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5 Free Things To See In Costa Rica Being on a quite tight budget, I’m always on the seek out free things to see in Costa Rica. Among the best experiences I’ve got since moving the following have involved actions that didn’t cost me anything, except perhaps for a little fuel for my car. Below I reveal 5 of the best free things to see in Costa Rica: 1. Native Plants and also Flowering Trees. I’ve become fascinated with the particular colorful flowering trees and shrubs that abound inside Costa Rica during the dried up season (which goes from December to April). Bursts of pink, yellow, lemon and red dot the entire landscape and are fun to photo. The pink flowers of the Roble de Sabana (pictured below ) are my personal favorite. 2. The Multiplaza in Escazu. This is an upscale American-style mall close to the money city in San Jose (picture below ). I enjoy stopping in the food court, exploring movie theatre there, or just browsing in the intercontinental Bookstore (where you can furthermore find English-language books ). With three quantities , and tons of merchants for any tastes, It’s a fun place to wander and windowshop. 3. Saturday Farmer's Markets. people of Costa Rica are generally said to be amongst the longestliving humans, and this arrives in large part to their balanced diets. There's no uncertainty that you can easily get lots of fresh fruits and also vegetables in this little country. You can find some of the lowest prices and also freshest varieties in the Saturday farmer's areas in just about any Costa Rican town. I like the market in the town of Esparza (picture below), which you could soak up the local culture and, strangely ample , even find Quakers that moved the following from the U.s., selling their baked goods. Be sure to test their pumkin curry ! 4. Spending Time in town Squares. virtually every town in c. R. , including the capital city in San Jose, has a central plaza or square which marks the geographic center of the city or city. You will usually find the oldest cathedral in the city, and various important buildings in these plazas. Costa Ricans love to congregate in their town squares, specifically in the evenings when the air is much cooler. It's a great place to observe locals talking and also flirting, or just get a bite from a street vendor. The image below is from Cartago, Costa Rica's central town sq with the beautiful ruins of a church through the 1500's in the background. 5. Inspiring Mountain landscapes and Sunsets. There's something magical regarding the way the sun descends over the gorgeous pile ranges here in c. R.. I've seen some of the most gorgeous sunsets of my well being since moving the following. My Costa Rican boyfriend and I will sometimes pack several snacks and refreshments and take a easygoing car drive about Sunday to find a spot overlooking a pit or mountainous place where we can enjoy these amazing sunsets. The picture below ended up being captured in the hillsides of Miramar, c. R.. Visit my Costa Rica blog to explore my adventures because moving to c. R. from the U.s., and get a first-hand view of precisely what life is really like on this beautiful little region. Costa Rica real estate

5 Free Things To See In Costa Rica  

With three quantities , and tons of merchants for any tastes, It s a fun place to wander and window-