them through northern France to Caen. Matt said: “Day two was by far the toughest and meant 7.5hrs on the bike. I ached from head to toe.” Matt returned on another overnight ferry and then cycled to the charity HQ, where the team presented a cheque to one of the charity founders, ex-Formula 1 racing driver, Damon Hill. Matt concluded: “Overall it was a fantastic and rewarding experience, but definitely a tough one!” September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


TEMPUS [ Together we’ll create ideas for the future ]

Shaping the future — September 2017

01 Style statement and precision timepiece in one! Ben Rousseau's Tempus is a continuously changing artwork that begs contemplation.

02 Tempus works well across many kinds of living areas; a warm, soft glow for this contemporary bedroom.


Contemporary ‘time’ in the modern world Tempus is a unique, state of the art, illuminated timepiece by long-standing Perspex® acrylic fan, artist and designer, Ben Rousseau. It is inspired by science fiction films and luxury sports car instruments and simply screams to be looked at. And guess what? It features lots and lots of clever Perspex® cast acrylic that is perfect for illumination!


September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 Precision laser cutting the Perspex® acrylic is key to ensure hours, minutes, and seconds are perfectly distinguishable. 02 Ben Rousseau considers Tempus in the making.

03 Careful assembly. 04 Fine craftmanship is a fundamental part of every stage in putting a Tempus timepiece together.





Instead of rotating hands, the futuristic clock face operates with digital LEDs that illuminate three concentric circles made from Perspex® S-Lux - the outer with 12 segments for hours, the middle with 60 segments for minutes, and inside, 60 for the seconds. With patented technology and a special textured surface, Perspex® S-Lux, offering optimum even light distribution and superb brightness to each of the small individual segments, the timepiece works with precision while looking good too. Rousseau’s Tempus collection launched as either wall hung or floor standing options at London’s 100% Design in 2016. It’s available in a wide range of luxury materials, with customizable light patterns and colors that can be tailored to fit any interior scheme. Since launch, customers such as Red Bull and Sketch London have been lining up for their very own unique piece of kinetic art. Rousseau has already created versions of Tempus using different Perspex® acrylic options Shaping the future — September 2017

I will look to expand the range with many formations of light patterns and time paths housing them in more and more beautiful ways …

including colors, pearlescents and mirror effects. Alternatively there are finishes in glass and metal, with an almost infinite array of materials for special commissions such as carbon fibre, exotic timber and leather. Looking to the future Rousseau said: “The possibilities for Tempus are unlimited. I will continue to explore more exotic materials but in the nature of the assembly and properties of Perspex® acrylic, there will always be Perspex® acrylic elements in every Tempus I produce. I will look to expand the range with many formations of light patterns and time paths housing them in more and more beautiful ways such as free standing sculptures, large pieces of floor standing furniture and varying scales of projects.” Darwen site will get its very own Tempus installation soon – photos will be posted on the intranet and featured in the next issue of Stf. Tempus is available at:

05 A Tempus timepiece can be made in a wide range of luxury materials, with customizable light patterns and colors that can be tailored to fit any interior scheme.



September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


StayingSafe [ Together we’ll build a safer future ]

MCC has recently published its safety principle and policies (see opposite) and the five key areas of occupational safety that will be the main focus of our activity in 2017 fit very closely with them. We will focus on: 1 Improving personal risk assessment skills 2 Preventing slips, trips and falls 3 Improving guarding and pinch point reduction 4 Reducing chemical contact situations 5 Fully implementing 3S/5S programs Alan explained that these five areas came out of a detailed root cause analysis of the incidents we have experienced over the last 12 months. The minimum expected practices Shaping the future — September 2017

Fig. 01 Combined injury rate 12 months moving average 0.30 Jan 2000 to Mar 2017 0.25


0.15 (World class 0.31) 0.10


for each of these five areas are set out opposite. Alan said: “All our sites now have a safety improvement plan covering at least the minimum standards set out for each of the five themes and we will be assessing progress against actions in that plan through a series of site visits over the rest of this year.” Stf also talked to a couple of managers for their views on the new safety priorities: Tim Volker, Beaumont EHS Manager:

“We have done a lot on this site using the ‘Safe Start’ program and had over 12 months’ injury-free until our recent incident. It was a big reminder that we can never be complacent. The incident occurred during an activity that we hadn’t appreciated was risky, so we are


















0.00 2000

Over the 15-year period, 2000-2015, Lucite International (LI) set a world-class standard for safety, however, in 2016 performance fell well below those previous achievements. Stf caught up with Global SHE Manager, Alan Marsh, for an update on LI’s current safety performance and to find out what is being done to address the situation. Alan began by clarifying the recent safety performance: “We had 12 injuries between April 2016 and March 2017, giving us an injury frequency rate of 0.21 per 100,000 hours. This is well above the world class bench mark of 0.13, which is very disappointing.”

reinforcing to the team that we must follow the right personal risk assessment processes and rule and procedure compliance on every occasion.” Chee Ming Tok, Alpha 1 Site Director, Singapore: “We have worked

hard since start-up on our safety performance but our recent injury was a reminder that we need to work at continuously promoting the culture so that we can identify risks and then eliminate them before they cause harm or injury.” Although the current situation is very disappointing and unacceptable, I know that we if we all work together, look out for one another and focus on the five priority areas, our safety performance will improve.

11 MCC Principle and Policies Safety lies at the foundation of the company’s very existence, and ensuring safety is the company’s social responsibility Policies • We will comply with any and all rules and standards in our society, including corporate ethics in addition to applicable laws • We will pursue zero accidents and zero occupational injuries • We will educate our employees about safety so that they can act with awareness of their own responsibilities • We will continue making improvements by utilizing the latest technologies and available internal and external information

1 Improving personal risk assessment skills -- Active/visible training and awareness program upgrading people’s hazard spotting and risk reduction skills -- Check card pro-forma system to use in the work place or prior to task commencement -- Audit process to check whether people are carrying out sufficient/ quality risk assessments -- Specific focus on hand tools safety -- Asking workgroups where will the next incident happen – then removing the hazard.

2 Preventing slips, trips and falls (STF) -- Active/visible training and awareness program upgrading people’s hazard spotting and risk reduction skills -- Focused plant tours to identify STF hazards and drive their removal -- High level of engagement throughout the team re STF hazard spotting -- Site’s 5S program to include elimination of these issues -- Clear site rules regarding working at heights, accessing heights, working in winter etc.

3 Improving guarding and pinch point reduction (so that it is impossible to get a body part in the line of fire during normal or maintenance activities) -- Focused plant tours to identify pinch point hazards and drive their removal -- Site’s 5S program to include elimination of these issues -- Clear site standards regarding protection and how to carry out associated maintenance work.

4 Reducing chemical contact situations -- Review all routine drain down, break-in operations and identify risk elimination and improvement plans (inc. regular blockages) -- Dry slab mind-set for drain downs -- Reinforce via training and auditing that full protective PPE must be worn until a line is proven to be decontaminated and depressurized. -- Review SOPs containing a break-in activity (sampling, filter changes etc.) and look to identify improvement.

5 Fully implementing 3S/5S programs -- Site to have an established 3S/5S implementation plan -- This to be methodical ie. working through each of the stages in turn -- Site to have an active 3S/5S audit program -- A program of management walks to be implemented to raise profile, show commitment and set the expectation of rapid ‘See, Sort and Shine’.

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future

12 Acrylic leather hand lamp


Designers: Kuan-Ya Fang, Chien-Chun Kuo University: Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Concept: In Chinese culture, a circle is seen as a simple, smooth shape that represents complete harmony; in the natural world, in family relationships and beyond. Based on this idea, acrylic is used to create a circular, hollow light with a leather wrap. Sandblasted acrylic hides the LED light source creating soft, even illumination. Combining different materials and textures provides a unique look. The light can hang anywhere or it can be used as a spotlight.

KMC holds th 16 ADC [ Together we’ll create ideas for the future ]

Shaping the future — September 2017



Seasoning jar – Gather Designers: I-Han Liu, Ssu Wei Chen, Hsin-Hui Hsu University: Hsing Wu University Concept: In fine dining restaurants, it’s always good to keep the table clutter-free so that diners can focus on the food. This clever holder for four individual types of seasoning can be placed on the table at any angle and works as a perfect dispenser. Beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold, the use of transparent acrylic makes it easy to select the right seasoning.

KMC concluded its 16th Acrylic Creative Design Contest with an award ceremony on 27 June 2017. And, although the ceremony had to be postponed due to heavy rain, 220 guests, including the finalists, university lecturers, and acrylic manufacturing partners came together to celebrate another year of achievement. Bella Wang shares the story. In addition to students from Taiwan, 2017 saw participants from China and Southeast Asia joining in. Bella said: “The contest has become highly competitive and this year the standard of work was more impressive than ever. Our manufacturer guests were truly stunned by the depth of creativity displayed by the entries. Students

Our manufacturer guests were truly stunned by the depth of creativity displayed by the entries.

used the features of acrylic to really stretch their creativity. With this contest, everyone can learn from one another’s work to inspire more innovation and new applications.” In this year’s contest, 55 designs were selected from almost 850 works. These were then prototyped for entry into the final competition. The contest culminated in three individual works being awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, five merit awards, five manufacturers’ special awards, and 15 highly commended. KMC has held the contest for the past 16 has years and observed a simultaneous growth in the use of acrylic for design projects in Taiwan. In the early years, manufacturers did not September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future



Acrylic lighting – Ring.Spin Designers: Shih-Ching Lin, Chih-Hang Wu University: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Concept: Acrylic sheet in two colors is used to create this organic shaped light that demonstrates perfectly the mouldability and design-flexibility offered by the material. Using LED as the main light source to project onto the acrylic ‘frame’ creates a unique shadowed aesthetic.

recognize the importance of design. However, their opinions have now shifted as a result of KMC’s continued effort to put design activities at the heart of the acrylic industry. Eric Huang, General Manager of KMC, commented: “Providing opportunities for students in different fields to design with acrylic creates great added value for the material and it is definitely the right direction for our annual acrylic creative design contest. Thankfully the academic community, manufacturers and those involved in the wider industry appreciate this good work.” Bella concluded: “The contest is the perfect platform for designers to cooperate with fabricators to develop Shaping the future — September 2017

…we’re delighted to report that some products from the contest have now been modified and orders received.

commercial products. And we’re delighted to report that some products from the contest have now been modified and orders received. Not only is this good news for the students but it is also a great way for acrylic manufacturers to receive tangible benefits from the design contest. Driven by such benefits, we hope to see more new designs and applications in the future, which, in turn, will lead the whole acrylic industry to move forward and create an innovative boom!” For all activities of the 2017 Acrylic Creative Design Contest, please refer to the following website for all active videos:























Suksan Wan Mae! (Happy Mother’s Day) [ Together we’ll shape happier lives and communities ] Once again, members of the TPA team in Thailand have celebrated Mother’s Day with a family photo competition to promote family values. Thanawat Kulprasertrat, HR Manager at TPA, shared the winning images and tells the story. Thanawat said: “Every year we celebrate Mother’s Day on 12 August in Thailand. It is a very special opportunity

for everyone to show their love and appreciation for all that mothers do so selflessly for their families. In addition to the festivities outside of work, we usually choose to do something to encourage our people to pause and think about the importance of family and all the wonderful things that mothers do to help life run smoothly.

01 Nucharee Kerdthai with her grandmother, 02 Pranom Hongdaumnurn with her two daughters, 03 Narueporn Phusit with her two daughters and her mother, 04 Rungnapha Srianong with her father, 05 Pitsamai Artchit with her husband and two daughters, 06 Buangon Srisawang with her mother and granddaughter, 07 Duangkamol Tonpo with her mother, 08 Thanakit Puangjeen with his wife, two daughters and his mother, 09 Decha Namtirach with his younger sister and mother, 10 Kittiya Jaroontanamontree with her

He continued: “The competition attracted 36 entries. All of the lovely photos celebrating mothers and families alike were pinned onto the bulletin board at TPA for everyone to see. Judges from the internal welfare department chose 21 winners, and we are delighted to share these with our colleagues from across the LI family.”

mother, 11 Patcharaporn Kritayakornupong with her mother, 12 Atchara Tosiri with her husband, 13 Phanit Kongnon with her granddaughter, 14 Premwadee Manjit with her mother, 15 Suphas Thaweewan with her daughter, 16 Sudarat Sopaphew with her mother, 17 Aumporn Suksamai with her mother and daughter, 18 Girawan Phuangjeen with her daughters, 19 Kris Chareonpongtheera with his daughter, 20 Thitiya Kanya with her mother and more of the family, 21 Sushin Sudmalai with his mother.

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


Picnic Perspex®

We’re on Instagram!

Bee Strong, Bee Manchester UK schoolgirl Millie Fraser, 14, has raised over £15,000 for victims of the Manchester bombing, which struck Arianne Grande concertgoers, their families and friends in June. Millie’s idea to sell pin badges of the city’s bee symbol began with making a few pieces for her friends and ended with a campaign that went viral where thousands of badges were produced using Perspex® acrylic donated by PDL and sold across the region with the help and support of over 40 local businesses.

Architect-fest The London Festival of Architecture is one of Europe’s biggest annual architecture festivals, and this year explored the theme of ‘memory’. Max Fordham LLP, building service engineers, hosted 'The Sun and the Moon and Other Memories’ exhibition in Clerkenwell Gallery, which showcased work from 10 different practices. Designers, Scene, chose Perspex® acrylic for ‘Circle’, an installation consisting of hanging various circles representing the solar system, each moving, reflecting and refracting light in different ways. Visitors were invited to interact with this dynamic piece by moving between the Perspex® acrylic planets.

Shaping the future — September 2017

The Perspex® brand Instagram account is now live and is a picture-rich showcase of all that motivates us, influences our new product development and what trends we are getting excited about. The aim is to present the endless possibilities of Perspex® acrylic, and to show colors, textures and effects from across the globe in order to connect with like-minded fans interested in expressing their passion for colour and design. Contemporary color combinations, abstract perspectives, case study extracts, brand news and more. Take a peek and follow @perspex_brand


On London’s catwalks

Floral feast It was a double win for Perspex® acrylic at this year’s Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Flower Show at Tatton Park, Cheshire, UK. An exhibit by Cheshire area Flower Arranging Society featuring Perspex® acrylic scooped both GOLD award and BEST EXHIBIT IN THE FLORAL DESIGN STUDIO. Perspex® Vario with its exotic tint and striking vivid edge in Passion Flower Violet and Honolulu Pink was used to create dinner tables and upright panels that appeared to have been nibbled along the edges by fantasy bugs. A floral feast indeed!

The team is excited to be working on a potential collaboration with a fashion designer who wants to take the Perspex® brand to London Fashion Week as part of her catwalk show. Alexander McQueen was the first fashion designer to use Perspex® acrylic for the catwalk that helped launched his indelible brand onto the fashion scene back in the late 90s. We can’t wait to hear more!

Photo credits: Patricia Murphy, Pamela Mosedale & John Bower.

New masking – it’s a beauty thing A new masking design has been launched for Perspex® acrylic sheet. The refreshed print displays the unmistakeable Perspex® brand logo, the 10 year guarantee stamp, ISO certifications and brand trademark disclaimer. It has already been applied to the first sheets of Perspex® acrylic and shipped to customers. The new design will be rolled out progressively across all products as it replaces the current masking. In the meantime, the previous masking specification is identical to the new one and still protects the Perspex® acrylic sheet just as perfectly as it always has done.  

It’s ‘excellent’ approved Eurolaser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser cutting systems has tested Perspex® acrylic sheet for laser suitability and scored it ‘EXCELLENT SUITABILITY’. This endorsement is a huge plus for the business and anyone working with, or recommending the material, to others. Find out more at:

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 Generating business value for the company and its customers using a foundation of excellence in product stewardship is a powerful reason why this work is so vitally important for a sustainable future.

Global Product Stewardship Network [ Together we’ll create a closer more sustainable business ]

The Chemical Industries Association UK defines product stewardship as ‘the responsible and ethical management of the health, safety and environmental aspects of a product from its invention through to its ultimate use and beyond’. Straightforward as definitions go, but what does it really mean for all of us in the chemical industry today? And why is it so important that we move our thinking from product stewards as individuals with a set of compliance-related responsibilities to creating a culture where we value product stewardship as something that can generate tangible benefits through our entire supply chain? Stf talked to Product Integrity Manager, Fiona Smith about a brand new global network for MCC’s Methacrylates division, which is dedicated to that very matter. The newly formed Methacrylates business domain is the global leader in the production and supply of methyl methacrylate. With that comes the responsibility to act in a way that is consistent with our KAITEKI philosophy to ensure that hazards and risks associated with the product are understood, shared with stakeholders and managed appropriately. At its most simple level, it’s about making sure that intended uses are safe, compliant with all applicable global regulations and, as such, will not harm downstream users or the environment. However, the new network is also considering what Shaping the future — September 2017

other opportunities exist to identify and capitalize on benefits that will generate additional value and help secure a sustainable business. As one of the founding network members and with a long history of working within the field of product stewardship, Fiona explained some of the background: “Integration of the businesses, initially between MRC and Lucite International and now into the wider MCC family, has presented us with an opportunity to learn from each other, consolidate best practice and improve the support we provide to our supply chain partners. The mechanism for beginning this collaboration came in the form of a meeting in Shanghai, where product stewards from across the business domain came together to establish a truly global network and develop a priority action plan with the support and contribution of the MCC Chemicals Management Department. We agreed our objectives, which are to take the best of the best practices, to give consistent advice and support to our product and supply chains globally, and ultimately to build our reputation as the preferred responsible supplier.” Fiona continued: “When you think about it, product stewardship is taking responsible care of the product throughout its lifecycle. It requires a strong program of care that reacts to external influences, such as regulatory developments, customer enquiries

or new application assessments and involves the knowledgeable people within the business or external consultants to develop the appropriate guidance material or standards. While the ‘Product Steward’ is at the centre of co-ordination and making things happen, ‘Stewardship’ is not an individual rather it is a business culture that can help generate true value for the business.” In an ever-changing world of scientific and regulatory developments and public accountability, product stewards working in the heart of industry must be well informed on global safety, environmental and regulatory issues, have a comprehensive understanding of the business’ purpose and objectives and numerous technical subjects - tremendous responsibilities. However, there are also some exciting opportunities to contribute both tangible and intangible value. Fiona concluded: “Helping to ensure that all products marketed and sold are safe for their intended use through their lifecycle, the product stewardship function contributes significantly to the bottom line and the company’s ability to go to market and stay there. It’s a critical requirement for long-term business sustainability, not just a compliance driven ‘license to operate’ function and the network is looking forward to progressing with its plan to turn these opportunities into reality.”

19 03 Busin es Grow s value g en th throu Opportuni eration gh tie Susta Product s inabil ity Q: W

hat d Sust o we mea A: Ge ainability? n by Prod uct nera provid ting a sust ain in future g product able busin s n e our K eeds of so that suppo ss by AITEK ciety; rt the I philo c sophy onsistent with .

02 Busin es Comp s opportu ni et throug itive Advan ty ta h Stewa Product ge rdship

Q: Wh at do Stewa we mean by Pr A: Re rdship? oduct spons ib le health and e , th of a p safety and ical mana geme roduc enviro nt t n its ult imate from its inv mental as of pects use a ention with o nd ur KA t ITEKI beyond; c hrough to philos onsis tent ophy.

01 Busin es Risk M s respons ib a Produ nagement ility ct Inte th grity rough Q: W hat

A: As do we m ean b suran intend ce that pr y Product od In e releva d use and ucts are s tegrity? af co n KAITE t regulatio mplaint w e for their n it KI ph ilosop s; consiste h all nt wit hy. h our

s l need Socia lanet es and p : s le u p c o stanc o e F : P ic sub s x r o e t ld g ho cin rn and Stake Redu conce w lo g : ies pin Activit Develo ble: a in a t sus sses proce n e ent - Gre curem n pro e e r G -

eeds mer n chain Custo supply d n a r : me Focus Custo ers: rs ld e o n t h r and e pa Stak ance g guid in id v Pro rt ies: nd suppo Activit tion a ply unica up Comm n in the s atio m r o f in safe chain suring nd as a g in s Asses practices t of ng pmen handli evelo d g in t r Suppo lications pp new a

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m nd co acy a Advoc s O G : tors, N d Focus Regula : ent an s r m sess holde s e a k a k t is S R t of ration ies: pmen regist Activit develo n g in t r o tio Supp regula priate fe a appro t of s pmen ce and use lo e v e n D ida ng gu handli s policie

What are we doing to drive progress? Examples include: • Investigating bio-routes to MMA and use of bio-feedstocks • Promoting use of methacrylatebased polymers in energy saving applications eg. LEDs

What are we doing to drive progress? Examples include: • Providing regulatory statements to support customer distribution and uses of our monomers • Providing product safe handling guidance (beyond SDS) and reviewing this with customers • Implementing processes such that unsafe uses are restricted • Sharing processes for risk assessment of transport routes / delivery to customers to develop best practice within business domain

What are we doing to drive progress? Examples include: • Ensuring remaining registrations are in place ahead of the June 2018 EU REACH deadline • Evaluating uses and exposures and working within sector groups to promote safe uses • Promoting use of toxicology data and EU risk assessments for submission to Global regulations to support consistent evaluation • Understanding developing areas of public concern and providing clear and transparent information on product properties


September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 (l-r) Xu Liang, Andy Smith, Peter Ho, Andy Bragg, Zhanyu Chairman, Mr Xia and wife, Mrs Xia, Gordon Chen, Mr Yuan.

02 Back l-r: Raychung Director, Mr Tseng with Andy Smith, front l-r: Tommy Lee, Neil Tindale, Peter Ho, W J Liang.


our expertise [ Together we’ll create closer relationships with our customers ]


As we reported on pages 18-19, the first ever global MMA product stewardship network meeting was held in Shanghai from 20 to 22 June. The meeting saw specialists from LI and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) come together to share their different approaches. In addition to talking about product stewardship generally, discussions covered regulation and advocacy issues, transport and distribution safety and preparing for an emergency. The LICC team took the opportunity to immediately use the learning with customers. Ellen Wang tells us more. The network session ended with the LICC team creating an action plan to help ensure a forward plan for continuous improvement, which included some actions relating to customers. Ellen explained: “Immediately after the workshop, the LICC Product Stewardship team - Peter Ho, Xu Liang and Gorden Chen arranged for Andy Bragg, Sustainability and Downstream MEx Manager, and Neil Tindale, RT&E Manager, to visit our two main acrylic cast sheet producers, Raychung and Longyou. The aim of the visit was to provide them with product stewardship guidance and advice to help improve their safe handling of materials and polymerization technology. “Our conversations covered MMA storage, truck off-loading, and site VOC and fire risk management systems. We discussed polymerization technologies, such as the technique used to create Shaping the future — September 2017


thick sheet, the use of different kinds of initiator (we recommend azoic initiator) as well as sharing with them a cause analysis for the potential problem of sheet ‘yellow edging’. “Our customers truly appreciated our visit and all the help and advice we gave. They said it was particularly important as environmental safety regulations are becoming much stricter in China, and they need to better understand how to respond to the new protocols. It was great to be a part of such a productive session and the Raychung and Longyou team members expressed their heart-felt thanks for the opportunity to learn so much from our visit.”

Our customers truly appreciated our visit and all the help and advice we gave. They said it was particularly important as environment safety regulations are becoming much stricter in China…


1 MILLION reasons to cheer [ Together we’ll shape a more sustainable balanced business ] There are plenty of reasons for the LISPL team to celebrate as we enter the last quarter of 2017. First there’s achieving acreditation to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and then there’s reaching the production milestone of one million tonnes of MMA from the Alpha technology plant. The ‘International Organization for Standardization’ (ISO as we know it) was established to promote the development and adoption of universal standards to support international trade. Today, organizations seek ISO accreditation in order to demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders operational performance against a set of parameters in different areas. In July LISPL gained two new accreditations: ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems). The certification process was led by Laboratory and Quality Manager, GuangFu Chen, and SHE Manager, Soo Hong Tan. Explaining LISPL’s ISO journey GuangFu said: “We are not only committed to consistently meet and enhance our customer’s needs but also to comply with legal requirements. We believe that ISO certification supports our continuous improvement process, helping us to identify opportunities to be the ‘Best of the Best’ in our delivery to customers. Our team was delighted to hear that the auditors had recommended us for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification after they audited the site.” The ISO journey has been one of real learning with some key accreditation milestones: • September 2011 - ISO 9001:2008 • August 2012 - ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 • July 2017 - ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO14001:2015

GuangFu continued: “The external auditor, SGS Testing & Control Services, is a leading provider of inspection, certification, testing and verification services. Interviewing our GM, Chee Ming Tok, the auditors covered the Company’s objectives and 2015-2020 site manufacturing strategy. They commended the management

and site team for maintaining effective management systems and for demonstrating strong commitment to, and involvement in, the continuous improvement activity that enabled transition to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Thanks to our employees’ efforts we achieved our certification with zero non-compliance observations.”


tonnes of Alpha MMA Continuing on our theme of success, on 25 June 2017, the Alpha 1 plant reached 1m tonnes of MMA production since the plant was commissioned in Q4 2008. Alpha is a cost effective, greener way of producing methyl methacrylate, the raw material for acrylics. Challenges in traditional MMA manufacturing processes had previously limited the scalability of plant size, however, Alpha technology overcame these and, some 10 years later, LISPL reached the fantastic milestone of 1m tonnes of production. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without dedication to safe operations and continuous improvement in all aspects of the manufacturing process by the LISPL team, who have been support by our global operations and technology group. We want to thank: -- Our supportive customers for their continuing loyalty -- Our suppliers and business partners for their continuing support -- Every one of our dedicated, hardworking staff who have helped achieve this milestone

As a token of appreciation, all employees were presented with a commemorative EZ-link card with the Alpha 1 site background and a tabletop digital photo frame. Each digital frame had been pre-loaded with memories of various events that took place in LISPL over the last 10 years (see below). May we all continue to build on the success of the Alpha 1 plant to scale greater heights and work together towards the next 1m tonnes!

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future









U. K. London

























IRAQ Cairo




East goes West



Kane Muza Aden


[ Working together to deliver our promises ] On 15 June 2017, Junshang Acrylic Manufacturing Co Ltd (JSM) and Lucite International China (LICC) held an acrylic forum and exchange conference to explore the opportunities for growing the use of acrylic in western China. The special event was organized and hosted jointly by the two companies at JSM’s facilities in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and was a major, first step to discovering potential in the region. Ellen Wang, Executive Assistant to LICC’s General Manager sent us this report. China’s western opportunity Western China has a population of over 300 million and is a market that continues to grow strongly with opportunities now outstripping those on Shaping the future — September 2017

DEM. REP. the wealthier east coast of the country. OF CONGO With vibrant urban development Kinshasa spreading, the ‘Belt and Road’ strategy is underpinning social and economic progress as never before. And with Sichuan Chengdu’s position as a vital hub along the Belt, the time is now perfect for entrepreneurial organizations to introduce their ideas and products to an increasingly aspirational audience. Collaborating for growth After sharing business strategies, the LICC and JSM teams identified a mutual interest in developing business and expanding market share in western China. This became the driver for the acrylic forum. Ellen said: “Working with JSM is always a pleasure.




Dar es Salaam



We discussed ideas and together defined our audience, agenda, and Antananarivo the presentation content that might inspire others to join with our mission to grow opportunities in the west. We also decided to involve a fabricationMADAGASCAR company to help demonstrate the beautiful results that can be achieved by using state of the art processing equipment. This highlighted the

01 Map indicates the old silk trade route, well known for connecting merchants over land and sea. The new ‘Belt and Road’ strategy is based on these ancient, proven channels.


02 LICC and JSM team members in the lobby of JSM’s HQ.



Alma Ata



Aksu Kashgar









Jiayuguan Zhangye

Charkhlik Hetian








Chengdu (JMC)

New Delhi Muscat


Karachi Guangzhou




MYANMAR Mawlamyine





Key to map




Silk Route (‘Belt’)

Silk Route (‘Road’)

Major stopping point

Capital City


September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 Visitors look at the acrylic processing center. 02 Acrylic polisher and acrylic processing center.

03 The latest CNC machine uses computer-controlled settings for functions that include: milling, routing and grinding to achieve a perfect finish.

04 Acrylic products: feet made using precision laser cutting machine – white version is 30mm thick and transparent is 20mm thick – both show clean and perfect finish.



potential for true differentiation from the acrylic fabrication capabilities that existed currently in the local market.” Success all around! With attendees that included JSM’s customers comprising 20 distributors, 20 sign makers, 20 display fabricators and then 40 from other acrylic users, plus 20 JSM and LICC employees, the event was a resounding success and the audience feedback was tremendous. Ellen continued: “Our visitors told us that they have never had the chance to learn so much about so many aspects of acrylic in just one day. I think we can safely say that they really appreciated the opportunity to be involved.”

Continuing the journey The teams from JSM and LICC will now work together over the coming years to continue the development journey in western China. LICC has also promised to help JSM to connect with design companies for more projects. Ellen concluded: “We are entering a very exciting period where we’ve decided to go beyond China and look at middle Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan). It’s very common for Chinese acrylic sheet producers to export and we want to help them to do more in the Asia market. I’m not sure what the tactical activities will be but we might attend exhibitions, work on promotional campaigns and for sure we will be

Acrylic forum agenda Morning: JSM site tour and review of advanced acrylic processing equipment site. Afternoon: Presentations with audience participation included: • Acrylic Market Development Strategy in Western China - Peter Ho, LICC • Advantages of Acrylic in Signage - Gordon Chen, LICC, • Fine Acrylic Processing Enhancement - Paris Jiang, LICC • Acrylic Applications for Commercial Spaces - Chunfu Chen, LICC • Acrylic Modified Material Research Project - Prof Huang Wanxia, Sichuan University • The Lightbox Trend - Liu Fanzhong, Blueview International

Shaping the future — September 2017


holding quarterly meetings where we can update one another on marketing information and review development status in the west.” Three years, five-point plan With the strategic importance of Sichuan Chengdu as the entry point to western China, and JSM’s location there …the companies have come up with a five-point plan to develop the acrylic market there over the next three years: 1 Enhance MMA transportation, storage safety and efficiency, and set up a local MMA tank. 2 Provide training to local acrylic fabricators in order to improve their processing skill and optimize product quality. 3 Cooperate with local acrylic processing machinery providers and recommend the best processing equipment. 4 Combine LICC and JSM resources to market the benefits of choosing acrylic to design companies and end-users. 5 Establish a strong presence for acrylic on social media platforms to let western users understand more about acrylic and how it can be used to such an amazing effect.

05 Acrylic products: acrylic wheel was made using a CNC router while visitors watched. 06 A picture taken during the acrylic forum on 15 June 2017.

07 On the afternoon of 10 July 2017, JSM GM and LICC MD team had a meeting in Starbucks near LICC’s Metro Tower office to agree a three-year market plan to develop the west – anti-clockwise from


center front: Ellen Wang, Chunfu Chen, Paris Jiang, Cai Junxian – JSM GM, Peter Ho, Xu Liang, Gordon Chen.



About Junshang Acrylic Manufacturing Co Ltd (JSM) JSM is a downstream customer of LICC based near Chengdu City, one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transport, and communication centers in western China. The company’s facilities are located in a high-tech industrial park that has achieved recognition for its forward thinking business philosophy. It’s also a site where a drive for energy efficiencies, environmental protection and world-class manufacturing is high on the agenda. JSM’s R&D, production and commercial expertise combine in an operation that is highly automated and technically strong, making it an ideal partner in the production of the very highest quality cast acrylic. All of the company's acrylic sheets are made with MMA monomer and cast using the UK's top import molds. With professional management, investment into R&D, talented production and commercial teams, JSM is creating a world-class acrylic brand. Facts: The Belt and Road



The Belt and Road idea was initiated in 2013 by the Chinese government to promote a more open and efficient flow of trade for the mutual benefit of all those countries touched by, or which interact with, the physical Belt and Road. Based on the former ancient Silk Road trading corridor, the ‘Road’ is not actually a road - rather it is a sea route that links China’s south coast to east Africa and the Mediterranean. The ‘Belt’ comprises a number of overland routes that connect China with Europe via Central Asia and the Middle East. The focus is on establishing greater connectivity, cooperation, and financial-, market-, and resource-integration with a view to creating more open, inclusive and balanced opportunities for trade and social/economic growth for all. More: Initiative

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


Shaping the future — September 2017

01 Perspex® CC Clear acrylic is the perfect material for maximum light transmission, excellent UV stability, durability, and weatherability. The 400 blow-formed double-glazed units make for a spectacular show

of precision fabrication in their own right. 02 Impressive views for visitors, who can look beyond the plant displays to the sky and outside world.

©Photos: Roger Frei, Zürich.


Form Function Fauna First choice Perspex® [ Together we’ll shape a healthier future for ourselves, and our planet ]

The Botanical Gardens in Zürich, Switzerland are famed for their tropical greenhouses mimicking three diverse climates: wet lowlands, hot and humid tropics, and dry and arid. They house many specialist plants, which would not otherwise be seen in the city, and have become an iconic feature within the gardens at the University of Zürich. As part of a refurbishment program, local architect firm Haerle Hubacher designed a ventilated double-glazed construction to produce the correct levels of condensation with a high level of energy efficiency to ensure optimum conditions for the plants. This required a high performance glazing material for the greenhouse technology and Perspex® CC Clear acrylic in 6mm thickness was selected due to it meeting all the critical requirements of the glazing material: maximum light transmission plus excellent UV stability, durability, and weatherability. The 400 blow-formed double-glazed units, fabricated by K-Tech GmbH, Salzburg, had to be easily thermoformable and capable of exceptional thickness tolerance to enable them to slot into the screwless frames. Some of the largest glazed panels needed Perspex® acrylic

sheet sizes as large as 2915mm x 2760mm (115” x 109”), and had to be specially transported by authorised Perspex® distributor Julius Fritsche GmbH. The refreshed Botanical Gardens are open all year round for visitors to appreciate the exotic plant life along with the iconic structures themselves, so if you make it to Zürich, do go and take a look! At a glance Architects: Haerle Hubacher Architects, Zürich, Switzerland Client: The Botanical Gardens Location: Zürich, Switzerland Fabricator: K-Tech GmbH, Salzburg, Austria Perspex® distributor: Julius Fritsche GmbH, Anthering, Austria Product: Perspex® CC Clear


September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future



in young people [ Together we’ll shape a future where everyone’s the best they can be ]

Lucite International (LI) has always believed that people are our greatest strength and we have taken great pride in building a global workforce with a rich mix of skills, experience, ideas and perspectives. A vital part of this diverse workforce is the young people working across many different disciplines and LI continues to invest in learning and development opportunities to ensure they carry on expanding their horizons as part of their career progression. In recognizing United Nations World Youth Skills Day in July on our corporate blog, Scott Neal, Corporate Marketing Placement Student, looked into some of the ways in which LI is investing in its young people across the globe. Scott has spent the past 12 months working at LI’s Cassel site – one year in industry forms part of his four-year degree course at Northumbria University. He is one of many young people who are benefiting from the opportunities the Company provides as part of its commitment to encourage new entrants into the chemical industry. He said: “During the review, I found that LI sites all around the world are doing so much to help young people. Sites in the EMEA region have an excellent track record of offering apprenticeships in a wide range of disciplines. And last year, three LI employees were among the first Shaping the future — September 2017

in the UK to complete the pioneering new, employer-led ‘Trailblazer’ apprenticeship scheme backed by the British government (featured in Stf magazine, September 2016). One of the great benefits to both the Company and the individual is the potential to secure a full-time position once the apprenticeship is completed.” A former apprentice, Natasha Connor, now Laboratory Supervisor at Cassel talked to us about her own experience of joining the Company and how she has benefitted from learning and development opportunities since. Natasha said: “I started at LI in 2012 with the Young Scientist scheme. During the two-year program, I worked in the laboratory, received training and attended university on day release and was able to finish my scheme early. I was made a full-time employee in December 2013 and recently promoted to Laboratory Supervisor. I have now finished my Chemistry degree with First Class honours, and was delighted to receive an award for my grades and grateful for LI’s sponsorship throughout the course. “During my apprenticeship, I undertook a training programme that enabled me to develop a wide range of analytical laboratory techniques, as well as learning about equipment maintenance and calibration. In

It’s very important for young people to explore all avenues open to them, including full time and part time education, and apprenticeships which do not involve university. These opportunities were not made clear to me when I was at school. As a company I think it is really important that we promote all routes that enable career entrance and progression.


01 Natasha Connor (left), now Laboratory Supervisor at Cassel site, pictured as a Young Scientist receiving her certificate for professional registration with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Suriya Torou Mechanic, TPA, Thailand


addition to enrolling in the Skills Development Programme, which led to an NVQ qualification in Leadership and Management, I was also involved in a wide range of site-wide activities, many of which have come about as a result of me asking to be involved in a diverse range of areas. The Company has always been happy to assist! “It’s very important for young people to explore all avenues open to them, including full time and part time education, and apprenticeships which do not involve university. These opportunities were not made clear to me when I was at school. As a company I think it is really important that we promote all routes that enable career entrance and progression. Completing part-time education while working was difficult, but it has allowed me to develop myself academically and professionally at the same time.” Scott continued: “With LI’s sites in Asia, one of the most common ways in which the Company invests in young people is through offering internships. TPA, Thailand offers up to fifteen internships each year, while our site on Jurong Island, Singapore teams up with Singapore Polytechnic to offer students a 24-week taste of life working on LI’s Alpha technology MMA production plant.” Stf heard from two of the

“I first started at TPA in 2010 after being offered an internship opportunity. I soon found that employees here are almost like brothers and sisters in how helpful and supportive they are. This creates a great working environment for a person to develop their skills and knowledge. The Company often holds training and development programs that relate to different tasks or jobs within the organisation. These can either be in a classroom environment or on-the-job training. Good relationships with my colleagues and the opportunities to increase my knowledge have been important. For someone looking for full-time employment, an internship is the best way of attaining a high level of skill while working in a live operating environment.”

… an internship is the best way of attaining a high level of skill while working in a live operating environment.

June Lim Guek Hoon previous intern from Singapore Polytechnic “The 24-week internship scheme provides a platform for students to experience the real world of working on a petrochemical plant. After completing this internship, I am more determined to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering at the local university and then go on to work in the petrochemical industry.”

After completing this internship, I am more determined to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering at the local university and then go on to work in the petrochemical industry.

candidates and their experiences (right). September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future

30 In the USA, there’s a focus on building relationships with local education institutions. We’ve previously featured links with the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and Wendy Dupuy, HR Specialist, in Beaumont updated us on the site’s recent activities. She said: “It is imperative to the strategy and success of Beaumont site to engage and invest in our Youth Skills and Development (YSD) program. It both strengthens our relationships with local universities and provides us with a talent pool of well-rounded people for future openings. Currently we have two engineering students, Denton Holloway and Colin Burgason, working part-time around their studies at Beaumont’s Lamar University. Future leaders like these young people have provided benefits and resources that have far exceeded our expectations as evidenced by the recent employment of Tylor Baus into a production engineering role.” Tylor, Beaumont’s first YSD student, was hired approximately six months after he began on site. He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Louisiana Tech and was an intern for approximately six months before being hired into an engineering role. Wendy continued: “Tylor is an integral part of our Operations team, assisting in the day-to-day operations of the SAR unit. The benefits of this program are unassailable and align with our Manufacturing Strategy. Among other things, it helps us to further our mentorship program, increase morale, diversify our workforce, and tap into and strengthen our knowledge base. In supporting our local universities, we’re also investing in the future of Beaumont site – a positive story all around!”

01 Scott Neal joined LI as Corporate Marketing Placement Student based at Cassel site for one year, 2016-2017. Among many achievements, Scott was



responsible for significantly growing the success of the Company’s social media and blog activities.

The work being done to invest in young people’s development across all regions is extremely valuable in bridging the gap between education and the world of work. Learning and development opportunities in a practical environment help young people turn theory into practice, while LI benefits from access to a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Everyone wins!

Scott Neal Corporate Marketing Placement Student

Interns Denton and Colin share some of their thoughts opposite.


Shaping the future — September 2017

02 Wendy Dupuy, HR Specialist, who recently joined the LI team at Beaumont.

03 Youth skills development in action at Beaumont site – Denton and Colin (Tylor sitting in between) join in a meeting with colleagues on site.


Denton Holloway Sophomore in Electrical Engineering, Lamar University Joined: November 2016 Site culture: A very welcoming environment for me to learn and grow in. I have yet to meet an individual who has not been eager to help and teach. There is also a very strong safety culture that has been instilled since I arrived. Projects: Interlock checks during the 2017 turnaround and further developing our reliability department by creating PMs for the AIP 5 equipment and assessing the criticality of the AIP 4 equipment. Impact of joining LI: This experience has changed the course of my career. I never expected to have this level of success during my college years or to have the opportunity to work with such great people. I have been able to learn so much during my time here and every day I wake up excited and thankful for the life I get to live. The best part of the whole experience is that I have not only grown as a student and engineer, I have grown as a person. Career aspirations: Over the next five years I plan to graduate from Lamar University with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. Next, I plan to pursue a MBA and would like to become a full-time member of the LI team. Longer-term I plan to continue to gain experience in engineering and move into a leadership role. I’d like to go as far as possible in the field of engineering and hope after many years of technical work I can retire from a management position here at LI. Hobbies: Playing guitar. Playing the guitar is what led me to pursue a career in engineering. I began experimenting with simple effect circuits that would go in my guitar’s signal chain. This experimentation is what sparked my curiosity in electronics and eventually led me to pursue a career in electrical engineering.

Colin H Burgason Junior, majoring in Chemical Engineering, Lamar University Joined: February 2017 Site culture: The culture at LI is contagious. Everyone is driven and always has their mind set on improving plant operation. As the new guy I was a little nervous on my first day but by the end of it I felt as if I had been working here my whole life. Employees are nice and treat me as if I was family. I have thoroughly enjoyed being here. Projects: Initially I spent time on the SAR unit paired with Joe Lee. Next, Tylor Baus, SAR engineer, built on this training and I so appreciated the time he took out of his busy schedule to teach me so much. Many other have helped along the way. During the short time I have been at LI I’ve had opportunities to get involved in multiple projects. I’m currently involved in projects to help implement a better, more sustainable 5S program across the site and to edit the operator field reading sheets to include better engineering detail. Impact of joining LI: Being an LI employee has been a wonderful, unforgettable experience. Being able to relate what I’ve learnt in school to real situations is very valuable. I long thought that I wanted to be a chemical engineer, but never knew for certain. Working here around other engineers, seeing different aspects of engineering and possible career paths has helped to confirm what I want to do and has been priceless. I am thankful to LI for this opportunity to learn so much about working in a chemical plant. Career aspirations: Graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and work as a process engineer to further my understanding of plant operations. In time I hope to move into engineering management with aspirations of someday managing my own plant. Hobbies: I’m an avid outdoorsman and love to hunt and fish. Archery hunting is by far my biggest hobby; I shoot both traditional and compound bows. I began shooting a bow at the age of 10 and have been addicted ever since. I am the VP of Lamar University’s archery team and we compete against other collegiate archers across the United States.

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 Angela Hoey, EMEA Recruitment Manager, who is leading the way the Company attracts and engages new talent into the business.

PeopleMatters [ Together we’re shaping a sustainable balanced business ]

Angela Hoey, EMEA Recruitment Manager, joined Lucite International (LI) in January 2017. Having built her experience in the recruitment sector, she has the ideal experience to lead the way in which the Company develops and communicates its employee value proposition, which is key to it attracting, engaging and, ultimately, retaining talent. We speak to her about her first few months with LI and her work to develop a brand new careers area of the website. Where did you work before you joined LI? AH: I started my career as a recruitment consultant in-agency for 10 years, before moving in-house six years ago to work for Reckitt Benckiser, a consumer goods company that makes healthcare brands such as Nurofen, Durex and Scholl. My most recent role was at AkzoNobel. What appeals to you about recruitment? AH: I get to offer people jobs! That’s a great feeling - whether it’s helping someone get back into work, a fresh start, or an exciting career move, being the bearer of good news is a lovely part of the job. Recruitment has evolved hugely, particularly over the last few years, and so I’m lucky that my role has so much variety. In addition to day-to-day recruiting I get to work on websites, articles, recruitment systems, Shaping the future — September 2017

social media, succession planning and training. There’s always something to get involved in. What appealed to you about the LI role? AH: I was really excited that LI wanted to focus on the candidate experience. Too many organisations forget how important that is - the best internal processes are irrelevant if you make it difficult for someone to apply to, or engage with, your company. I was also really impressed at interview by the people I met; everyone was friendly and professional and I knew it would be a great place to work. Tell what you mean by the ‘candidate experience’? AH: Candidate experience is defined as how job seekers perceive and react to an employer’s process of sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. The key thing is that it starts from the first click on our website; the very first conversation with an LI employee. We impact how a candidate feels about us through the words on our website, the way we advertise, how long we keep people waiting for feedback, and how we treat them at interview. The explosion of social media has expanded the reach of good or bad experiences. Numerous review sites exist for applicants to rate their experience of an organisation’s process, including the interview and

interviewers; and employee reviews of an organisation are easy to find. As a result, negative experiences can travel much faster and further. A good candidate experience can lead to more applicants, hires, and referrals, and make it quicker for us to recruit great people. The bottom line is that people matter, and how we make them feel during the process matters. What have you been working on and what impact will it have? AH: The two main projects are updating our careers website and introducing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - both relate to that all-important candidate experience. They impact how we present LI externally and therefore how we are perceived as a potential employer. A careers website with a strong employer brand message is essential if we want to attract the right people. An ATS supports how we manage those recruitment processes internally. The ATS we’ve chosen will ensure it is still quick and easy for people to apply to LI, allowing us to brand directly as opposed to via an external recruitment service. Critically this will enable us to collect accurate data on where our attraction methods work best and for which vacancies; whether it’s through promotion on Facebook, advertising on jobs boards, or via friends and family referrals.

33 Tell us more about the careers website? AH: It remains part of the wider LI website so the route to it hasn’t changed. We’ve also kept some consistencies so it doesn’t feel like you are looking at a completely different company. We want people to get a true sense of who we are as a company, and provide more employer testimonials so potential applicants see the people in our organisation who make LI great. We’ve used a lot of our Shaping the future images to showcase our ‘Lighter, brighter everywhere’ philosophy; it literally helps make the careers website lighter and brighter. There will be three versions (EMEA, US and Asia) to ensure there’s always a local feel to the page. On a personal note, what is your favourite place visited and why? AH: Lake Malawi is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I lived in Malawi for a year and have been back a number of times. It’s known as the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ because of the friendliness of the people and the National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. What do you like doing outside work? AH: As I’ve lived in a few different places, I often spend weekends visiting friends across the country and vice versa. I live by the beach so I’m lucky to spend evenings and weekends outdoors - when I’m not gripped by the latest crime drama on Sky, or annoying my two longhaired guinea pigs, Hoobly & Wotsit. The careers website will be live at the end of August 2017 and the ATS by the end of the year.


September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future

34 Turning

imagination into reality [ Together we’ll create ideas for the future ]

01 Acrylic for courtyard glazing - and why not choose red for this special installation; a real stand out feature among the planting.

Acrílicos Serna (AS), located in Medellín, Colombia, manufactures and transforms acrylic sheets into innovative, technically advanced products where design leads form, function and aesthetics to meet customer needs. With over 30 years in the industry, founders of the business, Dario and Luis Serna prefer not to talk about what stock they hold or the products they make because at AS every day is new and imagination is the only limiting factor. Their passion and unique ability to transform customers’ ideas into reality is what drives the business forward. Stf hears from Commercial Manager, Diego Serna about this fascinating business. How long have you worked with Lucite International (LI) and what do you value most about your relationship with them? DS: We’ve been sourcing our MMA from LI via its long-standing agent


Shaping the future — September 2017

in Colombia, Goracrílicos, for more than 10 years and I’d like to express our gratitude for all that they bring to us. The quality of the product, on time/in full deliveries, and, most importantly, complete commitment to their customers – these combined qualities speak volumes about the entire company. Tell us a little more about your business and your customers. DS: There are two parts to our business - one is focused on industrial usage the other is design-led. For our industrial market, we make guarding for large machinery, supply raw materials or parts for final products, as well as producing way finding-, machinery- and security notice signage. Our industrial offer also covers the supply of simple acrylic covers and acrylic sheet for cutting and use in other applications.

02 Suspended lighting - the use of acrylic is ideal for this shapely design piece.


03 Corporate identity comes to life - Pardo is just one of the many companies, which Acrilicos Serna serve across Colombia.

It’s simple - whatever you imagine from an acrylic sheet, we can make it! From a straightforward sheet to a particular piece of furniture or a bespoke product …

Our design line is where our experience, innovative approach, high-tech processes, and the quality of the materials we use really add value. This covers lighting, interior design, product and furniture design, high-end signage, in-store display, POP and more. It’s safe to say that everyone from designers to housewives and many in between are potential customers of AS. And we are always looking for new applications and new markets for our product. You offer ‘Customized Integral Solutions’, what do you mean by this? DS: It’s simple - whatever you imagine from an acrylic sheet, we can make it! From a straightforward sheet to a particular piece of furniture (for bedroom, dining rooms, etc.) or a bespoke product, we are able to use different techniques to turn what is imagined into reality; any color, any


complementary material, or another element to add in to the mix – we can even combine more than five different colors in one acrylic sheet. The result is that the majority of our work is unique. That’s a big promise, how do you deliver? DS: The secret is to be sure about the all-round qualities (performance and aesthetic) of your products compared with other materials and competitor acrylics in the market place. For us, the customer is our priority and we must always provide the best, most comprehensive solution to their problems. What matters most is we spend time understanding their ideas and wishes and then we go to work on providing answers. Where do you sell your products? DS: AS currently distributes across the



September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 Diego Serna, Commercial Manager and son of Luis. 02 Luis Serna, President and Owner of Acrilicos Serna.

entire Colombian market. We’ve had some conversations with international businesses but this is one of our main goals for the future – hopefully beginning 2018/2019. What do you believe is the most unique thing you bring to your customers? DS: First, acrylic is the friendliest material; it has the transparency of glass, it can be polished like wood, it can be colored, molded and much more besides. Our challenge is to explore and expand all of these qualities through research, innovation and design so that we can pass on these flexible benefits to our customers. In addition, AS prides itself on the very highest levels of customer service. A big part of this involves teaching them about the benefits of acrylic (production processes, fabrication techniques etc.) and how these compare with other products. We believe this attention to detail and personalized service encourages our customers to come back to us time and time again and we feel very fortunate in this respect.

What major challenges do you face being based in Colombia? DS: Our major challenge offers us a unique opportunity too. First the challenge, which is to compete with Chinese made products. Although our quality and innovation offers an advantage, products from China are much cheaper. The challenge is not the price itself but to educate customers about the advantages and qualities of acrylic made by AS. This leads to our unique opportunity which is to take advantage of our design ability, our quality products and our innovation expertise, all of which can be used to help expand our customers’ horizons – finding new markets, new applications, totally new solutions based on creativity and joint collaboration that turn imagination into reality. How important is innovation to AS? DS: For AS innovation is everything and without it we’d be nothing! Why? Because it is our key differentiator and what separates us from other acrylic companies. It is the foundation for our relationships with customers and the


Shaping the future — September 2017

03 Smooth curves create this contemporary cloakroom wash stand and surface with matching moulded hand basin.


04 Crystal clarity of the acrylic allows the award to shine through in this medal winning embedment!

means we use to demonstrate what can be combined with creativity and design to turn a simple acrylic sheet into a work of art. What is your vision for the future? DS: Increase local sales and expand internationally because the world has to know more about the amazing opportunities that can come from working with acrylic. In our view, acrylic has to be put on the top of the rock because we believe it is the most complete, functional, and aesthetic material and it is our responsibility to help the world fall in love with the ‘treasure’ we’ve found. Our thanks to Lucite Center-based Marvin Szoychen, who provides tech service and support to Acriíicos Serna for help in putting this article together.




New People Q2 2017

We introduce and welcome new employees, who joined our Company during Q2 2017.

[ Together we'll shape a future where everyone's the best they can be ]

EMEA Daniel West Process Operator Orchard Green Team, Darwen

Jake Calverley

Tadet Suphanatoatchana

Industrial Placement (Technical), Newton Aycliffe

Rack Movement Operator, TPA


John Runnacles

Jonathan Rhoden

Business Research Director, Wilton

Operator, Beaumont

Stephen Whitehead

Terry Mahan

Process Operator Orchard Red Team, Darwen

Fixed Equipment Specialist, Beaumont

Lee Mcglinn

Malcolm Coulston

Process Operator Orchard Green Team, Darwen

Mechanic, Fite Road

Amy Green

Gary Holmes

Development Manager, Cassel

Materials Handler, Fite Road

Michael Hacking

Jeremy Ross

Process Operator Chapels Park Green Team, Darwen

Material Handler, Fite Road

Jonathan Pugh

Kendra Johnson

IT Graduate Trainer & Development Analyst, Cassel

Regional Talent Acquisition, Remote

Dafydd Williams Engineering Technician, Darwen


Jon Norris

Nai Cheng Yang

Days Site Support Operator, Darwen

DCS Operator, KMC

Annabel Flinn

Yu Li Su

Industrial Placement, Wilton

Operator, KMC

Michael Boyd

Apisak Adunpork

Driver / Warehouse Operative, PDL Leeds

Acting Day Shift Manager, TPA

Peter Shield

Surawadee Leethaweekul

Driver / Warehouse Operative, PDL Leeds

Financial Accountant, TPA

Samuel Barnado

Prasit Lertsettawanich

Warehouse Operative Night Shift, PDL Weybridge

Commercial Manager, TPA






Keith Lowery (01), Cassel.

Barry Johnson (02) and Andy Solomon (03), Cassel, Jack Tseng, KMC (04).

Rodemiro Sauceda, Beaumont, John Perkins and Ian Roberts, Cassel, Andy Janowicz, TLC.

Paul Bircham, Lee Bremner, Chris Cotton, Helen Daniel, Cassel and Steve Palmer, all Cassel, Darren Whiteley and Rick Yates, Darwen, Luevenia Payne, Efrem Sharp, Fite Road, Tommy Lee, KMC, David McDonald, Newton Aycliffe, Kathy Fewell, TLC. Paul Harrison, Cassel, Alice Hodges, TLC, Juthatip Ruangjantee, Songdech Sankaew, Somjitr Bunpiboonmitr all TPA, Trudy Morrice, Wilton.

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 Lyn Hatch, EMEA Monomers Marketing and Account Manager. 02 Looking over the latest group activity, l-r: Colin Lynn, IT Projects & Portfolio Manager, Dawn Reed, HR Development Manager, Nicky

Sterry, European IT Service Manager, Jess Bell, Learning & Development Manager, and Chris Dobie, Lead Development Manager.

Leadership Skills Development Program (LSDP)* [ Together we’ll shape a future where everyone’s the best they can be ]

The Company’s two-year LSDP is designed to equip middle managers with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to optimize their contribution to the global business while gaining valuable learning and life experiences for themselves. It covers aspects such as working effectively within and across functions and businesses, leading and managing teams and the importance of behaving in ways that promote our Company values. Jess Bell, Learning & Development Manager based at Cassel (second on right in image 02), led the creation and implementation of the program working in close partnership with training provider, Keystone. Stf hears from Jess and from Lyn Hatch, who recently concluded her LSDP experience. First, we asked Jess if she thought the program is proving successful. She said: “In a nutshell, yes! Our first group began its learning journey in December 2014 and we now have our fourth cohort running with a waiting list for the next one. In addition to people commenting about its positive impact on their own development, we were also delighted to learn that the Chemical Industry Association short-listed it for a Skills Award earlier this year. And now interest is widening the scope of the program to include delegates from our Mitsubishi colleagues across Europe. This additional dimension will add even greater value in generating networks and understanding of all our businesses and contribute to the current integration work.” Stf talked to EMEA Monomers Marketing and Account Manager, Lyn Shaping the future — September 2017

Hatch, who has just concluded her LSDP. Tell us a bit about what you've learnt and how the program worked for you? LH: All the learning modules were relevant, engaging and enjoyable. The course is structured so that you agree a target to work towards between modules and requires you to report progress honestly and openly. This accountability is important, as are the ‘support and challenge’ sessions with a small, multi-disciplinary group from your cohort who meet to work on particular real-life challenges they are facing at work. Revisiting previous material throughout the course is extremely effective as it refreshes your memory and helps embed what you’ve covered. Acronyms are used to help bring structures to mind and these models are tried and tested so they really do work when you practice with peers before trying them out back in the real world of work. Senior LI managers have presented to us, and set challenges, which they have then observed and provided feedback on. This has given a helpful balance between theory and real life application: presenting a business case and developing a vision and looking at how you engage your team with it, are two examples that spring to mind. What about the style of training? LH: Helena Day from Keystone Training is the best trainer I have come across. She brings experience but also a bright,


warm personality that fully engages you at all times. The mix of theory and practical elements has also helped maintain our energy levels. We have often been pushed out of our comfort zones. You learn a lot about yourself and your peers in such scenarios and remember what worked – and what didn’t! How do you think the LSDP will benefit you and the Company? LH: I sincerely appreciate LI’s investment into this and believe we are seeing behaviors change as a result. Development of effective leaders and managers is crucial for us to be a successful, sustainable business and LSDP is playing a part in this. Everyone in my cohort has been touched by the power of the material when applied in everyday situations; the value of working with colleagues from other disciplines who you wouldn’t ordinarily consult with and how vital it is to have proven tools at your fingertips to engage with our colleagues more effectively. We’ve committed to continue to meet with our support and challenge groups and to use these sessions to recap on the course material to ensure it is not forgotten.


03 Delegates Sarah Hawkins, HR Manager, and Dawn Reed work on a communications conundrum.

Brief overview of the elements of LSDP Preparation: Diagnostics and coaching • 360º feedback: provides view of individual’s skills, behaviors, strengths, development areas • Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI): increase self-awareness, indicate how someone likes to interact, absorb information, make decisions, structure their everyday world • 1-to-1 telephone coaching: discuss 360º feedback and MBTI profile to create personal development plan 03

Facilitation: Learning modules and review • 5 learning modules: Managing Teams & People, Communicating & Influencing, Coaching Skills, Problem Solving & Business Improvement, and Employee Engagement. • Commitment to action between modules helps transfer learning • Review day: everyone chooses an area to expand upon and considers how to continue their learning post LSDP Also included: Leadership skills and support • Finance module: flexible, computer-based training to boost financial knowledge and skills • Support and challenge groups: help individuals apply what they’ve learnt to solve real business issues back at work • Sponsor managers: preview and review learning throughout the program, agree personal development plans, review progress in applying the learning back at work and help provide opportunities to stretch the individual Conclusion

Would you like to see the LSDP continue? LH: I hope the course becomes a permanent investment for the Company. The pay back is sometimes difficult to judge and may take time to manifest but there is no training program I’d recommend more highly than this one. I hope that LSDP refresher and reunion sessions are implemented too, as I believe this would help embed the learning further and build on the great relationships that have blossomed from the cohorts. Conclusion Concluding with a summary of what she believes the program has achieved to date, Jess said: “I believe the LSDP has proved successful for a number of reasons: first, the groundwork that went into its creation – including the many hours spent with current leaders to establish what was important to include; second, the talent and energy of our delivery partners - Helena and Jon at Keystone; third, the complete support of sponsor managers throughout; and, importantly, the positive way in which classroom learning has been embraced by each delegate, taken back to their workplace and transferred into real positive business benefits. The program has provided incredible value on a personal and professional level.”

- 360º feedback: repeat exercise to demonstrate development progress to the individual. For more info, contact Jess Bell or Lyn Hatch.

* Formerly known as Management Skills Development Program 02

September 2017 — ­ Shaping the future


01 Hootan Hidaji and daughter, Camryn. 02 Kevin and Zhen Ming Davis, Naohisa Hashimoto (‘Hashi’), Dai and Emiko Takayama.

03 Gloria and Dennis Burden. 04 Sue Smith and husband, BJ with daughter and son-in-law Melissa and Patrick.

05 Mike and Evelyn Fell with son Malachi.

CONNECTED [ Together we’ll shape a closer more connected business ]

This event was an enjoyable way to interact with co-workers, and being able to bring the TLC and Fite Road sites together made it even more inclusive for employees… 01



Shaping the future — September 2017



Lucite International consistently looks for ways to shape a more connected business by bringing employees together inside and outside the office. As the launch event in a new regional initiative being introduced by employees and the Company in the Americas, TLC and Fite Road team members enjoyed a night at a Memphis Redbirds baseball game. Over 130 employees and family members attended the game and were treated to a buffet, BBQ from local favorite Rendezvous, along with a spectacular firework show and some exciting baseball to top it all off. “This event was an enjoyable way to interact with co-workers, and being able to bring the TLC and Fite Road sites together made it even more inclusive for employees that don’t often get to interact with one another,” said Tom Skinta, Regional HR Director for the Americas region. “It really makes a difference to be around each other in a non-work setting, especially when the families get involved.” In the future, ‘connected’ will be used to cover various events, communications and other opportunities to bring employees together as a team. How else will LI people shape our Company’s future together? Stay tuned to find out!

Profile for Lucite International

Shaping the future - September 2017  

In this issue we explore LICC's Passion for SHE and catch up with KMC as they conclude the 16th Acrylic Creative Design Contest.

Shaping the future - September 2017  

In this issue we explore LICC's Passion for SHE and catch up with KMC as they conclude the 16th Acrylic Creative Design Contest.