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Lucia Barbagallo


I never thought of wanting to do more and do not imagine what

else could I do but this. I think art is a scientific discipline, it requires, in his practice (theoretical and formal), a research. The artist, as a scientist, identify a wide range of research and conduct an investigatio relates to various contexts. Both the artistic investigation, then the scientific, always began from a crucial thing: observation. The observation does not concern only in the visual field is but includes all the apparatus that determines a person (body ,geographical environment, social climate, wheather, etc.). In 2006 I began to ask to myself How importance is Utopia in the construction of a human territory? Human territory, an area does not belongs to the nations, it does not under the jurisdiction of the governments, does not bounded by borders and customs, but a surface shared by all, an area that where humanity can still be experience. In a period of general crisis in which we see the utopias dying , human imagination live under the restriction and plessure of naked life and the difficulty to think on the future. What remain usi concern on the reality, everything that goes through the daily and experience that we can do in as around. My project is developed around the trekking, tours walking in different areas around the world. The Trekking is a navigation method and analysis of geographical and social places. In based on spaces walked, the trek is done taking into account certain features such as space conditions time, the distance, the change time, climate and other objective data from scientific studies outside the my research or known in popoular wisdom. Before to make the trek, I use to observe the geographical map of territories in order to observe in its geographical features. On the map I trace the route only after walk, in order to be independent from a pre-established route. After that analyze the general cha-

racteristics architectural, historical and political place (type of settlements, inhabitants, organization, acquaintances). Then, I walk about the space. I and I note, as planned, the places. Each trekking has its duration (three days until seven months). During the trek I use to do a series of photographic images provide the environment as they were observed and how they were lived. Each image is made in a way that work both individually then within of a series. The spatial analysis is also emotional matrix. During the trek I collect all the possible material for further work on experience of crossing. The territory through the laboratory where it becomes carries out research and the experience is the force that sets in motion a series of theoretical and practical reflections and proposals. The place of research work is no longer the study, but experience with the territorial difficulties and contradictions, the history and harsh reality. Good or bad, pleasant or malignancy, is still real. Once possibility to transform spaces in human lands, shared by all people is in one of human primary activities: the displacement. Unlike the walk, which is only physical activity for those who can physically do so, the displacement is for everyone, therefore we can stop to move only dead (leaving opened and adjourned the matter when a man can be defined as dead). Always feel immigrants, going beyond any kind of boundary defines categories. displace untill to think about the possibility of move from one area to another without a passport, well beyond any identity question. Therefore the only race that we can declare to have is the human one.


2009 20x60

Places is a photographic series of three images representing the landscape from a emotionally view. Nature is not represented honest friend, but a disturbing presence that hidden fears and anxieties. Places is a rethink of the concept romantic sublime.

Places è una serie fotografica di tre immagini che rappresentano il paesaggio da un punto di vista emotivo. la natura rappresentata non è un’amica sincera, ma una presenza inquietante che nasconde le paure e le angosce. Places è la rivisitazione del concetto romantico di sublime.


t r e k k i n g #1 2010 series of six images 60x30

SW90LA trekking # 1 is a photographic series of thirty images made during the walks. Six of these images represent trekking # 1. The images were taken on the beginning of sunset time in urban, social, cultural transitorial spaces Each image has, on the bottom left side, the time when the photo was taken corresponds to the start time of the sunset In the photographs, as in reality, the sun is absent. The lack of sun is a condition felt by humans because it involves way of life and feeling emotionally reality. The analysis brings photographically report, the social problem and weather of an area through the use of photographic tool.

SW90LA Trekking #1 è una serie fotografica di trenta immagini realizzate durante le camminate. Le immagini sono stata scattate all’ora di inizio del tramonto in direzione del sole e in spazi di transizione urbana, sociale e culturale. Sei di queste immagini rappresentano il trekking#1. Ogni immagine ha in basso sul lato sinistro l’ora in cui è stata fatta la foto che corrisponde all’ora di inizio del tramonto solare. Nelle fotografie, come nella realtà il sole è assente sia a causa delle condizioni climatiche, che per la struttura urbana. La mancanza del sole è una condizione molto sentita dall’uomo in quanto ne comporta il modo di vivere e di sentire emotivamente la realtà. L’analisi svolta fotograficamente mette in relazione la problematica sociale e metereologica di un territorio attraverso l’uso dello strumento fotografico.


I Love London

SW90LA, I Love London, is an installation composed of two images representing two British guards and a notebook in which they are collected all theflyer, articles newspaper, slogans and photographs taken in shops, street or wherever it happens to find them, so as to create a ironic view of the popular reality through the experience staff.


Installation with Digital Print 30x40, and magazine 20x20 printed on recycle paper

SW90LA, I Love London, è un’istallazione composta da due fotografie rappresentanti due guardie inglesi e un quaderno in cui sono stati raccolti tutti i volantini, articoli di giornale, slogan e fotografie presi nei negozi, per strada o dove capita trovarli e assamblati in modo tale da ricreare una visione ironica della realtà popolare londinese attraverso anche l’esperienza personale.


1241 m

2011 video installation 10’

1241m is a video about sun and the places souraund the mountain where there is the sunset.

rendering 3D of the video installation

22 March 1987 from 22/03/1987

Digital Print 50x70



passport picture

did you enjoy your self today?

2009 projection of 80 slide 210mm x 297mm

Did you enjoy your self today? is an application form to book a bed in a hostel in London.

Did you enjoy your self today? è un questionario che mi è stato sottoposto in un ostello a Londra per la prenotazione di un posto letto.



2010 postcard souvenir

This Trekking is a series of three postcards souvenir made up 10 images each. the postcards show us the differents places of my hometown in their three differents level of altitude. The places rapressented are the best locations to see the stars. questo trekking sono tre serie di dieci cartoline a soffietto che rappresentano i luoghi del mio paese nei suoi dislivelli altitudinali. I luoghi rappresentati sono i migliori posti per guardare le stelle.


Trekking#4 2010

series of six images 50x70

70056 trekking # 3 is composed of a series of Photographic images taken during the north wind from the Albania mountains to the mediterraneo sea. Each picture was also designed in relation to the distance between the Italian and the Albanian coast. The north wind is an element shared and both territories transforms the environment. The north wind is a wind typical of marine locations. The sea is not here seen as something that divides and separates, but is the territory of all people, the territory of exchange space freely cross without a passport or identity card. In photographs, in the lower left are marked Exact km between the place where I took the photos and the city of Durovnick.

70056 trekking#3 è composto da una serie fotografica di otto immagini fatte durante il periodo di tramontana proveninte dai monti dell’Albania. Ogni foto è stata pensate anche in relazione alla distanza tra la costa italiana e quella albanese. Il vento di tramontana è un’elemento condiviso e per entrambi i territori trasforma l’ambiente. La tramontana è un vento tipico dei luoghi marini. Il mare non è qui visto come un elemento che divide e separa, ma è il territorio di tutti, territorio di scambio, spazio attraversabile liberamente senza passaporto o carta d’identità. Nelle fotografie, in basso a sinistra sono segnati i Km esatti tra il luogo in cui ho scattato la foto e la città di Durovnick.



photo projection 50x70

Cúige Uladh

Trekking#5 2010 digital print

Cùige Uladh, trekkink # 4 is a photographic series of 48 images projected. In the lower left corner shows the time when I the photograph was taken and on the side right-date so that the whole we infer the seasonal variations in a day. The date and time marked on the photograph also indicate the physical location and temporal done and the steps that have marked the trekking. All pictures show a landscape which is without any human presence and activity in landscape except the passage in history of human activity. The images show them in the present places marked by the past and my experience. Observation of a place still suspending.

Cùige Uladh, trekkink#4 è composto da una serie fotografica di 48 immagini proiettate. In basso a sinistra ho riportato l’ora in cui è stata scattata la fotografia e sul lato destro la data in modo tale che nell’insieme si deducono le variazioni stagionali presenti nell’arco di una giornata. la data e l’ora segnate sulla fotografia indicano anche il percorso fisico e temporale svolto e le tappe che hanno segnato il trekking. tutte le immagini riproducono un paesaggio in cui è priva ogni presenza e azione umana nel paesaggio se non il passaggio, nella storia, dell’attività umana. Le immagini mostrano nel loro presente i luoghi segnati dal passato e la mia esperienza di osservazione di un luogo ancora sospeso.


t r e k k i n g #6 2010

photographic series of 8 images

f (x) Trekking # 5 a series of eight images. Each image represents the vision from the highest points in Paris in the south-east direction: (south east 55xxkm) (Addis Ababa).

f(x) Trekking #5 è formato da una serie fotografica di otto immagini. Ogni immagine rappresenta la visione dall’alto dai punti piÚ alti di Parigi in direzione sud-est (55xxkm sud est) (Addis Abeba).

l u t e t i t i a j e t’ a i m e

t r e k k i n g #7 2010 serie fotografica

Lutetia je t’aime Trekking # 6 is a photographic series of thirty postcards from Paris. .In the bottom right corner of each photograph it shown the weight It is reported in megabytes. The weight of an image also shows the difficulty of spreading the image and the space it occupies. Lutetia je t’aime Trekking#6 è composto da una serie fotografica di trenta cartoline da Parigi. In basso a destra di ogni fotografia è riportato il suo peso espresso in MB. Il peso di un immagine indica anche la difficoltà di diffusione dell’immagine e lo spazio che occupa.


2010 60x30

Sunday is a color photograph The image shows a group of policemen ready to maintain a state of calm and security in a Sunday of carnival party This image wants to be a faint echo of the memory of Bloody Sunday on January 30, 1972. will remember, but also to move on, remembering the past and the future howl.

Sunday è una fotografia a colori 60x30 L’immagine rappresenta una schiera di poliziotti pronti al mantenimento di uno stato di sicurezza e calma in una domenica questa immagine vuole essere anche un vago eco di memoria della domenica di sangue del 30 gennaio 1972. volontà di ricordare, ma anche di andare avanti, memoria del passato e grida del futuro.


2011 16’ video dv

L a p s e is an observation of nature processes. L a p s e è un osservazione dei processi della natura.



video dv 16’

e l a p s e is an observation of nature processes (human being belonging to nature) e l a p s e è l’osservazione dei processi della natura (l’uomo appartiene alla natura)

couch potatoes DIY #0 zine


magazine 21x21

DIY#0 is a magazine though by me. Now is undercostruction. DIY refer to do it yourself manner to approach to knowledge, culture and life. This first number cercern about displacement, the primary human activity. coach potatos is related to a Bruce Chatwin sentece iclude in his songline written: the nature of human being consist in displacement and him stop to do this when the death come.

four pages from the Couch Potatoes magazine



photographies 20x40 ca. booklet A5 recycled paper

Houses concern on the difference between house and home, and what people called home. it consist of series of undefined images where people live, take from my own image archive snap all countries I have been and a booklet in which I collect a series of drawing made by Addis Abeba street children (teenagers live in the street, homeless) about what they consider their home.

the booklet

exaples of drawing

Lucia Barbagallo (Lecco 22/03/1987, lives and works everywhere)

2009 BfA (with research dissertation) Painting to Brera Academy Fine Arti Brera in Milan


2009-2010 Erasmus Exchange at University of Art, Camberwell College of Fine Art,London (BA Hons Photography and Performing Arts)

2010 Art Residence to DENA foundation for contemporary arts (Paris –New York) Centre d’accueil Le Recolletes Paris

mob: +393495444359

2011 MfA (with research dissertation) Visual Arts- painting to the Brera Academy of Fine, Milan professional experiences: 2009 collaboration for the construction of a wall drowing Sol Lewitt to studio Celant, Milan 2010 collaboration with connectin Cultures project for the Milan and Beyond, Edited by A. Detheriege, A. Vasta: Oltre Trekking#3 70050 Trekking#4 to the Molfetta Museum of Art (exhibitions) 2006 presentation of the book In and out of the fog Lucia Barbagallo 2009 Milan PhotoShow to Area Events Photofestival curated by R.Costantini, R.Mutti GAP, 2Video in by Francesca Di Nardo. 2010 Fat Tim House Party at Flat Time House John Latham Museum London, curated by Ana Laura Lopez and Mark McGowen. Show Desk portfolio presentation curated by Sottobosco Milan. è, curated by Gaetano Centrone and Ignazio Gadaleta to Molfetta to Templari hall and ex church of death Salon Primo to Permanente Museum, Milano 2011 Open#3 SA.L.E. Dock Venezia curated by Berth Theis Oltre to Photofestival Milano Ex-polis, video exhibition to Triennale Museum and Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan curated by M.M. Luzi November 2011 Jeune de creation International Exhibition of young artist, centquatre 104 Paris

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