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Lucille's with beer and butter Ribs Liberally sprinkle Lucille's on your ribs. You can rub it in or allow it to be absorbed over a couple of hours while refrigerated. On the BBQ, I like to cook the ribs over a low or indirect heat. I sear it for a moment or two on each side over the high heat, then move to lower heat or indirect. There are many different BBQ's, ours is gas. So the ribs are seared on the lower grill and then moved to an upper rack over a low to medium heat. Experiment with yours. This seems to keep the ribs nice and juicy. While the ribs are cooking baste frequently with the Beer and Butter mix (see recipe below). Beer and Butter In a small sauce pan pour about ½ can of beer, add 2 ½ TBS butter (about 1/3 of a cube). Heat until butter melts and add 1 tsp Lucille's, continue over heat for a few minutes and stir to be sure it all mixes. I like to add a little BBQ sauce. Now you are ready to baste your ribs. In all Lucille's recipes, use the heat of your choice, "Mild, "Nippy" or Cajun "Hot.

Lucille's BBQ Ribs