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Book Two of the Five Planets By

Lucifer Jeremy White

Book Two of the Five Planets By Lucifer Jeremy White Public Domain! Free use encouraged & All rights refused.. San Francisco, CA 2018, Early March I can be found online under my name

Lucifer Jeremy White.. or, Lucifer Damuel Jeremy White All of my books are free and in public domain. This is my 20th such book. I am the founder of “Christian Satanism.”

Born November 8th, 1980 and residing in New Mexico for many years, I grew up with an “imaginary” world in my thoughts which I named “Orion.” I felt their presence. If I hadn’t had the sense that they were real, I would have passed it up as a mere imagination of mine. But even growing up into adult hood, thoughts of them persisted and felt real. At age 19 I had extensively documented my thoughts that I had of them. And these thoughts felt like they were delivered to me. It didn’t feel like I was working out ideas for them but much more like they were being given me. Having been swatted as a boy, badly, one night when I was only eight years old, I began thinking of a place far away. A place very fond of me. And I had just such a strong sense I was known by them and that largely what I knew about them was reality. But I doubted myself for awhile simply considering sometimes how that can’t be. That they can’t be real, bit that somehow they are. I created many ideas surrounding them and it seemed so much that what I thought was so. And I couldn’t get out of my mind that this was a reality, a very real thing! I had dreams as though I was there. I could jump up high stopping in mid air, jump again and rise higher, until I sat at a monolithically high tree overlooking those on Orion.

Turning 15 or so I created a lot about them on paper. A lot of my imagination was enveloped by them. So much that I’d name my city Orion in Sim City. At age 19 I wrote an entire Bible for the “Orionites” to adhere to, and when done I symbolically burnt it to ash. Things in my life turned south quite badly, becoming broke and destitute, penniless, homeless, and my mind was warped because of my sheer suffering. I turned my mind to the night time sky and great things were revealed to me. I realized there were five other planets out there that knew about me. I knew their nature and it was really like they were communicating with me. I came to know much about them and would experience visions concerning them. Meanwhile I thought to myself about the incredible vastness of space.. I surmised that with it being without boundaries then my planetary friends must be out there somewhere and that magic, particularly faith, travels faster than the speed of light. Introducing you to the 5 planets: Orion was the first world that came into my inception. It is a place that is very well gifted technologically. The

Priorities are well endowed thinkers. They create things better than we, because of how their minds are—being less prone to stress, they work more fervently. The Priorities are a childish race in some regards. They are not like children so much as adult children. As an adult would carry over childish traits but evolve with it: The Priorities are more like adult children. They enjoy entertainment. And they enjoy human entertainment especially. They are a kind of race that need little of anything beyond entertainment. They are simple minded, but in a good way. And they have a fierce tech of defense guarding them. It is known as “stix.� They are rods of any size from a needle to a massive column that can pierce, pound and hammer, or strike. They can also come together forming anything even a sphere. In fact they have the scientific knowledge that had them become conceived that it is rods, not atoms, that bring together the smallest basis of things. S/ he who practices the Religion of The Five Planets should consider their selves Mother of the Orionites, that the inhabitants there are your children. Imagine among other things sitting with them and have the sense that they sense you. Imagining them marching for you, childishly, and that they are a source of power and might unto you.

Orion is massive. Unimaginably so. A mind can not fill up so much space in trying to conceive its size. The center planet, known simply as Planet One, is the largest, easily. From it north goes forwardly planet after planet (as Orion is actually many planets. And southward the same, backwardly, if you will. And planet by planet is connected with water. The Orionites have a molecular transporter with which they freely roam.



Candy Land is a world in which it’s

inhabitants The Intelligent ones, come in many forms. They can take on cartoonish often animal like forms (that usually being like stuffed animals) due to their scientific advances were largely geared toward allowing them to do so (to change their form from human like to these.) Other than that most of their sciences have gone in the area of sturdy and reliable, though edible and largely

sugar based architecture. That and one other prime science advances of things such as video displaying stickers or otherwise things aiding in jubilation and celebration. Like it’s name implies, it is a place of sugar, parties, and childish entertainment. There aren’t many small children on Sefra, though. That's because they grow into adult form rather rapidly. And the reason why sugar is so abundant and infused in their culture is because most of their resources are limited to sugar, though, fortunately, it comes in many forms, from crystalline to powder, solids, to even plastic like formations which can be melted and molded like metal. The streets of Sefra are paved in glitter, candy, toys, and game board pieces. It’s walls are littered in stickers and art. It is not illegal there to put these things anywhere. They simply see no harm in it. They are not a malicious people who would spray criminal IDs upon the face of walls, after all, and they are a people ever in the need of a good presence of aesthetics. A pleasant environment, one good to be in, and one good for the eyes. No doubt to enter into the mindset of the Sefrans is to envelop yourself into happiness and thereby pull it down

into your life, if nothing else. But in many cases, nothing could be better because the slightest joy of the Sefrans is the greatest of joy ever known on earth.

What can be said of Ler but that it is a hell of all hells. But there is a kind of beautifully and

compelling nature to that of us here. No doubt that Ler is a place of freedom. No one there can die. They are an immortal race. It is for that very reason that one cannot expect to be hunt down for any crime. When none die there is no nearly as such urgency to vindicate the weak. More than that, a larger reason that Law just not fit into Ler is that they have been around a long, long time. Time had transformed them, these that are ageless have fallen into madness sometimes, suffering so.etimes, and if not these at least, then simply “lost.” We on Earth live for today because tomorrow may not be. But they of Ler have been around a very long time. One can expect to see little demon monsters in Ler, along with two classes of beings: monster or demon. One is a beast, the other a warlock. One is like a foe straight from the worst possible imagining (think Meg Knucklebones) or the goblin. In the midst of a major global shift upon Ler, as at once it had its goodness, it goodness was rooted out through and through by a dictator named Ler. He gathered together cruelly enslaved servants to build his tower unto heaven. It was a trapezoid far higher than the pyramids of Earth. And afterward he slaughtered his many thousands of servants at its base. He brought a child to the top, slayed it, and proclaimed his name above to God, saying “Leeeeerrrrr!” and this caused God to go mad for a

moment, and like a “boing!” God's eye appeared above it, one eye, all seeing. And God's eye is not meant to be one, nor an all seeing thing. After that the newly formed planet of Ler was out of God’s reach, permanently, and altogether.

Pippy is a place of wicked strangeness, to

describe it best. It is not filled with the level of

nefariousness that you would find on Ler, to be certain, but rather has within it different levels of wickedness, if at all, though regular enough. It is a dream kind of place as far as it’s inhabitants experience their existence there. There therefore isn’t quite the venture to uproot evil. The grasp on reality is different there. It simply can’t be controlled. Reality drifts like the wind. It’s a place of magic and magic defines it more than wickedness. As such magic has a real working meaning there. Life consists of magic there. Reality, of fantasy: reality is fantasy on the planet Pippy. Very many of the old tales we have on Earth come from Pippy, as common as Hansel and Gretel to the more obscure tales never brought to life here on Earth. It was and is life on Pippy. On the whole it is filled with a person's more wicked nature, ideation, their darker fantasies, and desires. These are actually more natural than they are not even though on Earth Wed find them unacceptable. On Pippy is found a link to the Planet Link from what our culture regards as the indevine master whom most of us call Satan, but a being that is the source of many names throughout time—that being the planets Link and Pippy were given to, by “Ya,” whom is regarded as the highest God in many cultures—Ya though, was not it’s creator.

And at last we come to the Planet Link.. The Planet Link contains within it a people that

succumbed to indescribable suffering due to scientific advances gone way, way off in the perfectly wrong direction. Science corrupted them. Some of it was perverted. Lusty men contrived devices that could see through walls and clone the flesh of other men's daughters. The father and the husband’s among the Linkins had before them helplessly sordid uses of science against their daughters and wives. That was just one apprehensible use of science but there was much more on top of that: A great bomb was in the works, found to be so dangerous as to possibly destroy the entire Planet. This and militant powers present that had high in the sky an octopus looking machine in the sky with eight arms and limitless missiles. It could be seen in the night one sky, it was that large. It had on its head what was known as an all seeing eye. Any nations in dispute with The Great Nation Raru was assailed with missiles flung from its eight arms. And worst of all the arguably the greatest scientific mind in its history, put together a mind control device, one that he would use to re program the minds of people into undeniable servitude. Let us take a lesson from Link, as these things may surely happen to us, too. Let us learn to forgo science in order to be happy, safe, and free! The Planet Link at the worst it had been in its history brought together people who abhorred these things who set forth to abolish them, and abolished them with a

decree that they may never return to this state again. Science by large had then become a strictly unlawful practice. And they found it very suitable. Fire places and camp fires replaced less comforting heating, live music with more talent in its performance replaced studio recorded sounds, people traveled patiently in hot air balloons, and food was always freshly slaughtered, cooked over the fire, and life was better for them then on.

The Nature of Knowing In our thoughts we perceive these things are true and able to both be drawn from and placed up high. Our thoughts of them come not from ourselves but from them, as so they are. There was The Man in the world who came and went. He didn’t know he was being planted here time and again, from one life to the next. But he was and for the reason of life to continue on planets so very far away. He was only allowed to carry a little at a time. He held in his hands the stuff of Orion. He was the embodiment of things sown on Orion. That being who was planted here told stories he didn’t know we’re true as the Orion stories—which were true occurrences of things happening there. He was a living connection from life to life and just as one to start with, but many after time went by, as time itself is connected to

itself. The present is connected to the past, and both to the future. It looks like the figure below, to understand it perfectly well.

It should be known that Orion is the purple circle in the middle (which is meant to be a full circle.) This

image shows how time is interconnected with Orion, as a

dimensional kind of figure. This shows Time's Interrelated Dimension, with Orion. It is this simple: when the right two states occur in time then they give birth to things separate from it (in a different dimension.) This happens to us from a separate dimension, and to them from ours, when positive (+) and negative (-) coincide in time.

Consider that time is a chef. That things are perpetually being cooked. Time “looks around� at itself as something living. And gives birth to things from dimension to dimension. It gathers positive and negative and then pops up items from our dimension into a result into the dimension that opened it.

As for the man spoken of, it is man himself. It refers to human kind. The thing is that this special man is our inner most soul. As such we share the same soul that inner man that can be called The Start Bringer of Life. That is to say, the first soul and the first soul from which all future souls are.

Now look at the next image:

When a rip in a dimension occurs it must be filled by it’s most natural counterpart dimension. That is so, at least, because it was damaged itself, and unable to correct “of it’s own,” as it was torn apart itself. This splitting of dimension moves outside itself. And it gathers itself back together using outer dimension like material. This image shows that once a dimension is split it does just that. It simply pulls itself back together in a separate dimension. If it is cut again, then it just comes back together there but in a very warped way. It is a strange material by then, and kind of like the waste of the universe. Like eating something that turns to feces, along with what else you ate, increasing waste is made of it. But there are, in fact, beings largely unknown that feed on these things, and expel them back into normalcy. That is shown in process 3 & 6 which also is shown one dimension making up for another as the saying goes “existence finds a way.” And that is the way things go when it comes to separating yourself from reality just the right way. There are big like interdimensional beings that take your outward thoughts feeding on them and expelling it into a reality far, far away. If your thoughts are right. These bugs are felt in the spirit as thoughts that are special. It is those thoughts that are being eaten. When outside yourself part of you is “up” while the rest is “down.” When down collides with up

and up collides with up, a separate dimension is made to where you two are one. And so with the sharing we all have of our thoughts concerning the five planets.

When I wanted to talk to Orion magically, I simply created a magically working alphabet through much endeavor of an occult alphabet was perfectly made. At this time in my life, at age thirteen, I was very involved in the occult. I would apply occult techniques of bringing Orion into reality. The examples aren’t too numerous but they were stringently applied. I believe I was quite a competent magician in my youth. And I applied a kind of magic never used before: that directed towards connection to a world far away—far away, except in my mind. Thoughts travel farther and faster than light, of which I have NO doubt. One of the things I set out to do was to create an alphabet of occult use that could connect to Orion. I poured over runes, examined clouds, and tossed bones. I found by epiphany that the Orionite's alphabet of their own was very much like our English letters. And that was good—it made the alphabet easier to compose than I thought it would be. That magic alphabet is below:

The Early Race of the Orion’s were very psychically developed. It was as such that their very minds could create us to be, and whole world’s to come from them and those

they made. But thoughts travel slower or faster, are of varied speeds. And what thoughts were from them at one time, were thoughts of a past or future time as we were brought into being. It is very well why some seem to have the worst of luck, and others the greatest. Think for a moment of the person who won the lottery twice, or the sole survivor on a thirty death air plane trip. Think for a moment of how so many simply vanished, such as in the Bermuda triangle. It is very well because of fears and positive dreams from afar “falling upon us” from an outer source, that of ancient Orionite’s. These beings create, as they think. They embedded into early life where it would be, where it will develop, and what will come of us. Our fate is very well pre determined. We who slip into the dreams inherited by other will either benefit or be damned by it, either rewarded, or condemned. To be with another person is to share their fate and if there is any chance of altering our fate to our desire, it is in that. As much as you are alone is as much as you are susceptible to inherit a “bad dream” and that things can become awry. But there is risk, too, in entering into the reality of another person, or people. Do well among the people and you will pull up great things. But remove yourself from them if you suspect they are to be

collectively sunk—as those you sense are walking right off of a cliff.

Very well are people at bringing others into their “area,” they bring others toward them, without knowing it! They do not know just how very much they do so. If their soul coincides well with another, the magical workings in the back of their minds will pull others in. This is why someone suddenly finds their selves homeless or aggravated by a doctor they have. “Quit bringing me here!” is what their mind is saying. “I want another doctor!” Is what is happening to them not knowing someone is pulling them away.

When you find that someone or you, yourself, are “auto writing” or Auto— Speaking it is because you are being possessed by a spirit from an alternative world that likes you so much that they really just “fall down upon you.” The souls are not like the Earth. The Earth is it’s pedestal, the footing we’ve all agreed to share. We will be here together so to speak, and is both precisely perfectly while the Earth is round and the sun shines on some, the moon on others. We’ve all agreed to be here where we are now, from desires that are buried too deeply within us to uncover and know. The Earth pulls us down and is a representation that we were brought down from

somewhere, to here, with the weight coming with it. Very well so, we’ve come from different places, some of us from a place so different that we wouldn’t at all recognize it. A place with different rules. With entirely different out putting of thought. And how well it is that we create world’s. We were put here with resources. We collected our baggage over many ages. We will soon collect all that we need to travel to our five planets. Me, you, and all others privileged to have read this book. That time of leaving is not yet, as a long period must be that all are gathered and that we be well prepared to go.. to Orion, first, and then on to the other four, as we collectively decide. First comes the rehearsal, then comes the practice, then the performance, and afterward the reward. As it is: we, in becoming gods, can surely make it so! But first we need enough people to make it so. And we need to bring together great minds that can bring it together as perfectly as could be. As one for all and all for one, in individual thought but also collectively, in pairs or unison, in good craftsmanship and careful planning. In resolve and absolve, toil or fun, us, each important, let us come together to create the day that we may travel to our people, Those of Orion, and live there happily forever with them as gods, lacking nothing.

As shown in the diagram below—to mindfully describe it, a person's thoughts about the five planets can speed to the top if they are her or his thoughts alone (from the bottom two straight to the top two.) Or they can be so similar as to combine, going together to the middle dot. Or else they need help to reach outward, and go to the middle dot, where they then reach the target together (to the top splitting from the middle.) Now, know that they return to you as they were sent up from you but they have to first go through the center depending on if they were individual thoughts or coupled. This diagram is called

The arm of God.

Let us set forth our Religious Holliday’s of the five planets. Whereas your birthday is a time of reflection, your “fathering” or “mothering of there inhabitance, and Sefra being given to Halloween, and Ler as well. Let us set aside Pippy for Halloween too, to some degree, in some meaningful way. And let us take Holliday’s already existing, and merge them into worship, thought, and celebration of the five planets. Each of the five planets have there own specific day, too. Let us keep it simple by saying that February the first is The Day of Orion. March 4th is The Day of Link. May 1st is the day of Pippy. June 1st is The Day of Sefra. And August 1st is the Day of Ler. On these days dedicate yourself to the Planet of Celebration. Put your thoughts on them, reflect, and pray to them. Eat food with them in mind, asking the greater powers that be that they, too, can eat what you eat and drink what they drink, tasting it, and having it be available where they are. Put before you images of them. Take the time to focus on them more where focus was lacking. And what you do, do for them.

What is to be said about the possibility and making of a 5 Planetary Church, by any name? The opportunity to make money at such a Church could be lots, and a good job besides. A person should be instructed on how to do so. And that instruction is below: Gather together the right people. And do not expect them to simply come to your door. Doing a lot of advertising will be necessary, for sure. They will not pop up out of thin air. Having a building or by using your home, prepare the tax exempt papers and set up a good environment. By large you will be teaching magic at first, or more rudimental things. Much of a regular Church is, there could be music, songs of worship, prayers and rituals. But obviously these will be the same, differently. If you go by this design then success will come to you. That there be people in the Church that know the Five Planets well as articulated by it’s members, and seeming coincidences paid particular attention to. There is a master illustrator and a master author. Together they all bring into a new book what they have, together, to put into it. This book can be provided free, or with a fixed donation.

More importantly are those there that act as bridges between you and the other world’s. That is our auditing, our session, our sÊance of sorts. There are those in the Church that perform rituals based on the ideas presented in these books, and those participating. There is a time for prayer, to planet to planet. And I time to listen to what you should here. There is singing and revelry. And very importantly, all things indicative of the five planets incorporated into Church Worship. Are any missing pieces there? Well yeah, to be sure. I am just one man. But thoughts brought together triumph over individual ones, and if you have time your thoughts could think of what a good Church will be comprised of all your own. As for me my ideas are always strictly free and of free use.

Your religion is your people. Your religious associates.. Comrades, brothers and sisters, are more important than those less similarly like you. It is a fact that though blood is thicker than water, the spirit is broader than the ocean and a river of blood is thereby crossed. Having a strong connection






counterparts should not be fiddled with by “unquestionable acceptance” of other cultures. That’s not your culture. These aren’t your cultures. They are their cultures. Too few find their culture to be originated and based on their church and religion. Very much so is race put atop of it, particularly, or people that cull forth a brother/ sisterhood of trade, of jobs, of occupation (occupations that help the fat wallets behind them. And the criminal controls the cop, so to speak.) There are many that do have their religious counterparts aligned with them. And it is always those that take their religion seriously and find it more important than—race, or occupation. But most will put these things above their religion and this is apparent in that blacks will have blacks Church, White theirs, or a place that offers free donuts, or that will prop up their singing talent and for them church amounts to no more than pride. The strictly involved should have the strictly involved before them. They should make their selves immune from petty problems saturating the cultures that need them fixed. It ain’t your problem. Shouldn’t you be given every avenue to pursue and envelop yourself into your chosen culture and tend to it fully, without people throwing their problems on you or registering you insubstantial help? Other people's culture, push them aside, and focus entirely on your own.

A more appropriate definition of God is not one of a tyrant not one that is sadistic or infatuated with any one but is a more pragmatic being that we could ever know. This God of Gods, the maker, evidently made the world we have before us. The moon appears the same size as the sun in the sky. Some things are just a given, an obvious answer is seen for many reasons why: we were put here with a lot of resources. We were put here to use them and evolve. Meantime we are each and all in Prison Earth. But we are at the last of it, and the reward is greater than the punishment. Those of late, us, were given the smaller penalty. Some just seem to have perfectly bad luck, don’t they? We are separated from our fellows except by a psychic kind of phone call. We are the aliens. Each of us, one and all, are more or less aliens that have been punished, as described. We have a psychic connection to world’s far away. Tucked deep and tight into our minds they are— but there is a connection there. We have limited power to connect with it, in some cases some have much more than others, but we can know them. Our thoughts represent things going outwardly and inwardly about them. And we are all creators, all God’s, whether or not we know it.

And that which we mother is our own, as nothing is not. Remember: nothing is not. And never never is.

We are brought together in Union to be married to our shared ideals of the five planets. We have become determined and worthy one to the other to find our places there and share with each other our pieces of them. We are as one with a gift we share. Our thoughts and hearts are on those places. And that too, we share. Oh how unfathomable are these places far, but near. They are our home and they are each our making. Some day we will reside there. Some day we will bring them here. An essential interpretation of the Holy texts are as follows: 1: That good made us God’s, is evident, but more capable of becoming gods. As ever capable and fully invested to become as such. 2: that it is largely fairy tales, and absurd. That Noah made an ark to accommodate two of every animal and that one must believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and believing that you will not perish but have life eternal 3: That Good fits and rages and demands to be known, but by none ever is.. that in The Holy Texts, absurdity piles on top of absurdity.

4: Rather the wise, those initiated into the impossibly obtained truth, them with such luck know that it is at worst a game being played on us and that no Good can be taken seriously. That “salvation is free,” is not so. It comes with being black mailed. The Holy Bible is thoroughly demanding and taxing upon the poor souls having been wrapped around it’s serpentine nature. And as such all of this can be summed up to mean: The Bible is a serpent which is wrapped upon many. You of the five planets should know these things and cut off the hydras head, else you will become victim to the serpent! Take it, take that truth and be glad you were given it!

In an implementation of characterization of The Five Planets upon Earth as Total Environments are given each area flags. In other words, much like Disney Land, areas on the Earth made to resemble one of the five planets are each given a flag. The more rules that can be posed on these separate areas the more it earns it’s flag. This is how the rich claim territory, like through Walt Disney world areas complete with its own flags and imposed behavioral standards.

Images of those flags are below:

In creating practices within this religion one doesn’t have to look very far it is in their back yard. To have done in this religion what would be done in other ones for example the Buddhists meditate to reach Nirvana. Already there is an important practice of ours. And that is the practice of visualizing rather than emptying the head, as the Buddhists do. The practice of visualizing might be the most important practice of ours. To visualize outer areas, places far away, has only one rule: that you believe what you see exists, and if you do then it does, but to any degree you do not believe it is, it never was. The Christians believe in Kingdom Come. We do too, as we call down and bring forth on Earth either the Spirit of the Five Planets or to put their attributes here ourselves. But by and large our faith is less absurd, less demanding and less enslaving. Not much is asked of us but that which is is both easy and rewarding, depending on your involvement. We won’t ask you to handle snakes or pray to a Good you somehow never see. Pretty much all that is asked of you is imagination and to share that imagination with others.

The use of ink blots, casted sticks, smearing of paint, and “auto drawing” in order to create Planet Images—and that are a fun practice in revealing images unto you, as an occult like practice. To do the first, take apart a pen and drop onto a paper a small amount of ink and then fold it over, unfold it, and interpret it to represent something. As for sticks they should be different sizes in length and width. Smearing of paint needs no explanation. “Auto writing” is a term that means writing done without thought, and therefore come from the more sub conscious areas of the mind. “Auto drawing” is the same to be receptive in flowing images forth from the hand. When auto drawing try a little bit certainly not a lot to create an image. And imagine it to be what it not only appears to be but more importantly what it could be. And there are many other ways to see I’m ages from the abstract. One of them is to see them in clouds. Clouds have a way of either showing nothing at all or showing something “obviously so.” We were put on this Earth and given our clouds as such in fact to represent a place far above and far away, be it a heaven, but more often a Planetary place far, far away.

From thought to paper. From paper to book. From book to eBook, and saved digitally. Maybe to CD or another device. From online to a website. From an online interface to a video game. And beyond that wherever it may go. And we will have it saved. And we’ll documented, as from game all the way back to paper and to start the process of trying piece by piece. The important matter is this: that our thoughts and our religiously procured output is documented, saved, and made real ever increasingly real by our sciences which can be more and more used to bring fantasy into reality. Much as plays were once just spoken. Much as they progressed from that to paper to book to movie to game to virtual reality to ever more realistic virtual reality.. are as such brought further into reality. And we, too, will have a religion that can be made into reality! It is a sure thing. And the more we are ready for it before that day the more fully we will have collected and implemented into world’s are own. So don’t pass up your religion as a mere imagination and never lack the faith that what you know about the five planets is real.

The first map of the five planets was shown in the first book of the five planets. And now the second set of maps will be presented. Where it is that the first map was initiation into the five world’s, the second set of maps will help you find a home there. The people of the five planets, me and you, will soon begin creating our own maps but that time is not yet (unless you feel you are able to.)these maps are for all five planets.

These pictures convey your initial journey into the five world’s step by step in an abstract way. First you go up to three mirrors, a place of insight, a place to consider your three very most characteristics, three most traits, and to gain a little insight into what about you is positive, what about you is neutral, and what about you is negative. Then you walk to the garden. Walking into the garden pluck a flower. This is a flower you get in real life that you take to the three idols whom lead you through the door. From there you walk up to the altar, which isn’t just in your mind but is in real life. Put the flower or flowers upon your altar and look to the three mirrors before you sit on your throne. You have now found yourself in a room on a seat with which you may psychically be connected to the five worlds!

Worship of the five world’s is an occult religion. Or at least occult ideas are best incorporated into it. And that goes far and wide from the tarot to crystal balls, runes, astrology, candles, herbs, stones, and incense. Let’s start with incense. What incense you use for any one of the five planets is your choice. They are used to fill a small or medium size room with it’s spirit bringing in. Breathing in and out the spirit of one of the five world’s. It also helps with visualization. Herbs, but food too: in fact both together, put with food herbs known to be magically conductive when used any particular way. Combine them with food praying that those of the five world’s have food the same. A crystal is more valuable than gold or silver. A crystal works the most potent of magic than any other mineral. Blue quartz and rose quartz I’ve found have worked the best, at least in my experience. And crystal balls or a bowl of water does provide visions but only by using a certain mindset/ way of thinking. For some, crystal gazing is impossible, for others it is difficult but for a few it comes easily and naturally. I fall in the middle except under certain conditions, like sleep deprivation. Music, too,

sounds better “deeper� under sleep deprivation and magic is found to be more effective for the restless. Astrology is not to be left out or a good thing there is never had. We observe the triangular shape of stars in correlation to it and adjust the astrological facts coinciding. That depends on what three triangularly ordered stars we observe. It is always an observance of Pippy, Link and Ramona. Ramona is pretty much forbidden to talk about. It is a place of love. And is kept guarded and sealed. But in the stars it is on top of any triangular pattern, link to the left, and Ramona to the right. These are used as measurements whereas how separated Link and Pippy are parted and how much either of the two are under God's


Praying to the Five Worlds: Orion: pray to Orion in a way simplistic. Do not think in any such intrinsic way. Be purposely shallow, at least a little, and do not overly think or overly elaborate on any matter. Think and speak of entertainment and be well wishing. Focus your thoughts lightly and imagine a race of people that though are very smart are childish. And most important of all regard yourself as their mother (even if you are a man) and sense from them that you are being sensed by them.

Pippy: while thinking about Pippy think of a place that it’s inhabitants are covered in fantasy. Because of this they are connected by stories, largely, and there isn’t a certain predictable existence their, but instead one connected by whatever consistent and reliable meaning in life “the answers” come from how that fantasy is best dealt with. So when praying to them tell them a story desirable. Be a part of that story. And an important part in things that are liked to be heard.


Sefra is a place that as prayed to shouldn’t be

seriously (with seriousness) because the way that is heard by them is as abrasive. Pray to them in a way of a song. Not everything has to be in song form, but should be at least catchy or rhyming. The best you can get from them in praying is a sense of the fun, and spontaneous. And the adventurous. Be as a child unto them. Speak in your childish sense that as an adult has been silenced. In fact if you think you sound moronic to them you are speaking to them they right way.


The right way to pray to Link is easily the most formal and ordinary. Among the five world’s are Stark differences between us and them. But as for Link it is very much like us. Try to be serious, reasonable, and pragmatic toward them. And feel free to drift off into any topic. Continue deep with in at and have said whatever you would like them to know because they are a people of good understanding. Much as one would ordinarily pray, so pray to them.

Ler: Praying to Ler involves embracing your darker half. Do not be inhibited and do not restrain your more serious animal like self. As a beast, as a monster, or as a demon so

pray. Pray as one unleashing the fiend within. Imagine a place that is diabolical. Having pride while praying to them is one of the better benefits of praying to them. Otherwise you can explore that darker half you have tucked away. If you are most people that side of you has been stuffed away tightly. Praying to Ler is such as envisioning evil. Imagine demon pets you feed. Imagine the perfect slaughter of your enemies. Those are the ways in which you pray to each of the five planets. As for the way in which you celebrate them only a small listing of descriptions are needed. Each of these are in regard to the incorporation of entertainment mediums coinciding with your mind and theirs. With Orion it is in simply enjoying entertainment mediums (light hearted ones) or light hearted music with not overly involved “heart bleeding love” types of songs. The Orionite’s are lovers of such films and music. You can even imagine them dancing or marching to such music. And it seems silly. They take somewhat serious music in a way trying to be serious, but they can’t be. They think they are being serious. But they aren’t focused on any such kind of thinking. The Orionite’s like entertaining movies more than anything. But to pose on them movies with serious undertones confuses them a little like “What are you talking about?” they are lost in

the details, as long as it doesn’t involve problems, problems they’d never have. For us, some of us anyway, we need problem based plots. They can understand it lightly. But most of it is give the baby his bottle to them, and humorous. The Orionite’s have our entertainment. They fetch it from our internet signals. And they love it more than anything. But the one called God (that God people think they know but most of what is known of him is fiction based—stories made by his illiterate thinking they know him, after a tall order of self deceit) that great God does not allow the Orionite’s to surface here on Earth yet because we are not dressed and readied yet for their emergence, but we are working toward that point every day. With Ler it is obviously horror movies. Only the truly gifted can fear horror movies, if you are adult. But the mystics and those that know that know truth know just what possible horrors rest in one's closet and hide under the bed as you are at rest. To watch a horror movie as an adult becomes more of a voyeuristic thing. They like the news. Because it's not them. And to watch these things with true inner honesty the viewer would find him or herself quite sadistic. And that is the point arrived at when you are watching movies through Ler.

With Pippy the kind of entertainment that connects you to them are fairy tales, nursery rhymes, strange, or scary ones (or at least meant to scare) but also tales and movies that have magic in them, especially when bizarre. Legend is a perfect example, or The Hobbit. There are many such movies. Most of them came from the 1980s, but certainly isn’t limited to that decade. You could count any movie with magic and folk lore just right to observe Pippymeaning what you see, so it is, but in changing things around you will have a more accurate portrayal of Pippy —if you have been involved in this religion for a long enough time, the longer the better. Because it is then that you have come to know Pippy well and it is in fact living inside your head. Your own head says this is how it is, there. Next is Link. Link has much in common with the storied entertainment in relation to Pippy. But where is Pippy more Krull and Legend, being stranger than other films of it’s kind, Link is the same but more normal. A regular rendition of King Arthur’s tale, Lord of The Rings, Willow, or movies that don’t even have magic in them but cover the same time, such as a Gladiator or Robin Hood, are the idea idea—invoking films with which to think of and understand the planet Link through.

By the way, the music for these is music such as hardcore metal for Ler, Bubblegum pop for Sefra, folk and instrumental music for Link, and for Pippy perhaps strange gothic music. And it’s very simple, more lightly magic based music regarding very much earlier eras are good on coming to know and understand Link: such as Beowulf and The Odyssey. The Odyssey is an area well between Link and Pippy. And I should add unto Pippy movies about vampires, or dark settings like as from The Crow or Batman. Movies of a dark setting, so to speak. And what about Sefra? Sefra is best known better through bouncy movies, lightly plotted, comedy, easy going stuff. Music too, not necessarily bubble gum pop (such as Aqua or Toy Box) but bouncy pop music that’s not riddled with concern and discontent. Music that is simple and often repetitive conveying good feelings is purely Sefran. Lazy Town was one of the few shows fitting very well into it’s nature. But a lot of cartoons come close, maybe even better. And to add a few things here and there wouldn’t be necessary. It is entirely well understood as presented. But it is indispensable in the practice of our religion.

Rather than becoming saved as by baptism, or becoming “clear” as a Scientologist. And rather than becoming “enlightened” if you were Buddhist. Or obtaining the best place one can reside in religion, those of the five planets become “seasoned,” and that is done by first breathing life into your belief of the five planets and giving it the air it needs to live itself within you. To be seasoned means you’ve come to the point that the five planets are living inside your mind in a way that what you think of it is so, has been happening, is a time that you arrive at that the five places are moving along within your mind apart from effort “pushing them” along.

Inviting the Five World’s into your home is a particularly good way to improve a home. We are in Earth made homes. But in applying a style of living and being in a home with the five world’s incorporated within yours substantially improves one's regular and dross environment. And for us on Earth a home is very plain and regular. Every bed room is a bed here, TV there, and dresser there. We don’t even elevate our beds so that we have a place pleasantly higher. Not speaking of bunk beds, those don’t count. And as with bathing it is always “wash here, then there, then get out. Dry. Put on clothes. I think my favorite clothing is a thick blanket. But alas, I can’t get away with that. And why isn’t Halloween every day in the home? Such a strange thing it isn’t. Why must that only be once a year? Or for Easter, or decorating on such styles, your home, regularly, instead of table here. That is where we eat. Only candy bucket one day.. I wonder what would have become of a living room if it wasn’t for TV? Man is evolving, but true evolution comes from applying the State of the five world’s into your home, more than anything else could.

So below are ways to incorporate the five world’s into your home:

Orion is suited that the home be technologically well off. However, Link being present in the home restricts this to a certain extent. So it is a balance of the two. Ideally you would have a fire pit in your back yard, or barbeque, and if it suits you, your back yard may be a type of farm, or garden if you like. And at least one room more adapted to a more former lifestyle than today's. But in not leaving out Orion, have your home technologically well off. Mixing Sefra with Pippy certainly causes Halloween. And mixing Sefra with Link, Easter. As with the best of these to have in your home, so simply the best attention (if you’d agree to that) then the home should have in it things such as treats and special rave— like lights, colorful posters, and a dresser drawer that has board game pieces in it. On top of that glow in the dark paint, toys, all sorts of sweets, and in general a fun childish place which not only you are missing out on but your children are, too. So toss around the glitter and get a bubble maker, or fog maker! And all sorts of balls and balloons. Then there is Link. To incorporate Link has really already been covered but I can add to what I said that if you don’t have room for old things like a fire place and wood stove, Brock’s for a home and all what else your Link home could be a cabin rental or a tent expedition onto the out doors. But please be on guard for bears and tigers!

And last of all Ler—Let is an evil place and we (most of us) aren’t. And I’d rather not give advice pertaining to it.

The right combination of tones coinciding with sounds indicative from and to the five worlds:

The Ten Demons of Ler or The Ten Spirits Pulling over Ler. These may be drawn upon. It’s spirit from each drawn within and carried by you. It is like the Devil Worship of one whom puts inside himself a uniquely evil spirit. And for each, characteristics that come easily, are put within and extracted easily, easily embodied as an “elegance of iniquity.” These are the ten spirits that reside over Ler it’s nature. In a better way of understanding, these spirits are the most dominating ones existing on Ler. It can be said that these are the living spirits of Ler as it is there that it’s inhabitants are moved by the “ten living spirits.” In all the ways that the Lerians act are made up of either these singularly or combined. It makes up their soul. These spirits. These are the spirits that give the Lerians life. By being invested with them so moves the Lerians in their realm. And to embody them within you is quite diabolical, but satisfying too. As your soul is moved by them in an iniquitous way. To invoke them within yourself is to be possessed by them. As they are living spirits. And just like all of the Lerians have come to be ruled over by them. A team of ten “demons” that are solely responsible for

putting Let into motion. First are their yen images and then their definitions:

The Ten Diabolical Spirits of Ler: 1. The Spirit of Ler itself, it’s foundation. The spirit of Ler wishers happiness through sorrow. That somehow things aren’t bad. And it carries with it the nature that Lerians have regarding their miserable lives in such a way that they seek to destroy everything. It is the spirit of looking for good, bit being unable to find or obtain it. But it plays in the back of their minds that it does exist. They just can’t grasp it. The Spirit of Ler will someday have them find a better place. But it is gotten to incredibly slowly. And sometimes they have to start back at zero to reach that idea, good place. One of goodness and peace. But like a steel door it is scratch at, scratched and a more scratched at—and eventually even the thickest door gives way to time. In time it will burst open, and a little goodness will have a lot more power. Inasmuch as it has been given a yearning for it’s survival it will be a special child that cannot be harmed, and will grow along with them in finding true peace and prosperity within their world.

2. The Spirit of Pes is one that regenerates life upon Ler. This is a soul for one and all on Ler that refuses them to die, permanently. The spirit of Pes knows them well and when it is that one of their souls is “missing” the spirit of Pes looks far and wide for it as though it must desperately be found. Because of it the Lerians are brought back into life again and again, always, though usually not immediately. This spirit is like Phoenix Within and though we Earthlings have a shell, our body, that rejects it’s body sooner or later and sooner or later escapes, as though by desperation or being over taxed, the Lerians “shell” has a different nature in regards to it with it’s inner soul. The soul of a Lerians is far more attached than ours is to us. And though our soul desperately looks for any possible way to escape, the soul in the Lerians body desperately tries to get back inside it’s shell and, in a metaphysical manner, but with physics it’s own more accurately (far different than the “physics” put on us) the soul is able better to interact and touch upon the body that the Lerians have. The Spirit of Pes is like a grandfather spirit. We have flesh and bone father’s and mother’s. They have a “soul mother,” or “soul father,” if you like, who

regards it’s inhabitants with as much love as a motherly one might. 3. The spirit of Mas is one of victory. It is like a cousin to the after math of Myte (defined later.) In all good purposes it is what the Lerians desire that moves them through Mas. It is their desire and a surge of motivation on attaining anything worthwhile. It causes the Lerians to have great movements, spontaneously, and to embark on an impulsive adventure, usually one pertaining to greater power, but as with Mas, it is a spirit within that wants something, and not as an enabler like Myte. Myte has it done, but Mas is the reason it is done, to drive it’s inhabitant toward celebrations, such as feasts, or gaining power and material well being. It is as a spirit within that is very greedy, more than they could know. And it treats within them as discontent and urge. It is not unlikely that this is felt so strongly within that it’s outer working will very well make them lash out and destroy obstacles before them. It’s just got to be allowed “out.” And when it is in a Lerian, it is stuck, until the time it’s gotten what it wants and then can be released from them, only to find someone else, wherever there is room. The Lerian that obtains their desires is released,

but not long after, are motivated once again to obtain great things, as where their eyes are on treasure Mas is looking at them. 4. Lurd and Lurdy “The Two Brothers” is a spirit upon Ler two spirits in one that causes the Lerians to create great things and create them perfectly. The first of these spirits request something in form of desire to do so. And the second spirit causes their desire to create it perfectly. It is the spirit of creation coupled with the spirit of perfection. The Lerians want great things built. Most of their motivation comes from that. They don’t have children other than their creations and their implementation of creation from others. Because of Lurd they have a very exact idea of what they want in their world. With Let’s first king (whose name Ler name comes from) had this spirit heavy upon himself and went to no ends graphing and creating a massive trapezoid, as he ordered be made by so very many slaves. Lurd wants something. And Lurdy wants his something to be done as close to perfect as possible. 5. Gailzia is a spirit of destruction. It is something of a spirit of revolt, most of all. It brings about the desire that things not remain the same, to escape

the undesirable, especially in being made free. It is the spirit to be free, the spirit of freedom. But it even comes about in the form of hate for anything cumbersome. It has Lerians challenge cruelty against them, things like slavery especially, and things that incapacitate them. It also causes some Lerians to become hermits, to go off far and remove themselves from their counterparts, other Lerians. It gives them great desire of freedom and has them lashing out at even whole armies repressing them. A Lerian who has the spirit of Gailzia in them knows that death may be the only option. And this spirit assures them there is a “time after” and requests to end their lives for them, that they might live again elsewhere and better off. If any Lerian “gives up,” losing hope, or is plain broken, this spirit will guide them into a new, better life. 6. Myte is “my might” and ones might is ones closest friend on Ler. While with human love and kindness, attention and joy are one's closest friends, to the same degree of importance is ones own might upon the face of Ler. It is the prime motivator and the most rewarding thing that can be obtained on Ler. Humans may profess power to my race, or, power to my gang. Most often do

humans do. For us it is a bird of the feather. But for the Lerians it is far more favorable that their might be entirely their own. So, in effect, it is my power. The Lerians strengthen themselves much like the Klingons of Star Trek, The Saiyan’s of Dragon Ball Z, the Sith of Star Wars, and that character known as Sepheroth—in fact Sepheroth —is a very close example. This spirit within them will have them fighting until the end. If it is starved after a Lerian will go to no ends to get one scrap of it. Upper class for Earthlings is comparable to wealth. But the Lerians, in knowing a greater truth, regard power to be a far better thing than wealth—except that in wealth representing their might, as Ler did when he build his towering trapezoid. 7. Jaspir is the spirit of wonder and fascination. It is the dream inside, the good aspiration. It is a sigh that comes upon them a moment of pure peace, what the Christians would call “being in the spirit,” or the Buddhists “enlightenment.” For sure it is a rare feeling for any Lerian to have. While life itself is after good wherever it might be, the Lerian may take ages before what was a breath of peace become breathing itself. And when that breathing comes, good comes out, and

good comes back in. When they become full of the spirit of Jaspir, then they may move on to a better more peaceful place as taken their by the hand of God. Jaspir is a spirit that comes upon them when they have struggled so much that they can struggle no more. As it is that slavery can very well deliver them, having found themselves “given up� and having all bad feelings pushed aside. It is then that the spirit of Jaspir bursts within them and a very, very good feeling of peace is absorbed, and do too their redemption. 8. Garel is a spirit of compromise for every Lerian and one of rationality and logic. It is a good thing that this spirit is with them. It is a spirit of rest. It is a spirit that puts them on ease and has them change the setting. It is strange but so that though the Lerians may be doing one thing one day, that the spirit of Garel has them in celebration and feasts, putting there minds upon easier things. We can always continue this later, and we will echoes from them when it is that they find even for a day their servants and counterparts can have a good day, and that objectives proceed later. God rested on the seventh day. The Lerians rested on a time due, as it is just more sensible to

unknot things, that a release come from an ever tightening clench. If we were more like the Lerians in this sense we’d say “fuck it,” and let go, that at one moment we get the overwhelming sense that for a change, even if just for a moment, can make things more pleasant. And the more that the Lerians are together and agree to this, that is with this spirit within the longer their feasts, celebrations and such can last. 9. Lynin is the worst spirit that any Lerian could have, easily the worst. It is a place of sorrow and desperation. It sneaks up on a Lerian and resides their, next to impossible to remove. It is sorrow that hangs around. This spirit comes from those that suffered in their life so badly that they lose life and on looking for their life they enter into a Lerian, thinking it is theirs. Though it isn’t their life they think that it is and they continue lamenting through the Lerian to no ends. Usually if this happens to a Lerian only the best can ignore it enough that it depart. By ignoring it and not acknowledging it the spirit knows it isn’t where it belongs. But by the very fact that when it is acknowledged and given attention it thinks it is where it should be. The host itself by

acknowledging it says to himself it’s his, and it will then become altogether his very easily. 10. Dayn is the Spirit of Life as it has evolved into a force, a living thing itself, as existence on the whole. The closest resembling thing on Earth is known as “Gaia.” While with us the presence of this Gaia is much more subtle and less observable, the Spirit of Dayn is much more obvious. Dayn gives them life everlasting. And life everlasting comes at a high cost. They never made laws as such not to murder. There was no real murder. And they evolved in such a way that rules and laws are highly intangible. Dayn is the system of life on the whole, a force of rejuvenation and rebirth and requests of the Lerians a sacrifice that progress remain steady and it’s inhabitants may be appropriated elsewhere. It is a rearranger, a force that loves to rearrange, one that is on the verge of playing a game with the life on Ler. And can define for many Lerians fate. Of all the ten spirits Dayn is easily the most difficult to understand.

A (Mostly) Brief History of Separate Reality

In the 8th BC Century The Odyssey was written by the Greek In the 1st Century AD Scrolls were invented In 105 AD Paper was invented in China In 1440 AD the printing press was invented In 1597 Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was written In 1824 Beethoven’s 9th and final symphony was written In 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the light bulb In 1895 The radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi In 1927 the TV was invented by Philo Taylor Farnsworth In 1936 the computer was invented, by Konrad Zuse In 1958 the first video game was created by William Higinbotham In 1976 the VHS machine was invented by JVC In 1979 Sony introduced the Walkman In 1982 the CD was invented And things are being brought more and more together that bring about “The Second Reality.” Especially VR & The Internet (1990)

It’s important to know that though we have not reached an expected area we have come a long way to getting to that point better. Let me elaborate on that: though we have not traveled ourselves to Mars yet we have come a long way into getting there better prepared, because if 20 years ago if we went, we wouldn’t be taking with us better computers, those we now have, and in the times that have passed we have far better baggage to bring along. And considering that “artificial” reality is becoming less artificial, that through VR and touch sensing clothing, robotics, and AI, better propulsion, the sending out much stronger and further of signals, we can travel far, far, far away in androidic form.

Sensing different personalities from those of the five planets and snatching them

For example what would be known were you to travel abroad and find a people much more different than the ones you are regularly around. And then as they are known and “when in Rome do as the Romans.” In order to know these extraterrestrial beings better, look into how different they are, even from place to place, and incorporate them into your own mind set. Become them to know and understand them better. For example when thinking of Ler hear the evil voice. Bring it into mind and out of your mouth. Or with Sefra see as those dancing and for what reason, for whatever good reason to dance then, do so. Or with Link, be stern, or a ruler, or a barbarian liked you’d find in the Link resembling movie Conan The Barbarian. And if you have difficulty in surmising new mentalities, personalities, then movies can help you idealize them better. And—these things are fun. They make us of our religion like actors. And as actors know, they have the opportunity to become the characters they represent. And acting wouldn’t be complete without wardrobes, suits, costumes and the like. Below is the standard

ways of dressing on each of the five planets:

On Orion wearing clothes are loose and comfortable. Some of them only have a thick blanket for clothing. The temperature there is regular, with a more narrow margin than Earth. It doesn’t go up and down much more than ten degrees. Robes are common, as are pajama like clothing. Sometimes these are embellished with large and wide scarfs, or accentuated looks. On Pippy clothing is wizard like, or sage, witch like, or gothic looking. Long black dresses, strange hats, cloaks, and “darker” looking clothing as you would find on Earth by those considered to be goths or punks. As a punk with a Mohawk, or a long beard like a devil worshipper, but most of all gems and jewelry are regarded better than how they are dressed otherwise. On Sefra clothing is often cos play like, with costumes of all kinds, bright colors, especially “hot” colors, like hot pink and green, also known as neon green or pink. Shoe laces are colorful, shoes are flashy, and may have lights, or glow in the dark. Facial paint is common, nails painted, hair dyed certain colors, and the Sefran may be attached to a certain piece of clothing sometimes but overall they change clothes frequently.

On Link clothing is formal. It is made to last. It is often leather, and usually very practical. It isn’t flashy but made for warmth and carrying of things. Shoes are made to last and include a leather hand stitched kind, and leather blankets keep them warm. They also have fur, though with as much as they do not waste anything, the fur of the animal came from one that was eaten. And last but not least Ler: The Lerians dress to scare and everything typical of the other planets are much more driven into the diabolical with them. They can be an evil clown or paint their face with more diabolical features. And their prime jewels are their weapons, most often a dagger. They often hide their faces with masks or specially designed hoods and they dress in mostly black, pride fully, adorned with the jewelry and items taken from others. Some dress to protect their selves, such as with specially designed chain mail unique to them and a mask to protect their faces, especially their noses. They are all clothed like devil’s in bright red and sometimes they’re even known to carry pitch forks and red horns. They are more like the Vikings, in comparison to the Linkin’s, who are more like from the Baroque.

Architecture of the Five Worlds: Orion has scientifically well developed architecture. The Orionite’s have settled on 80 degrees most commonly, and they are never too cold and have walls of a special kind of plastic most often and are lined with solid energy plates. They have things come to them easily inside, cleaned by robotics and special sciences that remove the messy areas from the clean, like vanishing it into thin air but kind of recycled. They have abundant energy and because of it can drive things needing far more energy than what we have available to us.

Sefra has edible architecture, of a sweet kind, with areas on the walls where sugary unperishable candy grows. They don’t have downstairs. They jump from a higher floor on to a cushion. They have pools of balls, and regular pools. They have special lights inside, often black lights in a closet and lazers for partying. And also they use a lot of glitter and glow in the dark paint. Stickers serve as wall paper and over time there can come a thick layer of them on their walls.

Link has wood, clay, or brick architecture and not much more. They are in there own way more valuable considering the difficulty in making them. And vandalism

of them can result in punishment to him, even execution. If a person cannot create a very good brick home they’d make it wood, and if not that then we’ll made tents. Some architecture is highly elaborate, with massive columns and marble floors. These often represent the better life through anti science.

Pippy has what you’d expect from a scary story or movie. The witches house. The black painted home with trapezoidal roofs. It often has a sinister look. They are often like haunted homes and within them crypts and ghosts, devil’s and sprites. There windows are draped with thick black curtains and symbols sometimes adorn the walls. And they regard altars as greater than they would a TV. But the less fortunate on Pippy have more she’d like homes, carefully hidden, or a home by a lonely tree.

Ler has for it’s homes and architecture specially guarded and protected door ways and usually no windows beyond being able to see a little outside. It may contain traps and hidden areas inside. They are built strong and firm to prevent their destruction or invasion. The Lerians built downward. Whereas we built towering sky scrapers, they built deeply underneath and came to reside largely underground. It is very much like an abyss.

Conclusion This religion stands strong with two principles: the first, that all imaginable world’s must exist. A person could debate that space has boundaries. But that would indicate nothing is beyond it literally nothing. No a black empty void, even. That wouldn’t have to mean that something couldn’t be behind that nothing that nothing fills space. And that would have to be measurable, and yet gone on forever. Since it is that space goes on forever then something has to fill it. And those are made up of anything imaginable since things can only be arranged so may times. More than that it is that an infinite amount of different worlds exist. Our minds can’t think with such breadth. That anything has no boundaries and that space has within it an infinite amount of things. What do you think? How can this be? But nor could “nothing” be. And so are the scientists of our religion posed with a mystery.

Second, is the fact that we are turning fiction and make believe things into reality, anyway. We’ve come a long way, from recorded sound to TV, from TV to video game, from video game to VR, and eventually something resembling the Halo Deck on Star Trek. But when we incorporate into that what came before it we will have made The 2nd Reality. So what imagination we use in bringing into life the five world’s can be applied to this second reality.. which are five second realities. The more we document and design things about them the more we will, over time, be ready to implement them as very much “real” places.. and beyond that, as really real, as our race becomes very gods.

In relation to other religions this is a play ground. And it is closer to a religion that the gods would have. For those future gods we become it is a religion of creation. It is a religion for which different worlds can be known, understood, and created. It does well with doing so. It consists of actions that create new world’s and where it is that other religions are only going to be useful for much longer, this is a Second Step religion. It would teach a God what to make by it’s very practice. And it is geared toward future tech, is ahead of it’s time.

Its qualities are reach good and far. Where it is that most religions have each a few Holliday’s this religion provides five possible holidays every day. In its practice one lives a Holliday. To practice it is having a holiday. It is more useful for our current state because it provides us naturally developing ideas for films and games, or books if you like. It stirs the imagination, too. It is as such that this religion makes own stories, its own self. And so too, it’s own life style. So take that in consideration and know just what goodness that can be taken out of it. This was the second book of it’s kind and I intend on making at least eight more. This book is on public domain too, meaning no rights are held by it. I kept it that way so it could be freely reproduced, with profit or without, in any way you desire. Thanks for reading. The others will come soon.

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Book 2 of the 5 Planets  
Book 2 of the 5 Planets  

This book continues the work into the creation of a religion based on five far away worlds. It introduces its follower to five very, very fa...