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Table and Chairs of Contents Front cover art “Glass Eye Chandelier” by Tantra Bensko Introduction by Tantra Bensko "Creativity Alphabet U-Understanding" by Laura Tringali Holmes, “The Veil Between” by Stephen Ramey “The Travelers” by Laura Tringali Holmes “The World Through Vaseline” by Stephen Ramey “How to MC Your Niece's Wedding In Front Of A Four-Poster Bed On A Raft When All The Groom's Relatives Have Given Names That Start With Z” by Barry Friesen "Star Dust" by Laura Tringali Holmes “Excerpts from OGIE: A BIOGRAPHY” by Molly Gaudry “Strange Night Wanderers/Encounter” by Doming “Bloodlines by V. V. Saichek “Unity” by Amir Catic “The Swans” by J.A. Tyler “The Vultures” by J.A. Tyler "A Birthday," Laura Tringali Holmes “Fragments of Frank” by Clive Gresswell “What Breathes Down There?” by Yarrow Paisley “The Great Washing Day” by Zoltán Komor “Chant Against sub rosa love” by Mia Avramut “Autodafe” by Mia Avramut “Ballad” by Mia Avramut "Desert Mavericks pg 1A” by Laura Tringali Holmes “perpetuity” by Peter Schwartz “Writers Block 7” by Laura Tringali Holmes “MOCKERY to the POET” by Tiffany Rox "The World Is," by Laura Tringali Holmes “The Statue” by Nicolette Wong “Soli” by Nicolette Wong "Tell Your Story" Laura Tringali Holmes “In the Eye of a Sawed-Off Fable” by Nicolette Wong Bios Artist Statement by Laura Tringali Holmes Acknowledgement Back cover art “Glass Bye Chandelier” by Tantra Bensko

Glass Eye Chandlelier  

A LucidPlay Publishing anthology of literature and art.

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