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BUS STOP For this project, we were asked to redesign a bus stop for the Lake Merritt BART Station area. Included in this as descriptions of both works. These objects were created while attending UC which took place between July and August 2013. corrugated cardboard x craft moss x acrylic paint /

I initially wanted to create a dome that would house my bus stop seating. I set out by cutting the cardboard against the corrugation in hopes of being able to round the shape. While standing the material upright, I took a liking to the curved form. My study model evolved into a winding structure with greenery scaling the outside wall. If it were to come to fruition, it would be quite a the highest point.

Another project completed at the embARC program. It was to be placed in the Lake Merritt BART parking lot. corrugated cardboard x craft moss x acrylic paint x botany book clippings x paper clips x scultping mesh / 7” x 15” - 1:96


housing unit bus stop

My original study model consisted of two block units that formed a sort of puzzle piece. The static angular shapes looked harsh stop. I decided to integrate the bus stop and the apartment into one in one uniform piece.

UNDERWATER These images were captured throughout July 2009 and December 2011 using disposable Kodak underwater cameras. Both sets document imporant vacations that

standard 4 x 6 prints

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay

Daily swimming at a neighborhood pool in Maricopa, Arizona.

P O R T F O L I O  

not much

P O R T F O L I O  

not much