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South America Travel: Top 3 Destinations For 2012 2012 will be a 12 months for exploring the planet and discovering what is has to offer. The best way to escape your routine is always to leave home, and all your troubles behind an individual , and head out to learn the world. This year, south america is among the top take a trip destinations, with variety exciting destinations to educate yourself regarding and thrilling events to attend. We selected 3 destinations that will definitely be on your own South America travel list for 2012, and we’ll let you know why. If you’re the beach and party type, the Brazil is your number 1 destination. The country is teeming with amazing beach destinations that will leave you speechless. According to your travel tastes , you are sure to find a area that’s exactly on your Brazil travel. If you like bustling cities, and then Rio de Janeiro is obviously the first choice , home to the world’s most famous beaches as well as one of the New more effective Wonders of the World, the gigantic statue involving Christ the Redeemer. From Rio, it's also possible to travel to Buzios, a selective beach resort only 2 hours away from the area , and providing a perfect atmosphere to relax about the beach for a few days. If you’re a greater portion of a history and tradition buff, then look at traveling to Sao Paulo. This metropolis can be a real economic, record , and culture link. One of the causes of Sao Paulo’s diversity is the fact that it is predominantly a city of immigrants who mixed over the centuries and produced a unique culture that distinguishes Sao Paulo through any other Brazilian towns. Waves of Italians, Japanese, Germans, Lebanese, and more flocked towards the city throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Salvador p Bahia is another outstanding destination for your south america travel adventure because this former center of the Brazilian slave buy and sell is now a real africa hub, where africa , European, and brazilian cultures blend in to create a completely unique and exciting atmosphere. Finally, nature lovers may also find their delight on a Brazil take a trip experience as the region offers countless options for wildlife viewing , hiking, or some other outdoor activities. The two main destinations are the Amazon Rainforest inside Manaus and the Pantanal wetland. Both offers incredible opportunities to respect exotic wildlife, backpack among tropical jungles , and rejoice in the beauty of nature with its best. One of the most developed countries inside South America, Chile can be a dream come true for just about any South America travel knowledge. The country boasts a huge diversity of landscapes and destinations to educate yourself regarding. From the rugged land of Patagonia towards the smoldering heat of the Atacama Desert moving past through the vibrant, modern day capital city, Santiago, Chile has it all. Travel to be able to Patagonia and discover the magical Torres del Paine National recreation area , with its glistening ponds , majestic peaks, frigid glaciers, and enchanting sunsets. The recreation area is the ideal destination for experience travel in Chile, with countless options for hiking, going , kayaking, climbing, fishing boat cruises, and more. Puerto Natales is the portal to Torres del Paine,

offering modern day tourist infrastructure with many comfortable hotels, restaurants , bars, etc. Easter Island is one of the best and mysterious spots to visit on your Chile vacation. Famous due to the tragic history and the hundreds of Moai figurines that are scattered throughout its land, Easter Island is often referred to as the world’s greatest open air art gallery. Splendid volcanic landscapes and the iconic figurines make this isolated parcel a spellbinding south america travel destination. Sensual tango in Buenos Aires, grandiose waterfalls in Iguazu, infinite landscapes in Patagonia. Travelers to Argentina can expect to be surprised by this country’s several treasures. Starting in Buenos Aires, the electric atmosphere of the capital city will most likely envelop travelers. In the upscale Recoleta region where the Porteños (inhabitants of Buenos Aires) come to perform their shopping inside luxury stores, towards the hip Palermo neighborhood and its myriad watering holes and restaurants, Buenos Aires is the ideal destination for those who enjoy interesting city scenes. Don’t forget to visit of one the many Tango residences to discover the beautiful art work of Tango and travel back in time in their 1920’s décors. Straddling the border involving Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, the Iguazu Falls are without a doubt one of the highlights involving any Argentina trip. Comprising over 275 waterfalls, the huge complex is one of nature’s most impressive miracles. You can enjoy panoramic views of the falls in the Brazil side along with a close up experience about the Argentina side. Backpack along the many hiking trails of the Iguazu country wide Park and investigate the various walkways that will take you strong in the heart of the waterfalls. Travelers can respect the sheer strength of the falls because water crashes straight down from the upper or even lower walkways. Your South America take a trip adventure can only always be complete if you pay a visit to Argentina’s wonderful Patagonia region. Observe the mating of gigantic whitened southern whales inside Puerto Madryn, and then continue on to the glaciers of El Calafate, before reaching Ushuaia, the city at the end around the globe , and gateway towards the incredible Tierra del Fuego National recreation area. Costa Rica hotels

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beach resort only 2 hours away from the area , and providing a perfect atmosphere to relax about the