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No. 256 October 2013

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London people

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Bruno Mars

E6.15 (The Canary Islands & Airports: E6.30)

A new popstar

Royal n o i t a r b cele

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A selection of films, music and gossip Bruno Mars Our London Top 10


success story




language corner




Reading file




The Royal Family

Proverbs, idioms, expressions... Bizarre news from around the world

The Sydney Opera House is 40 today!

Life of Pi, by Yann Martel.

Bidule: Three little puppies*


Have fun at home! Test Can you keep a secret?

next issue 27 chat room

What’s your favourite food?


Sherman’s Lagoon: The incredible flying* fish. There is a markH! after some words. These words or expressions are explained in English in a box in every section. Pronunciation: phonetic symbols are not used, only an approximation in order to have a general idea of what the word sounds like.


There is an asterisk* after every difficult word. Translations of these words, according to the context, are in our Vocabulary in the centre of the magazine.

Happy Birthday! ¡ 8 October 1997 American actress Bella Thorne is 16 years old today.


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Everyone recognizes the Sydney Opera House with its spectacular roof* in the form of seashells*. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973 and has become one of Australia’s most important symbols. Happy birthday, Sydney Opera House!

do-it-yourself Halloween handicrafts




ó revocando el consentimiento otorgado por


23 September 22 October

¡ 17 October 1972 American rapper Eminem is 41 years old today.

Oct 27 obe r

Fruit par

One fruit loves England’s climate: the apple. Every October, the English honour their favourite fruit on Apple Day. It promotes* many apple varieties and their uses*: apple juice, pies and cakes!

Mad* Hatter Day H!

This day celebrates the Mad* Hatter. It was invented in honour of the famous cha­­ racter* from Alice* in Won­­der­­ land. It’s the perfect time to be eccentric! So why not wear a silly* hat today? Disney


! d l r o Hi World ! W i H O

6 October

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I Love English - October 2013



Vegetable music


atch some musicians create and use instruments made from vegetables. You can make some too. Just remember: the vegetables must be fresh*.



Library of Congress

14 Columbus or Native* Americans?

Most states* in the USA celebrate Columbus Day. They commemorate the Europeans who conquered America. But people in South Dakota organise Native* American Day. They remember North America’s indigenous* peoplesH! instead*!


Book of

the month


The Spook’s Bestiary

by Joseph Delaney

million euros


That’s how much one English teenager received for his invention. Nick d’Aloisio, aged 17, created an application which condenses text for smartphones. He called it Summly and then sold* it to Yahoo. Now Nick is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to be a millionaire!

I Love English - October 2013

N t e r n e t

I Love English - October 2013

Fans of the Spook’s fantasy series by Joseph Delaney will enjoy this new book. It’s the Spook’s private journal with all of his dark* secrets. It’s essential for fans of the series, but it will also captivate new readers*. Spooky*!

☞ “peoples” The word people is the plural form of person. It is only used in the plural “peoples” when it refers to the men, women, and children of a particular nation, community or ethnic group. ☞ “The Mad Hatter” is the character who shares a crazy tea party with Alice in Wonderland.


Peo ple


Text: © Bayard Presse-I Love English-Lesley Ormal-Grenon-October 2013

Pa s s p o r t

ez Hernand ter Gene e P : e 5 8 m 9 a Real n ctober 1 irth: 8 O awaii Date of b th: Honolulu, H rother. ir b e f nd on b a Place o rs te is s four Family: e youngest. yboard*, th is o n uitar, ke Bru g , * s m : dru He plays , harmonica no ia p , s bas

The new King of Pop He’s the talented showman who’s had five Number Ones. Meet the new King!


for Big Success

In just three years, Bruno Mars has become one of the biggest names in pop music. He has sold* more than eight million albums around the world, and is now Hawaii’s most popular export…



Bruno has many musical styles. There’s rock, rap, R&B and reggae. Hawaiians love reggae music, and many of Bruno’s songs have a reggae sound*. Another influence on his music is “Doo-Wop”, a type of rhythm and blues from the 1950s. It inspired the title of his first album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans.



That’s the name of Bruno’s second album. He wrote* the songs, but he didn’t have a clear plan for the album. “It turned* into this soulful*, experimental, electronic, hard-to-explain* thing,” he says.

le … p o e p f o s t lo h it w g nnectin o c e ’r u o y s n a e m p o “P Pop is awesome*!”





People often compare Bruno and the “King of Pop”. Like Michael Jackson, Bruno’s voice has exceptional tone* and is soulful* and clear. Bruno is a superb dancer and comes from a big family. He is also a big fan of hats …



Hats are part of Bruno’s image. His hat collection includes beanies*, caps and borsalino hats. “The hat has to speak to you, from your soul,” he says. Another of his favourite clothes are open shirts with jeans. Bruno’s appearance shows his relaxed, optimistic attitude.



Bruno shares* a world record with British singer Adele. They are the only artists in history who have had a Number One song with only piano and vocals. Bruno’s song is the ballad “When I Was your Man”. I Love English - October 2013


BRUNO MARS DISCography Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010) UnorthodoxH! JukeboxH! (2012)


Bruno’s real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. “’Bruno” is the nickname* that his father gave him when he was two years old. Bruno chose the “Mars” part later. He thought it sounded* exciting and energetic, and was sure that a cool name would help his music career.


for SHOW

Bruno’s latest show is called “The Moonshine Jungle Tour”. It opened in the USA and is in Europe this month. Bruno and his band, The Hooligans, will play concerts in Britain, France, Spain and Germany. Many dates are sold* out, but it’s OK... with so many European fans, Bruno is sure to be back soon! n



Bruno has Puerto Rican, Jewish, Filipino and Spanish origins. He says growing* up in Hawaii made him the man he is. “Everybody in my family sings, everyone plays instruments,” he says. By age four, he played in the family band. Soon he became known for his Elvis Presley impersonations*.

☞ “unorthodox” refers to something that is contrary to what is considered normal or usual. ☞ “jukebox” is a machine that automatically plays a selected musical recording when a coin is inserted. They were very popular in bars and cafés in the 1950s and 60s.

Warner Music



Rep ort Text: © Bayard Presse-I Love English-Lesley Ormal-Grenon-October 2013

Our London Top From the world’s most famous phone* box to the oldest underground system, here are our favourite ten things to see in London ...


S T FAMOU S O M e h T the world clock in

London on View

ll* of the be e m a n e h n” is t ut most people call*H! “Big tBhe e clock. B . The bell chimed ly n inside n oday it o r* Big Be the towe st time in 1859. T next* to is for the fir epairs*. Big Ben o the r S r . o t f n stops use liame es of Par ve no exc the Hous of Parliament ha Members late for work ... for being


The MOST ICONIC phone* box in the world

The red phone box is one


I Love English

of the most famous British symbols. The colour red was originally chosen to make them easy to see, and today you still find some red phone boxes in London. Tourists love to take photos of themselves inside them.

I Love English - October 2013


London on View

10 The Ferris* BIGGEST wheelH! in Europe

The Lon

than 3.5 don Eye welc m om It opened illion visitors per es more y in views of t 1999 and has fa ear. ntastic he city. T h ... one for each of Lo ere are 32 capsule s ndon’s 32 boroughs *.


MOUS The MOST FA the world jewels* in


* are on* displa ls e w Je ed n w o ey are protect The Cr of London. Th


at the Tower* d “Beefeaters”. e by guards call e the Imperial se n ca u Inside yo ith more than w , n w ro State* C ds, pearls, 3,000 diamon ralds* e sapphires, em s. ie and rub


☞ “chimed” is a verb that is used specifically to refer to the sound made by clocks or bells. ☞ “Ferris wheel” gets its name from George Ferris, the American engineer who invented it. A Ferris wheel is usually just called a big wheel.

The MOST POPU LAR guards* in the world

The Queen

I Love English - October 2013

’s Guards* are the soldiers who defend the residences in London official royal . Pe to see them at Buckin ople come gham Palace, especially for the “C hanging* of the Guard*” ceremony. They caps and they must no wear bearskin* t smile …


Language Corner

school subjects* Complete the crossword puzzle with 6 school subjects*. The letters in the colored squares* form another subject, a European language (line 7).

1 √

Great royal familY



4¬ 6

Congratulations, Queen Elizabeth! You are a great-grandmother again. Prince Philip, the great-grandfather, must be very happy too.

Your beautiful new great-grandson is called George Alexander Louis.

Official Royal Images Library

What a great royal family.

1 2 3 4 5 6

The international language. Common language of South America. The study of the past: wars, revolutions … The language of the ancient Romans. You learn the periodic table in this subject. Geometry, algebra, trigonometry …



Complete this text with the superlative of the words in parentheses.

“ To hit the road ” = to leave or to start on a journey*.

1 I love Johnny Depp. I think that Johnny is . . . . . . . . . . actor in the world. the (great) . . . . . .greatest

2 He is the (handsome*)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Example: We’re ready to go. Let’s hit the road!

I’ve ever seen in a film.

3 He is probably the (rich)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


in Hollywood too.

4 Johnny’s (good)

. . . . . . . . role is Edward Scissorhands, but Edward is also the (sad) . . . . . . . . . . . . character* that he has played.

5 Johnny and Vanessa Paradis were Hollywood’s (glamorous) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . couple.

6 I think that breaking* up with Vanessa was Johnny’s (silly) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . decision.


I Love English - October 2013


Vocabulary Use the vocabulary to talk about cars.

Two heads are better* than one

DreamWorks Animation

= It’s easier to find a solution to a problem if there are two people, not just one.


seat belt



steering wheel

car key

car door


license plateH!

Tongue twister Say this tongue twister very, very quickly!

Chelsea chews* chocolate chewing gum. Chelsea chews chocolate chewing gum.

everyday english “See you!” = good bye! Young people use this expression. In a text* message, it’s “C


☞ “license plate” in British English can also be called the “registration number” In Britain you can personalise the number so it says something about the driver.

I Love English - October 2013

ANSWERS on next issue


Reading file

This text is written in literary register. Text: Jane Kilner. Illustrations: Antonio Escobar

Life of Pi

H!* by Yann Martel

This is a story of hope and endurance* in the face of death. Pi* finds himself alone on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean with only a tiger to keep him company. The tiger’s presence never ceases to be a danger to Pi* but as time passes, they depend on each other for survival.

Life of Pi, by Yann Martel

The Main Characters Pi*

The Story Pondicherry, India

I’m the tiger. Yes, I know I’ve got a man’s name, but let me explain why. The man who captured me was called Richard Parker and he gave me the name of “Thirsty*”. However, the man in the shipping office in India made a mistake with the documents and our names got mixed up, so I became Richard Parker and he was “Thirsty*”. Anyway, I think it’s a very dignified name for what I am - a very big, very majestic and very heavy Bengal tiger!

A Canadian writer arrives in Pondicherry, once the capital of the French-speaking colony in India. While sitting in a café, he meets an old man who says he is going to tell him a story that will make him believe in God. He also tells him that the story he is about to hear is true.

at the time begins to worry Pi’s father, who decides to leave the country and head* for Canada, where he will start his own zoo, taking* some of the animals with him.

The zoo

Not long after boarding* the Japanese ship that will take them to Canada, there is a terrible storm. Pi* is lucky and manages to get into a lifeboat, but all the rest of the passengers are drowned*. Unfortunately, he finds himself in the boat with a zebra, an orang-utan and a hyena who have all fallen into the lifeboat from the ship. The hyena kills and eats the zebra and the orang-utan. “I was next. That much was clear to me ” says Pi*. He prepares for the worst, but suddenly

Pi* and his brother live with their parents, who run the Pondicherry Zoo. They learn how to respect and understand the animals that live there. Pi* also takes a great interest in religion. As an Indian, he is raised* as a Hindu, but he also discovers Christianity and Islam and decides to practise all three religions simultaneously. The political situation in India


Richard Parker

The storm and the shipwreck*

I Love English - October 2013


I got my name from a friend of my father’s, who was the man who taught me how to swim. My full name is Piscine Molitor Patel, after the “Piscine Molitor” which was a famous swimming pool in Paris. At school my name got shortened to Pi*, so everybody thought it had something to do with the number Pi*, which of course it hasn’t.

Have fun Test

at home!

contents test p. 23

experiment p. 24-25

Can you keep a secret? If you’re told a secret, can you hold your tongue*? friend says: If I tell you 1 aAsecret, will you tell me

 You are truly hurt and try to make her understand why...

s You don’t think twice about it and immediately join in the game!  You refuse* to take part in such a deal*!  You say yes, but then tell your friend a lie, not a secret.

do you think of gossip* 5 What magazines?

one too?

s You love them: they give you lots to talk about.  They’re good for using to light a fire.  They’re often just a pack of lies.

chance you see two found out the marks of 2 Byclassmates* holding hands... 6 You’ve one of your classmates: 4 out You only tell your best friends

 You don’t speak to her until further* notice. s To get your own back on her, you tell your parents all her secrets.

Results ☞ “You’re like a tombstone” means that the secret is buried with you and will never get out. ☞ “You’re worse than a sieve” means that everything you are told easily gets out, just like putting flour in a sieve.

I Love English - October 2013

© Bayard Presse -Okapi Hors Sèrie-April 2013. Text: Amandine Latour. Illustrations: Manu Boisteau.

sister has revealed one 4 Your of your secrets...

Mostly s You’re like a tombstone*H!. Your friends know that a secret will be safe with you. They’ll suddenly start to tell you all about their life, their worries, their anxieties and their romances: sometimes it’s more than you can stand! You’re not their therapist so don’t be afraid of telling them to stop.

 They trust you. s You know how to make them smile again.  You always lend a sympathetic ear.

s You tell your classmate what mark they’ve got. They’ll only find out anyway.  You see your classmate is in a good mood. You don’t want to spoil his / her day.  You don’t like giving bad news.

Mostly  You’re a mixture. Keeping a secret is important to you but the temptation is so great that you can’t help revealing* it... but you only give away secrets that aren’t very important: you aren’t the kind of person who would betray* a friend.

friends confide* 3 Ifinyour you it’s because...

of 20...

Mostly  You’re worse than a sieveH!! You adore those juicy bits of gossip that make life interesting. Besides*, is a secret still a secret when someone has already passed it on to you? So what is wrong with telling it to someone else? To put it simply: your friends will no longer trust you to keep a secret.

  what you saw.  You think that it’s sweet but you keep it to yourself. s You play at being the journalist and spread the news.


Comic Three little puppies* Look, Louise! Three ADORABLE little puppies*. They need their vaccines.

Oh no! The phone! Bidule, please watch the puppies.

Yip, yip!

Wait Max, I’m busy*!

Yip, yip!


The problem is that you can’t see anything! How sad*…

Wait! I have an idea!

Now you’re ready* for your vaccines, puppies!

That’s* better!

☞ “Hey guys, you’re funny” The word funny has two possible meanings in English: one is amusing, the other is strange. 22

Bidule probably means both!

Bidule - Rodrigue/Aucaigne ©Editions du Lombard (Dargaud-Lombard s.a. 2012)

Hey guys*, you’re funny H!. Your skin* covers your eyes!

I Love English  

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