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 How much do you know about real Taiwan? -Culture, Diet, Drama, Tourist Spot, Political, Architecture, Internship…

 small island, BIG Experience

Cuisine Paradise Cheap, diversity, characteristic cuisine

Taiwanese Entertainment

WHY Taiwan? Diversity Culture The most traditional Chinese Society and Aboriginal Culture

Magnificent Scenery

Famous sites

About Taiwan Area : 36,000 square kilometers Population : 23 million President : Ma Ying-jeou Capital : Taipei City Language : Mandarin / Taiwanese / Hakka Religion : Buddhism / Taoism / Christianity / Islam

Intern in Taiwan DurationďźšSeptember-October ConditionďźšFree accommodation, free meal Internship: Children Education, Traditional Community, Internationalization, Aboriginal Culture Promotion, Taiwan Culture Conservation, Taiwan Tourism Exposure.

Write your new chapter on this Amazing Island

The Best Project Award in the World

NBBB Award

Bridging the Gap-Education To improve remote and rural area education resource @Job Description: Teach English/Teach Cultural course/ Hold the holiday camp/Hold extracurricular activities/ Participate in school activities/ Hold activities to promote some social issues like energy saving, HIV, and environment issue. (Major project in AIESEC Taiwan) TW search tool

Touch Truly Taiwan In Taiwan, we have lots of unique traditional culture like aboriginal culture, Hakka culture, and Chinese temple culture but always ignore that to pursue foreign culture. From different eyes, Find different world. @Job Description: Interact with local people and environment/Make creative video to record/Use social network/Write blogs/ Make promotion material TW search tool

Touch the world Build up global environment and share some important issues in different campus. Let local Taiwan student have opportunity to touch the world. @Job Description: Hold Global Village in campus/Share different culture experience/Promote global social issue/ Interact with local student. TW search tool

Small island, BIG Experience

More information Hear Taiwan AIESEC Taiwan information Exchange experience Trainee Conference 1112 AIESEC Taiwan MC VP Project Julie Lin: TW search tool

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Taiwan Exchange Promo