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Responding to   the   need   to   create  spaces   in  the   Bogota   underground  party, Radikal Styles appears as an  electronic   festival   that   provides   a  cultural  space  where various forms  of   expression   converge.   DJs  national   and   international,  filmmakers and artists gather in this  event The first  version of the  festival  was  made  in   2006;   the   event  was  attended   by  over   1000  people   in  three different stages. More than 30  DJ's  and  VJ's,   mainly from the city  of Bogota, but also from other cities  such as Bucaramanga and Armenia  made the public vibrate with the best  of  electro,  techno,   drum  and bass  and  hard   techno.     These  musical  genres  identify  the   festival.  This  number  of   people   attending  this  event  has   grown  over   the   years  while the festival is evolving.

The latest version of the festival was  this   year,   June   1st,   2012,   this   time  the   festival   had   over   2,000   people  and   the   participation   of   two  international   artists   currently  identified to belong to an elite group  of   DJs   in   Europe   and   South  America,   characterized   by   the  quality of its presentations and large  crowds at their events. The   stages  where   the   event   is  presented   are  characterized   by  being located on the outskirts of the  city, go­kart tracks, paint ball courts,  farms  with   large  green   spaces,  or  underground   mines  like   Nemocón,  near Bogotá. The  next   event  will   be   held   on  November   2nd  this   year  and   will  feature the participation of two of the  most   important  DJs  and   renowned  of electronic music (Underdogz).

Radikal Styles Festival  

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