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pon hearing that we were finally getting a new website, I could hardly contain myself. Seriously! I was torn between jumping for joy, cart-wheeling down the hallway, shouting obnoxiously and all other manner of unnecessary reactions. I think what I finally settled for was a very enthusiastic round of clapping. Hurray! We are finally joining the new age of websites! published Jan. 4, 2010, “Users with an extensive choice of information on the Internet will give their blessings to simply designed sites with easy to find information.” Loosely modeled after the site, our new site is the epitome of practicality and visual aesthetics. We have joined the ranks of the in-crowd with our navigation bar, our refined color scheme and our simple yet effective “search” bar. Red Nova Labs will not only be launching our website on March 1, 2011, they will also continue to keep our site modern and in tune with today’s online trends and current consumer desires. For example, since mobile usage has increased by 86% annually, we’re meeting that challenge with a site that is mobile friendly for almost any mobile device. Consumers have also shown a desire for interactive applications, which is what we’ll offer with services such as the downloadable StorAmerica Connection

forms section or the “Storage Calculator.” My personal favorite is the Storage Calculator which allows you to see precisely what size unit you need by adding detailed 3D images to your future storage space. I’m going to be honest: it is A LOT of fun to use! Less fun but equally as practical is the updated and continuously current roster of available units, prices and sizes that can be seen on any property’s individual Web page. In a digital age that embraces a lack of human interaction, this property portal will encourage potential customers to shop online as well as buy online. Perhaps the most important, as well as the most exciting, aspect of the renovation is the newly adapted attitude of our website. Not only will it serve current customers as well as interest potential customers, this website is being set up, marketed and monitored with every detail focused on providing a more successful business platform for each and every property!

Web marketing innovation (pg. 1) Race-to-the-finish winners (pg. 2 & 3) Gold Badge Manager promotion (pg. 4)

2010 Big price winner (pg. 4) Kudos team members! (pg. 4) StorAmerica board (pg. 5) Susan G. Komen (pg. 6) Holiday giveaways (pgs. 7 & 8 ) All Green recycling event (pg. 9) City of Duarte parade (pg. 9) Special announcements (pg. 10) New employees (pg. 11) Anniversaries (pg. 11) Birthdays (pg. 11) Toys-for-Tots drop-off sites (pg. 12) Riverside Police Officer Association Fundraiser event (pg. 12) Note from the Editor (pg. 12)

So on March 1, when you gaze at our beautiful new website with love and adoration in your heart, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

StorAmerica is back in the game!

Issue # 5

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1st Place StorAmerica - Ontario

1st Place (tie) Crown Valley Self Storage From left: Erik Reeves Pamela Archer-Reeves

2nd Place Country Club Self Storage From left: Philip Robinson

1st Place (tie) Costa Mesa Self Storage From left: Jose Cordon Cathie Carter

Marsha Archer-Robinson

David Melgoza

2nd Place Rancho Self Storage From left: Brenda Bell David Melgoza

StorAmerica Hawaiian Gardens From left: Cristina Carbadillo Rodrigo Sanchez

3rd Place (tie)

3rd Place (tie)

Alessandro Self Storage From left: Ernesto Gonzalez Stacey Won

3rd Place (tie) StorAmerica Scottsdale From left: Lilian Manley Kristy Samson

StorAmerica Connection

2nd Place

Plano Self Storage From left: Ricci Piccio Steven Rash

3rd Place (tie) StorAmerica - Duarte From left: Sabrina Gonzalez Brenda Benitez

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1st Place 1st Place StorAmerica - Ontario

2nd Place Rancho Self Storage From left: Brenda Bell David Melgoza

3rd Place (tie)

Tustin Gateway Self Storage From left: Sandra Victoria Pauline Haren

2nd Place (tie) StorAmerica Hawaiian Gardens

From left: Cristina Carbadillo Rodrigo Sanchez

2nd Place (tie)

StorAmerica Phoenix 52nd From left: Monica Soliz Kate Hershey

Seacliff Self Storage From left: Kristen French Monica Rivera Sara Anastasiades Matt Clancy

3rd Place (tie)

3rd Place

Country Club Self Storage From left: Phillip Robinson Marsha Archer-Robinson

Woodbridge Self Storage From left: Sandra Victoria Kimberly Travis

David Melgoza

3rd Place (tie) StorAmerica Palm Desert “Desert Flowers� From left: Claudia Molina Michelle Mendez StorAmerica Connection

Outstanding Work! Page 3


e are proud to announce the recent promotion of Sabrina

Gonzalez (Property Manager) Duarte, who was recently promoted to the position of Gold Badge Manager (GBM). Sabrina has been with StorAmerica since 2008 and has proven to be a tremendous asset and solid team player. Sabrina continuously achieves her budgeted goals and is always willing to help her fellow colleagues. Sabrina will be assisting Cindy Melgoza-Sanchez (District Manager) in our District 1 area. Join us in congratulating Sabrina on this accomplishment and wishing her well with this exciting challenge!

Employee’s Rating

Kudos to: Allen Carter (Director of Project Services) and Servando Peña (Maintenance Technician) for always going above and beyond their call of duty. We appreciate all your efforts!

StorAmerica Connection

Congratulations to Marsha Archer - Robinson (Property Manager) Country Club Self Storage for winning the big raffle price.

The following five-star review was posted on, which is one of our partner sites:

I shopped around and found Irvine Self Storage not only had great rates, but offered a free truck. This made moving my clients’ staging furniture into storage a breeze. Super helpful staff (Thanks Amanda!) and nice clean facility. Highly recommended.

Kudos also go to the following employees for their outstanding customer service and for being great team players: Amanda Salvadori, Irvine Self Storage  Brenda Benitez, StorAmerica - Duarte  Anita Ponce, StorAmerica - Victorville 

Page 4

Congratulations to: Stacey Gomez, Assistant Manager at StorAmerica Arcadia, for being awarded the title of Miss Arcadia. She also earned the Miss Southern California Woman of Achievement Award. The pageant took place on Dec. 5, 2010 and is a new avenue for women and teens to showcase their beliefs, platform and talents. She will travel as an ambassador throughout the state (including meeting with the Governor), volunteering in California communities and setting a standard for leadership and service. She will also be speaking to women of all ages in juvenile halls, high schools, churches, etc. Judging guidelines:

Self-respect cannot be hunted. It cannot be purchased. It is never for sale. It cannot be fabricated out of public relations. It comes to us when we are alone, in quiet moments, in quiet places, when we suddenly realize that, knowing the good, we have done it; knowing the beautiful, we have served it; knowing the truth, we have spoken it. - Whitney Griswold

StorAmerica Connection

10% Application 30% Interview 20% Talent 10% Leadership philosophy 15% Evening gown 15% Sportswear & swimwear Stacey’s platform is: self respect Stacey scored 100% and was honored as Miss Southern California! This was a wonderful experience for Stacey. Both Loana Gurule (Stacey’s mom), manager at StorAmerica - Arcadia, as well as Stacey are truly grateful to Sonny Vejar and John Minar for sponsoring this pageant. Page 5


In the photo above from left-to-right: Monica Vejar, Sabrina Gonzalez, Cathie Carter, Lucie Kremer, Eric Kremer Gilbert Gonzalez and Sonny Vejar. “In California alone, more than 21,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and 4,000 women die. With your support, we can fulfill our promise to find a cure�

StorAmerica Connection

torAmerica was a proud participant in the 19th Annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure event, which took place on Sept. 26, 2010 in Newport Beach. We also participated in the 12th Annual event held on Oct. 17, 2010 which took place in the Inland Empire. Our teams volunteered a day to participate in this worthy cause and helped raise funds for breast cancer research.

We want to thank each and everyone of those who participated in the event. We hope that this year more employees will join us as we continue to raise for the cure! See our next issue for team information or contact the newsletter editor.

Bottom right picture from left: Crystal Palmowski (Survivor) Brandie Dean All Safe Self Storage Lucie Kremer StorAmerica Oceanside Inland Empire Race for the cure

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StorAmerica Victorville/Locust Date: Nov. 6, 2010 Event: All Green Recycling Benefited their local (YSO) In this photo: Juan Ponce (Manager)

StorAmerica Victorville/Locust Date: Nov. 6, 2010 Event: All Green Recycling Event Raffled a brand new HD TV In this photo: Gayleen Coney (winner)

StorAmerica - Arcadia Raffled a Turkey Month: November 2010 In this photo from left-to-right: Brenda Benitez, Maria Gorin (winner) Loana Gurule (Manager)

Crown Valley Self Storage Raffled a Harvest Basket worth over $100.00 Month: November 2010 In this photo: Charie Logsdon (winner)

We’d like to congratulate Joe Suazo, Manager at Arlington Self Storage, for his most recent holiday giveaways. Each time a tenant made a payment by the 10th of the month, he issued a ticket, then he raffled the gift cards in the months of November and December. What a wonderful Michael Sexton

Don Newkirk

Irma Reyes

way to show how much he appreciates his loyal customers! We have no doubt that they support his customer appreciation efforts. Do you reward your loyal customers? Contact the editor . Email:

Shelby Craghead StorAmerica Connection

Georgia Burdette

Kelly Lutz Page 7


his holiday season, our employees came together in the spirit of giving with a thoughtful holiday surprise to our corporate staff: A nice jacket with each of their names (along with the StorAmerica star) embroidered on them. Sonny, John, Sam, Lorenzie, Cindy and Allen were very happy to receive their gifts and wore their cozy jackets right away. In the photo at left, from left are: Sonny Vejar, John Minar, Sam Kalem and Lorenzie Harris. In the photos above: Allen Carter and Cindy MelgozaSanchez.

From StorAmerica Management‌ Thank You for your thoughtful gifts!

So n


StorAmerica Connection



Sa m

Lo ren zie

All e


Cin d


Page 8


ince the beginning of

StorAmerica collaborated

our partnership with All

and took part in recycling

Green Electronics, we have

events to sponsor local

collected more than 255,880

non-profit organizations

pounds of electronics, which

such as the Boys and Girls

have prevented 322,243 lbs

Clubs. We’d like to take

of C02 (carbon dioxide) from

this opportunity to thank

polluting the atmosphere.

each one of our business

This is the equivalent to:

sponsors that made our


4,111,201 plastic bottles

events a success.


2,151,315 aluminum cans


54,661 gallons of gasoline

StorAmerica is happy to


1,125 barrels of oil

continue providing this free


20,313 propane tanks


Planting 12,423 trees

In the photo above are Lucie Kremer, Manager, at StorAmerica-Oceanside, and Dave Jund (All Green Recycling). Event took place on Aug. 28, 2010.

Each year the City of

StorAmerica - Duarte

Duarte and local busi-

was a sponsor and

nesses gather to-

took part in the parade

gether to celebrate the

by displaying our com-

annual Duarte Route

pany truck. Special

66 Parade. This event

recognition goes to

features restored vin-

our team (shown in

tage cars, marching

the photo above, from

bands, the local fire

left): Sabrina Gon-

department, as well as

zalez -Manager,

businesses in the

Brenda Benitez and


Stacey Gomez.

StorAmerica Connection

service to our communities for responsible recycling.

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Congratulations: Bobby Piccio (Gold Badge Manager) and his bride Jasmine Masangkay for their wedding. The event took place in Irvine, California on Oct. 10, 2010.

Congratulations: Erik Loll (Manager, StorAmerica-Phoenix/24thStreet) and his bride Jennifer Carter for their wedding. The event took place in Glendale, California on Oct. 10, 2010.

In the photo at right are proud grandson Logan (left) and his grandfather Allen Carter, who were attending Allen’s daughter Jennifer’s wedding. StorAmerica Connection

Page 10

New Employees: Jacinto Acosta - Plano Self Storage Pauline Haren - Tustin Gateway Self Storage Brenda Bell - Rancho Self Storage Stacey Gomez - StorAmerica Arcadia Kristy Samson - StorAmerica Scottsdale Ernesto Gonzalez - Alessandro Self Storage Cristina Carbadillo - StorAmerica Hawaiian Gardens Yuliana Benitez - Paramount Self Storage Deyssi Partida - StorAmerica Indio Kristine French - Seacliff Self Storage Sung Lee - Plano Self Storage Jennifer Ramos - Paramount Self Storage Darryl Piccio - StorAmerica Montclair Anniversaries: 9 Years Anita Ponce - StorAmerica Victorville/La Mesa Lorenzie Harris - Corporate 7 Years Lillian Manley - StorAmerica Scottsdale 6 Years Sam Kalem - Corporate Monica Rivera - Seacliff Self Storage Monica Soliz - StorAmerica Phoenix/52nd 5 Years Elizabeth Torres - 710/Del Amo Self Storage Yolanda Soto - StorAmerica Victorville/Locust Kim Travis - Woodbridge Self Storage 4 Years Yan Wang - StorAmerica El Monte Jose Cordon - Maintenance Department Joshua Manes - Irvine Self Storage Claudia Molina - StorAmerica Palm Desert Bobby Piccio - Gold Badge Manager 3 Years Kennon Holton - Corporate Maricela “Marcy” Graciano - Statewide Self Storage Falisha Ramirez - Statewide Self Storage 2 Years Steven Rash - Plano Self Storage Amanda L Salvadori - Irvine Self Storage Dolores “Dee” Sanchez - StorAmerica Palm Springs 1 Year Keith Eichelberger - StorAmerica Tempe Sara Anastasiades - Seacliff Self Storage Matthew Meadows - Irvine Self Storage Daniel Dewey - Arizona Sites Brenda Benitez - StorAmerica Arcadia Jose Gonzalez - StorAmerica Hawaiian Gardens Marsha Archer - Robinson - Country Club Self Storage Brandie Dean - All Safe Self Storage Hillary Jimenez - Leave it/Lock it Self Storage Phillip Robinson - Country Club Self Storage Joe Suazo - Arlington Self Storage

StorAmerica Connection

Birthdays: July 2010 Jennifer Ramos - Paramount Self Storage Kristine French - Seacliff Self Storage Yolanda Soto - StorAmerica Victorville/Locust Eric Reeves - Crown Valley Self Storage Brenda Bell - Rancho Self Storage Darryl Piccio - StorAmerica Montclair Brandie Dean - All Safe Self Storage Sandra Victoria - Woodbridge Self Storage August 2010 Servando Peña - Maintenance Technician Maricela Graciano - Statewide Self Storage Sara Anastasiades - Seacliff Self Storage Eric Kremer - StorAmerica Oceanside Elizabeth Torres - 710/Del Amo and Co. Trainer Manuel Garcia III - StorAmerica Montclair Tatiana Fernandez - 710/Del Amo Self Storage September 2010 Monica Rivera - Seacliff Self Storage Juan Ponce - StorAmerica Victorville/Locust Cristina Carballido - StorAmerica Hawaiian Gardens Joyce Hwang - StorAmerica El Monte Amanda Salvadori - Irvine Self Storage Marlene Ruiz - Tustin Gateway Self Storage Yan Wang - StorAmerica Self Storage Stacey Gomez - StorAmerica Arcadia October 2010 Kennon Holton - Corporate Office Joshua Ruiz - StorAmerica Phoenix 24th Matthew Meadows - Irvine Self Storage Kristy Samson - StorAmerica Scottsdale Bobby Piccio - Tustin Gateway Self Storage Sung Lee - Plano Self Storage Lilian Manley - StorAmerica Scottsdale November 2010 Itzania Carrasco - StorAmerica Indio Kim Travis - Woodbridge Self Storage Gerardo Castro - 710/Del Amo Self Storage Jose Cordon - Maintenance Technician December 2010 Steven Rash - Plano Self Storage Pamela Archer-Reeves - Crown Valley Self Storage David Melgoza - All Safe Self Storage Jacinto Acosta - Plano Self Storage

Page 11

A note from the editor…

During this holiday season the following facilities contributed to a great cause and held a Toy Drive for The Marines

Toys-for-Tots Foundation at We’d like to acknowledge the Riverside

each of their locations:

properties for participating in a recent

Seacliff Self Storage

fundraiser, which benefits the Riverside

Irvine Self Storage Crown Valley Self Storage They were able to collect many toys for disadvantaged children,



We have left 2010 behind, and as I ponder on what our company has accomplished, I can sincerely express nothing but amazement. In my first newsletter issue, I suggested community involvement, and have we done it! I’m extremely impressed with each and everyone for taking time off their busy schedules and going out to assist their local non-profit organizations in order to give back to our communities.


Christmas a wonderful time for them.

Police Officers Association (specifically fallen Officers). In this photo we see from left-to-right: Hillary Jimenez from Leave it Lock it, Marsha ArcherRobinson from Country Club, and Brandie Dean from All Safe, along with the Riverside Police Officers Representatives. Other properties that participated are: Arlington and Statewide

I’m grateful to the ones who have supported me with this newsletter since its inception, and to Sonny Vejar and John Minar for giving me the opportunity to create it. As always, this issue could not be possible without the assistance of all of you. Thank you for providing me with your photos and information.

Self Storage. This fundraiser was dedicated to fallen Officer Ryan Bonaminio. Corporate Headquarters 2082 Michelson Drive Suite 212-B Irvine, CA 92612

StorAmerica Connection

Got any stories, events, or feedback?

Let 2011 be better than any other and have a successful year!

Contact the Editor @:

Lucie Kremer Newsletter Chief Editor

Issue # 5

Respectfully, Lucie Kremer Newsletter Chief Editor

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StorAmerica Connection  

3rd and 4th quarter events and happenings @ StorAmerica Self Storage in 2010.

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