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Mao Suits No Longer Tailored for China’s Taste China – A rich in culture and diverse in its heritage. In fact, there are lots of articles and blogs about it. You can read different write-ups about how fruitful and blessed they are. But, what makes it remarkable is because of their clothes or clothing or the fashion set-up they have. Fashion is said to be an identifier for one’s country and its people; based on what you wear. It varies from individual to individual; based on their ethnicity, class, gender, geography and others. There are traditional clothes with many variations and touch that tough and became vogue. In China for instance, very rich and wealthy people wear bright color and beautiful shoes. A fusion of modern approach. They practice and maintain their identity as who they are – a wealthy and rich one, since one’s status in economy is one of the determinants on what you wear.But, a lot has changed. Fashion – the way they worn and what they worn!

Couples of decades ago, most men wear Mao Suit, a suit with four pocket, short-collared and has a buttons run all the way up the neck. This was a regular chinese clothing fashion: an informal uniform in the street for a man. This suit is originated from Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the father of modern China. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen desired to create a national dress. Once, he advocated wearing functional clothes as representation of the country and identity of the people. Because it got a lot of pockets, it is very convenient for some. Now, poor migrant workers or old men wear this and Mao Suit is occasionally seen. Furthermore, if you are found wearing this, it simply means you forgot to

update your fashion style. Henceforth, they are somehow diverting to new and modern style. Nevertheless, there are still buying Mao Suit as request of their old relatives, friends, and immediate family members but they are not making a political statement through their respective wardrobe. Today is happening the loss and perishing of traditional chinese clothing like Mao Suit. Men fashion became different. It is simply an illustration. As noted, you can wear this cloth decades ago however if you try to wear it today, people would look at you. It was a bit odd.

In China, Mao Suit is almost dying. And, various fashion stores are now penetrating the market and killing the economic stability of the suit. These stores offer numerous of fashion option with an updated and modern style. Specialty stores are now offering fashionable and imaginable styles with brand name. Likewise, a lot of top European designers are now engaged business and have opened shops. Because China had begun to open transactions and opportunity outside, it was also the start for private firms to run businesses including clothing and fashion industry. As a result, a slow decline and shrunk of the Mao Suit. Generation is a continuous phenomenon. We are affected by it. But, we must not forget the fact that before we became like this, as civilized as it, we are used of wearing a precious and meaningful cloth like Mao Suit. Website : Asia Offices Beijing, China : (Main Office) Room 2310, Unit A6, Midtown Building, Guangqujiayuan, Chongwen District, Beijing City, China 100022 Phone: (+86 10) 8751 3441 (international charge) USA : (Administrative Rep Office)

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Mao suits no longer tailored for china’s taste  
Mao suits no longer tailored for china’s taste  

China – A rich in culture and diverse in its heritage