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1. “Place the keyboard in a lower level of the elbow. In this way, keep the shoulders and wrists in a relaxed position.” 2. “Use rubber pads between the keyboard and the table, and where the mouse.” 3. “The forearms should be supported both by typing on the keyboard and using the mouse.”

If you spend a lot of time online, if you neglect your personal and family obligations to be online , you may be suffering from a new addition: Techno addiction.

4. “We are suggesting periodic breaks during the workday and perform stretching exercises for the flexors and extensors of the wrist and fingers.”

You could say that the techno addition is acting in the people as a new drug, that changes their behavior, especially if you are between fourteen and twenty-four years, because at this age people tent to be more impressionable by the new trends or fashion, just not to be isolated from the social group they belong to.

It`s important to manage the media and stay ahead with technology, yet we are social beings and therefore we need to communicate with other human beings, that is why we avoid replacing a human by a machine because we belong to a family, we have commitments with these people and we can´t abandon them. All educational institutions should explain to their students which is the end of the technology when it becomes an addiction, so you won`t end absorbed by it.

This new scourge can be so severe that could end the relationship in families and make them feel lonely, anxious and psychotic. A techno addicted must learn new forms of written communication to write faster, he has to invent new codes making communication more complex You could say that the writing is vulgarized, they are not interested in the orthographic rules or the correct spelling. The excessive use of the computer can cause health problems in the people, but the most common are: isolation, depression, anxiety, visual problems, and the famous carpal tunnel syndrome among others. Many people are concerned about this new “Illness” and that is why it`s easy to find recommendations in case of being a a prisoner of the technoaddition. These are some tips found on the Internet:

The security of this event is going to

Olympic Games

(London 2012)

be very strict; probably the military mobilization in the United Kingdom will be the biggest since Second World War. The number of soldiers will vary between 24.000 and 49.000 and it’ll costs over 600’000.000 £.







thirtieth Olympic Games. They’ll start on July the 27th, and they’ll finish on August the 12th. The Olympic Games is one of

the most important sporty

events and it’s held every four years in summer. The sports arenas are really imposing and the country has invested a lot of money to improve or to build them.

The Olympic torch is its symbol, and it travels around the world for about a year,



Greece to London.




This year there will 204 countries

The objective for each competitor is


not only to get a medal but also to







break or to beat the records.

In the event there are 30 Olympic


sports, and each competition awards

sportswomen, who are famous for

three kinds of medals for the best

beating too many records or win a lot

three competitors: Gold, Silver and

of medals; Michael Phelps has beaten



37 records at swimming and he has


gotten 16 Olympic medals. Usain Bolt

basketball, beach volleyball, boxing,

has the records for 100 and 200

canoe slalom, canoe sprint, cycling –

meters and the 400 meters relay

BMX, cycling – mountain bike, Cycling

racing, he is called Lightning Bolt.



Yelena Isinbayeva is a Russian Pole

equestrian, fencing, football, artistic

Vaulter and has the record with 5.06


meters. Most people expect them to









rhythmic hockey,





pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming, table



trampoline, water



taekwondo, triathlon,





wrestling. Almost all the countries around the world compete to win as many medals as possible. But, actually for over ten years,





Russia have gotten the first three places.


several sportsmen

win a lot of medals this year.


Unfortunately Colombia has gotten

You shouldn’t miss this sporty event;

only one gold medal, it was gotten by

you can watch it on TV or listen to it


on the radio. It’ll be really exciting.




participated in weightlifting in Sidney 2000. In the last event, I mean in

Jhon J. Rodriguez H

Beijing 2008, Diego Salazar got one silver






Colombia has a total of 11 medals in Olympic Games.

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Responding to the need to create spaces in the Bogota underground party, Radikal Styles appears as an electronic festival that provides a cultural space where various forms of expression converge. DJs national and international, filmmakers and artists gather in this event The first version of the festival was made in 2006; the event was attended by over 1000 people in three different stages. More than 30 DJ's and VJ's, mainly from the city of Bogota, but also from other cities such as Bucaramanga and Armenia made the public vibrate with the best of electro, techno, drum and bass and hard techno. These musical genres identify the festival. This number of people attending this event has grown over the years while the festival is evolving.

The latest version of the festival was this year, June 1st, 2012, this time the festival had over 2,000 people and the participation of two international artists currently identified to belong to an elite group of DJs in Europe and South America, characterized by the quality of its presentations and large crowds at their events. The stages where the event is presented are characterized by being located on the outskirts of the city, go-kart tracks, paint ball courts, farms with large green spaces, or underground mines like Nemoc贸n, near Bogot谩. The next event will be held on November 2nd this year and will feature the participation of two of the most important DJs and renowned of electronic music (Underdogz).

The Ferrari world officially opened on November 4th 2010 and the tickets range from 165 to 325 AED (Arab Emirates Dirham), U$44 to U$88 approximately. The park has some attractive plans for the tourists around the world. So if you are a big fan of Ferrari and speed, you should go to Ferrari world and be surprised by this amazing park FERRARI WORLD

Ferrari world is an amusement park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi; it’s the largest indoor amusement park in the world. It has four theme parks, two water parks and it also has a hotel area, where you can find two spas, five golf courses and other recreational places. In this park you can find a lot of information about the history of Ferrari, and the Ferrari’s F1 cars. In the different attractions you can live the experience of driving a Ferrari or a F1 car. This park has a lot of attractions; one of the most important is the formula rossa, the world’s fastest coaster, the roller coaster has the form of an F1 car. And the idea of this attraction is to have the experience of acceleration and speed of a F1 car. This park is unique in the world. It has a perimeter of 2200 m and a Ferrari logo adorns the roof of the building which measures 65mt by 48.5 m. It’s the largest Ferrari logo ever created.

For more information you can visit the Ferrari world web page In this page you can find all the information and more details about the park and Abu Dhabi.

Food technology

laboratory procedures with robots and machines specially programmed for these preparations. In the picture this advanced robot pours butter for okonomiyaki--savory pancakes popular in Japan--onto a heated grill during a demonstration at the International Food, Machinery and Technology Exhibition.

Food technology is a branch of food science which deals with the production and processes to make foods.

Many foods have new products that are proposing a radical change in the traditional way of food. Trends in healthy foods are the last thing. They integrate technological and food industries and for many people, who over the years have been sick from eating foods that harm their health seriously, this is a good option.

Designed by engineers at Osaka-based firm Toyo Riki, the robot can stir ingredients, pour butter onto a grill, flip the cakes with a spatula, and serve them up on a plate. In the future our food will be prepared with healthy and clean processes for sophisticated machines which give us the safety of eating healthy foods and very delicious recipes that will perform as well with the amounts needed you can simply download them to your robotic chef who was programmed by professional chefs.

New technologies are including innovations in flavors and textures of the ingredients. But it is not as before in a very massive way now it`s done in a healthy and detailed, but

Angel David Bejarano Abella Skills 3

it is not as before in a very massive way now it`s done in a healthy and detailed


The world said, “Cali is salsa´s home”, Cali is famous for his music, they have always been in the World memories, but, all has changed and

the culture has expanded. The feeling of salsa music doesn´t belong to the people, it belongs to the World and the universe. Nine years ago, in Bogotá, the “Boom Salsero” was born. Many clubs have lived music and it`s a moment when younger enjoy the pleasures of latin music, they are dancers and they are drinkers of a lot of kinds of alcohol, people go out at night and salsa becomes more addictive. Calambuco, Real charanga, La 33, La Conmocion, are orchestras that generated by the city and have created different types of emotions. Since 1997, “Salsa al Parque” has become, the meeting of salseros in the country. The mixes of Caribbean rhythms, with Cuban and Boricua roots and the urban ingredient, are the major attraction of this festival. This festival is important for people, because salsa music is part of the identity of Colombia, and it is a place where the souls are free with music.

When you are there, the sounds of the congas and timbales, surround you, also the atmosphere is great because you see Discjokeys and collectors of the old sounds or vinyls It’s interesting for foreigners, they are so happy when they see Colombian people enjoying their roots. In August Colombia and the world, will enjoy the best of salsa music, because Bogotá will celebrate its 15th anniversary with the "Salsa al Parque Festival" This festival will be amazing, national and international orchestras will be the protagonists and professional dancers, will make the place the best, but the most important is the people, without them, “Salsa al Parque” wouldn´t exist. It´s the moment where we find our roots.

By: Daniel Diaz Ortega Skills 3

Leonardo Huérfano

WEB ADDICTS Since its creation in the 90’s, internet has become a common tool in offices, study centers, libraries and even homes. More and more people have been using internet; first, as a way to learn in order to share, to work, study or make business; now, as a way to have fun, keep in touch with friends, and even, go shopping by the web.

skills 3

hours per week in front of his/her computer screen, a lot of time. If it becomes a habit, the next step could be the addiction; besides the waste of time, those possible addicts usually have some symptoms like these:

1. Forget basic activities like eat or sleep.

2. Abstinence syndrome. Physical reactions such as dizziness, headaches or anxiety when they’re not in contact with a computer.

Image 1

According to Internet World Stats at least 2.26 million people are internet users; it means that 32.7 percent of the world population is spending time on the internet, checking e-mails, watching videos, buying things, chatting with friends, doing almost everything. The quantity of people who use internet is increasing, at the same time, the uses of this way of communication have been multiplied; but the critical point is, that the quantity of time people spend surfing the web has been multiplied dramatically too. A typical college student can spend, easily, between eight and twenty

3. Depression feelings. Those feelings can appear after a few hours after they have finished an internet session.

4. A continuous necessity to spend more and more time on the web.

5. Lie to get into the web. 6. Quit daily tasks to surf the net.

7. Social isolation. Spend an excessive quantity of time on the internet could keep away

Our essence. It all begins when we want to be more than anyone else, seek for alternatives, be searched, and be able to fit into society, in that mass of people seeking to follow someone else´s steps. We always try to look original, do something that makes us different from the rest of the world, be that different point; but we don't take into account that we are doing the opposite, what we do is to copy, we already have established ideas, we are not different, we are more similar than we would like to, we copy even of that thought that says we all have an essence, and that makes us different, when in fact it seems that all of us were made from the same essence as if they had copied a thousand times a person's ideas, thoughts, beliefs in each one of us. When someone really has identity does not need the views from others, before you do something you don`t think about what society thinks, you only care about thoughts, fight for what you want and achieve it no matter the obstacles, barriers that society and those who go against us You have your essence and strive to keep it, not let others with copied thoughts live destroying what you are passionate about. Why is it so important not to lose our identity?

our souls and hearts. Perhaps having a personality with similar features from the others but in essence is unique in the world, without copies. Search within us which is that touch that makes us "original" it is our duty, beyond of what people can see, perhaps, as well throughout the world see little by little will make us search for it, and this will bring many positive changes in our lives. Rulers are allowed to dominate with only words and empty promises. The voice of a single person will have more value than when a mass scream at the time looking for the same goal. That brand of social class was over, because each who will be rich in thought, feelings will worth more. Revolutionary Youth ceased to take the law into their own hands and started to look for new alternatives so that the essence of each one was as precious as the same gold and its price was a little more equal. Discrimination of all kinds will be completed because we will all now be equal, equal to have an essence that makes us special and not someone over the heap that happens to stigmatize anyone because at first glance you think is different. Finally, a special invitation to look for our essence, and stop being a mass that is heard just from being the copy of others.

Because it is what makes us really different Erika Portillo Vargas Sillas 3 Centro Colombo Americano.

Colombia Moda fashion week 2012 by Lorena Jaramillo

Have you ever been to Colombia Moda fashion week before? Colombia Moda is made since 1989 and is coming back for a few days: from July 24 to July 26, 2012. It’s taking place at Plaza Mayor in Medellin. What’s shown on Colombia Moda fashion week? This event is based on three elemental aspects: trade, trends-catwalks and knowledge-formation made by Inexmoda. All this will make people appreciate fashion from different sides.


1. Toy Story 3 Read-Along I Pad

A classic movie thriller is one in wich human world is contorolled by machines; well, apparently today is that day. We can find these devices everyewhere you look at, especially in the kid’s hands. 2. Kid Art For I Pad

3. Ace Writer - Alphabet Series Image 1

More and more children have been leaving the traditional games to adopt new ways to get fun. Electronic games had been the most popular option until 2010, when the first famous tablet was released. The main reason because those devices become popular is the possibility to use and create fun applications. But what apps are “in” for today’s children? Let’s have a look!

Although those devices were not created thinking in kids, the recreational way to use the tablets is the main use for those machines.

THE LEGEND OF FRANCISCO EL HOMBRE Edward J Medina M Skills 3 The legend of ¨Francisco el Hombre¨ is the most popular legend in Valledupar because this legend gave the beginning to the ¨Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata¨.

Long time ago in Valledupar Francisco Antonio Moscote went out of a party at night, he walked through a crop, he was singing and playing his accordion. Suddenly he listened to a second accordion, in that moment he saw in a tree a man with tail and corns playing an accordion too, that man was the Devil. The Devil asked him: “Do you want fight with me in an accordion duel? If the devil won Francisco would give him his soul, and if Francisco won the Devil would never returned to Valledupar, After a long time thinking Francisco accepted the duel.

The Devil started to play his part, when he played his accordion, the music sounded perfect, the music sounded so perfect that the dead souls were dancing Vallenato. Two hours later the Devil finished and was Francisco’s opportunity. When Francisco started to play his accordion he started to sing too, the lyrics of his song were the ¨Our Father¨ but Francisco sang the ¨Our Father¨ backwards, when he was singing all the Earth started to tremble and the Devil disappeared. Since that event in the ¨Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata¨ has two men fighting in an accordion duel to win the crown of the Vallenato King.


The climate change is a reality in the world. Changes in temperature can be caused in two ways, by nature process or human activities. During many years the humans have exploited a lot of natural resources in the world, accelerating the increase in the global temperature. The carbon dioxide CO2 ,that is a product of the human activities like burning of fossil fuels, the principal factor in the weather changes. Climate change has negative effects in the world and Latin America is not the exception. What is climate change and which are its effects?

1. Global average temperature has increased by 0.74ÂşC over the past century, with most of that increase taking place since 1970s. 2. Most of the warming over the last several decades can be attributed to human activities that release climate change pollutants such as the carbon dioxide methane and black coal. The increase in the temperature can generate the following effects in the future: a. Increase the sea level. b. Expansion of the deserts. c. Changes in characteristics and quantity of the precipitations. d. Extinction of some species. e. Extreme weather as droughts, heat waves and strong precipitations. f. In some parts of the world there will be no natural resources.

Climate change is a significant change in the statistical distribution of weather from decades to millions of years. Climate change is caused by factors that include oceanic processes (such as oceanic circulation), variation in solar radiation received by earth, tectonic plates and volcanic eruptions. The most general definition of climate change is the statistical properties of the climate system during long periods of time. In recent, independent reviews, the U.S. National Review Council and the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency have both overwhelmingly confirmed the key conclusions of the IPCC´s (The Intergovernmental panel on Climate Changes).

In Latin America the climate change has caused some effects like:

HIV – AIDS Alejandra Calderón Skills 3 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a sexually transmitted infection spread by corporal fluids such as blood, semen, preseminal liquid, vaginal fluids, breast milk or open wounds. This disease only infects humans. A carrier of HIV or AIDS can live many years if he or she takes the anti-retroviral drugs (medicine that controls HIV or AIDS) regularly. If the HIV carrier does not take the medicine, it is possible for the person to reach the final stage: AIDS. A person with AIDS can get sick and can get also infections or illnesses such as, tuberculosis, pneumonia or hepatitis easier; because his or her defenses are very low.

that it matter?


Do you think a very serious

But it is most important to know whether you have HIV. Not only sex workers or people in the LGBT community are atrisk becoming infected with HIV. Anyone can be infected with HIV independently of sex, sexual orientation social stratum or age group. People are at risk of becoming infected with HIV if they have penetrative sex with multiple partners, without protection.

However you can always prevent transmission with a condom. A lot of people say, “But if I have only one partner, I don’t need to use a condom.” But you should be more careful; because you cannot be 100% sure that your partner doesn’t have other partners. Now, you know how and why to protect yourself, ALWAYS WITH CONDOM! Also you could become infected with HIV if you get a piercing or tattoo, you need to be sure to clean and disinfect your skin before getting one. Choose a place that is safe.




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