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BRIDGE 2013 5-7.4.

Ru탑omberok 1sstt delegate booklet

BRIDGE is about engaging all members in the country, bridging two generations. To define the direction and strategies of the organisation for next year as part of the national plan. Connecting with alumni to ensure continuity, preparing our members for an International Internship and inducting our new members. BRIDGE is important for our new members because this is where they will meet and experience the culture of AIESEC as well as the knowledge needed for them to start performing. It is also place for our yearly national awards.

BRIDGE is for Newies Team leaders & Members EBc & EBe Internship participants Alumni

You can enjoy BRIDGE with awesome OC Rebels and great facis.

Where will it be? Apartmánový dom Fatrapark , Hrabovská dolina 3280/18 Ružomberok 034 01

Sign up: MfdCK3w5b_tf7K6Ih9G0R8FfNv_PM K-a8si-sPzcBo/viewform DDL for registration is 27.3.2013 Till the 27.3.2013, the cancelation fee is 0 €. After this date you will have to pay 100% of fee. Thank you for understanding!

FEE: 65 €

Agenda: Soon enough, Stay tuned!

Buuuut..we can tell you parties!  Friday RETRO PARTY  Saturday GLOBAL VILLAGE


Wanna see and hear us? Part 1 Part 2 OCP O OCC D Deelleeggaatteess:: M Miirroossllaavvaa SSvviiddrrooňňoovváá M Miirroossllaavvaa..ssvviiddrroonnoovvaa@ @ggm maaiill..ccoom m

Managers: conference manager: MIHU!

agenda managers: EB: Mihu Lazar TLD: Katka Dujkovรก Newies: Alexandra Coanda RIS: Mirka Chromkovรก Alumni: Stela Beslerovรก

1st delegates booklet_Bridge 2013  

all the information needed for the delegates of Bridge 2013