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Silicon Valley Chapter Mission Statement: To strengthen and grow the Silicon Valley Facilities community, by providing cutting-edge educational events, professional certification, training, and a network of industry professionals to promote and enhance the careers of our members. Silicon Valley Chapter 39 $6 plus S&H

AFE Silicon Valley Chapter Presents 2nd Annual Golf Classic Mon., August 5 San Jose Country Club 15571 Alum Rock San Jose, CA 95127 Contact Co-chairs: Michael Bordoni (650) 799-9414 Bob Adamo (408) 370-6080

Register online at: http://afesiliconvalley.


July 2013

2nd Annual AFE Silicon Valley Golf Classic

Last Chance!

There is still time to register for the Second Annual AFE Silicon Valley Golf Classic but you will have to act fast! When you support this event, you are supporting the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association for Facilities Engineering and its mission. Register online at Photo by AFE member Walter Atkins.

Lunch & Learn: August 22

Identification & Evaluation of Energy,Maintenance, and Operational Savings Opportunities Presented LEED AP


As operations and maintenance professionals, many of us know of inefficiencies in our building or facility. Given the new techniques for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly building systems, there are better and more efficient ways to design and operate chillers, pumps, AHUs, and AC fans, to name a few. To solve the problem and improve the efficiency in your building, Gary Shamshoian, PE, LEED AP, will walk us through several case studies and some techniques for financial analysis that can be used to create a “business case” to convince upper management of the savings and return on investment. He will present the formulas to help you make a case to improve the efficiency of your building, and he will present real examples of opportuni-


Shamshoian, P.E.,

ties for cost savings through cases studies on: • Switching to High Performance Air Filters • Adding VFDs to Lab Supply Fans • Adding VFDs to Lab Exhaust Fans • Identifying Operations Cost Savings in Clean Rooms • Switching to a High Performance HVAC System Register now for this informative presentation that can make a real difference in your career! About the Presenter: Mr. Shamshoian, a consultant to improve high tech facilities, has worked for 30 years in technical construction management, including 20 years in biotech and pharmaceutical engineering roles. As Senior Mechanical Engineer for Genentech, Mr. Shamshoian standardized high performance facility designs for energy and maintenance efficiency, and implemented integrated building de-

AFE Silicon Valley Chapter Lunch & Learn: Identification & Evaluation of Energy, Maintenance, and Operational Savings Opportunities Thurs., Aug. 22 11:30 am–1:30 pm Location:

Santa Clara County Builders Exchange 400 Reed St. Santa Clara, CA 95050 Cost: $15 AFE Members; $25 Guests; $5 Student members To Register: http://afesiliconvalley. sign strategies that delivered three Energy Star buildings for Genentech. His efficiency and reliability improvements continue to provide over $7M in annual operating cost savings.

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July 2013

From the President’s Desk

Technology Tools for the Built Environment By Raffy Espiritu FMP, President, AFE Silicon Valley

Raffy Espiritu, AFE Silicon Valley Chapter President, is also President and CEO of the Impec Group in Santa Clara, 408-3309350, respiritu@

During the past several months, I have interacted with many stakeholders in the built environment and one thing that is emerging so clearly is the value that owners and their designated representatives assign to the need for effective technology tools to support the way a facility is managed.

their information packages that they can show to the owners as a plan to warranty their product after construction. It is not uncommon for owners to demand a warranty period of five years, especially for major projects.

The increasing complexity of the built environment has created pressure not only on genGeneral contractors, architects, eral contractors and architects, commissioning agents and the but also on the owner’s desigvarious sub-contractors dur- nated representatives to better ing the design and construction manage the facility under their phase are deep into using BIM stewardship. (Building Information Modeling) as this technology has proven to The days for “hit and miss” be superior application not only handling of facility information in the design of the building but is over. It behooves the facility as a foundation for transition- manager and building engineer ing to the operations and main- to be prepared with quick and tenance phase of the life cycle ready answers as to what assets of the facility. It is interesting are in the facility, what mechanito watch how prominent gen- cal, electrical, fire alarm and superal contractors are developing pression systems are in place,

what preventative maintenance program has been established, and whether there is a functional work order management system that supports the facility program. Failure to do so can spell disaster for building owners as they are exposing themselves to a higher level of risk, which can result in significant loss of their precious assets. It is against this increasing demand for accountability in facility management, that software manufacturers are racing to develop various tools that can support the owners and their representatives to collect pertinent data that includes, among others: asset management, preventative maintenance, space planning, energy management, work order management, and more. Continued on page 9

July 2013

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Reinhard’s Code Corner #98 Summer Vacation

Welcome to the peak of summer and its unpredictable weather. You have a wise consultant on We finally have new codes to study. Yes that is correct, the final this issue. By keeping all pressures below 15 PSIG you can edited and approved 2013 California Codes are out. legally keep the occupancy as an The California Building Code had a few changes with regard to H-3. If that pressure is exceeded sprinkler coverage and separations. The Mechanical Code has you will need to go to an H -2, modified its reference to standards. The Plumbing Code now with all of the extra baggage and allows a variety of plastic pipes. However the California Fire safeguards. I do offer you cauCode has format changes and substantive revisions. tion; if you exceed that pressure Regulators and code users will have to spend substantial time in any way you may jeopardize becoming familiar with the new Fire Code. As I have stated in your Occupancy. Be careful of previous articles – all cities and Jurisdictions are NOW prepar- your column preparation, those ing local amendments to the new Codes. Get involved, and give pressures often exceed the H-3 limit of 15 PSIG. your input to the local adoption.

Reinhard Hanselka, PE, REA of CRB Consulting Engineers Reinhard.Hanselka@

See the video of Reinhard’s Code Presentation to the AFE This month we have a few good code questions. Remember If you have a question on the videos/AFE/hanselka/ only a few questions are published, but I respond to all ques- code, send it to: hanselka.htm

tions sent to

Question #1: Our business is semiconductor related and we have a substantial inventory of equipment/tools. We were recently told that the local Fire Department wants to have a detailed review of all of our tools whenever we make changes. This could slow us down. Is this correct? Your local jurisdiction is correct. For any tool or device that uses or stores hazardous materials, it is the responsibility of the Fire Department per the requirements of the Hazardous Materials Chapter of the California Fire Code, Chapter 27 (2010) or Chapter 50 (2013). If the tool does not utilize hazardous materials, there is no authority for the local Fire Department to permit or even review the tool. A chemical inventory must be submitted with each permitted tool. I strongly recommend that you schedule a meeting with your local Fire Marshal to clearly define the review and inspection criteria, including review time lines. Question #2: We are currently designing a life science facility that will use large quantities of flammable and combustible materials. Our consultant told us that it is essential that we keep all of our delivery and handling pressures below 15 PSIG, because that is all that the city will approve.Why is this?

In this issue

Golf Tournament. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 August Lunch & Learn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Message from President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Code Corner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Honors for AFE Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 New Graduate Certificate Program in Facilities Offered . . 5 GROW Block Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 September AFE Event. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Photos from Past Lunch & Learn Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Date for Day with Facilities Pro 2014 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Members Helping Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Event Calendar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Reinhard Hanselka, PE, REA CRB Consulting Engineers 75 East Santa Clara St. Suite 350 San Jose, CA 95113

When it comes to Commercial HVAC, We Take Excellence

P e r s o n a l l y • • • • • • •

HVAC Ductwork and Piping Architectural Sheet Metal Plumbing Building Automation Systems Shop Fabrication Engineering Service

2185 Oakland Rd, San Jose, CA 95131 T.408.232.9000 F.408.433.5203

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July 2013

Congratulations are in Order

George Denise, Cushman & Wakefield Managing Director on behalf of Adobe Systems Corporate Occupier and Investor Services was named Corporate Real Estate Service Provider of the Year.

George Denise is a longterm member of the AFE and has hosted DWFP at Adobe Systems in years past and more recently served as the moderator of the panel discussion during the evening portion of the event. We salute both members and agree heartily with their selection for these honors.

John Lucas is a new member of the chapter, and a college friend of AFE SV Student Chapter Liason, Stan Nakaso. John agreed to host the 2014 Day with a Facilities Professional on behalf of Juniper Networks. DWFP is our chapter’s annual flagship event, in which students are paired with professionals in the facility management industry for a day of job shadowing.

Save the date for the CRE Awards dinner, November 14, 2013 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. For details and registration information, contact nocalchapter@corenetglobal. org.

Two members of AFE Silicon Valley, John Lucas and George Denise were recently named CoreNet Global 2013 Corporate Real Estate Honorees by the Northern California Chapter of CoreNet. John Lucias, Juniper Networks VP, Global Real Estate and Workplace Services was named Corporate Real Estate Executive of the Year.

John Lucas

George Denise, Sr.

July 2013

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Graduate Certificate Program in Facilities Maintenance & Operations You may recall reading about a new graduate certificate program in the planning stages at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in this newsletter in January 2012. After years of planning, Bob Dills, past president of AFE Silicon Valley and of IFMA Silicon Valley and Barbara Jackson, PhD, DBIA, Professor, Construction Management at Cal Poly State University are proud to announce that the certificate program has been scheduled for the coming fall term.

Raffy Espiritu, AFE-SV Chapter President said, “This is welcome news! We at AFE need to promote this program to our membership and to our colleagues at IFMA and BOMA.

According to an email written by Dr. Jackson, “the first Facilities Management & Operations (FMO) graduate certificate course is scheduled and the registration process is open on the Cal Poly Extended education website.  All six courses are scheduled to be delivered this next academic year – one in fall, two in winter, two in spring, and the final one in summer 2014 to complete the first enrollment and delivery cycle.  If demand is present we will deliver the first course again in winter or spring to launch a second cohort.  FINALLY - it is happening!”

the “eco system” within the

Bob Dills explained that the courses have been scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays to allow working adults to participate. Although the first session

“The new FMO graduate certificate will complete design disciplines within Cal Poly’s Construction Management department. It includes technical subjects such as HVAC, Roofing, Site Development, Controls, Environmental and Energy, Project Management and Financial Analysis,” said Bob Dills.

beginning in September will be on-campus in San Luis Obispo, future sessions will be a hybrid of online and on-campus and eventually online. Bob also explained that professionals who have earned Bachelors degrees, once accepted into the program, will receive a graduate certificate upon successful completion of the program. However, professionals who do not have degrees are also welcome to enroll in individual courses. They will receive university credit upon successful completion of each course. “The benefit for all is that this program will fill in the gaps in their experience,” said Bob. For example it covers finance for facility professionals, a topic that some facilities professionals may not have mastered. For those without a degree, successful completion of this course will add another level of credibility to their resume. For additional information visit the Cal Poly website at: http://www.catalog.

She went on to say that she planned to use the recent GROW Block Party in July “to Cal Poly Facilities Management launch a dedicated and strate- and Operations Graduate Certificate Program gic recruiting effort to attract CM 510 Principles of Integrated Facility Management 1 a more diverse population to Facility Risk Analysis and Project Management a Cal Poly CM/FMO education. CM 511 We would like to discuss how CM 512 Facility Maintenance and Operation Strategies Cal Poly and this GROW group, CM 513 Facility Systems Assessment and Integration IFMA, and AFE could strategiSustainable Facility Management cally partner to support Silicon CM 514 Valley students in their efforts Environmental Health and Safety Management for and opportunities to achieve a CM 515 Facilities quality college education. This could be as incoming freshmen 1 IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager (CFM®) credential may substitute for CM or transfer students from San 510 Principles of Integrated Facility Management. Individuals possessing this credential are only required to complete 5 courses. Jose area community colleges.”

Serving Silicon Valley Since 1954

Mechanical Electrical Chemical Design Engineers of Facilities for: Bioscience Electronics Healthcare Datacom  Greentech    

1740 Technology Drive  Suite 210  San Jose  CA  95110 Tel: 408-200-7200   Fax: 408-200-7201

July 2013

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G R O W Guidance Resources Opportunities Work

Grow Block Party a Big Success On July 24, more than 115 facility professionals came out to support GROW’s first fundraiser, held at Goodwill Silicon Valley. The new 501C3 group is dedicated to meeting the challenge of supporting a new generation of facility engineers, building managers, operations personnel, HVAC contractors, electrical engineers, janitorial staff and others who make up the facilities profession. Although cost and revenue numbers are not complete, GROW co-founder Bob Dills said he considered the event a big success. Bob said, “the strongest thing that struck Julie O’Loughlin,

Caasi Bonura, Scott Schipper and me, is how easy the associations like IFMA and AFE make things look. And they do it multiple times a month. Personally it amazes me how many fine details are involved in pulling off an event like the Block Party. There is no way in the world it could have happen anywhere close to the way it did without all of our dedicated volunteers.

The team from Western Allied Mechanical include Jeremy Goodland, Zach Russi with Caasi Bonura and Bob Dills, cofounder of GROW.

The event was hosted by Goodwill of Silicon Valley. Michael Fox and Robert Shuck volunteered their parking lot, which was a great venue that accommodated a live band, three food trucks, games, photo booth and prize raffles. (See below.) Continued on page 8

Raffle Prize Donors A Stand up Paddle Board - Sponsored by Western Allied Mechanical Sailing Trip for Four - Donated by Whitecap Insurance Services Wellness Weekend In Santa Cruz- Paradox Hotel (donated a night stay) - A private pilates session for two (donated by Core Fitness Studios)                                                          - Two massages (donated by Sheri Rath at Awaken) - Dinner at the Crows Nest - Two manicures (donated by Fusion Spa) Giants Tickets - Donated by MAI Industries A’s Tickets - Donated by Western Allied Mechanical Two Emergency Backpacks - donated by QuakeHold Industrial Two Travel emergency kits - ICE Safety Solutions

Other sponsors:

Event Sponsor - Glumac Food Truck - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Food Truck - Technical Builders Paddle Board - Western Allied Beach Party Photo Booth - Reliable Concepts Corp. Tiki Bar Sponsor - J & J Air Tiki Bar Sponsor - Impec Group Coffee Bar Sponsor - Associated Coffee & Mars Drinks/Associated Services Game sponsor - Turner Construction Game Sponsor - Facilities First Game Sponsor - Gachina Landscape Dessert Truck - MAI Industries

Patron Sponsors

Valley Facilities Management Corporation Gordon Prill DFS ICE Safety Solutions Office City

In Kind Sponsors

Parking Lot Sweep - Perfection Sweeping GROW Lounge Furniture - Brooks Furniture Rentals

Caasi Bonura, wearing stripes right, came in second in the Hula Hoop Contest to this little girl who was determined not to give up!

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July 2013

Bob Adamo, Dave Ponciano, and Erik Amos all of Technical Builders with Scott Schipper of Unisource.

Ladder Ball

Scott Schipper, Chair of the GROW Block Party

GROW’s First Project

During the launch party the first major GROW initiative was announced. Bob Kraiss, who recently retired as Senior Director of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities for Adaptec, announced that GROW is the sponsoring organization aimed at creating a children’s performing arts theater in East Palo Alto.  The plan is to use an existing stage in the gym at the Costano School and use the resources of IFMA-SV and AFE to install material donated by Google. The groups will add audio, video, lighting, screens, and pipe and drape.  The 49ers Academy (the 6th, 7th and 8th grades at the school) will be responsible for organizing and running performances and for-profit events in the new theater.  All the children of East Palo Alto will be able to participate in the performances.  A master plan is currently being created to fund and arrange for labor, materials and engineering requirements.  The project has a target completion date of spring 2014.

This was the first special event produced by GROW, but GROW co-founders Bob Dills and Julie O’Loughlin expect to produce two per year, an outdoor event like this one in the summertime and an awards ceremony in the fall or winter. Bob thanked all of the sponsors and the Silicon Valley chapters of AFE, IFMA and BOMA for “such wonderful support.” He stressed that, “the important thing was to launch GROW and improve the visibility of the cause to encourage young people to choose facility management as a career.”

July 2013

Message from President (continued from page 2) While very sophisticated tools have been in place for very large global corporations, the applications for small and medium size companies are very expensive and much too complicated. This brings to the fore the need to develop more flexible and robust applications that are suitable to the needs of the majority of facilities that require technology support for effective facility and property management. The main areas of interest are in the field of Building Management Systems (BMS) where MEP systems are documented and tracked and CMMS (Computer Maintenance Maintenance System) where asset management, work order management, preventative maintenance and related needs are set in place. The Silicon Valley chapter of the AFE will address this important area of concern in facilities in future education programs so that our members will be provided with the latest developments that are emerging.

Page 9

Joint Meeting with ISPE and AFE Silicon Valley Chapter September 26 Mark your calendar now for an AFE meeting in conjunction with the ISPE, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering on Thursday September 26 on the topic of California’s new Building Codes presented by Code Expert Reinhard Hanselka, P.E., REA. The ISPE will generously allow the AFE Silicon Valley to join them for this interesting presentation to be held at the South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, CA 94080. Mr. Hanselka writes a popular ongoing column in this newsletter (see page 3), in which he answers questions about the code and serves as a valuable resource to members of the facility management and operations industry. In this meeting, he will discuss changes in the new 2013 codes. He mentioned that there are extensive changes to the fire code. Don’t miss it!

What Company Will You Trust for Your Next Build Out? Trust Technical Builders to simplify complex technical projects. Our background in facilities engineering and design-build expertise gives us a keen understanding of the specialized processes and systems that are vital to your operations.

n ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES: Clean Rooms, R & D, Manufacturing Facilities, Data Centers, Semiconductor Fabs, Tool Installations n LIFE SCIENCES: Biotech, pharmaceutical and medical facilities such as GMP Labs, Tissue Culture Rooms, Vivariums, Dry Rooms n CORPORATE OFFICES: High end office renovations for existing facilities or new ground-up construction n SPECIALIZED FACILITIES: Food processing plants, H–occupancy spaces, sports arenas, seismic retrofits SPECIALISTS IN FACILITATING STRUCTURE 310 W. HAMILTON AVE., CAMPBELL CA 95008 408.378.6500 www.TECHNICALBUILDERS. COM

Page 10

July 2013

Lunch & Learn: June 27 Lighting Controls and Upcoming Changes to Title 24 Presented by Cori Jackson, Program Director at the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis Hosted by:Tod Fukushima Construction Products Specialist One Workplace

Thanks to our presenter and our host, the AFE Lunch & Learn event on June 27 was a resounding success. AFE Silicon Valley chapter Education Chair Alex Mandrusov said it was an “Absolutely outstanding event with a great topic and outstanding speakers!” He gave special thanks to host, Tod Fukushima for hosting the meeting and the special tour of One Workplace’s spectacular facility. Cori Jackson, Program Director at the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis did a stellar job summarizing the new requirements of Title 24 as they relate to lighting controls.

Real Time Metering Solutions for Critical Energy Systems Access, Control, React from Anywhere, Anytime

Applied Power Technologies - Providing Customized Energy Solutions Since 1994 - RECIPE Reporting - Preferred Customer Support - Power Quality - Short Circuit and Protective Device Coordination Study (408) 342-0790

July 2013

Page 11

Lunch & Learn: July 25

Inspection & Service Agreements for Fire Life Safety & Suppression Systems Presented by Patrick Hallett and Frank Shenave of Sabah International Hosted by: Bryce Reynolds, CFM, CFMJ Facilities Manager, McAfee

Twenty two facilities professionals attended the July 25 Lunch & Learn Program hosted by McAfee on the topic of Fire Life Safety and Suppression Systems. According to AFE Student Chapter Liaison Stan Nakaso, “It was a fantastic presentation that aptly captured the key concerns of RFPs and the contract process geared directly towards the Facility Professional.” Thank you to our host Bryce Reynolds at McAfee and presenters Patrick Hallett and Frank Shenave of Sabah Inernational.

Date Announced for Day with Facilities Pro 2014 by Stan Nakaso, DWFP Chair Mark your calendars for the 2014 DWFP student & young professional event on Friday February 28.  John Lucas, Vice President of Real Estate & Workplace Services of Juniper Networks will be hosting this 52nd annual event at the newly constructed offices in Sunnyvale Calif. John and I graduated from Cal Poly years ago and participated in this event as AFE student members. Last year’s event was a big success. Over 60 students and professional facility hosts attended. For the past 51 years, this event has enabled future facility engineering students at local colleges to spend an afternoon job shadowing a facility representative for a glimpse into their world. The evening presentation allows students to network with other facility professionals and participate in a lively panel discussion about our roles as facility

Patrick Crowley Acting Deputy Director for Facilities ad Engineering at San Jose International Airport shakes hands with a student AFE member at DWFP 2013 held at Linkedin.

representatives. Mark your calendars. We’d like to see everyone come out and support the students and the event.

Page 12

July 2013

Therma can handle all of your needs and more!

Architectural Sheet Metal | BIM Modeling | Building Automation Controls Custom Fabrication | Design Build | HVAC | Plumbing Process Piping | Process Skids | 24hr HVAC and Plumbing Service

1601 Las Plumas Avenue, San Jose, CA 95133-1613 | Ph: 408 • 347 • 3400 | Fax: 408 • 347 • 3418 |

July 2013

Page 13

Members Helping Members The Silicon Valley chapter of AFE is an all-volunteer organization. Board members listed below work together to bring top quality events to members. Please consider doing business with them. AFE SV President Raffy Espiritu, Founder, Pres.& CEO, IMPECGroup, 408-3309350, respiritu@impecgroup. com, Impec Group is a one-stop shop for solutions needed by a facility from staffing to full operations and maintenance services that include building maintenance and repair, HVAC, custodial, office services, energy management and related facility solutions. AFE VP James Elder, CAPS, 408-855-1105,, CAPS Sells/Rents: Auxl Generators,Transformers, SPD, UPS Systems, UPS Service, UPS Battery Replacements, PDUs, Server Racks, Rack PDUs, CRAC’s, Central Monitoring & Control Syst. Project support to Engineers/Contractors/Users at design, install, & operations typically at no cost. AFE Membership Chair Steve Woods (510) 750-0159, American Technologies, Inc. (ATI) is a restoration, environmental and reconstruction specialty contractor. Services include 24-hour emergency services for water, fire and smoke damage, asbestos/lead removal, mold remediation, biohazard clean-up, contents cleaning/storage and reconstruction services. Education Chair Alex Mandrusov 408-504-7800 malex@

Communications Chair Carole Lucido, carole@ (925) 9476080 Lucido Marketing & Graphics produces marketing that builds your image in print or on the web. For a sample of our awardwinning writing and graphic design work, see lucidomarketing. com,, or this newsletter. We make complex information easy to understand. Program Chair Jennifer Farmer, 408-353-1236, jen@ Since 1979, Greenworks AFE SV Past President Bob Workplace Finishes Inc. has Adamo, 408-370-6080, bad- established a reputation as the premier living plant and floTechnical Builders is a commer- ral display purveyor for Silicon cial general contractor special- Valley corporate campuses and izing in fast paced technically has developed an integral set challenging design-build projects of core-competencies providsuch as clean rooms, biotech & ing “value-added” benefits in art medical labs, R & D, and corpo- consulting services, way-finding rate offices. Our facilities based signage and Holiday displays. expertise delivers a turnkey, Chapter Secretary Linda cost effective solution for our Fung, Contract Administrator, clients. IMPECGroup, 408-330-9350 Programs Committee l f u n g @ i m p e c g r o u p . c o m , Kim Tamayo 510-277-2646 Impec Group is a one-stop shop for Pyro-Comm Systems is a fully solutions needed by a facility licensed Fire Alarm Contrac- from staffing to full operations tor; specializing in commercial and maintenance services that applications, office buildings, include building maintenance and hospitals, industrial complexes, repair, HVAC, custodial, office campuses, hotels, airports and services, energy management retail properties. Services in- and related facility solutions. clude Fire/Life Safety system Student Affairs Chair, Stan design, engineering, installation, Nakaso 408-742-8084 programming, tenant improve- ments, monitoring, testing and UL Certification. Your Name Here! Contact AFE-SV Vice President Jim Elder and volunteer for the Board of a Committee today, 408-781-5959

Page 14

July 2013

July 2013

Page 15

AFE Silicon Valley 2013 Event Calendar VENUE




AFE Kick-off Meeting at Linkedin

January 9


Linkedin and Impec Group

Tour San Jose Airport with BOMA

February 13

SJ International Airport


The New California Codes, Joint Meeting with ISPE, presenter: Reinhard Hanselka

September 26

South San TBD Francisco Conference Center

Buildings Sustainability and Tour of Energy Efficient Data Center

October 16


Fenwick & West


Meeting / Facility Tours:

NetApp TBD

Lunch & Learns: Electric Rate Structures: Where they’re going and what to do about them

Jan. 24



Innovations in High Performance Commercial HVAC Systems

February 28

Fenwick & West

Western Allied Mechanical

Hazardous Materials Regulatory Compliance

March 28

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Transformer Efficiency

April 25

BD Biosciences


Lighting Controls and Upcoming Changes to Title 24, by Cori Jackson, Program Director, California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis

June 27

One Workplace, Santa Clara


Fire Protection Systems, Patrick Hallett, Sabah

July 25

McAfee, Santa Clara


Identification and Evaluation of Energy, Maintenance and Operational Savings Opportunities, Gary Shamshoian, P.E., LEED AP

August 22

Santa Clara County Builders Exchange


Day with a Facility Professional

May 3



Golf Tournament

August 5

SJ Country Club


Evening with Industry



Student Chapters

Holiday Party


Mixers and Special Events:

Day with Facilities Pro 2014

Mark your calendars for the 2014 DWFP student & young professional event on February 28.  John Lucas, Vice President of Real Estate & Workplace Services of Juniper Networks will be hosting event at the newly constructed offices in Sunnyvale Calif.


Association for FACILITIES ENGINEERING Silicon Valley Chapter 39

Carole Lucido, Editor Lucido Marketing & Graphics 2763 Tumwater Drive Walnut Creek, CA 94598 (925) 947-6080 This newsletter was printed with non-toxic toner on an Energy-Star certified printer, on paper made with 15% postconsumer fiber.

Innovative Solutions. Impeccable Service.

650.326.0750 Contemporary Jewish Museum

Association for Facilities Engineering Silicon Valley Chapter July 2013 Newsletter  

Association for Facilities Engineering, Silicon Valley California Chapter, Industry News for July 2013

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